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50 Cool Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers

Don’t know Naruto from Dragon Ball Z? You will learn more than you ever knew you wanted to with these unique gifts for anime lovers.

The weird and wonderful world of Japanese anime culture is often a mystery to those of us not deep within its geeky clutches. Anime fans are called Weebs. Now, if you didn’t even know that, how can you possibly guess what anime gifts they might want or need?

Fear not, newbie weebs…whether you’ve got a classic anime purist, a manga Japanese comic lover, or a convention-attending cosplayer, we’re on your side.

You’ll find the top gift ideas for anime lovers here that will make the fan in your life super happy (and you’ll find some things you didn’t even know existed)!

50 Best Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers

Expand your mind and have fun finding the coolest anime gifts this side of Tokyo.

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Demon Slayer Tapestry

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  • Full Size Demon Slayer

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Art, Fans

Fans of the anime Demon Slayer won’t believe their fantastical eyes when you deliver this giant 50” x 60” wall tapestry to them for Christmas or their birthday. The colorful digital print captures all of the excitement and characters, plus will look great after any anime-themed event in the bedroom or sitting area of an anime lover.

Anime Lovers T-Shirt

  • Sarcastic Anime Wear

  • $$$$$
  • Girls, Guys, Fans

Anime fans are known for their particular brand of wit. Show the anime fans in your life that you get them and appreciate their unique sense of humor with this anime lovers t-shirt. The shirt reads “I Paused My Anime To Be Here” and is a weird and funny way to advertise their love of the genre to the world.

Manga Merch Gift Set

  • All The Anime In One Place

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Japanese, Manga

If you’re looking for gift ideas for anime lovers and want to create a spectacular gift basket, you won’t have to. This manga gift set has it all: drawstring bag, keychain, 50 unique stickers, necklace, bracelet, phone holder, buttons, and a pillow‒every cute anime piece of merchandise that any teenage girl might want.

Shinobu Demon Slayer Figure

  • Anime Action Figure

  • $$$$$
  • Girls, Cool, Japanese

The most fun among the gifts for anime lovers comes in the form of this Shinobu figure from Demon Slayer. Anime fans love to collect, and this highly detailed figure would make a great addition to any anime figure collection.

Owl Soup Bowl

  • Owl Eyes On The Watch

  • $$$$$
  • Japanese, Cool, Weird

Anime fans often become fans of all things Japanese. The term “weebs” actually refers to non-Japanese anime fans who wish they were Japanese. Feed their obsession with this adorable Japanese soup bowl in the shape of a snow awl. Complete with anime-friendly eyes and a resting place for chopsticks, your quirky friend can enjoy noodles, soup, or any Asian delight they can think of.

Dragonball Mens Crew Socks

  • Dragonball On The Feet

  • $$$$$
  • Guys, Fans, Cool

Often, a husband or boyfriend might love anime but likes to keep it a little secret. These Dragonball crew socks are the answer for him. You can give him the type of anime gifts that will suit his personal style while speaking to his love of Japanese animated entertainment. Five different designs and solid construction make for more than just a very cool set of socks.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Poster

  • Vintage Cool

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Art, Weird

Great gifts for anime lovers are the ones that are special and unexpected. This vintage Neon Genesis Evangelion poster is smooth gloss and is available in multiple sizes. The popular 90’s show’s graphics come to life in this high-quality piece of wall art that will have every other anime fan dying to come over to see it every chance they can get.

Demon Slayer Makeup Brush Set

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  • Made Up Like Anime

  • $$$$$
  • Girls, Fans, Cosplay

Girls who are fans of anime often love to have various elements in their life designed in anime fashion. This five-piece makeup brush set is all anime and ideal for any serious fan. With a design inspired by Naruto, the brushes will have any fan ready for a Naruto viewing party, a cosplay event, or an anime convention.

My Hero Academia Men's Pajama Pants

  • Anime For Bedtime

  • $$$$$
  • Guys, Fans, Cool

What more could a guy want than a pair of pajamas patterned after the anime hit My Hero Academia? These pajamas are comfortable and covered by characters based on the manga comic book. You can give him something cozy to wear while enjoying the series or just hanging around in his anime-filled world.

Naruto Looksee Box

  • Mystery Collectibles

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Fans, Weird

Your anime fan won’t think you’ve given them any gift worth having until they open this Naruto mystery box full of themed and customized items, including art decor, a breakaway lanyard, and a gold keychain. With two options, this fun gift will bring a smile to any anime lover’s face and they will appreciate the mystery that you’ve brought to them, anime style.

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The Promised Neverland Music Box

  • Music To Their Ears

  • $$$$$
  • Girls. Cool, Art

You may think that the more youthful anime fans are not interested in a music box, but rest assured, they will be very interested in this The Promised Neverland music box. Based on the series, this hand-cranked miniature music box plays Isabella’s lullaby while the inside design entertains the eyes as well as the ears.

Japanese Stationery Paper

  • Japanese Gift Givers

  • $$$$$
  • Japanese, Cute, Cool

Anime fans tend to gravitate towards anything Japanese and, if those items cross over to the anime world, then all the better. Give this set of Japanese stationery to the anime lover you know who loves Japanese animal designs. The six-style, 12-piece set of animal greeting cards, envelopes, and stickers are too cute to not offer to the anime aficionado in your life to use for letters, cash, or gifts.

Ghost in the Shell Blu-Ray

  • Classic Anime Viewing

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Fans, Manga

One of the most well-known anime films from the ’90s, Ghost in the Shell, started as a manga comic and slowly evolved into different formats. None are as celebrated as the 1996 film, which has now been released as a 25th-anniversary edition blu-ray. A true anime film collector will adore you for bringing this indisputable masterwork into their home.

Naruto LED Watch

  • Always Time For Anime

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Guys, Fans

There are watches that are high tech and watches with a favorite theme, but this Naruto-themed watch will look like a million bucks on the wrist of any anime aficionado. The intricate design features an LED display that shows the current time when touching the screen. This quirky watch is one of the great gifts for anime lovers who are fans of Naruto.

Anime Hunter Cosplay Bracelets

  • Cosplay Every Day

  • $$$$$
  • Cosplay, Weird, Fans

Cosplay fans crossover with anime fans and this intricate cosplay bracelet fits into either world. The bracelet includes a series of five rings for each finger that lead to five dangling pendants, each with its own unique symbols. Whatever the outfit and the anime theme, this impressive accessory will add to any cosplay experience and help the cosplay fan in your life shine bright.

Halloween Girls Cosplay Costume

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  • Costume For Cosplay

  • $$$$$
  • Girls, Fans, Cosplay

Girls who are into anime know how they want to spend Halloween. After all, Halloween is the one holiday where we can pretend to be someone else. Help your favorite young anime fan dress up with confidence in this cosplay costume that includes a coat with secret eyes in the hood, long animal ears, and long striped socks. A great start to the best kind of Halloween costume fun ‒ the anime kind.

Demon Slayer Backpack

  • Back To School Demon Slayer

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Guys, Fans

Whether for school or play, getting your favorite growing anime fan a fantastic Demon Slayer backpack will put you at the top of their cool people list. The canvas backpack features stylish accents and a vivid, colorful anime design. They will be prepared for anything and have plenty of spots to stash loads of anime materials to get them through the day.

How to Draw Anime

No products found.

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  • An Anime How To

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Art, Fans

Fans of anime are often really creative people who want to learn the secrets of the unique creative process that goes into making anime. This How To book covers the basics and the complex aspects of drawing anime characters. The book is organized into easy to understand sections, like drawing manga comics or drawing anime-style eyes. A lot of fun for a burgeoning anime fan to get creative the old-fashioned way…drawing!

Demon Slayer Cosplay Mask

  • Give A Fan A Mask

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Fans, Cosplay

What is an anime fan to do when they need that one final magic touch to their Demon Slayer cosplay costume? They look to you, a caring giver of gifts, who will find the last item needed for their costume to reach anime awesomeness. This mask is adjustable, durable, and comfortable and looks like a typical anime-style Japanese cat creature. They will be ready for anything thanks to you.

Kamado Nezuko Statue

No products found.

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  • Beauty In A Statue

  • $$$$$
  • Girls, Art, Fans

This Nezuko Kamado mini statue is for the anime collector who doesn’t place just anything on their display shelves. She is the main character in Demon Slayer and her figurine is complete with multiple tiny details that create an overall exquisite piece of anime art that any fan would be proud to have in their collection.

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The World of Japanese Comics

  • Manga Origins

  • $$$$$
  • Manga, Fans, Art

Any fan of anime knows that the world of Japanese manga comics serves as the origin story to today’s anime culture, entertainment, and content. This book will serve as a wonderful addition to any anime gifts you could ever give to a fan. The book delves into the history of manga and its influence on anime. Themes and illustrations are brought to life over 260 fun-filled pages.

Birthday Party Supplies

No products found.

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  • Happy Anime Birthday

  • $$$$$
  • Fans, Guys, Girls

Young fans of anime are some of the most dedicated. You can turn a regular birthday party into a celebration of all things anime in minutes with this set of anime party supplies. The Attack on Titan themed party kit includes a giant party banner, cake toppers, and balloons, all decorated with the logo, characters, and symbols of this popular anime TV series. You’ll create the most popular party in town for the birthday fan.

Heat Sensitive Mug

  • Heat Up Japanese Style

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Cool, Fans

Surprise your lover of all things Japanese with this heat-sensitive mug featuring any number of characters from the Marvel Future Avengers series. When they receive their black ceramic mug from you as a gift, they might look a touch confused. Just pour some hot liquid into the mug and watch their eyes light up like the best anime heroes around.

Anime 3D Night Light

  • Light Up The Night With Anime

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Cool, Fans

Even the youngest anime lovers need some extra protection at night. This 3D night light is an awesome way for the gentle dimmable light of the Darling in the Franxx characters to stick around and provide some companionship while your little anime fan sleeps. Adult anime fans just might also enjoy this 3D light that comes with a remote control and a multitude of different colors to keep the night alive with anime.

Origami Menagerie Necklaces

  • Japanese Themed Jewelry

  • $$$$$
  • Japanese, Art, Cool

For the anime weebs who love everything Japanese, these cute and quirky origami necklaces are made from silver but fashioned as typical origami paper animals. The little creatures will find a happy home around the necks of anime fans everywhere. Anime luxury doesn’t come cheap, but your favorite anime lover will be so happy when they receive these great anime gifts.

iPhone 12 Mini Anime Case

  • For Otaku Phones Everywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Girls, Japanese

iPhone cases can be boring, simple, or interesting, but few are as cool as this anime-themed iPhone case featuring a cute bunny girl professing her weirdness and creativity with pride. A great back-to-school gift for anime lovers or one of many perfect Christmas stocking stuffers to go along with the newest anime series collection.

Japanese Snacks Assortment

  • Anime Snack Party

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Japanese, Fans

A great way to add some Japanese-style sweetness to any anime-themed party or celebration is this assortment of 30 different Japanese snacks. “Dagashi” refers to a wide spectrum of Japanese snacks and candy and is the perfect way to describe this fun snack pack. The gift makes for a delicious tasting party or a thoughtful gift for one anime fan who gets to taste the best snacks that Japan has to offer all to themselves.

3D Printed Blanket

No products found.

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  • Keep Warm With Luffy

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Fans, Manga

Fans of the anime/manga One Piece will love having this warm, cozy blanket featuring the character Monkey D. Luffy to keep them company on a chilly day. Having anime on goods meant for home is a rare treat and this blanket won’t disappoint. As far as gift ideas for anime lovers go, this one works wonders for viewing parties or solo relaxing time in between obsessing over anime.

Naruto Cloak Adult Costume

  • Naruto Dress Up

  • $$$$$
  • Cosplay, Girls, Guys

Sometimes a cosplay costume needs a lot of pieces to make it work, but when you give your anime buddy one dynamic costume piece like this Naruto-inspired cloak, they will not only feel elated, but will also look like the instant life of the party. If all goes well, they will be wearing the cloak around the house before you know it!

Cook Anime Cookbook

  • Cook Like An Anime Hero

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Fans, Japanese

How many anime fans are obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they need to eat their meals like an anime character might? This cookbook is like no other and sets out to explore the many popular dishes featured in various anime series. The finished products also happen to be delicious, like Miso Ramen or Matcha Ice Cream. With bits on culture, history, and more, they will be cooking up a storm for ages.

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Cosplay Apron Pants

  • Fashionista Creature

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Cosplay, Guys

There’s cosplay and there’s cosplay with intent. This costume will turn heads with its unique appearance, which is based on Inosuka, a swordsmith who is also a special-looking kind of guy who slays demons. Now, your anime fan can step into his shoes (or pants) and impress the cosplay world with his look!

Colorku Game

  • Puzzle Time

  • $$$$$
  • Japanese, Game, Cool

For anime lovers of Japanese culture, they will adore receiving this game based on a Japanese logic puzzle. The game is called Colorku and is made from wood, giving the appearance a vintage feel. The game is a study in logic, puzzles, and strategy and will offer hours of Japanese-style entertainment.

Anime Plush Doll Keychain

  • Small, But Strong

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Fans, Manga

If you know a young anime fan who doesn’t feel as powerful as he or she could, they will really appreciate this plush doll keychain based on a manga series character named Yuji who grows stronger than he ever thought possible. The keychain works as an ornament that can be hooked onto a school bag, bike, or anything they want as a reminder that strength comes in many forms.

Fashion Cloak Cape

  • Halloween In Green

  • $$$$$
  • Cosplay, Fans, Cool

A cape to an anime fan is a superpower unto itself. This hooded green cape boasts the Attack on Titan symbol on the back and can be paired with any other complementing pieces to the outfit. Whether Halloween night, an anime convention, or just a regular weekday, this gift will impress any anime lover and let them know how much you cherish who they are.

Sailor Moon Wine Stopper

  • Anime Sommelier

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Fans, Manga

Not all fans of anime drink only Japanese teas or eat quirky Japanese snacks. For the anime lover who appreciates a good bottle of wine, this Sailor Moon wine stopper will have them popping corks for days to come. A great idea for a housewarming gift in a house for anime lovers, this attractive wine stopper will become a valued part of their bar collection.

My Hero Face Gaiter

  • Anime Face Protection

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Guys, Fans

Someone who is into anime doesn’t want to wear just any face mask when they need to. Why not add to their face masks with this cool-looking, lightweight face gaiter that displays design from the series My Hero Academia? The face gaiter is completely versatile and can work as a head wrap or scarf, so your lover of anime will be protected in any conditions in the style that they treasure the most.

Anime Pet Cartoon Costume

  • Animania

  • $$$$$
  • Cosplay, Fans, Weird

If you know someone who is super in anime and loves their pet, you will have them laughing out loud when you deliver this anime pet costume to them and their beloved companion. This costume works for cats or dogs and will have their pet looking like popular Demon Slayer characters instantly. The colorful one-piece, slip-on outfit will bring them all the pet pride imaginable.

Monopoly Pokemon Edition

  • Themed Classic Games

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Cool, Fans

The anime fan in your life may not even be aware of the fact that there exists a Pokemon edition of the famous Monopoly board game. You can be the hero that gives this awesome gift to them and wow them like no other friends can. The tokens are Pokemon, the property is Pokemon, and the fun is truly Pokemon themed. You may even find yourself invited over for Pokemon Monopoly game night very soon.

Sake Making Kit

  • Japanese Brewing At Its Best

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Fans, Japanese

For the anime-loving connoisseur of Japanese traditions, you can always bring something new and unexpected into their life and a new hobby into their hands. If making sake has eluded them until now, they will love the easy-to-understand instructions and ingredients included in this well-organized sake-making kit. Everything they need is there and they can explore the ancient art of making rice wine and understand Japanese culture more than ever before.

Viru Crystal Glass

  • Dragonball Keepsakes

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Fans, Manga

Truly a keepsake gift for fans of the Japanese manga series Dragonball, this set of seven orange orbs numbered as they are in the series make a beautiful display and come in a luxurious gift box. These unique pieces are rare looking and definitely not typical, but then again what anime fan is typical? The crystal glass orbs are wonderful gift ideas for anime lovers of any age.

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Anime Puzzle

  • Put The Pieces Back Together

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Cool, Fans

A great treat for the whole family (when one or more of the family is madly in love with anime), this visually stunning anime puzzle is made of high-quality wood, comes in a large size, and contains 1000 pieces. So, your favorite anime-friendly family will help create a dazzling image and have fun together while doing it.

Pokemon Collectors Set

  • All The Pokemon In One Place

  • $$$$$
  • Fans, Guys, Girls

Many anime fans remember loving Pokemon fondly; others are too young to have ever had the chance to obsess about the uber-popular anime franchise. Help them both come together as one fan base with this beautifully packaged Pokemon collectors set on DVD. The DVD includes four classic Pokemon films which any generation can both enjoy and learn about at the same time.

Pop Manga Coloring Book

  • Color In Between The Manga Lines

  • $$$$$
  • Game, Cool, Manga

Fans of anime tend towards the creative side, so why not nourish their artistic impulse and feed their love of manga at the same time? This pop manga coloring book contains wonderfully weird and ornate illustrations by a master surrealist who understands the visually arresting world of anime. They’ll soon be coloring into another world with glee.

My Hero Academia Shot Glasses

  • Adult Toasts To Anime

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Fans, Weird

Who says anime has no place in the home bar of a perfectly functioning adult? These four shot glasses featuring colorful characters from the anime series My Hero Academia will stand out in the best way among the boring glassware in your anime lover’s bar collection. Adults can feel proud of this addition and have fun saying cheers to every whimsical character they have come to love.

Dragon Ball Mug

  • Flying High Coffee Time

  • $$$$$
  • Fans, Cool, Manga

Coffee lovers who also love Japanese manga comics and the anime storytelling of Dragon Ball Zwill love sipping their morning cup of Joe in this vividly decorated ceramic mug. It doesn’t hurt that the mug holds 16 oz., so when they wake up exhausted from staying up all night watching anime films, their morning coffee and special mug will help them face a new day.

Spirited Away

  • Award Winning Anime

  • $$$$$
  • Art, Fans, Cool

Not just any anime nerd viewing, Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is known worldwide for its stunning visual artistry and touching storytelling, making it more than just any anime classic, but a classic film in and of itself. The DVD of the film, which even garnered an Oscar in 2002, makes a lovely addition to the artistic side of any anime lover’s film collection.

Anime Cat Apron

  • Anime (And Cats!) In The Kitchen

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Guys, Girls

If you know a great chef who is also a feverishly addicted lover of anime (and cats, of course), why not get a raucous laugh with this anime party apron? The apron works wonders as an everyday apron, but with its cute Japanese-style cats adorning it, the whimsical nature of the gift supersedes the funny parts. Either way, your anime, kitty, and cooking pal ‒ guys or gals ‒ will love wearing the apron in the kitchen.

Female Anime Cosplay Wig

  • Cosplay Carnival

  • $$$$$
  • Cosplay, Girls, Fans

The best part of engaging is cosplay might be donning a wig. If you have a cosplay lover in need, they’ll be so thrilled to have this brightly styled and colored wig, which appears in long pigtails with vivid red and white silver colors parted exactly down the middle. Everyone will remember her at the next celebration thanks to your clever gift-giving abilities.

The Manga Cookbook

  • Beginners Guide To Manga Tastes

  • $$$$$
  • Fans, Japanese, Manga

This manga-inspired cookbook isn’t your average anime cookbook. Manga Japanese comics often center around food and this book will have even a culinary novice creating adorable, unique, and authentic dishes in the kitchen in no time. The instructions are illustrated in the manga style, adding to the whimsy of the book. Bento boxes, here they come!

Japanese Fish Shaped Pan

  • Japanese Waffle Time

  • $$$$$
  • Weird, Fans, Art

This is a culinary cooking gift unto itself, both encouraging creativity in the kitchen and expressing a love of all things Japanese and anime. The double-sided pan can be used to make waffles which are traditionally filled with red bean paste. If your anime fan isn’t quite that advanced yet, they can just as easily create a Western-style fish-shaped waffle with any filling of their choice. Breakfast will never be the same again.

Anime FAQs

What is Anime?

According to Lifewire, anime is the term used outside of Japan when referring to any Japanese-produced animation. Anime can either be subbed (presented with subtitles) or dubbed (where English is spoken over the original Japanese). Manga, which is technically not anime, are Japanese comics that do often influence anime stories, despite not being the same thing (1).

What is a Lover of Anime Called?

The term “Otaku” refers to anime fans and roughly translates to “nerd” or “geek.” This is not an insult, though, but a term of endearment for anime fans. The term “weebs” is often confused for nerd and geek, but it really refers to any non-Japanese fans of anime who wish to be actually Japanese fans more than anything else in this or any other universe (2).

What is the Most Popular Anime?

Epic Stream tells us that Naruto is, in fact, the most popular anime series in the whole world. Masashi Kishimoto’s Narutoranked top in a recent study in 81 countries. The story of an orphan who shares the spirit of a dastardly fox entity seems to have achieved world domination in the land of anime fandom (3).

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