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50 Fantastic Gifts For New & Expecting Dads: 2024 Ideas

Whether a first-time dad or father to many, he will love these unique gifts for new dads.

Expecting mothers seem to have all the fun when it comes to gifts: an array of baby shower presents, endless books about motherhood, and every holiday another excuse to give them a terrific “push present,” (aka a gift to celebrate the birth of their child).

Dads tend to get left behind in this rush to babyhood. Expecting fathers need some TLC, too, everything from cool dad gifts, baby supplies, dad guides, and cool ways to help them prepare to be a father. These new dads may just need a baby shower of their own.

Whether you are the partner, friend, or family of a guy about to come face-to-face with fatherhood, show that you are thinking of him with these thoughtful and fun gifts for expecting dads below. Once he has a moment to himself, he will thank you!

50 Cool Gift Ideas for Expecting & New Dads

You can bring some sunshine and enjoyment to future fathers everywhere with 50 of the best gifts for new dads below.

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Sidekick Book For New Dads

  • In The Pregnancy Trenches

  • $$$$$
  • Book, Men, Funny

What to expect when they’re expecting plus living with a pregnant mother-to-be. Also known as “A Pregnancy Guide For Dudes,” this book is top-notch at helping any expecting father support a pregnant partner every stop of the way. The guide is practical, honest, and funny at times. Help him support her so they can support each other through the world of birth and parenting.

User Experience

My initial dive into this book was fueled by my thirst for knowledge as an expecting dad. The text's clarity and humor made it a breeze to read, covering everything from the basics of pregnancy to more nuanced advice on being supportive. This guide helped me understand my partner's emotional rollercoaster and how to comfort her better, making me feel more confident in my role. Despite some feeling it oversimplified things, for me, this book provided a much-needed roadmap for navigating the pregnancy journey with my partner.

Daddy's Sippy Cup Whiskey Glass

  • Drink Up For Dad

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Dad

Every great father deserves a special cup of his own and this sippy cup whiskey glass is a lowball whiskey glass with a good sense of dad humor. This way, when his little one drinks from their sippy cup, he will have one all his own. Don’t forget to also get him something to drink from his new favorite glass.

Personal Perspective

In my own experience, this whiskey glass has proven to be an excellent choice due to its etched writing and robustness. Having been through countless hand-washes and dishwashing cycles, the etched text remains clear and intact, even though the white enamel has somewhat faded. From personal gifts to my husband, to presents for my dad and son-in-law, this glass has been received with enthusiasm and continues to be a favorite item in our home.

Daddy's Diaper Duty Device

  • Diaper Duty Ready

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Funny

Dads are expected to take part in the sometimes messy chore that is changing diapers. Now, your favorite dad can be loaded up and ready to go. The apron holds diapers, wipes, sanitizer, and other diaper wiping tools. Yes, it’s funny but also practical and will help any expecting dad make it through diaper time like a champ!

Community Feedback

This new dad kit is both humorous and practical, making it a hit at baby showers. It includes a variety of baby essentials such as an apron, baby products from Johnson’s, Desitin, diapers, baby wipes, clear goggles, and tongs, along with an instructional insert that had my brother in stitches. However, I would suggest two improvements: firstly, the placement of the scan sticker which is currently right on the front of the kit, and secondly, the addition of a mask for complete comedic effect.

BOB Gear® Jogging Stroller

  • Dads and Babies On The Run

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Cool

If your soon-to-be dad is a fitness buff that doesn’t intend on letting fatherhood slow him down, you can present him with this jogging stroller that is built like a tank. The stroller includes a multiple-point harness to keep baby safe and has storage compartments for anything that these two may need along their run.

Weighted Sleep Mask

  • Zero Gravity Sleep

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Dad, Cool

It’s no secret that new dads rarely get enough sleep, but how can you ensure that they get their hard-earned rest when they do get some shuteye? A weighted sleep mask is a great gift idea for expecting fathers who find themselves overtired. The mask works like a weighted blanket does and takes pressure off the bridge of the nose so your new dad can have sweet dreams…at least for a little while.

Dad Bod Shaker Bottle

  • Dad Bod Ready

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Gadget, Funny

One thing you can say about a Dad Bod is that he takes care of himself the best way he can. Help him maintain good health while chasing after his little one with this Dad Bod approved protein blender bottle. The design keeps the protein powder and liquid separate, so when he gets a free moment, he can shake it up nice and quick and be one step closer to perfect dad health.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this shaker bottle for a few weeks and it's incredibly handy for keeping my workout supplements organized; the multiple compartments are a real plus. However, I did experience some leakage during the first couple of uses which was quite frustrating and messy. Despite the smaller size than expected, it's a unique bottle that gets a lot of attention at the gym.

Oster Wine Opener And Chiller

  • Wine O’Clock

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Gadget, Men

Every new and existing dad needs to let loose sometimes (usually when the little ones are asleep). Still, alone time is of the essence, so assist the dad in your life with this stylish and impressive wine opener and chiller. All by itself, it chills his wine and opens as many as 30 corks, hands-free. His hands will be busy soon enough, so let him enjoy his wine while he has the chance.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this product has proven to be a hit, both as a personal purchase and a gift for various occasions like wedding showers or Father's Day. Despite its somewhat tall stature, it fits comfortably in the hand, opens even the most stubborn wine bottles with ease, and returns effortlessly to its docking station. The accompanying wine chiller is a practical addition, accommodating most bottles I've tried, making this product not just a conversation starter at parties, but a reliable and well-crafted tool in our home.

Gift Socks For Men

  • Dads Love Bacon

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Funny, Clothing

What does any bacon-loving dad need on Father’s Day? Get him some good, cozy socks. Just make sure they let the world know from the bottom of his feet that he needs bacon asap. A great novelty gift for dads and jokers alike.

First-Hand Impression

When I first slipped on these socks, I was immediately struck by their warm, snug fit and exceptional quality. The humorous pizza-themed writing on the sole is large and clear, adding a fun touch that my family members, both young and old, absolutely adored. These socks, with their unique blend of comfort and comedy, certainly brought a lot of joy to our household.

Baby Keepsake Library

  • Memories Are Forever

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Baby, Unusual

Fathers aren’t usually given gifts that center around the memories of becoming a dad. This beautifully built keepsake library is a thoughtful way for new fathers to take part in the new and future memories of their newborn. They can keep and cherish little items that represent every “first” in their child’s life in the many well-protected compartments for years to come.

Bear Family Holiday Slippers

  • For Dad On Holidays

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Funny, Dad

Most dads expect to get slippers on Father’s Day or Christmas. These plush holiday slippers are no different and, since they say “Papa Bear” across both feet, you can be sure he will know you bought these especially for him. He’ll love the cozy, warm feel and good traction for avoiding the slips and falls that klutzy dads are prone to during the holidays.

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I Love Dad Frame

  • Keep Dad’s Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Dad, Unusual

What better way to show a dad you treasure him than with a personalized photo frame? Add any two unique lines of text to this handsome frame and all you need to add is your favorite dad photo. Great for Christmas, Father’s Day, or an expecting dad. Keep his memories close at hand.

Prank Pack Gift Box

  • A Package That Rivals The Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Men, Dad

This novelty gift box was made with new dads in mind. He will unwrap your gift and think he is about to receive a “baby shield,” which will block his new baby’s projectile accidents from your face. A hilarious addition to any new dad gift. He may even be disappointed that there is no baby shield inside!

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this product was a bundle of laughs and fun. When I gifted it, the recipient was both surprised and amused, and the realistic design certainly added to the hilarity of the moment. This product not only serves as a delightful prank, but it's also a decent size for packing smaller gifts inside, making it worth the purchase.

New Dad Apron

  • Dad Recharge Necessary

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Clothing, Funny

Get your culinary master chef, aka new father, an apron that appropriately reflects his current state of mind. This dad apron shows a battery that is in the red and desperately in need of a recharge. A great gift for a dad recently home from the hospital with a new baby boy or girl. Don’t worry, that steak he’s grilling will charge him right up.

Video Baby Monitor

  • Keep An Eye On Baby

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Gadget, Baby

A great baby shower gift for a mom or an expecting dad, this baby monitor includes both video and audio and connects to any smart device. He can even zoom in, adjust angles, enable night vision, and have the ability to communicate with the little one via audio. All his bases will be covered and he can rest easy (for a while anyway).

Bonding T-Shirt

  • Daddy Baby Bond Time

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Memories

Moms get gifts that help them bond with their new baby easily, but what is an expecting dad to do when he wants to bond in a new way with his baby? This specialized t-shirt allows new fathers to bond skin to skin with their babies, which helps regulate a baby’s heartbeat and provides the emotional support and bonding that fathers and babies crave. This kind of bonding can also promote sleep for both parties.

Community Feedback

Great novelty shirt idea for skin-to-skin contact with newborns, especially in a hospital setting. Despite being well-constructed, this shirt is limited in use due to its high collar, thick material, and snug fit, which might be uncomfortable for those who sweat easily or are of larger build. While it served its purpose for the brief newborn stage, it's not versatile enough for daily wear or public settings, which makes its high price point questionable.

Don Pepin Cigar Sampler

  • Dad Is A Joker

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Cool

What better tradition is there when a baby is born than to offer a cigar to the new father for a celebration? This Don Pepin My Father cigar sampler is handcrafted by a father and son and includes five cigars that taste of espresso, pepper, cream, and rich cedar. The new dad will enjoy his wonderful cigar when his child is born and have a few left over for more celebrations down the road.

Parenting Pint Glasses

  • A Pint For Every Parent

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Funny, Cool

Every dad deserves a drink once in a while. What better way to tell him you appreciate him than with this set of four pint glasses decorated with humorous parenting sketches created by a New Yorker cartoonist? These glasses make for a superb Valentine present from a mom to a dad. They can say cheers to each other and before you know it, bottoms up.

Casio Sport Watch

  • Running On Dad Time

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Gadget, Cool

Why not help a father you know keep time and look awesome while doing it? One of the coolest gift ideas for expecting dads around, this Casio sports watch has day/date/time, alarms for taking naps, and even a world timer (for timing chats with grandparents far away). The watch is waterproof, which comes in handy when super soaking with the boys or horsing around at the beach/pool. A great way to help a new dad keep up with the baby’s schedule.

Personal Perspective

After months of use, this watch has proven its durability, showing no scratches despite some rough handling, including being chewed on by dogs! Its water resistance is impressive and it keeps excellent time. However, a peculiar issue is that it occasionally swaps to different time zones like Tokyo or London, which can be quite disorienting, especially first thing in the morning. Despite this, the watch is reliable and comfortable to wear, even if some of the features like the time zone map and digital dial are rarely used.

Babybjörn® Baby Carrier

  • A Durable Way To Baby Carry

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Men

The ultimate in push gift for expecting dads, the trusted BabyBjorn Carrier. It carries little ones in up to four positions and ensures a snug, secure, and comfortable fit for all. Set a new dad up for success with the best in baby gear so they can explore the world together from the get-go.

Fruit of the Loom Sleep Pant

  • Dad Pants In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Men, Clothing

You might come to realize that nothing will make an expecting dad happier when there’s a new baby in the house than one (or two) pairs of comfortable pants. He’ll find that these sleep pants are for more than just sleeping. They are all-day-stay-at-home-taking-care-of-baby pants. They come in a two-pack just in case baby accidents happen. These pants are foolproof and he’ll love finally falling asleep (with baby) in them too.

First-Hand Impression

I found these lounge pants incredibly comfortable, with their soft, light, and breathable fabric creating a sense of coziness that is just right for chilling at home. However, do note that they tend to shrink a bit after a few washes, so getting a size up might be a good idea, and they may require some minor adjustments as the front opening can bulge open, but these small inconveniences are easily outweighed by the overall comfort and affordability of these pants.
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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

  • A Breakfast For Dad

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Men, Cool

You can help any new dad get his daily wish every morning with this stunning breakfast sandwich maker. Super easy to use, it will save him time and effort and taste as good as any deli sandwich out there. He can even toss the moving parts into the dishwasher. As far as gifts for new dads go, this one will give him the strength to soldier through the most challenging of new baby days.

User Experience

Great for English muffin lovers, this sandwich maker has streamlined my morning routine wonderfully. While the machine doesn't give your muffin that crispy, skillet-cooked texture, and the eggs can be a bit bland, it's perfect for quick, no-fuss breakfasts. After some trial and error, I've found that preheating it a bit longer and using non-frozen, pre-cooked meats, along with a spritz of cooking spray, results in a satisfactory breakfast sandwich.

Lavender Soy Candle

  • No Expiration Date On Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Funny, Men

Every new parent needs both the time and means to relax. Made of soy with 45 hours of burn time, this lavender candle is lovingly inscribed with the message, “Congrats on your new baby! Light the next time you get a moment to yourself.” Blunt, yes, but full of good humor (and good until 2030, when he’s hopefully had time to relax properly). A great gift idea for expecting dads, especially from their child-free buddies.

Personal Perspective

From the moment I lit this candle, I was welcomed with a soothing lavender scent that filled my entire apartment, providing a sense of calm after a long day of chores. This candle does not only excel in fragrance but also in aesthetic charm; its cute packaging and thoughtful messages make it more than just a source of light and smell. However, despite its great quality and unique personalization, I did find its size a bit small for its price.

You’re Going To Be A Dad Coffee Mug/Gift Box

  • Surprise, It’s A Dad!

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Unusual, Memories

Surprise an expecting dad before he even knows he is expecting. This attractive gift box with the initial message “Our Greatest Adventure Begins” holds a coffee mug that reads “Promoted To Dad,” along with a “Here’s The Scoop” coffee scoop. The gift is a thoughtful way to reveal a pregnancy to a partner and works great as a dad mug once the baby arrives.

Keurig® Single Serve Coffee Maker

  • No Sleep ‘Til Morning

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Cool, Gadget

What are new dads to do when their hands are full and the cacophony of a crying baby fills the air? You can give him a Keurig coffee maker. This single-serve coffee maker is compact. All he needs to do is prep the water and drop a k-cup into the machine. Before you know it, he will have avoided a major tantrum (maybe his own) and can now mind his new bundle of joy while properly caffeinated.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

  • Tiny Prints For Dad

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Memories

First-time dads will be touched when you present them with this sweet keepsake of memories. A framed impression of a new baby’s hand and foot accompany two photos of your choice. The DIY project is just as fun for dads as it is for moms, and the quality clay will set those tiny hands and footprints just right so he can cherish these memories for years to come.

User Experience

For anyone looking for a unique and meaningful gift, this picture frame hits the mark. The user-friendly mold was a breeze to prepare, and despite the smaller photo size, I managed to fit my 4 x 4 pictures with a bit of trimming. Although the clay was a bit messy and took some effort to spread evenly, the end result was worth it, drying quickly and leaving no residue on the baby's hands or feet. Despite the frame's plastic front, the overall quality was impressive, providing a cherished keepsake that captures precious moments.

New Dad Wallet Card

  • Add Some Love To His Wallet

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Dad, Men

When you want to reveal your pregnancy to your partner in a subtle but loving way, you can get him a new dad wallet card. This can be slipped into his current wallet or a new gift wallet. He may be taken aback, wonderfully surprised, and touched by the lovely “Daddy To Be” inscription on the card. Chances are, he will keep the card as a reminder of one of the greatest gifts he ever received.

Personal Perspective

I've had an excellent experience giving this gift to a first-time dad at a baby shower. The delight on his face was unforgettable, clearly indicating that this gift was a perfect choice. Given its reception, I feel confident saying this present was a fantastic buy.

Captain & First Mate Set

  • Like Captain, Like First Mate

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Clothing

Say Ay-Ay to your expecting dad of a baby boy with this adorable matching set. A gift for the captain, aka dad, with a boat helm wheel design and a little baby onesie for newborns to 24 months old with a corresponding anchor design. New father and baby are now ready to rule the seven seas with the cutest among the gifts for new dads.

Coat of Arms Birth Announcement

  • Announcing A Birth The Right Way

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Cool, Unusual

When you want to get the new dad of a baby a unique gift for the nursery, why not make it something special? This framed birth announcement is presented in the frame as a child’s coat-of-arms, created with fun images like baby monkeys and rocking horses. Included in the announcement is the baby’s name, astrological sign, weight, parents’ names, place of birth, and birthdate. Your favorite new dad will be proud.

Be Prepared Book For New Dads

  • Dad-In-Training

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Funny, Book

When finding the best gifts for expecting dads, try choosing one that helps him keep his sense of humor along the way. This book targeted at new dads is all that he needs and more. Filled with ideas for outings, projects, products, the book ends up being both practical and fun. The expectant dad you know will have his nose in this book for months before the baby is born and he will be ready for anything.

Opti-Men Tablets

  • Dad: The Ultimate Athlete

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Men, Unusual

Athletes train for the big game and use proper supplements to enrich their bodies for the challenges ahead. What man has more challenges ahead of him, both emotional and physical, than when a new baby has arrived? These supplements are targeted at men’s health help to improve immunity, vitality, metabolism, and more through vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals formulated to keep daddy at his peak performance level every day.

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Wrangler Flannel Shirt Jacket with Hood

  • Comfort Inside And Out

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Clothing, Dad

Dads, both new and experienced, need comfy clothes that work both indoors and outdoors. This flannel hooded jacket is a shirt/jacket combination that is ideal for everything from family outings in cool to cold weather to lounging around in the man cave. A great gift for dad from his wife, children, or family for a Father’s Day, birthday, or any time you want to celebrate dad in all his comfort and glory.

Community Feedback

My experience with this flannel shirt jacket has been nothing short of impressive. The quilted lining and hood add an extra layer of warmth and protection that's perfect for colder days, while the soft flannel exterior and top-notch stitching exude quality and durability. This jacket's classic design and comfort make it a versatile addition to my wardrobe, suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. From personal experience, it's not just a practical piece but also a hit as a gift, loved by friends and family alike.

New Dad Bump Box

  • Bump Boxes Are For Dads Too

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Baby, Funny

The ultimate gift basket for an expecting dad, this all-inclusive “bump box” (a gift you give when a baby is born) will bring a big smile to the already smiling new dad’s face. The box includes a practical dad guide, funny “#1 Dad” socks, some awesome bourbon soap, a “Super Dad” keychain, and even an “I Heart Daddy” onesie for the new arrival. He will have tons of fun with this caring gift for dads.

First-Hand Impression

In using this gift box, I found the included baby book to be a heartfelt addition, reminiscent of lessons from the Boy Scouts, stirring a sense of nostalgia and love. However, the quality of the other items in the box, such as the socks and key attachment, felt rather cheap and the "survival book" for dads seemed outdated and lacking in diverse representation. Despite these drawbacks, the overall sentiment behind the gift, celebrating new fathers, was well received, making the box a touching, albeit imperfect, present.

TekHome Multi Tool

  • Armed And Dangerous

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Unusual, Gadget

The perfect gift idea for expecting dads or longtime fathers. Show him that you appreciate all the little jobs he does to make the home function properly. This multifaceted tool looks like a hammer but has 12 different functions, including use as a tool in an emergency. You can provide any dad with a “before baby comes” list of things to do and the best tool with which he can get it done.

User Experience

I've found this tool to be handy and a joy to use for assembling furniture and other small tasks. While it's compact and lightweight enough to carry in a pocket or toss in a glove compartment, there are a few drawbacks such as the difficulty in extracting some tools and the screwdriver being suitable only for smaller screws. Despite these minor issues, this product, which was a bit oily initially but seemed to loosen with use, has proven to be a robust and reliable tool that is frequently used and loved by everyone in the family.

Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

  • Three Stages Of Baby

  • $$$$$
  • Baby, Memories, Dad

When it comes to keepsakes, dads often get left out. This adorable three-photo frame displays the three stages of a new baby for an expecting dad, which holds two sonograms at differing stages and a photo of the new baby. The creative way to mark the baby’s journey is a great gift from a pregnant partner to the soon-to-be dad.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this photo book has been nothing short of delightful. The quality is impressive, and the front cover is perfect for showcasing an ultrasound picture, making it a sentimental keepsake. The pockets for photos are user-friendly, and there's a generous amount of space for jotting down memories and milestones. While my little one won't be here for a few months, I've already begun filling it out and can't wait to continue documenting our journey.

Men's Girl Dad Bracelet

  • Girl Dads Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Dad, Memories

Girl Dads are special because they will be the touchstone for a little girl as she grows into a woman. This cute lava bead bracelet is made for such a dad, whether he is expecting a little girl or already the proud father of one. It’s the tiny reminders that keep what should be treasured close by. Get it for a new dad and watch his pride meter go off the charts.

Deluxe Coffee Chocolate Gift Box

  • Dads Have Great Taste

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Men, Cool

Coffee and chocolate aren’t just a cure-all for pregnant women. Coffee and Chocolate can help your favorite expecting or new dad get through a difficult day with delicious options. This gift box contains eight different high-quality coffees and eight corresponding chocolate bars. There is even a tasting guide that helps dads pair the best coffee and chocolate together. His taste buds will multiply before you know it.

First-Hand Impression

Got this coffee and chocolate box as a gift, and it was a mixed bag of experiences. The flavors were superb, showcasing an array of unique notes, but I found the portions rather small for the price tag. But, if you're seeking a taste of truly fresh coffee, this box might surprise you with its distinct flavor profile.

Savory Snack Crate

  • A Savory Celebration

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Dad, Baby

Help a new dad with the excitement and emotion that comes with a new baby being born. Give him something to snack on during the first week of fatherhood. For dads who aren’t a fan of sweets, this savory snack crate will have him sorted with summer sausage, cheddar, popcorn, and more. Every time the baby cries, he can enjoy a pretzel and be thankful that you were thinking of his new dad’s appetite.

Couch Bowl Set

  • Comfort Snacking For Dads

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Unusual, Gadget

Every new dad dreams of the rare moments he can sit on the couch and enjoy a bowl of cereal. Protect him from spills with this very creative gift idea for expecting dads. The couch cereal bowl set provides stability by allowing the eater to grip the underside of the cereal bowl while offering a comfy spoon rest when the new dad has to use his other hand for childminding. The future is delicious!

Canvas Memory Book

  • A Memory A Day

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Dad, Book

This thoughtful journal’s aim is to write one line a day for five years. What a perfect way for an expecting father to chronicle the pregnancy and first years of his baby’s life. He will treasure these lines written with joy, worry, exhaustion, laughter, and nostalgia. Moreover, he will thank you for one of the most important books he might ever write.

Community Feedback

This journal has a charming aesthetic and a smooth, thick paper that lends itself well to regular writing. Although small, it encourages thoughtful reflection as the limited space makes you consider the most significant parts of your day. However, the size can be challenging, making it difficult to write legibly without the book's crack interfering, and the binding is tight, which can make the pages hard to write in, especially at the start of the year.

Personalized Bump Mug

  • Baby Bump With Morning Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Memories, Unusual

When an expecting dad witnesses his baby’s first sonogram, he doesn’t want to take his eyes off of it. With the bump coffee mug, any expecting dad can see his baby’s sonogram, along with a heartfelt message, every day when drinking his morning coffee. Even after the little one arrives, he can show him or her their first baby picture and continue to prize this sweet gift.

First-Hand Impression

I received this cup as a gift and was astounded by the quality of the photo editing, which made the picture fit just right into the design. The image had been cropped perfectly to focus on the subject, making it look far better than the initial square preview. This cup, with its excellent image handling and charming design, truly made my day.
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Percussion Massager

  • For Growing Pains

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Cool, Gadget

If there’s one thing any new dad will tell you he needs, it’s a massage. From sore feet and migraines to overworked lower backs, your new dad will bow down in your honor once you present him with this full-body percussion massager. With multiple targeted settings and attachments for different sore areas, he will be recharged in no time and ready to continue as a superhero, otherwise known as “dad.”

Carnivore Club Beef Jerky Box

  • Meat Lovers Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Dad, Cool

Any dad who is a dedicated carnivore craves a variety of snacks, especially while changing diapers and bottle feeding. This beef jerky gift box is a meat lovers’ paradise and includes various flavor profiles and types of meat stick products that will have him revved up and ready for anything new fatherhood has to offer.

Personal Perspective

I'm pleased to share my experience with this jerky gift box. The quality of the jerky was top-notch, with a variety of flavors that were savored and enjoyed, although some packages seemed a bit past their sell-by dates. The box was sturdy and presentable, but the absence of a brochure describing the different types of jerky and the lack of a personalized note dampened the overall experience.

Smartphone Sanitizer

  • No More Dirty Dad Phone

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Unusual, Gadget

Have you ever really seen a smartphone belonging to a dad-in-action? It can be grimy, sticky, and plain old dirty from the little, curious hands of babies and children. Help this new dad clean his phone the modern way with this smartphone sanitizer, which disinfects with UV light. He can charge and clean his phone anywhere and even still listen to music while doing so (like the multitasker he is).

New Fishing Buddy Lure

  • For The Fisherman Dad

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Dad, Unusual

This fishing buddy lure is a great way to surprise a fisherman who is about to find out he’s becoming a dad. The stainless steel lure is etched with a papa and baby shark and announces that a “New Fishing Buddy” is “Coming Soon.” The keepsake is a loving way to reveal a baby’s gender with a personalized token that makes the ultimate gift for expecting dads.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this nifty little product as a memorable pregnancy reveal for my husband. He was so thrilled, he even took it for a spin on the lake! However, it's worth noting that this keychain comes with real, and quite sharp, fishhooks. I found this a bit alarming, as it could easily cause an accidental injury. So while it's definitely unique and charming, I advise caution if you're planning to use it as an actual keychain.

Portable Baby Changing Pad

  • Diaper Dynamo

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Baby, Men

This portable changing pad makes the sometimes arduous process of changing a baby’s diaper a one-handed affair. The pad opens to reveal a waterproof pad, including memory foam for the baby’s head, pockets for diapers, wipes, lotions, and anything else he might need. He can hook the pad onto a stroller when on a daddy outing. He’ll be covered and you’ll be thanked for one of the most practical (and cute) gifts for new dads.

User Experience

When I first got this changing pad, I was struck by its size; it's surprisingly larger than I expected. The built-in storage for wipes and diapers comes in handy, though fitting a whole pack of wipes and several diapers can make it a little bulky. I've found it particularly convenient for on-the-go diaper changes, but the surface can get a little slippery and the little one tends to slide around a bit. Despite its minor flaws, like the fast-wearing velcro and the difficulty in air-drying after a wipe-down, this changing pad has proven to be a practical and useful tool in my baby-care arsenal.

Nikon DSLR Camera

  • Make The Best Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Gadget, Memories

One of the most creative gift ideas for expecting dads, this Nikon DSLR camera is a great starting point for any new dad to chronicle his family’s journey as they welcome a new baby home. Easy to use, the camera bundle includes various lenses, a tripod, a maintenance kit, and more. The user interface is very workable and, before you know it, the dad you know will be sharing gorgeous, professional photographs of his little one.

Personal Perspective

My journey with this camera has been a mixed bag. On one hand, the multiple lenses and picture quality have been a joy for an amateur photographer like myself, fitting well within my needs and budget. However, there's been a hiccup with the flash attachment, and it came without directions, which caused some initial confusion. I also had a bit of a runaround with receiving the wrong lenses initially, but the issue was eventually resolved. Despite these minor setbacks, the camera's overall performance and ability to connect to my PC as a webcam make it a worthy addition to my photography kit.

Dad Joke Button

  • A Button For Laughs

  • $$$$$
  • Dad, Funny, Men

Dads love jokes, and what better way to keep the dad jokes coming than with this novelty joke button that stores 50 different quips about dads? A great Father’s Day gift loaded with laughs, the button has volume control and can be heard by dad and everyone else in the room. Keep the whole family laughing with this hilarious gift for dads.

Community Feedback

My experience with this dad joke button has been filled with laughing till my sides hurt. The humor is cheesy, but that's what makes it so entertaining; every push of the button delivers a new wisecrack, followed by a hearty chuckle from the device itself. Even the most hardened joke critics in my office can't resist a smile when they pass my desk and give it a press. This button has an impressive repertoire, with barely any repetition, which keeps the amusement fresh. Although some of the jokes lean towards the adult side, it's all in good fun and can bring a hearty laugh to any family gathering or office setting.

Toilet Bowl Night Light

  • Light Up The Night

  • $$$$$
  • Men, Funny, Unusual

There will be plenty of nights when exhausted new dads wander into the bathroom and might need a little help. This night light for toilet bowls is both practical and a hoot. The light attaches to the inside of the bowl and motion sensors detect any dad (or person) approaching. The toilet will light up in any selection of rainbow colors and help any overwrought dad get a few more precious winks.

First-Hand Impression

Love how this toilet light infuses an enchanting ambiance into my late-night bathroom visits with its range of colors, especially the soothing deep blue. Despite the occasional need for a quick tap to activate it, this product's motion sensor, easy installation, long battery life, and the delightful surprise it brings to guests makes it a quirky yet practical addition to any home.

Group Memory Gift Box

  • A Box Full Of Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Memories, Dad, Men

If you wish to mark the birth of a new child for a dad-to-be, you can make a video or send a greeting card, but nothing will take the place of holding the words and photos from his loved ones in his hands. This gift box is handcrafted with personalized messages and photographs that can provide timeless, irreplaceable memories. He can revisit the special day with this wooden treasure trove again and again.

Baby Diaper Backpack with Changing Station

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  • Multipurpose Baby Tool

  • $$$$$
  • Baby, Dad, Men

Many guys love a well-built backpack. When looking for the best gift ideas for expecting dads, you can give them the most multifaceted backpack of all. This backpack is a durable place to store everything baby, including an insulated pocket for baby bottles, and transforms to reveal a baby changing bassinet. Everything a new dad needs fits neatly into this bag, making him ready for anything.

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Expecting Dad Gift FAQs

Do Dads Get Push Presents?

According to Present Push, more expecting moms are buying their male counterparts their own push presents when a baby is finally “pushed” into the world. True, the mother is the one carrying the child and experiences the physical discomfort. Expecting dads, however, do their bit in preparing the home for the baby, help their partner when her cravings get the best of her and take part in the inevitable worrying that comes with a new baby. New dads will also appreciate a gift that says “thank you” for everything they do, and have yet to do (1).

What Do First-Time Dads Need?

The folks over at Daddilife state that the challenge of a good night’s sleep (or even a good nap), the constantly changing diaper-cleaning ritual, and the need for self care all play into the act of becoming a new father. Dad-centered baby supplies like a chest carrier or baby changing tools will help, along with simply fun stuff like dad-themed gifts: food, drink, coffee (his best friend), and the like. If you are able to empower, enrich, and empathize with a new dad, he’ll thank you until the baby goes to college (2).

What is a Good Push Gift?

Whether it’s slippers, a robe, comfy sweats, or a hoodie that he can turn inside out when the baby stains begin, The Bump website says that comfort is key. Likewise, anything that can help him relax, sleep, or enjoy the rare moments that he has to himself (like sleep masks, meditation guides, or strong coffee) will be a gift that he remembers fondly. Whatever you decide to give, know that any thoughtful present for a new dad is likely to be a surprise to him, leaving him feeling appreciated and cared for (3).

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