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43 Best Gifts For Cooks: 2024 Picks

Bring the flavor with our guide to foodie-approved gifts for chefs they’ll adore.

Gifts for cooks are all the rage these days, with everyone a budding chef, gourmand, or wannabe food critic. There are so many new items and even more opinions as to what works best for different cooking styles. Do they sous-vide, slow-cook, pressure-cook, or go all out by hand?

We’ve got all the best gifts you need to find for the talented chef in your life. From gadgetry to personalized items and more, they’ll love these new additions to their kitchen.

Who knows…maybe these interesting gift ideas for cooks may inspire them to thank you with a delicious meal!

43 Top Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Cook

Check out these cool culinary gifts for chefs ahead for all the deliciousness they can handle.

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Mortar & Pestle

  • Spice Making Machine

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Fun, Gourmet

This high-quality mortar and pestle will add some old-world gourmet to your favorite cook’s kitchen. The oversized kitchen tool is crafted from volcanic stone and is the best way to create custom spice blends or handmade guacamole for anyone who loves to cook.

User Experience

This mortar and pestle set has been a remarkable addition to my kitchen, especially when it comes to making guacamole or grinding grains. The authentic, well-crafted design is pleasing to the eye, but it does require careful cleaning and curing before use. Despite some initial challenges with it, everyone in the office wanted to win this set during our Cinco De Mayo salsa contest, which speaks volumes about its appeal.

Chef Messenger Knife Bag

  • A Happy Home For Knives

  • $$$$$
  • Culinary, Accessories, Unique

The chef-in-training or super-serious cook in your life will appreciate this cool culinary knife bag for aspiring chefs. The heavy-duty canvas bag will safely house a professional set of knives and keep them at the ready for prepping any meal.

The stylish messenger style bag is a great way to elevate any chef’s tool-keeping abilities so they can use them to whip up the tastiest meal ever.

Personal Perspective

From my experience, this bag boasts solid craftsmanship and an appealing design but falls short in terms of space and capacity. It's a bit tight when loaded up with various knives and tools and couldn't accommodate my larger laptop. The Velcro used to secure the blades didn't particularly impress me. However, it does hold up well and is quite durable; I predict it will last for a minimum of three years with normal use. The zippers and straps could be more reliable, as I experienced several mishaps with them. In summary, while this bag is quite aesthetically pleasing and fairly durable, it might not be the best choice for those with a large collection of tools or larger knives.

Culinary Blow Torch

  • A Culinary Flair For Flame

  • $$$$$
  • Culinary, Tools, Gadgets, Accessories

The serious cook you know will be able to grow their gourmet skills when you give them this culinary blow torch. The unique tool for gourmet cooks can easily be used for baking, brulee, barbecue, and more. There is a safety lock to ensure their flame-making fun remains secure.

Community Feedback

My experience with this culinary blow torch has been quite positive. The flame is steady and adjustable, which is great for my variety of uses. Despite its sturdy base and easy refilling process, the hard plastic feel of the torch was not very comfortable to hold and I found it a bit heavy when filled with fuel. Unfortunately, I also discovered the hard way that dropping it a few times can result in the flame mechanism coming unhinged.

Mandoline Slicer

  • Slice And Dice

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Gadgets, Unique

Cooking gift ideas should make life easier in the kitchen for home cooks, which this mandoline slicer tool does. The mandolin and chopper combination comes with a safety glove and has seven different blades for each slicing project. The sliced item ends up in a tray below, ready to add to their latest meal.

First-Hand Impression

I'm thoroughly impressed by this chopper's efficiency and versatility. The sharp blades and multiple attachments allow me to chop vegetables quickly and safely, making kitchen work a breeze, even though it can be quite noisy at times. Cleaning it can be tricky due to the sharpness of the blades, and it does require some manual force, which might be challenging for some users.

Chef’s Knife

  • Tool For A Master

  • $$$$$
  • Culinary, Tools, Accessories

This super impressive chef’s knife is a top choice for budding chefs to have in their arsenal. The German-made stainless steel, finger guard, and hand-polished design make this knife the ultimate in gifts for chefs. They can slice, chop, and mince everything from meat and vegetables to herbs and more.

User Experience

I've found this knife to be one of the superior ones I've operated, delivering a sharp and sturdy blade that maintains its edge wonderfully. The additional scabbard and sharpener are handy, although I prefer using my 6000 grit whetstone to keep the blade at its best. Cutting through ripe tomatoes is a breeze with this knife, producing slices so thin they're almost transparent. Despite needing a bit more force for harder vegetables like carrots, the excellent balance and weight of this knife, coupled with its attractive presentation box, make it a standout choice.

Grilling Spice Set

  • Spice Cabinet Filler

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun, Unique

This grilling spice set makes the perfect gift for men who like to cook. The BBQ lover in your life will enjoy having 20 different BBQ rubs and spices all to himself. The set includes unusual flavors like Lime Chipotle, Chili Cajun, and Lime Parsley. He’ll have tons of fun creating new and exciting BBQ recipes with these delicious blends.

Personal Perspective

I'm really impressed with this gift that is ideal for any grill enthusiast. These seasonings are of superior quality with a broad variety of flavors, making them a fun and unique addition to any kitchen. Despite their small size, which was a bit surprising, they come neatly packaged and present beautifully as a gift. This gift was a refreshing change from the usual Father's Day staples like mugs and socks. Although I haven't personally tasted these seasonings, their high-quality presentation and the delight they brought to the recipient make them a standout choice.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

  • Gardening Indoors

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Unique

This indoor herb garden starter kit is a wonderful way for her to combine cooking and gardening into one enriching activity. The home garden includes seed sets, soil discs, and plant markers for basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme. The fresh home-grown herbs will make her homemade meals even better and will become a treasured part of her kitchen.

Community Feedback

Definitely, this kit is a joy for both experienced gardeners and beginners alike, as it includes everything you need for a thriving garden and is incredibly easy to use. I've noticed that all the seeds have sprouted and I can even see green tips peeking out from the soil, which brings a sense of excitement and satisfaction. However, a word of caution, be careful not to overwater the soil disks, as I found the recommended water amount to be a bit excessive, causing me to squeeze out excess water and wait for the soil to dry a bit before use.

Spice Grinder

  • Grinding For Flavor

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Gadgets, Fun, Gourmet

Elevate the spice know-how of your favorite home cook with this awesome spice grinder tool. The spice grinder is battery-operated and comes with three pods and one tray. Before they know it, they can begin creating incredible spice blends and combinations for the next big meal they plan on making.

First-Hand Impression

I'm delighted with this spice grinder set, which I initially bought as a surprise for my wife's birthday. My personal experience over the past four weeks has shown that these grinders are quite user-friendly, with a simple twist to adjust the coarseness of the grind and easy pod interchangeability for different spices. While the grinding speed might be a bit too quick, and the grind not as fine as other manual grinders, the convenience of this battery-operated system far outweighs these minor drawbacks.

Himalayan Salt Block Set

  • Salt For The Win

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Unique, Accessories

The gourmet lover in your life who has everything will be surprised and delighted when you give them this Himalayan salt block set. The Himalayan salt cooking stone can be used on a stovetop or outdoor grill and will infuse whatever is placed on it with amazing flavor. This block and metal tray set make great gifts for someone who likes to cook.

User Experience

Excellent for cooking a variety of foods from fish to steak, this product provides unique flavoring and impresses as a conversation starter in my kitchen. However, it's a bit of a diva, requiring slow and careful heating to avoid breaking, and can cause dishes to turn out overly salty if not used judiciously. Be aware that it retains heat for a considerable time after use and, in humid climates, it tends to absorb moisture, so storing it wrapped in a towel might be a good idea.

Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

  • Breakfast For Two

  • $$$$$
  • Appliance, Gadgets, Unique

Hamilton Beach has crafted this awesome and easy-to-use sandwich maker for your foodie, which allows them to add their ingredients in four steps and have two delicious breakfast sandwiches to consume within five minutes.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a handy gadget for breakfast lovers like me, this egg sandwich maker brings joy to my morning routine. It's small and compact, fitting perfectly on my kitchen counter without taking up too much space. The variety of sandwiches I can make is delightful, experimenting with different bread types, cheeses, and even mini-donuts for a sweet twist. Remember to give it a light oil spray for easy cleaning and, if you're like me and overcook your eggs, allow the sandwich to cool slightly before eating.
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Nessie Ladle Spoon

  • The Legend Of Nessie

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Tools, Fun, Unique

This adorable Nessie ladle spoon is an inexpensive way to add something new and exciting to the kitchen. “Nessie” is a Loch-Ness monster-themed ladle spoon with tiny feet that help the spoon stand up in a pot. Nessie’s small head peeks above her tall body so you can keep an eye on her while cooking.

Community Feedback

This whimsical Nessie ladle brings a touch of joy to my kitchen every time I use it. It's not the most practical due to the small feet that allow it to stand, but it more than makes up for it with its charm and the smiles it elicits. If you're looking for a functional and fun kitchen tool, consider the jumbo version, as it's sturdier and can serve as an adorable countertop accent.

Copper Measuring Spoons Set

  • High-End Measuring

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Tools, Unique

When you want to find cute, practical gifts for people who like to cook, don’t look any further than this luxurious set of copper measuring spoons in a gift box. The four cups and five spoons come with two rings so they can hook their cups and spoons together. The measuring set for home chefs will become a staple in their kitchen.

First-Hand Impression

I received these handsome measuring cups and spoons and was immediately impressed by their substantial weight and elegant design. The copper finish, reminiscent of the quality kitchen tools my mother used to have, adds a touch of class to my kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a magnetic conversion chart, though the writing on it could be a bit clearer. I've noticed some minor scratches at the bottom of a couple of cups, but this doesn't detract from their overall attractiveness or functionality. With their high-quality build and affordable price tag, these kitchen tools have exceeded my expectations.

My Family Cookbook

  • DIY Heirloom Recipes

  • $$$$$
  • Gourmet, Unique, Fun

Make your next birthday or Christmas gift for kitchen lovers personalized so they won’t forget it. This customizable family cookbook is ready-made for a single cook or whole family of cooks to input their most famous family recipes, along with notes, photos, and more. Culinary memories will abound with this thoughtful DIY project.

Ceramic Bowls Set

  • Bowls To Last A Lifetime

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Accessories

This set of three ceramic bowls will become an important part of your favorite chef’s kitchen. The stackable bowls are vibrant with color and durable quality. Whether they use them for serving, prepping, or baking, home chefs will appreciate having these attractive bowls on display or at work for them.

Personal Perspective

I'm thoroughly enjoying these kitchen bowls, especially their microwave-safe feature which has been handy for various tasks. Their vibrant colors add a fun element, though I wish they were a bit more intense. Despite the smallest bowl being just the right size for a cereal serving and the biggest one not quite being family portion size, they've proven to be practical for chilling my garden greens, serving salad or chips, and even letting my bread dough rise.

Air Fryer

  • Instantly Delicious

  • $$$$$
  • Appliance, Gadgets, Gourmet

Wow the home cook you know who wants to combine healthy and tasty with this impressive air fryer for their kitchen. The compact appliance won’t take up much space, but will easily transform a variety of ingredients into crispy and delicious treats in no time. The air fryer is a wonderful kitchen addition for cooking enthusiasts who need to change things up.

Community Feedback

Great little appliance, this air fryer is a compact and user-friendly kitchen helper. I've cooked everything from chicken to veggies, all coming out crispy and moist. The non-stick basket and tray are easy to clean, though some flaking of the non-stick coating was a concern, but it's an efficient, space-saving device that delivers delicious, healthier fried foods.

Automatic Pan Stirrer

  • New Kitchen Assistant

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Gadgets, Unique, Accessories

When you don’t know what else to possibly get your favorite cook, this automatic pan stirrer will step right in to make life easier for them. The talented gadget automatically keeps stirring whatever slow cooking sauce or stew they are making, so the end result will taste amazing. They can also step away from the stove and get other things done while the cooking (and stirring) process continues.

Foodie Dice

  • Roll The Dice For Flavor

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Set, Fun, Gourmet

When your favorite chef doesn’t know what to make for dinner anymore, get them this set of fun foodie dice to add some pep to their meal making. The five primary dice cover all the proteins, while the four secondary dice will offer many seasonal vegetable options to go along. Gifts ideas for cooks should keep them interested, and these dice should definitely accomplish that aim.

User Experience

I stumbled upon these Foodie Dice and was instantly drawn to the novelty and creativity they inspired in cooking. Tired of the usual dinner options, these dice added a dash of spontaneity, generating unique meal ideas with a simple roll. Although the dice are smaller than expected, the compact size made storing them a breeze in my already cluttered kitchen. The words are clear to read, though the lettering could be a tad larger for easier visibility. Regardless, these dice proved to be a delightful addition to my cooking routine, adding a playful twist to meal prepping.

Leather Blank Recipe Book

  • A Record Of Good Taste

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Gourmet

Give the talented home cook you know a gorgeous place to record their best recipes, ideas, and food memories with this leather recipe book. The 25 pages hold up to 100 recipes in the ring-bound book and will be the ideal place for them to organize their most delectable creations in the kitchen.

Personal Perspective

This leather recipe binder, crafted in Maine, impresses with its ideal size and appealing color, making it an elegant solution for consolidating my and my husband's vast collection of recipes. The binder boasts high-quality cards, card holder pages, and dividers, though the pre-printed categories on the dividers could benefit from a more intuitive arrangement and the option for user customization. Despite a minor setback of the binder being smaller than the desired 9x12 size, its robust construction and thoughtful design underscore its potential for long-term use and aesthetic appeal in the kitchen.

Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven

  • Double Dutch Goodness

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gourmet, Unique

This super-strong cast iron double dutch oven will be the go-to for your favorite home chef’s creations. The cast iron durability of this 5-quart dutch oven can’t be beat, while the lid converts into a 10-inch skillet as a bonus. This is cookware for women who love to cook that will outlast almost anything else in their kitchen.

Community Feedback

I've used this double dutch oven for my sourdough baking adventures and it's been an interesting journey. The product is indeed preseasoned as described, my first fried egg slid off the pan with ease. However, the weight of the oven was a significant factor for me, it was heavier than I anticipated which resulted in a minor foot injury during a 'dry run' of my baking process. I've since switched to using my lighter anodized aluminum pan and pot for my bread baking. The temperature limit is lower, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to accept for the convenience of handling.

Meat Thermometer

  • Find The Right Temperature

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Gadgets, Accessories, Gourmet

Even the best chefs can’t create the perfect meals without a dependable meat thermometer. This practical kitchen gift will be there every time they need to check when their roast, chicken, or pork is done and ready to eat. The easy-to-read thermometer with a probe has an LED screen so there won’t be any squinting at tiny numbers when they need to check their creations.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this digital meat thermometer as my first foray into the digital realm, and boy, has it transformed my grilling adventures. The speed at which this gadget provides a reading is astonishing - just three seconds - making it a perfect grilling companion. The accuracy seems spot on as well, given the number of steaks I've perfectly cooked since I started using it. The simplicity of using soap and water for cleaning the probe adds to the convenience. This thermometer doesn't just do its primary job well, it goes beyond with useful add-ons like a temperature chart right on the device, auto on/off feature, and an affordable battery system. Even my dog's attempt to turn it into a chew toy couldn't stop this sturdy little gadget from working!
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Personalized Cutting Board

  • His N’ Hers Cooking Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gourmet, Unique

Give the home chef in your life this memorable personalized cutting board and know you will have given them a long-lasting keepsake for their kitchen. The bamboo wood board is customized with the name or names of the chef so everyone at the dinner party knows just who’s in charge of this kitchen.

User Experience

Bought this cutting board as a wedding gift, and although smaller than expected, the quality was exceptional and the engraving added a personal touch. Despite its size, it serves more as a charming decoration, and the swift delivery left an impression, making it worth the price.

Retro Ladies Apron

  • Ruffles For The Kitchen

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Unique

Get the lady of the kitchen this adorable retro apron and watch her smile. The vintage look of the apron and cheap cost will both make this an awesome way to bring some retro cooking charm into her life. She’ll love making dinner or baking while wearing the ruffles this attractive apron has to offer.

Personal Perspective

I found this apron to be both practical and fashionable in my kitchen. Despite its stiffness after several washes, it effectively protected my clothes from cooking messes and grease, although it did attract some lint and fuzz due to its mostly black material. The pockets, while a bit small for my phone, added a cute and useful feature, and the ruffled design, while occasionally flipping up, created a stylish look. However, it's worth noting that for those with a larger bust, there might be some difficulties in keeping all flour or powdered sugar at bay.

Knife Sharpener

  • Keeping The Kitchen Sharp

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Accessories, Culinary

All the most talented chefs treasure their best knives, so make sure your favorite chef keeps them sharp with this useful knife sharpener. The three-step system will keep each knife good as new while the cut-resistant glove will make sure their hands stay safe and ready for more cooking.

Community Feedback

This knife sharpener has truly revitalized my kitchen experience. Initially, I was skeptical about the results but with a little persistence and modification of the recommended steps, I found my dull knives restored to a useful condition, even my half-century old Swiss Army Knives. It's compact and convenient, parked right next to my knife block, always ready for a quick sharpening before chopping up dinner. While it may not achieve an edge like professional sharpening methods, it efficiently produces a perfectly adequate and safer cutting edge, making meal preparations smoother and quicker.

Bear Hand Oven Mitts

  • Bear Hands

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Set, Fun, Unique

These cotton oven mitts that look like bear paws will bring some levity to anyone’s kitchen. The funny gloves even include bear claws, but they won’t need those because of the gloves’ heat-resistant silicone material. The gloves will become their favorite way to stay cool while taking delicious meals out of the oven.

First-Hand Impression

From my experience, these bear-themed oven mitts are both charming and practical. Despite their slightly bulky design, which can make handling cookie sheets a challenge, they are perfect for gripping hot casseroles. They might feel a bit large if you're used to wearing medium-sized gloves, but their cute design and functionality make up for it. They're not just for show, either; the fabric's design, featuring patches of silicone, provides impressive heat resistance while maintaining flexibility. These mitts have proven their durability, surviving more than five years in my kitchen, and their quirky bear paw design never fails to amuse, making them a hit with family members.

Stuffed Burger Press

  • Stuffed With Goodness

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gadgets, Fun, Unique

This cool stuffed burger press will impress even the most experienced burger aficionado you know. The press works with any grill and will allow the Burgermeister to simply add a patty, stuff the burger with anything their heart desires, and add a top patty. The press will cook up the best burger they’ve seen in a while.

User Experience

For those who love to grill, this Grillaholics stuffed burger press has brought a new level of creativity to my kitchen. It's not just about the perfect patty shape, but the joy of experimenting with various stuffings from minced garlic to smoked gouda, enhancing the flavor of not just beef, but chicken, turkey, and even salmon. Despite some slight sticking issues, the press remains effective and easy to use, making it a valued tool in my grilling arsenal.

Staub Ceramic Bakeware Set

  • Bakeware In Blue

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique

This high-quality Staub ceramic bakeware set will turn any home cook’s kitchen into a better-looking place. The two rectangular trays and two round bowls can go into the oven and keep their gorgeous look. The cool-looking set might even inspire them to try something new cooking or baking-wise too.

Personal Perspective

When I first began using this Staub dishware set, I was immediately struck by the quality and versatility of the pieces. Each one is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a functional purpose in my kitchen, from the sturdy baking pans that are perfect for roasting meats and baking brownies, to the bowls that work well for serving soups or preparing ingredients. I especially appreciate the ease of cleaning these items and how they've replaced my previous plastic bowls that often resulted in messy microwave incidents. Whether you're upgrading your kitchen or starting a new home, this Staub dishware set will undoubtedly meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

DIY Focaccia Garden Art Kit

  • Focaccia Art Project

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Gourmet, Unique

Get the home cook you care about into the trendy art of decorating focaccia with this helpful DIY kit. The kit has a ready-to-make focaccia mix, an herb pack, instructions, and ideas, plus a tweezer tool for placing all the veggies parts of their focaccia garden in the right places. This kit will inspire like the best gifts for cooks usually do.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

  • Hot! Hot! Hot! (Sauce)

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Unique

This super-fun DIY hot-sauce making kit will charm the cooking expert in your life who loves everything hot and spicy. The kit has everything needed to prepare the hottest, most flavorful custom hot sauces out of heirloom peppers and spice blends. There are even labels for the containers so they can share their masterful hot sauces with the world.

First-Hand Impression

After diving into this hot sauce making kit, I found it to be a delightfully engaging experience. The process was a bit messy and the potent aroma permeated my entire house, a small price to pay for the joy of crafting my own unique flavor combinations. This kit generously provides enough ingredients to make several batches, encouraging continuous creativity even after the initial use. I gifted it to a family member who shared my enthusiasm for spicy flavors, and the comprehensive instructions were a hit with my husband too. The inclusion of glass bottles was a thoughtful touch, allowing us to store and savor our homemade hot sauce. Despite a minor hiccup with a broken bottle, the overall experience was immensely satisfying and we relished the taste of our homemade sauce.

Needs Salt Shirt

  • For Salt Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gourmet, Fun

It’s no secret chefs love salt, so this funny novelty t-shirt may be the best way you can let him know how great a chef you think he is. The lightweight cotton t-shirt reads “Needs Salt.” He can be the best and most sarcastic chef there is.

User Experience

I'm a culinary enthusiast and appreciate the usefulness of this shirt when preparing and enjoying food like burgers and lamb chops. The fabric is soft and the fit is slightly smaller than the standard XL, making it a good idea to size up for a more relaxed fit. The design always seems to attract positive comments, which adds a fun element to my cooking experiences.

Custom Embroidered Chefs Hat

  • Yes, Chef

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Culinary, Unique

Do you know a professional chef, a chef-in-training, or a home cook who fancies themself the best chef in their house? Surprise them with this custom embroidered chefs’ hat. They’ll feel super appreciated in the kitchen when they put on the traditional hat once it’s been personalized with their name following the title “Chef.”

Personal Perspective

After receiving this chef hat as a gift, my initial apprehensions about its fit were quickly put to rest; it snugly accommodated my smaller head size. My unique circumstance of being a cancer patient necessitated a solution for keeping hair out of my cuisine, and this hat adeptly addresses that concern. The quality of this chef hat is commendable, with its embroidery impressing me with its size and faithfulness to the preview. Moreover, it's been a source of joy in my household, allowing me to playfully impersonate a bona fide chef, and it's even sparked interest in my family members. Although I have not been able to test its array of colors, this chef hat has undoubtedly become a cherished part of our family's cooking rituals.
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Sous Vide Starter Kit

  • Live The Sous Vide Way

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Appliance, Gadgets, Gourmet

Serious chefs know the hot trend for everything Sous Vide right now, so jump on the bandwagon and give this easy-to-use sous vide starter kit to your favorite home cook. The sous vide maker comes with vacuum bags, a pump, and an instruction manual with recipes and ideas to get them started. Before you know, they’ll be sous vide-making dinners seven nights a week!

Community Feedback

My experience with this Sous Vide has been fairly mixed. It heats up the water quickly and maintains the temperature well, which is great for my unconventional use of it in aiding the creation of my own vaping e-liquid. However, the clamp does not hold well on thinner pots, and the bags it came with, though vacuum-sealable and generously sized, proved to be a bit of a hassle to clean effectively.

DIY Dumpling Kit

  • A Dumpling Dynamo

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Gourmet, Unique

Help the home cook you care about most create their own personal dumplings with this fun DIY kit. The kit has a bamboo steamer basket for making the dumplings and all the tools, cutters, and molds needed to create their own particular brand of dumplings. Bring on the deliciousness for food lovers who want to make it from scratch.

First-Hand Impression

Got this dumpling kit and instantly admired its careful manufacturing. The chopsticks and bamboo dumpling basket are of excellent quality, demonstrating thoughtful craftsmanship. I initially purchased one for my fiance and was so taken with it that I decided to acquire another for a friend. This kit has been a great addition to our culinary activities, enhancing our dumpling-making experience.

Heritage Pizza Stone

  • Pizza Maker Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Fun, Unique

This ceramic pizza stone is the best way a cooking enthusiast can elevate their pizza game in their home oven. The stone heats up quickly and cleans up even easier. They can invite everyone they know over for homemade pizza that tastes like it came from the best pizza parlor in town.

User Experience

Definitely, this pizza stone has transformed our family's pizza nights into an authentic Italian feast. From our 4-year-old grandson to the 83-year-old grandma, everyone is in love with how perfectly this stone cooks our pizzas, giving us well-cooked crusts in just about 10-13 minutes. However, mastering the cooking time at max heat took a bit of trial and error initially. Despite its size making it a permanent resident in our oven, the stone maintains an even heat distribution and a non-stick surface that requires minimal cleaning effort. Although we experienced a sudden crack after three years of regular use, it didn't prevent us from cooking another wonderful pie, and its quality and performance over these years still make it a valuable part of our kitchen.

Cheese Knife Set

  • Cheese Party Time

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Tools, Gourmet

This attractive cheese knife set will make the best addition to any home chef’s kitchen. The acacia wood holder keeps four stainless steel cheese tools in place, including a cheese fork, a spade spreader, and both flat and narrow knives. Let the high-end cheese party begin for the foodie you know.

Personal Perspective

Got these knife holders as a gift and they've been a great addition to my kitchen. Despite some minor scratches on the wood, the product is of good quality and the magnetic functionality works well, making it super convenient for space-saving. I particularly enjoy the elegant design and how it enhances my charcuterie board presentation, adding a touch of sophistication to my kitchen decor.

Ice Cream Maker

  • All Things Creamy

  • $$$$$
  • Appliance, Gadgets, Fun, Unique

This simple-to-use ice cream maker is so much more than just a way to perfect your favorite home cook’s ice cream recipes. The one-touch system can vary in a ton of ways, so they can also create the tastiest milkshakes, smoothies, gelato, and much more. This compact machine will become their favorite part of the kitchen they love so much.

Community Feedback

For anyone seeking a healthier dessert option, this machine is a revelation. Transforming fresh pineapple into a smooth, frozen treat has become a regular pleasure for me. Experimenting with different fruits led to some hiccups with the machine, but sticking to pineapple and oranges has proven a safe bet. Despite a few bumps in the road, the delightful whipped consistency this machine achieves makes it a unique and worthwhile addition to my kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill

  • For The Love Of Grilling

  • $$$$$
  • Appliance, Fun, Unique

The grilling master in your life will appreciate having this Hamilton Beach indoor grill to use in the off-season, on rainy days, or anytime they want to grill close to the kitchen. The grill has a big surface they can fill with their favorite meats and a drip tray so things don’t get messy in the process. Gift ideas for cooks like this grill will make grill life even more fun.

First-Hand Impression

I've used this grill extensively and can attest to its merits. The "set it and forget it" simplicity of this grill truly shone through in my busy kitchen, making it a valuable asset when juggling sides and sauces. As someone who was initially unskilled in cooking, this grill not only made preparing meals easy, but also healthier, as the drip tray showcases the amount of fat that gets cooked off, a feature that came in handy when my husband and I had to monitor our cholesterol levels.

Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Mushroom Maker Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Gourmet, Unique

Why make your favorite at-home chef go out for their mushrooms when they can grow their own with this entertaining mini-mushroom grow kit? Gardening meets cooking even for the busiest of home chefs with this kit that only requires some light and mist to work. Before too long, they’ll have tasty organic mushrooms to adorn their best meal.

User Experience

Bought this kit as a fun experiment and it didn't disappoint. Seeing the rapid growth of the mushrooms was fascinating, with significant changes happening in mere hours. It was easy to use, but I did have some confusion figuring out the front from the back. The end result was delicious mushrooms that paired well with various dishes, from stews to salads. However, the yield wasn't quite as substantial as I'd hoped, and it didn't seem to equate to the price of the kit.

Cut Resistant Gloves

  • No More Cuts

  • $$$$$
  • Culinary, Accessories, Unique

Serious chefs worry a lot about their knives and how sharp they are, but they won’t have to worry about their fingers when you give them these practical cut-resistant gloves. Their most vigorous knife-sharpening skills won’t affect the safety and security of these food-safety gloves. They can come out of their meal making in one piece with knives at the ready for a delicious dinner.

Personal Perspective

My initial experience with these gloves was a bit disappointing as they split after about a week of use. Despite this, I found that these gloves provided good protection when I was wood carving, preventing any serious cuts or injuries. The gloves fit snugly allowing for good dexterity and didn't interfere with my ability to hold the wood block, which was a big plus. They also possess a smooth, knitted exterior rather than a rubberized surface which adds to the comfort. However, the gloves do have a tendency to stain easily, particularly with vegetables like carrots and beets, and they don't offer protection from pointed tips.

Chef T-Shirt

  • For The Lady Chefs

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Unique

Female chefs will feel important and valued once you give them this cute, funny chef t-shirt. The cotton shirt is comfortable enough to wear during an all-day cooking marathon, while the message on display, “Just A Girl Who Loves Cooking,” will let the boys know they’re ready to compete and win.

Community Feedback

Got this as a gift for my granddaughter who loves to cook and it was a hit. The fit was spot on, even though I ordered a size up for my sister who usually wears a medium. I found it to be really soft and cute, adding a fun touch to any cooking session. In my experience, it not only enhances the joy of cooking but also makes for a great gift.

Paella Kit

  • The Process Of Paella

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Fun, Unique

Any great home cook or chef will love being able to create authentic Spanish Paella in their kitchen with this easy-to-use Paella kit. The kit starts with a pan made for Paella making, along with all the special ingredients needed to formulate the perfect Paella, right down to the saffron. They’ll love the kit so much that you might find yourself invited to a Paella party very soon.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this paella kit was a delightful culinary adventure. While the pan may not be the most durable, it served its purpose well, and the included ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe allowed me to create a flavorful dish that truly satisfied my love for paella.
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Reclaimed Wine Barrel Knife Rack

  • A Knife Rack With Vintage

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Unique

Get your favorite cooking lover this unique knife rack repurposed out of the wood from a wine barrel. The distinct design will stand out when they place their precious knives along the magnetic wood. The rack will add rustic charm to any kitchen and home the moment it arrives.

Kitchen Combo Serving Stand

  • Kitchen Gadget Genius

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets, Accessories, Unique

This kitchen gadget is a 4-in-1 tool for any chef to have at home. The metal frame can work as a trivet for hot dishes or bend into place to hold serving dishes upright. The frame can also act as a lid holder while they’re in the middle of crafting the best meal around. This gadget will astound chefs with the many hats it can wear (and the many types of dishes it can hold).

Personal Perspective

I'm quite pleased with this lid holder's unique design and functionality. It's incredibly handy for securing lids of various weights, even those heavy, enameled iron ones, and it can be easily adjusted or moved around to suit my cooking needs. However, the plastic construction feels a bit cheap and less sturdy than I'd expected for the price, which makes me hesitant to risk placing my heaviest pots on it. One unexpected advantage is its dual function as a trivet, a feature that significantly adds to its utility. Nevertheless, I do wish the connections were smoother and more stable, as it can be a bit shaky at times. Despite these minor setbacks, its usefulness in keeping my stovetop clean and organized is undeniable.

Salt Box

  • The Salt House

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gourmet, Unique

Where the salt is kept is an important part of any home cook’s kitchen, so give them the ideal home for their salt with this bamboo salt box. The attractive box has a sliding lid to keep out moisture and keep the salt in the best condition possible. The lid is engraved with the word “Salt” so no one will ever misplace the invaluable ingredient again.

Community Feedback

Great for those who love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, this salt dispenser has been a real gem. It's conveniently sized, perfect for keeping close to the stove, which I've found incredibly handy when seasoning my meals. However, it's on the smaller side, so might not be the best fit for larger families. One downside I've experienced is the salt can get damp and clump together, but a quick shake usually sorts that out.

Gifts for Cooks FAQs

What Are the Best Gifts for Someone Who Wants to Cook Better and Is Just Starting Out?

For someone just starting out on their road to being a talented chef, there are loads of cool gifts you can give them which will encourage and inspire them to stick with cooking.

Kitchen accessories like a knife set or an attractive trivet will keep them working on their skills and spruce up their kitchen. Certain items become dependable, like a kitchen scale or ramekins to organize ingredients. From cookbooks to personalized cutting boards, you can make your new chef-in-training very happy.

What Would Be a Good Gift for Another Foodie, Other Than the Actual Food You’ve Cooked?

Keeping a gift personal from one foodie to another can’t be beat when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. This personalized family cookbook ticks all the boxes because it allows the chef to record their most treasured personal recipes, photos, and memories in a book that will quickly become a cherished family heirloom in their kitchen and their life (1).

What Would Be a Good Birthday Gift for Someone Who Loves Cooking?

A birthday is a great time to spoil your favorite chef with an interesting new gadget or kitchen accessory. Whether they might appreciate a new stand mixer for their baking or a cast iron skillet for their meals, any new or updated item for their kitchen will be sure to inspire them to do more.

What’s a Good Christmas Gift for Someone Who Loves to Cook?

Christmas is a good time for new, fun items that improve the functionality of a kitchen and high-quality items that make each recipe feel more special.

Ideas like a mill or spice grinder can elevate any home cook’s creations instantly, while an upgrade to their thermometer can improve the accuracy of their dishes. Simply getting them a high-end stoneware piece for their culinary collection will also make them feel special.

Is a Cutting Board a Good Gift for Someone Who Likes to Cook?

Cutting boards are a wonderful, thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. They can vary with quality and price, but a durable, attractive cutting board will always be welcomed into a kitchen, even if it isn’t the first (and even if not, cutting boards wear out eventually so they are always needed). You can even find a dozen ways to customize a cutting board for the person you are buying for, so they feel even more like it was meant for them.

How We Choose Gifts For Cooks

At Gift Rabbit, we are committed to helping you discover the perfect gifts for cooks. Our team invests time to meticulously check, compare, and review a wide range of culinary gifts. We consider various factors such as price, style, and customer feedback. We conduct thorough research and consult with cooking enthusiasts to understand what makes a meaningful gift. Our goal is to evaluate products from a user’s perspective, offering unique gift ideas that cater to different demographics. From gourmet ingredients to premium cookware, our gift guide is designed to cater to every cooking enthusiast’s needs. Trust us to help you score the perfect present for your favorite cook.

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