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27 Useful Gift Card Ideas For Women

Unique gift card ideas for women so that they can get something they actually want.

Gift cards for women are an excellent way to show them how special they are. Sometimes, we worry that giving gift cards is the easy way out, resulting in an average gift instead of a great one. But, if the right gift card is chosen, you’re setting it up to be a gift she’ll really want.

So, don’t get left behind by boring gift cards. Read on for unexpected, unique gift card ideas for women and surprise the coolest woman around.

27 Best Gift Card Ideas for Women

Check out these top gift cards for women to remind them how awesome they really are.

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Apple Gift Card

  • A World Of Tech Awaits

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Retail, Fun

Tech lovers everywhere will be excited to get a $50 Apple gift card to spruce up their collection of Apple products. From a down payment on the newest iPhone to headphones and other games and accessories, this card can make it happen. A new piece of tech can be the greatest gift of all.

Sephora Gift Card

  • A Thing Of Beauty

  • $$$$$
  • Beauty, Retail, Fun

Add some glamor into the life of someone deserving with this exciting Sephora gift card. Sephora’s products include traditional beauty items like makeup and skincare, but also feature plenty of new and interesting products. It’s also a store popular for personal care items, fragrances, tools, and accessories, so this $50 gift card can go a long way.

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

  • Something Personal

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Clothing, Beauty

If you’re looking for gift cards for wives, this $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card is a surefire way to make her a happy lady. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or other holidays, the popular chain is the perfect place to find both intimate and casual types of clothing. There are also plenty of beauty products and accessories in-store and online to keep things interesting.

Kohl’s Gift Card

  • A Bit Of Everything

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Retail, Fun

Everyone loves a store that has lots of everything to offer, like this Kohl’s $50 gift card promises. The chain includes top brands of women’s clothing, home goods, and other accessories. Kohl’s is an all-around great place to find the best value in a store with loads of locations and online offerings.

Nordstrom Gift Card

  • A Touch Of Luxury

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Clothing, Beauty

Getting a $100 gift card from Nordstrom means the recipient is about to head into a world of luxury shopping. The fancy jewelry, designer clothing, and other exotic products make the card a rare opportunity for a fun shopping spree. $100 is a top choice for finding unique products that will last a long time.

$50 Visa Gift Card

  • Cash Is King

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Fun, Retail

When you can’t decide what gift cards for her are best, this $50 Visa gift card can save the day. The widely-accepted Visa card works like any other credit card, both in-store and online. Your lucky recipient can use the card for retail, leisure, travel, or anything she desires. There are few gifts better than the gift of choice, which this Visa card provides.

SpaFinder Wellness 365 Gift Card

  • Lie Back And Relax

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Leisure, Fun

Female friends and family alike can appreciate the fun factor of this SpaFinder Wellness 365 gift card. Mothers, sisters, and colleagues can all use the $50 card for any spa service or product in the most popular spas and wellness centers. From a Mani/Pedi to a relaxing massage, ladies won’t forget the larger gift of peace and calm this card helps provide.

DSW Gift Card

  • Never Too Many Shoes

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Fun, Unique

DSW is usually at or near the top of the list of places women want to go on a shopping spree. This $50 Designer Shoe Warehouse card helps with a head start toward the best selection of popular shoes, boots, sneakers, and sandals around. DSW even has other accessories like scarves, bags, and socks to make this shopping trip an entertaining one.

Lyft Gift Card

  • Have A Ride

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Unique, Tech

When those you care about receive a $50 Lyft gift card, they’re getting a useful gift that can be utilized every day. The gift card can easily be used on the Lyft app, making the art of getting a ride even more enjoyable when it’s already paid for. They can get rides from work and school, or simply have a free trip to and from their next shopping excursion.

Starbucks Gift Card

  • The Gift Of Caffeine

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Fun, Food

There is no shortage of Starbucks stores where your favorite lady can use this $25 Starbucks gift card. You can keep her well-stocked in coffee, delicious Frappuccinos, or even healthy, satisfying sandwiches and treats when needed. She’ll never want this very caffeinated gift card to run out with all the fun coffee choices there are to have.

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Amazon Reveal Gift Card

  • Mini Surprise Party

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Unique, Fun

Amazon gift cards make the ultimate gift certificates for women, and this one’s even more amusing. The $50 Amazon Reveal gift card is wrapped up like a real present, and, once opened, the gift card reveals itself to her. From electronics and beauty to household and hobby items, Amazon literally has it all.

Darden Restaurants Gift Card

  • Chow Down Now

  • $$$$$
  • Food, Fun, Hobbies

Foodies who love eating out will get a kick out of this $50 gift card for Darden restaurants. The card works at a variety of well-known chain restaurants, like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. They’re found all over and offer various cuisines and experiences for ladies, their friends, and their families. Say thank you with a delicious meal they won’t forget.

Ulta Beauty Digital Gift Card

  • The Ultimate Pamper

  • $$$$$
  • Beauty, Retail, Fun

This Ulta Beauty gift card provides tons of ways for women to take care of themselves, from makeup to beauty. The site has the best skincare, fragrance, and even wellness products to make each day feel great. They can even plan the perfect bath ritual with the astounding number of products available for a spa day they’ll never forget.

Loft Digital Gift Card

  • A Treat For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Fun, Clothing

This digital gift card makes it super easy for women to shop at Ann Taylor and Loft stores or online. The classic chain of stores has clothing and accessories to suit her lifestyle, from work clothes to casual choices. She can find whatever she needs with tons of stylish choices for her everyday life.

Forever 21 Gift Card

  • Forever Young

  • $$$$$
  • Retail, Clothing, Beauty

Having a gift card from Forever 21 is a wonderful way for a woman to find her inner teenage girl. Forever 21 has it all when it comes to fun, trendy, and colorful items to spruce up any wardrobe. Cute jewelry and accessories round out the cool selections ladies of any age can adore.

Best Buy Digital Gift Card

  • All Things Digital

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Fun, Hobbies

It doesn’t require a tech-loving gal to get into this Best Buy digital gift card. She can find all kinds of products in-store and online, from sleep machines and smart eye masks to Bluetooth speakers and air pods. Whether she’s a dedicated lady gamer or just needs some useful accessories, Best Buy will have her covered.

Shutterfly Gift Card

  • Smile And Say Cheese

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Hobbies, Fun

Not every gift card out there can bring personal joy like this $50 Shutterfly card can. The online-only card can be used for online photo storage or enjoyable products that bring personal photos to life. She can create personalized photo calendars, mugs, and loads more that have a special intimate touch.

Barkbox Gift Card

  • Woman’s Best Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Leisure, Fun, Unique

Show her how much you care about her with this thoughtful Barkbox gift card for her closest companion. The monthly subscription service offers the latest in healthy treats, toys, and accessories for dogs, both big and small. She can customize the options and be surprised each month with a newly-themed doggie box of fun for her furry friend.

Southwest Airlines Gift Card

  • Leaving On A Jet Plane

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Leisure, Fun, Unique

Gift card ideas for women often feature retail choices, but they can be pleasantly delighted by this Southwest Airlines gift card. The card can be used for trips to any of Southwest’s worldwide destinations. When she needs that extra push to get away, this gift card can help make it happen in no time.

Cozymeal Gift Card

  • More Than Meals

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Food, Fun, Leisure

This $50 Cozymeal gift card offers more than just products with foodies in mind. Cozymeal brings all things culinary to life with cooking classes, crafted culinary experiences, and food tours. Women can take a class in pasta making, take part in wine tastings, or learn about Asian cuisine. Whatever she’s craving, Cozymeal can deliver to her instantly.

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Amtrak Digital Gift Card

  • Watch The World Go By

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Leisure, Hobbies, Fun

This easy-to-use digital gift card for Amtrak can get your favorite lady out of the house and on a train to somewhere in no time. The gift card works for booking travel to anywhere and at any time Amtrak’s trains are up and running. Planning that weekend getaway or cross-country excursion just got a whole lot easier.

J.Crew Digital Gift Card

  • Clothes That Don’t Quit

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Retail, Fun

You can’t go wrong with this digital J.Crew gift card to a woman in need of some new items in her closet. J.Crew has been around for a long time for the good reason that their clothes are classic and high-quality. From dresses and casual pieces to swimwear and more, J.Crew has anything she’s in the mood for.

Airbnb Gift Card

  • The Getaway Card

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Leisure, Fun

Gift cards for women like this Airbnb card can surprise your favorite gal with an opportunity to get away from it all. The digital card can be used for any Airbnb stay or experience she can dream up. Whether she’s in the mood for a hiking trip, beach day, or romantic weekend, this card can help make it happen for her.

Whole Foods Digital Gift Card

  • An Organic Experience

  • $$$$$
  • Food, Fun, Unique

What better way to treat her than with a pre-paid trip to a Whole Foods near her? This digital gift card will allow her to buy everything the iconic grocery store chain has to offer. From prepared meals to quality meats, cheeses, and baked goods, she can go on the food shopping spree of her life.

AMC Theater Gift Card

  • Movie Night Madness

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Fun, Leisure

Unique gift cards like this one from AMC Theaters can provide the pre-paid makings of a fun night out for her. The $25 card can be used towards movie tickets and the concession stand, so even that much-needed buttery popcorn is covered by this generous card.

Holland America Gift Card

  • Sail Away

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Leisure, Unique, Fun

It’s not every day a woman gets to enjoy a cruise, but you can get her closer to setting sail with this Holland America gift card. The $100 card can be used on any of Holland America’s many routes. From a European destination to a Caribbean cruise, she can take to the waters with the knowledge that she deserves to be there.

Google Play Gift Card

  • Cool Content Creating

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Fun, Unique, Hobbies

When you purchase a Google Play gift card, you’re opening up a world full of content for her enjoyment. She can use the digital card to purchase apps and games, along with movies, TV, and books. Whatever she’s in the mood for entertainment-wise, she can reach in a flash with the help of this thoughtful gift.

Gift Cards for Her FAQs

Are Gift Cards Still Popular?

Gift cards still nearly take the top spot for most popular gifts around. They were once mainly used in person at a store or business, but these days, they are used more often to shop online. There are digital gift cards arriving via email that can be redeemed online, so the need for a physical card is unnecessary.

What Is the Average Gift Card Amount?

Gift cards can range anywhere from $10 to $1,000 or more. The average gift card amount is still $50 today, making the purchase a substantial one. This also increases the likelihood that the receiver can find something they truly want with the card.

What Gift Card Can You Use Anywhere?

While store cards can only be used at that specific business in-person or online, other gift cards can be used at multiple stores. Gift cards by American Express, Visa, or Mastercard are considered “cash” gift cards and can be used wherever businesses accept those credit cards.

What Is the Best Gift Card for a Birthday?

It’s important to get a gift card for the birthday guy or gal that makes their special day shine. A dining gift card for a meal or an airline gift card that allows a person to travel with ease can work great. Spa gift cards can also make their birthday full of relaxation and self-care. Gift cards for tech retail can help find the perfect gadget for their birthday.

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