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40 Simple 11th Birthday Party Ideas: To Inspire Creativity

Get motivated by cool 11th birthday party ideas for every kind of celebration.

By the time a child turns 11, they’re already quite comfortable with being a tween. Their interests change daily, as do the 11th birthday party ideas that get them planning. Don’t just depend on their mood when planning an awesome 11th birthday bash.

Get help with the most clear and concise list of birthday ideas for 11-year-olds they’ll give a thumbs up to. We’ve neatly categorized birthday parties for both boys and girls, plus last-minute party inspiration. You’ll also find specific party ideas geared towards the outdoors and for those with a winter birthday.

11th Birthday Party Ideas

  • Plan a Ninja Bootcamp theme for boys who want to master the art of being a warrior.
  • Arrange a makeover party for girls who want to get creative with their appearance.
  • Bubble Tea Party.
  • Indoor Rock Climbing.
  • Potluck Picnic.
  • DIY Ice Cream Bar.
  • Water Balloon Games.

11th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Impress the little ladies with birthday ideas for 11-year-olds which bring something special.

1. Makeover Party

For girls who love playing with makeup, a makeover party is a straightforward choice for an 11-year-old. Set the ladies up with a row of mirrors and take turns trying to achieve the same look. Themes like anime, glam, or 1980s will keep these makeover artists busy for a long time.

2. Roller Skating

Roller skating has remained one of the classics of 11th birthday party ideas. Roller rinks are ground central for a place to skate, great music, and other things to do for party games. The best part comes when the party’s over, and you don’t have to clean your house.

3. Masquerade Ball

You don’t have to spend tons on an 11th birthday party when you decide to include a masquerade. While kids can dress up, it’s also fun to provide a selection of masks to keep things easy. A masquerade ball at home offers plenty of space and a terrific opportunity for upscale snacks and entertainment.

4. Bubble Tea Party

While full-grown ladies might love an afternoon tea party, 11-year-old girls prefer bubble tea time. Also called Boba tea, bubble tea is filled with tapioca pearls responsible for the tea’s famous look. Don’t stop at tea when you can fill the party space with bubble tea decorations, balloons, and giant cups of tea.

5. Emojis Show

When girls love talking to each other in emojis more than anything, it’s time to throw an emoji show party. Think yellow smiley faces from top to bottom, which include decorations, cupcakes, and happy-faced cookies.

6. Fashion Show

Putting together an 11th birthday fashion show offers built-in activities for cool tween girls. Use themes like fashion however you like, from a hippie fest to a fully glamorized collection. Be sure to include the fashion theme(s) in the invitation so guests know how they should dress.

7. Tie-Dye

A tie-dye party is the most colorful theme for a daughter needing birthday ideas for 11-year-olds. Grab a bunch of tie-dye kits so the young gals can get creative any way they’d like.

8. Enchanted Forest

What 11-year-old girl wouldn’t want to celebrate her birthday amid a green forest? Set up her enchanted forest in the actual woods, your backyard, or indoors in winter. With leafy garlands, toadstool cupcakes, and plenty of pixies, it’s one of the more fun places you can create.

11th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

There are plenty of cool birthday party ideas for 11-year-olds which boys love.

9. Adventure Party

An adventure party is just an excuse for boys to have tons of outdoor fun. It can happen in the form of a hike or campout, or simply be an unscripted scavenger hunt in nature. Let the lads explore the world around them, one leaf at a time.

10. Ninja Bootcamp

For serious ninjas-in-training, only a ninja bootcamp birthday will do. It’s one of the most inventive birthday party ideas for active 11-year-olds. Set up an obstacle course only the most well-trained ninjas can complete. Tire them out plenty before treating them to a big slice of ninja birthday cake.

11. Fortnite

When video games take hold, you may need a bunch of gamer-influenced 11th birthday party ideas. The vibrant colors, cute characters, and out-of-this-world birthday cake can bring any party space to life. Fortnite party games like target practice, balloon war, and capture the flag offer answers to what to do.

12. Football Party

Celebrate the game of football for 11-year-old boys who want to party hard. This may mean a game outside between guests, heading to a stadium, or lots of football-themed decorations indoors. Flag football, obstacle courses, or Hut Hut Hike will keep the party going strong.

13. Hogwarts

Recreate the famous Harry Potter school at Hogwarts for a very special boy turning 11. It’s easier than you think to find Harry Potter decorations, floating candles, and of course, Harry’s famous striped scarf. Between levitation games and brainstorming names for wizards, these magicians will have enough to do.

14. Indoor Rock Climbing

While 11 might be too young for outdoor rock climbing, you can find suitable options for the indoor variety. There are many places to go that host groups of wannabe rock climbers. Keep everyone at a pretty beginner level, so everyone enjoys the experience.

15. Mad Scientist

When you turn your birthday celebration into one of the coolest birthday party ideas for 11-year-olds, it’s always good. Make up a science kit for each of the guests and pre-plan some fun experiments everyone will enjoy.

16. Dragons Beware

While Game of Thrones may be too grown-up for 11-year-olds, let them celebrate dragons to their heart’s content. It’s fun to decorate the house in everything dragon-related, right down to a scaly and colorful birthday cake.

Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds In Winter

These 11th birthday party ideas work no matter how cold it is outside.

17. Movie Viewing

When the weather’s bad outside, keep kids inside for an 11th-birthday movie viewing party. Announce the proposed film in the invitations so parents are aware of the title. Snacks are key here, especially ones you might find at a movie concession stand.

18. Bowling

Birthday ideas for 11-year-olds usually involve bowling somewhere along the time. It’s easy, doesn’t depend on good weather, and keeps kids entertained. Many bowling alleys will rent out extra party space for opening gifts and for eating birthday cake.

19. Cupcake Decorating

Combine two great 11th birthday party ideas with cupcake decorating that inspires kids’ artistic side. You don’t have to spend a fortune on extras like art palette plates you can fill with colorful cupcake decorations.

20. Neon Party

A neon party is a surefire way to let your 11-year-old know you realize they’re a full-grown tween. Take the neon theme as far as you like, from decorations and props to a full-on glow-in-the-dark party space showstopper.

21. Indoor Laser Tag

When your 11-year-old’s birthday hits in winter, it’s time for an indoor game of laser tag. There is no shortage of laser tag party places out there, and it’s very simple to organize. Kids will be super entertained for as long as their energy holds out.

22. Sledding

When you love winter and refuse to stay indoors, head outside for an awesome sledding birthday party. Grab a bunch of sleds or ask guests to bring their own sledding vehicle. They’ll only stay warm for a limited amount of time, so you could pair up the event with an indoor afterparty.

23. Masterchef

Every tween loves a good cooking competition, which is an ideal theme to focus on in winter. It’s time to don their chef hats and team up to see who can win this cooking competition.

24. Art Party

Collect all the little artists you know and celebrate an 11th birthday with a fabulous art party. Focus on whatever kids like most, from watercolor to crafting. Give guests a common project to work on together and see the many unique creations they come up with.

Last-Minute Birthday Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds

Here, you’ll find birthday ideas for 11-year-olds, which come together quickly and easily.

25. Level 11

When you turn 11-years-old, it’s “game on” more than ever. It’s one of the easiest last-minute party ideas since decorations don’t matter as much as what games they play. Guests can play different video games to see who is the top player, after all.

26. Pajama Party

When in doubt, say Happy 11th Birthday with a good old-fashioned pajama party. It may mean a sleepover or just a morning or afternoon of kicking around in your PJs with pals. Movies, games, gossip, or lots of snacking will keep the fun on track for this celebration.

27. Karaoke

You don’t have to book a karaoke room for the same great effect at an 11-year-old’s party. Throw this mini-concert at home with an inexpensive karaoke machine or microphone. Guests can belt out their favorite tunes in front of others who can trust their talent to deliver.

28. Potluck Picnic

Save on expensive birthday party food menus with a picnic, potluck-style. Head to the park or just your backyard, where the parents of the guests can each bring something tasty. When you bring everyone’s best dishes together, there’s bound to be a meal worth remembering.

29. Spa Party

It’s not difficult to set up a homemade spa with very little time to prepare. Go to a drugstore or discount store for lots of beauty products, from face masks to nail polish. Set up a pampering area and you’ll only additionally need good snacks and music.

30. Backyard BBQ

A backyard BBQ helps make birthday party ideas for 11-year-olds possible with the help of mouthwatering bites. You may have a BBQ bar of toppings and sauces or decide on a DIY station for building a burger.

31. Chocolate Bar

When party guests want everything chocolate, you owe it to them to create a chocolate bar at home. Because chocolate comes in endless forms, have fun stocking up on candy, chocolates, cupcakes, or toppings. They may overdose on chocolate, but they won’t have another craving for quite some time.

32. Dance Party

Do you need a fun 11th birthday party now but ran out of time and a budget? Turn your party space into a dance party with simple decorations, like mirror balls and balloons. Provide some inspiring music and space to move around, and the guests will do the rest.

Outdoor Party Ideas for 11-Year-Olds

When the world’s your party space, head outside for a day full of 11th-birthday party ideas.

33. Carnival Party

While going to the carnival may sound like the perfect 11th birthday treat, it can be enjoyed at home too. Turn any backyard into a carnival space with a visiting petting zoo, cool games, and face painting. With carnival goodies like hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy, your guests may never want to leave.

34. Pool Party

You can never go wrong when you combine a swimming pool with birthday ideas for 11-year-olds. Make sure there are enough built-in games and activities around the pool. This may include rafts and pool games or just a pool dressed up with floating decorations.

35. Backyard Camping

If heading to the local campground or hiking trail seems difficult, spend an 11th birthday camping in the backyard. Set up tents and build a fire in the same way you might in the middle of the wilderness.

36. Foam Party

One of the newest birthday party sensations is throwing a foam party outdoors. Buy or rent a foam machine and a few tarps so kids don’t slip. As long as the foam holds out, this party isn’t going anywhere.

37. DIY Ice Cream Bar

Summertime is the ideal setting for a DIY ice cream bar outside. It may combine with a lawn or pool party or be the main focus. Arrange the bar with as much variety of ice cream flavors and toppings as you can. Let guests find their artistic side while constructing the most delicious ice cream sundae yet.

38. Piñata Party

A Mexican-style fiesta is about vivid decorations, delicious food, and a big piñata to aim at. You might use piñatas as party decorations but don’t forget the main piñata event. Fill the biggest piñata you can find with candy, snacks, and treats each guest will do their best to reach.

39. Water Balloon Games

Get every 11-year-old you know excited about the ultimate game of water balloons. They’ve come a long way since using regular party balloons. There are even refillable versions you can get tons of use from. Tossing water balloons may accompany a pool party or backyard BBQ, but will make either unforgettable.

40. Nature Walk

Kids turning 11 often go camping, but taking a walk in nature is just as inspiring as a birthday activity. Be sure to include a basic map with the invitations. A walk filled with interesting sights, a medium challenge, and a clear path will make this day stand out.

How to Throw a Special Party For an 11-Year-Old

The most successful 11th birthday parties focus on activities. This may mean a scavenger hunt, group games, or a movie marathon. Even 11th-birthday party themes include projects like tie-dye, crafting, or dressing up like your favorite character.

Sometimes, a party location dictates the activities, such as a camping trip or a beach party. Wherever you go, include lots of fun things to do for everyone invited.

11th Birthday Party Ideas FAQs

What Do 11-Year-Olds Like to Do for Fun?

11-year-olds have enjoyed a decade of growing up and are now firmly planted into their life as a tween. What they like to do for fun depends on their personality and interests. Many 11-year-olds enjoy baking, playing a musical instrument, or riding bikes. Others are always ready to host a dance party, while some tweens prefer a nice quiet puzzle or board game.

Is Being Born on 11/11 Special?

Those born on the 11th of November are known as “11:11” babies. This numerical combination is quite powerful in the system of numerology. The double 11 is called a master number or divine number that is associated with a life full of destiny. Those who fall in this category are considered to be more spiritually enlightened than others not born on November 11th.

What Do You Buy an 11-Year-Old?

Most 11-year-olds like games, whether traditional board games, video games, or a particular card game like Taco Cat. Girls tend to gravitate toward age-appropriate beauty products, like lip balm or face masks. Boys might prefer a tree swing or hoverboard. Any tween who’s into learning or creativity will appreciate gifts like a telescope or mini drone to shoot video.

How Much Money Should an 11-Year-Old Get for Their Birthday?

While there is no absolute amount of cash to give an 11-year-old on their birthday, $20 – $30 is considered average. If you have the budget and are very close to the child, spending up to $100 on their 11th birthday may occur. This is especially true if you’re treating them to a trip, a big gift, or a party with lots of guests.

Should 11-Year-Olds Have Phones?

Though it seems like everyone has a phone these days, it’s not a good idea to give kids phones before the age of 13. Once they’re in 8th grade, most agree that they’re old enough to use a smart device responsibly. The age you give your child a cell phone may be different than 13, depending on their personality and maturity.

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