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50 Best Gifts For A 60 Year Old Man: Who Has Everything

Over the years, he has grown both older and wiser. Now, invite him to party with one of these top 50 coolest gifts for a 60 year old man.

Whether you have a father, partner, family member, or friend who is turning 60, you might be perplexed as to what gifts he may value or need. After all, by now he’s proven that he knows what he wants in life.

Despite his certainties, there are tons of personalized, funny, and meaningful gifts for a 60-year-old man that you can choose from and still manage to pleasantly surprise him.

Have a look ahead at these 60th birthday gifts which will allow the man you know to feel both young at heart and appreciated by those he cares about.

50 Unique Gift Ideas for a 60 Year Old Man

When age is just a number, but that number happens to be 60, you can achieve gift-giving success with 50 of the coolest gift ideas for 60-year-old men.

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Teas of the Boston Tea Party

  • Tea Time For History Buffs

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unusual

Do you know a 60-year-old history buff who has everything? Why not give him a sampler pack of some of the famous teas tossed into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party? This quirky gift set includes flavor profiles and facts surrounding that historical event that will keep him sipping and studying history until his next birthday.

York Laptop Table

  • Working In Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Home, Work

When a man gets to a certain age, he can appreciate taking care of business without giving up comfort. Amongst the best gift ideas for 60 year old men, this laptop table will allow him to work at a standing desk, on the go, or even in bed. It is adjustable and even able to be raised to meet eye level for the perfect video communication. Allow him to keep in touch with loved ones and get work done whenever and wherever he sees fit.

Personal Perspective

I have found this device to be exceptionally versatile and lightweight, making it ideal for using my laptop on the couch, in bed, and various other places. The individual leg customization offers flexibility in angle, allowing it to stand even on uneven surfaces like a dipped couch. However, the bottom barrier tray is slightly too small to keep my thicker Dell laptop from sliding off, which could be improved with a slightly higher barrier. Notably, the detachable mousepad shelf adjusts to accommodate left and right-handed users, and despite having leg circulation issues, this device has been a godsend, sparing me from the weight of the laptop on my legs and effectively dissipating heat with its cooling fans.

2D Photo Crystal Keychain

  • Memories Kept At Hand

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Cool, Unusual

Nothing feels so personal to a man on his 60th birthday as a thoughtful gift that stays with him. Something so simple as a 2D photo crystal keychain lets him know that you took that extra step in order to create a good memory. Any photo of your choice can be added to this keychain, a long-lasting reminder of those who care the most.

2-Tier Round Butler Serving Cart

  • Cocktails In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Cool, Men

An awesome gift idea for a 60-year-old man, this serving cart is ideal for any man who loves to entertain at home. The two-tier cart is stylish and contemporary, while the tiers themselves are removable for more serving options. He will be sending invites to his next party soon, so look out for yours.

Vintage 1961 T-Shirt

  • Vintage Man Of Sixty

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Funny, Men

There’s no need to beat around the bush when looking for 60th birthday gifts for men. His Vintage 1961 t-shirt is an ideal and funny way to let him know how cool you think he really is. The style is classic and colorful. He can wear it while relaxing at home, away for the weekend, or fixing up a new motorcycle!

User Experience

This t-shirt, with its vibrant design and quality material, definitely added a unique touch to several milestone birthday celebrations. Despite one unfortunate instance of receiving a shirt with a defect, the majority of recipients, ranging from my husband to my sister and son, expressed delight in the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Travel Laptop Backpack

  • Ready For Anything

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Work, Cool

Whether the 60-year-old man you know travels for work or for pleasure, he will thank you for this astounding backpack. Not only does it safely hold a laptop and a tablet, but it is equipped with ports for charging and for headphones, and a safety lock. There is no messing around with this backpack and he’ll be ready for any work or play anywhere he goes.

Personal Perspective

I'm thoroughly impressed by the multifunctionality of this backpack; it proves perfect for outdoor adventures with its ample pockets and built-in USB charging port, while the lockable compartment provides peace of mind in bustling travel spots. Nonetheless, the capacity of the side pockets leaves something to be desired as they can't accommodate a water bottle and umbrella simultaneously, but overall, this backpack is a testament to practicality fused with affordability.

Tissot Chronograph Watch

  • Keep Time In Luxury

  • $$$$$
  • Luxury, Men, Cool

For the 60-year-old man who has a penchant for luxury, he’ll be amazed when you give him a Tissot Chronograph watch. Swiss made of stainless steel, the watch employs a quartz movement and is even waterproof to 100 meters so his next stage of life can be full of well-timed adventure.

Diamond Cigar Sampler

  • Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Men, Cool

Diamonds are considered a traditional gift for both a 60th wedding anniversary and a 60th birthday. When a man turns 60, you can give him four great reasons to live it up with this Diamond cigar sampler, including premium cigars from the Dominican Republic. He’s come this far and deserves a meaningful way to mark his 60th birthday.

Car Trunk Organizer

  • Organized On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Work, Men, Unusual

Gifts for a 60-year-old man include the fun and the practical. This car trunk organizer falls into both categories. The multiple compartments and heavy-duty construction serve to store any number of road trip items in perfect harmony. The organizer can double in length and has a strap to hold it in place when he zips into all the destinations he’s got in mind.

User Experience

As an owner of this trunk organizer, I've found it to be a superior product when compared to others on the market. Its sturdy build and high-quality fabric contribute to its durability, promising years of use. This organizer not only consolidates various items such as tire pressure gauges, chargers, and shopping bags, but also features numerous pockets and smaller storage slots for convenient organization. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it can be folded to a compact size when not in use. However, I did notice that the stitching on the side pockets could be improved upon, as it came undone when I inserted a thin paper map.

Whiskey Globe Decanter

  • Keep The World On Your Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unusual, Home

A man who is turning 60 has achieved a certain distinguished stature. He can’t just drink whiskey from a bottle anymore. You can literally give him the world with this whiskey globe decanter, which has an antique ship floating inside. The airtight globe keeps the best spirits fresh and its visual appeal will keep his bar fresh as well.

Personal Perspective

I'm impressed by the aesthetic appeal of this whiskey decanter, which makes it an ideal showpiece for any home bar. The globe design is striking, albeit slightly cartoonish, and the craftsmanship in the details is commendable. Despite its lighter weight and smaller size than expected, it can hold a good amount of spirit and comes with a handy stainless steel funnel for ease in filling. However, the product could use some improvement, particularly the top, which seems to have a tendency to pop off, posing a potential risk of breakage.
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Prank Toilet Paper

  • 60 Years Of Gag Gifts

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Personal

There is no way you can search through gift ideas for 60-year-old men without finding some choice gag gifts. This prank toilet paper will bring a boyish smile to his face and perhaps some good humor to his bathroom toiletries collection. The funny gift can also be used to playfully decorate a birthday party celebration.

Community Feedback

I purchased this gag gift for a 60th birthday celebration and was pleased with its ability to incite laughter among the party attendees. Its humorous wording was particularly well-received, making it a hit with both the birthday boy and the guests. Minor drawbacks included the difficulty in tearing it apart, but the vibrant color quality made up for it, enhancing the overall birthday decor.

Sugarwish Large Popcorn

  • 60 Pops To Deliciousness

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Unusual, Food

Give a guy a treat already, it’s his 60th birthday! This deluxe popcorn selection from Sugarwish includes a bevy of festive, unique flavors like cornfetti, bacon ranch, and caramel cashew. A great way to add a little color (and flavor) to any 60th birthday party.

12 Angry Men Art Print

  • Classic Print For a Classic Man

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Men, Home

Does the 60-year-old man you know need something timeless for his home? This beautiful art print (various sizes available) of the classic film 12 Angry Men beams with style and would add to the already distinguished home of a man in his sixth decade. Made with a natural matte background on cotton paper, the piece makes for a lovely 60th birthday gift for men.

Tool Belt Wristband

  • A Tool For Every Occasion

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Cool, Men

If you know a man about to turn 60 with years of fix-it experience under his belt, why not get him a tool belt for his wrist? This tool belt wristband does it all with magnets‒keeping screws, nails, drill bits, etc., all close-at-hand so your handy 60-year-old can keep fixing the world up one project at a time.

Personal Perspective

I found this magnetic tool holder to be extremely useful when working with screws, especially during a recent project where I was mounting a bracket. It conveniently held my drill tips, Phillips bit, and screws, saving me from constant turning around to search for my tools. However, I did notice a few flaws. The size of the Velcro strap is quite large, making it uncomfortable as it frequently collided with my body and tools. Also, the fabric isn't smooth, and although it's robust, it lacks an ergonomic design. Despite these drawbacks, I'm satisfied overall with its functionality.

Commandos Emergency Underpants

  • On His Way To Senior Moments

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Personal, Unusual

There are gag gifts and then there are gag gifts for the man turning 60 who has everything. Emergency underpants are the most hilarious of funny gifts when a man is rounding the corner to senior citizenville. Better yet, these emergency underpants in a can might really come in handy when he least expects it.

Community Feedback

My experience with these gag gifts was quite entertaining, as they sparked lively conversations during parties and even seemed to amuse my father on his birthday. Despite their paper-thin structure, they surprisingly can serve the purpose in a desperate situation. However, the quality of the tin containers was a bit of a letdown, with two out of three arriving with broken covers.

Wood Phone Docking Station

  • No More Bowl of Keys

  • $$$$$
  • Work, Home, Men

Turning 60 is no time to be disorganized with phones, keys, and other small tech items. You can give this docking station to a friend or loved one as an effective way to store a smartphone, watch/Apple watch, keys, headphones, wallet, and more. You can even tell him that you got him the docking station because you’re worried about his memory waning. He’ll still love the gift!

First-Hand Impression

For those struggling to keep their everyday items organized, this docking station has proven to be a high-quality solution; with well-cut, impressive wooden pieces, it holds up sturdily and manages to accommodate keys, wallets, glasses, and watches in a neat manner. Despite a few reports of durability issues, my personal experience has been positive, and I found the assembly to be straightforward and user-friendly, even going so far as to apply a custom oak stain to the wood, which it took rather well.

Password Keeper Diary

  • Dear Password Diary

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Work, Home

In a world where you can amass hundreds of websites and passwords by adulthood, a man who has reached the age of 60 has just too many to keep track of. You can offer him the best place to store all of his passwords in this password diary. A perfect, small size, the diary can stay close to him when needed and protect his digital passwords the old-fashioned way‒on paper.

User Experience

After using this password keeper for a few months, I have found it to be an incredibly handy tool for managing the seemingly endless list of passwords in my life. This compact book fits perfectly in my purse, and with its attached band, it stays securely closed, ensuring all my information is kept safe. However, it's worth noting that the space for password amendments is relatively small, so I recommend using a pen that doesn't smear and being prepared to spend some time inputting all necessary information.

Birthday Fruit & Sweets Gift Basket

  • 60 Means Deluxe

  • $$$$$
  • Food, Personal, Men

Give the 60th Birthday Boy a gift basket worth keeping. This massive gift basket is chock full of a variety of fruit, chocolate, savory treats, snacks, and more. By the time he makes his way through the mountain of delicious gifts, it will likely be time for his 61st birthday party.

59 Plus Coffee Mug

  • How Does He Really Feel

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Home, Personal

In case you are at a loss when it comes to gift ideas for 60-year-old men, you can always find success with a sarcastic mug. This delightfully funny mug featuring the words “I am 59 + [middle finger gesture]” will keep his family and co-workers laughing every morning. A great sense of humor only deepens with age and the perfect funny mug.

Community Feedback

This mug has been an instant hit with my family, effortlessly bringing joy to my 60-year-old relatives with its lighthearted humor. I appreciate its durability, as it has held up well even with frequent dishwasher use. The only minor drawback is that I wish I had opted for the larger size, but overall, this mug has been a fun and well-utilized gift.

Keurig Drinkworks Home Bar

  • Cocktails In A Pod

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Home, Luxury

Getting older is about stopping to enjoy some luxury once in a while (or all the time). This Keurig Home Bar is pure luxury for any 60-year-old man who loves craft cocktails. The machine works with the same pod system as the Keurig coffee maker and produces single-serve premium cocktails. The set even includes Co2 cartridges for a little bubble.

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Bamboo Cheese Board

  • 60 Years of Cheese

  • $$$$$
  • Food, Home, Cool

When going to a 60th birthday party, you can always score big by giving the gift of a gorgeous and practical cheese board. Not only does it look attractive, but it also houses a secret drawer for a variety of cheese tools and features a trough for crackers to call home. What 60-year-old could want anything more?

Portable Neck Fan

  • Aged Better With Airflow

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Tech, Unusual

Cool air can be the greatest gift of all, especially when at an outdoor event in the heat of summertime. Create some comfort between the ears of a man turning 60 with this portable neck fan. With three speeds and 360 degrees of rotation, the neck fan will keep him cool throughout endless outdoor escapades.

Personal Perspective

Excellent is the best way to start describing this neck fan. I took it on a hiking trip and was impressed by how well it kept me cool under the scorching sun, even though I turned it on and off multiple times. The fan is very lightweight and adjustable, so much so that at times I forgot I was wearing it. The battery life is decent, but it could use a little improvement for longer use. Despite this, my experience with this neck fan has been great, whether I'm outdoors or at home doing yard work or cooking outside.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Gift Set

  • A Whole New Brew

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Men, Unusual

After 60 years of life, any guy has had more than his fair share of coffee. Why not awaken his senses to a whole new world of coffee made with top-quality, small-batch spirits? This coffee gift set includes blends made with artisanal beans originating from Sumatra, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. He will be highly caffeinated and super excited to greet each new day.

Community Feedback

These coffee beans, gifted to a friend, garnered positive feedback for their delicious flavor. The coffee's aroma and taste were well-received, particularly when brewed both hot and cold. However, the size of the bags and the fact that the coffee came in whole beans, requiring an additional investment in a grinder, were concerning. The taste was described as reminiscent of alcohol, though not overwhelmingly so, and the included coffee mug added a certain charm, despite its smaller-than-expected capacity.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

  • Find Peace and Calm at 60

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Personal, Unusual

Give a meaningful gift for a man turning 60 with this beautiful bonsai forest kit. Everything he needs to cultivate both a meditative forest and meditative mind is within his reach. He has learned patience and fortitude in his life and now he can work on the next phase with a calm mind and a joyful heart.

Customized Case of Wine

  • 6(0) Bottles Of Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Luxury, Cool

If the 60-year-old man in your life is a lover of wine, then he doesn’t need just one bottle. He needs a customized case of wine, including a minimum of six bottles of wine from regions all over the world of quality, often organic or biodynamic wines. A connoisseur of vino will appreciate your thinking of his six decades with good taste.

ViriliTea for Men

  • Pep In His Step

  • $$$$$
  • Unusual, Funny, Personal

Getting older isn’t easy, but if you know a 60-year-old guy who needs some vim and vigor (and you have an honest friendship), he may really appreciate getting this ViriliTea. It helps with male vitality and wellness by way of ginger, sarsaparilla, ginseng, and much more. He can enjoy a few cups of hot or cold tea and stay in the young man’s lane for a long time to come.

Multi Tool Pen

  • A Measured Way To Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Work

This multitool pen does it all and will help any 60-year-old man continue to do it all successfully. The pen works as a ruler, a level, a stylus tip, has 2 types of screwdrivers, and, of course, a pen. He can utilize this tool at work or at home, in the boardroom, or in the garage. Make his projects more efficient and powerful with this equally as powerful super pen.

Community Feedback

Bought this pen as a present and it was a hit, exceeding my expectations with its rich, easy-to-spot red color and numerous practical functions including a stylus, precision screwdriver, level, and four different rulers. This pen is straightforward and robust, appealing to those who appreciate simple, effective designs. Despite my slight disappointment with its plastic packaging, the inclusion of ink refills was a pleasant surprise.

60th Birthday Candy Gift Box

  • Sweet Tooth For Life

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Food, Cool

A cool and sweet gift for your 60-year-old man, whether a dad or a husband, is this gift of vintage candy. This 60th birthday gift box is chock full of 30 vintage candy bars and candies from 60 years ago. He will turn into a kid again when he is guided down memory lane by the sweet taste of the old-fashioned candy that he may remember well.

First-Hand Impression

My recent purchase was an intriguing mixed bag of retro candies that sparked nostalgia and great conversation at our gatherings. Despite some filler candy that seemed to inflate the price a bit, the unique blend of childhood favorites provided weeks of enjoyment and plenty of laughs. This candy assortment achieved its nostalgic purpose, rekindling fond memories and triggering delightful stories from the past.

Cuisinart® Tabletop Gas Grill

  • A Compact Way To Grill

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Personal, Home

Once a grill aficionado, always a grill aficionado. You can score big points at the next cookout with this tabletop grill. Its strengths overtake its size when it comes to grilling meats, vegetables, and more. This grill with a large cooking surface and foldable legs will have any man of 60 ready for a fun and tasty camping trip.

Camping Journal & RV Travel Logbook

  • A Record of Adventure

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Unusual, Cool

If the 60-year-old man in your life has decided to travel the land in a camper or RV, armed only with the sense of adventure that a seasoned life provides, help him record his journey every step of the way with this camping and RV logbook. The thoughtful book serves both as a journal of meaningful experiences and as a logbook full of helpful details that will make any return trip that much easier.

Personal Perspective

I found this camping journal to be an excellent tool for documenting my adventures. It offers plenty of space for recording site details, amenities, weather, and personal anecdotes from each trip. However, I think it could be improved with dedicated fields for tracking gas and food expenses, as I found myself using up the free space for these details. The quality of the paper impressed me, although I would have preferred a spiral binding for ease of use. Despite receiving a slightly used copy, the overall functionality and usefulness of this journal far outweighed this minor setback.
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Row Boat Serving Bowl

  • Sail Away To Supper

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Food, Unusual

Add a fun, quirky 60th birthday gift for men to the gift table with this serving bowl shaped like a rowboat. Any lover of kitchenware will appreciate this aluminum row boat complete with a set of wooden oars as serving utensils. A whimsical way to serve fruit, salad, or vegetables and get a conversation started at the same time.

Leather Notebook with Pen Set

  • Tell A Story

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Men, Home

A man turning 60 has a lot of stories to tell. What better way to give his thoughts a voice than with this handsome notebook and pen set? With 200 impermeable pages and a golden pen to get him started, this notebook with a beautiful embossed design acts as the ultimate journal for a man on his newest journey.

First-Hand Impression

Best quality and design I've seen in a journal, this notebook truly exceeded my expectations with its embossed 3D cover and alternating cream and darker colored pages. The provided ballpoint pen, reminiscent of the 1800s, adds an artsy, steampunk vibe, though it's a bit heavy and the ink runs out rather fast. The textured, detailed cover and the surprise hidden message on the back cover truly set this journal apart, making it a unique piece for recording life lessons, trivia, and family stories.

Golfer Gift Pack

  • 60 Holes In One

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Men, Funny

It’s no lie that older men tend to enjoy a good game of golf. A wonderful, lighthearted gift idea for 60-year-old men, this double golf ball gift pack wishes him a happy birthday and the uplifting message “60 And Still Swinging.” He can enjoy taking his birthday gift to the course and getting as many holes in one as possible.

User Experience

Bought these golf balls as a gift for my son's milestone birthday, which he absolutely adored. These balls, perfect in appearance, were appreciated for their humorous nature and the included double-sided tape for display purposes. I did find that I had to secure the balls a bit more in their packaging, but that was a minor issue.

Longchamp Toiletry Case

  • Packed And Ready To Go

  • $$$$$
  • Luxury, Personal, Men

By the time he gets to 60, he has hopefully learned that quality is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to where he keeps his toiletries. If he hasn’t figured it out, you can figure it out for him with this leather trim toiletry case. Roomy, sturdy, and even containing a cell phone pocket, this case will be the ideal place for all the grooming supplies he’s amassed.

60th Birthday Wine Bottle Labels

  • Celebrate With Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Personal, Funny

Party favors for a 60th birthday party are great, but celebrating the milestone with personalized wine labels may be an even better time. This set of eight wine labels each contains a different birthday message in the guise of an artisanal wine brand, like “60 Isn’t Old If You’re A Tree” and “60 Aged To Protection.” He will love drinking his birthday wine from a bottle labeled with words meant to celebrate him.

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with these labels that I got for my mother's birthday. They were just the right size to cover the original ones, which was really convenient. My mom found them incredibly adorable and they definitely added a special touch to the occasion. Using these labels turned what could have been a regular gift into something charming and personalized. The quality was top-notch and they were a really big hit. The satisfaction I got from seeing my mom's reaction was truly priceless.

60th Birthday Whiskey Glass and Stones

  • Aged To Perfection

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unusual, Men

The next drink he enjoys could be a personal milestone if you give him this whiskey glass and stones as the best gift ideas for a 60-year-old man. With this personalized glass and gift set, he can chill his spirits in the most effective way possible and celebrate his 60 years of being awesome.

First-Hand Impression

When I first received this whiskey gift, I was struck by its undeniable class and high-quality feel. It served as an elegant addition to my home bar, and each sip from it was a sheer delight. I was pleasantly surprised that this gift appealed to both men and women, making it a versatile option for whiskey lovers. The quality of this product surpassed my expectations, making every whiskey tasting an exquisite experience. This whiskey gift has not only satisfied my palate but also elevated my overall whiskey enjoyment.

3K Tripod W/Ball Head Kit

  • For The Second Act

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Men, Cool

Now that he has more time to be a photographer and videographer, you can ensure that his photos and videos are as professional as possible with this tripod kit. The flexibility of the ball mount and legs allows for shooting in the most uneven of places, along with the durability of its build. You can enjoy his precise and focused photos and videos even more than ever.

Official US Military Compass

  • He’s A Survivor

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Work, Personal

When he turns 60, he may consider his trips into the wilderness as serious business. There’s nothing that serious business needs more than a serious military compass. Military specification means long-life illumination, durability, shock resistance, and more. A great 60th birthday gift, this official compass will turn any hiking, camping, or hunting trip into an immensely accurate good time.

Personal Perspective

If you're like me, craving a sturdy, reliable compass to aid your adventurous spirit, then this compass ticks the boxes. This same model accompanied me during my time in the Marines, with its tritium feature adding a practical touch, eliminating the need for a flashlight when set up correctly. However, due to its military-grade robustness, it's a bit on the heavier side, and its microscopic numbers can be a challenge for those needing reading glasses, but rest assured, this is a high-quality product that will last you for years.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

  • Campfire Fishing Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Food, Unusual

There is no way that the 60-year-old man in your life will ever guess that he’s getting a fishing pole campfire roaster under the Christmas tree this year. This quirky, fun gift is great for seasoned campers and outdoorsmen (and fishermen). They can “fish” for hot dogs, marshmallows, smores, and more with this well-built way to roast treats over an open fire like a true fisherman.

60th Birthday Flask Gift Set

  • A Flask To Remember

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Men, Home

You can just cut right to the chase for the ultimate in gift ideas for 60-year-old men. This 60th birthday flask set is a great gift for the man who has everything. An impressive, round flask made from stainless steel, along with two shot glasses and a funnel, will have him celebrating his 60th birthday in a stylish, jovial way. A lovely keepsake to show him how much you appreciate him.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent, this flask set made for a memorable birthday gift that my friends and family adored. Despite the etching appearing lighter than expected, the quality and style of the flask itself were highly praised. The recipient utilized it straight away, indicating its immediate appeal and functionality. This keepsake, while not without its minor flaws, was generally well-received and appreciated.
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Custom Puzzle

  • Fit The Pieces Together

  • $$$$$
  • Personal, Home, Men

Life is a puzzle and we live it one piece at a time. If someone you care about is having a 60th birthday, offer him a gift that he can enjoy as an activity and as a keeper of memories. This custom puzzle from Minted is personalized with a photograph of your choice (the man himself, his family, his beloved pooch!), which offers hours of fun and a lifetime of remembering.

Old Lives Matter Tumbler

  • For A Birthday Joker

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Home

Sometimes you’ve got to bring laughter to the party, especially when the party is being thrown for a man turning 60-years-old. This 20 oz tumbler reads “Old Lives Matter” and keeps any older guy’s drinks cold or warm. What better way to laugh it up with a functional and hilarious gag gift than by providing this funny birthday gift to a dad or husband?

Personal Perspective

Got this tumbler as a humorous gift for a friend in a care facility and it was a hit. The staff and my friend often share a laugh about it, adding a touch of light-hearted fun to her day. The tumbler itself, along with the accompanying straw and cleaner, met my expectations for quality. It's good for maintaining the temperature of both hot and cold drinks, lasting around 8 hours. However, the gift box it came in was somewhat fragile, needing careful handling to prevent any damage.

Vans Old Skool Skate Shoe

  • Even Skaters Get Old

  • $$$$$
  • Luxury, Men, Work

When skaters turn 60, they might need a new classic to keep their feet moving forward. These timeless Vans skate shoes look as awesome as they ever did but have been reworked to provide a deeper sense of comfort, cushioning, and longevity. Any skater will tell you that it’s all about longevity. He’ll be looking for the nearest skate park in no time, even if he decides to drive himself there.

Community Feedback

I'm quite pleased with these Vans, they are authentic and incredibly comfortable to wear. Although there are some noticeable differences compared to earlier models I've owned, such as the absence of a logo label on the tongue and a change in insole and outsole material, they still maintain their stylish appearance. One thing to note is that these Vans seem to run a bit smaller, so I'd recommend going half to a full size larger for a perfect fit. Despite the slight design alterations and sizing issue, I still appreciate the overall comfort and aesthetic of these shoes.

Smoke Odor Eliminator Candle

  • A Scent For An Experienced Man

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Personal, Home

An older man understands how important a comfortable home can be. If he’s been cooking or smoking, he may need a little assistance in recreating a pleasurably scented abode. This odor eliminator candle burns for 30 hours in a luscious Moroccan Night scent. A great many gifts for a 60-year-old man can celebrate him, but this gift celebrates the sanctuary that he calls home.

Magnetic Pickup Tool

  • Practical As Ever

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Men, Work

If the man you know has been fixing things for 60 years, make his work a little easier on him with this magnetic tool that picks up screws, nails, and anything of the sort that litters the ground beneath him. Less bending over and more fixing will be in his future with a friend like you. Sometimes practical wins the race.

User Experience

Best tool to have in your bag, this mirror with built-in LED is essential for those hard-to-see areas. The additional pickup devices, including a magnetized and extendable grabber, make working in tight spaces significantly easier. The bendable neck and bright light are practical features that prove useful in various situations. While there were some quality control issues with the product, it's sturdy and reliable when functioning as expected. Despite minor setbacks, this tool remains a valuable addition to any toolkit.

Monocular Telescope

  • View The World With One Hand

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unusual, Tech

Every little boy dreams of having a telescope. Every 60-year-old man dreams of seeing the world with his telescope in hand. This handheld, monocular telescope is a great way for a leisurely man to watch and study wildlife, get a better look at the beauty of the outside world, or simply spy on his neighbors. Whatever he does best, he’ll see with precise clarity, thanks to you.

Personal Perspective

This monocular has been a hit in my family, from my dad to my outdoor-loving granddaughter. Despite minor issues like the case strap's length and the lack of clear instructions for attaching the handheld strap, its compact size and impressive range make it a joy to use. I've used it to spot deer at 500 yards, and my husband uses it regularly for raptor recovery. While I can't vouch for its accuracy at 1000 yards, its easy portability and fantastic clarity make it a worthy investment for any outdoor adventure.

Beef Jerky Bundle

  • Still Loving Jerky

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Food

The palate of a man turning 60 can be more sophisticated than the palate of a younger man. Still, who’s to say all any 60-year-old wants for his birthday isn’t a great beef jerky collection? This jerky gift set includes eight bags of beef jerky made with natural ingredients and bold flavors. Let him turn the page onto a new chapter in beef jerky appreciation.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this jerky is undeniably a superior snack with a homemade taste that distinguishes it from typical grocery store options. The variety in flavors is impressive, ranging from subtle to intensely spicy, making it a perfect treat for those with a preference for heat, and the tender texture has been consistently excellent, enhancing my overall enjoyment of the product.

Therapedic® Men's Slide Slipper

  • Memory Foam Awaits

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Personal, Home

The typical gag gift ideas for a 60-year-old man always involve slippers. However, what man of 60 wouldn’t love getting a pair of slide-on slippers made with memory foam? Yes, he may slip less from the grip and enjoy slipping them on and off (or living in them), but a pair of slippers that help act as a therapeutic aid will only climb to the top of his gift list before you know it.

Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

  • Experienced Sports Fan

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Unusual, Cool

The Baseball Hall of Fame has nothing on these 60-year-old guys. You can be guaranteed that no other bottle opener gift plays as well as these bottle openers made from official game-day baseball bats. Any seasoned sports guy will love this small gift with a big impact. Just wait‒he’ll think he’s hit a home run every time he opens a new bottle of beer.

1961 Beer Pint Glass And Board Set

  • Party Like It’s 60 Years Ago

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Funny, Unusual

A great display piece and even greater gift idea for 60-year-old men, this pint glass and board set showcases the birth year of your favorite 60-year-old man. The glass wishes him a happy 60th birthday and the board of random birthday year facts comes with its own stand for party presentation. He will be sure to never forget this birthday.

Personal Perspective

When I received this birthday gift, it was an absolute delight. The playful design and vibrant colors really made my day special. Using it was a breeze, and it's definitely something that added a unique touch to my celebration. This birthday gift was of top-notch quality, and it held up well even after rigorous use.
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60 Year Old Gift FAQs

What is the Traditional Gift for a 60th Birthday?

According to Truly, the traditional gift for a 60th birthday, like the traditional gift for a 60th wedding anniversary, is a diamond. The idea is that enough life has been lived to achieve the top gemstone around. Typically, a 60th birthday gift doesn’t have to include an actual diamond but can be inspired by the diamond theme. Examples include top level tech, experiences (spa, travel, culinary), or top anything (the very best whiskey is a great example). He has earned an extravagant gift and you can help him celebrate (1).

What to Buy a 60 Year Old Man Who Has Everything?

New York Magazine tells us that the 60-year-old man who has “everything” is always in need of something different, including a new experience. They recommend surprising the birthday boy with various annual memberships and in-person or online classes‒revolving around food, drink, and all things creative, always being a great angle. Any gift that speaks to the stage of life when he is able to reflect, relax, and enjoy works wonders, including a good book, some comfortable clothing, or a luxurious accessory, will all be appreciated and valued (2).

What Can I Do for My Husband’s 60th Birthday?

The website eHow includes birthday celebration ideas for a husband marking his 60th birthday. Using the number 60 theme, you can decorate with 60 balloons or have 60 tiny gifts for him. You can throw a 1960’s theme party or even create a list of 60 things you love about him. You can oversee a treasure hunt (for, of course, 60 treasures) or celebrate his 60 years with a “This is Your Life” theme party. There are so many ways to let him know how much he means to you and everyone in his life on his 60th birthday (3).

How We Choose Gifts For A 60 Year Old Man

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the challenge of finding the perfect gift for a 60-year-old man. Our team of experts meticulously research, check, compare, and review a plethora of gift ideas to ensure you have a comprehensive, reliable guide at your disposal. We evaluate products from a user’s perspective, considering various factors like price, style, and customer feedback. Whether it’s a classic wristwatch, a vintage wine, a stylish leather wallet, or a set of golf clubs, we’ve got you covered. We consult with industry experts and survey customers to score each product based on strict criteria. Trust us to help you find that perfect gift that fits your budget and his style.

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