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30 Meaningful 45 Year Anniversary Gifts

Keep their marriage timeless with 30 beautiful 45th anniversary gift ideas they’ll love.

The 45th wedding anniversary is called a sapphire anniversary because of the enduring blue gem that symbolizes their longtime dedication. When you know a couple that has shared their lives together for 45 years, you can’t show up to celebrate this milestone event with just any anniversary gift.

Don’t get lost in a sea of average anniversary gifts‒our extensive yet focused gift guide will cover 45th anniversary gifts from the traditional to the modern, and remain unique and creative. You’ll be guaranteed some heartfelt thanks from two people who know what true love really means.

30 Best 45th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Show some love and affection for two people who excel at it with these amazing 45 year anniversary gift ideas for couples.

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45th Anniversary Sapphire Sundial

  • Love Captured In Time

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Blue, Traditional

This brass and sapphire blue sundial perfectly captures the dedication that makes up a 45 year marriage. The sundial’s “45 Wonderful Years Together” design includes the marriage year, along with text that further honors the milestone anniversary event. The couple you love can keep this precious keepsake around the home with pride.

45th Anniversary Sapphire Keepsake

  • Shining Like A Sapphire

  • $$$$$
  • Sapphire, Traditional, Keepsake

Bring a little touch of sapphire into a couple’s life with a sparkling 45th anniversary keepsake that looks like a sapphire stone. The stone is a thoughtful way to wish the couple a happy anniversary and mark their “45 Years Of Love.” They can keep the stone in the home and also display it at the big 45th-anniversary bash they are sure to invite you to.

45 Years Of Marriage Print

  • Framed Front And Center

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Anniversary, Parents

Whether the couple you know celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary are your parents or just loved ones, you can make sure they never forget how special they are as a couple. This burlap print is a meaningful, lighthearted way to recognize their love which they can keep close to them after the anniversary party ends.

45th Anniversary Coffee Mug Set

  • 45 Years Of Laughter

  • $$$$$
  • Anniversary, Keepsake, Parents

You can remind your favorite couple why they spend their days together with this heartwarming mug set. The funny, almost-matching coffee mugs read “45 Years Ago I Said I Do” and “45 Years Ago I Said I Do What I’m Told.” Each morning, they can enjoy coffee together, saying their “I do’s,” because two smiles are better than one.

Sapphire Blue Lacquered Rose

  • One Blue Rose

  • $$$$$
  • Blue, Keepsake, Traditional

This breathtaking keepsake needs no words to express the beauty of a couple who has made it to their 45th sapphire anniversary. Through a painstaking process, a real rose is lacquered with 24K gold and transformed into an eternal blue rose that can represent the deep love that has only grown between your cherished anniversary couple.

Tree Ring Art

  • 45 Years Of Growth

  • $$$$$
  • Anniversary, Personalized, Unique

This piece of wall art appears as a heart-shaped, cross-section of a tree that contains numerous rings. Each ring can be personalized with a date in a couple’s long life together. With each year making up 45 years married, the depth of a couple’s memories grows deeper and deeper. You can celebrate this depth with this offbeat but touching representation of their fondest memories together.

Sapphire Pendant Earrings Set

  • Sapphires For Her

  • $$$$$
  • For Her, Sapphire, Jewelry

Sometimes, you have to stick to tradition because it works. When looking for the most dazzling 45th anniversary gifts, this sapphire jewelry set will stand out. The pendant and earrings reflect the symbolic tradition of a sapphire anniversary and will make her soul sparkle just as much as she’s made yours over the years.

Anniversary Tree Art Print

  • Two Bluebirds Kissing In A Tree

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Keepsake, Unique

You can give a significant gift to the couple you know, marking their 45th anniversary with a print. This art print takes emotional and poetic symbols like bluebirds in a tree and the carvings of lovers’ initials and brings them to life. The print can be personalized with the exact initials of the couple, which makes the gift all the more personal.

Sapphire Crystal Lotus Flower

  • Life Long Lotus

  • $$$$$
  • Sapphire, Blue, Traditional

A lotus flower like this sapphire crystal keepsake honors the traditional sapphire wedding anniversary with both its blue color and sapphire look. The lotus flower is a significant way to represent the beauty of a 45-year-old marriage. This gift can become part of a home or office and prove a steady reminder of the love shared for so long.

The Story Of Us Journal

  • Revisit The Honeymoon And More

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Parents

After 45 years, a couple has amassed endless memories between them, from their wedding and honeymoon to the birth of their children and many other adventures. You can give them this brilliant journal that uses a fill-in structure, which will jog their memory and even allow them to include photos of their life together. This is one of the 45th anniversary gift ideas that can later be passed down as a memoir and become part of family history.

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Engraved Anniversary Rose

  • An Anniversary Rose

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Anniversary, Keepsake

This delicate silver anniversary rose gift can be personalized with the wedding date and names of the couple whose enduring love inspired you every day. They’re the kind of people who take love and loyalty very seriously, so the powerful symbol of this silver rose is a flower that will stick around as well.

45th Anniversary Wine Glass

  • A Toast To 45

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Anniversary, Parents

This beautifully crafted wine glass will make a fine addition to a couple’s home and make an even finer wine glass with which they can say cheers to each other and the life they’ve shared together. The laser-engraved glass wishes them a “Happy 45th Anniversary” with an intricate design that they will be sure to appreciate.

45th Anniversary Pillow Cover

  • Put Their Heads Together

  • $$$$$
  • Anniversary, Unique, Keepsake

This pillow cover is a fun way to add a little good humor to 45 year anniversary gifts. The case breaks down the logistics of 45 years of marriage into 18,250 days “and counting,” which makes for a heartwarming piece of home decor that also exists as a treasured anniversary keepsake.

Blue Rose Teddy Bear

  • A Bear Full Of Flowers

  • $$$$$
  • Blue, Keepsake, Parents

This adorable teddy bear in a gift box looks like he is made of blue roses. In keeping with the traditional blue theme for a 45th sapphire wedding anniversary, the bear makes a sweet gift to parents or even from a grandchild to their grandparents on their 45th anniversary. The bear can be kept neat and safe in his presentation box and loved always.

3D Crystal Photo

  • Bring Photo Memories To Life

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Parents, Anniversary

You can take photographs of your favorite couple’s memories that they have nourished for 45 years and create a 3D version of the photo in this 3D crystal photo frame keepsake. The heart-shaped frame will bring old memories to life and bring value to their 45th anniversary celebration.

Raw Sapphire Necklace

  • One In A Million Sapphire

  • $$$$$
  • Sapphire, Jewelry, Unique

This enchanting sapphire pendant necklace not only represents the traditional sapphire of the 45th anniversary, but this raw sapphire is so uniquely its own that your wife will feel as special as she did when you first got married. Each stone is a little different and is wire wrapped for an even more organic jewelry look.

Anniversary Star Map Print

  • Love Drawn In The Stars

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Blue, Personalized

Bring back the night that your 45th anniversary couple had their wedding with a personalized star map print. The magical map includes the traditional sapphire anniversary color blue within a landscape of the night sky, including stars and constellations alike. The couple’s names, the location, and the date of their wedding are also customized to make the print feel their own.

Ocean Breeze Orchids

  • Florals In Blue

  • $$$$$
  • Blue, Traditional Anniversary

The warm feeling she gets when she receives fresh-cut flowers is only amplified by the vivid blue orchids that you can give to her to represent the blue sapphire theme of a 45th anniversary. This bunch of 20 beautiful orchids in a vase are such a mesmerizing blue and, even if you can’t be there for their anniversary, these flowers will show them how much you care about their time together.

45 Year Anniversary Christmas Ornament

  • Commemorate Them This Christmas

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Parents, Anniversary

When you want to add some anniversary flair to your parents’ next Christmas, you can pair the two special events with this 45th anniversary Christmas ornament. “45 Years As Mr. And Mrs.” is centered on a floral design and comes in a gift box, so they will have one more gift to open every year when they decorate the Christmas tree.

Sapphire Infinity Bracelet

  • A Love That Lasts Forever

  • $$$$$
  • For Her, Jewelry, Sapphire

This piece of sapphire jewelry is more than just a symbol of 45th anniversary sapphire tradition. The bracelet also focuses on the concept of infinity with a graceful infinity symbol that represents the everlasting love and commitment that you and she have already shown towards each other. She’ll love the feeling of forever around her wrist and think of you until the end of time.

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Sapphire Feather Pen Gift Set

  • A Life Written In Love

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Blue

This feather pen set is a super thoughtful way to give him something unique and artisanally made that reflects the traditional sapphire blue color of your 45 year anniversary. The copper feather and quill is adorned in bright blue and is perfect for crafting some calligraphy-style love poems to you for the years to come.

Personalized Picnic Table Top

  • Love Is A Picnic

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Personalized, Parents

You’re never too old for a picnic with someone you love, and this picnic table top will make picnics and outdoor fun possible for couples. A thoughtful gift for parents, the small table can be carried and then turns into a table top for use on any surface. Plus, the tote is personalized for the name and year of marriage so they can bring the years of their love everywhere they go.

Blue Sapphire Flower Ring

  • A Flower For Every Ring Finger

  • $$$$$
  • For Her, Sapphire, Traditional

An extraordinary version of a sapphire ring, this flower-shaped ring of cubic zirconia and sapphire looks like a lovely shimmering blue flower blooming on her ring finger. Every time she gazes at the intricate design, she will remember the deepest blue symbolism of your 45 years together as a married couple and cherish every moment together.

Sapphire Anniversary Guest Book

  • An Anniversary Party To Remember

  • $$$$$
  • Anniversary, Personalized, Keepsake

Want a memorable way to add to the sapphire anniversary party of a couple you love? This guest book is tailor-made for a sapphire wedding anniversary with a completely personalized introduction, including the couple’s name, date of anniversary, and even a personally chosen quote or poem. Guests can add loving messages and photos so they won’t ever forget the milestone gathering.

Sapphire Crystal Watch

  • Stunning In Shades Of Blue

  • $$$$$
  • Blue, Sapphire, Jewelry

Your husband of 45 years will be sure to love this handsome yet sophisticated watch that represents the classic symbols of 45th anniversary gift ideas. The midnight blue watch includes a durable sapphire crystal display that only the most luxurious watches still use. He’ll feel the depth of your shared love with this stunning timepiece on his wrist.

Blue Agate Coasters

  • Add Some Blue Magic

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Blue, Traditional

You can give a substantial gift for the home of a couple celebrating their 45th anniversary with this four-piece set of blue agate coasters. The traditional blue color symbolizes the longtime depth of their commitment and the coasters themselves bring more than a little bit of natural rustic charm to their coffee table.

Personalized Anniversary Garden Stone

Product Image of the Personalized Anniversary Garden Stone
  • A Love That Blooms

  • $$$$$
  • Anniversary, Keepsake, Parents

This heartwarming addition to your favorite couple’s garden will keep their love blooming after 45 years. The garden stone looks as if it would naturally fit into any garden, plus this stone can be personalized with their names and the date of their wedding. As the stone says, they will live “happily ever after” in the natural beauty of their shared garden.

Personalized Photo Moon Lamp

  • To The Moon And Beyond

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Personalized, Keepsake

Bring some celestial magic into the home of a couple you care about for the 45th anniversary. This brilliantly unique moon lamp takes personalized text or a photograph of the couple and illuminates the images for all to see via personal touch or remote control. They can even project a sapphire anniversary blue (or any other color they like) over the photo and light up the night with a happy memory.

Sapphire Swiss Army Knife

  • Sapphires For Men

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Blue, Sapphire

A unique take on a 45th anniversary gift for him, this swiss army knife is an authentic, Swiss-built multitool, is compact, attractive, and will never let him down. The sapphire blue design is the ideal nod to a sapphire anniversary, plus he’ll be really happy you didn’t get him a pair of earrings instead.

Women's Sapphire Watch

  • A Classic For Her Wrist

  • $$$$$
  • Sapphire, For Her, Jewelry

The hallmark of a thoughtful anniversary gift for her is something that she can treasure long after the anniversary passes. This mesmerizing watch uses rose gold and a blue sapphire glass design that speaks to the 45th anniversary tradition but goes beyond tradition to shine on her wrist. The watch is even waterproof to 30 meters, so you and she can continue your adventures in some brilliant sapphire waters on an anniversary vacation.

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45 Year Anniversary Gift FAQs

How Do You Celebrate Your 45th Anniversary?

When celebrating a 45th anniversary, there are many ways to make it a special day. You can throw a sapphire/blue-themed party where everyone dresses in blue or wears Tiffany diamonds (fakes are fine!) or even use blue Tiffany boxes as party decor. You can create a meal or theme for a party that centers around the year the couple were married or even coordinate 45 small gifts or one big one that includes a travel destination with the word sapphire in its locale (1).

What is the 45th Anniversary Symbol?

The traditional symbol of 45 years together in marriage is a finely aged blue sapphire. The sapphire encompasses the wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity that have worked diligently throughout the years to keep a husband and wife together. The sapphire works both as a traditional gift and as a modern gift to celebrate the love and commitment of the everlasting couple in your life (2).

What is a Traditional Gift for the 45th Anniversary?

Unsurprisingly, the traditional gift for a couple on their 45th wedding anniversary revolves around the traditional symbol of a blue sapphire. The blue color is as deep as the ocean and represents well their commitment to each other over the years. Sapphire can always be found within a piece of jewelry, but it can also appear in other gifts like a men’s watch that employs a luxurious sapphire crystal display.

What Color is the 45 Year Anniversary?

You will never forget the traditional color that represents a 45 year anniversary because it is the same color as is found in the traditional symbol, a blue sapphire. The rich, deep blue of a sapphire or any blues you can find will always represent the 45th wedding anniversary and the depth of the union, whether thought of as an endless blue sky or the depth of a blue sea (3).

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