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57 Cool Gifts For 15-Year-Old Girls: 2021 Picks

Keep reading for teenager-approved gifts for 15-year-old girls. Bring loads of fun into her already terrific teenage life.

Teenage girls who are turning 15 are a tricky lot. They know all the latest crazes, know what they like and don’t like, and are always tuned into what their friends are doing.

You may not know what’s cool anymore or what’s come back in style. So how can you find the perfect gift for the 15-year-old you know with these age roadblocks?

Don’t feel irrelevant—we’ve got you covered with the coolest, first-class gifts for 15-year-old girls they’ll be sure to love enough to say they’re pure “fire”!

57 Top Gift Ideas for 15-Year-Old Girls

Make a teenage girl super-happy with these cool gifts for 15-year-olds ahead.

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Custom Name Necklace

  • Say Her Name

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Jewelry, Unique

15-year-old girls of now or yesteryear have always loved popular necklaces featuring their names, so this stylish necklace is no different. The sterling silver necklace includes a customized name design that is spelled out in a cute script font. She’ll love the added personal touch and can pair the classic look with other jewelry too.

User Experience

I recently purchased this necklace and immediately fell in love with it. It's the perfect length and the font used is quite appealing. I noticed that the date engraved was incomplete, which was a bit disappointing, but it didn't detract from the overall beauty of the piece. This necklace has proven to be a great way to gauge a child's responsibility before investing in a higher-end piece. The best part is that despite its affordability, it’s highly customizable and has remained tarnish-free for quite some time. It's a simple yet beautiful piece and has been a hit with everyone who has seen it.

Moon Lamp

  • Under The Moonlight

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Unique

The celestial design of this moon lamp will add some magic to any 15-year-old girl’s bedroom getaway. The LED-powered piece of room decor can sit on its stand or be hung up to provide some remote control moonlight for her next teenage girl session. She can easily change the moon’s colors and light patterns, depending on her mood, which may just be as fickle as a teenage girl’s.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this lamp is a hit with kids and adults alike. Despite a minor defect in the moon light and a somewhat unstable stand, the cool lighting effects and the delightful hammock addition make it a crowd-pleaser. It's simple to use, rechargeable, and has a long-lasting battery life, though I wish the charging cord was more durable. Regardless, this lamp has been a real treasure on my bookshelf and a popular gift for my grandchildren.

RGB Cinema Lightbox

  • Her Own Sign

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Creative

How excited would any teenage girl be to receive her very own retro movie sign? This RGB cinema lightbox will bring some vintage cinematic flair to any space. Your favorite 15-year-old can switch out the letters to reflect her current mood, state, or favorite quote. The different light modes will further highlight the look of the lightbox for her room.

Community Feedback

Bought this product and was instantly charmed by its cuteness, though it didn't accommodate all the letters I wanted to display. The battery life is quite short, unfortunately, making it necessary to recharge frequently, or use a portable charger. I've also found that there are insufficient quantities of certain letters, which can be a bit disappointing when crafting specific messages. I use it as a colorful stage prop for performances, and it's important to note that the colors may fade under bright lights. Despite these minor issues, I love the way it changes colors and adds a fun element to any setting.

DIY Journaling Set

  • Dear Diary

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Creative, Hobby

Get the 15-year-old in your life started with a full journaling set with which to record her many thoughts. This complete set includes everything she needs to get creative with her words and have a great time doing it. In addition to a journal, the set contains stickers, pens, bookmarks, glitter, and even the glue needed to hold it all together. She’ll create a cool modern diary and an ultra-personalized keepsake to her teenage years.

First-Hand Impression

Great for sparking creativity, this journal kit has truly been a hit with my daughter. She's always had a flair for the artistic, but this kit has inspired her to combine different mediums and record her thoughts and experiences in a truly unique way. Whether it's a special occasion, a memorable event, or just an ordinary day, she's often seen crafting her narrative in this journal. A minor downside is the non-functional charm clip, it couldn't be attached to anything. However, that small hitch doesn't take away from the overall value of this gift, it's a great tool for self-expression and keeps my daughter engaged.

Charm Bracelet

  • For Charming Girls

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Unique, Cute

When birthday gifts for 15-year-olds get lost in the shuffle, give her this cute charm bracelet that marks her 15th year. The bracelet is crafted from a chain design and features a heart with the number 15 on it. This piece of jewelry is a simple way to celebrate a 15th birthday and give a teenage girl something attractive to wear on her wrist every day.

User Experience

In my experience, this bracelet made a delightful gift for my daughter's 17th birthday. Tucked in a bag amid other presents, its shine and cute heart charm instantly caught her eye. However, I was a tad disappointed as the accompanying card bore a different phrase than the expected "stronger than you think". Despite this, the overall packaging was well presented, complete with a fabric-covered cushion, a thank you card, and even a cleaning cloth with care instructions. This bracelet, while not suitable for everyday wear, is a charming addition to special occasions or as a small token of love.

Inflatable Air Sofa

  • Outdoor Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Unique

15-year-old girls everywhere will love the simple, instant comfort that the inflatable air sofa provides. Any girl group excursion, whether a day at the beach, a camping trip, or a pool party, will benefit from this thoughtful, awesome gift. She can collapse it and bring it anywhere she likes, or just relax on the sofa in her bedroom all the same.

Personal Perspective

Great product overall, but it does have some quirks. Inflating this lounger can be a bit challenging, especially on windless days, but once it's set up, it's extremely comfortable and durable. One downside is the provided stake to keep it anchored - it's too short and could pose a safety hazard if not fully inserted into the ground. Despite this, the lounger stands up well to use, even when I've accidentally placed it over sharp objects, and has become a go-to for beach trips, festivals, and even lounging at home.

Hot Chocolate On A Stick

  • Instant Cocoa

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Cool, Unique

Give a teenage girl of 15 the most adorable way to make a fast and delicious hot chocolate this season. Whether a gift for her birthday or the holidays, hot chocolate on a stick is a wonderful invention that girls will love. All she has to do is fill a mug with water or milk, dip the stick in, and stir away. Rich, warming hot chocolate is created in an instant, complete with confetti sprinkles.

Ugg Lap Pouf

  • Comfy Tech Pillow

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Decor, Unique

Give her all the comfy she wants with an Ugg Lap Pouf. What is a lap pouf, you might ask? It’s something that 15-year-old girls will use every day when working on their laptops, tablets, or phones lying down. The pouf is super soft and yet sturdy enough to prop up all of her devices so she can see the screen clearly from any angle, whether at her desk or in bed.

15th Birthday Gift Set

  • Celebrate 15 Birthdays

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Set, Cute

Give the 15th birthday girl this awesome birthday gift set to celebrate this milestone in her life. The fun set includes a birthday tumbler, relaxing candle, and bath products to ensure the perfect spa weekend for her after the 15th birthday party is over, like a shower cap, bath bombs, pumice stone, and more. The birthday theme is super festive and she can use many of these products in her beauty rituals going forward.

User Experience

Bought this gift for my daughter's special birthday and she totally adored it. While the items seem ordinary, they function as intended and one thing she pointed out was the candle's pleasant aroma. Despite the box appearing a bit shabby, the quality of the gift items didn't disappoint, making it a hit with my girl.

Personalized Apron

  • She’ll Cook Up A Storm

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Cute

Give the 15-year-old girl you know the perfect apron to help her practice her cooking and baking skills. This cute two-tone apron comes in teen sizes and can be personalized to read the chef’s name, so she knows which apron is hers alone the next time she hits the kitchen with big culinary ideas.

Personal Perspective

I received this apron as a gift and was pleasantly surprised by its high-quality fabric and exceptional embroidery work. Despite its somewhat costly nature, the durability and craftsmanship justify the price. The personalized touch of the embroidery was a delightful highlight, even though the alignment could have been better. This apron was a bit too large for my nine-year-old daughter, but it offers room for growth, adding to its long-term value. Pairing this apron with a cookbook, like I did for my granddaughter, can turn it into a truly special gift for a budding young chef.
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Friendship Bracelet Kit

  • Stringing Together Friends

  • $$$$$
  • Hobby, Creative, Set

Friendship bracelet making is a rite of passage that takes girls into teenagehood and beyond. This fully stocked friendship bracelet making kit is all the 15-year-old girl you know needs to amass a bracelet making empire. The kit comes with 110 different threading flosses, needles, beads, and any other tools she’ll need to get started. Let’s hope she’s got enough thread to keep all of her friends happy.

Community Feedback

I'm so glad I got this bracelet kit. The variety of colors is dazzling and the added extras like beads and tools really enhance the bracelet making experience. I was initially disappointed with the plain brown packaging, but the contents more than made up for it. Both my granddaughter and I have had a blast creating unique friendship bracelets for each other.

Writing Journal

  • Writer-In-Training

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Unique

This leather writing journal is among the most thoughtful gifts for 15-year-old girls. The attractive leaf-inspired design will draw her attention and the refillable loose leaf paper inside makes the ideal place for her to keep her thoughts, goals, dreams, and life projects that she is planning. The size is great for carrying with her on the go so she can keep the most important thoughts close at hand.

First-Hand Impression

This faux-leather binder is not only visually appealing with its dark green color and beautifully etched leaf design, but it also serves as a versatile tool for jotting down quick notes or sketching. Its durability initially comes off as promising, though the test of time will truly tell. Despite the tie close being somewhat inconvenient for quick use, it's a minor flaw in an otherwise useful product that can be refilled with lined or unlined A6 paper, catering to various needs.


  • Draw To Win

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Game, Cool

Give a 15-year-old girl this drawing card game, get her together with friends, watch the creative fun start. The game includes 96 cards which, when drawn, contain specific prompts for the players to draw. A judge among them will decide who crafted it better and the game is on! The imaginative, offbeat instructions like “draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain” will inspire the most artful responses in its participants every time.

Conair Auto Curler

  • Curls Curls Curls

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Cool, Unique

Add a cool addition to a teenage girl’s beauty collection with this innovative Conair auto curler. The cordless curler includes a ceramic chamber that curls the hair into shiny, perfect spirals without any frizz to speak of. She can take the curler on trips with her and use it safely to create a full head of curls any time she wants one.

Bookmarks T-Shirt

  • Girls Who Love To Read

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Cute

This stylish t-shirt is a great way for 15-year-olds to show off their intense love for reading while looking cute at the same time. The comfy cotton t-shirt reads “Bookmarks Are For Quitters” and will become a staple in her fashion collection quicker than she can read a paragraph out loud to her reading group.

Community Feedback

This shirt has proven to be a reliable piece in my wardrobe, maintaining its softness and perfect lettering even after several washes. It fits true to size, making it a comfortable choice for daily wear. However, I suggest being cautious when selecting colors as they may not appear as expected based on the descriptions provided.

Tree Of Life Leather Bracelet

  • 15 Tree Rings Growing

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Cool, Unique

This ultra-unique tree of life motif bracelet will keep any 15-year-old’s look her own. The bracelet is unusually crafted with metal and leather to show off many different textures of design. They all come together to show off a central tree of life that will look amazing with any look or outfit she chooses that day.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this bracelet has been quite delightful. The magnetic clasp is sturdy and efficient, while the rose gold tree design and pearls add a unique charm. Although the pearls are unattached and move around, I found this to be a quirky feature rather than a setback. The deep black of the leather strap subtly hides any inscriptions, which I appreciate as someone who prefers word-free jewelry. Despite feeling a bit heavy on the wrist over time, this bracelet is comfortable, versatile, and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Vintage Suitcase Turntable

  • Retro Tunes

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Tech

This vintage-style record player is tailor-made for 15-year-olds with its wooden turntable look and additional bluetooth technology. When teenage girls want to go retro, but keep the technology of today going, they need gift ideas for 15-year-old girls that speak to both these wants. The whole record player comes in the cutest round carrying case so she can bring the past (and the now) with her wherever she goes.

User Experience

My experience with this record player has been a blend of nostalgia and modernity. The vintage aesthetic is truly charming, but the sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity do leave something to be desired. Despite a minor issue with the damaged cover, playing old records on this device on Christmas day was a delight, even if it might benefit from additional speakers in the future.

Cool Stuff Drawing Guide

  • A Guide For Creating

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Cool

Help the teenage girl you know draw the coolest things ever with a little help from this helpful guide to drawing cool stuff. The illustrations and step-by-step guides will assist her in drawing the basic shapes of so many subjects. The guide will then teach her to fill in the details easily until the techniques become a part of the way she creates, whether as a professional-in-training or for the love of art.

Personal Perspective

As an ardent art enthusiast, this book, How to Draw Cool Stuff, sparked my dormant passion for drawing, providing an exhilarating journey through its pages. The treasure trove of step-by-step guides ranging from basic shapes to intricate patterns, not only cater to all skill levels but also allow for ample creativity and personalization. This book serves as a perfect companion for beginners like me, aspiring artists, or anyone looking to rekindle their artistic flair, surprisingly transforming the intimidating art of drawing into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Blooming Lollipops

  • Botanical Treats

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Hobby, Unique

These sweet lollipops are a great gift for a girlfriend who is turning 15. The lollipops were created with the most flavorful combinations like lavender-lemongrass and will taste amazing. The real fun comes in after she’s finished the lollipops and, one by one, plants the sticks in the ground. The sticks are filled with seeds that will grow a flower or an herb that she can enjoy in other tasty creations to come.

Cat Necklace

  • Cat Lady In Training

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Jewelry

Give your favorite 15-year-old girl a cat for her birthday with this silver cat pendant necklace. The unbearably adorable design is made up of a silver kitty who hangs off of the center of the necklace. This quirky necklace is the ultimate cute cut addition to her jewelry box and the kitty may find himself around her neck all the time.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this cat pendant was overall positive thanks to its cute and simplistic design, which reminded me of my own pet. The highly polished silver adds a touch of elegance to the piece, making it suitable for special occasions as well. However, its size is considerably smaller than expected, barely bigger than a dime, which makes it difficult for others to discern what it is. It was a hit with my teenage daughter who also found it adorable and the quality seems to be top-notch. Despite its size, the charm of this cat pendant is undeniable, and it has earned several compliments.
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Professional Art Set

  • The Making Of An Artist

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Set

Show her that you believe in her artistic talents with this professional art set. The set comes in a wooden case and, once she opens each section, she’ll find no less than 3 sketch pads, various forms of paints, pastels, and pencils. It also contains accessories to help fine-tune any art that she can imagine. The set will fill the heart of any 15-year-old with creative confidence and the tools she needs to succeed.

User Experience

Excellent art set with a variety of colors, perfect for young creatives or those just starting out. The set isn't as portable as I initially believed; the drawers could use a locking mechanism and the brushes and pencils could benefit from straps to keep them in place. On the downside, the colored pencils aren't as pigmented as I'd prefer, and the brushes could be a bit soft, especially for watercolor artwork. On the positive side, this art set is small enough to fit comfortably on a desk and includes a couple of quality sketchbooks, which is a big plus for me.

15th Birthday Cosmetics Bag

  • Princess’s Birthday Bag

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Set, Unique

This cute cosmetics bag and accompanying makeup mirror set will find use in any 15-year-old’s hands. Perfect for her makeup and accessories, the bag displays a birthday message that “The Princess Is 15,” along with her sparkly crown. The makeup mirror contains a thoughtful 15th birthday message that she won’t forget.

Personal Perspective

This gift is truly adorable and carries a lot of meaning. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for our daughter's upcoming birthday. Its charm is sweet and subtle, making it a wonderful little surprise. The reaction it received was priceless - pure happiness. It's not just a gift, but a memory in the making. This gift certainly has a special place in our hearts.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

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  • Music Everywhere At Once

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Unique, Cool

This Bluetooth speaker looks as if it has a 15-year-old girl written all over it. With 30 hours of play, the speaker can last out any party of teenage girls. Its cool design will fit into any home bedroom decor and is as trends go, is super lightweight so she can bring it to any and all social functions, exercise sessions, or outings she can think up.

Teen Trailblazers Book

  • Bravery Inspiration Time

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Creative

Offer the best feminine inspiration to the smartest 15-year-old girl in your life with this awesome book that celebrates girl power throughout history. From Cleopatra to Frida Kahlo, many motivated young women are represented in this book of 30 fearless girls under 20-years-old. The stories will give your inspiring young woman the belief needed in herself to accomplish any goal she sets out to.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent purchase, this book has become a cherished bedtime routine for my 6-year-old daughter. She enjoys picking two profiles to read each night, prompting insightful discussions about history and social change. While the content is a tad advanced for her age, it's fostering a rich educational experience. However, I was slightly disappointed by the depiction of historical figures, like Cleopatra, which seemed misrepresentative. Despite this, the book remains a valuable resource, beautifully illustrating the accomplishments of trailblazing young women.

Personalized Chef Outfit

  • A Personal Chef

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Creative, Hobby

The burgeoning 15-year-old chef will appreciate this fun chef outfit that she can utilize while learning to create scrumptious meals, desserts, and exotic treats. An ideal Christmas gift, the personalized chef outfit includes an apron and chef hat, both of which can be customized with her name and/or initials. She can hang up her whites with pride after discovering how to cook each new meal one at a time.

User Experience

My experience with this chef set was mixed; the personalization was beautifully done, but the overall quality of the fabric felt cheap. The size seemed more fitted for young adults rather than children, as I had to adjust the neck piece for my daughter. Despite some issues like the purple lettering blending with the black, making it hard to see her name, she still wears it every Saturday for her baking sessions which shows her love for the set.

iHome Vanity Speaker

  • Music And Makeup

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Decor, Cool

Why give a teenage girl a vanity mirror when you can give her a vanity mirror that also works as a Bluetooth speaker? This brilliant combination makeup mirror adjusts for various levels of brightness and hooks up via Bluetooth to any of her devices so she can play her tunes while getting ready. There is even a voice control function so she doesn’t have to put the mascara down to switch songs.

Mini Terrarium DIY Kit

  • Indoor Gardeners Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Set

Nurture the indoor gardener in your 15-year-old daughter or any teenage lover of greenery with this mini terrarium DIY kit. She can enjoy creating tiny terrariums of succulents made out of felt while following simple, clear instructions and discovering a whole new hobby that rewards her attention to detail. Before you know it, her creations might even end up being sold to the highest bidder.

DIY String Lights Set

  • Setting Mood With Light

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Set, Decor

Just give in to the trend and give the 15-year-old girl you know all the fairy lights she can handle. This DIY string lights set is perfect for turning glass bottles or bowls into string light creations. She can use the six-packs of delicate copper wire lights to fashion new and brilliant pieces of home decor and even add in other elements like artificial flowers, words, or anything at all.

First-Hand Impression

Bought these lights for a craft project and they've been a delightful addition. They start out glowing in a multicolor array, but after about 45 minutes, only the green light stays on - a quirk that, while unexpected, adds a unique touch to my decor. The lights are also ideal for their portability and simplicity to install. However, bear in mind that leaving them on constantly might deplete the batteries in about three days, so it's advisable to switch them off when not in use.

Glow In The Dark Blanket

  • The Warmth Of Butterflies

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Unique, Cute

A meaningful gift between teenage friends, this butterfly design blanket will keep your fellow 15-year-old toasty in the day and entertain her at night with its glow-in-the-dark feature. The butterflies will all light up and bring her some additional emotional warmth when she most needs it. The design is perfect for any girl’s bedroom and will become her favorite blanket.

User Experience

I'm absolutely enamored with this butterfly blanket I got for my granddaughter last Christmas. The design is not only beautiful but it also complements her nursery decor perfectly. The blanket is so soft and cozy, it's a delight to snuggle into. But the best part is, it glows in the dark! Just leaving it out in the sunlight for a while charges it up and the butterflies light up beautifully at night. Just a heads up though, it does shed a bit in the wash, so you might want to clean it separately.

Granddaughter Necklace

  • Grandmother Knows Best

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Cute, Unique

When your granddaughter is 15-years-old, you can win her over whether you’re nearby or far away with this beautiful necklace. The sterling silver necklace has at its heart an elegant infinity symbol interlaced with a heart. The heartfelt message of the symbol is only echoed by the gift message that goes along with it from a grandmother to her granddaughter.

Personal Perspective

For my granddaughter's graduation, I purchased this necklace, which turned out to be of excellent quality and quite beautiful. Its larger size was fitting for her, but might be overwhelming on a petite person. Unfortunately, the chain broke near the clasp after my younger, careful granddaughter used it, leaving her distraught over our lost connection piece. Despite the discrepancy in sizing, the necklace was well made and suitable for a young girl. Also, the careful packaging and the heartfelt sentiment accompanying the necklace made it an even more special gift. So, while this necklace was cherished by my granddaughters, its durability might be a concern.
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Jewelry Making Kit

  • Jewelry To The Max

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Hobby, Jewelry

Nourish her desire to make jewelry with this impressive jewelry-making kit. The kit includes over 500 assorted beads, loads of metallic accessories, tools, and easy-to-follow instructions that any 15-year-old with a dream of making jewelry or just a powerful hobby will adore. The kit features a lot of mesmerizing turquoise blue that she can use to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Community Feedback

For those keen on DIY jewelry projects, this kit hits the mark. The variety of beads and tools provided allowed me to effortlessly create stunning pieces, ranging from bracelets to more intricate jewelry. However, keep in mind, the kit's packaging could use some improvement, specifically regarding the organization of non-bead components. Despite this, I found this kit not only value for money but also an enjoyable venture into the crafty world of jewelry making.

Portable Cell Phone Holder

  • Cell Phone Bling

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Tech, Cool

Not much comes between a 15-year-old girl and her phone or tablet, but she’ll happily let this portable cell phone holder in. The rose gold look of the phone holder perfectly holds any cell phone or tablet in place and even holds phones horizontally so she can watch her favorite video without the annoyance of cramped hands. She might take it everywhere, but she won’t let it out of her sight.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing this tablet holder for my salon, I was impressed by its compact and sturdy design. It fits my 7" tablet perfectly, doesn't block too much of my mirror, and even has a handy split in the back for cords. However, be aware that this stand may not fit phones with bulky cases - it's best for devices with no case or a very slim one.

Bubble Tea Kit

  • Bubbles Away

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Set, Unique

The cutest possible cup of tea is waiting for your favorite 15-year-old girl. This bubble tea kit includes two types of tea, those magical tapioca pearls and two roomy straws made especially for bubble tea making. The process is simple after that, so she’ll be sucking up tasty tapioca bubbles through a straw before she can say “boba” tea.

Sarcastic Mug

  • Sarcasm For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Cool

An inexpensive way to add some (more) sarcasm into the life of a teenage girl is to get her this “Meh” mug. The ultimate expression of a 15-year-old, meh is the best way to capture how she often feels on a pink ceramic bistro-style mug. The ceramic mug has a vintage design that she’ll love to use every morning while telling the world that she’s fine (sort of).

Personal Perspective

Definitely, this bistro mug caught my attention with its vibrant color and humorous "meh" print. The size is perfect, holding just enough coffee to satisfy my caffeine cravings. My hands-on experience with the mug was mostly positive, but I noticed that the color started to show signs of fading after several washes in the dishwasher. Despite this, it has served as an excellent conversation starter at work, often getting compliments for its unique design. While the actual color might be a bit off from the picture, it still remains a visually appealing mug that brightens up my coffee routine.

Activity Book For Teens

  • Getting Active

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Cool, Unique

Bored teen girls everywhere will cheer when you give them this activity book for teens who need to break the monotony with some activity…any activity! The fun book includes old-school ways for 15-year-old girls to train their brains and be entertained at the same time, like puzzles, brainteasers, and word puzzles. She’ll be ready to take on any mental challenge out there.

Community Feedback

In my hands-on experience, this activity book was a hit and miss with my teenager. The variety of activities were enjoyable, yet I found some content surprisingly inappropriate and off-putting. While some puzzles were straightforward and engaging, others were marred by spelling errors and unsolvable dilemmas. Nonetheless, the book served its purpose during long car trips, keeping my young ones occupied despite its flaws.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

  • For The Quirky Teen

  • $$$$$
  • Hobby, Creative, Set

When the 15-year-old girl in your life wants to explore unique new hobbies like tea reading, you can get her this super-fun tea leaf reading kit. With the kit, she will learn about the history and process of tea reading, along with the dictionary of symbols that she’ll be looking for at the bottom of your cup. Before too long, she’ll be reading the tea leaves included and you’ll be gaining insight into your future.

Bedside Shelf Organizer

  • Bedside Helper

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Unique, Cool

When her bedside table gets too crowded with devices and more, create some more space for her with this shelf organizer that adheres to the wall next to her bed. The shelf holds a cell phone, tablet, glasses, and any other nighttime accessories that she may need. The shelf doesn’t take up much space, so won’t alter the perfect look of any 15-year-old’s bedroom.

User Experience

I'm charmed by this product's usefulness and aesthetic appeal, particularly how it conveniently organizes items like glasses, remotes, and mobile phones right by my bedside. However, be warned, the adhesive backing can strip paint off walls, which I unfortunately learned when repositioning it in my space.

Lighting Reaction Party Game

  • Teenage Fun And Games

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Unique, Cool

The next time this 15-year-old girl and her friends need a wacky party game, you’ll have the ideal solution with the lightning reaction party game. The hot potato theme takes it to a more teenage level with accompanying audio that lets the participants toss around the makeshift potato until someone gets a (harmless) little shock. They’ll feel like they are living on the edge and having good fun all the same.

Personal Perspective

This shock game certainly ramps up the excitement at gatherings, eliciting both laughter and fear as participants eagerly anticipate who will be the next to get zapped. I've found that the adjustable shock levels cater to various ages, from a light tingle to a more intense jolt, but caution is advised when young children are involved due to its weight and sturdy construction. From campfire pranks to military downtime amusement, this game has proven to be a thrilling novelty for diverse settings and audiences.

Camping Hammock

  • Camping Comfort Time

  • $$$$$
  • Hobby, Cool, Unique

The 15-year-old girl who camps needs the ultimate hammock to bring some comfort into the wilderness with her friends. This camping hammock fits two people so she can share the comfort, along with the knowledge that the durable hammock will hold up the scene with no issues. The hammock includes any tying accessories needed to hook up. She might give up her tent to sleep in this beautiful hammock next trip.

Community Feedback

After purchasing numerous hammocks over the years, I found this hammock to be a cut above the rest, crafted from slightly superior material. The tree straps are decent, though they limit the hammock to a short or regular length hang span, and the included carabiners are subpar - I suggest investing in robust alternatives. As a frequent user of affordable hammocks, this one is by far the most spacious and comfortable I've owned, and I eagerly anticipate using it on camping trips. It's also proven to be durable, holding up well under the weight of multiple users, and its vibrant colors are a true match to the pictures. I also appreciate the convenience of the provided carrying bag for easy portability.

Night Light Desk Lamp

No products found.

Check Price
  • Smartest Lamp Around

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Decor, Cool

This super modern bedside lamp is obsessed with the future where many 15-year-old girls live. The 4-in-1 lamp is warm and inviting with a wood design and will act as a LED night light, wireless charger, cell phone holder, and Bluetooth speaker all at the same time. She can adjust the brightness and the angle of the design to properly hold her phone any way she wishes.

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Eyeshadow Palette

  • 12 Ways To Wear Her Eyes

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Set, Cool

A fun, hands-on Christmas gift for a 15-year-old, this eyeshadow palette set comes with 12 different eyeshadows for her to get creative, mix and match, and play up her eyes with any look she wants. The kit includes matte shades, transition shades, and sheer or glittery top shades that she can use alone or together to create the coolest makeup for her eyes any time.

Lavender Gift Set

  • Spa Day At Hand

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Cool, Unique

Give the gift of lavender to a stressed-out 15-year-old and watch her relax like she’s never relaxed before. This spa gift set is lavender scented and includes soap, body scrub, mask, steamer, candle, and cosmetic bag, plus more. She can have the world’s most peaceful bath to herself or just create a calm night at home in her bedroom with the scented candle. Either way, she’ll thank you for bringing this peace offering into her life.

Personal Perspective

This lavender-themed gift set is pleasant, yet not without its minor flaws. The contents, including a body oil, soap, and shower mist among other items, come with a soothing lavender scent, however, the lack of instructions for certain products like the body oil and shower mist leaves me feeling a bit uncertain about their usage. The shower spray, while intriguing, is hindered by a faulty nozzle and its ambiguous instructions add to the confusion. On the positive side, the body scrub leaves my skin feeling smoother and the soap, while not overly fragrant, is satisfactory. Despite these mixed feelings, it's worth noting that this gift set has been a hit with others, making it an attractive choice for those who appreciate the calming effects of lavender.

15th Birthday Tumbler Set

  • Fabulous For 15

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Set

Give the teenage girl in your life a practical tumbler set that is full of as much personality as she is. This set includes two tumblers, one celebrating her 15th birthday and the other stating the obvious, that she is “Not A Day Over Fabulous.” She can use one at home and one on the go, but chances are, she’ll keep them both close once she’s in the realm of 15-years-old.

Community Feedback

My experience with these gifts has been very positive. I initially bought one for my baby cousin and was delighted by its elegance and prettiness. I then got another for my daughter's best friend, who absolutely adored it. I've also heard great feedback from a birthday girl who received these items as a present and was thrilled. It's truly satisfying to pick out the perfect gift and get it right, especially when it brings such joy to the young recipients.

Butterfly Flowers Lunch Bag

  • Butterfly Lunch Box

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cute, Cool

What looks like the sleek style of a teenage girl’s purse is really an insulated lunch box that she can use to bring her lunch to school every day and keep it ready to eat until lunchtime. The awesome butterfly and flower design and shape will look great as she arrives at school and it will do its job without fail so she can use it in the lunchroom and know that her meal will be fresh and safe to eat.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent, this lunch bag has been a hit in my household! Its vibrant colors and beautiful pattern have garnered compliments, plus the material is strong yet soft, and it stands up well on its own. Despite the lack of elasticity, it's the perfect size for smaller lunches and maintains both hot and cold temperatures effectively.

Graphic Drawing Tablet

  • Paint The Modern Way

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Creative, Hobby

One of the top trends for creative teenagers is drawing with the help of the tech world, which makes this graphic drawing tablet the ultimate gift for the younger artist-in-training. Ultra-compatible, the tablet comes with a pen and will open up so many worlds, from sketching to painting to editing. Any 15-year-old girl will be tech-savvy enough and artistically trained to succeed at graphic design after she graduates.

User Experience

This tablet made a great impression on me with its easy-to-use features and a size that fits just right for my needs. I've noticed that it has to be disconnected each time after use, and while it worked excellently on my PC, it had some hiccups on my Android devices. However, despite the initial setup being a bit involved and the occasional unsolicited app openings, the large drawing area and customization options make this tablet a worthy investment.

Personalized Print

  • A Loving Message

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Decor, Unique

Give the gift of confidence and love to your favorite 15-year-old girl with this beautiful personalized art print. The message is customized with her name and contains a message of inspiration and belief that will get her through those times when she is unsure of herself. The print can be created framed, unframed, or as a matte painting, but whichever you choose, she’ll appreciate the thoughtful sentiment in such personal form.

Personal Perspective

I've found this gift to be the perfect surprise for my teenage daughter. From the moment she unwrapped it, her face lit up in delight. This product not only met but exceeded her expectations, providing both novelty and entertainment. Even weeks after receiving it, she continues to appreciate its charm, proving its lasting appeal.

Laptop Backpack

  • Power In A Pack

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Tech, Cool

This laptop backpack looks like a classic lightweight backpack that any teenage girl would use everyday. This backpack opens like a doctor’s bag, so she can access all her important tools whenever she needs them. She can also use a power bank to charge her device with a built-in USB port, so long trips look to be a-okay for her going forward, thanks to you.

Community Feedback

From the moment I laid eyes on these bags, I was hooked by their super cute designs. The medium-sized bag proved to be the perfect size for my work essentials, including my iPad, MacBook, work notebooks, chargers, and even my makeup case, fitting comfortably in various pockets. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of padding on the straps and the insubstantial top handles, but this was a minor drawback. A downside to the large bag was the lack of a tablet sleeve, but the silver hardware and larger size made up for it, making it my go-to bag for the winter season. Despite the fact that the USB port doesn't support fast charging, I found an unexpected benefit in the hidden compartment in the water bottle storage area, perfect for keeping valuables safe from pickpockets.

Ring Light Set

  • A Teenage Video Star

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Cool, Set

This ring light set and stand has everything she needs in the modern world. The 15-year-old girl you know likely wants to be a social media star…or she wants to take the best selfies humanly possible. This kit includes over 10 colors and well over 100 settings so she can create whatever mood she wants when taking over the world, taking a photo of her and her BFF, or applying her mascara correctly.

First-Hand Impression

Got this ring light and was immediately impressed with the variety of colors it offers - it's excellent for enhancing my social media content. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle, and the mini stand is particularly useful for close-up shots. However, I did notice that it had a hard time holding up my heavier phone, and the lack of a selfie remote was a slight disappointment.

Random Acts Of Kindness Kit

  • Kindness Teaches All

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Set, Unique

A unique game that teaches kindness to all who play, this random acts of kindness kit works with the playing cards and via the accompanying website to encourage players to spread kind acts everywhere they go. The game is a thoughtful addition to a 15-year-old’s life and can teach her to have fun doing good in small ways with big results.

Feather Ring

  • Rings Of A Feather

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Cute, Unique

The whimsy of this sterling silver ring with a delicate feather design won’t be lost on the teenage girl you know. She can wear the adjustable ring on any finger at any time and doesn’t have to worry if she’s not quite done growing yet. The magical quality of the feather may start to feel like a good luck charm to her and stay with her whenever she goes.

Personal Perspective

This ring has proven sturdy and versatile, adjusting easily to fit different fingers and enduring months of daily wear without fading or losing its charm. Its beautiful details and shine consistently draw my attention, making it a beloved part of my accessory collection. Despite being quite dainty, it's held up well against the rigors of everyday use, maintaining its original appeal.
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Cell Phone Purse

  • A Home For Her Phone

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Cool, Unique

Any 15-year-old’s cell phone is usually begging to be lost, but she won’t lose hers with this cute purse made to carry a cell phone with a snug fit. She can wear the canvas bag crossbody or just hold it, but the durable purse will keep her precious phone super safe, along with other items she needs when at school or out with friends. She’ll feel like the most responsible teenage girl on the planet.

Community Feedback

My experience with this bag has been generally positive over the past six years, valuing its compact size yet ample space for essentials such as keys, phone, and even dog treats. It's perfect for various outings, from daily walks to traveling, with the added convenience of accommodating extra items like gum or chapstick. However, I noted a flaw in the hardware of the strap, which broke after the first wash, and the snap closure on one side is slightly hard to secure.

Fuzzy Fleece Hoodie

  • Toasty As A Teen

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Cool, Unique

When teenage girls don’t want to wear anything but the coziest item possible, this fuzzy fleece hoodie won’t disappoint them in the least bit. The comfy fit and sherpa fleece material will work perfectly for 15-year-olds when out at a fall sports event, outdoors at school, or just home in deep thought with their cell phones. She can even keep wearing it on the way to her 16th birthday.

First-Hand Impression

I initially bought this hoodie for my partner and it fit well, but stepping up a size achieved an even more comfortable fit. This sweater has proven to be durable, holding up well in multiple washes, although tying the drawstrings before washing is advised to prevent them from being pulled out. The material is soft, cozy, and warm, akin to a plush blanket, and it's become my go-to relaxation piece after a long day at work. However, a couple of minor design points could be improved: the strings are excessively long and the pockets could be more centered, plus it's a tad tight around the shoulders, but these small drawbacks don't take away from the overall comfort and warmth of this hoodie.

Around The World Brainteasers

  • Global Brainteasers

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Creative, Set

You can stimulate the mind of a 15-year-old near you with these brain teasers from around the world. The set of puzzles and challenges are drawn from different ancient civilizations, like keys from the Roman empire or the wonders of what makes up Chinese tea. The most imaginative teenage minds will love the mental aerobics and unique topics of these brain teasers from beyond the everyday.

Mermaid Blanket

  • I Was A Teenage Mermaid

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Decor

This crocheted blanket looks like the fins of a mermaid’s tail and actually come together as her tail would in a stunning handmade blue-green knit. She can keep this super-special lightweight blanket on her bed, use it on the sofa, or bring it to her weekly sleepover, safe in the knowledge that no one else brought a mermaid tail with them in their overnight bag.

Personal Perspective

From the moment I wrapped myself in this mermaid tail blanket, I was impressed by its cute design and snug fit, despite its crochet nature and larger holes. Even though it's more suited for waist-down coverage, the stretchy fabric allowed me to pull it up to my armpits, providing a cozy cocoon for my leisure time. Just keep in mind to wash it before the first use, and although not recommended, I found it survived a delicate machine wash and dry cycle well, fluffing up nicely from its initially squished, vacuum-packed state.

15th Birthday Mug Set

  • Spoon Up Her Birthday

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Cute

Wish your most cherished 15-year-old girl a happy birthday with this festive 15th birthday mug set. The gift set not only includes a ceramic mug complete with birthday wishes, but also a small golden spoon and a practical cover for the mug to keep her favorite beverage warm. She’ll love the idea of having a birthday keepsake at the same time she’s got the ideal mug that was made just for her.

Community Feedback

My experience with this gift was quite enjoyable, and it exudes quality. It came in an elegant, sturdy box that added to its appeal, but I was slightly surprised by its size compared to the images. Nevertheless, it was a hit at the birthday party and made a lovely keepsake, adding a special touch to the celebration.

Lotion Set (Perfect For Backpacks)

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Set, Cool

Add to the beauty collection of a 15-year-old when you give her this set of eight different scented lotions that she can choose from, depending on her mood of the day. She might be feeling more jasmine, camomile, or cherry blossom. The lotions will keep her moisturized during the colder months and the kit even includes a lip gloss/lip balm pairing to go along with them.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this lotion set and was immediately impressed by the diversity of fragrances and the practical, travel-sized packaging. The texture of the lotion is really lovely, it absorbs well without leaving a greasy feel, which is a pet peeve of mine with some lotions. I found all the scents pleasing and not too overpowering, and it's also worth mentioning the hand cream is incredibly effective for dry hands. However, the accompanying lipstick might not suit everyone's taste, so keep that in mind.

Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

  • The Ultimate Teen Sing Along

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Cool, Unique

You’ll have the makings of the coolest 15-year-old girl slumber party in history when you give the teenager in your life a karaoke machine powered by Bluetooth. The mini-machine will keep the fun tunes flowing and the singing going on (and on), while the range of the machine will allow the singer to strut her stuff for up to 33 feet of superstardom.

User Experience

I'm pleased with the sound quality and volume output of this karaoke machine, it exceeded my expectations. The structure is solid and setting it up was a breeze with the included aux cable, although the Bluetooth connectivity was a bit inconsistent. The dual wireless microphones are a fun addition, but one had issues charging on the stand, charging fine via USB-C instead.

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