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47 Best Gifts For Pregnant Friends: 2024 Picks

Get sentimental with these incredible gifts for pregnant friends below.

When a good friend starts growing a baby in her belly, it’s a great and fun time to that perfect pregnant friend gift. The variety of gifts available for a mom-to-be is so vast that you may get lost looking for that ideal something she will enjoy, need, and appreciate while pregnant (and beyond).

Well, she won’t have to wait long since our picks contain the ultimate in awesome gifts for the expecting mom. Read on for the sweetest pregnancy gift ideas for friends that will see her through to delivery day!

47 Best Pregnancy Gift Ideas for a Friend

Show your favorite woman who’s expecting all the love she needs with these creative gifts for pregnant friends here.

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Baby Bump Headphones

  • Talking To Baby

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Accessories, Cute

These baby bump headphones will give your pregnant friend one of the best gifts for pregnant friends around…a way to hear her baby as he or she is growing in the womb. She can use these headphones on her belly and hook them up to any smart device to both listen to her baby and play sounds or music for them so they can enjoy a great relationship even before the baby arrives.

User Experience

I'm a huge fan of these baby bump headphones; they've been a fantastic way for me to bond with my little one before she's even born. I've been playing my favorite tunes for her, and it's truly amazing to feel her move and interact with the music. The adhesives didn't last as long as I hoped, and I did need to buy a separate adapter for my iPhone, but overall, this product has enriched my pregnancy experience in an unexpected and delightful way.

Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

  • Inspiration For Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Mom, Unique

When the pregnant woman you know needs some uplifting words sometime between her first trimester and her third trimester, you can help her out with these thoughtful affirmation cards. She can go to them whenever she wants to elevate her mood and can even cherish them as a keepsake after the baby has been born.

Personal Perspective

I'm impressed by the quality of these affirmation cards. They come in an attractive package, which adds to their appeal as a thoughtful gift. My friend, who was in her first trimester, found the cards to be a source of comfort and connection to her changing body and developing baby. However, I was slightly disappointed with some of the language used on the cards, as I felt it lacked the empowering impact I had hoped for. Despite this, the artwork on the cards was visually appealing. These affirmation cards serve as an intimate and personal gift, particularly for expecting mothers.

Mom To Be Gift Necklace

  • Bonds That Can’t Be Broken

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Mom, Accessories

Get your favorite mom-to-be her first Mother’s Day gift when you give her this meaningful double circle linked necklace. The sterling silver necklace features two interlocking circles to represent the bonds that can’t be broken between a mother and her baby. She will love wearing the necklace in preparation for the big event.

Community Feedback

I've had the pleasure of gifting this necklace, and it's been a hit with the soon-to-be moms in my life. From the exquisite shine of the pendant to the touching representation of mother and child, this piece is a sentimental treasure. It's not only visually captivating but also durable, having been worn for months without breakage. The necklace even comes in a beautiful box, which adds a special touch to the gift-giving experience. This is a heartwarming token that any expectant mother would cherish wearing daily.

Pregnancy Pillow

  • The Best Angles Achieved

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Prenatal, Practical

Pregnancy gift ideas for friends like this pillow can help ease the struggle of the later stages of pregnancy for any woman. The memory foam wedge pillow will help her lie on her side more easily, get a good night’s sleep, and manage to stay comfortable as her belly grows and the months fly by.

First-Hand Impression

I've used this pregnancy pillow throughout my second pregnancy and it has been a significant help with my sleep. This pillow offers versatile support, not only taking the pressure off my abdomen and torso while side sleeping, but also providing relief for my lower back and hips when tucked between my knees. Despite frequent washings, both the pillow and cover have maintained their shape and quality, making this a dependable companion for any expectant mother.

1st Trimester Bump Box

  • Gifts For The Prenatal Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Pamper, Set, Cute

When you give your favorite pregnant lady this luxury gift basket for Christmas or her birthday, she will feel like the queen of the world the moment she opens it up. This basket has loads of helpful items to make her prenatal time easier. The set includes a BPA-free water bottle, cute belly stickers, acupressure and aromatherapy accessories, and an invigorating bath bomb that will pamper her.

User Experience

I've used this pregnancy box for about a month now and it's been pretty helpful in managing my morning sickness. The nausea bracelet was a standout - it noticeably soothed my symptoms and the drink powder packs were a nice touch as well. I'm not a fan of the candies, they did nothing for my nausea, but I can see them working for someone else. The bath bomb smells divine and I'm eager to try it, but the packaging was below par, it was dented and unappealing, which was a letdown.

Triple Sonogram Keepsake

  • A Baby Timeline

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Home

Allow the expecting mom in your life to chart the progress of her baby early with this unique triple sonogram keepsake picture frame for her home. The collection of three picture frames is perfect for two sonograms, followed by a photo of her baby as a newborn. The three frames read “Coming Soon,” “On The Way,” and “Hello, Baby,” respectively.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with this photo book that I got for my daughters. The front is charming and perfect for an ultrasound picture, while the pockets make it a breeze to slip photos in. The book is loaded with spaces to fill and the designs are just as endearing. It's turned into a precious keepsake for my family, with my daughter already filling it with pictures and various mementos of her child. Even though the baby won't arrive for a while, I've tucked it away in its plastic cover, ready to start collecting memories.

New Mom Gift Pack

  • Prenatal Treats For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pamper, Mom

Make sure to congratulate your soon-to-be-mom with this cool gift pack that will keep her satisfied and entertained until the big day and beyond. The set has matching his n’ hers new mom and dad mugs, as well as a bath bomb, soap, and candle for relaxation time. There is also a onesie for babies that comes with a bib and booties.

Community Feedback

My experience gifting this item to my family members was outstanding, as they all expressed a genuine appreciation for its aesthetic appeal and quality. The highlight for me was the satisfaction of knowing that this gift contained something for everyone, yet it still maintained a unified, appealing look, despite some wishing for a more neutral color.

Napping For Two Socks Set

  • The Funny Comforts Of Home

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cute

Make sure the pregnant woman you know is comfy all throughout her pregnancy with this two-pack of cute socks. The funny socks will make sure she’ll feel good for the whole nine months while letting everyone else know the message on the bottom of the socks: “Napping / For Two.”

First-Hand Impression

I'm thrilled with these maternity socks, as they provide both comfort and quality that perfectly cater to the needs of an expectant mother. The bag that came along with them was stylish yet practical, holding all essentials needed for baby care. The socks themselves are soft and furry, offering a cozy and snug fit that makes them truly perfect.

Pregnancy Water Intake Bottle

  • Watching Her Water

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Prenatal

Help pamper a pregnant friend on the inside with this helpful water intake bottle that displays the amount of water she should be drinking as she progresses through each week of her pregnancy. This practical gift will make life so much easier and, before you know it, she’ll be taking this water bottle everywhere she goes.

User Experience

In my experience, this bottle has been both a charming and practical tool for tracking my hydration while pregnant. The unique sticker system for each week adds a fun element and helps me keep track of my pregnancy progress, although the stickers do tend to fade or wash off over time. Unfortunately, the rubber sealer can be problematic, binding up even without overtightening, and it's critical to remember this bottle is not dishwasher safe, as it can warp and become unusable. Despite these inconveniences, it's been an enjoyable aid in maintaining my daily water intake, although a version adjusted for different shift schedules would be beneficial.

Belly Butter

  • Belly Love

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Accessories, Pamper

Your mom-to-be will appreciate this wonderful belly butter during pregnancy that is not for the baby but for her alone. The shea and cocoa butter lotion will do the best job to prevent stretch marks, keep her belly smooth, and the skin tight. The all-natural belly butter will get her through the hard times to the best that is yet to come.

Personal Perspective

I'm a huge fan of this belly butter and have used it throughout my pregnancy. It's a bit firm initially, but once you warm it up in your hands, it spreads easily and keeps your skin hydrated for hours.
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Mommy To Be Keychain

  • The Smallest Wish

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Mom

Your pregnant friend will love the sentimental message in this little heartfelt keychain for a mommy-to-be. The two-piece charm keychain contains a special wish for “An Amazing Woman Who Is On Her Way To Becoming An Incredible Mother.” Whether this is her only child or she has many, this keychain will stick around and keep reminding her over the years about what really matters.

Community Feedback

I found this gift to be of exceptional quality, and it was a hit with my expectant sister-in-law who now wears it proudly on her keychain every day. It was a charming addition to a pregnancy announcement basket I put together, and the design was exactly as the picture portrayed, proving to be a beautiful sentiment for any mom-to-be.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

  • Say Yes To The C-Shape

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Home, Pamper

When the aches and pains of pregnancy get to your good friend, give her this incredible full-body pregnancy pillow so she can ease them all. The c-shaped pillow will support all the moving parts of her ever-changing body while providing comfort like no other. Whether she is relaxing, reading, or sleeping, she’ll be covered.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this pillow has been quite satisfactory. Initially, it appeared somewhat flat, but after letting it breathe for a couple of days, it fluffed up nicely. The zipper on the pillowcase could use a cloth cover to prevent contact with skin, but it is a minor issue considering the excellent comfort and support this pillow provides. This pillow has been a great relief, particularly for someone like me with chronic pain issues, and has held up well over time.

Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

  • A Diary For 9 Months

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Mom, Accessories

Don’t let any pregnant friend forget one moment of her pregnancy journey when you give her this keepsake pregnancy journal. The journal is a great way for her to record her thoughts, fears, challenges, and dreams for the new baby she’s expecting. One day, she’ll look back on this journal and feel so glad she was able to do so.

User Experience

Love how this journal seamlessly blends structure with flexibility. Its thought-provoking prompts and ample writing spaces boost creativity, while its aesthetic design adds to the charm. Being able to personalize it with ultrasound images and shared entries from my husband makes it feel truly special, like a unique keepsake for our future child.

Maternity Hoodie

  • Her Favorite Hoodie

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Practical, Accessories, Cute

There’s no denying the power of an awesome piece of maternity clothing for the pregnant woman you know to use. This maternity hoodie would look cool even if it wasn’t for a pregnant woman, but the cotton hoodie will fit her nicely and allow her to feel like herself, even when she’s many months pregnant.

Personal Perspective

For a maternity shirt that's comfortable yet stylish, this sweatshirt hits the mark with its soft, semi-thick material that's more akin to a long-sleeve t-shirt. Although it's not quite as warm as a winter sweater, it's delightfully cozy and provides ample room for growth, fitting snugly over the baby bump and offering a stretchy comfort that's simply unparalleled.

Maternity Belt

  • Great Pregnancy Posture

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Practical, Accessories

Your pregnant friend will appreciate you so much for thinking of her comfort and her posture by giving her this maternity belt. Pregnancy gifts for friends that ease her aches and pains have as much value as any other gifts do for her. This maternity belt will offer gentle compression and help improve her posture while she goes about her normal daily activities.

Community Feedback

This maternity belt has been a great aid in providing comfort and support, especially for the lower belly pain and sciatica I've experienced during my pregnancy. However, it does have some minor drawbacks such as occasionally sliding upward when I sit and the seam on the inside can be somewhat itchy against the skin. Despite this, the belt's overall comfort, flexibility, and the relief it provides from stretching pains and weight discomfort, makes it an asset throughout my pregnancy journey.

Doula Deck For Expecting Moms

  • Doula Do’s and Don’ts

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Set, Accessories, Unique

This set of cards was created by expert doulas to give your favorite pregnant lady a solid route to the self-care she needs to sail through her pregnancy and labor. The entertaining deck of 78 cards has affirmations, exercises, and even meditation for any pregnant woman to use week after week so she can experience the best pregnancy ever.

Shiatsu Massager Pillow

  • All The Right Moves

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Prenatal, Pamper

When your pregnant friend needs some pampering, make sure she gets it with this shiatsu massager pillow. Anywhere she hurts, she can use this fabulous massager to relieve muscle pain that has different levels of pressure and massage style. The pillow is lightweight and can follow her wherever she goes, so she’ll be ready for relaxation and therapy whenever she needs it.

User Experience

From my first use, this massager proved its worth in relieving muscle tension, particularly in my neck and mid-back areas, though I found it slightly challenging to position on my lower back. The kneading action of the device helped me discover and unknot tight spots I didn't know I had, and the adjustable intensity and duration added to the user-friendly design, although the heating function was less noticeable. The long power cord is a practical feature, allowing me to use the massager comfortably in different locations, but those with sensitive or bariatric skin might find the rolling balls overly intense.

Sherpa Wearable Blanket

  • A Comfort Onesie

  • $$$$$
  • Pamper, Accessories, Home

The pregnant woman in your life will love the instant comfort she gets from this popular wearable blanket. The sherpa blanket is oversized, so it won’t interfere with her belly. She can enjoy keeping warm and toasty with it at home, while traveling, or just take the best nap she’s ever taken while wearing it.

Personal Perspective

For those of us who love warmth and comfort, this Comfy Original is an absolute delight. The first time I slipped it on, I felt swaddled in a cocoon of softness, thanks to the oversized design and plush microfiber and sherpa materials. After multiple washes, this wearable blanket still maintains its shape and softness, making it a durable yet cozy companion for those chillier days and nights.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers Set

  • Steam For Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pamper, Accessories

Give the mom-to-be you know a fast-track to the best shower in the world with this aromatherapy shower steamer set. She can use any of the six included steamers to invigorate her shower with the coolest scents. The scents include lavender, watermelon, grapefruit, menthol & eucalyptus, vanilla and sweet orange, and peppermint. Every scent she needs for peace and calm will keep her showers awesome for a long time.

Community Feedback

This pack of scents has become a valued part of my relaxation routine, with their calming aromas and long-lasting quality allowing for a spa-like experience right in my shower. While the bath bombs do leave some residue, the overall convenience and variety of the pack outweigh this minor inconvenience. However, while the size of the tablets allows for multiple uses, some may find that the aroma doesn't persist through the entirety of the shower, but this does not detract from the overall pleasant experience these scents provide.

Burt’s Bees Pregnancy Skin Care Set

  • Soft Skin Here She Comes

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pamper, Prenatal

This Burt Bees skincare set has everything your expectant mom needs over the course of her pregnancy. The set has something for each of the most affected areas of her body: feet, belly, and lips. Her feet will feel super-soft with the leg and foot cream, her belly will stay smooth and right with the pregnancy belly butter, and her lips will remain nourished with the lip balm.

First-Hand Impression

I received this Burt's Bees mommy set as a gift while I was pregnant and found the belly butter and leg/foot lotion to be standout products. The belly butter is not overly fragrant and has a consistency more like a lotion than a thick butter, while the leg/foot lotion has a refreshing peppermint scent. The packaging was beautifully presented making it a superb gift for any expectant mother.
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Expecting Mom Guide

  • No More New Mom Worries

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Mom, Practical

When your good friend feels scared about giving birth and/or becoming a mom, you can calm her nicely with this helpful guide for expecting mothers. The guide addresses everything from morning sickness to money worries and deals with them all in the best and most engaging way possible. The methods spoken of will help her through any hard times and know how to cherish the best ones.

User Experience

This pregnancy book has been a real comfort during my journey, it's helped to ease my anxiety about becoming a mom for the first time. The detailed information provided, from the statistics to the advice, has been incredibly helpful, and I particularly appreciate the references included. On the downside, while some advice seemed common sense, I felt the book could have been improved by incorporating mindfulness techniques and more up-to-date research citations.

Acupressure Nausea Relief Bracelets Set

  • Jewelry That Doubles As Medicine

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Prenatal, Accessories

During the first trimester, morning sickness can become a real hassle for a pregnant woman. Make it go by without a care when you give her this set of nausea relief bracelets. The two bracelets use acupressure to hit points along the wrist that ease the feeling of nausea. It doesn’t hurt that the beaded bracelets look amazing and will add style to any look, no matter what trimester she’s in.

Expecting Mom Tumbler

  • More Water, Please

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Prenatal, Mom

You can never encourage a pregnant woman enough to stay hydrated during the pregnancy, so this durable stainless-steel tumbler is a perfect choice. The tumbler works for cold and hot drinks and fits neatly into most car beverage holders due to its skinny shape. She can keep using this tumbler long after the baby comes when she forgets to drink water while being a new mom.

Community Feedback

This cup has proven to be a reliable daily companion, with a design that promotes easy clean-up and a lovely leak-proof feature. I appreciated its durability for about a month and a half, however, the lid did eventually break off which was a bit disappointing. Despite this setback, I can say that the overall enjoyment and convenience outweighed the minor flaw.

Pregnancy Activity Book

  • Keeping Busy While Pregnant

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Accessories, Unique, Cute

Keeping your mind active and engaged is an important part of having a successful pregnancy. Activity books like this one will keep her busy with different puzzles, writing prompts, and exercises to enjoy each trimester in a new, fun way. The book contains helpful advice whenever she needs it and will become a valued part of the day.

First-Hand Impression

This activity book offers an engaging way to navigate through pregnancy, particularly for first-time expectant mothers. The book is filled with useful information, checklists, and puzzles cleverly structured in a relaxed, entertaining manner which helps to keep one's mind preoccupied, especially during times of restlessness. However, there are occasional errors in the fill-in-the-blank and crossword activities which can lead to confusion. Despite this, the book's unique structure, breaking down stages of pregnancy into trimesters, makes it easy to find relevant details at each stage. Although I anticipated more activities, this book still stands out as an enriching guide, documenting the journey to childbirth in an enjoyable way.

Ultrasound Picture Frame

  • Framing For Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Prenatal, Mom

The expecting mom you know will adore this cute ultrasound picture frame as a place where she can keep her baby’s first sonogram. The frame has a unique design that looks like a mother holding a heart, while the sonogram is framed up inside her belly. She will keep this extra-special keepsake long after the baby arrives and remember every minute.

User Experience

These photo frames make a charming gift, capturing the perfect snapshot of my first grandson alongside a silhouette that bears an uncanny resemblance to my daughter. I found the concept stunning, however, I did notice a minor flaw; the adhesive used seemed to be overfilled, causing the photo to warp slightly and the cardboard backing to be visible from the side. Despite this, the frame's delicate design and perfect size did not go unnoticed, becoming a cherished present for my cousin and his wife, who declared it to be unique. While the packaging did leave a bit to be desired, revealing the surprise prematurely, the frame itself was surprisingly cuter in person.

Prangry Gift Mug

  • Do Not Approach

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Prenatal, Cute

The sense of humor that abounds in this hilarious coffee cup will keep her laughing through every trimester she’s got ahead of her. The ceramic mug she can use morning, noon, or night reads “Prangry” and defines it as “Pregnant + Angry & Hungry.” It makes perfect sense and will keep her smiling until it’s time for the baby to come.

Personal Perspective

My recent experience with this product was a mixed bag. On the one hand, my pregnant niece found it relatable and seemed to cherish it, which was a pleasant surprise. On the other hand, there were some issues with the quality; it arrived with a crack, which was disappointing. The design was as pictured though, and the overall quality was reasonable.

Pregnancy Tea Sampler Set

  • The Tea Tonic

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pamper, Prenatal

This tea sampler set was tailor-made for the pregnant woman you know to help her through the harder times of her pregnancy. The set has nine different teas and contains five bags of each. Teas like lemongrass, skullcap, ginger, and more will assist her through all phases of her pregnancy. They’ll taste amazing, too, so she’ll enjoy every bit of this all-natural medicine.

Community Feedback

Excellent! This pregnancy tea gift set is truly versatile, offering a variety of teas for each stage of pregnancy, and even for post-pregnancy needs. As a tea enthusiast myself, I appreciated the unique flavors of each blend, and they were so tasty that I didn't need to add any honey or milk. I was particularly fond of the 'Inner Peace' tea for first trimester nausea relief and the 'Peaceful Pregnancy' blend became my daily go-to. The inclusion of a good-quality strainer was a thoughtful touch, making this set an all-in-one solution for any tea-loving expectant mom.

Relaxing Essentials Gift Set

  • All The Mom Luxury

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Prenatal, Mom, Pamper

Give your soon-to-be mom everything she could ever want with this extra-special gift set for pregnant women and new moms. This eclectic set has everything from lemon-ginger tea and a snarky teacup to a baby onesie, body oil, bath bomb, and more. She will even keep using these cool products after the baby is born and find that she just needs some “mommy time out”.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this gift set primarily for the newborn onesie, and I was quite impressed with the entire package. Though the branding on the onesie wasn't to my liking, the set included a bath bomb, a mug, a considerable amount of tea, and a generous bottle of body oil. However, the bath bomb wasn't shrink-wrapped, and its strong fragrance permeated the box, which could be off-putting for those sensitive to smells. The gift box, lined with beautiful black satin, could use some extra padding for protection, especially for the breakable mug. Despite these minor issues, this gift set made me feel pampered and is a thoughtful present for expectant moms.

TickleMe Plant Set

  • An Early Mother’s Day

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Mom, Cute, Home

This unique plant set is like an early Mother’s Day present for the expecting mom. The plant set has all that is needed to grow this plant that actually moves when ticked. The lighthearted gift is theoretically from her child, so she will enjoy that part the most. Although, tickling a plant is pretty enjoyable too.

User Experience

This plant gift was a mixed bag of experiences for me. Initially, the plant didn't grow as expected, which was quite disappointing, especially since I had planned to use it for my grandson's science project. On the bright side, the seeds were plentiful, allowing me to share some with my friends who were unfamiliar with this plant. My mother, who was the recipient of this gift, found the plant intriguing and was eager to see it grow, adding a touch of joy to this otherwise underwhelming purchase.

Comfort Bath Pillow

  • A Prenatal Bath

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical

This bath pillow will ensure the most luxurious bath time for your favorite pregnant lady to enjoy. The pillow is made for women during pregnancy, so the soft foam will cushion her neck, shoulders, and back perfectly. All she needs to do is sit back, relax, and soak away with the help of this practical bath necessity.

Personal Perspective

I found immense comfort using this tub pillow, which not only enhanced my bathing experience but also added a touch of elegance to my tub. However, I did notice that it absorbed a significant amount of water, and the single drying hook provided was inadequate. Another minor issue was with one of the suction cups that came bent, limiting the pillow's grip to three out of four points, but on the brighter side, the pillow was relatively stable and did not move around unless intentionally disturbed.
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Labor/Delivery Nightgown

  • For All Stages Of Motherhood

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Prenatal, Mom

This nightgown falls under the umbrella of pregnant friend gifts that will serve her throughout her pregnancy, into labor, and beyond. The super-comfortable nightgown offers comfort and support during any of her prenatal timeline and will work wonderfully as a labor nightgown for the delivery. She can even keep using it for nursing after the baby is born. Talk about a long-lasting gift!

Community Feedback

My experience with this nursing gown was a mix of comfort and minor inconvenience. The material is pretty soft, making it great for sleep, but it didn't quite meet my expectations in terms of stretch. This nursing gown is easy to put on and provides good coverage, but the hole for breastfeeding is a tad small for my liking, which was a bit of a struggle during late-night feedings. I also felt the sizing was slightly off, but it’s a minor issue compared to the overall comfort and convenience this gown provides.

Foot Spa

  • A Treat For Her Feet

  • $$$$$
  • Pamper, Prenatal, Mom

This foot spa will quickly become the best friend of the pregnant woman you know. It delivers so much for tired feet. She can use the electric rollers for stimulating the soles of her feet, add some essential oils or salt to the spa that will help her relax further, or just enjoy the heated bubbles that will take care of any swelling around the ankles and make the day melt away.

First-Hand Impression

This foot spa has become my daily relaxation essential. The temperature control feature keeps the water warm, perfect for long, soothing soaks. The remote control operation is convenient, though it's vital to keep track of it, as the spa's functionality relies heavily on it. The collapsibility of the spa is a definite plus for easy storage, and the built-in carrying handle makes it a breeze to move around. Although the massage feature could use a little more pressure, finding the right seating angle and the addition of bubbles compensate for this minor shortcoming.

CraveBox Care Package

  • Cravings Satisfied

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Set, Unique

Whatever cravings your favorite pregnant woman has, she will appreciate this monster-sized CraveBox filled to the brim with delicious treats. There are tons of different snacks to enjoy, from tasty energy bars and fruit snacks to all things sweet and salty. There is enough here to last her whole pregnancy…or at least until her next trimester.

User Experience

I gifted this snack box to my twins during their college exam week and it was a hit! They appreciated the variety and freshness, stashing items in their backpacks for library study sessions. While some thought it could have had a more diverse mix, and it appeared larger on the site, the overall consensus was positive with the snacks being enjoyed by all.

Mother’s Protection Necklace

  • Love For A Mother

  • $$$$$
  • Mom, Keepsake, Cute

This heartwarming necklace will garner the appreciation of your pregnant friend when you hand it to her. The distinct handmade necklace honors her new role as a mother while offering protection for her baby. The pendant has a gold bead sitting in a nest of sorts that she can wear while pregnant, when delivering the baby, and when she’s super busy as a new mom.

Mom-To-Be Blanket

  • The Softest Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Mom, Cute, Home

This adorable blanket for moms-to-be will capture the heart of your pregnant friend as she grows closer to becoming one. The large fleece blanket will keep her warm and can keep her new baby just as warm when he or she arrives. The blanket has a thoughtful message that lets her know how great a mom she’ll be sure to be.

Community Feedback

I'm quite taken by this blanket's vibrant colors and the touching verse; it's not only visually pleasing, but also wonderfully soft to the touch. Despite initial skepticism regarding the fabric's thinness, I was pleasantly surprised to find it held up well, even after a spin in the washer. This blanket has been adored by both my daughter and my sister-in-law, making it a hit in our family.

Pregnancy Cookbook

  • Recipes For Two

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Unique, Prenatal

When your favorite pregnant woman needs new ideas for meals and nutrition that will help her flourish during her pregnancy, she needs to look no further than this cool pregnancy cookbook. The cookbook has 100 different recipes which were created with her in mind and will teach her how to create the best tasting recipes that will energize her and her baby.

First-Hand Impression

Great variety and adaptability define this cookbook with its assortment of nutritious recipes suitable for varying taste preferences. I've personally tried numerous dishes and found them to be delicious and packed with flavor, meeting the dietary needs of my large family without compromising taste or freshness. However, there were a few inconsistencies in categorizing the recipes, such as a dish labeled as nut-free still containing almonds, which could lead to confusion or mishaps.

New Mommy Makeup Bag

  • Accessories For Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Mom, Cute

This cute makeup bag that announces “The One Where I Become A Mommy” will serve her well when she needs to stash some extra pampering goods, emergency pregnant lady items, or secret snacks. When she does become a mommy, she can keep using this helpful bag for all things baby that she always needs to have around.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with the quality and size of this cloth bag, it's ideal for holding toiletries or other small items. The sturdy zipper enhances its durability and the printed quote on it seems pretty resistant to wear and tear. This bag, with its good quality and practicality, has pleasantly surpassed my expectations.

Postpartum Gift Set

  • Postpartum Needs Met

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Mom, Pamper, Accessories

This gift set will assist your pregnant friend every step of the way after she’s given birth. She can relax with a sleep mask, bath salts, a bath bomb, and more when she gets a few moments to herself. There is also a mommy planner, some cute socks, and plenty of other items that will be a huge help to her now that she’s a mom.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this new mom gift box has been delightful. The array of goodies, ranging from a comforting candle and relaxing tea to a practical nursing cover, added a touch of self-care to my hectic new-mom routine. The nursing cover, in particular, boosted my confidence, providing coverage without making me feel exposed. While I enjoyed the cute baby socks and other thoughtful inclusions, the box could have been improved with an up-to-date mom planner.

Funny Maternity Shirt

  • Good Humor In The Belly

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Prenatal, Cute

Make the mom-to-be in your life laugh with this adorable maternity shirt. The novelty shirt will fit her wonderfully, so she’s likely to get plenty of use out of it. There is a zipper design on her belly, from which a “baby” peeks out and waves. The caption says, “See You Soon.” She’ll adore this sweet and funny sentiment while pregnant.

Community Feedback

Bought this tee shirt as a gift and was pleasantly surprised by its quality and charm. This shirt sports an incredibly cute design that my daughter adores, and the soft, stretchy fabric makes it a comfortable wear. Despite initial fears of online clothing purchases, this shirt exceeded expectations, even after a good wash. However, be sure to give it a good check upon arrival, as I found a small hole in the back of mine.

Belly Casting Kit

  • A Bellyful Of Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Prenatal, Keepsake, Unique

This belly casting kit is the most thoughtful way for a pregnant friend to preserve the memory of her pregnancy. The kit includes everything she needs to safely create a cast of her pregnant belly, which she can keep on display or in the privacy of her bedroom and recall her journey to motherhood fondly.

First-Hand Impression

I'm sharing my experience with this belly cast, which was both fun and a bit chaotic. The process was messy, with plaster goop everywhere, so prepare for a bit of cleanup afterward. Some areas of the cast remained thin, as the kit didn't provide enough strips to cover both my belly and chest adequately. A word of advice - make sure to apply ointment beforehand, as removing the dried cast was uncomfortable without it. Despite the challenges, the experience was enjoyable, especially doing it with a friend, and the final product, a beautiful belly cast, was worth the effort.

Travel Duffel Bag

  • Her #1 Bag

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Prenatal

When it comes time for the big day, your pregnant friend will be all-set for labor with this high-quality travel duffel bag. The lightweight bag is perfect for all she needs to pack to deliver her baby. The bag will take a huge weight off her mind and allow her to fully enjoy her pregnancy. She’ll definitely have it packed and ready to go, thanks to you.

User Experience

This bag, though handy due to its compact nature and visually appealing design, does have a few drawbacks such as its thin material and lack of ample pocket storage. While I've found it to be a decent choice for short trips and even as a stylish pregnancy bag, I am hesitant about its durability for more intense use, such as prolonged vacations or flights.

Stretch Mark Skin Care Kit

  • Cocoa Butter For The Win

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Pamper, Prenatal

Make sure the pregnant friend you have doesn’t worry herself over stretch marks and the state of her skin during pregnancy. This skincare kit will make sure her belly and every other area on her body will stay soft, strong, and nourished. There is belly butter and body oil, in addition to two different massage creams, which will help keep her smooth, calm, and collected.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this pregnancy kit since the early stages of my pregnancy, and while I know stretch marks are largely genetic, I believe this kit has helped manage them. I especially liked the massage cream and lotion, which I often paired with my favorite body oil for an extra layer of moisture. Despite some small marks on my hips, this kit has provided a great value and kept my skin soft and less itchy throughout the pregnancy.

Wrap Maxi Maternity Dress

  • Wrap It Up

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Prenatal, Cute

This gorgeous maxi dress will make a pregnant friend feel like a million bucks, even on those days when she doesn’t. The long dress with floral print wraps comfortably around her and her belly, so she can adjust the dress as she progresses and still look amazing in photos, at baby showers, and everywhere she decides to wear it.

Community Feedback

I've been wearing this dress throughout my pregnancy and even after birth, and it's been nothing short of amazing. The material is quite stretchy, accommodating my changing body without ever feeling thin or see-through, especially in the emerald green color. It's a perfect fit at the top, hugging the baby bump nicely, then loosens up below for added comfort. While it's a tad long for my height, a slight heel makes it just right. The pattern and color don't make me feel or look oversized, which is a definite plus. This dress made me feel beautiful during a time when beauty can sometimes feel elusive.

Hospital Birth Bag Gift Set

  • Goodies For Giving Birth

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Prenatal, Practical, Accessories

When it’s time for the mom-to-be in your life to go into labor, this unique gift set has everything she will ever need to make her birth experience comfortable, organized, and spontaneous. From the most practical items like body wipes, toothpaste, and a hairbrush to thoughtful ones like a baby’s first outfit, this set will make the birth even more amazing.

First-Hand Impression

For my friend's baby shower, I decided to purchase this gift set, banking on its advertised charm. Upon receiving it, I immediately noted the adorable design, which adds a lovely touch. However, I was slightly disappointed as I noticed the contents slightly varied from the ones shown in the display picture. I found the items practical and useful, especially for a hospital stay, but I couldn't shake the feeling that the set was a bit overpriced for what it offered. Despite some of my reservations, my friend was thrilled with it, which made the purchase worthwhile.

Mommy-To-Be Mug

  • A Baby Bump Beverage

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Practical, Cute, Prenatal

Make your favorite pregnant friend laugh with this cool mommy-to-be mug, which is shaped like a pregnant belly. The ceramic mug will earn its place as a novelty keepsake in her home and she can fill it to the brim when she’s a new mom who is in desperate need of caffeine.

User Experience

My experience with this gift was quite delightful. I gifted it to my soon-to-be mom niece and it was a hit! This mug is not only adorable but also comes with a charming little coaster. Although, I'm not entirely sure if the sculpted backside detail is needed. The packaging could be more robust as it didn't arrive in perfect shape, but the mug itself was unharmed. Seeing this mug on display next to her Keurig, generating giggles and attention in the office, truly made my day.

Mama Bear Slippers

  • Cute As A Bear Hug

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Practical, Mom

Get the pregnant woman in your life ready for motherhood with these lovable clog-style slippers which offer nothing but fuzzy warmth inside. She can break in the slippers while pregnant and keep using them when she officially becomes a mother, especially since the two slippers share the title “Mama Bear.”

Personal Perspective

Excellent, these slippers were a hit with my mom! They were comfortably soft and the quality was top-notch. She's a size 10-11 and they fit her perfectly, making her a very happy Mama Bear. Despite some concerns about the sizing being a bit small, my personal experience was entirely positive.

Godiva Truffles Gift Box

  • Chocolate To The Rescue

  • $$$$$
  • Prenatal, Mom, Unique

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to making your pregnant friend happy with chocolate. This delectable Godiva truffles gift box will satisfy all her prenatal chocolate cravings with high-quality treats. The box contains 12 different truffles with unique fillings that will keep her floating on cloud 9 until it’s time to become a mom.

Community Feedback

When I first tried these chocolates, I was taken aback by the unique and delicious flavors. This chocolate box has a creative assortment that is truly delightful, especially the pink chocolate which was my personal favorite. However, keeping the price in mind, I wouldn't categorize these as luxury truffles. Despite the beautiful packaging, the truffles themselves were smaller than expected, with a texture that wasn't to my liking. Nevertheless, I was relieved to find the chocolates arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the insulated packaging and ice pack, which was a thoughtful touch.

Pregnant Friend Gifts FAQs

How Do I Pamper My Pregnant Friend?

There are many ways to pamper a good friend who is expecting. You can treat her with local goods that bring the best of her town or city home to her. Gift baskets, whether spa products or chocolate-centric, can brighten any difficult day for a pregnant woman. Keeping relaxation on the list will always win big with someone who is pregnant. Sometimes, just flowers or a service that helps her (like laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.) will ease any stresses she is feeling.

How Do You Congratulate a Pregnant Friend?

You can get creative with congratulations for a pregnant friend. For instance, short poems and cute rhymes will delight her. Keeping messages positive and uplifting will serve as constant reminders of how wonderful a mother she’s going to be. The messages should stay succinct and focus on the mother so she feels both loved and appreciated during this sometimes challenging time (source).

What is the Best Gift for a Pregnant Friend?

Gifts for a pregnant friend should focus on the mother during her pregnancy journey. There’s plenty of time to focus on the baby at a baby shower, so now is the time for gifts that promote relaxation (pampering, spa, gift baskets, massage), anything that falls under the “comfy” category (clothes, blankets, etc.), and other services (cleaning cooking, yoga) that will keep her going strong until the big day.

What Can I Get My Pregnant Friend for Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful way to double down on making your friend’s pregnancy continue along smoothly. Whether she is feeling things more physically as months progress or finding some anxiety or stress coming around, you can make her feel much better with a few simple, thoughtful holiday gifts. Pregnant women appreciate style, so clothing is always an option, but make sure to keep it comfortable (and adjustable). Experiences like a mom-to-be yoga class or cooking class will be super valuable, and any item that indulges her cravings won’t fail!

How We Choose Gifts For Pregnant Friends

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the challenge of finding the perfect gift for your pregnant friends. Our team has taken the time to research, review, and score a wide variety of unique gift ideas, ensuring they meet our strict criteria. We consult with experts, survey users, and delve into firsthand experiences to ensure we provide reliable and thoughtful suggestions. We consider key factors such as comfort, practicality, and the recipient’s personal style. Our guide includes gifts grouped by price, style, and customer feedback, making it easier for you to compare and select the perfect gift. Trust us to help you celebrate this special time in your friend’s life.

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