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43 Cool Gift Ideas For Female Co-workers

Make work fun with these awesome gifts for female co-workers to keep them smiling until they clock out.

That time has rolled around all when you have to decide what gifts for female co-workers will suit them best. Whether it’s employee appreciation, holidays, their birthday, or secret Santa, finding interesting and useful female co-worker gifts can be an exhausting experience.

You can beat workplace burnout when you check out our impressive guide to gifts for female co-workers. You’ll find all kinds of gifts, from the small and simple to the creative and cool. She’ll feel appreciated and likely start planning her return gift to you.

43 Best Gift Ideas for Female Co-workers

Keep reading for unique gifts for female co-workers and keep the women you work with happy.

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Lavender Scented Candle

  • Work Hugs

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Fun

This lavender-scented candle makes a cute appreciation gift for a female co-worker. The polar bear on the candle will let her know each time she burns it that he’s available for “A biiiiiig hug from me to u.” It’ll touch her in all the most appropriate ways and provide a relaxing scent whenever she needs to be uplifted.

Birthday Spa Gift Set

  • The Right Kinds Of Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Fun, Unique

When you’re wondering what to get your favorite female co-worker for her birthday, this spa gift set will step right in and make her day grand. The gift set has a stainless steel tumbler she can use at work, bath bombs, soap, and a decorative candle to keep her face smiling both at work and at home.

Co-Worker Mug

  • A Way To Say Thanks

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gratitude, Unique

Whether you want a female co-worker to know how much you enjoy working with her or want to wish her well on her next endeavor, this meaningful mug is the way to go. The ceramic mug will hold her morning coffee or tea wherever she spends her workday. She’ll think fondly of you whenever she sees the mug’s sentimental message and be sure to have a great day at work.

Novelty Memo Pad Set

  • Notes With Novelty

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Novelty, Cute, Fun

Female co-worker gifts should always produce a smile, which this novelty memo pad set is sure to do. The inexpensive set includes four pads she can use for work notes, lists, and anything her heart desires, while chuckling regularly from the funny lines on the notepad. With pads that read, “Step aside coffee, this is a job for wine,” her day is set for smiles full time.

Womens Scarf

  • For Cold Offices

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Practical

The woman you know at work will be able to wear this stylish scarf/shawl combo while at work or home. The colorful tartan design will bring comfort and warmth to her day and can solve the problem of a freezing cold office when needed. A thoughtful Christmas gift or way to say thanks, the scarf can become a treasured part of her accessory collection for a long time.

Inspirational Pen Set

  • An Inspired Set Of Words

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Practical, Accessories

This inspirational pen set is a unique way to treat a female member of your team at work. The three metal ballpoint pens have simple messages like “Go For It,” “Like A Boss,” and “Boss Lady.” That should keep her entertained and motivated for a long time to come.

Going Away Bracelet

  • Going Away Greetings

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gratitude, Unique

This going away bracelet will let your female co-worker know how amazing she has been as a colleague. The amazonite beads are meant to bring her courage for the next big adventure in her work life. She’ll likely always remember the way you said thank you to her with this genuine gift she’ll love.

Awesome Woman Sign

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  • Never Let Her Forget

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Cute

Never let your favorite female co-worker forget just how awesome she is with this cool sign she can keep at her desk in the office. The wooden sign hangs by a rope and reads, “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome / So this is your reminder.” The colorful sign is a creative way to keep her inspired from her morning coffee until she walks out the door at night.

Thank You Cookie Basket

  • Gratitude That’s Delicious

  • $$$$$
  • Treats, Gratitude, Fun

This scrumptious cookie basket is one of the best gift ideas for female co-workers to guarantee her some happiness on a typical workday. The gift basket has four homemade sugar cookies that have a special message of gratitude for her. With each bite, she’ll feel all the appreciation around and might even share them with her fellow co-workers.

Lunch Tote Bag

  • Style In The Lunchroom

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

The woman you work with will enjoy having this lunch tote bag with her every time she needs to eat her lunch at work. The waterproof bag has a stylish look and will keep her midday meal cool or warm with ease. The roomy bag can safely protect all the treats that keep her going from workday to workday.

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Gratitude Gift Basket

  • A Time For Thanks

  • $$$$$
  • Gratitude, Set, Treats

When you give your female co-worker this gratitude-minded gift set, she’ll have no words left but thank you. The collection of fun items will definitely make her smile. The set has a soy candle, a Stroopwaffle for that 3 pm snack attack, some Tazo tea, a thank you mug, and a small succulent plant for her desk.

Work Wellness Deck

  • Self Care At Work

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Thoughtful, Unique, Fun

This innovative work wellness deck of cards can help improve the mood of your favorite female co-worker. The 60 cards each have a unique way to improve her stress levels at work, including meditations, exercises, and more. She’ll have you to thank for this self-care break in the workday and be feeling ready to be an even more enjoyable co-worker soon.

Thank You Makeup Bag

  • Caring At Work

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Fun

This thank you makeup bag is a great gift for a singular female co-worker or woman within a group. The cute pouch bag is a simple way to tell her, “Thank you for being awesome.” She can use this small bag for her makeup, toiletries, or any small items she needs while being the best fellow work colleague in your life.

Friendship Trinket Dish

  • Give Her Appreciation

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Gratitude

The woman you work with may be amazed when she sees this pretty trinket dish just for her. The dainty jewelry dish is rimmed in gold and can hold any small items she’s got at work or home. She’ll be super touched by the sentimental message, “Good friends are like stars / You don’t always see them / But you know they’re always there.”

Inspirational Bookmark

  • Thank You For Reading

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Gratitude

This stainless steel bookmark is a perfect way to let the female co-worker in your life know you appreciate her. The bookmark has a touching message of thanks, along with an extra thank you at the end of a metal chain. Her work or commute reading will be much more satisfying with this kind accessory nearby.

Appreciation Gift Set

  • A Cup Full Of Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gratitude, Fun, Cute

This appreciation gift set is an adorable way to show gratitude to the woman you know in your office. The all-pink gift pack includes a large ceramic mug that tells her how awesome she is, plus a set of fuzzy novelty socks wrapped up to look just like a cupcake. She can dig into this bunch of comforting items to make each day bright.

Grateful Wind Chimes

  • The Wind Says Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gratitude, Unique

Your favorite female colleague at work will appreciate having these elegant windchimes in her home or garden while loving the heartfelt thanks that they come with. The stainless steel chimes have a stunning tree of life symbol design. The chimes will thank her for all she does every time a breeze rolls in.

Rainbow Sushi Socks

  • Sushi For Lunch

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Set, Cute

Gifts for female co-workers should always remain light and fun, which these rainbow sushi socks definitely do. The set of three colorful cotton socks comes folded up to look just like her favorite sushi special. Just let her know she can’t eat it, but don’t worry…she’ll love these sushi socks just as much.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

  • Relax One Steam At A Time

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Thoughtful, Fun

You can’t lose when you give a favorite female co-worker the gem of any gift guide…this set of luxurious bath bombs. After her long workdays, she’ll appreciate having one of these 12 bath bombs to help her unwind. The handmade bath bombs will make her tub time the best time of the day.

Fuzzy Blanket

  • Positively Toasty

  • $$$$$
  • Gratitude, Cute, Unique

This fuzzy blanket can not only warm up your favorite female work friend, but keep her believing with its inspirational quotes design. The soft blanket’s microfiber will keep her feeling comfy at home or work, while the positive words display, which includes “Courage,” “Happiness,” and “Trust.”

Cat Coffee Mug

  • Chat, Cat, & Sip

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Practical

When the female co-worker in your life receives this lovable cat-shaped coffee mug, she’ll not only love drinking her morning coffee from it. The ceramic black cat mug has a lid, which doubles as a cell phone holder. She can check in with loved ones with the help of a miniature kitty on the lid and have her coffee break at the same time.

Fluffy Slippers

  • Only Good Fluff

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Spa, Cute

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to bring these comfortable slippers into the life of a female co-worker. The ultra-fun fluffy slippers have a retro style she’ll love and she’ll have you to thank for the luxurious moments she experiences once she’s home. Hopefully, you won’t see her wearing them at work, but who’s to say?

Tea Gift Set

  • One Continuous Tea Cup Party

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Treats, Fun, Gratitude

Show the woman you work with how amazing you know she is with this tasty tea gift set. The assorted box has 48 tea bags and eight tea blends to keep her cool, calm, and collected. The highest-quality tea flavors include Peppermint, English Breakfast, and Assam, among others. She’ll be sure to invite you to join in her work tea party very soon.

Workspace Organizer

  • Stay Gold (And Organized)

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

You can be the inspiration for your favorite female colleague to get organized at work with this beautiful golden workspace organizer. The desktop metal system has multiple filing areas, plus a mesh metal drawer for the extra-confidential documents. This piece is practical yet sleek enough to transform her work desk into a grand, golden statement.

Coffee Maker For One

  • Caffeinated And Clocked In

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Fun

There aren’t many great ways to say thanks to a female co-worker quite as cool as giving her this coffee maker for one. She’ll feel so special when she doesn’t have to leave her desk to have her all-important morning cup. The coffee maker will take up minimal space and be sure to deliver flavorful coffee with the touch of a button in minutes.

Gourmet Pretzels Gift Box

  • Pretzels To The Rescue

  • $$$$$
  • Treats, Gratitude, Set

The woman you work with doesn’t have to hide secret snacks anymore when you give her this mouth-watering (and affordable) chocolate-covered pretzels gift basket. The impressive snack gift box includes over 100 delicious pretzels with flavors like strawberry yogurt and chocolate-covered toffee. Her desk may turn into the most popular snacking station at work.

Misfortune Cookies

  • Dark Workplace Laughs (And Treats)

  • $$$$$
  • Treats, Novelty, Fun

This quirky set of 13 individually wrapped “misfortune” cookies will delight a female co-worker anytime she needs something sweet. Each cookie includes a strangely funny “fortune” to make her laugh, such as “you have an inferiority complex, and it’s entirely justified.” The little treats will even turn her teeth black…just for a few moments. The workday might never be the same.

Wearable Blanket Hoodie

  • Comfort, Personified

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique, Fun

There’s no better way to say “you deserve comfort” to your favorite female co-worker than by giving her this awesome sherpa blanket hoodie. The oversized hoodie will provide lots of warmth and plenty of coverage anytime she needs to get her lounge phase on. She’ll love having it at home but might even wear it to the office when the A/C is cranked.

Microwave Popcorn Popper

  • Popcorn For All

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Cute

This entertaining microwave popcorn popper can bring a little extra fun into the life of a female co-worker you know. The silicone popcorn maker is easy-to-use and safer to keep at work. It will whip up a bowl of warm popcorn in minutes and keep her and her team happy for the rest of the day.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

  • A Wrist That Makes Scents

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Spa, Gratitude, Unique

You can make sure a female co-worker gets in all the self-care she needs at work with this unique aromatherapy diffuser bracelet. The attractive bracelet features a tree of life design on a rope bracelet, which can be made more powerful with the addition of essential oils. The bracelet comes with a mini-set of oils, including Bergamot, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Sweet Orange.

Laptop Backpack

  • To And From Work

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

The woman you work with will appreciate this compact backpack and may just replace her everyday work purse with it the moment she receives it. The strong, water-resistant backpack can carry anything she needs to take to work with her and keep it all organized in the process.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

  • Eat Your Fruit At Work

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This fruit infuser water bottle will help your favorite female co-worker stay hydrated and healthy while at work. She’ll be able to easily fill the infuser insert with colorful, vibrant fruits so her daily water will keep her energized with natural vitamins. The infuser bottle is a simple, thoughtful way to take care of those you work with and care about.

Portable Heater

  • No More Cold Legs

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Unique

You won’t need to hear about how cold the office is from the female co-worker you know after you give her this life-changing portable heater. The compact heater is perfect for keeping legs and feet warm when the A/C at work is working overtime. The auto shut-off will keep things safe, while the heat emitted will stay in her work area and not invade anyone else’s.

Hydroponic Office Garden

  • A Workplace Garden

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Cute, Unique

Be the one to make a female co-worker’s desk transform into an organic garden with the help of this hydroponic plant set. The stylish wooden holder displays three bulb mini terrariums, which are ideal for small plants to grow in water, with or without pebbles. The process of keeping these special plants where she works will bring the power of living things into her workday.

Gemstone Bonsai Tree

  • Attracting Colors And Luck

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Fun

Why not treat your favorite gal pal at work with this non-traditional Bonsai tree for her desk? The impressive gemstone tree has been crafted to impress all who see it and has been made as a good luck charm. The gemstones all represent the chakras, so you’ll be giving her the gift of prosperity and spirituality, which we could all use at work.

Kinetic Desk Toy

  • Filling Down Time

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Fun

Don’t let the woman you work with get bored on the job when you can give her this entertaining kinetic desk toy. The ball is an optical illusion that will spin on any surface. It’s not only a cool-looking object she can boast of having close by but it may become a way to make her desk the most popular place in the whole office.

Wristlet Wallet

  • Just Running Out

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Practical

This wristlet wallet is a nice way to bring some practical style into the life of a female co-worker of yours. The small clutch purse has enough space for money, cards, and any small items they need throughout the day, even if they’re just running out for a few minutes. The fashionable clutch is a great way to say thank you to the best co-worker in your life.

Jar Of Smiles

  • A Thousand Grins

  • $$$$$
  • Gratitude, Unique, Fun

This adorable jar of smiles will lighten up any day for the female co-worker in your life. The glass jar is filled with 31 inspiring quotations that can make her feel more empowered each day. It makes a cute addition to her unique desk accessories and will be treasured and valued with each new quote.

Tabletop Zen Garden

  • Mediation During Work Hours

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Cute, Unique, Accessories

Work is the ideal time to find a little mediation in the day, which you can gladly provide to your favorite lady co-worker with this relaxing zen garden. The Japanese desktop kit provides an attractive sand garden with a bonsai tree, tiny statues, and equally small details that she can move around the garden as she likes.

Pen Holder Phone Stand

  • A Desktop Companion

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

This pen holder and phone stand combination is more than just a bit of organization for a female co-worker. It’s been crafted into an elegant elephant that will stand out amongst everything else you might find on her desk. The elephant does hold pens and will prop up her cell phone, but it will also bring some much-needed cuteness to the workday.

Portable Air Purifier

  • Clear The Air

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This portable air purifier can improve the air quality for your favorite female co-worker in minutes. The compact filter is lightweight and has adjustable speeds, depending on how much the air at work needs to be filtered. This little filter packs a lot of punch and can make her private space at work even more her own.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Top Tunes And Stylish Looks

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Fun, Unique

When the woman you work with wants to hook her smart devices up to a Bluetooth speaker, you can be the one who provides her with a cool-looking speaker she’d be proud to have on her desk or in her office. This Bluetooth speaker has a diamond design and can provide awesome sound quality and fun LED light displays to make sure there isn’t another dull moment at work.

Coffee Mug Warmer

  • Warming Up At Work

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This coffee mug warmer is a classic choice for female co-worker gifts because it gets the job done as few other items can. The electric mug warmer will work with almost any container, from a stainless steel tumbler to a traditional ceramic mug. The auto turn-off will also ensure her cup doesn’t get too warm if she’s caught in an important meeting or anything else that comes up.

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