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60 Adorable Baby Shower Gifts For Mom: 2024 List

Show the mom-to-be you know all the love you can with these thoughtful baby shower gifts for mom here.

So you’ve been invited to a baby shower! Whether you are super close with the expecting mom or are one of many baby shower guests in attendance, you may need some assistance in finding the ultimate gift that she will love almost as much as she will love her new son or daughter.

You can relax, even if you’re not familiar with the world of mommying and newborn babies. We’ve got you covered with this super-constructive list of everything a new mom will want, need, and appreciate. Check out our coolest baby shower gifts for mom ahead.

60 Special Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mom

Get your favorite lady giggly with these super fun baby shower gifts for the mom here.

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3rd Trimester Bump Box

  • In Honor Of The Bump

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pregnancy, Cute

The mommy-to-be will love this bump box gift set made with her 3rd trimester in mind. The set contains nine gifts that will soothe and comfort her many ailments in the final, often challenging, part of pregnancy. There is a foot soak for her achy feet, a hair wrap for her much-needed baths, non-slip socks, and more. She’ll have all the help she needs to sail through the final three months before her little one arrives.

User Experience

From my firsthand experience, gifting this box to expecting relatives was a hit. This box, filled with trimester-themed items, was adored by both my daughter and sister. However, the contents of the box didn't quite match up to its price tag. The mini massager was a neat inclusion, but the rest of the items seemed like something you could grab from a dollar store. An unfortunate mishap with one box led to a foot scrub spill and a damaged head wrap, but a replacement was sorted out. If there were boxes for post-birth, with gifts for both mom and baby, it would be a definite winner.

Aveeno Mommy & Me Bathtime Gift Set

  • Mother-Baby Bathtime

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cute

Get the mommy-to-be you know ready for bathtime with this adorable Aveeno gift set made for moms and babies to enjoy together. The four-piece set has no-tear shampoo, bath wash, and lotion for the little one, while the stress-relieving body wash is made for moms to relax every chance they manage to find.

Personal Perspective

Excellent! I began using this product on my toddler and saw an almost immediate improvement on the skin at the back of her arms. The fragrance, unlike typical baby products, is mild and soothing, although the lavender scent in the stress relief body wash could be likened to a cheap candle - I preferred the oat scent. This bundle, which includes a non-greasy lotion that's perfect for sensitive skin, baby washes, and a handy basket, has been an effective solution for keeping my baby's skin moisturized and clean. It's a fantastic collection that would make an ideal gift.

Ninja Coffee Maker

  • Wake Up With A Smile

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Practical

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee for a first-time mom (or any mom). This trusted Ninja coffee maker starts with an ultra-strong default brew that can easily be transformed into everything from macchiato and cappuccino to lattes and more. Whether hot or cold coffee, her brew will do its best to keep her awake, alert, and on the mom journey with a smile.

Community Feedback

Best coffee machine I've had in a long time, this Ninja coffeemaker has an impressive design with a removable glass water reservoir and a well-thought-out drip-stop lever, making coffee drips a thing of the past. Despite a few unnecessary features like a snap-on measuring spoon, the versatility of brewing different sizes, the easy-to-clean carafe, and the overall easy setup makes this coffeemaker a standout.

Mom Necklace

  • A Gift From Her Tummy

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Unique

This handcrafted mom necklace is the ultimate in gifts for mom at a baby shower because it exists as a present from her future child. The delicate necklace has a heart-shaped pendant with tiny baby feet displayed within it. The gift contains a heart-melting message from her bump and will be sure to touch her deeply in the precious time before she gives birth.

First-Hand Impression

After receiving this necklace as a gift for my wife, we were both pleased by its aesthetic appeal and the thoughtful inscription on the back, which added a poignant touch. While the quality seems good for the price point, it doesn't strike me as robust enough for continuous wear, especially during any form of strenuous activity.

Baby Rest Sound Machine

  • Sound Machine And Much More

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical

This sound machine has so many uses that the mother you give it to at a baby shower will be thanking you for a very long time. The stylish design is only made better by the multiple functions of the machine. She can easily control the night light and white noise functions through her phone and even use the rest machine to set a wake-up time once her baby is older.

User Experience

From my initial skepticism to utter astonishment, this Hatch Rest product has truly exceeded expectations. This product's "ok to wake" function seemed a lofty concept for my 18 month old but to my surprise, he quickly understood the green light cue for wake up time. The Bluetooth and app feature provided a seamless way to adjust the wake-up time, especially during those early morning wake up calls. As days passed, I was able to push back his wake-up time to a reasonable 7:30 am. The magic didn't stop there, the Hatch Rest also became a beloved item for my 3-year-old who enjoys choosing his night light color and sound on the app. The recent update addressed previous concerns, such as volume range and abrupt transitions, which has further improved our experience with this product.

3-In-1 Diaper Backpack

  • All-In-One Baby Station

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Unique

This popular diaper backpack can transform from a lightweight backpack for babies’ things into a full-size baby bed that she can open and close whenever she needs some help. The bed is safe and comfortable for her baby, while the backpack boasts tons of different pockets for everything from diapers to bottles, snacks, and more. She’ll value this trusted help whenever she ventures out with her little one.

Personal Perspective

Love the versatility of this diaper bag, with its ample space and innovative mini-bassinet feature that, although a tad tricky to set up, provides a handy, on-the-go changing station for the little one. However, the convenience does come with a weighty trade-off, making the bag somewhat burdensome to carry around.

Baby Keepsake Kit

  • New Baby Ready

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Unique

This DIY keepsake kit for Mum will allow her to add her new baby’s footprint, handprint, and more to its frame. The kit has a roller and clay, along with a stencil so she can personalize the prints with the name and date of her new arrival. There are also places for photos of the newborn. Once she’s done with this kit, she’ll have a thoughtful baby keepsake that she’ll cherish forever.

Community Feedback

I'm thoroughly pleased with the sentimental value this gift holds. The quality of the material is top-notch, and it was quite a joy to work on this project with my son, a simple process that was mess-free and allowed for multiple tries until we were perfectly content with the result. The only minor inconvenience was the lack of a clear method to measure the clay, but with a little bit of finesse, it was manageable and didn't detract from how cherished this gift became.

Postpartum Gift Basket

  • New Mom Spa Day

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique

This unique pampering set is made with the new mom in mind. She will have everything spa-worthy she needs to relax in the rare moments that she finds to herself. The set has everything from Himalayan bath salts to soothe her tired muscles to moisture-rich lotion, a relaxing soy candle, and more for good measure. She can de-stress anytime she needs to with this cool gift basket.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I opened this box of bath and body products, I was swept away by the delightful coconut aroma that instantly reminded me of a beach vacation. This box is packed with 100% natural, cruelty and paraben-free products that not only smell fantastic but also work wonders on my skin. The bath salts are my personal favorite, leaving my skin feeling the best it's felt in months and filling my bathroom with a scent so good, I had to share it with my husband. Another standout was the body butter, which looks just like whipped cream and glides onto my skin without leaving a sticky residue. Beyond the pampering, this box made me realize the importance of taking time for myself, a truly priceless aspect of this product.

Sonogram Nursery Decor

  • For The Pregnancy Journey

  • $$$$$
  • Pregnancy, Keepsake, Unique

This meaningful and unexpected piece of decor exists in the group of baby shower gifts for mom that will only grow in meaning after the birth. The framed print will house the sonogram of the baby beside a cute heart design and a “Love At First Sight” message. The decor will look wonderful in her new baby’s nursery, where she can hang it up until the big day and beyond.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with this Mother's Day gift, which was a hit with both first-time moms and those expecting. From my wife to a close friend, they all adored its beauty and the special touch it allowed by including an ultrasound picture. Despite its affordable price, the quality and aesthetic appeal of this gift is truly worth it.

Baby Keepsake Box

  • Ready For Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Home, Keepsake

Whether the expecting mom you know is having a girl or boy, she will love the gorgeous design of this baby keepsake box. The wooden box is ready-made for her to add the little things that create memories that last a lifetime. There are a bunch of compartments that fit different objects like their first baby shoes or their birth announcement. The box even has labels, envelopes, and more to keep the ultimate keepsake collection.

Personal Perspective

After purchasing this memory box, I found the wood to be thin and the hardware basic, but appreciated the spacious compartments and included labels. Despite its flimsy construction, the adjustable pieces make it an effective tool for preserving my daughter's important memories in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.
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Parent Decision Coins

  • Flip A Coin

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Set

This set of funny parent decision coins can make parenting fun for the expecting mom. The coins can be flipped when it’s time to change a diaper, check on the baby, or take care of new baby errands. Whether it’s “Mummy’s Turn” or “Daddy’s Turn,” this good-time game will lighten the load for both parents.

Community Feedback

I recently acquired this gift for a baby shower and was thoroughly impressed with its quality and charm. The delightful novelty of this item brought a spark of joy to the new parents, even prompting laughter as they imagined using it to assign tasks like diaper duty or morning breakfast duty. Personally, I found this gift to be a unique and entertaining way of making everyday parental responsibilities a bit more fun. It even brought a broad smile to my friend's face when they received it. This gift is not just for newborn parents but can bring a dash of whimsy to households with children of any age. In my experience, it's a cute and playful addition that can lighten up the sometimes-stressful environment of parenting.

2-In-1 Sauna & Footbath

  • Put Her Feet Up

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Pregnancy, Practical

This super helpful sauna and footbath combo will ease the tired feet of your best friend during pregnancy and even more so after she’s running around as a new mom. The footbath has a heated feature, along with different pampering add-ons for that much-needed pedicure she’s gone so long without. She will love you for thinking of her feet and will feel worlds better after a session.

First-Hand Impression

I initially had high hopes for this foot bath, especially as someone who walks a lot and suffers from plantar fasciitis. I found that it does provide relief, although I anticipated a bit more power in terms of jet intensity. The heating function works remarkably well - sometimes even a bit too well - and the steam feature was a delightful surprise. Despite some minor shortcomings, such as subpar water circulation and bubble power, this foot bath has become a weekly staple for my home pedicures, offering good value for the price.

Fisher-Price Baby Dome

No products found.

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  • Baby On The Move

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

Get ready for the new mom you love to take her little one wherever she goes with ease with this Fisher-Price baby dome. The sleek design is lightweight and will provide comfort and safety for the baby. A canopy will keep the sun at bay, while the two mini toys will keep him or her entertained along the way.

User Experience

Love the dual functionality of this dome, which serves as both a safe play yard and a comfortable bassinet. Having used it outdoors and indoors, I've found the netting to be very effective in keeping bugs at bay, while the canopy provides a much-needed shade from the sun. The firm yet cushioned pad and dangling toys are a hit with both my baby and toddler, enhancing their play experience. The dome is also super easy to fold and store, making it highly portable. However, I did notice a minor issue - only one of the canopy tops folds down, limiting the baby's view in certain settings. Despite this, the dome's overall design, versatility, and sturdiness make it a worthy addition to our baby gear.

Burrito Baby

  • Swaddle, Mexican Style

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Accessories, Practical

No one else at the baby shower will top this burrito baby swaddle and matching cap that you’ve been so ingenious to find. The breathable fabric of the swaddled layers will work perfectly in tandem with her baby’s temperature level. The adorable look of the burrito-wrapped baby will exceed all cuteness levels. The matching cap will be the extra part of this incredibly lovable burrito that keeps the baby feeling comfy and safe.

New Parent Cookbook

  • New Mom Meal Plan Help

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Practical, Home

The expecting mom in your life will value this most practical of cookbooks. This cookbook is made for new parents who are tired, stressed, and unable to make a meal for themselves other than baby formula. The cookbook has loads of delicious, easy meal ideas for when she’s only got one hand free or when she needs to set it and forget it. No more wasted time in between diaper changes and nap time.

Community Feedback

My experience with this cookbook has been quite impressive. The layout is clear, the recipes feature few ingredients, and the steps are simple and easy to follow, which suits my current need for quick and nutritious meals. I've cooked several dishes I've never attempted before, often substitifying or improvising based on what's in my kitchen, and the results have been consistently delicious. This cookbook not only matches my personal taste but also fits nicely with my lifestyle, making it a regularly used resource in my home.

Postpartum Therapy Set

  • Breastfeeding Break

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Practical

New moms will appreciate some help with the often tiring process of breastfeeding with this postpartum therapy set. The seven-piece set is like a gift basket for moms with two pearl bead ice gel pads and a perineal ice pack, along with stylish accessories that will make her look fabulous no matter what baby matters she’s attending to.

First-Hand Impression

Love how these breast therapy packs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing with their rose gold bag. This product is versatile as it can be used either hot or cold, which proved to be a great help during my recovery post-breast augmentation and definitely would have been a boon during my breastfeeding days. Although they don't stay cold for extended periods, they're still comforting, and are definitely larger and cuter than your standard ice pack.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

  • Carry Him/Her Any Way

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Unique

This ergonomic baby carrier will come in handy anytime the mom you care about needs her hands free again. The carrier shifts the baby’s weight to her hips and can be adjusted and customized in so many ways she’ll forget she’s carrying her baby around with her. The baby will also fit snugly into the carrier and feel secure as they are being carried around by mom.

User Experience

If you're in the market for a baby carrier, this Infantino product is worth your consideration. As a parent of eight, I've tested my fair share of carriers, and this one stands out due to its comfortable fit, secure clasps, and easy-to-wash material. My baby enjoys it, and it provides the secure feel that allows for occasional hands-free moments. The only drawback is some back discomfort after prolonged use, but supporting the baby's bottom can alleviate this.

Pregnancy Glass Set

  • For His N’ Hers New Parents

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Funny, Home

She (and he) will get a kick out of this set of glasses for expecting parents with a sense of humor. The set has a beer pint glass for dads and a stem wine glass for moms that they both can enjoy in between the long hours and new baby duties. These glasses will become keepsakes in their home bar as they grow into their parenting and reward themselves when need be.

Personal Perspective

From my personal experience, this beverage set makes a delightful gift, particularly for new or expecting parents. The quality is excellent, much heavier than I initially anticipated, indicating their sturdiness and durability. The set includes a wine glass for Mom and a beer glass for Dad, making it perfect for parents with varied beverage preferences. When I gifted this to my sister and her husband, they were thrilled with the unexpected addition to their glass collection. This product truly brings a unique and personal touch, whether you're attending a gender reveal party or simply celebrating the arrival of a new family member.

Baby Bath Set

  • Baby Bath Fun Time

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Cute, Accessories

Prepare the expecting mom in your life for baby bath time with this lovable five-piece bath set for little ones. The entire bath experience is covered for any new mom, with the included storytime book, the three squirty bath toys, and the cozy elephant hooded towel that she can wrap her baby up in, all comfy and warm after bath time is over.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this gift was a definite hit at my cousin's baby shower. I was initially drawn to it for its adorable aesthetics, and I wasn't disappointed when I got my hands on it. The recipients were genuinely pleased, and I could tell my future nephew would love it. Despite the packaging coming in a bit rough, the charm of the gift was not diminished.

Mommy’s Sippy Cup

  • Sips For Momma

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Accessories, Home

New moms need breaks from baby duty too, and when the new mom you know gets there, you can give her this hilarious sippy cup that belongs to no one else but her. The insulated, stainless-steel wine tumbler will keep her favorite grape juice cool and away from prying hands. The cup comes with a lid and a straw, so she’ll be all set with this lighthearted home accessory.

First-Hand Impression

If you're after a no-frills gift that's sure to please, this product hits the mark. The size and feel have a comforting appeal, and it's durability and color accuracy are definitely worth noting. Despite a minor issue with the straw placement, it's been a joy for everyone from first-time moms to grandmothers, making it a genuinely loved present.
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Mom Self Care Gift Box

  • Luxury, Mommy Style

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Pregnancy

Whether she needs pampering due to pregnancy or being a brand-new mom, the lady in your life will flock to using the products in this very special self-care gift box for moms. Her comfort and health are key with items like Vitamin C serum, calming sleep mist, an aromatherapy candle, sleep blended roll-on, and hand cream to boot. She’ll use these products alone and in tandem with each other for the ultimate spa experience.

User Experience

I'm sharing my thoughts on this gift that I bought for my granddaughter, who recently had a baby. The aroma of these products was delightful, and she was thrilled with it. On the flip side, I have to say the delivery was a letdown. When it arrived, the packaging was in poor condition, with the product leaking and parts damaged. The presentation was a far cry from the luxurious image advertised; instead, it looked rather cheap, which was disappointing given its price. Despite the delivery mishaps, the product itself was well-received by my granddaughter, establishing it as a go-to gift for new moms.

Letters To Baby Set

  • A Beautiful Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Keepsake, Unique

Baby shower gifts for the mom that will stay with her long after the celebration is done can be summed up with this touching baby letters set. The DIY keepsake uses prompts so mom can share thoughts, dreams, and feelings about her pregnancy, the birth, and the memories that make up a childhood. This beautiful time capsule will not only be cherished by the mom but also by the child when he/she grows up.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking for a thoughtful and sentimental gift, this book may just be the perfect pick. From my personal experience, it served as a heartwarming way to capture precious moments and thoughts for future remembrance. The quality of the book cover and envelopes is commendable, making it a lasting keepsake. Despite its affordability, the emotional value that this book holds is undeniably priceless, making it a meaningful choice over more luxurious gifts.

Portable Rocker

  • Rocking Chair Anywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical

Get your favorite new mom rocking her little one wherever she goes and at any time with this awesome portable rocker. The ergonomic foam design will give her plenty of comfort while she easily and gently rocks her baby by adding the rocker to the back of any chair. She’ll appreciate this instant classic and appreciate a peacefully napping baby even more.

Community Feedback

After using this product in various settings, from rocking my baby to soothing my restless legs on the futon, I've found its portability to be incredibly useful. Despite its overall sturdy build and great concept, the hardness of the back support can be a bit uncomfortable after a while, and the fit might not be ideal for smaller individuals. From breastfeeding to TV watching to offering support for my disabled son, this product has multifaceted uses that have been beneficial for my entire family.

Mom Aromatherapy Candle

  • Her First Mother’s Day

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Keepsake

New moms love the relaxing scent of an aromatherapy candle, but this candle will rise leaps and bounds over most others. This uniquely-scented blue campanula and lavender candle will not only ease her troubles but touch her deeply. The candle has a heart-shaped area for a personalized message to be written by her husband, friends, or other kids. She’ll treasure the relaxation and all the love that comes with it.

First-Hand Impression

I'm pleased with this candle for its multifaceted appeal - not only does it serve as an effective insect repellent with its subtle citronella scent, it's also an aesthetically pleasing addition to my coffee table. The candle's scent is not overwhelming and it has a long burn time, lighting up my room from morning till evening. In addition, it came with a pair of charming heart earrings, which is a delightful bonus, and the stone casing of the candle can be repurposed as a jewelry tray once the candle has fully burned out.

Blooming Bath Flower Seat

  • Flower Power At Bathtime

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Cute, Home

This simply charming bath mat for babies looks like a vibrant, cushiony open flower of soft petals…because that’s what it is! The flower petal seat offers safe and comfortable support for babies when they are bathed in a sink or in a tub. Even moms can enjoy the flower petal seat as a pillow when they finally make it to their own bathtime. Plus, it looks so darn precious.

User Experience

I must say, this flower pad captivated me with its incredible softness and thickness, akin to memory foam. Its size was larger than I initially anticipated, but that wasn't an issue, just an interesting surprise. However, I found that, despite its beauty and comfort, it fell short in providing the necessary support for my newborn in the sink – it was like holding her in my arm, but with a cushion for her tush. Additionally, it proved somewhat difficult to wring out after use, needing a rinse and spin in the washer or a cycle in the dryer. In conclusion, while the aesthetic and feel of this flower pad are admirable, it left a bit to be desired in terms of functionality for newborn support.

Baby White Noise Machine

  • Nighttime Babysitter Duty

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cute

New moms will love the nighttime assistance this white noise toy gives them whenever there is a cry in the night. The sweet plush elephant automatically calls upon 20 different calming sounds once any cry is heard from the baby in the crib. She may notice that the baby’s crying stops even before she decides to head into their room. The hours of sleep she may gain will be her way of saying thank you.

Personal Perspective

For all the new parents out there, this owl is nothing short of a sleep-time miracle. With calming music and a starry light show, my kids - from newborn to toddler - find it absolutely mesmerizing. It even has a cry sensor that automatically soothes them back to sleep, a feature that's given us longer stretches of peaceful nights. However, it's not perfect. The controls can be a bit tricky, and I wish the volume was louder and it had more varied sounds. Also, keep an eye on the battery life; when it starts to die, it goes out fast.

Baby Milestone Blocks

  • Blocks For Record Keeping

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Set

The woman you care about won’t miss big milestones again when you give her these cool baby milestone blocks. The set of blocks has numbers up to 65 and other words and symbols that represent holidays and events like her pregnancy progress, the weight of the new baby, or a baby’s birthday, month-by-month. She can keep her own record of it all while creating cute content to share with you.

Community Feedback

In my experience, these blocks are incredibly versatile and durable, serving as both a cherished keepsake and a fun plaything for my toddler. The ample variety in messages and the special holiday block have made capturing milestones and memorable moments a delight. Though they occasionally suffer from minor scuffs and paint chips, and arranging them for photos can be a tad challenging, the overall quality and longevity of these blocks make them a valuable addition to our family memories.

Pregnancy Essentials Kit

  • Smoothness Everywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pregnancy, Practical

The expecting mom you know will get a lot of use out of this set of luxurious lotions made for her. The pregnancy essentials kit of mini tubes will keep her moisturized and glowing no matter her location. The tubes include a scrub and body butter for her tummy, along with soothing cream for her breasts and cooling gel for her legs. This mini-spa will get her all the way to childbirth while looking great.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this product was a mix of delight and disappointment. The scent and feel of the product were fantastic, but the small size of the tubes and the half-filled bottles didn't provide good value for the cost.

Newborn Swaddle Blanket

  • Baby Sleepover Party

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Accessories, Practical

This baby swaddler is ideal for newborns, so the mom you know can relax in the knowledge that her little one is safe and swaddled all at once. The warm knit material works as a sleeping bag, blanket, or swaddle blanket at home or on the go in a stroller or baby seat. Comfort for her baby knows no bounds.

User Experience

Love the feel and quality of this blanket, it's got a handmade charm about it that reminds me of something my grandmother would make. Despite initial worries about the packaging leaving imprints on the cable knit, a quick steam had it looking perfect and ready for use. This blanket is even more delightful in use, providing a cozy swaddle for stroller rides or chilly nights, making it a treasured item for both me and my little one.

Quick Meal Variety Pack

  • Stir And Enjoy

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Set, Practical

When your favorite new mom hasn’t time to have a meal, she’ll remember that you gave her this awesome variety pack of healthy, quick meals in an instant. The set of six plant-based meals all share the nutrition and deliciousness of quinoa made with wholesome ingredients and unique flavors like basil pesto and artichoke and roasted red pepper. All she has to do is stir and enjoy her five minutes of peace.

Personal Perspective

As a busy person constantly on the move, these Quinoa meals have been a handy solution for a quick, nutritious bite. The Mango and Roasted Pepper flavor stands out as a favorite, while the Basil Pesto didn't quite hit the mark for me - but hey, to each their own! The cups do seem a bit small, especially for stirring in the sauce, and I found myself needing to transfer it to another container. Nevertheless, the convenience, overall good taste, and health benefits make these little Quinoa meals a worthwhile addition to my pantry.
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Dearfoams Mama Bear Slipper

  • Mama’s Comfortable Feet

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Funny

This high-quality pair of mama bear slippers by Dearfoams will keep the new mom in your life happy. Her feet will love the non-slip soles, the cushioned comfort of the slippers, the cute Mama Bear design, and most of all the slide in and out feature, which means she can get into the slippers and out of them all while still holding her baby.

Community Feedback

This pair of shoes made my Mom's day; she found them super comfortable and was thrilled with their perfect fit. Despite being a little on the small side, their softness and top-notch quality are undeniable, making them a fantastic gift that was well-appreciated.

New Parents Gift Basket

  • Cuteness Overload Basket

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Keepsake, Funny

This entertaining gift basket for new parents will wow her at the baby shower. The set has practical and cute items for her, the dad, and the baby to all use and enjoy. The mom and dad ceramic mugs set will get plenty of use, along with the two pairs of funny baby socks and baby bib. The set is beautifully designed and will last a long time after the baby is born.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this gift set was truly delightful. The sturdy box and attractive packaging made it feel special, and the cups inside were of high quality, stunning to look at. The bib's design differed from the displayed image, but it remained adorable nonetheless. This gift set made a wonderful impression on my friends who are expecting their second child, adding a charming touch to their preparations for the new arrival.

Babywearing Shirt

  • Breastfeed In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This uniquely-designed babywearing shirt will fast become the new mom’s favorite thing to wear. The cool-looking shirt can be easily adjusted to wrap around her newborn when she needs to keep him/her close. The shirt keeps breastfeeding a whiz while maintaining a level of privacy if she is not at home at the time. Fashion-forward, this shirt will be loved by both mom and baby.

User Experience

When I first got this skin-to-skin wrap shirt, I was really excited about the potential benefits for me and my slightly premature son. The shirt helped him feed well and made me feel close to him, especially in the early weeks. However, as he got bigger, around 8 pounds, I found I had to keep one hand on him all the time, which was a bit inconvenient. The material is synthetic, which tends to get smelly quickly and the belly strap velcro is located inconveniently. Also, it's worth noting that this wrap isn't really designed to be used hands-free or as a baby carrier, and it can be tricky to get your baby in without help.

Funny New Mom Book

  • Fun With Dysfunction

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Practical, Unique

When you’re afraid the woman you know is about to be the mom who has everything, relax…you can always give her this wildly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek baby book for new moms. The book is a catalog of new mom dysfunctions past and present, which will ease any stress she might be feeling as a first-time mother. She will appreciate your friendship even more and will officially now be the mom with everything and more.

Personal Perspective

Bought this book as a humorous take on parenting, and it did not disappoint. It playfully outlines various parenting styles - from being a "Controller" to a "Neglector" - in an exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek manner that had me laughing out loud. Yet, it also made me uncomfortably self-aware at times, reflecting on my own parenting choices. While it may not be the quick, light read I initially expected, its blend of humor and reality kept me engaged and entertained.

Wishing Ball

  • Her Weekly Wish

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Home

An expecting mom will value all this wishing ball will give her after her baby is born. The hand-blown glass ball will make a fine addition to any baby room decor, while the act of adding one of 52 slips of paper into the wishing ball will become a welcome ritual for her. She can add one wish a week that both she and her baby will cherish together one day in the future.

Baby Lounger Nest

No products found.

Check Price
  • The Best Nest

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

This super comfy baby lounger is the ultimate nest within a nest for an expecting mom to use with her little bundle of joy. The lounger nest will offer spectacular support for the baby’s spine. The nest is an ideal bed for when mom wants to practice co-sleeping with her baby in a safe manner anytime. Whether for travel or to keep at home, this lounger nest is all the comfort they both need.

Mom Wall Decor

  • Keepsake For A New Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Keepsake, Unique

This touching piece of home decor will serve as the first Mother’s Day gift for the new mom you know. The wooden wall sign features the message “Home Is Where The Mom Is.” There are six clips on a rustic rope that are ready, willing, and able to hold personal photographs of her new family that will melt her heart for a long time to come.

User Experience

I'm pleased with this picture frame's quality and charm, it's made of sturdy material and offers a unique way to display cherished photos. The miniature clothespins it comes with add a cute touch and it's compact enough to fit as a desk piece. Although, the size is smaller than expected, it only accommodates about 3 to 4 small photos, roughly the size of a Polaroid. Nonetheless, this picture frame touched my mom deeply, stirring up precious memories and emotions when presented as a gift.

Nest Egg Necklace

  • Abstract Mom Art

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Unique

This creative, exquisite necklace is a handmade ode to motherhood that is an instant classic for the expecting mom you know. The bird-themed dome pendant keeps watch over 1-4 Amazonite eggs that represent her children symbolically. This is more than just a beautiful keepsake for moms. This necklace encapsulates all that motherhood is and shall be to her: sacrifice, bliss, challenges, and love.

Shiatsu Massage Pillow

  • Massage On The Move

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Practical, Accessories

New moms in the world (and those who are pregnant) will need and appreciate this therapeutic Shiatsu massage pillow. More than just a massage tool for her back or neck, the comfortable pillow can easily work in different pain-prone areas like thighs, calves, or lower back. The heat, massage, and Shiatsu strokes will all keep her sailing smoothly through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

Community Feedback

My experience with this Shiatsu massager has been nothing short of impressive. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, effectively targeting those pesky knots in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. The heated function provides a gentle, soothing warmth, although it lacks the option to turn it off. Despite its hard surface, which could benefit from additional cushioning, the significant relief it brings to my chronic tension makes this product worth every penny.

Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Box

  • A Tasting Table

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Set, Home

Chances are when your favorite mom who’s expecting makes it into the first few months, weeks, or just days into the life of her new baby, she’s going to need some coffee, some chocolate, or both. You have already thought of this because when you’re at her baby shower, you’ll win big with this coffee and chocolate tasting box. The set includes four coffees, four chocolates, along with tasting notes. Let the tasting begin!

First-Hand Impression

I bought this coffee and chocolate set as a gift and while the presentation left a bit to be desired with a battered box and misaligned labels, the contents were all intact and neatly arranged. The items are definitely on the smaller side, with bite-sized chocolates and coffee packets that make a light 8 cups, not a full pot. Despite the size, the recipients of this gift, from my coffee-loving girlfriend to my picky mom, all praised the rich flavors and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, making it a unique alternative to traditional gifts.
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Pregnancy Journal

  • Celebrating A Journey

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Pregnancy, Unique

Keep your favorite pregnant friend recording and remembering all the best, worst, and most memorable parts of her pregnancy with this thoughtful journal. The journal has 30 pages in which she can record, 20 pages for photos, and loads of fun prompts and milestones like the first doctor visit, how she’s feeling, and more.

User Experience

I'm thrilled to share my experience with this belly cast kit. Despite the process being a bit messy, I found the application quite enjoyable, especially with the help of a friend. It's crucial to use plenty of ointment to ensure easy removal once the cast has dried, a lesson I learned the hard way! This belly cast was a fun project to commemorate the end of my pregnancy, though be prepared for a bit of cleanup afterwards.

Meditation Sound Machine

  • A Portal Into Meditation

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Unique, Accessories

It’s never too late for a new mom to start meditation and never too early for a new baby, either. Whether she wants to keep this sound machine and soothing night light next to her bed so she can listen to 30 different types of white/pink/brown noise etc., or wants to introduce the deeply relaxing noise machine to her baby, the piece will become an important part of their home together.

Personal Perspective

I've found the variety of sounds and color options on this sound machine to be particularly pleasing, making it versatile and adaptable for different moods. Despite a faint high-pitched sound when it's plugged in, the machine's ability to double as a night light and its impressive sound options - including bird chirping, ocean waves, and soft piano music - outweigh this minor hitch. It fits perfectly on my side table, and the adjustable volume makes it an effective sleep aid, helping me drift off more easily and maintain a solid night's sleep.

New Mom Starter Pack

  • Breastfeeding For Beginners

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Set

Breastfeeding, especially for a first-time mother, is not always easy. The expecting mom you know needs all the help she can get. This new mom starter pack for breastfeeding will give her all the help she needs to successfully get her baby started. The set has a silicone breast pump, a flower stopper, a pump lid, and multiple nursing pads. She will appreciate the added bonus of breastfeeding for beginners.

Diaper Pail Gift Set

  • A Place For Poo-Poo

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Funny, Practical

Sometimes, the best gift at a baby shower is the one that does the dirtiest job well. This diaper pail gift set will see any new mother through the worst of times and keep things in the nursery clean and clear. The odor-keeping pail system might make her forget just what this pail is used for, while the cool design will keep the baby’s nursery looking stylish.

First-Hand Impression

If you're in search of a practical solution for diaper disposal, this diaper pail might be just what you need. I found it much more accommodating than other brands, holding a significant amount without any squishy mess. The standout feature was its ability to cut and tie off the bag at the bottom, effectively containing any unpleasant odors. While there is a brief whiff when dropping in a diaper and changing the liner, this can be easily managed with odor absorbers. The fact that it can be used with regular kitchen trash bags and comes in a variety of colors makes it a versatile addition to any nursery.

Baby Rocker Chair

  • A Chair Until Childhood

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Practical, Unique

This stunning chair would work in any room in the house, but the baby rocking chair was tailor-made for your favorite new mom to use in the baby’s nursery. Anytime she needs to rock the new baby, read a story, breastfeed, or spend time with the little one, this chair will literally have her back. The comfort level is solid and, if a chair can be thought of as a keepsake, this is that chair.

User Experience

I've found this recliner to be quite comfortable and of impressive quality considering its cost. The chair was straightforward to assemble, and its compact size conveniently fits in my bedroom, serving as a cozy haven for reading and relaxation. However, a persistent squeak while reclined and the difficulty in getting the foot rest back in place are minor drawbacks that slightly dampen the overall experience.

Funny Mom Tote Bag

  • The Life Of A Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Accessories, Practical

Once the expecting mom in your life gets knee-deep into motherhood, she will appreciate the message on this entertaining tote bag for moms. The bag is a practical way to give her a place for all the baby accessories she needs all the time. The message of the tote bag speaks to that idea, noting that “Nothing In This Bag Belongs To Me.” She may laugh out loud the moment it all becomes clear.

Personal Perspective

Definitely, this gift bag is not only adorable and lightweight, but also sturdy with ample room for a multitude of items, making it an economical and functional alternative to typical paper or plastic. From personal experience, the zippered bag, despite having shorter handles, comfortably fits at hip level and includes a handy inner pocket for small items, providing not just a fun, but a purposeful gift that's well appreciated at baby showers.

Bluetooth Baby Headphones

  • Try A Little Womb Music

  • $$$$$
  • Pregnancy, Set, Cute

This extra-special pregnancy gift will bring down the house at a baby shower. This Bluetooth-powered belly speaker sets up with ease to allow the expecting mom and dad to listen to the flurry of activity going on in her belly as the baby grows. The set has tons of accessories that make the listening experience easy and personal, which will make the birth even more satisfying now that she knows what her baby sounds like.

Community Feedback

Love this product for its superior battery life, allowing for hours of use before needing a recharge. The adhesive pad, which attaches the speaker to your belly, is reusable and maintains its grip. However, its corded design and lack of an auto-off feature are less than ideal, especially if you fall asleep using it. Sound quality is commendable, and it pairs seamlessly with my iPhone via Bluetooth, letting me share my favorite tunes with my little one.

Baby Sick Day Prep Kit

  • No Sick Days

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Practical, Accessories

This unique gift set for new moms will prepare her for almost every kind of baby sick day there is. The prep kit has four parts to it that include a nasal aspirator, a medical dispenser, a snot wipe, and a vapor rub that will ensure a quick road to recovery, easy breathing, and a quiet night for both the baby and mom.

First-Hand Impression

This baby kit has proven to be surprisingly useful, particularly the nasal aspirator, or as some refer to it, the 'snot sucker'. The first time my baby had a stuffy nose, this tool was efficient and far superior to traditional bulb-style suction devices. Apart from that, this kit is packed with travel-sized items that cater to various needs, making it a handy all-in-one solution. The vapor rub included is organic and its mess-free applicator is a thoughtful touch, ensuring a hassle-free application.

Baby Car Mirror

  • Self-Reflection On The Move

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

There is no denying the importance of a high-quality baby mirror for the car. When the new mom you know is driving, this mirror will give her a crystal clear image of her baby in the backseat to make sure he/she is safe and sound. In turn, the baby can see their reflection as well, which will keep them entertained and giggling all the way to the market and back.

User Experience

This baby mirror has been a fantastic addition to both my vehicle and my mother's car. The only minor drawback is the slight vibration that occurs, but the convenience and peace of mind this product offers far outweigh the vibration issue. With easy installation, excellent flexibility for optimal viewing, and a pivotal base that allows me to keep an eye on my little one without turning my head, this mirror has truly enhanced my driving experience.

Nursing Hoodie

  • Nurse Here And There

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Unique, Accessories

When the new mom in your life needs to breastfeed and she isn’t in the privacy of her own home, she’ll thank you for giving her this stylish, yet practical nursing hoodie. The comfortable cut and feel of the hoodie will keep the new mom happy, while she can easily and discreetly breastfeed whether she’s at work, with family, or outside. The peace of mind that she’ll receive will be boundless.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this nursing hoodie has been overwhelmingly positive. The lightweight material allows for comfortable wear in various weather conditions, though it should be noted it's not suitable for colder climates without additional layers. The design caters to nursing mothers with easy access features that maintain modesty without compromising on style. One minor issue I found was the excessively long drawstrings which pose a potential safety risk, but this was easily resolved by trimming and retying them sans the silver attachments. Even after I stopped nursing, the comfort and practicality of this hoodie motivated me to continue wearing it.
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Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch

  • Practical For The Right Mood

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Home

This handy smart light dimmer switch might seem an unglamorous, simply practical gift for expecting moms, but it could turn into her #1 lifesaver after her baby is born. The easy-to-install 3-button remote control has favorite settings that she’ll have methodically figured out. Once the baby’s perfect dim setting is easy to retrieve anytime she wants, she can focus all her attention on getting them safely to sleep.

Community Feedback

Definitely, this Pico remote has been an efficient solution for my lighting needs with its swift and responsive performance. The tactile button press is unique and gives a sense of certainty when using it, although it lacks the "click" you'd find in a paddle switch. One issue is the somewhat crowded button layout, which may not appeal to everyone aesthetically. It's also notable that the Pico remote has strong magnets and a flat back, allowing it to sit flush with my light cover without any need for additional adhesives. Despite a few minor grievances, the convenience and functionality of being able to control lights without the need for wiring makes these Pico remotes a valuable addition to my home.

Baby Bonding Playmat

  • Always Time For Tummy Time

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Accessories

This super cute baby bonding playmat will make the perfect base for the new mom you know and baby to spend time together bonding and playing. The handmade mat will offer comfort, along with an engaging design that will please both mama and baby. The mat will make tummy time so much more fun and productive once her new arrival makes his/her entrance into the scene.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this play mat has been mostly positive. It is thick, soft, and colorful, providing a comfortable space for my little one to practice crawling and rolling over. Unfortunately, after a few washes, I noticed the crinkly leaves beginning to fray, revealing plastic underneath that could potentially scratch my baby. Despite this, the mat's quality, size, and features, such as the different fabric textures for sensory exploration, make it a decent value for the price.

Smart Sleep Mask

  • Time Out For Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Unique

Why not use modern technology to help your favorite mom out when she needs a break? This modern smart sleep mask is much more than a blackout mask (which it is). Once she finds time for some shuteye, she’ll be able to use the mask’s many functions for the ultimate relaxation. From the Bluetooth headphones that connect to music and calling to the ease of voice control, this mask is one she won’t live without.

User Experience

This sleep mask seems promising at first glance with its soft fabric and padded speakers, which indeed offer a level of comfort. However, the slippery fabric and unadjustable straps cause the mask to slide around quite a bit during the night, which can be quite annoying. Also, the control and wires hidden within the mask are hard to locate and manipulate, and the functionality can be confusing, often resulting in accidental calls. Another point of frustration is the "power off" alert that disrupts your sleep when the timer is up. Despite these shortcomings, I found that the mask does provide a good amount of space around the eyes, which was a feature I appreciated.

Personalized Ponytail Hat

  • No More Mom Bed Head

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Cute

Safeguard an expectant mom from a bad hair day when you give her this cool personalized ponytail hat. The hat will not only keep her bedhead a secret, but it will allow the ponytail that will likely become a mainstay in her life to comfortably hang out of the back area of the hat. The hat can be customized with her name or just her most important name—mom.

Personal Perspective

If you're in search of a personalized, charming addition to your wardrobe, this hat is the real deal! From its perfect stitching to the adjustable fit that comfortably accommodates my smaller head, it's definitely my most treasured purchase to date.

Snuggle Suite

No products found.

Check Price
  • Double Diaper Duty

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Unique, Accessories

This snuggle suite is the ultimate in practical baby gifts for moms at a shower. The two-art suite has a portable baby seat that can also be used as a bouncer that uses vibration to ease her baby’s mood. From the infant seat, this mom can remove a portable bassinet that makes a great “diaper needs changing now” place or can be used as a traditional bassinet.

Community Feedback

Got this pack n play as a gift and it has been incredibly useful. It's more than just a regular bassinet - it offers diaper changing and storage all in one, making it a practical solution for small spaces. The bassinet attachment is so soft, and the sturdy storage compartments are perfect for organizing baby essentials. I also managed to assemble it on my own in about 45 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise.

Sweet & Savory Gift Basket

  • All Cravings Satisfied

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Pregnancy, Set

When the mother-to-be at your baby shower is in the final stage of pregnancy (or even when she’s busy taking care of a newborn), she will appreciate this delicious sweet and savory gift basket. Whether she’s in the mood for chocolate and cookies or salty snacks and treats, she’ll be loaded with great options anytime she needs them, morning or late night!

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I first laid eyes on this gift basket, I was captivated by its aesthetic appeal. While the portions were smaller than expected, it still managed to be a hit among my friends, who found it absolutely stunning. The mix-up with the sympathy ribbon, although initially confusing, ended up being a humorous anecdote that added to the overall experience. Despite its minor flaws, I found the gift basket to be reasonably priced and a unique gift idea.

Mommy Memory Book

  • One-A-Day-In-Five

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Cute

Moms-to-be will love receiving this thoughtful mommy memory book at their baby shower. The unique approach to this DIY keepsake will make scrapbooking something more tangible and easy-to-do for a new mom. All she has to do is record one line a day for the first five years of her baby’s life. Before she knows it, she’ll have a treasure trove of baby and childhood memories to keep forever near.

User Experience

In writing into this Mom's One Line a Day book, I've found a priceless tool for capturing the everyday joy and challenges of motherhood. This journal compels me to focus on the standout moments of each day, creating a tangible keepsake that beautifully encapsulates my journey into motherhood. Despite the occasional smudge from my favorite felt tip pens, the durable cover and convenient size make this journal a perfect bedside companion, reminding me to cherish and record these fleeting moments.

Blooming Lollipops

  • A Flowery Mom Treat

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cute, Set

Late-stage pregnant women will goggle up these pretty, delicious blooming lollipops anytime they have a craving (or need a treat break once they’re new moms). The set of botanical-influenced lollipops will awaken her most complex of taste buds with flavors such as lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil. She can even take the lollipop sticks and plant them in the ground to grow her own herb or flower that she can share with her little one.

Funny New Mom Wine Glass

  • Finally, Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Funny, Pregnancy

Moms wait throughout their pregnancy before they can indulge in the art of drinking wine. This funny stemless wine glass will make the mom-to-be at your baby shower laugh out loud. It can serve as her first wine glass post-childbirth with the obvious and fun saying, “I’ve Waited 9 Months For This.” Cheers to new moms!

Community Feedback

I'm satisfied with this wine glass, especially as it brings a chuckle, being ideal for expectant mothers who miss their wine. The glass itself is nice and is presented in a decorative box, making it an appealing gift. However, one downside was that the box was scuffed and damaged on arrival, which somewhat detracts from the overall presentation. Despite this, the glass was received well, proving a hit with my sister-in-law who is due next month.

Aromatherapy Gift Set

  • Smells Like Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pregnancy, Home

There’s no going wrong when getting your favorite expecting mom a well-put-together, claiming aromatherapy gift set. The set includes four scented candles, along with two scented sachets for any drawer or room. The candles have soothing scents like Jasmine, Wild Berries, Bergamot, and Maldivian Breeze to ease her into the final weeks before childbirth. They’ll be there long after the baby arrives and continue to soothe her every time she needs them to.

First-Hand Impression

After receiving this aromatherapy gift set, my home has transformed into a sanctuary of tranquility. The four included candles radiate soothing scents like Jasmine and Wild Berries, which effortlessly ease any tension or stress. These candles, along with the two aromatic sachets, have not only provided a comforting atmosphere during my pregnancy but continue to deliver a sense of calm even after the arrival of my baby.
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Baby Shower FAQs

What Do You Get Moms for Baby Shower?

Getting gifts for a mother-to-be on her baby shower should be an act of thoughtfulness and care. More often than not, baby shower gifts focus on the baby (for good reason!). There’s no reason you can’t show the future mom how much you care about her wellbeing too. Gifts that accomplish this include maternity clothes she’ll enjoy, spa gift baskets, items that remedy a problem like compression socks or a pregnancy pillow, or even a pregnancy journal that she can use to chronicle this special time.

What is the Most Useful Baby Shower Gift?

The most useful baby shower gifts focus on the major activities a new mom will deal with when having a baby. Activities include feeding (breastfeeding), diaper changes, nap/sleep time, and being on the move. She may even find the simplest gifts practical, such as a house cleaning, a babysitter, or help getting to a nap faster.

What Do New Parents Really Want?

The simple pleasures of life before a new baby are gifts that any brand-new parents will truly appreciate. Gift certificates for meals or easy meal prep kits work wonders. Noise-canceling headphones are great for that moment of silence they need desperately. A sterilizer or dryer will help with the messy work, along with items that treat them both, including lotions, spa gifts, and comfy clothes. Any app subscriptions or outside help that will allow them to get some rest or spend some time together is a great way to help them through this challenging but rewarding period.

How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

It is generally recommended to spend between $50 and $200 on a baby shower gift. You will want to keep in mind that the amount of your gift also depends on the closeness you have to the expecting parents. For example, an immediate family member might garner a $200 gift, while a co-worker or acquaintance might expect only a $50-75 gift (1).

Is It Ok to Give Money As a Baby Shower Gift?

It is not only okay to give money as a baby shower gift, but it is also okay for the expecting parents to ask for cash at their baby shower. If you are polite and upfront about preferring to save money for expenses later, most guests will understand this preference, especially if they’ve had kids themselves (2)!

How We Choose Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the importance of choosing the right baby shower gift for mom. Our team extensively researches and reviews each product, applying strict criteria to guarantee you find the perfect gift. We consult with experienced mothers, survey customer feedback, and compare products to offer a wide array of unique gift ideas suitable for various tastes and budgets. Our gift guide is designed to evaluate products from your perspective, ensuring each recommendation demonstrates our expertise. We filter and group gifts by price, style, and customer feedback, prioritizing factors like practicality, durability, and mom’s comfort. Trust us to help you score the best baby shower gifts for mom.

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Maryana Vestic

Maryana Vestic is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and food photographer with a background in entertainment Business Affairs. She studied film at NYU, Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and has an MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction from The New School. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, and horror films, as well as running a local baking business in Brooklyn with her boyfriend.