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20 Interesting December Birthday Facts and Statistics

These meaningful December birthday facts and statistics will show you why December babies rock.

December birthday facts and statistics are loaded with cool and unusual information. We all know that babies born in December share their birth month with some of the year’s biggest holidays. But there’s tons more to know about the special selection of people who hear “Happy Birthday” in December.

Get ready to wrap your head around an array of amazing December birthday month facts. They include health, characteristics, celebrity birthdays, and birth symbols of December. You’ll be an expert in time to help your favorite December-born pals celebrate.

5 Key Facts About People Born in December

These five December birthday month facts top the list and can help get you started on your December birthday journey.

  1. A National Library of Medicine’s study determined people born in fall and winter went to bed earlier.
  2. A study by the Journal of Aging Research found that more semi-centenarians (people who reached 105 years of age) were born in December.
  3. The two birth flowers for December are Holly and Narcissus. Holly is a traditional symbol of Christmas. Narcissus includes flowers like daffodils and goes back to the Greek myth of Narcissus.
  4. A Sagittarius connects best with fire signs like Aries and Leo, while Capricorn enjoys the company of Earth signs like Virgo and Taurus.
  5. When December babies enter school, they are often nearly a year younger than the rest of the class.

20 December Birthday Facts and Statistics

These unique facts take into account how special a December birthday is, even amongst a month’s worth of popular holidays.

1. The Youngest

Children born in December are sometimes almost a year younger than the rest of their class. A child born in January has 20 percent more life skills than one born 12 months before, in December. Many parents struggle to decide whether to let their December-born kids join school a year late, but the decision is ultimately a personal one (1).

2. Christmas Birthday

While December is not the rarest birth month, it’s incredibly rare for a boy or girl to be born on Christmas Day. December 24 ranked number 364, and December 25 ranked number 366 in 2022 (2).

It’s not the best time to get presents when your birthday gift gets thrown in with Christmas gifts. It’s important to make sure a December birthday party is celebrated on its own merit.

3. To Your Health

According to data from a Columbia University study, those with December birthdays seem to have overall better health. One-and-a-three-quarter million people born between 1900 and 2000 were analyzed, revealing an interesting statistic. December-born people were least likely to be at risk for disease, including neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory ailments (3).

4. No Tantrums

While predicting every child’s personality is impossible, a baby born in December is less likely to experience irritability. According to The Atlantic, babies born in warmer months had a sunnier outlook, but the winter-born were less prone to irritable moods. Mood swings were not as obvious in those born in colder months either (4).

5. Early Riser

If you’re lucky enough to have a baby born in December, they may grow up to be the ultimate morning person. Research by the National Library of Medicine involving college students said people born in fall and winter fell asleep earlier than their spring/summer counterparts (5).

6. A Special Personality

Sagittarius-born people are said to be some of the most charming of the Zodiac. They can be funny, philosophical, and knowledgeable about many topics at the same time (6).

On the other hand, Capricorns can be very straightforward, almost to a critical point. They like things done right and want you to do things the correct way as well (7).

7. Big Smile

A UK study by the Office of National Statistics had some interesting trivia about December birthdays. They found out more dentists were born in December than in any other birth month. Your December baby can do anything, but they may naturally be inclined to provide winning smiles (8).

8. A Centurion

Facts about people born in December include that they may live a very long life. The Journal of Aging Research discovered more semi-centenarians were born in December. This means they’re more likely to reach the ripe old age of 105 than others. Perhaps being born at the start of winter prepares them for a long, fruitful life.

9. On the Field

People born in December may be born with a natural athletic ability. In a study by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, kids born in colder months fared better in athletics. While November and October scored the highest, December kids also scored high on strength, stamina, and power (9).

Two “Fierce Five” gold medalists were born in December: Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas (10).

10. Many Holidays

Most people know about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa taking place in December. Did you know many other random holidays occur during December too? It’s home to National Fruitcake Month, Write-a-Friend Month, and Bingo Month.

The second week in December is Human Rights Week. Holidays for kids to enjoy include National Chocolate-Covered-Anything Day on December 16 and International Children’s Day on December 10 (11).

11. A-List

Many celebrities celebrate a December birthday, including actors Ralph Fiennes on December 22 and Jude Law on December 29 (12). Other famous personalities include Walt Disney on December 5 and Ludwig Van Beethoven on December 16 (13).

12. Blue Christmas

All three December birthstones come in a beautiful shade of blue. The most official Sagittarius birthstone is turquoise, which was named for the “Turkish stone” that came from Turkey (14). Another Sagittarius birthstone is zircon, called the “stone of virtue” and “blue zircon” (15).

Tanzanite is named so because it was discovered in Tanzania. It’s a purplish shade of blue that’s also the traditional gemstone for a 24th anniversary (16).

13. Flowers at Birth

The two birth flowers for December are holly and narcissus. Holly is a traditional symbol of Christmas. The ancient Romans used to give holly for Saturnalia, the winter solstice harvest festival.

Narcissus includes more than one flower, such as daffodils, and are also called “paperwhite.” Greek mythology tells of Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection in the water. Narcissus flowers were said to grow in the same spot.

14. The Archer

Those born by December 21 fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Their birth symbols include the archer, his arrow, and the planet Jupiter. In astrology, Sagitarians are known for their passion and courage. Negative traits can include acting impulsively and being overly reactive (17).

15. Left-Handed Boys

Baby boys born in December are more likely to be left-handed, according to the University of Vienna. The study showed that males born between October and February fell into this category. Females were not as affected as their male counterparts (18).

16. Travel Bug

The Sagitarians born in December are natural lovers of travel. They have mutable fire signs, which means they see themselves as explorers. Traveling to unknown lands, discovering new cultures, and having a fun adventure is their favorite way of knowing themselves (19).

17. Sea-Goat

If your favorite December-born person is born after December 22, they’re a Capricorn. Not only is their birthday around the holidays, but their horoscope is associated with the most awesome of birth animals.

Capricorns are represented by the Sea-Goat, a creature with a goat’s body and a fish tail. They’re determined types who typically stay on whatever path they’re walking in life (20).

18. Even Keel

Those born in December may have a slightly higher risk of bipolar disorder than others. Some reports show that winter-born babies with a pre-existing bipolar genetic makeup may develop the disorder due to the highest risk of “viral interactions.” Despite this, winter babies are less likely to experience schizophrenia (source).

19. Allergen Issues

Research revealed that babies born in winter months, like December, are more likely to experience food allergies (21). They may also be more likely to have asthma, perhaps because of indoor air quality during fall and winter months. However, fall babies are most at risk for asthma.

20. In a Relationship

A Sagittarius born in December will most likely gravitate to other fire signs, like Aries and Leo. Air signs are also somewhat compatible. A December Capricorn is usually drawn to Earth signs, like Virgo and Taurus. Water signs also have a fighting chance to get close to a Capricorn.

How Rare are December Birthdays?

December isn’t the most common nor the rarest of birth months. It falls sixth in the list of 12 months, so fits neatly in the middle. However, December 24 and December 25 are the two rarest dates of the year to be born on. This is associated with their being on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which mothers likely wish to avoid as their baby’s birthday (22).


What is the True Meaning of December?

The word December comes from the Latin “decem,” meaning “ten.” The original Roman calendar began in March and only contained 10 months. It’s most famous as the month when Yule is celebrated in honor of the winter solstice. This transformed into Christmas and many other feast days surrounding it (23).

Are December-Born People Successful?

According to, December is listed as the second-least successful month in which to be born, just above November. October is considered the most successful month. No need to fret, because December-born people are said to live the longest. They also have the rarest birthday(s) and are considered very smart, even if they are the youngest in the class (24).

Are December Babies Sensitive?

December babies are either Sagittarius or Capricorn. When born before December 21, the Sagittarians are better known for their sense of humor and love of travel. If born after December 21, Capricorns are sensitive souls who also carry ambition and responsibility in their midst (25).

Are December Babies Loyal?

When December babies fall under the sign of Sagittarius, they are typically loyal friends to have. As a fire sign, they come across as authentic and independent. Once you have their sometimes hard-to-earn loyalty, it’s sure to last a long time (26). Capricorns believe in commitment, so you’ll have their loyalty at all times if they truly care about you (27).

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