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45 Manly Gifts Ideas for Men With Beards

Whether grandfather’s last hairy stand, new generation custom trim, or Hipster mustache twirls, we’ve got the perfect gifts for men with beards.

Beards have grown in popularity in recent years. Beard men and those who befriend them know that they can be complicated creatures. In fact, the community of bearding is an ever-growing world full of nifty tools, custom extras, and beard-themed fare.

We have everything you need and more for cool beard gift ideas for men that will have their hairs standing up (in a good way!).

45 Awesome Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

Giving these great gifts for men with beards will keep them grooming the days away, thanks to you.

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Beard Hair Straightener Brush And Kit

  • Straighten Him Up

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Set, Supplies

Just because a beard grows doesn’t mean it will grow the way it should. Men who have more coarse hair will have a coarse beard. Help your bearded friend onto the straight and narrow with this beard straightener brush kit. Evenly distributed heat works its magic on any beard texture and he can be further pampered with additional beard balm, oil, and comb.

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

  • Moisture All Around

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Set, Beard

Help him bring moisture back into his life (and beard) with this four-piece beard kit. The kit includes a beard wash, beard detangler (knots aren’t only found on one’s head), beard oil made from Maracuja, and beard balm. The ingredients are as natural as they come, and you will be sure to notice a more soft, shiny, and healthy beard with this great gift for men with beards.

Beardiful Coffee Mug

  • Beards Who Love Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Manly, Funny, Cool

When it comes to gifts for men with beards, this coffee mug is a great one. It’s perfect for men who have a great beard and want the world to know it. Give the “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beardiful” coffee mug to a coffee-loving, beard-proud guy and let the laughs start. The logo is printed on both sides of the mug, so no one misses this funny, quirky message. Definitely one of the funniest novelty beard gifts that are light on the budget.

Champion Beard Puller Bib

No products found.

Check Price
  • When Daddies Have Beards

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Clothes

Women are known for their baby shower gifts, but what do you get the bearded man who is expecting a baby? He will love you for thinking of both his little one and his beard. This adjustable, washable baby and toddler bib reads “champion beard puller.” After all, any baby who has a beard to pull on will so help get him started!

Lumber Yard Beard Wash

  • Yell Timber With A Clean Beard

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Manly, Supplies

Make sure your guy has the cleanest beard around. Who better to trust to do that than the Lumber Yard brand? This paraben-free beard wash lathers up any beard and leaves it in a softer, cleaner shape than before. An invigorating addition to any bearded man’s grooming collection, the beard wash will leave him with a clean woodsy scent, so he knows he came from the lumber yard, and he knows you brought him there.

Barbiere Beard Serum

  • For Fancy Beards

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Unique, Beard

Using serum for beard care is a critical step in the multifaceted world of beards. Any old serum won’t do. Give him the beard gift of a lifetime with Barbiere serum, which is made in Italy. Made from sweet almond and grapeseed oils, the heavenly scented serum will leave his beard silky and sweet. If it’s your husband or boyfriend you’re buying for, you might enjoy kissing him even more now. So everyone wins!

Beard Life Wall Art

  • For The Civilized Beard-Friendly Home

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Unique

Just how dedicated is the bearded man in your life? Anyone can buy grooming products, but how many dudes with beards have pro-beard typography wall art in their home? Now, you can usher him into the inner sanctum of the beard community with this quirky, handmade gift idea for men with beards.

The Punisher Beard Care Kit

No products found.

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  • Beard Grooming For Tough Guys

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Manly, Set

Some beard kits just won’t do for certain guys. If you know an extra manly, extra tough fellow out there with a beard, get him an awesome beard kit‒The Punisher beard kit. Included are two different-sized wooden mustache and beard combs in the shape of The Punisher himself. The kit also touts some manly-scented oil, beard balm, and conditioner.

Beard King Beard Bib

  • Catch Those Clippings

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Shaving, Supplies

When you share a bathroom with a bearded man, you inevitably find tiny beard trimmings everywhere. You can fix this and make things easier on him at the same time by getting him a beard bib. No, you don’t wear it to dinner. The beard bib works in the same way as a hairdresser’s cape, and this bib attaches to the bathroom mirror using suction cups. He’ll never shave or trim the same way again.

Groomsman Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

  • For All The Hairs

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Beard, Supplies

The Groomsman beard trimmer is a one-stop-shop for all things to do with a man’s grooming habits. Beard trimmers are popular, but this one’s got 14 cutting lengths for everything from a little stubble to the full lumberjack. Rechargeable for trimming on the go, this ultimate beard gift also includes a nose and ear trimmer for those harder-to-reach grooming projects.

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Beard Guyz™ Beard Balm

  • Beard Training

  • $$$$$
  • Beard, Supplies, Grooming

Beard Balm is known to help shape and hold, but when the beard is coarser than the beard wearer would like, he might need you to help him a little further. Beard Guyz Beard Balm is made to train his beard into softer territory and help condition and enrich the facial hair when needed. The result is a shiny, healthy beard that stays in line when asked to.

Beard Scale Men’s Hoodie

  • A Scale Of Beards

  • $$$$$
  • Clothes, Manly, Cool

The best sort of beard scale, this beard growth chart in the form of a hoodie, will advertise to the world just how many types of beard guys are out there: dudely, hippily, santa clausly… Every guy will find their spiritual beard type on this cool and funny gift for men with beards. A great Christmas gift to keep the rest of him warm and an entertaining read as well.

Viking Wooden Comb

  • Norse Code For Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Supplies, Manly, Unique

If you noticed your favorite beard man whipping out a pitiful plastic comb just to comb his beard, why not get him something better? If he’s a Viking type, give him the most attractive wooden comb this side of Scandinavia. The Viking comb is foldable, durable, and can be used on beards, mustaches, and even head hair. The best thanks you can get will be seeing that old plastic comb in the trash can.

Beard Growth Oil

  • Give Any Beard A Boost

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Supplies, Beard

Beard oil can improve the look of an existing beard, but when a guy is trying his best to grow that beard, he may need help. Be the one to do it for him with this beard growth oil, which comes with a beard brush by its side. Containing biotin and caffeine, the beard oil is specially formulated to stimulate beard growth and help grow a thicker, stronger beard.

Mustache Drink Guard

  • Help Prevent Mustache Accidents

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Funny

Some might say the mustache drink guard is a gag gift, but those men with a mustache know that drinking their favorite beverage isn’t always easy. Show him you care with this handmade gift for men with beards (and mustaches). The whisker dam sits on top of most any glass or mug, so no matter where he finds himself, his mustache will remain safe and dry.

Cordless Beard Trimmer

  • Trim in Luxury

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Supplies, Shaving

For trimming on the go, your beard buddy will appreciate the luxury of this beard trimmer. Using a bevel dial, he will notice a much cleaner and smoother shave. Not only that, the gold standard quality of this trimmer is like no other. Without stepping foot into a barbershop or salon, he can achieve the same results while wearing pajamas at home (pajamas optional).

Ginger Beard T-Shirt

  • No Red-Headed Stepchild

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Manly, Funny

There has always been a stigma on redheads, but no longer. Redheads are a proud lot these days, and men with ginger beards are no exception. Get your favorite ginger guy a Ginger Beard Man t-shirt. Any redheaded man with a beard and a sense of humor will enjoy showing off this shirt to the world. Aid and abet your ginger man with this amazing beard gift.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Beard Oil

  • For Those Non-Beard Days

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Shaving, Supplies

Even die-hard beardies like to shave sometimes for a change. When they do, they might find that their skin isn’t used to a razor’s touch anymore. You can show them you care with some pre-shave beard oil. Unlike regular oil, this product prepares the skin for shaving and prevents nicks and razor burn. Who knows, he might even want to keep shaving just for the fun of it!

Light Up Beard Ornaments

  • Deck The Hall With Beards

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Beard, Unique

If anything is missing from Christmas, it’s having your favorite bearded man making everything more festive with some bright and colorful light up beard ornaments! With a DIY look, these mini ornaments fit nicely into the nest of a beard and include 16 jingle bells (that jingle, of course) and 4 LED lights. Make his next Christmas his best yet and give his beard a most festive purpose.

Men's Beard Exfoliate Paste

  • Scrubbing Beards All Day

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Beard, Supplies

Does he tend to borrow your facial exfoliator on the daily? Cure him of his thievery by giving him a custom exfoliator made for his very own beard. This exfoliate paste does everything yours does, but it was made to clean his beard with almond and hazelnut among its ingredients. This beard pasted makes a great surprise in a homemade beard gift basket. You might be the one borrowing his exfoliator soon.

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Bulldog Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Bulldogs Know Beards Better

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming Supplies, Manly

When a guy is as tough as an English bulldog, he may complain he doesn’t have time for shampooing and conditioning his beard. Giving him the gift of Bulldog 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner will give him all he needs to keep his beard maintained every time he’s in the shower. It will nourish his beard all the same and at least soften up some part of him. This would also work well as part of a beard products gift basket.

Lavossy Beard Pencil Filler

  • All The Strokes He Needs

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Cool, Supplies

Not all beards grow alike. Many guys struggle with uneven beards, where hair doesn’t grow in the same way everywhere. This leads to holes and patches. You can fill in those patches for him with these beard pencil fillers. Quick and easy, the pencil fills in the voids while the blending brush combines real and added. The result is a full, gorgeous beard.

Beard Comb Kit with Leather Case

  • Beard In Your Back Pocket

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Manly, Cool

When you can’t manage to make homemade gifts for men with beards yourself, you can get the next best thing: a vintage-looking beard comb kit with a real leather case. The case is embossed with an “All For Freedom / Freedom For All” logo and a handsome skull with wings. He can even keep money and credit cards in one of the pockets.

Beard & Mustache Planter

  • Gardening Gone Wild

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Unique

For the dude with a beard who thinks he has it all, you can one-up him with this awesome beard or mustache planter. His houseplants will never be the same once he displays them in a concrete planter with a face display and either a gold mustache or copper beard addition. You can even get him both so his scruffy plant holders can keep each other company.

The Art of Shaving Travel Shaving Kit

  • Shaving On The Run

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Set, Shaving

It’s difficult to pack full-size items for travel, and shaving accessories are no different. Help him get away more efficiently with a good travel shave kit. This kit has him covered for pre-shave, the shave itself, and aftercare, all items dressed in a lovely sandalwood fragrance. He’ll be ready (and smell nice), whether it’s a getaway, business trip, or running away from home.

Fear The Beard Magnet

  • Small Gift, Big Impact

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Men

There is no rule that says a small beard gift won’t be as magnetic as a large one. Take, for instance, the Fear The Beard magnet. A simple, vintage-looking magnet for the bearded at heart to share their love of whiskers with the world. Works on any metal surface and can make home or office more interesting! This could be used as a Christmas stocking stuffer or part of a DIY beard gift basket as well.

Beard Shaping Styling Gift

  • Better Beard In A Box

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Men, Cool

Allow him to be the master of his bearded universe with this gift idea for men with beards. The true art of beard shaping begins and ends here with a stainless steel comb, straight razor with blades, and scissors. The right tools will produce and maintain the best beard imaginable. Show him you believe in his ability to create it for himself.

NGFF Beard Pattern Socks

  • A Beard In Every Step

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Clothes

Dads with beards require something a little more quirky for holidays and birthday gifts. Let him know you respect his beard and his dad-ness with beard pattern socks. The linked pattern of beard silhouettes forms a mosaic tribute while keeping beard dad’s feet warm.

Alpha Beard Growth Vitamins

  • Grow From The Inside Out

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Beard, Unique

When locating great beard gifts, remember that beards don’t just flourish from the outside in. Health, nutrition, and getting the right minerals inside the body can help with beard growth just as much as applying the best beard serum around. These beard growth vitamins include collagen, ginseng, and vitamin E, which all nourish hair growth and elasticity. He’ll be ordering more before you know it and his beard will show it.

Rustic Town Leather Toiletry Bag

  • Old-Fashioned Is Best

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Cool

It’s a shame when a man spends his hard-earned money on the best beard trimmer and products, only to toss them all into a plastic bag when traveling. If the beard man in your life has an old-fashioned heart, get him this leather toiletry bag and watch his eyes light up. Super attractive brown leather bag contains multiple compartments for organization and looks as spiffy as a turned-up mustache any day.

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Willbond Fake Mustache Beards

  • Best Costume Goes To...The Beard!

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Funny, Unique

A great gag gift for any beard aficionado at Halloween, this set of 10 different fake beards offers loads of fun for any group or party. Their bearded host will be beyond amused as his family and friends don everything, including the Lincoln, the old man beard, the redhead, and more. Kids can join in and you may even find yourself with a beard before the night is through.

Professional Beard Trimmer

  • The Art Is In The Details

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Supplies

If you know a man whose hair and beard exist as one dynamic, artful object, this beard trimmer is for him. The trimmer itself looks both vintage and steampunk at the same time. The close cutting precision can shape the biggest of beards or etch your initials in the beard, too (if that’s your thing). He won’t want to spend a day apart from this trimmer and poof…a beard artist is born!

Metal Hair & Beard Comb

No products found.

Check Price
  • For Beads And Beer

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Cool

So, he has beard brushes, wooden combs, and a separate bathroom that exists only for beard grooming. You can still improve his collection with this stainless steel miniature beard comb. In addition to working for head hair, mustaches, and beards, this comb folds into a mini shape, and the kicker…it also opens bottles. You will have solved most of his problems with the perfect beard gift.

Funny Beard Shot Glasses

  • Beards and Butts Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Cool, Funny

A great gift for men with beards or beard lovers, these funny shot glasses reflect the feelings of their owners. One reads “I like his beard” and the other “I like her butt.” Now, your favorite couple can celebrate each other with good humor and some hard liquor.

Tame's Beard Straightener Essentials Kit

  • Detangle His Beard For Once And All

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Supplies

Straightening your hair isn’t always fun. Just think how not-fun it is to have to straighten his beard? Make it easy on him and even a good time with this beard straightener kit. He’ll never burn his face again with the heat control of this straightening brush and enjoy the little extras that include beard balm, beard soap, and a beard comb. Messy beard guy will be no more!

Handmade Knit Helmet and Removable Beard

  • Hand Knit Instant Beard

  • $$$$$
  • Beard, Funny, Cool

Even if your guy already shows signs of growing a beard with a little stubble or five o’clock shadow, help him decide whether he wants to go full Viking with this hand-knit Viking helmet and beard novelty gift. Great for keeping warm in the outdoors, at sporting events, or just around the house. If he can deal with the itch, he may just go for that beard in real life.

Bearded Chef Apron

  • Kiss The Beard

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Clothes, Unique

While there are so many gift ideas for men with beards, this apron for the bearded chef is one of the most popular. Let your favorite guy get the respect he deserves while cooking or grilling a great meal for those he loves. This apron is well constructed and has pockets for his culinary tools, so it’s not just for laughs.

Beard & Scruff Cream

  • Soothing MInt Saves The Day

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Supplies

Sometimes bearding isn’t easy. You can help to soothe any beard-induced irritations that he experiences with this beard scruff cream. Super moisturizing, the leave-in cream soothes the skin with mint and keeps his beard in great shape.

Hot Oil Beard Treatment

  • Give His Beard Some Love (And Oil)

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Unique, Beard

When treating themselves, women get deep conditioning and hot oil treatments frequently. Men and their beards are often ignored, though. Share your love of healthy hair with your bearded man today. This hot oil treatment for beards acts the same way, repairing split ends and enriching the hair follicles. All this and a manly wood and spice scent too. He may never leave the bathroom again.

Beard Ride Grooming Brush

  • Grooming And Laughs

  • $$$$$
  • Grooming, Men, Supplies

Why should beard products all be either funny or practical? You can get a beard gift that is both with this funny grooming brush made from bamboo and pig bristles. It works like a charm but does so with the inscription: “Must Have Beard To Enjoy This Ride.” Place brush in a gift box or basket, and any dad will be laughing through his beard.

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Holiday Santa Face Mask

  • Santa Beards For All

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Funny, Unique

If you can’t beat them, then join them. This two-pack of Santa Claus face masks complete with long hanging white beards is ideal for bringing some joy (and some beards) to the holiday season. He can place the mask over his existing beard and you can both enjoy having Santa’s beard for an afternoon.

Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap

  • Soap For All Beards and Bodies

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Grooming, Supplies

Some men with beards like having multiple products, but for the simple beard man, there is this beard and body soap. It works like a charm for his beard and his body, which makes his life that much simpler. It makes a great personalized gift with its vintage packaging and will keep him fresh and clean with natural clays and oil ingredients.

Beard Shaper Kit

  • So Many Beards, So Little Time

  • $$$$$
  • Beard, Grooming, Supplies

He follows beardy Youtube videos at home but may not be able to experiment with the shape of his beard as deftly as he hoped. This is where you come in. Get your favorite beard man the ultimate in supplies with a shaper kit complete with guides for shaping all aspects, including the mustache, sideburns, or cheek line. He’ll never need another video again, thanks to you.

Collapsible Can Coolie

  • For Your Favorite Lumberjack

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Funny, Cool

A gift for men with beards who like drinking beer in a can, this can coolie comes complete with a funny beard saying “Look Me In The Beard When I’m Talking To You,” along with the image of the lumberjack that they are surely trying to emulate. Keep their can cool and give them a beard drinking companion at the same time.

Norse Viking Braiding Beads

  • A Beard That Crafts

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Cool, Unique

Many argue that having a long beard is like a full-time art project. For the beard guy in your life who loves such projects, be sure to get him something crafty that centers around his beard. These Viking-style braid beads will keep him and his beard busy for hours. They include 24 different rune beads, elastic bands, and hairpins to get him started on the greatest beard project of his life.

Beard Gift FAQs

What Do Guys With Beards Do?

According to Birchbox, men with beards need to commit to a few central grooming commitments in order to maintain a healthy beard. Washing the beard regularly with a cleanser helps take care of the beard hair and the skin beneath. Regular trimming, depending on the beard length and style, will come in handy even if they are growing it out. Also, beard oil is a bearded man’s best friend with its ability to keep facial hair healthy and moisturized. That and regular combing/brushing are the basics of the bearded life (1).

What are the Essential Beard Products?

The Beard Mag talks about some great beard-keeping products. These include beard wash/shampoo and conditioner, the ever-necessary beard oil, beard balm, which is a combination of beard oil and beard wax (for holding in place and moisturizing), a beard comb or brush, and the all-important beard trimmer (2).

How Do You Take Care of a Beard?

The professionals at Web MD state that, while first growing a beard, give it a few months before attempting to shape it. Make sure to not give up when the inevitable itch takes hold. Once he’s arrived in the land of beardom, the real work begins. In addition to regular trimming, and good quality shampoo and conditioner, there is a bevy of beard products to choose from. Any products used for a beard should also be beneficial for the skin beneath. Also, having a beard isn’t the time to stop eating right and getting enough exercise and rest (3).

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