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50 Best Gift Ideas For Father In Law

Make your father-in-law jealous of your biological father by giving him the perfect gift!

We get it, trying to impress your father-in-law might seem like an impossible task. Whether you’ve weaseled your way into his good graces or you’re still trying to win him over, it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gifts for your father-in-law.

But it’s time to stop stressing and start shopping! Thankfully, we took the work out of it by finding you 50 unique father-in-law gifts he’s sure to love… even if he doesn’t quite love you yet.

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50 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Father-In-Law

Start scrolling to see all the awesome father-in-law gifts we scoured the internet for. Don’t worry; we’ll let you take all the credit when he asks where you found such a cool present.

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My Favorite Daughter-In-Law Funny T-Shirt

  • Say It In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Novelty

Make it absolutely clear who your father-in-law’s favorite child is, even if you are technically a child by marriage. It is available in five colors and sizes ranging up to 3XL. Plus, it is also available in women’s style, so you can also get a shirt for your mother-in-law. Imagine how cute your partner’s parents will look rocking these matching tees that boast about how wonderful you are.

Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder

  • Keeping Handyman Tools Handy

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear

The magnets in this wristband might be almost as strong as your relationship with your father-in-law. Or at least, as strong as your relationship is about to be after he opens this nifty gadget. This wrist-zed toolbelt is perfect for dads that enjoy some home improvement projects during their downtime but don’t enjoy stepping on stray nails and screws in their garage/workroom. The adjustable fit and supportive design could also help keep his wrist ready for whatever project he has next!

Bad Ass Bonus Dad - Badass 16oz Pint Glass

  • Cheers to Extra Dads

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Sip, sip, hooray! Raise a glass to the best extra dad you could find. Sure, some people might assume this is meant for step-dads, but we know the relationship you have with your father-in-law is so close it deserves a pint glass too. Pair this mug with a six-pack of his favorite beers or an exciting selection of craft beers he’s never tried before!

My Best Catch- Father-in-Law Gifts

  • Go Fish For Your Father-In-Law!

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear

Your father-in-law helped raise your other half, so it’s only fair to thank them for giving you your partner in crime. This two-piece set is perfect for your father-in-law that enjoys a relaxing day on the lake, thinking about the wonderful children they raise and all the delicious fish they’re about to catch. This set of fishing hooks could be an incredibly thoughtful fathers day present or gift to your father-in-law before your impending nuptials!

Funny Grilling Apron for Men

  • For The Grillmaster

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Food & Drinks

Does your father-in-law prefer all family get-togethers to occur around his grilling station? Also, does he have a dedicated grilling station, probably outfitted with all the bells and whistles? If so, then you might want to consider getting him this hilarious apron. He’ll be excited to wear this funny apron next time everyone comes over for a big cookout!

Nut Gift Basket + Green Ribbon

  • He’ll Go Nuts For These!

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

Is your father-in-law impossible to shop for? If he’s the type of person who already owns everything, you might want to turn to a delicious gift instead of a material one. This set includes an assortment of seven different nuts, like honey-glazed peanuts, cashews, honey-glazed pecans, pistachios, and more. These snacks are great for watching the game or relaxing with his friends for a few afternoon brews.

Wrangler Authentics- Men's Long Sleeve Flannel Jacket

  • Get Cozy

  • Comfort

Does your father-in-law dress somewhere between a lumberjack and a millennial hipster? Or, you know, just like a typical father-in-law? Whatever his style is, this shirt looks so incredibly comfy and cozy; we think it would make a perfect Christmas gift. Not to mention, shirt-jackets are totally having a moment right now, so your father-in-law will be looking uber stylish all season with one of these cozy pieces on.

New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

  • Classic Kicks For Any Dad

  • Comfort

Speaking of typical dad fashion, nothing says dad quite like these classic New Balance sneakers. If his shoes are starting to look a little green from mowing the lawn or worn down from carrying all the personality and humor in his family, then it’s definitely time to replace them with a new pair. Almost any dad would appreciate a fresh pair of these classic, chunky kicks that will support his feet all day.

The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

  • Manly Gear For Manly Men

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear

These bear claw meat shredders exist somewhere on the spectrum between cosplaying as Edward Scissorhands and running around the forest pretending to be the elusive sasquatch. And to be fair, we can’t wait to live out our Wolverine fantasies as we go to town with these bad boys. Your partner’s dad will love how effective and efficient they are for making his famous pulled pork and how cool they make him feel while using them.

Spiceology - Ultimate Rub Collection

  • Spice Up His Life

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

Here is another great idea for the grilling dad on your shopping list. This set of 12 gourmet spice rubs are a wonderful choice for anyone that enjoys experimenting with their barbeque creations, especially if you live close enough to taste-test whatever they come up with! You could help up their barbeque game with these incredible flavors like Jamaican jerk, tandoori glory, chile margarita, and more!

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YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

  • For A Man On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

If he’s a rambling man that can’t stay still, then you should definitely get him this YETI Rambler insulated mug. It’s perfect for a man that is always on the go, whether he’s going to the gym or going fly fishing with his pals; this mug will keep his favorite beverages at the perfect temperature until the last drop. Plus, the handle is big enough for gloved hands to fit, making it the perfect mug for colder weather months.

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

  • Adult Playtime Perfection

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear, Entertainment

He might have been a master of paper airplanes when he was a kid, but how will your father-in-law handle this fun, smartphone-controlled paper airplane? While paper airplanes rely on the wind and coast through the air, this upgraded version can fly up to 25 mph and pull hairpin turns at the drop of a hat. The paper is actually made of crash-proof carbon fiber, so your father-in-law can even let his grandkids have a turn without worrying they’re going to break his new toy.

Man Gift Box - Fun Outdoor Men Gifts

  • All-In-One Gifts For Outdoorsy Men

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear, Homegoods, Entertainment

Would your father-in-law rather be in the great outdoors than anywhere else? Give him a gift box that will have him prepared for whatever adventure he wants to go on next! You could run around to a million shops to attempt to assemble all these pieces yourself, or you could sit back and relax while you enjoy free Amazon prime shipping. This adventure gift box includes a fire starting kit, a Rambo knife, a double insulated coffee mug, and much more. That’s right; this could be the perfect last-minute gift that doesn’t look like a last-minute gift!

Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game

  • Trivia Night With A Twist

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment

Game night just got significantly more interesting! This fun trivia game will have you and your father-in-law competing over generational knowledge. Do the boomers know more about millennial culture, or will the millennials prevail with their knowledge of boomer facts? There’s only one way to find out— play the game!

DIY Whisky Infusion Kit

  • Not A Whisky Gift For Your Father-In-Law

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks, Entertainment

This kit allows your father-in-law (or yourself, no judgment, we want this kit too) to create their own whiskey at home. Don’t worry; no bathtubs will be involved in the brewing process, and it won’t turn your father-in-law into one of the cast members from Moonshiners. However, it will allow him to create unique flavor profiles or recreate the classics for a fun hobby he’ll be able to do for years to come!

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

  • Not A Puzzling Choice!

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment

You could memorialize any special day, whether it’s your father-in-law’s birthday, retirement date, father’s day, or anything else, as a custom-made New York Times puzzle! This one is perfect for the history buffs on your list because you can choose a date going all the way back to 1851. The artist will take the New York Times front page from your selected date and turn it into a 500 piece puzzle.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

  • Two Is Better Than One

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

McDonald’s, eat your heart out. That’s right; we don’t need the golden arches to make delicious breakfast sandwiches. All you need is some eggs and this Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Your father-in-law will love how fast this thing works and the minimal clean-up involved, while your mother-in-law will love the fact that he’s taking over cooking breakfast (it is a dual sandwich maker, after all).

Baseball Park Map Glasses - Set of 2

  • What A Home Run

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Your father-in-law’s celebratory old-fashioned is about to taste so much better when he sips it out of one of these cool baseball park map glasses. Choose his favorite team and watch as he inspects the map and traces his pathway to his season ticket holder seats. With two glasses included in the set, maybe he’ll actually sit down and share a drink with you. After all, we think these whiskey glasses could be the perfect gift to finally win over your hard-to-please father-in-law.

Laser Engraved 'Cereal Killer' Stainless Steel Spoon

  • Hide Your Cocoa Puffs

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

Here is a fun little gag gift for your father-in-law, who either enjoys multiple bowls of lucky charms in the morning or just likes good puns (what dad doesn’t enjoy punny jokes, anyway?). Pair it with a couple of boxes of his favorite breakfast cereal, or layer it on with even more gag gifts for a gift basket that will have him belly laughing for days to come.

National Parks Color Map Mug

  • Discover The Great Outdoors While Caffeinating

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Many adults dream of hitting the road and seeing all of the glorious and diverse landscapes America has to offer, and there’s no better way to do it than by traveling to this country’s wonderful national parks. This interactive mug is an awesome gift for a father-in-law who wants to plan (or revisit) his all-American adventure. He can use the included marker to note the parks he’s already visited or plan his cross-country adventure. Then, he can wipe it off and start fresh or bake the mug to make his doodles permanent.

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Classic Day-of-The-Week Wall Clock with Solid Aluminum Frame

  • An Effortless Reminder!

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

This one goes out to the father-in-laws whose office days are behind them. If your father-in-law recently hit that magic number and is celebrating his retirement, this day-of-the-week wall clock could be the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone! At first, it might seem funny— who would seriously lose track of what day it was? But after a week or two of retired life, he might realize he needs this clock more than he expected!

Wood Smoke Grilling Planks

  • For BBQ-loving Boys

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks, Homegoods

If he’s tired of the same old burgers and hotdogs, you could help your father-in-law branch out with these wood smoke grilling planks. This set includes five planks, each made from a different species of wood— Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Maple, and Hickory. There are a couple of cool ways to use the planks! Your bonus dad can cook his seasoned meats and foods directly on the plank or soak them in apple cider vinegar, wine, or juice for an added dose of flavor.

Scandinavian Viking Beer Mug

  • He’ll Feel So Bad*ass

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks, Homegoods

Finally, your father-in-law can live out all of his Viking fantasies with this mug, potentially while binge-watching Vikings on Netflix. If your father-in-law is a history buff or interested in nordic culture, he might really enjoy this beer mug. And if he’s not, he’ll still enjoy how cool he looks drinking his beer out of this cup.

Personalized Backyard Brews Bottle Opener

  • Make His Backyard His Mancave

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Not everyone has room for a designated man cave in their house. But that’s not a problem anymore! Wherever your father-in-law’s grill is could become his designated chill zone, thanks to this customized bottle opener. This wall-mounted bottle opener is the perfect kind of functional decor to make any backyard the cool hangout spot for all his friends. We think this would be an excellent gift for a father-in-law who loves to entertain. Personalize it with a special date and your father-in-law’s last name for a completely unique gift he’ll be showing off for years!

Whisky Stones Stainless Steel Footballs - Set of 6

  • A Touch Down Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

Whiskey stones are an awesome way to keep your beverage cold without watering it down with melted ice. We enjoy refreshing whiskey stones in our sipping whiskey, and we’re pretty sure your father-in-law will too. This set of six football-shaped whiskey stones is an excellent choice for any whiskey connoisseur. Pair it with a bottle of his favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch for a gift he will cheers to all night long.

Hockey Stick Snow Brush

  • A Pucking Cool Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Hockey fans won’t have to worry about the snow getting in the way of their game anymore, thanks to this snow brush made from recycled hockey sticks. Once the hockey sticks retire from their professional careers, two California-based artists turn them into effective snow brushes. This show brush is an awesome and useful gift for any hockey fan who might not be a fan of the snow but will brave anything in order to get to watch his favorite team hit the ice.

Puzzle Roll Away Mat

  • Take A Puzzle Pause

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

As your father-in-law embarks on his new retirement hobbies, you are given the incredible opportunity to find him all sorts of new gifts for his exciting new activities! This roll-away puzzle mat is perfect for keeping his hard work safe when grandkids or friends come over to visit, especially if your father-in-law works on multi-thousand-piece puzzles that might take a while to finish. This mat can hold up to 2,000 piece puzzles and store them safely just in case he needs to take a break!

Choose Your Dog Breed Necktie

  • Good Ties For Good Boys

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Clothing

Unfortunately, not every job or restaurant is dog-friendly, so your father-in-law might not be able to take his pooch with him everywhere he goes. Thankfully, he can take a memento of his four-legged friend with him to work or any special destination with this necktie. Choose from 17 different dog breeds— from Yorkies to Bulldogs, for a fun patterned silk tie, he’ll be excited to try on!

Reusable Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags

  • A Cheesy Choice

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks, Homegoods

Full disclosure here: we hate washing dishes. We will eat out dinner straight out of the pan we cooked it in if it meant one fewer dish to wash. And while we know not everyone thinks like this, we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. So if your father-in-law is cut from the same dish washing-adverse cloth, then you might want to give him these awesome reusable grilled cheese bags. Now, he’ll be able to cook some delicious sandwiches right in his toaster; no pan or clean-up required.

F Bomb Paperweight

  • A Bomb Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Novelty

Cursing someone out in his office might get your father-in-law reported to HR, but this hilarious F-bomb hopefully won’t! This handmade paperweight can add a dose of whimsy to your father-in-law’s office or home decor, but don’t try to take it through the airport to hand deliver it to him! We don’t want the TSA to try to confiscate your awesome present, so you might want to have it mailed directly to dear old dad.

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The Sexton – Irish Whiskey

  • Luxury On A Budget

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

We have to admit, we were given this bottle of whiskey as a gift years ago and thought it was significantly more expensive than it actually is. It was our “special occasion” whiskey for quite some time until we realized it had an extremely accessible price tag. If you want to impress your whiskey-sipping father-in-law without breaking the bank, this Irish whiskey might just do the trick. Plus, we think the bottle is super cool.

Personalized Record Doormat

  • Put That Record On!

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Here comes a dose of childhood nostalgia for your favorite father-in-law! This record doormat could transport him back to his days perusing record shops for new cool vinyl to impress his hot date (hopefully, your mother-in-law). Customize the mat with his last name and a unique phrase such as “Spinning Since ‘99” or whatever else you can come up with (you only have 35 characters, though, so choose wisely). This personalized LP doormat is guaranteed to be a huge hit with music buffs and nostalgic men alike!

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care

  • Better Grooming Guaranteed

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care

In our experience, most men with beards love it when you compliment, comment on or give them beard-related gifts. Why? We surveyed our beard-clad friends, and they all pretty much said it makes them feel manly. So, why not stroke his ego a bit with a gift that has a compliment built into it? This beard grooming kit has everything your father-in-law needs for optimal facial hair health for a longer and stronger beard than ever before!

Indoor Golf Putting Game

  • A Hole In One Gift

  • Entertainment

Your father-in-law might not have time to hit the green every day, but he can get in a little putting practice thanks to this indoor golf putting game set. Pair this set with a classic argyle sweater or colorful golf pants for a fun golf gift to celebrate your bonus dad’s retirement. After all, he might need a little practice on his short game before he goes to the course with his other golf buddies.

Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit

  • For The Entertainers

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

If your father-in-law is the life of the party and loves to have people over, then you have to get him this bartender kit. Of course, you don’t need alcohol for an awesome get-together, but if he’s continuously hosting events, it might be nice to start mixing up the drink selection. This stainless steel set will have him whipping up Mai Tais, Moscow Mules, and Cosmopolitans before the night is over!

College Stadium-View Picture Frame

  • Show Off His School Spirit

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Are you anxious to impress your future father-in-law? We get it; you want to start this important relationship off on the right foot, or at least put it back on solid ground if you’ve already had a bit of a misstep. We have the perfect plan for winning him over: step one- buy this picture frame, step two- get him awesome tickets for the next home game, step three- take a nice picture together at the game, step four- print out the photo and give it to him with a nice note on the back, step five- claim your place as favorite child-in-law.

Self-Sealing and Self-Changing 4 Gallon Trash Can

  • It’s A Game Changer

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

We know, you’re probably thinking, who gives their father-in-law a trash can as a present? And second of all, who spends that much on a trash can? Obviously, you’ve never seen just how cool this trash can is. It heat seals the bags and automatically changes the bag once you remove the old one. We’re not afraid to admit we’ve watched the “How Does It Work?” video about five times now. We are officially entering the future, and this self-sealing and changing trash can is leading the way.

Hand-Forged Mountain Ridge Knife

  • Cut Out The Lame Gifts

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

Is your father-in-law interested in learning about indigenous cultures or a big fan of cool knives? If either of those descriptions applies, then he’s guaranteed to love this hand-forged mountain ridge knife. This knife is inspired by the traditional ulu used by the indigenous Yup’ik, Inuit, and Aleut for thousands of years (at least since 2500 BCE, wow!). This one is hand-forged from recycled low-carbon steel and is perfect for most kitchen tasks and cooking prep.

Bamboo Charging Station Organizer

  • An Organizational Winner

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Does your father-in-law have more electronics than he knows what to do with? It can be hard to keep track of multiple electronics and even more challenging to make sure they’re all charged and ready when you need them. This charging station is extremely helpful for keeping tablets, phones, smartwatches, headphones, and more neatly organized and at 100% battery. This could be an excellent father-in-law gift for the man who has everything already.

Socks That Plant Trees

  • What A Nice Tree

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort

Give your father-in-law a gift that gives back! For each pair of these socks you purchase, ten trees are planted by a non-profit called Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future partners with thousands of farming families across Sub-Saharan Africa to help end world hunger by planting more trees! It truly is an incredible organization dedicated to making sustainable environmental changes to benefit low-income communities and the planet. Plus, the socks are pretty cute too.

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Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making 2 Gallon Starter Kit

  • Let Him Live Out His Dreams

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

Many ber connoisseurs dream of one day opening up their own brewery. If your father-in-law is among those dreamers, then he might enjoy this beer-making kit. This DIY set is designed for fits-time brewers and comes with easy-to-follow instructions that take them through the entire process. It comes with enough supplies to make two gallons of beer. Hopefully, your father-in-law feels inclined to invite you over for one of his homemade brews once he’s finished.

Michelada Cocktail Cacti

  • A Prickly Pick!

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

We can’t wait for you to pick these awesome cocktail cacti because they’re the perfect finishing touch for all your father-in-law’s favorite beverages. Now, he can create those incredibly loaded bloody marys or micheladas he’s been eying on his Facebook feed (check out this one that has an entire fried chicken and more). Okay, these garnish-holding cacti might not be able to support a burger, but you could definitely fit a few pieces of candied bacon and celery on these bad boys. We can’t wait to see the delicious drinks your father-in-law creates with these cocktail cacti!

David's Cookies - 24 Fresh Baked Assorted Cookies Gift Basket

  • For The Man With A Sweet Tooth

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

If you’re stuck on what to get your father-in-law, but you know he has a sweet tooth that would make a dentist smile, check out this pack of 24 fresh baked cookies. These cookies will arrive at your father-in-law’s doorstep still fresh since they’re shipped the same day they’re baked. You can choose from delicious flavors like double chocolate chunk, cherry and white chocolate, peanut butter, and more, or pick an assorted pack of mixed flavors. Whatever you choose, we are sure your father-in-law will love these scrumptious treats!

Mine, Also Mine Decanter Set

  • He Doesn’t Have To Share This Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

This one goes out to the single father-in-laws on your shopping list or the married ones whose partners don’t like dark liquors. This decanter set is a funny riff on the typical “Yours,” “Mine,” “Ours” decanters you see floating around online but designed for a more selfish whiskey drinker that doesn’t want to share their favorite liquor. Pair this set with a luxury bottle of booze for an incredible milestone birthday or retirement gift.

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

  • Learn His History

  • $$$$$
  • Gadgets & Gear, Self-care

Genetic testing can reveal interesting insights into your ancestry as well as your health. This testing kit tackles both aspects, giving the users information about their health and wellness and their ancestry composition. This DNA testing kit could be a particularly useful gift for individuals trying to take control of their health or dealing with medical issues.

Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

  • Adorable Animal Accessories for Him

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

It seems like nowadays, you can customize almost anything with a picture of your favorite pet, and we’re absolutely not mad about it. You could create an incredible customized pair of cufflinks for your father-in-law from a photograph of his favorite four-legged friend. These handmade sterling silver cufflinks also come with an adorable matching rubber stamp of your pet, which is used in the unique process to create the cufflinks.

Safe Brass BBQ Grill Cleaner

  • Make Clean-Up A Breeze

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Gadgets & Gear

Cleaning up a dirty grill can be a time-intensive and overall annoying job. This little gadget makes it significantly easier, though. The tool has four sides with different-sized grooves to tackle most grills and grates. This cleaning tool could be an excellent father-in-law gift for the man that loves to grill but doesn’t love to deal with the mess afterward.

MLB Game-Used Baseball Bat Ice Cream Scoop

  • Splurge On A Scoop

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

This one goes out to the Yankees, Red Socks, and Cubs fans you might be shopping for. To be fair, these cost more than we would probably spend on an ice cream scoop. But if you’re looking for a standout gift for your father-in-law, who has everything already, we suggest this genuine MLB baseball bat ice cream scoop. Each scoop has a sticker of authenticity and a unique number so the recipient can look up what game the players used it in. You can select a bat from one of the three teams mentioned previously so your father-in-law can enjoy his Ben & Jerry’s with a scoop from his favorite team!

Anchor Distilling – Genevieve Gin

  • Gin For The Win

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

When all else fails, gin might be able to save the day. This light and floral gin is the perfect base for cocktails or for classic gin and tonics. Genevieve Gin is distilled using techniques dating back to the 17th-century using a grain mash of wheat, barley, and rye malts and a traditional copper pot still. Your gin-drinking father-in-law will appreciate the robust flavors and aromas in this unique bottle.

Basketball Dartboard

  • A Slam Dunk Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment, Homegoods

At this point, your father-in-law has probably been playing darts for decades. But has he ever played basketball darts? This game could be a fun addition to his man-cave and an exciting excuse to invite his friends over for a few rounds. The basketball-inspired gameplay could be an interesting change of pace for any darts aficionado. We think this could be the perfect unique gift for a difficult-to-shop-for father-in-law you want to impress.

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