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45 Cute 9th Birthday Party Ideas (For a Great Time)

Be a hero with adorable 9th birthday party ideas to entertain kids on their special day.

When it’s time to throw the best 9th birthday party for a cool kid, there are so many options. Nine-year-olds are approaching their tween years but have just about perfected being a kid. They have many hobbies and interests, which makes it difficult to find 9th birthday party ideas they’ll love.

Get kids excited with 45 of the most enjoyable 9th birthday ideas for their next gathering. We’ve got you covered with best bets for girls’ or boys’ birthdays, parties at home, outdoor events, or last-minute affairs. Throw a birthday bash they’ll cherish for years to come.

45 Cool 9th Birthday Party Ideas

  • Plan a DIY spa day at home so girls can pamper each other.
  • Arrange a dress-up version of Dungeons & Dragons for young role players.
  • Boba Tea.
  • Nerf War.
  • Glow Dance Party.
  • Moon Camp.
  • DIY Pizza Bar.

45 Cute 9th Birthday Party Ideas

Gather around for the most memorable 9th birthday ideas kids will get excited about.

Birthday Party Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls

Little ladies will appreciate these 9th birthday party ideas with them in mind.

1. Bake Off

What better way is there for girls turning 9 to get their culinary creativity on than with a bake-off? Set up an outdoor or indoor space so the ladies can see who makes the best cookies or cake. Provide lots of supplies so they can see their baked goods through to completion.

2. Boba Tea Party

Schedule a day to say Happy Birthday with a celebration full of Boba tea. Also called bubble tea, it’s a unique take on an afternoon tea party for girls. There are many decoration options for a Boba tea party which will get everyone in the mood for pearls.

3. Tie-Dye Party

Hosting a gathering filled with tie-dye activities is one of the most hands-on 9th birthday party ideas. Girls turning 9 are at the perfect age to get their hands “dirty” while making cool tie-dye creations. Splashes of color in every design imaginable help make any party more festive.

4. Enchanted Forest

Head to an enchanted forest with one of the best party themes for a 9-year-old daughter. This may mean setting up a birthday bash in the forest, in the garden, or indoors. Gather the mushrooms and green garlands, and craft as many unique snacks and treats as you can.

5. Roller Skating

Girls love birthday party ideas for 9-year-olds that they’ll remember fondly once the day is over. Take them roller skating when you decide on one of many party places with a skating rink.

6. Mermaids

You don’t need to spend as much as you might think on a mermaid-themed 9th birthday. It can take place anywhere with the trusty colors of the sea, like green, blue, and purple. Rock candy brings sea coral to life while girls dress up like mermaids.

7. Dance Class

Instead of traditional 9th birthday ideas, you can take some lucky girls to a dance class together. It might mean ballet, jazz, or hip-hop, but no matter what style, the ladies will have a great time.

8. Karaoke

Start girls out early when it comes to honing their skills at karaoke. They can dress up or have a voice competition with the help of a karaoke machine or a microphone. By the time they exhaust themselves singing, you’ll be thankful this party is at home.

9. DIY Spa

A cute activity where girls can come together to celebrate their 9th birthday is a DIY spa. They’ll love performing spa treatments on each other with the help of some basic spa supplies. Matching bathrobes and soothing music can help set the scene.

Birthday Party Ideas for 9-Year-Old Boys

These 9th birthday party ideas are favorites among boys who want to celebrate.

10. Soccer Party

You didn’t think a soccer-themed birthday party only consisted of a soccer game, did you? You can take a soccer 9th birthday bash to the limit with tons of awesome soccer decor. There are plenty of cute soccer treats and party games to help pass the time.

11. Laser Tag

Starting with the invitations, laser tag is a gift for boys looking for entertaining 9th birthday party ideas. It’s just as much fun outdoors in summer as it is indoors in winter. Guests can play at home or a party venue and relax with a piece of laser tag birthday cake.

12. Treasure Hunt

Take the boys on a treasure hunt for an enjoyable 9th birthday event. They can pair up with a pirate theme or look around the house for objects. The details of this treasure hunt are up to you, like whether you want to include an actual treasure chest.

13. Escape Room

By the time boys turn 9, they’re ready for their first official escape room birthday party. Head to an escape room for tweens or set one up at home with an escape room game. They’ll love the challenge and have no problem creating a memorable day.

14. Marvel Theme

Make the 9-year-old boy you love happy with a Marvel-themed birthday party. It can focus on his favorite Marvel character, from the Hulk or Spiderman to The Avengers. Kids can dress up or simply play superhero-approved party games.

15. Dungeons & Dragons

Head to the world of Dungeons & Dragons in honor of tween’s 9th birthday. They’ll adore the festive party decorations and D&D-influenced food fit for a tavern. Of course, a game of D&D should be at the heart of this fantastical birthday bash.

16. Level Nine

By the time boys hit 9, they’re officially tweens, which means video games have come into focus. Make them happy with a Level 9 Unlocked party where they can play video games to their heart’s content.

17. Moon Camp

What better treat could there be for 9-year-old boys than sending them to moon camp? Lucky for you, you can set up a moon camp birthday party at home or in the backyard. There are many moon-themed snacks and party favors to set the scene when this group of junior astronauts takes flight.

18. Nerf War

Look out because nothing gets boys turning 9 going like a good Nerf war party. You can rest assured their good time is safe for everyone when you stick to soft Nerf gear. They can arrange their own Nerf games or competitions.

9-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Find birthday party ideas for 9-year-olds you can create in the comfort of your home.

19. Good Vibes

Take the 9-year-olds in your life back to a time when only good vibes. It’s a great excuse to dress up like 1960s hippies and flower children. Get your smiley face balloons and bell bottoms out because this birthday celebration is all about love and peace.

20. Magic Show

Make birthday party ideas for 9-year-olds mystical with a magic show theme at home. You may invite an actual magician to entertain the kids or provide them with magic kits. The decoration should reflect a magic show, complete with a stuffed rabbit in a hat and magic wands.

21. Mad Science Lab

Go mad with science as a backdrop for a 9-year-old’s birthday bash this year. Take the decoration in any direction you like, but provide many cool science projects for kids. They may all want to wear unisex lab coats or dig into a science experiment masquerading as a birthday cake.

22. Glow Dance Party

You can find just about anything that glows in the dark these days, which makes any dance party better. Provide some inspiring music and watch the glowing guests dance the day away. Don’t forget to include some neon temporary tattoos as party favors.

23. Photobooth

Nine-year-old kids already love taking photos of themselves, so make it official with a photoshoot party. With plenty of funny photo props and costumes, you’ll help make memories they’ll treasure forever.

24. Harry Potter

Head to the land of Hogwarts with a Harry Potter extravaganza held at home. It’s not difficult when all you need is some robes, wire-rimmed glasses, and some fun Harry Potter games.

25. Spooky Party

You don’t have to host a 9th birthday in October to throw the spookiest party ever. Kids who favor the dark side will have a ball with gross-out snack ideas, activities, and creepy costumes. Dim the lights and play spooky music or pre-approved horror film guests will enjoy.

26. Cloud Nine

You can find a more fantastical entry to 9th birthday ideas than a Cloud 9 birthday celebration. Deck whatever space you’re using in the softest decorations yet. Fuzzy clouds, shiny balloons, and table accessories can bring this party to life in no time.

27. Slime Making

Get ready for the ultimate in birthday party ideas for 9-year-olds — a slime-making party. All this party idea takes is a little set up, complete with individual slime stations. If cleanup doesn’t scare you, a slime party is one the kids won’t forget.

Last-Minute Birthday Party Ideas for 9-Year-Olds

You don’t need lots of planning for these awesome last-minute 9th birthday ideas that rock.

28. Candy Party

Short on time this year? Make a 9-year-old’s birthday dreams come true with a budget-friendly candy-themed party. Have you ever tried a “candy kabob”? You stick a bunch of different candy on a bamboo stick and watch the smiles grow.

29. Hot Cocoa Bar

Last-minute 9th birthday party ideas in winter should always involve a hot cocoa bar. It’s the perfect companion to other indoor activities like a movie viewing or round of games. Include lots of delicious toppings, from marshmallows and candy canes to caramel candies and chocolate chips.

30. Pancakes and PJs

A pancake and PJ birthday party is the best version of a sleepover you could ask for. It can act as the tail end to a slumber party or be a mid-morning gathering on its own. Pancakes served with lots of sweet toppings will surely keep kids’ taste buds happy.

31. Board Games

When in doubt about a 9th birthday bash, go for an entertaining board game party. As long as you have plenty of games on hand, the party will be a success. Guests can bring their favorite board games as a kind of potluck.

32. DIY Pizza Bar

Don’t order pizza when you can put together a DIY pizza bar quickly and easily for tweens. All you need is some pre-rolled pizza dough and a selection of sauces and toppings. Guests can share in the deliciousness once the pizzas are ready.

33. Miniature Golf

When turning 9, the birthday boy or girl will love playing a few rounds of miniature golf with friends. As a last-minute plan, mini golf means heading to the miniature golf course or setting one up in the yard. You can buy a more “mini” golf set to use indoors as well.

34. Picnic in the Park

You can’t go wrong when you bring a picnic to the park for your favorite 9-year-old’s birthday. Seat everyone at a picnic table or on a blanket in the grass. Balloons, good food, and some pillows go a very long way for this party in nature.

35. Bowling

If you’ve left a 9th birthday party to the last-minute, remember you can always take the kids bowling. Spending the day at a bowling alley works in any weather, and you’ve got built-in food, drink, and activities.

36. Backyard BBQ

You don’t have to leave home to throw the ideal 9th birthday for a newly minted tween. They’ll love gathering with friends in the backyard for a BBQ filled with mouthwatering dishes. Take the time you saved to construct an impressive BBQ-themed birthday cake.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 9-Year-Olds

Head into nature for 9th birthday party ideas that’ll go down in history as the best.

37. Movie Night

Instead of a movie night indoors, head to the backyard if the weather allows. Get creative with inviting seating areas where kids can get comfy. If you provide plenty of concession stand snacks, you won’t hear a peep out of this audience during the film.

38. Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, use it. You’ll instantly be the host for a party that’s among the most popular of 9th birthday ideas. If you don’t have a pool, don’t forget how easy it is to host a gathering at the local pool instead.

39. Backyard Camping

You don’t have to lug the kids all the way to a campsite for a wonderful 9th birthday party. Backyard camping can be just as much fun and include a tent sleepover, bonfire, and lots of s’mores.

40. Piñata Party

When you’re out of 9th birthday party ideas, put a piñata in the backyard and watch kids flock to it. These days, you can get as creative as you want to with a piñata, from the number 9 and a boombox to a traditional donkey.

41. Backyard Games

It may not seem unique to throw a 9th birthday party focused on backyard games. Once you save time planning, it’s easy to find a bunch of entertaining games kids will love. Have you ever heard of “doughnuts on a string” or outdoor Twister?

42. Water Balloons

Just give in the next time you have little time to plan the most awesome 9th birthday ever. Bring party guests to the backyard and fill up lots of water balloons. There are reusable water balloons you can use to save on trash and keep them going for a long battle.

43. Painting Party

When you think of a painting party, it probably involves an indoor art studio. Why not take this ingenious party idea outdoors in the right season? The same setup applies, complete with easels, paints, or whatever tools you want.

44. Amusement Park

Get outdoors this year for the best 9th birthday backdrop in the form of an amusement park. Plan the details in the invitation so parents know what to expect. Whether the birthday boy or girl crave roller coasters, water slides, or carnival games, you’ll have them covered.

45. Beach Day

Turn a beach day into the most memorable 9th birthday bash for a deserving boy or girl. Make sure they have plenty of beach activities to pass the time, from volleyball to building sandcastles. With swimming, delicious party fare, and a bonfire, what more could this party ask for?

How Do I Make My 9-Year-Old’s Birthday Special?

There are many incredible ideas at your fingertips that can guarantee a special day for the 9-year-old you love. From a bake-off party at home to a Hollywood-themed dress-up event, find ways to create unique fun.

Head to a fantasy world with a fairy princess party or one with superheroes. You can also tap into kids’ creativity in any number of ways, from a painting party to a DIY magic show.

9th Birthday Party Ideas FAQs

Is 9 a Milestone Birthday?

While 9 is not a milestone birthday, it represents the official move from childhood to being a tween. The tween stage exists between 9 and 12 years old, so this is the first year a kid will begin to show adolescence. Their interests and hobbies may become more serious or change completely. It’s the start of a sometimes confusing but exciting time for 9-year-olds.

What Do 9-Year-Olds Like to Do for Fun?

Every 9-year-old’s list of likes and fun activities has to do with their personalities. Many 9-year-olds love sports and start to dedicate themselves to playing. Others are more artistically inclined and may explore everything from fine art and acting to dance or a musical instrument.

How Long Should a 9-Year-Old Birthday Party Be?

Generally speaking, a birthday party for a 9-year-old should last between two and three hours. Throwing a birthday party in the afternoon is also the best time of day to organize a birthday event. Extending the party is acceptable if a birthday involves a set schedule (such as a theatrical show).

How Far In Advance Should You Send Out Kids’ Birthday Party Invitations?

It’s a good idea to send out kids’ birthday party invitations anywhere from four to six weeks in advance. This way, parents can save the date and plan accordingly for the big day. Giving parents plenty of time before the party also comes in handy when birthdays fall near holidays or school breaks.

Who Should You Invite to a Children’s Birthday Party?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to invite a child’s entire class to their birthday party. Choose the close friends they really want to have there and then discuss others in their life as possible guests. Guests totaling between 10 and 12 are a good number to shoot for when planning a 9th birthday party.

What Can I Do Instead of a Birthday Cake?

Impress the birthday boy or girl with tons of tasty alternatives to a traditional birthday cake. Cupcakes are easy to serve at a birthday, as are ice cream sandwiches in summer or doughnuts in winter. If you’re planning a sleepover, turn the cake into a stack of birthday pancakes with delicious toppings kids will love.

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