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35 Fun Baby Yoda Gifts: 2024 Grogu Picks

The force will be with you when you check out these awesome Baby Yoda gifts ahead.

You might find yourself tasked with unearthing the coolest Baby Yoda gifts in the universe. If you don’t count yourself among the throngs of Mandalorian fans out there, you might be lost with nothing but an empty galaxy in front of you.

You won’t need the force to use our helpful guide to the cutest Baby Yoda gifts around. Whether you’re buying for an adult or child, they’ll adore these cool and unique Baby Yoda gift ideas and cherish them for a long time.

35 Adorable Baby Yoda Gift Ideas

Get your Jedi master cloak on and keep reading for the best Baby Yoda gifts in the galaxy.

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Baby Yoda Night Light

  • Watched Over By Baby Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Home, Accessories, Cute

Let your little one be watched over while they sleep with this detailed Baby Yoda nightlight. The nightlight’s brightness and color can be adjusted by remote control and smart touch. Any mini Baby Yoda fan will appreciate his intergalactic warmth and protection during the night.

User Experience

Excellent! This Yoda light instantly became a favorite in our household. From the first day, it was a hit at my grandson's birthday party and has remained a treasured item for bedtime rituals. Its durability is impressive, having lasted over a year without any issues, and the ability to switch out characters and change colors is a fun feature that keeps it interesting. Despite some disagreements on who gets to control it, this Yoda light brings a lot of joy and is perfect for any Star Wars fan.

Baby Yoda Plush

  • The Softest Yoda Ever

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Unique, Kids

This adorable plush Baby Yoda has all the intricate details of The Child character from The Mandalorian. He also has a soft plush outer layer so he can stay close to your favorite Baby Yoda fan, whether they’re a kid who needs a cuddle or adults who keep him on display for all to see.

Personal Perspective

I was thoroughly impressed by the detailed craftsmanship of this Grogu toy, which boasts a surprisingly soft body contrasted by the sturdy material of its head and hands. The toy's size and weight felt just right, making it an absolute delight to carry around and show off, earning me smiles and waves from fellow Grogu fans. Despite its lack of sound effects or movable parts, this Grogu toy surpassed my expectations with its overall quality and design, even outshining a previous version I owned, making it a cherished addition to my collection.

Baby Yoda Lunch Cooler

No products found.

Check Price
  • Meeting Yoda For Lunch

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Adult, Unique

Grogu gifts can get super practical when you get the fan you know this cute insulated lunch tote. They can keep their daily lunch safe and intact while advertising a bunch of peppy Baby Yodas to the world. This useful cooler will bring a little more Grogu into each day. Who wouldn’t want to have lunch with Baby Yoda?

Moon Baby Yoda Necklace

  • Baby Yoda Style

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories, Unique

When you need an extra-special Valentine gift for your fellow Star Wars fan, this Baby Yoda necklace for her won’t let you down. The silver necklace features a crescent moon pendant, inside of which is a colorful Baby Yoda showing how powerful he can be. The precious piece of jewelry will touch her heart and stay around her neck for a long time.

First-Hand Impression

If you're a fan of Baby Yoda like me, you'd certainly find this necklace adorable and a great addition to your wardrobe. While its charm is undeniable, I found the build quality to be somewhat lacking as it broke within a week of wearing.

Baby Yoda Earrings

  • Miniature Grogus Times Two

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories, Adult, Unique

These shimmering Baby Yoda stud earrings make great Baby Yoda gifts, whether it’s for mom on Mother’s Day or any cool girl you know who loves The Mandalorian and The Child. The dainty earrings are shaped like Baby Yoda’s head and are covered in green stones that will stand out no matter what outfit she’s wearing.

User Experience

I've enjoyed the charm of these earrings, which have been well-received as gifts for both my niece and granddaughter, both die-hard Star Wars fans. The Baby Yoda design is adorable, with a shimmer that adds an appealing touch, although they are somewhat smaller than I initially anticipated. It's worth noting that all of the gems are green, differing slightly from the displayed image, and sadly, they're not sterling silver. This means they can't be worn for extended periods without risking an infection. Despite this, their quality is commendable and they are a delightful addition to any Star Wars enthusiast's collection. Their appeal and the joy they brought to my family members made the purchase worthwhile, even though I would have gladly paid more for a sterling silver option.

Baby Yoda Stemless Wine Glass

  • Baby Yoda Happy Hour

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Adult, Cool

When you give The Mandalorian fan in your life this entertaining Baby Yoda stemless wine glass, you’re practically guaranteed laughs. Who says all Baby Yoda gift ideas have to be for kids? The glass is etched with an image of Grogu himself, along with the words “Yoda One For Me.” The glass can make a funny, useful addition to a Dad bar or anyone’s home.

Personal Perspective

As a recent recipient of these etched wine glasses, I must admit they've become a conversation starter at my dinner parties. The etching, albeit a bit economical, adds a unique touch, and hand washing them is a small trade-off for the charm they bring. The size is quite generous, perfect for those who enjoy a hearty pour. The glasses arrived in excellent condition, their packaging ensuring their safety. While they may not be top-tier luxury, their value for the price and the joy they've brought to my gatherings is undeniable.

The Child Pullover Hoodie

  • Baby Yoda For Warmth

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Kids, Cute

This lovable hoodie will keep your little Baby Yoda fan warm and looking stylish at the same time. The screenprint design of The Child has vivid color and will keep any young aficionado of Baby Yoda comfy and warm. A cool Christmas gift, the hoodie can even be worn all the way through a Star Wars marathon.

Community Feedback

This hoodie is a delight with minor sizing concerns. After gifting it to my grandson, I noticed it ran a bit large despite previously hearing it was on the smaller side. The quality, from the comfortable fabric to the vibrant baby Yoda design, definitely justifies the price. Interestingly, my granddaughter also found her hoodie to be snug, necessitating a size up for a better fit. All in all, this hoodie was a hit with my grandchildren who absolutely adored it.

Baby Yoda Waffle Maker

  • Use The Force For Deliciousness

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Home, Cool

The impressive detail in the waffles this Baby Yoda waffle maker prepares will make any Mandalorian fan happy. The easy-to-use waffle maker will become their favorite piece of kitchen memorabilia this galaxy has to offer. They’ll love spending weekend mornings with Baby Yoda and some awesome waffles.

First-Hand Impression

I must admit, this Baby Yoda-themed pancake maker brought an unexpected level of joy to our breakfast routine. While it's true that this device makes more of a pancake with an adorable Grogu image than a traditional waffle, the fun factor outweighs this minor detail. Easy to clean and simple to use, it's been a hit with everyone from my 11-year-old grandson to my 41-year-old boyfriend, proving that the force is indeed strong with this one.

Baby Yoda Wallet

  • Yoda On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

This officially licensed Baby Yoda wallet will finally provide the fan you know with a unique way to keep their money and cards close by. The zippered wallet is wide enough to fit bills, change, a variety of cards, and more. They will love how this cool accessory stands out and bring some Baby Yoda magic to the world.

User Experience

I'm thoroughly impressed with the design and durability of this wallet, which perfectly matches my Loungefly backpack. Although it has a bit more length than others, it's not an issue for me, and the tight card slots ensure security, albeit a little difficult to access at first due to the new leather. There's ample space, even for a checkbook, but I noticed a slight fading after two months of usage. Despite this, as a Star Wars fan, it's still a delightful piece, especially with the adorable Baby Yoda theme.

Baby Yoda Embroidered Socks

  • Take Strong Steps With Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Adult, Set

These sweet embroidered socks will touch the heart of any Grogu lover in your life. The extra-long socks will work whether they’re showing Baby Yoda off or just wearing them for comfort, but the extra-special feature of Baby Yoda’s ears that stick out make these socks the perfect amount of quirky for him or her.

Personal Perspective

Bought these socks as a fun novelty item and they've exceeded expectations! They're eye-catching and have garnered many compliments from both my kids and strangers alike. Although larger and thinner than your typical sport sock, this doesn't detract from their charm, especially with the cute Yoda ears sticking out. My sons, both Star Wars enthusiasts, adore these socks, adding a touch of humor to their outfits. Even on a family trip to Disney, these socks stole the show, making them a standout, fun gift for any age.
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Baby Yoda Coasters Set

  • Grogu For The Road

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Cool, Adult

When Mandalorian gifts meet practical car accessories, these Baby Yoda coasters are the big winner. The set of two coasters displays a Baby Yoda in a spaceship that fits neatly into the cup holder compartment in any standard vehicle. These Baby Yodas will keep any drinks secure when driving out to see the latest Star Wars film.

Community Feedback

These car coasters are strikingly colorful and of great quality, but unfortunately, they didn't fit in any of the cup holders in my vehicle. Despite their size, I found another use for them at home on my coffee table, where they've proven to be a great, child-safe alternative to my previous ceramic coasters. Although I've had to modify them slightly to fit my needs, I'm still impressed with their overall durability and adorable design.

The Mandalorian Calendar

  • Keeping The Schedule Green

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Cute

When the Baby Yoda lover you know needs some scheduling help, give them this helpful desk pad with a customizable daily, weekly, and monthly calendar. The oversized pad is the ideal place to record upcoming appointments like work, school, doctors, and of course, a Baby Yoda costume party.

Mandalorian Smart Watch

  • High-Tech Grogu

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Kids, Accessories

Kids who adore everything Baby Yoda will equally love this awesome Mandalorian smart watch. The watch is equipped with a selfie cam, games, alarm, and more. A thoughtful birthday gift, this watch will combine any kid’s love of cool tech with their adoration for The Child.

User Experience

As a gift giver, I was pleased to see the joy this watch brought to the kids in my life. This watch boasts a cool design and a handful of engaging features such as step counting and games, which were a hit with my nephew. However, some minor drawbacks, like the inability to use personal photos as backgrounds and a shorter than desired battery life, were noted. Nevertheless, this watch serves as an affordable and manageable early introduction to smart watch technology for youngsters.

Baby Yoda Plush Backpack

No products found.

Check Price
  • Baby Yoda On Your Back

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Kids, Practical, Cute

Treat a child you know who loves Baby Yoda with this adorable plush backpack and Baby Yoda toy all in one. The soft backpack is a plush toy that any child can carry with them, along with small items they can keep in the backpack itself. This cute combination gift will remain a treasured part of a Baby Yoda fan’s collection.

Mandalorian The Child Dinnerware Set

  • Dinner Date With Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Kids, Cool

This Baby Yoda dinnerware set will make any meal with a Grogu-loving child even better. The set includes a matching plate, bowl, and plastic bottle. All the plastic pieces are BPA-free and feature The Child in various scenes from The Mandalorian. Kids will get a kick out of having a meal with their favorite Star Wars buddy.

Community Feedback

I'm pleased to report that this product has been a hit with both kids and adults in my family. The plastic set is durable and has stood up well, even when dropped. However, I've found that it's best to hand wash these items to prevent any blistering from repeated dishwasher use. The design, featuring popular characters like Bluey and Baby Yoda, has been well-received, inducing smiles and excitement in both young and mature recipients. My son and granddaughter, in particular, are big fans. This product can bring joy not only to children but also to those who are children at heart.

Baby Yoda Tiki Mug

  • Yoda On Vacation

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Adult, Cool, Unique

When most gifts aren’t enough for the Baby Yoda fan who has it all, consider this unique Tiki-style ceramic mug in the shape of your favorite little Yoda. The mug has everything from Yoda’s green robe to his signature ears and it will fit any tropical cocktail they can dream up for their next Baby-Yoda-themed cocktail party.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I received this mug, I was captivated by its charming design and impressive quality. It's larger than I initially anticipated and the detail is commendable. Although it lacks a handle, it doesn't detract from the overall experience of using this mug. I was particularly thrilled when I noticed how much my guests admired it, even promoting me to the role of 'cool uncle' in my nephew's eyes. The joy it brought my girlfriend, who boasts an exceptional bar collection, further solidifies my positive sentiments towards this Grogu-shaped tiki mug.

The Child Building Kit

  • DIY Baby Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Accessories, Set, Cool

Get the coolest Star Wars fan you know this intricate LEGO building kit of The Child and The Mandalorian and watch them dedicate hours of the day or several days to creating their own Baby Yoda and more. The kit has 295 pieces of fun that are ready to go whenever they are.

User Experience

Got this Mandalorian and Child Lego set as a gift and its charm did not disappoint. The buildable characters, brimming with humor such as Lego's quirky inclusion of a 'brain' piece, are a delightful addition to any Star Wars collection. Despite their modest height of about 3 inches, these figures are quite detailed, with Mando featuring an assortment of weapons and the Child being removable from his pram. This Lego set, while smaller than expected, provides an engaging and fun building experience that pleases both Star Wars and Lego enthusiasts alike.

Baby Yoda Japanese Dinnerware Bowl

  • Ramen, Yoda Style

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Cute, Unique

This quirky Japanese dinnerware bowl is the perfect place for a delicious meal of ramen accompanied by the most adorable Baby Yodas imaginable. The colorful bowl comes with a set of chopsticks that fit nicely into the rim. The baby Yoda designs on the bowl include the words “nom nom nom” so they’ll know what to do.

Personal Perspective

Excellent is the only word to describe this ramen bowl. From its adorable design to its sturdy chopsticks, my dining experience has been amplified by its high quality. Despite receiving a white one instead of the anticipated blue, the charm and practicality of this bowl continue to impress me every time I use it for my orange chicken.

Baby Yoda Toddler High-Top Sneakers

  • Grogu Is Cool

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Kids, Cute

The littlest Baby Yoda fan you know will enjoy wearing these adorable Baby Yoda high-top sneakers for toddlers. The canvas sneakers are super cool-looking with easy-to-use velcro straps. The miniature Grogu-loving child will be able to wear these everywhere and be ready for further Star Wars film premieres before they’re even ready for school.

Baby Yoda Coffee Mug

  • Yoda Will Protect Us

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Adult, Unique

Make your Mandalorian-loving friends smile with this offbeat pandemic-friendly coffee mug for home or office. The ceramic mug is highlighted in Baby Yoda green and features the little guy himself with a mask, along with the words “too close you are.”

They’ll enjoy having this fun accessory around to keep life lighthearted with the help of Grogu.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this mug as a gift and was pleasantly surprised to find that the graphics were accurately represented, just like in the pictures. It's a solid, well-made mug with a regular circular design, and it adds a touch of humor to my morning coffee routine, always getting a laugh from my coworkers.
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Baby Yoda Pot Planter

  • Baby Yoda’s Green Thumb

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Cute, Unique

Get organic with the Grogu fan in your life when you give them this unique pot planter that features The Child himself. The miniature handmade flower pot is an ingenious way to combine their love for gardening with their adoration for Baby Yoda. Grow, this plant will.

User Experience

This planter, while smaller than anticipated and lacking the promised succulent, still managed to win over my heart with its undeniable cuteness. Despite some odd markings detracting from its overall aesthetics, it has proved perfect for starting my succulent propagations, making the wait worthwhile.

Baby Yoda Light Projector

  • Yoda On The Walls

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Cool, Unique

This entertaining light projector will transform any Star Wars fans’ room or home into a Baby Yoda celestial paradise. The projector has tons of different modes and colors to choose from and will cast many versions of Baby Yoda on the walls and ceiling in style. The projector also has a Bluetooth speaker so Baby Yoda can be joined by their favorite tunes.

Personal Perspective

I'm thoroughly impressed with this projector's vivid display, showcasing a multitude of colors and patterns, including several delightful Baby Yoda slides. The brightness is notable, effectively illuminating an entire room even during daylight hours, which my children find fascinating. While I've yet to explore the Bluetooth-enabled music feature, I discovered the integrated timer function to be quite useful, allowing for adjustable operation times spanning from one to eight hours. However, the remote control design could use some improvement, as I've found it to be slightly confusing; I prefer to manually adjust colors and slides directly on the projector.

Baby Yoda Carry-On Bag

  • Small Enough For The Overhead Compartment

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This Baby Yoda carry-on duffle bag will make the perfect traveling companion for your favorite Baby Yoda fan, whether an adult or child. The officially licensed bag displays an adorable Grogu, in addition to the words “Precious Cargo.” This bag will likely never get lost with the help of the coolest little green Jedi around.

Community Feedback

If you're expecting a sturdy bag to carry your laptop or heavy items, this product might disappoint you, as my experience showed it couldn't handle the weight of a 13" laptop without the strap breaking. Despite this, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable, with a cutesy design that my grandson, a Baby Yoda fan, would absolutely adore. However, its size was a bit smaller than I'd anticipated, which could limit its usage, especially for large items. Regardless, I'm looking forward to using it for lighter tasks, like packing essentials for the hospital when my little one arrives in October.

Baby Yoda Crib Car

  • Grogu Goes For A Ride

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Kids, Cool

This unique crib car is filled with Baby Yoda himself in the driver’s seat. The fan you care about can hold the remote control in their hand and control the movement of The Child. This fun activity is great for kids who want to play with Baby Yoda all the time and finally can.

Baby Yoda Gift Set

  • Combination Baby Yoda Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Adult, Accessories, Unique

When you can’t decide on one gift for your favorite Baby Yoda lover, get them this awesome gift set with the green Jedi in mind. The Mandalorian gift set includes a ceramic coffee mug, a pair of cute socks, and a matching keychain that all feature—you guessed it—Baby Yoda. They’ll love the three times the Grogu they receive with this fun gift.

User Experience

I'm pleased with this product, especially considering its affordability. The visuals matched the photos provided, which is always a relief. However, I found that the graphic on the mug started to peel off after washing, which was disappointing. This product was received very well as a gift by my boyfriend, who is a Star Wars enthusiast.

Baby Yoda Spiral Notebook

  • Keeping Notes With Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cute

Bring something as practical as a spiral notebook into the life of a Mandalorian fan, and make sure it has Baby Yoda all over the cover. This notebook is a great accessory for the home, whether writing lists, keeping a diary, or taking notes during their favorite Star Wars film. The notebook even has cute Yoda-shaped tabs, so he can keep them ultra-organized.

Baby Yoda Throw Blanket

  • 1000 Hugs From 1000 Baby Yodas

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Cute, Practical

When there isn’t enough Baby Yoda in a loved one’s life, you can add more and make it comfy with this Baby Yoda throw blanket. The oversized plush blanket works anywhere in a Grogu-friendly house, from the family couch to a young fan’s bed. They’ll love watching their favorite Star Wars films wrapped in the comfort of this toasty throw blanket.

Community Feedback

Bought this plush blanket for my daughter and it quickly became her official snuggle buddy. The blanket is wonderfully soft, lightweight and warm, making it perfect for those chilly evenings. It's also large enough for two adults to comfortably get cozy under. This Grogu item not only met but exceeded my expectations with its quality and comfort.

Baby Yoda Coloring Set

  • Art Class In Green

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Kids, Accessories, Unique

This 30 piece Baby Yoda art set for kids will keep superfans busy for hours. The kit has everything from pencils, markers, crayons, and accessories to a sketch pad and sticker sheets. They’ll be totally equipped to make a personalized ode to Baby Yoda in whatever style they choose.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent, this Baby Yoda stationary set is a delightful treat for any fan, with its vibrant markers, cute stickers, and a handy pouch that comfortably stores all the set's items. Despite minor drawbacks like slightly dull crayons and a sticky tape issue with the mini notepad, the overall quality and the joy it brings, especially to the young ones, make it a highly valued possession.

Baby Yoda Chia Pet

  • Everyone Wants A Pet Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Unique, Cool

This interstellar Baby Yoda Chia Pet has supplies for three plantings that will turn the cute Baby Yoda in a bassinet green. The Baby Yoda will look as if he’s flying through the galaxy once placed on the invisible stand. Help your favorite fan mix their love for greenery with their obsession with Grogu and have fun while doing it.

User Experience

My experience with this planter was a mixed bag. On one hand, the size was smaller than expected and the grass didn't grow as fully as shown in the images, even though I followed the watering instructions. On the bright side, it was a hit with my cats who loved nibbling on the grass, and despite the patchy growth, it still made for an adorable little figurine.

Baby Yoda Kids Headphones

  • Baby Yoda Is Listening

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Accessories, Cute

Make a child who loves all things Grogu get super excited about headphones when you give them these distinctive Baby Yoda kids headphones.

The padded headphones offer continuous comfort, while the dual set of Baby Yodas on each headphone side will delight and entertain them just as much as whatever Baby Yoda-related entertainment they’re listening to.

Personal Perspective

These headphones have a charming design that appeals to kids, but I noticed that the cushioning on the earpieces tends to come off quite easily, which makes reattachment a bit of a hassle. Despite this, the sound quality is solid and not overly loud, which I appreciate, although the lack of volume control is a small drawback.
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Mandalorian The Child Dad Hat

  • The Child For Dads

  • $$$$$
  • Adult, Accessories, Cool

Give the Mandalorian-loving dad or guy in your life this fun baseball cap featuring Baby Yoda. The cotton hat is official Star Wars merchandise and will provide comfort and style wherever he goes, whether running errands or going to see the new Star Wars movie equipped with his favorite character close-at-hand.

Community Feedback

My experience with this hat has been largely positive, as it's comfortable and boasts a well-stitched Grogu design. Despite not being a regular hat wearer, I found it to be a great accessory for running errands, though those with long hair might find the interior design pulls a bit. This hat, with its quality fabric and machine washable convenience, paired perfectly with my Mandalorian-themed socks for a fun day out at Disneyland.

Grogu Hooded Robe

  • Wear Baby Yoda To Bed

  • $$$$$
  • Adult, Accessories, Cute, Unique

Whether you know someone who wants to dress up like Baby Yoda for a costume party or just wants to lounge around with their favorite little Jedi master, this Grogu hooded robe will fit the bill.

The oversized comfy robe will work for bedtime, after a shower, or while lounging around watching The Mandalorian. The robe’s colors match up with his and include 3D ears for extra cuteness.

First-Hand Impression

My personal experience with this robe has been mixed. While its fabric is soft, warm, and of good quality, providing the desired comfort, the sizing is far from accurate and it has a tendency to shed lint and pill up, especially after washing. Despite these drawbacks, it's undeniably cute and cozy, and has become a favorite around my house, even if it fits more like a blanket than a robe.

LED Plug-In Night Light

  • Under Grogu’s Protection

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Accessories, Home, Cute

Get the Baby Yoda lover you know this LED plug-in night light so their little one feels safe during the night. The gentle light provided by the Baby Yoda figure automatically turns on and off every night. He can light the way for fans big and small so they can always find their way in the dark.

User Experience

If you're keen on functionality and charm in one package, this Grogu nightlight does the trick. This nightlight, larger than expected and detailed, proves to be a delightful sight during nocturnal bathroom visits, bringing a smile to my face every time. Its built-in light sensor is a handy feature, triggering it to illuminate automatically when darkness falls, although, it's not equipped with motion detection. Despite its brightness being somewhat subdued in comparison to other nightlights I've owned, it still provides sufficient illumination for late-night navigation, while its adorable design has made it a hit with the children and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

Baby Yoda Sleep Pants

  • Grogu Sleeps At Night

  • $$$$$
  • Adult, Accessories, Cool, Unique

When your favorite Mandalorian fan wants to wear pajamas to bed but prefers to have Baby Yoda in the mix, these adorable men’s pajama bottoms will make them smile. The soft blend and drawstring waistband will provide comfort all night or even all day, should they decide to stay in bed and watch Star Wars films all weekend.

Personal Perspective

I recently bought these pajama pants for my husband's birthday, and he's practically living in them now! They are his new favorite loungewear thanks to the cozy cotton material. However, they run quite long, almost by 6-8 inches, so they may be a better fit for taller folks or those who don't mind a bit of extra length. My teen daughter also uses a pair for sleeping and barn work, and despite being a bit baggy for her petite size, she's quite fond of them. So, while the length and size might be a bit off for some, the comfort and material quality make these pajama pants a hit in our household.

Baby Yoda Mini Helicopter

  • Up In The Air With Yoda

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Accessories, Cool

When you give this awesome Baby Yoda mini helicopter toy to a young Grogu fan, you’ll be guaranteed a great time watching them take Baby Yoda to the sky. The easy-to-use helicopter holds little Yoda and works with infrared technology to improve their coordination and offer tons of fun, Baby Yoda style.

Community Feedback

I've been using this toy for a while now and found that it requires a degree of finesse to properly operate. It can fly quite quickly and, without careful control, tends to collide with objects in its path. This toy's sensors respond to hand positioning, but it takes practice to guide it effectively. When it comes to the fun factor, this product is a hit, especially with kids who are fans of Baby Yoda. However, it's important to note that it must be used in a medium to large indoor space to avoid potential accidents. All in all, this product has its quirks but offers a unique and entertaining experience.

Baby Yoda Gifts FAQs

Is Baby Yoda a Boy or a Girl?

Despite the Star Wars films not always being super clear, Baby Yoda is male. In the film, The Mandalorian, the character known as Dr. Pershing refers to the “Child” as “him.” Baby Yoda will grow up and grow old as the male Jedi trainer we all know and love.

What Is Baby Yoda’s Name?

In the Star Wars film, The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda’s official name is revealed to be “Grogu.” Before that revelation, the character of Grogu was only referred to as “The Child” or “Baby Yoda,” but you can use any of these monikers to describe him and still consider yourself to be correct with diehard fans.

How Old Is Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda is 50 years old when the Star Wars film The Mandalorian begins. Baby Yoda is thought to be 75 years old during The Force Awakens film and 76 years old during The Rise of Skywalker. Baby Yoda ages a little differently than your typical human, so run with it and enjoy the Baby Yoda journey.

Which Baby Yoda Toy Makes the Best Birthday Gift?

There is a plethora of Baby Yoda gifts out there, so when getting a child a Baby Yoda gift for their birthday, you can go by their age.

They may be old enough to play with the animatronic version, young enough to enjoy the plush version, or advanced enough to put together a Lego Baby Yoda. Whichever you decide, there is no wrong Baby Yoda to get for a child who adores him.

Which Baby Yoda Toy Makes the Best Christmas Gift?

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to get an already established Baby Yoda fan something new and exciting that features Baby Yoda. A comforter set, a coloring set, a t-shirt, or a Baby Yoda Chia Pet will all get them super excited to open some new Baby Yoda gifts on Christmas morning.

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