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65 Awesome Gifts For Gamers: 2024 Guide

Climb to the top of your favorite gamer’s friends list with these top gifts for gamers ahead.

Buying the right gifts for gamers in your life can be quite a challenging task. Their tastes change with each new game, system, or accessory that comes out. It’s hard to know what they might value the most and also easy to get lost in the torrential sea of gaming stuff out there.

But get ready to win a round! Here you’ll find everything you’ll need for your favorite gamer, from computer accessories to novelty gifts and more. Read on to achieve the best gifts for gamers here.

65 Awesome Gamer Gift Ideas

Gaming is a way of life, so find your way to these ultimate gifts for gamers below.

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Headphone Station

  • Headphone Central

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Practical

This super-helpful headphone charging station will make gaming even easier and more fun for the gamer in your life. The stand will not only charge two devices at once, but it has a cool bubble display featuring the perfect multi-color LED effects. Gamers will love how practical this station is while offering some cool design to their gaming hideaway.

User Experience

This headphone stand strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics, with its novel lighting effect and dual USB-charging ports. However, the stand's stability was a letdown, as it tends to sag under the weight of the headphones, and the charging port proved inefficient for larger devices like smartphones. Despite these setbacks, the stand still offers a convenient solution for organizing headphones and charging smaller gadgets, while adding a decorative touch to any desk setup.

Gaming Night Light

  • A Gamer’s Warning

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Decor, Cool

Give this awesome night light to the gamer you know and watch them proudly display it in their gamer’s paradise room instantly. The 3D light displays the “Can’t Hear You I’m Gaming” message which they can change via remote control to display in 16 different colors. The light can be dimmed when the gamer in question finally needs to get some rest.

Personal Perspective

Best suited for gaming enthusiasts, this gift left a positive impression. The compact size, combined with its color-changing feature, adds an aesthetic appeal to any gaming space, much to my delight. From my experience, it's easy to set up, visually pleasing, and blends seamlessly with other LED light strips - a perfect addition to my gaming desk.

Funny Gamer Keychain

  • For Player 1 And Player 2

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Set, Accessories

These his n’ hers gamer keychains will make the ultimate Valentine’s gift for your gamer girlfriend or boyfriend. The stainless steel keychain splits apart into two parts, one named “Player 1” and one “Player 2.” When placed together, they form a heart, and when apart, they will keep both your keys safe.

Community Feedback

I recently got these keychains for my boyfriend and myself, and they've become a special symbol of our bond, especially since we often play video games together. This keychain set is a perfect size and seems to be of decent quality - it doesn't scratch easily, which was a pleasant surprise. I did find it a bit peculiar that the charms came separately and I had to attach them to the key rings myself. However, they feel sturdy and look great once assembled. Some might find it disappointing that it didn't come with a Player 1 and two Player 2s as expected. Regardless, these keychains make a thoughtful, fun gift for couples who share a love for video games.

Gamer Pillow Set

  • Utility And Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Decor, Gaming, Novelty

This fun gaming pillow is an inexpensive way to give the coolest gifts for gamers to yours. The set includes a throw pillow cover with a slot where the remote control and the controller can hang out. The “Gamer’s Spot” pillow comes with a novelty knit hat and funny socks that will keep them company as they game.

First-Hand Impression

When my son's room was transformed into a gaming haven, this pillow became an essential part of his setup. It not only adds a gaming touch to his room, but also helps in keeping his TV remote, PS4 controller, and cell phone organized. However, despite its usefulness, I was a bit disappointed with the texture, it felt more like nylon than the advertised softness. On a more positive note, the fact that it's a washable pillow case is super convenient!

Gaming Mouse

  • Mouse For The Professionals

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Cool

Show the gamer in your life that you care with this high-tech gaming mouse. The high-precision mouse has adjustable DPI buttons that they can customize to their own liking. The movement of their mouse will achieve the highest sensitivity needed to beat every villain, advance to every level, and achieve gaming stardom.

User Experience

I'm absolutely thrilled with the performance of this wireless gaming mouse. The Razer Naga Pro has significantly improved my gaming sessions, thanks to its high responsiveness, customizable side plates, and ergonomic design. While the 20,000 DPI Focus+ optical sensor has taken my accuracy to new heights, the comfortable grip and long-lasting battery life make it ideal for long hours of play.

Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Old-School Gaming Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Retro, Cool, Unique

This Nintendo Switch Lite is the ultimate handheld gaming device. The gamer you know will love the sleek-looking device lightweight enough to keep the game going wherever they end up going. It will make handheld play an important part of their day they can easily access whenever they want to.

Personal Perspective

Got the Nintendo console recently and it's been a mixed bag of experiences. While I love the wide array of games and the convenience of quick downloads, the absence of an internet browser and Netflix app left me a bit puzzled. The size is great for my large hands, and the memory capacity is a definite improvement over my old PlayStation Vita. However, I did notice a quicker battery drain compared to the Vita. Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as higher game prices and some hand cramping during extended play, this console has kept me engaged with its mix of old and new games.

Gamer Finger Chopsticks

  • Playing A Clean Game

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Cool

Your favorite gamer will laugh out loud when they get their hands on these great finger chopsticks. They’ll then proceed to use them all the time while gaming. The chopsticks will allow any gamer to snack while keeping their hands clean and stain-free. The chopsticks stay on the hands all the time, so the game never has to stop.

Community Feedback

I've been using these chip tongs for a while, and they've proven to be a mixed bag. While they do keep my fingers clean from greasy chips, the grip isn't perfect, and I had to adjust my hold as they initially caused some discomfort. Despite these issues, these tongs have been particularly useful when I'm working from home and snacking, and they always spark a fun conversation when I show them off.

Under Desk Mount

  • Under Desk Organization

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Practical, Tech

You can provide any gamer with this under-desk mount that will keep all their devices and gaming accessories out of the way and charge to maximum capacity. The device has three areas they can use to plug in and two areas to hang devices, headphones, or other items. 100% is the best way to game.

First-Hand Impression

If you're after a device that excels in both organization and function, this product deserves your attention. The quality of the material is impressive, boasting a durable build that easily installs under a desk with minimal tools. Charging speed rivals that of original chargers, quickly powering up your devices for immediate use. The thoughtful design includes notches for cord storage, and the addition of cable management clips help maintain a tidy workspace. However, the product could certainly benefit from a repositioned power cable for more streamlined cable management and a version that offers both charging and data transfer capabilities.

Retro Video Game Poster

  • An Homage To Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Retro, Cool, Gaming

Surprise the gamer you know with this incredible art print containing an array of retro video game controllers. A great Christmas or birthday present, the print features everything from Commodore and Atari to the latest Nintendo and Sony Playstation. They can enjoy this illustrated history of gaming every time they look at this stylish print.

User Experience

Best thing about this gaming poster is the heavy-duty paper and cool graphics that any gaming enthusiast would appreciate. This poster might come smaller than expected but the quality of the frame is commendable and it's an impressive addition to any game room or office. Be aware that the individual images on the poster are quite small and the frame might not be worth the extra cost, but the overall quality and packaging of the product is great.

Gameboy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

  • Gameboy For Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Retro, Unique

A guy who games will treasure this Gameboy mug that offers him a big surprise whenever he drinks a hot beverage. The ceramic mug reacts to any hot drink when poured in, which brings up a Gameboy game on the screen of the mug. The retro design and cool features will even impress the gamer who has everything.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this mug has been engaging, particularly due to its nostalgic design that reminds me of my old Game Boy days. While I enjoy the color-changing feature most, especially with hot drinks in colder seasons, note that it's not microwave-safe. Sadly, after a week of gentle use and hand-washing, I found a chip missing from the handle. Despite this minor setback, this mug still imbues my hydration routine with a sense of fun and nostalgia.
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Gaming Mouse Pad

  • The World At Their Fingertips

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Cool

This ultra-professional gaming mouse pad will elevate the skills of any gamer you know. The extra-large mat will offer freedom of movement when gaming, while the adjustable color combinations of the light rim will improve the atmosphere and encourage a win even faster than usual.

Community Feedback

This keyboard/mouse pad is a stylish addition to my desk setup, complete with a world map design and RGB lighting. However, the lighting is not as consistent as I'd like, with some areas appearing brighter than others, and the lack of a remote control or mobile app to manage the lighting is a bit inconvenient. The pad is large enough to comfortably accommodate my laptop and mouse, and the rubber-like material on the bottom keeps it secure on my desk. Over time, I've noticed some wear on the edges and a slight ripple in the mat's surface, but overall, it's a decent product for its price.

Glow-In-The-Dark Gaming Blanket

  • Game All Night (And All Day)

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Cool

Whether you know an adult gamer or a teen-in-training, they’ll enjoy getting warm and toasty with this glow-in-the-dark blanket. The fleece blanket will keep any gamer comfortable during long stretches, while the multiple game controllers featured on the blanket will keep their immediate area glowing like their favorite video game.

First-Hand Impression

This blanket won me over with its cute design and super soft texture, which my kid absolutely adores. However, despite claims that it glows in the dark, I've found the luminescence to be quite faint, even after leaving it under a bright light for a considerable amount of time. It's also a bit thinner and smaller than I had anticipated, making it more suitable as a light throw rather than a cozy cover for chilly nights.

Gamer Wall Art

  • Gamer Lingo Comes Alive

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Accessories, Novelty, Gaming

This edgy sign for gamers is the best way a piece of wall decor can reflect a gamer’s attitude. The wood sign spells out the dictionary definition for “Rage-Quit,” which is gamer code for when players force themselves to quit playing a particular game out of anger caused by faulty controllers. Don’t worry…it will make sense to them.

User Experience

Definitely, this gaming decor sign has a pleasing aesthetic that's hard to ignore. Its light and sturdy design allows for easy wall mounting, as I've experienced firsthand. However, in my interaction with it, a minor fall led to a slight peeling at the corner, indicating that care should be taken in handling. Despite this, the sign still serves as an amusing, apt expression for the occasional frustration experienced by gamers, making it a delightful addition to any gaming setup.

Gaming Blue Light Glasses

  • Healthy Eyes Make A Good Game

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Practical, Unique

These blue light glasses are a thoughtful gaming gift for your favorite digital adventurer. Whether for him or for her, the glasses help prevent strain on the eyes that come from hours and hours of screen time. They will appreciate your caring about their vision and be thankful they can play for even longer.

Personal Perspective

I've been using these glasses for a couple of weeks now, and I've noticed a considerable reduction in the minor headaches that come from staring at a computer all day. The glasses are lightweight and have a low-profile design, which allows me to comfortably wear them with my headphones when gaming. However, the wide nose bridge can be a bit bothersome if you have a narrow or medium-sized nose, as the top of the frame can sit very close to your line of vision.

Personalized Retro Gamer Glass

  • Gamers Come To Life

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Retro, Novelty, Cool

Bring your favorite gamer to life with this super-awesome personalized gaming glass. Their name will appear, along with a retro video-game-style replica of themselves. They’ll treasure this custom item that honors the history of video games in all its former 8-bit glory. Every time they take a sip of their favorite drink, they’ll think of how cool a friend you really are.

Gaming Headset

  • Headphones That Win

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Practical

Upgrade the gamer in your life with this impressive gaming headset. The headset has all the bells and whistles gamers love and need, from noise-canceling capability to bass surround sound and awesome LED lights that will make every game festive. A wonderful gift for a husband, the headset will top any men’s gaming wish list.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this headset for gaming and daily use as it seemed to be good value for money. While the sound quality is impressive, the comfort could do with some improvements as the earpieces lack sufficient padding, causing discomfort after short periods of use. I also found the microphone to be rather muffled, making communication somewhat difficult during my gaming sessions. The headset is visually appealing and works well with my PC and Chromebook, however, it's worth noting that it didn't function with my Android phone.

Funny Gaming T-Shirt

  • Addicted To Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Cool

Gamers everywhere will appreciate the offbeat sense of humor this cotton t-shirt provides. The message reads, “A Day Without Video Games Is Like . . . Just Kidding I Have No Idea.” They’ll enjoy wearing the comfortable shirt during those long days when they never (ever) forget to play.

Gaming Tumbler

  • Gamers Need To Hydrate Too

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Practical

It’s no secret gamers can forget to eat and drink when in the middle of a gaming marathon. You can save them from thirst with this practical tumbler. The stainless steel tumbler will keep all beverages in their original state of hot or cold while stating on the outside, “I’m Gaming / Do Not Disturb.”

Personal Perspective

I've tested out this gamer cup and the quality is impressive; the graphics are top-notch and it's not just decals that'll peel off after a few washes. I appreciate how it keeps my beverages at their intended temperatures, whether that's hot coffee for late-night gaming or a chilly drink for mid-game refreshment. This cup is an ideal gift for any gamer, just like it was for my son and my boyfriend, both of whom loved it.

Gamer Comforter Set

  • The Comforts Of A Game Controller

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Set, Gaming, Cool

When you’ve got boys who game (or a man who still games), you can make their day and night better with this gamer comforter set. The set has a comforter, along with two pillowcases. Both display vibrant gaming designs centering around a controller. They’ll sleep like a baby every time.

Community Feedback

My experience with this comforter was mostly positive - it's lightweight, perfect for those who prefer a less bulky bedding option. The unique gamer print and vivid colors were a hit with my son, who was thrilled to incorporate it into his room decor. However, the alignment of the graphics was slightly off-center, causing the controller image to hang awkwardly off the side of the bed.

Playstation 4 Alarm Clock

  • Wake Up To Game

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Cool, Unique

Your favorite gamer may actually put down their controller to check this one out. The alarm clock is shaped like a Playstation 4 DualShock controller. They can wake up, check the time, and set an alarm for another day of intense gaming with this item. The time, date, and wake-up time are all displayed so they won’t miss a minute of tomorrow’s game.

First-Hand Impression

Love how this controller alarm clock brings joy to both kids and gaming enthusiasts alike. The realistic design fooled my friend into thinking it was an actual controller, and it perfectly fits on my son's nightstand. The alarm is not too loud, making it ideal for a child's room, and it functions flawlessly every morning without fail. However, it's worth noting that this clock does not come with a USB brick for wall plugging, which is necessary for its operation.
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Personalized Retro Gamer Art

  • Anniversary For Gamers

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Retro, Unique

This personalized gamer art will make the ideal anniversary gift if either (or both) are gamers and a couple in love. You can customize the print to feature two gamers in an 8-bit style design, along with both names also displayed. Gamer gift ideas like this print don’t come along very often, so snatch it up while you can.

Video Games Bucket List Poster

  • Scratch Off Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Decor, Cool

Make the walls of your favorite gamer’s home much more fun with this scratch-off poster of 100 video games. They will enjoy the surprises each time they scratch off one of 100 choices on the poster. From retro video games to the newest gaming classics, they’ll love discovering each of these games and love having such a cool piece for their wall.

Personal Perspective

I'm quite fond of this poster's unique concept and the variety of games showcased, including both newer and some nostalgic ones from my past. However, I noticed the scratch-off feature doesn't work as smoothly as I'd hoped, requiring a bit of extra effort to fully remove.

Professional Computer Repair Kit

  • Tech Geeks DIY

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Practical

Sometimes the best gifts for gamers aren’t new games or fancy equipment, but a practical lifesaver like this professional-grade computer repair kit. The 80-in-1 kit includes every tool, device, and detail necessary to fix any problem themselves. From a battery, a loose screw, or a fan problem to the motherboard, they will be able to keep their precious system in tip-top condition.

Community Feedback

In my years of computer repair, I've struggled with subpar tools, but this kit has proven to be a remarkable upgrade. It contains a vast array of bits and tips, including specific ones that I had previously spent considerable money on. The kit is not only invaluable for computer repairs but also versatile enough for various electronics, making it a worthy asset in my toolbox. Despite a minor issue with the case's durability, the overall usability and utility of this tool kit overshadow any such shortcomings.

Gamer Necktie

  • Dress Up For Pacman

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Retro

Whenever the gamer in your life gets nostalgic over classic games like Pacman, he can reach for this gamer necktie once you add it to his clothing collection. The handmade tie will proudly geek up any outfit and display the colorful symbols of Pacman with honor. He’ll be the best-dressed retro gamer at his next convention.

First-Hand Impression

As an adult fan of 80s and 90s video games, I found this product to be a delightful blend of retro vibes and quality. The design is creative and original, reflecting a deep appreciation for the era. However, the product has an issue with what appears to be fading or fuzzy fading which, while not affecting its cleanliness, gives it a somewhat dirty look from certain angles. Despite this, I've received many compliments on it, so the design is definitely a hit. One downside for me was the size - it turned out to be too small, but the quality and material is definitely good.

Gamer Neon Sign

  • Gaming In Neon

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Retro, Cool

Bring some retro gaming neon into the gaming space of someone you care about with this awesome neon sign. The colorful sign is shaped like a game controller and will elevate their bedroom or playroom into a gamer’s delight. The design will inspire any gamer to enjoy themselves even more and win big every time.

User Experience

I'm genuinely pleased with this light, despite its smaller size than expected. The brightness control is a fantastic feature, allowing the light to go from a soft glow to brilliantly bright. While my son adores it, the cord could be heartier; it didn't hold up well when my toddler gave it a tug. Despite these minor setbacks, it makes for an inexpensive, safe, and enjoyable addition to any room, perfect for all ages.

LED Strip Lights

  • The Ultimate Game Room

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Cool, Accessories

Elevate the play space of your favorite gamer with these LED strip lights on display. The 50-foot lights can be adjusted via remote control to loads of settings. Whether they’re in the mood for a vivacious red or a subtle blue, they can set these cool LED lights as the backdrop to the game they’re playing and keep the magic going.

Personal Perspective

I was thrilled with the diverse range of colors these lights offered, beyond just the basic ones. The convenience of plugging them into a wall socket instead of replacing batteries regularly was a definite plus. However, in our son's room, the dimness wasn't as adjustable as I would have liked and the power cord was too short, making an extension cord necessary. These lights were easy to install, but over time some of the LEDs stopped working properly, leading to inconsistent lighting. Despite some minor issues, the adhesive quality and durability of these lights have been impressive, making them a solid choice for anyone seeking affordable, quality illumination.

Heated Hand Massager

  • It’s All In The Hands

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Practical, Unique

When the gamer you know is too dedicated to the art of gaming, they’ll need this heated hand massager to keep feeling their best. The easy-to-use massager allows the gamer to slip their hand inside and let the four massage heads hit all their acupuncture points. With regular use, they will keep their hands loose, free, and ready to keep on gaming until the game is done.

Community Feedback

My personal use of this hand massager has proven to be quite an enjoyable experience, with its three different massage modes and heat function providing comfort and relief for my tired hands. Although the device initially seemed a tad too snug for my larger hands, and the battery life appears shorter when utilizing the heat function, the relief it offers for my arthritis discomfort is significantly beneficial. However, I found the lack of thumb massage and the need for a custom USB cable for charging to be minor drawbacks, but these did not dampen my overall satisfaction.

Gamer Cup-Holster

  • A Drink That Stays Still

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Practical

This cup holster will keep the gamer in your life from experiencing their greatest fear—spilling a drink on their system. This industrial-strength cup holster is a practical gift that easily screws onto nearly any sized desk to keep a gamer beverage-free and clear from the gaming in question. They’ll thank you for this ingenious addition to their desk setup.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these cup holders has been mostly positive, particularly their sturdiness and versatility. They are impressively thick and tall, around 8" in height, providing an ideal fit for various sizes and types of cups, from 16oz plastic cups to protein shaker bottles. Their secure attachment system is commendable, though, it does require regular adjustments to prevent unwanted movement or indentation on surfaces. I appreciated the thoughtful design, including a convenient slit for coffee cup handles. However, I did notice a slight room for improvement in terms of stability, as the holder tends to shift from left to right even after tightening it. Despite this minor setback, these cup holders significantly enhanced the functionality of my desk and folding table.

Gaming Coasters Set

  • Neon Drink Designs

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Retro, Set, Decor

When your favorite gamer has it all, give them something new and unusual they’d never think of . . . this gaming coaster set. The retro set of six tin coasters each replicates a neon-style Playstation controller symbol. This gamer can throw a party for their gaming buddies and keep it 100 all the way down to the drinks.

User Experience

Bought these coasters for a friend who is a Naruto enthusiast and their reaction was ecstatic. The pack of six coasters sport stunning graphics, though they are on the lighter side, and are designed with a slight recess to prevent liquid from running off. However, I noticed that the condensation from cold drinks tends to pool on top, so be careful when lifting your cup. There was a minor disappointment as the triangle was off-centered, contrary to the description, but it didn't compromise their overall appeal. Despite wishing for a thicker cork bottom, the quality was better than expected and they were a hit with my boys too.

Girl Gamer Funny T-Shirt

  • Gamer Ladies Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Cool

Gamer girls are coming into their own and can proudly display their affiliation with this fun t-shirt. The cotton t-shirt can be worn during gaming marathons and she can let the world know, “Yes, I’m A Gamer Girl / Try To Keep Up.” She’ll be ready to take on players galore with confidence and style.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this shirt has been nothing short of delightful as its vibrant colors and comfortable material have earned my daughter numerous compliments at her school. Despite a minor sizing issue, the shirt's quality, tapered fit, and its capacity to bring a smile to my granddaughter's face, truly make it a cherished gift.
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Gaming Bunk Bed With Desk

  • Gamer In Training

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Unique, Cool

Get the little gamer in your life their very own sleep and game combination for their bedroom. This impressive bunk bed and desk combo is gaming-themed and has room enough for an entire gaming console system below with a twin bed above. The ultimate bunk bed will keep the little guy or gal entertained day and night.

Gamer Birthday Candle

  • Happy Birthday, Gamer

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Retro

Celebrate a gamer’s birthday with this incredible gamer birthday candle. The festivities will never be better than when you bring a birthday cake to the gaming birthday boy or girl with this game-controller candle on top. They’ll blow out this awesome candle while wishing for more games, more additions to their system, and more wins, of course.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this candle is a perfect match with its photo representation. When I purchased it for my son's 6th birthday, its size and quality exceeded my expectations. This candle, with its gamer theme, added an awesome touch to his cake, contributing to an unforgettable celebration. I was impressed by the sturdiness and thickness, suggesting it can be reused, which offers great value. This Fortnite-themed candle is not just adorable, but also a surprisingly large and durable addition to any gamer-themed party.

Video Game Slippers

  • Feet Full Of Games

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Cool

Keep their game strong in all walks of life when you put these offbeat video game slippers on the feet of the gamer you care about. The fleece slippers are super comfortable, while the memory foam will ensure a comfy state of mind for any gamer’s schedule. The pop art-style retro controller design will inspire them to get every high score imaginable.

User Experience

Best thing about these slippers is their portability, thanks to their lightweight and thin construction. Despite the memory foam being quite thin, the fur lining is wonderfully soft and adds to the overall comfort. However, be mindful of the fit, as they might be snug for larger foot sizes and are not specifically shaped for the left and right foot.

Funny Gaming Door Sign

  • A Keep Out Sign For Gamers

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Decor, Cool

Sometimes, gamers just need their privacy, so give them some with this hilarious and useful sign. The wooden sign hangs on a door or any wall and looks like a handheld video game. The sign reads “Can I Just Finish This Game” and will let any and all guests know to keep out or keep quiet until this game is finished.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this product has been quite satisfactory. This gift, which I procured for my 6-year-old, has been a delightful addition to our household. The quality of the product is commendable, reflecting its neat construction and resemblance to the product image. My son was particularly thrilled to add this to his game room, although there was a minor incident where it fell off the wall and lost a stable. Nonetheless, it hasn't deterred his enthusiasm and continues to be an engaging decor piece in his space.

Lumbar Support Pillow

  • The Perfect Ergonomic Game

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This thoughtful lumbar support pillow will let your favorite gamer know how much you care about their bodily health. The well-constructed pillow is crafted from memory foam and will keep their lower back supported while allowing their body to breathe. After about nine hours of straight gaming, they’ll appreciate it.

Community Feedback

I've been dealing with severe sciatica for a while and this back cushion has been a significant help, far surpassing the comfort of a makeshift rolled towel. This cushion has been an essential part of my maintenance routine, especially as I've grown older with recurrent back issues. While it did have a tendency to slide down my chair, it provided excellent support for my back and hips during long stints at my computer, and the memory foam kept me comfortable throughout the day.

Cat Ear Gaming Headphones

  • High Tech And Adorable

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Tech, Accessories, Cool

Just because the girl gamer you know is serious about gaming doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look cute in these cat ear gaming headphones. The pink headphones with cat ears on top will provide the sharpest sound while showing off a custom light display to suit her mood.

First-Hand Impression

These headphones are visually impressive, boasting vibrant LEDs and a unique cat ear design that truly stands out. While setting them up was a bit of a challenge, once up and running, I was able to enjoy their decent sound quality and acceptable noise cancellation feature. However, they are not as loud as I'd have preferred, nor do they sit securely if you try to wear them while lying down.

Player 1 Player 2 Shirt Set

  • Father & Baby Gamers

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Set, Novelty, Accessories

If the gamer you know is a dad, he’ll enjoy this heartfelt way to honor his fatherhood and his love of gaming at the same time. The father and son or father and daughter shirt set have a black t-shirt for dad saying “Player 1” and a red onesie for baby saying “Player 2.” Off they go to win big as the best team ever.

User Experience

My experience with this matching outfit for baby and dad was positive overall. The material felt high quality and soft against the skin, making it comfortable for both my husband and our little one. The print was thick and well-made, withstanding both playtime and picture sessions. I did notice that the 3X shirt seemed a bit thin and wasn't ideal for taller men, but it wasn't a significant issue for us. One thing to note for future buyers is to order well in advance, as the shipping took longer than expected.

PacMan Ghost Table Lamp

  • Ghost Light In The Night

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Decor, Novelty, Retro

This ghost table lamp will add some retro gaming good times to any space where the gamer in your life plays. The lamp is a replica of the legendary Pacman ghosts and can be adjusted to 16 different colors. The ghost lamp will even change color along with music, so the gamer party atmosphere will be set and ready to go.

Personal Perspective

When I first spotted this Pac-Man ghost light, my inner gamer geek was thrilled, and I knew I had to have it. The light's color-changing feature adds a unique charm to my room, yet I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of intensity in the colors, which weren't as bright as I anticipated, and the inability to select a static color.

Pocket Pillow

  • Mobile Device Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Cool, Decor

This pocket pillow is an awesome way to play games on a mobile device while the device is placed inside the pillow’s clear lining. Gamers can play without worrying about the stability of their device and even stream all the games they want to play. Their device will be safe (and comfortable) in the pocket pillow.

Community Feedback

Love the convenience this product provides especially when lounging on the sofa or bed. This pillow has a pocket for your phone which allows for a variety of viewing angles, though it does need to lean against something for stability. The grey color is appealing and the touch screen window works well but it does not seal at the top, so care should be taken not to let your device slip out. This pillow may not accommodate larger devices with protective foam holders, so it's better suited for smaller gadgets. It also comes with an added bonus of storing remotes or eyeglasses, which is a nice touch. The cover is not removable, which might pose a challenge when cleaning.

Gamer Pillow Cover

  • A Lady’s Touch (For Gaming)

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Gaming, Accessories, Novelty

Gaming home accessories can be overwhelmingly manly, so when you want to bring some gaming elegance to your favorite lady gamer’s home, give her this pillow cover and watch her smile. She will appreciate this pink pillow cover featuring a game controller drawn in delicate fuschia lines. The pillow cover will match her sense of style and honor her love of gaming.

First-Hand Impression

I initially fell for this pillow cover's soft texture and vibrant print, much like its promotional image. However, the downside is its somewhat thin fabric, which could use a bit more heft. A minor hiccup was my assumption that it was an entire pillow, not just a cover, so future buyers should read the product title carefully. Lastly, this product made a delightful gift for my friend, which added to its charm for me.
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Vibrating Seat Massager

  • The Comforts Of Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Tech, Cool

Soothe the overworked muscles of the gamer you know with this helpful vibrating seat massager. Once placed over any gaming-style chair, this massager will use its many modes of massage and speeds to relieve all the tension that a dedication to gaming can build up in the muscles. A convenient remote control will allow them to adjust the healing as needed.

User Experience

Got this massage chair cushion and it has made a considerable difference in my daily routine. My back and hip discomfort, a result of extended periods of sitting, have significantly improved. The variety of settings and user-friendly wired remote are top-notch, but the collapsing and folding issue requires immediate adjustment upon sitting. Despite this minor drawback, the soothing vibrations are just right, not too intense but enough to soothe aches and pains. Particularly, this cushion has made long drives more comfortable and enjoyable. While it's too early to comment on its longevity, the overall experience has been quite favorable so far.

Chocolate Game Controller Gift

  • Ready, Set, Play, Eat

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Cool, Unique

What better way is there to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine’s Day for your special gamer than by giving them this delectable game controller made entirely out of chocolate? The cool look of the controller will taste even better as they take bite after bite out of the chocolate gift. They won’t forget this one for a very long time.

Personal Perspective

For a novelty item, this product definitely caught my son's attention and filled him with delight. Despite its smaller size and not-so-excellent flavor, it was a hit as a stocking stuffer. Quality-wise, it's commendable but the lack of proper packaging and handling led to receiving it broken, which was disappointing. While the chocolate might seem like cheap wax, kids absolutely loved it and even in the warm weather, it arrived in perfect condition thanks to the cold pack and ice packets. The lifelike design fascinated my grandsons, who wish they could preserve it forever. Surprisingly, they found the flavor to be delicious after a few days.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery Packs

  • Charging Up

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Practical

Make sure the gamer in your life never experiences a dead battery again with this super-powered charging station. The charger works for up to 4 pieces at the same time and can achieve a full charge in 3 hours. They will be all charged up and ready to conquer the universe again and again.

Community Feedback

I'm pleased with the ease of use and installation of these batteries for the Xbox series x controller. The fit is snug and secure, requiring a bit of force, but not enough to risk damage. Although the battery life is roughly equivalent to other rechargeable batteries, the convenience of having a charging pad with four batteries at once is a major plus, making it simple to swap out a depleted battery. However, keep in mind that despite the useful light indicators and solid battery performance, some users have reported issues with batteries not charging after extended use.

Rainbow Keyboard

  • A Rainbow Of Opportunities

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Cool

Elevate your favorite gamer’s style with this rainbow gaming keyboard for their system. The 61-keyboard will help jettison their keyboard abilities into the most professional gaming levels. Its wireless display and lightweight quality will keep them loving this multi-colored keyboard for a long time to come.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this keyboard has some pretty rad light effects and the compact size makes it user-friendly. However, while the keys are easy to press, they don't give that classic mechanical feel, and the inability to choose a single color for the lighting is a bit of a bummer.

Gamer Heartbeat Hoodie

  • Gaming Uniform Complete

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Cool

Give a gamer an awesome hoodie that celebrates the art of the game and you’ll have a friend for life. This gamer hoodie is one such gift with its comfortable fit and its graphic game controller and EKG display that proudly shows off the heartbeat of a gamer.

User Experience

I'm torn between the softness and quality of this hoodie. On one hand, the fit was spot-on and the print was vivid, but I found it wasn't as cozy as I'd hoped. Despite this, the hoodie held up well, even after constant use, although the blue wasn't as bright as the picture suggested.

Funny Gamer Hamper

  • Even Gamers Do Laundry

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Practical

When you’ve run out of high-tech gaming gifts for the one you love, get them this awesome-looking laundry hamper. Bring the world of gaming to their everyday life and their laundry at the same time. The tall storage basket reads “Do Not Disturb / I’m Gaming” and will serve them well as a closet organizer, wastebasket, or hamper.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this basket in my son's room for a while now, and I must say, its unique design is indeed a charming addition to the decor. The foldability aspect of this basket is a bonus, allowing easy storage when it's not in use. While the overall quality is satisfactory, it's a bit disappointing that it doesn't hold its shape too well and tends to tip over when filled to capacity. The material, however, feels durable and waterproof, though it is smaller than expected and the design appears slightly faded in certain areas.

Hangry Kit

  • Gift Basket, Gamer Style

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Unique, Cool

The gamer you know won’t believe their eyes when you give them this hangry snack kit tailor-made for the gaming community. They can dig into the kit and find a retro video game, two gaming gum/mint tins, and a gamer beverage, in addition to 16 snacks to keep their bellies satisfied during long stretches at the gaming helm.

Community Feedback

This snack pack could have been a standout gift, but my experience was marred by an expired item. Despite this hiccup, the rest of the snacks provided enjoyable flavors and the inclusion of Madden 05 for GBA was a delightful surprise. My 13-year-old and my gamer son were thrilled with this gift, indicating it could be a hit among the younger demographic.

Ergonomic Armrest Pads

  • Arms Of Steel

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Unique, Set

Just when you think your gamer has the most comfortable setup, you can turn it up a notch with these helpful ergonomic armrest pads. The set of pads is crafted from memory foam and has gel inserts to provide the most contoured comfort available while the game continues (and continues).

First-Hand Impression

When I first strapped these armrest cushions onto my office chair, I immediately felt a difference: my tennis-elbow pain was noticeably alleviated. The cushions were snug and secure, although the side material felt a bit too flexible, creating an illusion of slipping. I also used these cushions on my lawnmower, and they effectively softened the hard plastic armrests, significantly reducing the strain on my elbows. In my truck, they improved the uncomfortable fleet-level armrests, providing a superior height and comfort level. However, after a year of usage, the mesh covering the gel wore down, causing the gel to become sticky and unpleasant, leading to their disposal.

Gamer Cosmetic Bag

  • A Lady Who Games

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Cool

The lady in your life who games wants gaming-themed accessories just as much as the guys do. This girl-friendly makeup bag is the perfect place for her makeup, small items, and other accessories needed throughout the day. The game controller design reads “Gamer’s Survival Kit” and won’t let her down when she needs her special things close by.

Girl Gamer Room Decor

  • Make Her Proud

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Decor, Cool

When there’s a girl gamer in your life, you want her to be able to celebrate who she is. She can do just that with this girl gamer room decor. The wood sign works on a door or a wall and confidently shows off that she’s a “Girl Gamer,” along with gaming accessory designs (and hearts for good measure).

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Gamer Wearable Blanket

  • Comfort For The Game

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

Your favorite gamer will put on this wearable blanket hoodie and never take it off when they start gaming in total comfort. The oversized hoodie will recreate the feeling of being wrapped in a sherpa blanket and allow them the ease of playing their games at the same time. They will love the feel of a good few hours’ worth of gaming with this blanket keeping them warm and toasty.

Community Feedback

This oversized hoodie blanket has been a great comfort for my wife, particularly during the harsh winter months. The combination of its spaciousness, warmth, and the surprise inner pocket make it a fantastic loungewear option. The calming purple hue of the sherpa material, a favorite of my wife, further enhances the appeal of this product.

Stackable Night Light

  • Tetris-style Decor

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Decor, Retro

Create the look of Tetris stackable shapes with this cool-looking piece of home decor with gamers in mind. They can play with their favorite combination of shapes and adjust the color patterns as well. This night light will be the perfect addition to any gamer’s room during game time or sleep time.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment this stackable nightlight arrived, I was captivated by its intriguing design possibilities. Whether replicating a local store logo or letting my imagination run wild, the glow from the blocks was truly mesmerizing, especially when dusk fell. However, my excitement dimmed over time as issues with the cord and button surfaced, eventually leading to the loss of its illuminating feature. Despite its initial charm and the fun puzzling aspect, the product's durability and stability left much to be desired, turning what began as a cool novelty into a source of frustration.

Controller Plush Pillow

  • A Pillow That Comes To Life

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Decor, Novelty, Cool

Whether the gamer you know is a kid, a teen, or an adult, they’ll get super excited at the sight of this 3D game controller-shaped pillow. The all-in-one pillow can be used as a distinct piece of room decor, while it can also help support them as they sit up on their couch or bed to play video games.

User Experience

I recently got this pillow, perfect for the playroom and as an Easter gift. It's soft and just the right size to rest your head on, my grandson even carried it around all day. Unfortunately, it did rip on the first day, but even after a month of use and a quick fix, it's still holding up. It adds a cute accent to my son's room and he's absolutely obsessed with it. He uses it every night and for every game, and it's still going strong.

Massage Gun

  • All The Right Spots

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Tech, Practical, Unique

Help bring some healing into the life and onto the body of the gamer you care about with this powerful massage gun. The handheld massager uses deep tissue percussion pressure to alleviate pain, stiffness, and any discomfort that arises from overuse. Their hands, arms, legs, back, neck, and more will feel worlds better after a session with this massage gun.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this massage gun for a while and I can say it's been a good experience. The lightweight design and rounded handle end make it easy to reach around and even massage my back comfortably. While it's not my go-to for deep muscle pain, it does offer some relief and the different attachments cater to various muscle needs. The battery life could be better, but overall, this product offers decent value for the price.

Floor Gaming Chair

  • Floor-Level Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Decor, Accessories, Unique

When gamers want to enact their craft from floor level, you can make it easier on their bodies with this awesome floor gaming chair. The swivel chair sits close to the floor while offering the best support possible for a gaming marathon. The chair even rotates 360 degrees for all points-access to gaming.

Community Feedback

I've been using this chair in my bedroom and initially, the comfort level was pleasing - but after an extended period of sitting, the low height made it uncomfortable. The back support also seemed to lack sturdiness over time. Despite these shortcomings, the chair was a hit with my teenage daughter who found it perfectly suited to her height and gaming needs; the adjustability and the comfortable base making it a preferred spot for her Switch sessions.

LED Laser Star Projector

  • Set The Mood For Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Decor, Tech, Cool

Turn the ordinary play space of your favorite gamer into a celestial wonderland with this magical LED laser star projector. The compact, lightweight projector will easily cast a sky’s worth of green stars against a blue nebula cloud. Once the stage is set, they can be ready to conquer the gaming universe.

First-Hand Impression

This sky light projector is a delightful addition to my space, casting enchanting projections of the night sky that create a soothing ambiance. Its construction is notably durable, having withstood years of continuous use, and the dimmer feature allows for adjustable brightness to suit my mood. The separate turning of stars and nebula is a charming touch, with the green stars set against the blue nebula creating a stunning visual effect. However, the star projections could use some refinement as they tend to resemble Christmas lights more than actual stars. Despite this minor flaw, the projector has been a hit with my grandkids and serves as a relaxing night light for me.

Gamer Apron

  • Gamer Chef

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gaming, Novelty, Unique

When you know a gamer who also loves to cook, you can do double duty with this vibrant gamer apron. They can wear this comfortable apron and act as professionally as they want to in the kitchen. The apron is loaded with gaming-themed designs that will let everyone know #1, other than cooking.

User Experience

When my sons donned these aprons, their eagerness to help in the kitchen skyrocketed. My youngest, an avid gamer, was particularly fond of his, assisting in the preparation of our New Years Eve feast. The quality of these aprons was impressive, with deeply saturated colors adding to their appeal. It's definitely as described and contributed positively to my sons' newfound cooking enthusiasm.

XBox One Cooling Stand

  • Keeping It Cool

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Tech, Practical

Gamers need to stay healthy, but so do their systems so give your gamer this vertical charging and cooling stand for their Xbox One. The stand will charge the system and two controllers while keeping everyone cool with two fans. They can also store games on the compact tech accessory that is perfect for any dedicated gamer’s life.

Personal Perspective

For someone who enjoys long gaming sessions, this Xbox stand with cooling fans is a true companion. The fans keep the console cool, giving me peace of mind during my 4+ hours gaming marathons, and the feature to charge controllers on the side is convenient, although the battery packs could be improved as they seem to drain quite quickly. Despite this minor drawback, the stand does its cooling job well and adds a sleek look to my gaming setup, making it a worthwhile purchase overall.

Gaming Novelty Socks

  • A Woman’s Game Is Never Done

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Unique

Give the lady gamer you know this cute pair of gaming socks for her collection. The pink socks mimic the men’s counterparts that feature game controllers on each sole, along with the words “Do Not Disturb / Gaming In Progress.” She’ll get a kick out of wearing these while she’s kicking the boy players right out of the game.

Community Feedback

These socks, gifted to various recipients, have received an overwhelmingly positive response. They are adored for their vibrant colors and charming design, though they don't have an all-over print, offering a nice balance. The socks have a pleasant weight to them, which suggests quality, and they've been described as warm and fun. There are reports that they fit well and wash up nicely too. However, there is some feedback that the top area of the sock can be a bit tight, and shedding was noted. Despite this, my love for these socks remains undiminished, particularly appreciating the comfort and appealing design.

Retro Mini Arcade

  • A Miniature From The Past

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Retro, Novelty

This super unique retro mini arcade will bring something new (and old) into the life of the gamer you love. The nearly 6-inch miniature arcade is built in the style of the old video games, so it brings a huge nostalgic factor with it. Fun also comes along since they can play the pre-load, battery-powered game anywhere they go.

First-Hand Impression

If you're in search of a compact, enjoyable game that'll keep kids entertained, this mini arcade shelf found its place in my home. Despite the occasionally bothersome music - a feature that can be turned off - my boys, ranging from 7 to 18, love engaging with this game, often for short bursts throughout the day. Though the controls are on the small side and the game's software library could use more depth, the overall quality of the visuals and sounds, along with the nostalgia factor, make this product a decent addition to any gaming collection.
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Oculus VR Headset

  • The Gaming Future

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Tech, Cool

Give your favorite gamer a gift like no other with this unprecedented Oculus VR headset. They won’t waste a moment before getting into the virtual reality tech and exploring the massive Quest library of content and fun experiences. You want to check in on them to make sure they remember to come back to this reality again!

User Experience

My experience with the MetaQuest 2 VR system has been quite a journey. This system offers an immersive reality that disconnects you from your physical surroundings, making games like Beat Saber a truly unique experience. However, a word of caution - ensure to define your play space to avoid accidental knocks and bumps. Exploring various apps, from Epic Roller Coaster to table tennis, brought along both excitement and a slight queasiness. Despite the higher price tag, this VR headset stands out for its vivid visuals, responsiveness, and the sheer joy of exploring virtual worlds.

Gamer Girl Coloring Book

  • Female Gaming Creativity Comes Alive

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Novelty, Cool

Get the female gamer you know this incredibly entertaining coloring book for gamer girls. She can get into the arty habit of coloring to stay calm between gaming adventures and enjoy the eddy quotes and topics this book offers. It may become her favorite way to focus and stay relaxed, the gamer’s way.

Personal Perspective

I'm a tad conflicted about this gift. On one hand, it masterfully combines two of my daughter's favorite pastimes: coloring and gaming. She definitely appreciates this aspect. On the other hand, the presence of foul language is a bit of a disappointment for me. All in all, it's a unique find with a slight downside.

Gaming Desk

  • Gaming On A Tabletop

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Accessories, Practical, Unique

You can help improve the desk setup of the gamer in your life with this helpful gaming desk. The unique desk offers a large space for all their paraphernalia, has an LED light display to keep things exciting, and even offers practical features like a cup holder and headphones rack. They’ll have all they need and more to be even more successful in the gaming world.

Community Feedback

This desk arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the ample protective packaging. Assembly took some focus, especially when deciphering the pictographic instructions, but was manageable in about 30 minutes. The sturdy construction of this desk provides plenty of legroom and a comfortable height for a chair, plus it includes a handy headphone holder. However, be aware that this feature is best installed before flipping the desk over - we learned this the hard way!

Game Over Coffee Mug

  • Controller For Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Accessories, Cool

This may be the coolest coffee mug ever for gamers. They will love drinking any beverage in this ceramic mug that has a set of grippers, each shaped and designed like one portion of a game controller. The mug itself says “Game Over” in 8-bit style, so they will be sure to enjoy having the best mug around for miles.

First-Hand Impression

I gifted this mug as a graduation present and it was a hit. It has a unique gamers club design with two controller handles and holds a good amount of liquid. However, it does have a loose piece inside which causes a rattling sound, but that doesn't take away from its overall appeal.

Wireless Charging Station

  • Not Just Gaming Tech

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Tech

Gamers go through battery life like no one else, so keep them thoroughly charged up and ready with this useful wireless charging station. The charging station is space-friendly and charges up to four devices at the same time. They can use this while they game, in between games, or when they’re thinking of gaming on a mobile device for a change.

User Experience

My experience with this all-in-one charger was a mixed bag. While it's great to have a single device that charges everything, it's not without its quirks. The Apple Watch doesn't quite snap into place and can be knocked off with a slight nudge, and the upright charger for my iPhone took a bit of maneuvering to get the alignment just right. I also found that the charging speed isn't as fast as a wired charger, but it's sufficient for overnight charging. Despite these minor issues, the charger is still functional and useful, especially if you have multiple devices to charge and want to reduce clutter.

Gamer Gifts FAQs

Do Adults Play Video Games?

By the middle of 2020, there were almost 3.1 billion video game consumers worldwide.

With roughly 8 billion people in the world, this means almost 40% of the world’s population play video games. The majority of those gamers play on their mobile devices instead of the traditional way of playing video games on a computer or console.

How Do I Find a Great Gift for a Gamer for a Reasonable Price?

In addition to the usual roster of expensive gaming gifts, you can find reasonably priced gamer gifts that won’t break the bank, which your gamer buddy will appreciate. You could give them a backup mouse, a mousepad with a fun design, or a practical hard drive or power bank they can use for extra storage. Any kind of gamer novelty items are also fun and don’t cost that much, like a funny sign, t-shirt, or socks they can use while gaming.

What Do You Get a Gamer Man?

Luckily, there is no shortage of gaming accessories for you to get a man who games. With headsets, LED light displays, specialized keyboards, or a comfy gaming chair, he will be set for any adventures his games bring him. You can also get him a shirt, hat, hoodie, or socks that celebrate his love of gaming or any kind of home decor that accomplishes the same thing.

What Do You Get a Gamer Girl?

Gamer girls like and need the same type of accessories as their male counterparts do. For the ladies, you may just want to look into a different color or design, like a lumbar pillow shaped like a heart or a pink & purple gaming chair that suits her style. You can also choose t-shirts, hoodies, or home accessories that she will love keeping around to show off her love of gaming.

What Are Some Good Gifts to Give Gamers for Christmas?

Whether the latest Xbox, Sony Playstation, or Nintendo is out, giving your favorite gamer an upgrade to his or her current system or improving it with the newest accessories is a wonderful way to treat them to a terrific Christmas. You can also diversify their controllers currently in use or add to their game collection with a new and exciting game that they will love playing after the holidays are done.

What Is the Best Gift for a Gamer That Isn’t a Video Game or a Video Game Console?

There are so many options when it comes to gifts for gamers that will impress and delight them, which don’t include the actual gaming equipment or accessories. You can buy them extra storage for their vast collection of online games or even give them their favorite video game soundtrack on vinyl. A gaming pass is a great way to open up their gaming horizons, while a girl gamer might love a new trend called gaming makeup which is traditional makeup with a gaming theme.

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