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50 Unforgettable 10th Birthday Party Ideas: 2024 Themes

Throw the ultimate 10th birthday bash that will make your child's special day truly memorable.

Welcome to the world of double digits! Your child’s 10th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating with joy and excitement. It’s the perfect time to plan a memorable birthday party that reflects their unique personality.

We’ve curated 50 of the best 10th birthday ideas tailored for boys, girls, summer parties, and home celebrations. Get ready for non-stop fun and enjoyable party games that will make your 10-year-old’s special day extraordinary!

10th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

These top-notch party suggestions keep in mind the moment girls graduate to being tweens.

1. Tea Time

A 10th birthday tea party is the perfect opportunity to make your little girl’s day special. Your tea party can be indoors and fancy with linens, or floral and fun in the garden. Tiny sandwiches can be made kid-friendly for your gaggle of tea-totalers.

2. Spa Party

Spa parties aren’t just for adult women. They’re a terrific addition to a 10th birthday celebration girls will love. There are plenty of things to do for your group of girls, like making face masks with natural ingredients. They’ll especially love experiencing a spa day while wearing personalized satin robes.

3. Fairy Tales

10-year-olds will enjoy the whimsical decor you put together for their fairytale-themed birthday party. Fairy string lights lead the way, whether indoors or outdoors. It’s the ideal opportunity for fairytale-inspired treats, like oversized cakes inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

4. Ice Skating

Your little girl doesn’t need to be turning 10 in winter to include ice skating in your birthday activities. Find a local indoor skating rink and bring additions like balloons, cake, and party favors (mittens or scarves).

5. Cooking Class

By the time your little girl hits the double-digit birthday, you can get more hands-on with themes. A cooking class can begin with each guest receiving a personalized apron on the back of their chair.

6. Pancakes and Pajamas

No matter how mature a 10-year-old becomes, they’ll always love the idea of a birthday party with pajamas and pancakes. It’s an easy theme for guests to dress to, whether there’s a sleepover involved or not.

7. Mermaid Party

You can go all out for a 10th mermaid birthday party that celebrates everything “under the sea.” Guests will be astounded by the blue, green, and purple colored treats and coral-covered cake. The guests can dress up like mermaids too, and you could even keep to the theme by getting your daughter a mermaid blanket as a gift.

8. Fashion Show

Project Runway will have nothing on your fashion show-themed 10th birthday party. From the bright, vibrant colors to the fashion show setup, your young guests will adore this cool surprise. Why not ask each guest what soundtrack they’d like to walk down the catwalk to?

9. Pink Party

A great birthday party idea for a daughter turning 10 is a “Pretty in Pink” party. It’s not complicated and centers around everything pink, from flower petals and a pink birthday cake to a pink-filled goody bag.

10. Candyland

Ten years old is never too old to enjoy the sweet delights of Candyland. You can use treats like giant lollipops and cotton candy to double as decor until after the photos have been taken. Encourage guests to dress like their favorite candy to top things off.

10th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Boys turning 10 will be sure to appreciate the cool factor evident in these birthday bash inspirations.

11. Animal Themes

An animal-themed 10th birthday party can work wonders for your party animals, with just balloons to stuffed beasts. Animal print, greenery and snacks like gummy worms and ‘alligator teeth’ will transport your birthday boy and his guests into the wild.

12. The Avengers

When your boy loves the Avengers more than any other movie franchise, it’s time to throw him a superhero party. You can either center the decor on his favorite character or put a few on display. Bright colors, action figures, and city skylines are the name of the game here.

13. Game Time

Games on when you treat your 10-year-old to a sports-themed birthday party. Cake pops shaped like footballs, baseballs, or soccer balls, team sports and trophy-themed goodie bags are sure to go down a treat.

14. Space Mission

Time for a not-so-secret mission to outer space for the birthday boy you love. Make it feel like outer space at home with planetary decor and a stunning galaxy cake using mirror glaze techniques.

15. Fortnite Gamer Party

By 10, boys want something unique for their birthday bash, like a Fortnite-themed gamer party. Recreate your boy’s favorites with a Loot Llama Fortnite Cake. Activities like Bingo Royale or some in-person gaming sessions should keep everyone having fun.

16. Arcade Trip

Young boy in sweater dancing with game arcade machine

Boys are usually always up for a visit to the arcade, which makes it a great idea to book one for a 10th birthday. Going to an actual arcade takes the pressure off of decorating. The only problem is your guests may not want to leave when it’s over.

17. Laser Tag

Ten-year-old boys love laser tag! Make sure you have enough lasers for all guests and plenty of space to run around. If hosting at home isn’t an option, check out local venues for a fun-filled party.

18. Rock-Climbing

Why not take your boys to a local recreation center or gym so they can climb rocks together? Many centers offer a party package, so kids can chill out in the pool once they’ve conquered the rocks. A climbing wall for kids can accommodate both beginner and advanced climbers, with plenty of soft places to land.

19. Bowling

Most boys get super excited about the idea of a bowling party with their good friends. You can provide your own treats or order kid-friendly food and have room to spread out. A show-stopping bowling birthday cake is all you need to make it perfect.

20. Spy Party

A gem among birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds is a spy-themed party. The birthday boy can have a blast trying to complete each mission with his team, fun props, and secret files.

10th Birthday Party Ideas in Summer

Summer fun means even more awesome birthday party plans for boys and girls about to turn 10.

21. Tropical Luau

Summer is the best time to take advantage of the warm weather and celebrate the big 10 at a backyard luau. All it takes is some palm trees (real or fake), grass skirts, and tiki torches. Guests can delight in a good game of limbo and sip on non-alcoholic drinks in pineapple containers.

22. Day at the Zoo

Kids who are 10 years old are usually ready for a trip to the zoo, so why not combine it with a birthday party? Whether you go to the zoo and then head home for cake or gather in the concession area, organization is key to making this very special birthday click.

23. Roller Skating Rink

Summer is ideal for taking your 10-year-old birthday kid to an outdoor roller skating rink – or an indoor one if it’s raining. Rinks offer special deals on group events and provides an instant party space. It’s hard to recreate the flashing lights, cool music, and fun you get with a skater boy or girl party.

24. Rock n’ Roll Party

Create the best outdoor concert venue in your backyard this summer to celebrate your child turning 10. Kids can enjoy an age-appropriate performer or just have a DIY talent show, a la American Idol. When the votes are in, the birthday cake is served.

25. Paintball Fun

Boys and girls alike will love getting together to celebrate their friend’s 10th birthday with a game of paintball. As long as you have their parent’s consent, there are venues where you can safely host a paintball party. Make sure to have gumball-filled party favors and a paintball-inspired cake.

26. DIY Waterpark

You don’t necessarily need to take a bunch of 10-year-olds to the waterpark for a birthday party. Have one at home in summertime with a little DIY. Even sprucing up a pool party with some extra inflatables, water guns, or a slip n’ slide can make their day.

27. Park Picnic

It may feel unoriginal, but there’s a reason the park is one of the best places to go for a 10th birthday party. It allows kids to spend time outdoors and play unencumbered by furniture and other objects at home. You can keep the party going as long as the great weather holds out.

28. Nature Walk

The ultimate trip into the wild can make for a stunning 10th birthday. A nature walk and activities like a scavenger hunt can stimulate their minds and keep them busy. They’ll squeeze every bit of energy out of this outdoor birthday event.

29. Horseback Riding

Summer is magical, and so is horseback riding, so why not utilize this most whimsical of 10th birthday party ideas? It’s ideal for a smaller group who are all interested in riding. The cake and decor can be loaded with horseshoes and cowboy boots if you want to go all the way.

30. Backyard Movie Night

An indoor movie can’t compete with a backyard movie night for your child’s 10th birthday. You can set up an awesome concession stand, complete with freshly popped popcorn, snacks, and treats. String some lights around the yard for extra ambiance.

10th Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Let us show you how amazing a birthday party at home can be for your 10-year-old and their friends.

31. Escape Room

You may think an escape room is for adults, but 10-year-olds will love the challenge of this special party theme. There are plenty of age-appropriate scenarios, and they will definitely appreciate the final escape leading to the birthday cake.

32. Arts and Crafts

A 10-year-old’s birthday party is an ideal time for them to explore their artsy side. They’ll love getting creative with friends, from painting to crafting their own decorations. A paint-splatter birthday cake is the ultimate finish.

33. Video Gamer

When your 10-year-old swears by video games, give them what they want for their birthday. Set up the space with video games in mind, from decoration to neon-colored snacks. You can also orchestrate a video game tournament for the ultimate champion.

34. Super Sleepover

Tenth birthdays are always a great time for a sleepover with friends. Take care to make yours different from the rest with cute ideas on what to do, from spa time to party games and mocktails. A hotel-like breakfast bar will impress these guests like never before.

35. Magic Show

A magic show is a wonderfully inspiring way to wish a 10-year-old a happy birthday. You can have a magician visit or just create the theme down to the bunny and top hat. Goody bags full of fun tools for magic can come after a magical birthday cake ever.

36. Virtual Party

Sometimes, it’s only possible to throw a virtual birthday party. You can still have a ball using any theme you like. Once you coordinate with the guests and ensure the tech is on point, you’d be surprised how amazing a time they have.

37. Woodland

It’s not always necessary to have a backyard garden party when your child wants a woodland theme. The best 10th birthday ideas are about how easy it is for you to make it happen. An enchanted forest is about the sights (moss and mushroom cupcakes), sounds (forest at night), and fun games.

38. Movie Theme

Movie nights are lots of fun regardless of the event, so why not throw one for a 10th birthday at home? Once you decide on the film, you can dress up the space to mirror the theme right down to the cake. Make the movie viewing comfy for all guests, so they last the whole time.

39. Pizza-Making Party

Ordering pizzas is a treat, but 10-year-olds will love making their own pizzas to celebrate their birthday even more. An array of toppings, clear and engaging instructions, and the pizza itself can make or break a DIY pizza birthday, so prep early.

40. At-Home Campout

Just because the weather may not permit, you can still hold an awesome indoor campout birthday party for 10-year-olds. S’mores should definitely be part of this event, as should scary stories and camp-themed events.

Party Games For a 10th Birthday Party

Don’t let your 10-year-old’s birthday party suffer from a lack of entertaining activities—have party games on hand to save the day.

41. Ludo

Ludo is a very popular game these days, but it actually came of age in Victorian times and was once known as Pachisi. The idea is to spread your coins around the board and determine your attack strategy. It’s made for two to four players, so if you have a few teams and Ludo sets as party game options, everyone can get involved.

42. Scavenger Hunt

When wondering what to do during a 10th birthday party, a scavenger hunt is a great idea. There are tons of fun 10th birthday themes and printable cards you can find that suit your birthday group the most.

43. Making Slime

Few DIY activities for 10-year-olds are as enjoyable as making slime. There are recipes out there, but did you know you can tailor your slime to the theme (even confetti slime?)

44. Inflatable Slide

Bouncy castles may seem infantile for your 10-year-old’s birthday party games, but an inflatable slide is a whole other thing. Whether you rent one for a pool party or go all out and buy one, these slides will make your kids feel like they’re at a water park.

45. Talent Show

Kids at 10 love to perform for each other, so taking a timeout from the birthday to hold a talent show will go down great. As long as you have fun details like a curtain, stage, karaoke system, and a few lights, you’ve got it all.

46. Cupcake Wars

Food competition shows are all the rage and 10-year-olds know it well. It’s easy and entertaining to host a Cupcake Wars game for the guests. Mini stations with aprons and various toppings will make this food fight an interesting one.

47. Candy Olympics

Not all Olympic games have to be about sports at a birthday party. Taking a break to have a candy Olympics is just as fun. Games like a punch-out birthday surprise board are easy to make and tons of fun.

48. Lava Floor

The Floor is Lava is one of the great classic games for kids. You’ll find plenty of ways to create a “course” for lava floor fun. From red lights to balloons, they’ll love the time you took to make this party game super special.

49. Dance-Off

If you’re not into the idea of a dance party-themed birthday for your 10-year-old, a short dance-off should suffice. Find a great song list to get them going and see who can last the longest. You might want to have an end time in mind so their energy doesn’t outlast yours!

50. DIY Mugs

DIY mugs are a cool way to get kids into creative party games (and quiet them down for a moment). You can use non-toxic paint, but even decorating mugs with Sharpies can make for a beautiful party favor.

Why Is a 10th Birthday a Milestone Birthday?

When a child turns 10, they are finally experiencing their first double-digit birthday. It’s a big moment, and often when they’ve finally figured out what interests them most. Make sure to celebrate them before they get into their tween and teen years when things change yet again.

How to Make a 10th Birthday Special

Aside from throwing a birthday party, make sure your 10-year-old feels like the birthday king or queen. Decorate their room in balloons before they wake up. Whip up a delicious breakfast (one they might want but never get). A voucher book is a lot of fun, especially when each coupon benefits them. A trip to a unique destination will always make them smile.


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