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35 Great Christmas Gift Baskets: 2024 Picks

The holidays come alive with the ultimate Christmas gift baskets to brighten the season.

Everyone has an excuse to indulge in delicious treats when Christmas comes around. It’s no secret the holidays are the time when Christmas gift baskets are super popular. But there are so many food options out there that it’s difficult to know where to begin your gourmet holiday journey.

Our holiday guide to the most delicious gift baskets for Christmas has it all. You’ll find the sweetest cookie collections, international treats, and savory gourmet sets they won’t forget anytime soon.

35 Best Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas gift baskets will help those you care about to binge with the best this season.

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Chocolate Bliss Gift Basket

  • Holiday Tastes

  • $$$$$
  • Chocolate, Sweets, Holiday, Fun

This chocolate bliss gift basket is a great way to get the holidays started right. It’s packed with two pounds of chocolate treats and is one of the most robust Christmas gift bundles there are. The collection includes pecan clusters, dark chocolate-blood orange bark, and dipped pretzels to delight all who have a taste.

User Experience

I've experienced the joy of gifting this basket to my grandmother, who absolutely adored it. It was filled with a variety of delightful snacks, including chocolates and popcorn hidden amongst the confetti. However, I did have a minor hiccup as the promised solid chocolate tree was replaced with peanut brittle in both the baskets I ordered. Despite this, the overall quality and presentation of the gift basket was impressive and well-received.

Kodiak Gift Basket

  • The Ultimate Meats

  • $$$$$
  • Savory, Unique, Snacks

A well-thought-out savory gift box like this Kodiak gift basket can make Christmas awesome. Its meat and cheese set has many ways to say thank you to family, friends, and employees alike. The gift box has summer sausage, cheddar cheese, a selection of nuts, and sweets to bring the deliciousness full circle.

Personal Perspective

As an individual who enjoys giving thoughtful presents, this gift left a bitter-sweet taste. While the variety of snacks was pleasing to both picky and non-picky recipients alike, I found the quantity of the items lacking in comparison to the high cost. Despite this, the overall quality and deliciousness of the included snacks were undeniable, making it a somewhat satisfying purchase.

Cutting Board Holiday Gift Set

  • Merry Maker

  • $$$$$
  • Snacks, Unique, Gourmet, Savory

This cutting board gift set is ready to welcome the holidays with deliciousness. It contains a collection of cool savory snacks with a holiday theme. There’s a cutting board to help with Christmas meals and various flavors to enjoy, like olives, pretzels, and cheese spread.

Community Feedback

I've been using this gift basket as thoughtful presents for friends and family on special occasions. Although the crackers in these baskets have no visible expiration dates, the rest of the snacks have always arrived fresh and well-packaged. However, the size of the basket is a bit smaller than expected, so keep that in mind if you're considering this as a potential gift.

Charcuterie Gift Box

  • For Your Savory Someone

  • $$$$$
  • Gourmet, Snacks, Savory, Fun

Gift sets like this charcuterie gift box can keep those you love happy all season long. It’s a cheese lover’s dream with five kinds of cheese to suit every taste. The Havarti, Fratello, and cheddar are joined by gourmet salami and cherry-lavender jam to impress. The next holiday snack they enjoy will surely be fun and delicious with this gift box around.

First-Hand Impression

Great gift, indeed! I've personally sent this cheese variety pack to loved ones for special occasions and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The cheeses are not only flavorful, but also pair perfectly with fruits like apples and pears. I also tried the cheese myself, and I must say, the quality and variety are definitely worth the price. The gift box also includes delightful extras like Genoa salami and strawberry lavender jam, enhancing the overall experience. It's my new go-to gift idea, and it's always a hit!

Stonewall Kitchen Winter Breakfast Tote Set

  • A Breakfast Tote

  • $$$$$
  • Meal, Unique, Fun

This adorable tote bag has all the fixings for a comforting holiday breakfast in winter time. The Stonewall Kitchen bag contains their signature pancake and waffle mix, holiday syrup, and a spatula. Those you love can consider themselves ready to whip up a delightful breakfast or brunch anytime during Christmas.

User Experience

I've been using these items from a beloved company based in my mother's hometown, Kittery Maine, and their quality is truly impressive. I gifted two to my food enthusiast daughters-in-law, and they were a hit. It's clear that these products resonate with both my family's roots and our shared love for food.

Italian Gift Basket

  • An Italian Holiday

  • $$$$$
  • International, Savory, Gourmet

This large Italian gift basket not only impresses but can also set the stage for a tasty meal for all. It has top-rated Italian products, from pasta and artichoke hearts to roasted peppers, pesto sauce, and coffee. International flavors come together in a delicate dance of deliciousness everyone can enjoy together.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this Italian gift box has been a mixed bag. On one hand, it's packed with a variety of delectable goodies that left a lasting impression on my taste buds, especially when I sent it as a gift to my boyfriend's Italian mother who absolutely adored it. However, I was slightly let down by the absence of certain Italian staples like Parma regiano Cheese, quality olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, which I feel would have elevated the authenticity of this box.

Hot Sauce Book Gift Set

  • Heat For One And All

  • $$$$$
  • Savory, Snacks, Fun

Often you have to go beyond the traditional when it comes to gift baskets for Christmas. This hot sauce book gift set is the ultimate hot sauce sampler to charm heat-obsessed loved ones. It’s got 15 different hot sauces to taste using all levels of heat and flavor. With picks like garlic habanero, smoky bourbon, and chipotle, this set has something for everyone.

Community Feedback

I was drawn to this hot sauce gift box due to its amusing packaging and the prospect of a spicy adventure. Upon trying the sauces, I found them enjoyable yet not as fiery as anticipated, with a taste leaning towards the vinegary side. The set was not without its flaws, as I noticed a few duplicate sauces in the mix. Despite this, it was a hit with my hot-sauce-loving son who eagerly explores the variety at every meal. In conclusion, while this set might not satisfy the cravings of die-hard spice enthusiasts, it does offer a fun and flavorful experience for those starting their journey into the world of hot sauces.

King Of The Grill Gift Set

  • Grill Master Of All

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Fun, Meal

Christmas isn’t always about sweets when you’ve got a grill master to impress. They’ll appreciate this popular collection of BBQ-themed items to get creative while using. It’s got various seasonings, sauces, and mixes, along with the proper snacks to go along. Nuts, cheese, crackers, and snack mixes make the next visit to the grill a gift even Santa can’t give.

First-Hand Impression

I received this gift set as a Christmas present and was initially impressed by the delightful aroma that wafted from the box. Upon opening, I was dismayed to find a broken barbecue sauce jar due to the lack of protective packaging, which, unfortunately, ruined most of the rubs and crackers. The contents of this set, especially the sauces and rubs, seemed promising and I was looking forward to trying them. However, I felt that the assortment could have been better curated, as it contained quite a number of what I felt were filler items like crackers and cheeses.

Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Gourmet For The Holiday

  • $$$$$
  • Gourmet, International, Savory, Sweets

The gourmand in all of us is valued within this fun Bon Appetit gourmet gift basket; a thoughtful gift whether buying for her, him, or a couple. Different cuisines, snacks, and flavors are reflected here to satisfy one and all. The products include everything from organic figs and Italian pesto to French nougat and Ghirardelli chocolate to please every taste.

User Experience

This gift basket, while smaller in size than implied by the photos, contained an array of delectable treats that made it a delight to receive. The basket itself, beyond its initial function, serves as a charming addition to home decor. Though not overflowing, the selection and quality of the included goodies were appreciated, making this basket a delightful non-alcoholic gift option.

Nuts Gift Basket

  • Nuts For Christmas

  • $$$$$
  • Snacks, Holiday, Fun

When you decide on a traditional nuts gift basket for Christmas, this one delivers all the best there is. The collection has nine assorted snacks, like pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts. There are even honey-glazed pecans to add some sweetness to this scrumptious savory nut gift box.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this gift was quite satisfactory. I admired the variety of nuts and their flavorful quality, making it a suitable gift for occasions like Father's Day. The packaging was also appealing, although not excellent, and the quantity was sufficient for a party of 15 or more. However, I did encounter a few bitter-tasting nuts which slightly marred the overall experience.
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Tea Gift Basket

  • Teetotaler’s Favorites

  • $$$$$
  • International, Unique, Fun

Christmas is the best time to enjoy teas from overseas, like the ones found in this gift basket. It’s a tea lover’s fantasy filled to the brim with teas, honey, and snacks. The flavors include Darjeeling and English teatime, while a white tea candle keeps the mood chill for the holiday season.

Community Feedback

I received this gift with mixed feelings due to its presentation. Although it was delivered in a timely manner, the box and display of the included tea variety, sweet treats, and jar of honey left something to be desired. I found the quality of these items pleasing, especially the handmade aspect, which added a nice personal touch. However, I felt the need to repackage everything in a more attractive holiday box and add a few extra goodies to enhance the overall appeal. Despite these minor setbacks, this gift was a thoughtful gesture, particularly for a friend who wasn't feeling well.

Hot Chocolate Gift Set

  • Hotter Than A Bomb

  • $$$$$
  • Holiday, Chocolate, Sweets, Fun

Few things say “Merry Christmas” like hot chocolate. This gift set offers up the tastiest hot cocoa with six varieties of hot chocolate mix to get started with. The flavors range from double chocolate and peppermint to French vanilla and salted caramel. Everyone will find their favorite flavor to ring in the holidays with.

First-Hand Impression

This assortment of flavored hot chocolate is a delight, loved not only by my children but also by adults in my social circle. The variety is impressive, offering a multitude of options to satisfy any palate, and the small cups add a fun element, especially for kids' imaginative play. I initially bought this product for my extended family, but it ended up being an appreciated gift for my kids' coach along with a mug and cozy socks. Although it's not a luxurious ball of chocolate as one might expect, it's still a delicious, instant comfort in a cup, and the packaging is appealing enough to make it an excellent gift choice.

Christmas Gourmet Coffee Set

  • A Caffeinated Christmas

  • $$$$$
  • Holiday, Fun, Unique

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee during Christmas time is a treasured tradition, which this gourmet coffee set brings. It’s got a wide variety of festive coffee flavors presented in a holiday sampler set of K-cups. It will make mornings merry with flavors like Christmas cookie, spiced eggnog, and roasted chestnut coffee.

User Experience

These coffee varieties offer a delightful experience, each with a unique, flavorful medium roast that is truly enjoyable. However, I did encounter a minor issue where some cups were overfilled, which led to the tops not staying on and excessive grounds permeating the brew. It's also worth noting that one of the coffees arrived opened, which might have influenced the flavor of the others due to its strong peppermint notes. Despite these minor hiccups, the overall quality of the flavors and the aesthetically pleasing packaging make this coffee a standout choice.

Turkish Delight Candy Gift Basket

  • A Seasonal Delight

  • $$$$$
  • International, Sweets, Unique

Those you care about can sail the oceans to Istanbul or just enjoy this special Turkish Delight gift basket. It’s definitely a unique alternative to traditional food gift boxes for Christmas. The picturesque tin is filled with over two pounds of Turkish Delight candy. The flavors vary from raspberry, mint, and rose to pineapple, melon, and mango.

Personal Perspective

Got this Turkish delight, and it certainly brought back childhood memories of reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This Turkish delight, with its varied flavors, including unexpected yet delightful rose and mint, has a pleasant density and a soft, chewy texture. The tin it comes in is quite attractive, making it a nice keepsake. Notably, there's a lot of powder inside the tin, which helps keep the candies soft and separate but can be a bit messy. While I didn't mind the mess, others may want to place a towel under the tin when serving. Ultimately, this Turkish delight was a hit with friends, and even converted a few new fans.

Spanish Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Not Just Tapas

  • $$$$$
  • Gourmet, Meal, International, Savory

The holidays are for trying new tastes, which this unexpected Spanish gift basket delivers. It has a selection of Mediterranean products, including scallops in Galician sauce, caramelized onions, and fruit bread. It helps honor and celebrate unique Spanish flavors that loved ones may not try on a typical day.

Community Feedback

In my journey with the Boqueria Gourmet Gift Basket, I found a symphony of Spanish flavors that delighted my palate. The basket's tasteful packaging and quality of products were evident from the start. The Jamón Ibérico and Manchego cheese pairing transported me to the Mediterranean with its savory richness, while the Marcona almonds added a crunchy indulgence. The variety of olives offered a burst of tangy flavors, and the Piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese were a true revelation. However, I found the Mediterranean Fruit Cake overly sweet and the mussels slightly oily, while the caramelized onions and scallops were an absolute joy.

Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

  • Fruit For Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Holiday, Snacks, Fun

Not all fruit baskets are created equal at Christmas time. This top-shelf gift set combines the freshest fruit with tasty companion snacks for a satisfying taste experience. An array of pears, apples, and oranges are joined by crackers, almonds, and smoky garlic mozzarella dip. The whole family can enjoy something fresh or savory between the large meals and sweets overload.

First-Hand Impression

If you're considering a gift that offers both variety and a healthy treat, this fruit basket could be the answer. My experience was positive; the freshness of the fruit, especially the pears, was outstanding. This basket was well-received by my sister and even by a friend who was recuperating in a nursing home. However, while the presentation is impressive and it brings joy to recipients, some might find it a tad overpriced for the contents.

Gourmet Pasta Gift Basket

  • Pasta From Santa

  • $$$$$
  • International, Meal, Savory, Gourmet

Christmas is for indulging, so your loved ones might as well go all the way into irresistible carb overload. This pasta gift basket is an ode to all things Italian and has two kinds of pasta. There’s also a Silician basil sauce and olive oil to make things interesting. They can achieve winter warmth and comfort, starting in their bellies.

User Experience

As an aficionado of Italian cuisine, I was truly impressed with this Gusto Pasta Gift Basket. The quality of the pasta and the sauce, with its robust tomato flavor and hint of sweetness, transported me back to the authentic Italian meals I've enjoyed. From the beautifully presented packaging to the tantalizing taste, this basket indeed offers an exceptional, gourmet experience worthy of any pasta enthusiast.

Movie Night Gift Basket

  • It’s A Movie Night

  • $$$$$
  • Snacks, Fun, Unique

Make your family and friends’ next holiday get-together more fun with this cool movie night-themed gift basket. It’s got the makings of an entertaining night in for whatever movie premiere they have in mind. The set has loads of snacks, from popcorn and chips to cookies and candy, just like the concession stand does.

Personal Perspective

If you're seeking a petite yet potent surprise, this snack basket might just be your answer. I've gifted this basket to family members on various occasions, and the joy it brings never fails to impress. The selection of treats offers something for everyone, and it's been a big hit at our virtual movie nights. While I can't personally vouch for the taste of each snack, the unanimous delight from my loved ones speaks volumes about its yumminess.

Whiskey Cocktail Kit

  • Mixology In Winter

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Fun, Holiday

The holiday season isn’t just for food when there’s a kit as creative as this whiskey cocktail set. Adult beverage lovers will appreciate the trendy cocktail kit in a box they can have a ball with. It has bar accessories like an ice mold, garnish sticks, a stranger, a jigger, and a muddler. There’s also a mixing glass, a set of rocks glasses, and bitters to get the whiskey celebration going.

Community Feedback

I was thrilled with the quality of these glasses, they were notably heavy and gave a sense of durability. However, I was slightly let down when I found that the jigger was missing from the kit, otherwise, it would have been a perfect gift.

Pretzel Gift Box

  • Pretzel Gourmet Grab

  • $$$$$
  • Snacks, Unique, Fun

Gourmet pretzels are just the ticket to a tasty holiday season when you give this gift box out for Christmas. The freshly baked soft pretzels can be kept in the freezer so they can be enjoyed now or later. They include both wheelhouse and turnbuckle shapes, along with pretzel salt for an additional pop of flavor.

First-Hand Impression

From my personal experience, these pretzels are incredibly tasty and easy to prepare. You just brush them with melted butter, sprinkle on some salt, and bake for less than 10 minutes. They're better than any street vendor's pretzels I've ever had, and they pair perfectly with honey mustard or horseradish sauce. However, they do come with a higher price tag than I'd prefer for the quantity you get. Some have said that the texture isn't exactly like a traditional soft pretzel, but in my opinion, they're a delicious and fun alternative to standard snacks. Just remember to freeze them upon arrival and only thaw the amount you plan to bake right away.
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Seasoned Salt Gift Set

  • Flavor Makers

  • $$$$$
  • Savory, Fun, Unique, Gourmet

True foodies will love receiving this unique seasoned salt gift set for the holidays. The well-organized set comes with six different salt flavors and pairing suggestions. They can try the coffee-seasoned rub with shrimp or pork or enjoy the orange-ginger rub on fish or rice. Whatever they decide to cook, these rubs can help their next meal stand out.

User Experience

I initially discovered these seasonings at my local supermarket and was immensely satisfied with their exceptional quality and flavor. This gift box, filled with six full-sized containers of Borsari seasoning, including the Peppercorn, presents itself exceptionally well and is notably less expensive per unit than buying each seasoning individually. I've found these seasonings to be a fantastic addition to numerous dishes, particularly the Coffee Rub for ribs and the Cracked Pepper for virtually everything else.

Healthy Snacks Care Package

  • A Healthy Holiday

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Snacks, Fun

Christmas gift basket ideas don’t have to be laden with sweets or heavy foods to get the job done. This massive healthy snacks care package is just as holiday happy as its more indulgent companions. It’s a grab-and-go style of food gift box that features 30 delicious snacks. They won’t be short on flavor when they try the cereal bars, skinny popcorn, and fruit snacks galore.

Personal Perspective

I initially bought this snack box as a casual gift for a friend, and it turned out to be quite a hit. This snack box is a convenient assortment of various treats, ideal for those busy moments when meal planning just isn't feasible. Not only did my college-going son find these snacks handy, but they were also a great hit with my grandkids. Each item in the box was fresh and as described, with my aunt, another happy recipient, being particularly amazed by the variety of snacks. Sure, none of the snacks are gourmet or out of the ordinary, but they certainly liven up our snack selection, and I've even found myself sneaking a few.

Olive Oil Gift Basket

  • Make Mediterranean Merry

  • $$$$$
  • International, Savory, Gourmet, Unique

This delectable olive oil gift basket brings the best of Mediterranean flavors home to someone you love. It’s got many different olive products for a gourmet twist to their next meal. The set has extra-virgin olive oil, black truffle oil, aged vinegar, balsamic vinegar cream, and citric salt. The ways these ingredients can spruce up holiday cooking are endless.

Community Feedback

If you're a culinary enthusiast, this Chef Ole Oil, Vinegar and Citrus Salt Gift Set will surely pique your interest. The set includes truffle-infused oil, two olive oils, two vinegars, and a unique citrus salt, all bursting with distinct and flavorful notes. These versatile gourmet items can be utilized in a variety of cooking applications, from dressing salads to flavoring fish, chicken, and rice dishes. Despite the relatively higher price point, the exceptional taste, quality, and presentation of these products make this set a worthwhile indulgence.

Jellies And Jams Gift Set

  • Preserve The Holidays

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Fun, Gourmet

Christmas food gift baskets unique enough to pleasantly surprise someone work best, which these jams and jellies do well. The 12-pack of preserves has loads of interesting flavors to make holiday breakfasts even tastier.

They’re all made without preservatives and extra sugar, so the fruity flavor is all that comes through. Everything from elderberry apple and spiced tomato to cranberry rhubarb is there to make both sweet and savory dishes taste amazing.

First-Hand Impression

Got these jams and jellies as a unique morning treat to share with guests, and each flavor, even the intriguing Roadkill, was met with delight and curiosity. While the packaging wasn't to my preference, the delicious and unusual blends more than compensated, sparking fun conversations and turning a simple breakfast into an exciting tasting adventure.

Beef Jerky Gift Basket

  • Meaty Care Package

  • $$$$$
  • Savory, Fun, Unique, Snacks

There’s no reason Christmas isn’t the ideal time to share the best beef jerky gifts, and this gift basket is a prime example. It’s loaded with meaty treats and jerky-friendly snacks they’ll love. All forms are represented, from pepperoni meat sticks to pork sticks and chipotle beef jerky. The only question is, who gets first dibs?

User Experience

If you're looking for a snack box with a range of flavors, this assortment might leave you a bit underwhelmed. My experience was that the majority of the products were from the same brand, and it lacked variety in the types of meats included - mostly beef, pork, and turkey. The pork rinds were the standout item for me, but the other flavors felt rather bland. Despite this, the freshness and quality of the jerky and snacks were commendable. Be mindful that the packaging can be deceiving, as the box seemed larger than necessary for the contents inside.

Chocolate Collection Gift Set

  • Built With Chocolate

  • $$$$$
  • Chocolate, Sweets, Gourmet, Unique

This chocolate lovers’ gift set has a pound of high-quality chocolate for those you care about to enjoy. It includes four chocolate Brix bars they can sink their teeth into asap. Everything from milk chocolate to the darkest dark chocolate has a place. Chocolate, in its truest form, is sometimes the best gift of all.

Personal Perspective

I found immense joy in indulging in these four different blocks of chocolate, each with its own unique cacao level and paired beautifully with different wines, even my local blackberry wine was a delightful match for the milk chocolate. However, the challenge was in breaking the dense chocolate bricks into suitable serving sizes as they were prone to shattering into large chunks. Despite this minor inconvenience, the chocolates were a hit at my Thanksgiving gathering, adding a fun and tasty twist to the event as guests enjoyed pairing them with various wines and cheeses.

Baked Goods Gift Basket

  • Home Baked

  • $$$$$
  • Sweets, Fun, Chocolate, Unique

This baked goods gift basket is all the holiday baking you don’t feel like doing but can still share. It’s got a bakery’s worth of scrumptious treats everyone can enjoy. The set contains different sweet flavors of brownies, like cheesecake and chocolate chip blondie. There are also various crumb cakes, rugelach, and muffins to delight every taste bud possible.

Community Feedback

This gift box is a mixed bag. The brownies are a standout, super fresh and chocolaty, but the chocolate chip cookie brownie is disappointingly dry, like a sandy dessert. The blueberry muffins are inconsistent, one packed with blueberries while the other is just a blueberry-topped cake. The sugary topping on the cakes and the flavorless crumb cake were let-downs. On a positive note, the box presentation is appealing, with each item individually wrapped, showcasing a clear attention to detail. However, be aware that these treats are preservative-free and should be eaten within three days, so it's not suitable for storing or gifting too far in advance.

Ultimate S’Mores Kit

  • Christmas Campfire

  • $$$$$
  • Chocolate, Fun, Sweets, Unique

The comfort surrounding a holiday fireplace can also be the place to enjoy this ultimate s’mores kit. When you send this gift set, you’ll be greeted with plenty of smiles. It’s got all the basic ingredients for making s’mores and extra flavorings like pretzels and caramel. There’s even a mini campfire to get them started.

International Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Christmas Vacation

  • $$$$$
  • International, Snacks, Gourmet, Savory

All the charm of an international voyage is found inside this global gourmet gift basket. It’s got tons of delectable sweet and savory finds from around the world. Items from Scottish shortbread and Greek olives are joined by Dalmatian fig spread and French cheese. Their passport might be the only thing they need to make this trip, but it’s unnecessary to enjoy this gift basket.

User Experience

I purchased this package as a gift for my family and they were absolutely thrilled to receive it. The international treats provided a fun and delightful experience that allowed them to "travel" the world from the comfort of their home amid the current health crisis. My sister, too, received one for her birthday and her excitement was palpable, as she kept updating me each time she tasted a new delicacy. This package, filled with unique and tasty treats, has certainly brought joy and excitement in these troubling times. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to gift a unique experience. A journey of flavors that keeps you anticipating what the next treat will bring.

Fishing Gift Basket

  • Gone Fishing

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Savory, Snacks, Fun

Celebrate the theme of fishing with this unique gift basket made for your favorite wannabe fisherman. It’s packed with fun snacks and extras to make the fishing trip more enjoyable. The set has summer sausage, snack mixes, and gummy worms to make them smile. There’s also a fishing mug and Fisherman guide book; all kept inside a sturdy fishing basket they can use.

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Holiday Gift Basket

  • All The Sweets

  • $$$$$
  • Sweets, Chocolate, Holiday, Fun

This holiday gift set may be the top choice where traditional Christmas gift baskets are concerned. It’s got so many delicious sweet choices inside, the person you give it to won’t know where to start. The set includes favorites like caramel corn, chocolate pretzels, holiday barks, toffee, and loads of chocolate in every form imaginable.

Community Feedback

I'm genuinely pleased with this gift basket; it exceeded my expectations in both size and variety of quality snacks. It was packed full of delightful surprises, including an unexpected bag of popcorn hidden amongst the confetti. I sent one to my Mammaw, and she couldn't stop talking about the assortment of chocolates and treats she found inside. However, I must admit a slight disappointment when the advertised solid chocolate tree turned out to be peanut brittle in both baskets I ordered.

Retro 1980s Candy Gift Box

  • Snacking In The ‘80s

  • $$$$$
  • Sweets, Unique, Snacks, Fun

Transform into the ghost of Christmas past this season for someone you love with this cool retro 1980s gift box. It’s built upon all their favorite ‘80s snacks and candies. They can spend Christmas thinking back to childhood and reliving the sweetest memories around. Fun Dip, Razzles, Nerds, and a Ring Pop are among the top choices to take them back in time.

First-Hand Impression

Got this candy assortment for my brother's 70th birthday and it was a hit! Everyone enjoyed the nostalgia trip with the variety of treats, especially the sour candies, which seemed to be a crowd favorite. Make sure you have some water on standby, these candies really pack a punch. The only downside is that the sour candies run out too fast, wish there were more in the box.

Popcorn Gift Basket

  • Holiday Poppers

  • $$$$$
  • Holiday, Fun, Snacks

Holiday popcorn snacks are a tradition worth keeping when you give this popcorn gift basket to a deserving friend. The five individually-wrapped cones of popcorn are crafted with the best possible flavors. They include caramel corn, zebra corn, kettle corn, and cheddar cheese for a savory twist. These snacks help pop their way to the most delicious holiday.

User Experience

My experience with this large box of Popcornopolis has been quite delightful, with the various flavors offering a delightful mix ranging from sweet to savory. The Kettle Corn and Caramel flavors were a hit in my household, however, I found that the Jalapeno Cheddar, while enjoyable, lacked the desired level of spiciness. One minor issue I encountered was the presence of unpopped kernels which could be a bit of a nuisance, but this did not deter me from indulging in these tasty popcorn cones.

Caviar Gift Set

  • From Foodie Santa

  • $$$$$
  • International, Savory, Gourmet, Unique

This caviar gift set is ready to surprise someone you know with its gourmand-approved products. The elegant look of the gift box holds international delicacies inside. There are four flavors of quality caviar, along with a set of French Blinis and Crème Fraîche. Let’s hope the Christmas spirit encourages them to share these unique treats with their loved ones.

Personal Perspective

This caviar kit is a delightful exploration into the world of caviar, offering a unique experience with its variety of four different types. I personally found the Hackleback to be a crowd-pleaser, delivering a buttery soft texture that left my guests asking for more. It was also a joy to experiment with various accompaniments, from the traditional creme fraiche and warmed blinis included in the kit, to the unconventional addition of Doritos when we ran out of blinis.

Healthy Gift Basket

  • A New Leaf

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Snacks, Fun

There’s no reason holiday snacks can’t still be nutritious when you’ve got this healthy gift basket to give. The special selection of tasty treats won’t weigh anyone down, yet still offer delicious snacks they’ll love. It’s got everything from kettle corn and granola bars to wildflower honey and parmesan crisps to satisfy every craving.

Community Feedback

When I sent this gift basket to my health-conscious daughter, she was thrilled with the variety of nutritious snacks it contained. The presentation was quite appealing, with each item carefully packed and wrapped to ensure freshness. However, I felt the price was a bit steep given the small size of the basket and the quality of some of the foods included. While the overall experience was positive, I'd have appreciated if the value matched the price tag more closely.

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Maryana Vestic

Maryana Vestic is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and food photographer with a background in entertainment Business Affairs. She studied film at NYU, Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and has an MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction from The New School. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, and horror films, as well as running a local baking business in Brooklyn with her boyfriend.