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25 Unique August Birthday Facts & Statistics

Learn what makes a late summer baby special with all the August birthday facts and statistics you need.

August is one of, if not the most, popular times of year to have a birthday. So many dynamic Leos (and some Virgos) are born in August and grow up to be important, famous, or unforgettable people. Don’t lose track of the many August birthday facts and statistics interpreting the late summer-born.

Our fun list has organized 25 of the most enjoyable facts about people born in August. Whether personality traits, famous August birthdays, or birth symbols, you can find it all here. The magic of late summer rules with these facts about an August birth month.

Top 10 Facts About People Born in August

Here you’ll find the top facts about the charismatic people who call August their birthday month.

  1. Someone born before August 23 is a Leo, while a person born on or after August 23 is a Virgo.
  2. Babies born in summer are less likely to have psychiatric conditions, like schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder.
  3. Leos typically don’t get along with overly traditional Capricorns. Virgos usually have a distaste for Sagittarius, who lack structure.
  4. Five American presidents were born in August, including Benjamin Harrison, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.
  5. A Columbia University study revealed females born in summer months had more gray matter in their brains than those born in winter months.
  6. August babies may have an overall positive outlook on life due to high levels of Vitamin D while in the womb.
  7. Peridot is the official birthstone for August and is derived from the Arabic “faridat,” meaning “gem”.
  8. A Leo is symbolized by the courageous lion, while a Virgo’s symbol is a virginal woman holding wheat.
  9. Kids with August birthdays are often younger members of a class. This can affect their ability to learn and thrive, which is why many parents decide to start their kids in school a year later.
  10. A 2016 study showed that August-born kids were misdiagnosed more often with attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

25 August Birthday Facts and Statistics

It’s time to dive into 25 fun facts about people born in August that help make them who they are.

1. Virgo vs. Leo

Someone August-born before August 23 is a Leo. If born on or after August 23, they’re a Virgo. While Leos are quite strong and bold in their characteristics, Virgos are known for their practicality, organization, and intelligence. They may be just as bold, only prefer to keep it to themselves, unlike the sometimes showy Leo.

2. Made Famous

Many famous people are born in the month of August. Celebrities with August birthdays include Martha Stewart and Dustin Hoffman. Superstars like Madonna, Robert De Niro, and Robert Redford also wished “happy birthday” in August. Personalities as varied as Jack Black and Jason Momoa are also August-born and likely proud of it too (1).

3. Youngest of the Class

Kids with summer birthdays like August are often younger members of a class. This may affect an August child’s ability to compete with other students and reach goals successfully. Parents might consider holding off placing their August-born children in school, so they end up being one of the older students instead.

4. A Sound Mind

An English study of facts about the August birth month shows those born in summer are less likely to have psychiatric conditions. These include schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. August babies may be influenced by the last few months in the womb occurring in the summertime.

5. The Perfect Pair

It turns out Leos and Virgos, born in August, don’t have to look very far for the ideal romantic partner. The dynamic personality of Leos are known for fits nicely with the loyal, understated Virgo. Leos love big, grandiose plans, while Virgo’s attention to detail can make the plan a reality with some work (2).

6. The Opposite of Love

There’s usually one other horoscope that a person with a particular zodiac sign won’t get along with. In the case of Leo, Capricorns are the culprit. Their overbearing love of tradition often conflicts with the free-spirited Leo. Virgos usually can’t abide with Sagitarrius folks, because of the Sag’s inability to stick to a plan or routine.

7. Big and Strong

A 2015 study found that babies born in the summer months (June, July, and August) showed higher birth weights. They also tended to be taller adults once grown up (3). This statistic may make up for the negative of being younger than many others in their class.

8. Sandwich Time

One way to keep an August baby happy is by celebrating National Sandwich Month. Sandwiches were named for the fourth Earl of Sandwich. It happens to be in August, so may be tailor-made for your favorite August-born person (4).

9. Number One Teacher

Both Leos and Virgos seem to make some of the best teachers around, career-wise. Leo’s love of the spotlight is a perfect fit for any bold, courageous teacher. Teaching becomes almost like a performance for them. Virgos are the best one-on-one, so they may strive in most academic settings like administration and tutoring (5).

10. Flower Garden

If born in August, your birth flower is either a gladiolus or a poppy. They are also called the “sword lily” and can sometimes reach up to five feet tall. They represent love and remembrance and come in a variety of colors, from red and pink to yellow and purple.

The poppy derives from the Latin “poppa,” meaning “milk.” They were associated with the goddess Demeter and also offered in remembrance of the dead (6).

11. Dog Days

If you were born before August 11, you have a birthday that coincides with the “dog days of summer.” They begin on July 3 and are considered the steamiest, more summery parts of the year. It’s a good idea to get into some summer fun for your birthday, like a beach day, pool party, or outdoor adventure (7)!

12. Let It Shine

August is one of three birth months with three different gemstones associated with it, although peridot is thought to be the official birthstone for August. Its name may come from the Arabic “faridat,” meaning “gem.” Sardonyx is a stone layered with sard and onyx using red stone from the Persian (now Turkish) city of Sardis (8).

Spinel is the least known of August’s birthstone birth symbols and is known for its pinkish ruby-like red (9).

13. One Day a President

One of the most interesting facts about people born in August includes U.S. presidents. Five different American presidents were born in August. They include Benjamin Harrison and Herbert Hoover. More recent presidents include Lyndon B. Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

14. Big and Bold

Depending on the birth date, August-born people are known for being confident and sometimes brash. They can be extroverted in nature, but still need some private time to themselves. Their positivity and belief in themselves is often the very thing that helps them be a success in life (10).

15. Birth Symbols

Leo’s birth animal is the lion, also known as the king of the jungle. The symbol of the lion fits into Leo’s sometimes grande personality and almost royal demeanor (11). A Virgo’s birth sign is the Virgin, a woman usually holding a shaft of wheat. The meaning coincides with the time of year when the harvest is soon approaching (12).

16. All the Holidays

August has many fun holidays a little boy or girl can enjoy. There’s Lammas Day on August 1, and the midpoint between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. National Aviation Day is on August 19, and Women’s Equality Day is on August 26 to celebrate a woman’s right to vote (13).

17. Fire and Earth

It turns out one of the most special times to be born comes on the cusp between Leo and Virgo. Those born just before, on, or after August 23 are usually considered Virgo, or Leo-Virgo cusp. The combination of the Leo fire element and Virgo earth element apparently creates a smart, thoughtful, and determined person in life (14).

18. Natural Bliss

August-born babies could have an extra-sunny outlook on life. This may be due to high levels of Vitamin D throughout much of the gestation period. They were likely conceived around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, which gives them a great start to all the love and joy that’s ahead of them (15).

19. On Vacation

People born in August in the U.S. may have a different experience than those born elsewhere. In several countries around Europe, August is the month when people, families, businesses, and entire towns seem to go on vacation. If you’re trying to plan an August birthday party, make sure your friends will be around for it (16).

20. College vs. Real Life

It turns out that August-born kids are less likely to go to college than their counterparts. In a U.S. study in Florida, kids born in September were 2.1% more likely to go to college than those born in August. And they were 3.3% more likely to graduate college. It may come down to being younger, but August babies have a few challenges ahead of them (17).

21. A Roman Origin

The month of August was named for Augustus Caesar, the heir to Julius Caesar (who named July). If you know someone born in August, their birth month means “venerable,” “noble,” and “majestic” in Latin. It once had 29 days on the Roman calendar, but good thing it’s back to 31 for those people who celebrate birthdays on August 30 and 31 (18).

22. In Good Company

Though the most popular birthdates are all in September—September 9, 19, and 12—August is the most popular birth month. Between 1994 and 2014, there were over seven and a half million births in August in the U.S. July and September follow, but August continues to be a very common birth month (19).

23. Don’t Give In

Negative traits included in August birthday facts and statistics are few and far between. When you’re as dynamic as a Leo and fastidious as a Virgo, you’re bound to be called “stubborn” sometimes. Both horoscopes are filled with a lot of self-confidence and belief, so they know they’re right (most of the time) (20).

24. Gray Matter

August-born girls seem to have a natural advantage over August-born boys. A Columbia University study revealed that females born in summer months had more gray matter than females born in winter months and males born in summer months. More grey matter means better brain function, so it makes for an interesting start to life as a girl (21).

25. Mostly Misdiagnosed

A 2016 Journal of Pediatrics study revealed that August-born kids are usually misdiagnosed more with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. They are often given medication prematurely, which may be because their brains aren’t as mature as September babies (22).

How Common Are August Birthdays?

In a study of 3,8 million U.S. babies born between 2010 to 2020, August was the most popular birth month overall. In 2021, there were 329,978 births in August, earning it the top spot again (23). August births usually have November or December conception dates, a very popular time of year for conceptions.


Are August-Born People Stubborn?

Whether a Leo or Virgo, August-born people are usually strong-willed and organized. It’s said that August-born babies are typically smart and ahead of the game. This may come across as stubbornness to a frustrated parent on occasion. The Leo-Virgo cusp is one of the best to have personality-wise, so they’ve got nothing to worry about (24).

Are August-Born People Lucky?

Certain studies have determined that people born in particular birth months feel luckier than others. August is among the summer birth months, which showed higher rates of feeling lucky (25). Perhaps it’s the sunny summer atmosphere that surrounded them when they were born.

Are August-Born People Intelligent?

Leos and Virgos are both known for their intelligence, even though they’re often younger members of the class. Being born in August only adds to that, since they’re known for their outgoing personality, strong will, and leadership traits (26). It may be why multiple U.S. presidents were born in August.

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