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45 Cool Gift Ideas for Crafters

Keep calm and craft on with unique supplies and fun DIY kits from this gifts list.

Are you afraid you bit off more than you can glue trying to find the perfect gift ideas for crafters? Don’t be sew spoolish! We scoured the internet to find you the best, most creative Christmas, birthday, or surprise gifts for crafty people.

You can find something for everyone that loves arts and crafts on this list, whether they want helpful supplies for the normal crafts or to branch out with a unique DIY kit they’ve never tried before. We’ve got everything you need to give a creative gift for men, women, and all the creative people in between!

45 Unique Gift Ideas For Crafters

Someone’s going to need a larger crafting corner after perusing all these cool gifts for crafty people!

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Artist Canvas Apron with Pockets

  • Keep Your Supplies

  • $$$$$
  • Organization

Keep your friends close and your crafting supplies even closer… or whatever

Sun Tzu said. Exacto knives, crochet needles, tubes of paint, or snacks, the options are endless for what crafters can fit in this apron’s convenient pockets. As someone who has effectively ruined half their clothes with paint stains, we wish we had had this apron years ago. Seriously, look at all those pockets! Crafter can finally have all their necessary supplies (and snacks) at their fingertips!

Novelty Knitting Gift Mug

  • Crafters With Humor Will Love This

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Imagine taking a sip of coffee… out of a spool of yarn? This novelty mug would be a lovely gift for knitters with a wicked sense of humor. You could give them the cup on its own, or you could add a few more crafting supplies to make a cute little knitting gift basket of sorts. Any avid knitter will appreciate some extra spools of yarn or needles or a dose of caffeine to keep them knitting all night. There are plenty of ways you can add a personalized touch to make a crafty person feel loved!

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer

  • Organization Is Key

  • $$$$$
  • Organization

As my painting advisor once said, “It’s challenging to be an artist and a minimalist” because it requires so many supplies to make beautiful crafts and art. But that doesn’t mean their tools and supplies need to be a huge mess. This rolling storage cart is great for storing fabric for sewers, paints for painters, magazines for collage-makers, and so much more. If we had this, our expensive tubs of paint wouldn’t currently be sitting in old amazon delivery boxes (*sigh emoji*).

Stitch Happy Knitting Bag

  • Knit Your Heart Out

  • $$$$$
  • Organization, Novelty, Fiber & Textiles

We swear not every gift on this list is about organization, but we can’t resist this cute knitting supplies bag. One of the incredible benefits of knitting, in comparison to some other crafts, is its mobility. Knitters can grab their supplies and work in the park, at their friend’s house, or almost anywhere they’d like! This bag makes it even easier for them to carry and organize their supplies for knitting on the go.

Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Kit for Bottles

  • So Many Glassy Possibilities!

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, DIY kit, Unique

Thanks to this easy-to-use bottle cutter kit, crafters can now turn empty wine or beer bottles into beautiful decor and accents. Are you unsure what exactly someone would make out of old glass bottles? Just check out this Pinterest board for some inspiration! They could create unique DIY wine glasses, cool containers for candles if they enjoy candle making, planters for their little green babies, and so much more.

Lettering Workshop for Crafters Book

  • Handwriting Goals

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Crafts

Adorable lettering has taken on a considerable rise in the crafty world. We have a friend who has an entire crafting side hustle just based on her beautiful lettering abilities. But if you’re not inherently blessed with beautiful handwriting, this can be a huge pain. If you know someone that wants the aesthetic of excellent writing on their crafts but needs to work on their skills, this book is perfect for practicing!

15 Piece Detail Paint Brush Set

  • The Devils In The Details

  • $$$$$
  • Tools

Creating fine lines and details with a frayed or clumpy paintbrush can be straight-up nearly impossible. Trust us, we know. Whether they’re working on a beautiful landscape or making gorgeous handmade Christmas cards for loved ones, these fine detail paint brushes could save them loads of frustration and time.

DIY Flower String Lights Kit

  • Light Up Their Crafts

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Decorative Crafts

We’re a huge fan of craft kits for multiple reasons. Number one being it lets crafters try out new styles without having to buy a load of supplies for something they may only want to do once. Take these DIY flower string lights, for example! The kit includes everything your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, or child needs to get started (including the string lights), and if they want to make more, they know exactly what supplies they’ll need.

Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

  • What A Gem

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Tools, Supplies

Have you been wandering the aisles of your local craft store trying to figure out what specific supplies jewelry makers need? This supply kit has it all, from earring hooks to tweezers, to help old pros and new hobbyists make the accessories of their dreams. Jewelry making is a fun, creative outlet for men, women, or even kids with a unique sense of style. We got into jewelry making as a kid who wanted to make fun accessories we couldn’t find in stores!

Silver LED Trace Light Pad

  • Time Saver Winner

  • $$$$$
  • Tools

Crafty people don’t have to be able to draw everything perfectly by hand to make wonderful crafts! We highly encourage cheating with this trace light pad. Whether they use it to trace their own unique designs onto canvas, cards, or fabric for embroidery, or they use images printed out from the internet, this light pad makes it significantly easier to re-create their ideal designs.

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Acrylic Paint Pens

  • Paint With Precision

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Tools

Some artists can be a bit snobby when it comes to paint pens, but personally, we’re huge fans of them! They make creating steady outlines and precision line work significantly faster and easier. This set of 12 pens can help craft lovers make an array of cool projects on ceramic, stone, canvas, wood, fabric, and many more surfaces.

Natural Wood Slices - 37 Pieces

  • So Many Possibilities!

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Unique, Decorative Crafts

Speaking of more surfaces crafty people could use paint markers on, check out these natural wood slices! There are nearly endless options for unique gifts for crafty people, but we’re fans of giving crafter supplies that will stretch their creativity. In the hands of someone that enjoys arts and crafts, these real-wood slices could be transformed into beautiful Christmas ornaments, personalized gift tags, and so much more.

Crafters Sewing Advent Calendar Christmas Gift

  • For A Crafty Christmas

  • $$$$$
  • Unique

Are you sew stuck on what to get your favorite crafter this Christmas? Holiday shopping just got easier thanks to this Sewing Advent Calendar, which is chock full of 24 fun sewing tools. It would be a fun way to spice up your regular gifts for crafters, especially avid sewers or quilters.

Craft Crush Paper Bowls Kit

  • Homemade Decor

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Paper Crafts, Unique

We’d like to deco-pause here and introduce you to the fun world of decoupage. This DIY craft kit allows users to create three unique and colorful paper bowls. Once completed, the bowls are the perfect size for adding a fun splash of boho accent to their decor and storing small trinkets. It could be an excellent choice for people just starting their crafty journey because it is a relatively simple DIY activity.

Two Pieces Magnetic Sewing Pincushion Wrist Pin Holder

  • Ultimate Convenience

  • $$$$$
  • Organization, Tools, Unique, Fiber & Textiles

Is anyone else tired of losing their pins and needles all over the place and then, unfortunately, finding them when you accidentally step on them? Help your favorite sewer keep their needles in their pincushion with this creative upgrade! The magnetic pincushion and bracelet design make it super convenient and easy for sewers to keep track of their supplies. This pincushion is a great and budget-friendly pick for men, moms, or anyone who loves to sew or quilt!

Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box

  • Desktop Organization

  • $$$$$
  • Organization

Pens, markers, paintbrushes, and more just found their new home in this multi-functional pen holder. It is the perfect size to fit on top of desks without taking too much space from their workable area. The bottom drawer is great for all their craft paper, tubes of paint, or miscellaneous supplies. Consider giving this handy organizer to avid bullet journalers, card makers, scrapbookers, or other crafters with a significant amount of stationery supplies.

Magnifying Glass Lamp with Base Stand & Clamp

  • Craft All Night

  • $$$$$
  • Tools

Crafting in low light is an eye strain, and creating intricate details could be a massive pain, at least until you give your favorite craft lover this magnifying glass lamp. Jewelry making, threading needles, and all those other minute activities just got significantly more manageable thanks to the strong magnification, and the bright light can allow crafters to work as late as they want!

Glue Runner Permanent 35 Yards Total (4 Pack Each)

  • Scrapbooks And Beyond

  • Tools, Paper Crafts

Run, don’t walk, to pick up these multi-packs of glue runners for all the scrapbookers, collage makers, and handmade card crafters on your holiday shopping list. Unlike liquid glue, these don’t bleed through and cause discoloration. They’re more convenient than peeling double-sided tape and way more effective than that tape bubble technique from elementary school crafts. These tape runners would make excellent stocking stuffer gift ideas for crafters that enjoy precision.

Deluxe Jewelry Making Kit

  • Everything They Need In More

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Supplies, Tools

Did your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, or pal take a jewelry-making class and now are ready to dive off the deep end with their new hobby? This supply kit would be an excellent starting point for anyone interested in creating their own unique accessories. Teens, moms, and artsy women will enjoy the step-by-step instructional videos that come with the set, as well as the wide array of cool supplies.

Candle Making Kit

  • Can-do Candles

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Functional Crafts, Supplies, Tools

Candle making can seem like an intimidating activity to any novice (trust us, we spilled enough wax to know). This kit can take all the guesswork out of candle making and potentially prevent them from the same waxy disasters we encountered. Plus, it comes with some adorably boho-chic containers for their beautiful candle creations! Honestly, we wish we had this kit when we first tried our hand at candle making.

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Crafty Couture: Clay Earrings Class & DIY Kit

  • An Awesome Introduction

  • $$$$$
  • Functional Crafts, DIY kit, Unique

Clay earrings are on the rise in terms of trendiness, and your crafter may be dying to try their hand at them. This craft combines jewelry making and ceramics for an arts and crafts activity that hits on multiple realms of creativity. This bundle includes a supply kit with all necessary tools and materials and a 90-minute virtual class that walks craft lovers through the earring-making process!

Felt Succulents Craft Kit

  • Gifts That Don’t Succ...ulent

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Unique, Fiber & Textiles

We felt it was essential to include this craft kit on our list to show everyone that there’s no use crying over pilled felt (especially when you can turn them into cute crafts). This craft kit has all the supplies your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or any crafty adults/kids need to create six unique felt succulents.

Personalized Yarn Bowl

  • Personalized Pick For Knitters

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, Novelty, Unique

Something about personalized gifts always feels extra thoughtful and, well… personal! This stoneware yarn bowl is gorgeous enough to be part of the recipient’s standard decor and super useful for all their knitting adventures. Plus, the hooked cutout is perfect for keeping skeins of yarn untangled as they work on their newest project. Who knows, maybe they’re even making you a thank you gift!

72 Premium Colored Coloring Pencils Set for Adults

  • For Coloring Books And More

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Tools, Paper Crafts

Castle Art supplies are a widely recognized name in colored pencils (at least, among nerdy artists that know that stuff). If you’re shopping for a crafty girl or guy that likes to draw, make cards, or loves to relax with coloring books, we strongly suggest a set of quality colored pencils like these. This set of 72 premium colored pencils is a great basic for crafters to have in their multiple boxes of crafting supplies.

Custom Pet Paint by Shadows Kit

  • Perfect Gift For Pet Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Unique, Decorative Crafts

You don’t have to be an artist in order to create a beautiful portrait of your four-legged friend! This paint by shadows kit is an incredibly thoughtful way to show a crafty person you understand their love for art and their pet.

Macramé Moon Dreamcatcher DIY Craft Kit

  • DIY Boho Flair

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, Decorative Crafts, Unique

Hello, we’ll take one of these for each of our crafty friends, please. Was anyone else aware that you could find such dreamy DIY decor because we sure weren’t? Macrame is an excellent hobby for crafty girls that were pros at making friendship bracelets back in their camp days. Sadly, those bracelets become a little less acceptable as you mature, but we can think of macrame as the perfect adult counterpart.

DIY Screen Printing Kit

  • Say It With Screen Printing

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Fiber & Textiles, Unique

Screen printing doesn’t have to be an art reserved for your funky local t-shirt shop! Now, with this DIY supply kit, people can take the art of screen printing home with them. This craft kit has step-by-step instructions, a pre-stretched wood screen, black ink, and a ton of other useful supplies. If you wanted to get additional supplies to accompany this kit, you could pick up some tote bags or t-shirts for the recipient to practice on or some extra ink colors.

Eight Pieces Christmas Stencils Template

  • Tis The Season For Crafts

  • $$$$$
  • Tools, Paper Crafts, Decorative Crafts

For die-hard Christmas crafters, the holiday season is always on their minds. These stencils could be a useful gift to make their crafting quicker and easier. You can order this eight-pack of Christmas cheer online any time of year, and we suggest you give this as a gift before the holidays so your crafty moms, girlfriends, boyfriends, and pals can actually use it for making Christmas gifts and decor.

Summer Punch Needle Kit

  • Punch It Out

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, DIY kit, Unique

Punch needles are often used on a larger scale to make super cool rugs but can also be used to make intricate textured artwork. This supply kit has everything an adventurous crafter needs to learn this unique skill and create some interesting three-dimensional art! We love the pastel colors and fun summery designs in this set, and hopefully, you know a crafter that will too!

Folding Lap Desk

  • Craft In Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Organization, Novelty, Supplies

Finding a comfortable place to craft can be a bit of a challenge, especially for those without a dedicated crafting area (which is likely most people). This lap desk helps transform any area into a functional workspace and has storage for keeping their supplies handy. It is an excellent choice for people that like to watch TV while they work!

Dried Flower Wreath DIY Kit

  • Brightening Blooms

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Decorative Crafts

Whether you hang them on your front door or inside your home, wreaths can add an interesting touch to household decor. But figuring out how to make them from scratch can seem intimidating, to say the least. This kit helps curious crafters learn exactly how to create beautiful wreaths to brighten up their homes!

124 Pieces Dried Flowers for Resin And Crafts

  • Florals For Every Season

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Decorative Crafts, Unique

Dried flowers are our crafting kryptonite, and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. There is no shortage of projects crafters can use dried flowers, from gorgeous paper crafts to intricate resin artwork. This set includes an array of beautiful blooms that creative people will love to incorporate into their crafts!

Tie-Dye DIY Kit

  • Pastel Hippie Pick

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Fiber & Textiles, Decorative Crafts, Functional Crafts

Many of us were first introduced to tie-dye as kids at summer camp or fun DIY projects at home. Recently, the tie-dye aesthetic has been making a considerable comeback, this time in calmer pastel shades. This tie-dye kit is perfect for people that want to try the new trend themselves instead of shelling out serious cash for their next tie dye loungewear set.

Macrame DIY Wall Hanging Kit

  • Hang In There!

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, Functional Crafts, DIY kit

Would your crafter want to order a bunch of string and stumble through some Youtube videos to figure out how to make a macrame pot hanger or use this handy DIY kit? Goodbye confusion, hello lovely new hanging home for their plants. The set has enough supplies for two to three hanging planters, so the recipient might need to buy some more plants!

150 Sheets of Scrapbook Paper

  • Vintage Crafter Aesthetic

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Crafts, Supplies, Unique

This vintage-inspired set of scrapbook paper would be a beautiful and unique choice for anyone that loves papercrafts. The 150-page set includes six themes: handwritten script, astronomy, old newspapers, music pages, and more. This set of craft paper is already sending our creative mind aflame with possibilities, and we know the crafty person you’re shopping for might also love this gift!

DIY Cross Stitch Kits for Adults with Pattern

  • It Has Us In Stitches

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, DIY kit, Unique

Cross stitch is an exquisite craft, and embroidery hoops are starting to be incorporated into funky boho-adjacent household decor. If you know someone who has the patience to take on this craft (potentially someone who knits or sews already), they might enjoy trying cross-stitch. This supply kit comes with three printed patterns and a whole bunch of other supplies that take the guesswork out of learning this new skill.

Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set

  • 18 Pieces of Painting Dreams

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Decorative Crafts, Functional Crafts

Every crafter needs at least a basic set of paints for whatever artistic adventures are in their future! This 18 piece set leans more towards craft quality acrylic paint than artistic quality, perfect for certain activities. When artist quality paints can run you $10 a tube, sometimes crafters would rather stick with the basics. These Apple Barrel paints have been our go-to brand for any craft activity, like painting coolers, terracotta pots, and more.

Painting Rocks, 12 Rocks 2-3 inches

  • Gifts That Rock

  • $$$$$
  • Decorative Crafts, Supplies

Rock painting is an ancient art form that has taken on a modern twist. Many people who paint rocks now call them “kindness rocks” and use them to promote positivity. If you know someone that likes to paint or draw, they might enjoy this new artistic hobby. All you really need to get started is a set of smooth rocks, like these linked above, and paint pens or paints plus paintbrushes.

124 Skeins Embroidery Floss

  • Skeins For Days

  • $$$$$
  • Fiber & Textiles, Supplies

Embroidery, cross-stitch, and funky friendship bracelet makers can all probably agree on one thing— you can never have too much embroidery floss. This set would make an excellent present or Christmas stocking stuffer for crafters. If you know a craft girl going off to camp for the first time, give them a pack of embroidery thread and watch them make tons of friends (and friendship bracelets).

50 Pieces Colorful Gold Goose Feathers

  • Costumes, Crafts, And More

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Unique

Crafters with a boho aesthetic will love these feathers for all their unique creations! Personally, we’re picturing some funky wall hangings, earrings, costumes, and so much more. With 50 feathers in this set, they’ll have plenty of materials to create an array of fun projects!

20 Pieces 3

  • Give Pots A Cute Home

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Functional Crafts

Painting clay pots is our current crafty obsession. These smaller pots would be an excellent pick for someone that loves succulents or other small plants. Pair these pots with a pack of paint pens or some fun colors of acrylic paint, and any plant-loving crafter will be excited to make new homes for their plant babies!

128 Pieces Wood Burning Kit

  • Make It Smoulder

  • $$$$$
  • DIY kit, Unique, Supplies, Tools

Wood burning is a unique way to create gorgeous works of art or add a fun flair to everyday objects. Are you unfamiliar with it? Just check out all the awesome artwork that comes up on Pinterest! Anyone with an affinity for lettering, design, or illustration would probably also be pretty talented at wood burning, and this supply kit has everything they need to get started.

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set

  • Washi Winner

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Crafts, Supplies, Unique

Since washi tape gained popularity in the western world a few years ago, craft lovers have used it to add a cute touch to scrapbooks, paper crafts, and bullet journals. This supply kit has 48 rolls of unique washi tape designs, perfect for the types of crafts and creations we previously mentioned.

Mod Podge Bundle

  • Steal The Show With Sealant

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Tools

Modge podge is like a gateway drug for crafting. You think you’re just going to use it to make one cute picture frame as a DIY gift for your best friend, then suddenly your whole life is decopauged. If you know someone who has already taken their first hit of the mod, you may as well give in and be supportive by getting them this bundle set! It has all the supplies they need to seal, glue, and craft their heart away.

230 Pieces Hobby Craft Knife Kit

  • Cut it Out!

  • $$$$$
  • Tools

Precision paper cuts just got a whole lot easier thanks to this impressive 230 piece craft knife set. Crafters will be able to create beautiful designs and cutouts from various paper goods with these knives. Are you unsure about what types of crafts or crafty people would use these types of tools? These knives would be a useful gift for crafters interested in scrapbooking, card-making, collage, and creating other beautiful paper goods!

Crafting FAQs

What Do You Give a Crafter for Christmas?

Christmas could be a great opportunity to treat a crafter to new supplies or styles they wouldn’t have tried on their own. As much fun as crafting is, materials can start to add up, so some crafty people might be hesitant to purchase supplies for crafts they’ve never made before. Take Christmas as an opportunity to get your favorite creative people supplies for similar (but new) styles of crafting.

For example, if your girlfriend has been making jewelry for years using metal and beads, she might be interested in experimenting with making clay earrings. If your mom enjoys sewing clothing or quilts, consider getting her an embroidery kit. Does your boyfriend create incredible macrame projects? Maybe give him the supplies for crochet next! Of course, you can always stick to the tried and true basics of the crafts they already enjoy if you want to play it safe.

What Does Every Crafter Need?

Knitting, needlework, pottery, painting, woodworking, and all the other various crafts require different specific tools. However, there are a few items that almost every crafter needs. We suggest starting with nice scissors, pencils, pens, glue, a glue gun, tape (painters, regular, and double-sided), tracing paper, craft paper, a ruler, paints, embellishments, yarn/thread, and paintbrushes.

How Do You Make Homemade Gifts?

There are as many ways to make homemade gifts as there are people to give gifts to! We suggest playing to your talents as much as possible. Anything you create by hand shows love, time, effort, and care, which makes the most thoughtful gifts. If you enjoy baking, you could make the recipient their favorite treat and add some cute decorations to the box to make it keepsake-worthy. Hand-poured candles with their favorite scents are also an excellent option. Knitting or crocheting a scarf, hat, or another accessory would be a wonderful Christmas gift. If you’re stumped on where to start, we strongly suggest you head over to Pinterest and check out all of the amazing ideas on there!

What Are Must-Have Craft Supplies?

Must-have craft supplies will vary depending on what types of crafts the individual wants to make. Knitters and crocheters will need scissors, lots of yarn, and knitting needles or crochet hooks. Macrame makers will need macrame rope, scissors, hanging hooks, and metal dowels or sticks if they’re going for an organic look. People that enjoy papercrafts or scrapbooking will need plenty of craft paper, adhesives, pens or markers, embellishments, stickers, scissors, cardstock, and more. Crafty painters will need various sized paintbrushes, plenty of paints, canvas, or whatever surface they want to paint on, such as rocks, mugs, coolers, and more. Creatively inclined people that just love to make cool things might appreciate supplies that create embellishments like craft paper, a glue gun, fabric, ribbons, fake or pressed flowers, washi tape, and other unique materials.

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