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35 Practical Gifts for Truck Drivers: 2024 Ideas

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and drive on to these awesome gifts for truck drivers.

Truck drivers are not ordinary people. Truckers stay up for hours on end while piloting multiple kinds of rigs across sometimes unforgiving highways.

What gifts do you give to a trucker engaged in this tough line of work? Truck drivers need organization, comfort for body and mind, treats to enjoy on the road, specialized tools, and humorous reminders of the work that they are so proud of.

So, don’t worry about your tough guy or gal behind the big wheel. Check out these brilliant, versatile gifts for truck drivers and your driver will thank you once they finally make it home.

35 Practical Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

Get on the CB and let everyone know that these 35 amazing gifts for truck drivers will bring comfort and care to their long hauls.

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Trucker Pocket Knife

  • Valuable Road Tool

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Personalized, Tool

Every truck driver needs a good knife now and again. Whether they have to pry open some motor oil, cut through an emergency situation, or peel a particularly hearty piece of fruit, this personalized pocket knife will keep your trucker covered in nearly any situation on the road. The serrated edge and durable construction make this knife one of the most highly valued gift ideas for truckers.

User Experience

I received this knife as a gift and initially was quite pleased with its unique look, given its fun connection to my new job driving big rigs. Upon handling it, I noticed it was extremely light, which was a positive, but the feel of it was a bit cheap, almost plastic-like. The blade itself bears more resemblance to a low-end butter knife than a sturdy, reliable tool. Despite these drawbacks, I found some satisfaction in its aesthetic appeal and its symbolic relevance to my truck driving profession. When I showed it to my father, he was so thrilled that he decided to keep it in his truck. So, while this knife may not be the epitome of quality, it still carries a certain charm for those with a connection to big rig vehicles.

Portable Food Warmer

  • A Trucker’s Own Oven

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Travel, Essential

A major issue for truckers is finding and keeping good food that is both healthy and nourishing. This practical, portable food warmer is everything a long hauler could ask for in gifts for truck drivers. Once plugged in, the lightweight container warms up existing food and even heats refrigerated and frozen food in a matter of hours…one thing trucker drivers have is hours. They can exchange fast food and meals gone cold into fresh and delicious nourishment on the road.

Personal Perspective

I've experienced firsthand the convenience and practicality of this portable food warmer, turning hours on the road into an opportunity for warm, homemade meals. It's light, easy to use, and transforms even refrigerated or frozen meals into satisfying nourishment, which is a real boon for someone like me who's constantly on the go.

Truck Driver Headset

  • Charged Up

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Essential, Tool

A reliable headset is not just one of the most creative gift ideas for truck drivers, but is also an invaluable tool for a trucker who needs to communicate with his peers and stay in touch with his loved ones. If you miss the trucker in your family, get them this wireless headset that connects to two devices. So if they are trying to voice navigate to their GPS and chat with their kids, they are all set when they’ve got this dependable, long-lasting headset with them at all times.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this wireless headset proves to be an incredibly useful tool, especially for truck drivers like myself. It effortlessly connects to two devices simultaneously, which is a real boon when I'm navigating with GPS and want to catch up with my family. This headset is not just about convenience; it's a reliable, long-lasting companion during my long hauls. It's not merely a creative gift idea for truckers, but also an essential gadget that helps us stay connected with our world. Trust me, once you've used this headset, you'll understand its value in our line of work.

The Fidget Pen

  • Pen For Long Trips

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Funny, Cool

Do you know a trucker who spends their time in a big rig trying not to fidget in their seat after hour 20? The fidget pen is both a funny and unique mechanical pen that is ready-made for truckers. They can busy their hands with the 14-part unlocking mechanism that will keep their mind occupied and entertained. They’ll love how you gave them a pen as complex and special as they are.

Portable Shower

  • Squeaky Clean As A Wheel

  • $$$$$
  • Essential, Travel, Unique

Few things stay on a trucker’s mind like finding a bathroom and finding a shower. Whether for a boyfriend, husband or dad, give the trucker in your life a means to good clean fun with this portable shower with a heated bag and nozzle included in the equipment. Your trucker will love how refreshing it is to have the option of a portable shower when driving cross country.

Aviator Sunglasses

  • See Into The Horizon

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Cool, Travel

Show your most valued trucker that you care about their eye health, safety on the road, and of course, looking cool in their aviator sunglasses. These stylish specs have polarized lenses that help absorb glares when rolling down the highway. Now, you can assist your trucker with rolling down that highway in style (and safety) with the most stylish of gifts for truckers.

Trucker’s Friend Multi Tool

  • A Multipurpose Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Tool, Gadget, Practical

A tough job requires tough tools and tough tools make the best gifts for truck drivers. More versatile than other gadgets, this multitool is part ax, wrench, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, and lever. Your truck driver will have all the help they need when faced with an accident, roadblock, tow truck, inclement weather, and more. Plus, the tool looks pretty cool in the truck cab toolbox.

Community Feedback

This Trucker's Friend multi-tool has proven to be an essential addition to our camping gear. With its sturdy 21-inch body, it combines the functionality of a hatchet, hammer, and other tools, making it incredibly versatile. After a season of camping trips, it has replaced three separate tools, and despite some rust appearing after exposure to rain, its cutting ability remains unaffected. However, a sharpened edge and a lanyard hole at the end of the handle would have been appreciated enhancements.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • Clean Truck, Clean Life

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Practical, Gadget

Crumbs, hair, and those snacks any trucker might pack for the journey‒it all ends up on the floor of the cab for the duration of the long haul. Keep their truck clean with this awesome, powerful car vacuum cleaner and accessories kit. Whether they have to clean the dashboard, the seats, or the mystery that lies underneath, they will have all the suction they need to keep their home on the road respectable.

First-Hand Impression

Definitely, this compact car vacuum has been a practical addition to my cleaning arsenal. Despite its small size, it impressively managed to help me tackle the mess left by my messy toddler, reaching into those tricky nooks and crannies, thanks to its handy attachments. However, it did require frequent dust cup emptying because the suction power seemed to decrease even with the slightest dirt accumulation. Despite minor hiccups, like struggling with the oddly shaped hose and having to reseat the dusty rubber ring on the filter, this device has proven to be a convenient solution for at-home car cleaning.

Front Seat Organizer

  • Organization Rides Shotgun

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Practical, Essential

Truck drivers professionally and physically live out of their vehicles. A normal travel bag tends to fall short when completing necessary paperwork and organizing other travel materials. You can make their passenger seat worthwhile with this vehicle seat organizer. It’s got multiple pockets for everything from a laptop, tablet, and pens to bottles of water, atlases, and snacks. Everything has its proper place and is held together snugly as a valued passenger.

User Experience

I've found this vehicle seat organizer to be a real boon for my on-the-road lifestyle, as it keeps everything from my laptop and pens to water bottles and snacks neatly stowed away. The multiple pockets ensure everything has its place and, better yet, stays put, making my passenger seat a truly efficient and valuable area.

Memory Foam Sleep Mask

  • Lights Out, Sound In

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Unique, Cool

One of the hardest places to fall asleep may be inside a sleeper cab while on the road. Have a hand in giving the truck driver you know, a good night’s sleep with this memory foam sleep mask. Not only is it massively comfortable, but it connects to any soothing music that will help block out outside noise (or their snoring!). A real high-tech lullaby-making machine.

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Fire-Resistant Lock Box

  • Safety On The Road

  • $$$$$
  • Essential, Travel, Practical

Safety on the highway is an important responsibility for truckers, but what of the safekeeping of their valuables? This durable lock box is fireproof and key locked, so anything that a truck driver might hold dear is kept safe and sound at all times during the trip. Give them something practical and help a trucker get their most important things back home in one piece.

First Aid Kit

  • Prepared For Anything

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Essential, Travel

Personal safety is tops when driving a semi truck across hundreds or thousands of miles. This first aid kit is necessary in any cab and a very thoughtful choice of gift ideas for truck drivers. The kit has 250 pieces, including everything from pain tablets to burn and wound care, plus a variety of other tools and bandages. You’ll make sure this truck driver can put the pedal to the metal with confidence.

First-Hand Impression

After incorporating this first aid kit into my daily life, I've found it to be a handy, compact solution for minor emergencies, whether at work, on the road, or during outdoor activities. Although some elements, like the tweezers and band-aids, didn't quite meet my expectations, the addition of my own preferred brands transformed this kit into a versatile safety tool for a variety of situations.

Car Urinal Bottle

No products found.

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  • When They Gotta Go

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Essential, Travel

This car urinal bottle seems like one of the funniest novelties for any truck driver who has been stuck behind the wheel while “having to go” more times than they might care to admit. However, have faith in your funny trucker gift. After all, once the laughter has subsided and the smiles have ceased, they will remember this gift and use it during the unexpected times when they need it most!

Travel Duffle Bag

  • Weekend (and Weekday) Bag

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Cool, Essential

Truckers don’t typically travel with rolling suitcases or six-piece luggage sets. A good-quality travel bag is all they need to get from point A to B to C and beyond. When thinking hard about unusual gift ideas for truck drivers, don’t forget about simple ideas like this one. This canvas duffle bag contains many pockets for easy access and makes a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift for any truck-driving man or woman.

Personal Perspective

For my two-week trip, this bag proved to be a tremendous asset. Its expansion feature came in handy, allowing me to adjust the size for different modes of travel. It handled the stresses of packing and transit well, with the quality material holding up, providing plenty of room, and maintaining a stylish appearance. Despite my initial apprehension about the zippers, they were large and didn't bind, adding to the overall satisfaction with this bag.

Tumbler Mug

  • Give A Mug A Name

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Cool, Practical

Reaching for a refreshing beverage while rolling down the highway is a simple but enjoyable moment for a truck driver. Giving this tumbler mug to a trucker proves that you care about their special moments. Included in the tumbler’s design is a personalized laser name engraving. The extra-strength insulation in the tumbler will keep any driver-side beverage cool or hot for hours or until they end up on your doorstep for an unexpected visit.

Community Feedback

I'm really pleased with this cup, particularly the quality engraving which has remained intact for months without any scratches or rub-offs. This cup's design is quite smooth, so it can be a tad slippery at times. While the soft straw it comes with may not be to everyone's liking, I personally found it quite convenient.

Cell Phone Holder

  • Hold The Phone (In Place)

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Practical, Gadget

When the vibrations of a big rig or semi truck are pulsing from giant wheels, your typical vehicle cell phone holder simply won’t do. Next time you give a practical gift to the trucker in your life, he’ll be wowed by the strength and durability of this cell phone holder with military-grade suction abilities. Your truck driver will be able to talk and drive every mile with stability and confidence that their phone will stay in one piece.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with the Vanmass car mount has been quite informative. This mount offers a variety of attachment options, including vent, dashboard, and windshield, making it quite versatile. However, the vent clip struggled to fit my Prius's thicker central vents, but it was preferable over the iOttie variation. The phone mount clasps required manual closing, which felt safer and reduced the risk of phone damage. Despite its minor issues, the Vanmass car mount exhibits great potential with its durable build and thoughtful design.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion

  • Bad Backs Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Essential, Practical

Sitting in one place while driving can ruin a regular road trip, but a truck haul from one end of the country to another? The ramifications for backs, hips, and glutes can be massive and painful to boot. This memory foam cushion can help prevent long-term discomfort, protect the tailbone, and avoid a serious bout with sciatica. The trucker you know will thank you for caring about his comfort (his back will thank you too).

LED Flashlight

  • Seeing In The Dark

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Gadget, Tool

It’s very scary being stranded on the road with little light to see by. If you want to protect the well-being of your favorite truck driver, make sure the gifts for truckers you decide on give them both safety and peace of mind. This powerful LED flashlight will help illuminate every situation that comes their way. With different brightness settings and a compact size, they will appreciate your concern for them on their travels.

Trucker Coloring Book

  • Truckers Color In The Lines Too

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Unique, Cool

The look of surprise on a truck driver’s face when they receive this adult coloring book as a gift will slowly give way to a look of delight. They will adore the mental exercise and calming ritual of an adult coloring book when alone with their thoughts or taking a break from the wheel. All the better that the subject matter of this fun book is made for truckers and their love of rigs.

Community Feedback

My experience with this coloring book has been a remarkable blend of satisfaction and enjoyment. It surprised me with its thoughtful design, the black backing on each page being particularly useful in preventing colors from bleeding through. This coloring book held my attention for hours, offering ample opportunity for creativity. However, it's worth noting that the illustrations may not appeal to everyone, especially those seeking a more mature theme. Despite this, the book's one-sided pictures ensured that the color didn't rub off on the subsequent pages, which was a feature I thoroughly appreciated.

Dual Dash Cam

  • Smile, You’re On Camera

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Practical, Cool

Using a dash cam can come in handy for passenger vehicles and professional drivers, but the benefits of giving a dash cam gift to the trucker you know are even more obvious. Not only can they record and view the front and back angles of the vehicle, but they have another manner in which to view the road with night vision. They will feel like the pilot of a starship with this dash cam on board.

First-Hand Impression

Got this dash camera due to its sturdy build and high-quality appearance. During my usage, I discovered that unlike other dash cams I've had, this one doesn't contain a battery, which is a relief as past experiences with battery-failure in other cameras were frustrating. However, I did experience some issues such as the camera occasionally freezing while recording, and difficulty turning on the infrared night mode in certain situations. Also, it appears to be selective with SD cards, going through multiple ones within a month. Despite the minor drawbacks, I appreciate that it automatically starts recording and offers expandable storage capacity.
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  • Drive Hot or Cold

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Travel, Unique

Don’t miss your chance to give one of these super useful gift ideas for truck drivers – a portable cooler that is also a warmer. The highly functioning mechanism can be set to keep items ice cold or warm and ready to enjoy, without the mess of ice or dangerous electrical issues. Help them take a fridge and an oven in one with them on their next work journey.

User Experience

This portable refrigerator has proven to be a reliable companion for my work travels and fly fishing trips, maintaining the coolness of my ice packs, beverages, and food efficiently. However, I've noticed it requires a good 30 minutes or more to achieve its optimal cooling ability, something to bear in mind when planning your day. Surprisingly, it stayed cold for at least 6 hours, but be cautious not to place food too close to the bottom as it tends to freeze over time.

Mobile Coffee Maker

  • Coffee On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Travel, Cool

Truck drivers tend to like one (or more) cups of coffee in the morning while on the highway. Often, it is impossible to make a pit stop every time they crave some caffeine. This portable coffee maker uses the portable outlet in the vehicle and still manages to brew up a delicious cup of coffee anytime your trucker pal needs one. Bring a cup of coffee to truckers everywhere with this sturdy, ingenious mobile coffee machine.

Personal Perspective

This portable coffee maker has been a pleasant surprise for my travels. Initially, I thought it would be too tall and cumbersome, but it fits perfectly in the car's cup holder and is well-balanced. Its brew time is close to 10 minutes, which isn't much longer than a countertop Keurig, and it produces fresh, hot coffee. One game-changer was the temperature - it gets very hot and stays that way. The design has some quirks, like the location of the DC port and the requirement for hot water if using batteries, but these don't detract from its overall usefulness. Although this mug has its limitations due to its compact design, the convenience it provides outweighs them.

Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt

  • Massage On Demand

  • $$$$$
  • Essential, Gadget, Cool

Hours, days, and weeks of trucking can wreak havoc on a body. Sore muscles and pinched nerves seem to come with the job. Bring a little comfort and healing into the life of a trucker that you cherish most with this heated Shiatsu massage belt. The belt can be worn as such or used around the shoulders, neck, or anywhere a truck driver needs a little stress relief.

Casio G-Shock Watch

  • Tough Time Keeping

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Tool, Practical

A watch is often thought of as a luxury, but having a good sports watch can be a great help to a truck driver. That’s why the Casio G-Shock watch is a great choice for any truck driver with its multiple functions, quartz mechanism, and awesome shock resistance for those tough nights out on the road. It looks pretty cool, too, and right at home on the hardworking wrist of a trucker in need.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this watch has proven to be a reliable and straightforward accessory for my daily routine. Its features, such as the alarm and countdown, are useful, while its timeless, nostalgic design, reminiscent of the 1983 DW5000, adds a certain charm. Despite the recessed A button that initially took some adjusting to, it's comfortable to wear and not overly bulky, making it a good fit even for smaller wrists. With its robustness and durability, it's stood up well to various conditions from cold winters to salty ocean dips, and even rigorous work environments.

US Landmarks Scratch Off Poster

  • One Place At A Time

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Travel, Unique

Although every trucker needs the practical where gifts for truck drivers are concerned, it’s also thoughtful to give a whimsical gift to a trucker. This scratch off poster of popular U.S. landmarks proves to be a lot of fun for a trucker who has driven everywhere and nearly (or actually) seen it all. They can enjoy keeping track of all the cool sites they’ve seen and more they have yet to see.

GPS Tracker

  • Keeping Track On The Road

  • $$$$$
  • Gadget, Practical, Travel

This tracker is like having a second brain inside a truck and connects to the diagnostic port. Beyond having access to safety alerts and roadside assistance in the nick of time, truck drivers will have all the necessary tools at their fingertips, including trip reports and more. Any trucker with the road in front of them will utilize this top choice in essentials that will help them get to their destination safely.

Electric Hot Plate

  • Heating Up The Haul

  • $$$$$
  • Tool, Practical, Travel

Missing a home-cooked meal can be one of the hardest parts of being on the road as a trucker. Help bring your favorite truck driver closer to their own home-cooked meal with a well-constructed electric hot plate. This hot plate conserves energy and can cook with any cookware, pan, or pot around. You’ll get a little piece of home in their world in the best way.

Community Feedback

Excellent performance is what this hot plate consistently delivers, with its quick heating and multiple heat settings. Having experienced a minor issue where the right side handle warped slightly, I still praise its overall quality and the convenient integrated timer. Despite the temperature taking a while to decrease when adjusted, this hot plate remains a compact and efficient solution for cooking in a small space.

Emergency Underpants

  • Security In A Can

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Essential, Practical

If you know a truck driver with a great sense of humor, then they will absolutely love this novelty gag gift of a set of three emergency underpants in a can. Whether they keep the can of survival skivvies on the dashboard and think of you fondly or actually decide to use one someday, the underwear in a can idea is an awesomely fun trucker gift.

First-Hand Impression

These novelty undergarments served as a hilarious highlight at my family's Christmas gathering. Dividing them among the ladies not only sparked laughter but also provided a practical back-up for those of us in the 50+ club. They're surprisingly soft, resembling the feel of real underwear, and made for a memorable white elephant gift at my office party.

Storage Clipboard/Forms Holder

  • Organization at High Speed

  • $$$$$
  • Essential, Practical, Travel

A good deal of ongoing paperwork is a less exciting part of being a trucker, but when you give them this combination clipboard with storage, you’re keeping all the papers safe, especially when they’re stepping on the gas pedal. The clipboard comes with different levels for holding forms and even pens, paper clips, and the like. This is a great gift if you happen to know a trucker who is also a freak for organization (don’t worry, they exist)!

User Experience

Excellent is the word that comes to mind when I think of this combination clipboard with storage. As a trucker, I'm constantly dealing with a flood of paperwork, and this clipboard has made it easy to keep everything in order, even when I'm on the go. With separate compartments for forms, pens, and other small items, this clipboard has become an essential part of my daily routine, keeping my work life organized and efficient.

Interstate Highway Guide

  • No Exits Missed

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Essential, Practical

Trucking across state lines, highways, and different types of weather is still a challenge, but it seems like technology is all that is needed to get where they need to go. However, wireless connections when in the mountains or out in rural areas can drop out quickly. Give the trucker in your life directions the old-fashioned way. This guide to interstate highways will keep them on the right road from start to finish.

Personal Perspective

These Next Exit books have been a constant companion in my journeys, providing invaluable information about gas stations, rest stops, and eateries along the interstate highways. Although I found the latest 2021 edition somewhat disappointing due to some outdated information, the overall utility of the book remains unscathed; it still serves as a reliable guide, especially in areas with poor cell signal. However, the book's structure could use some improvement, as it's more convenient when interstates continue into each state, rather than having to flip through different state pages, and coated pages would enhance its durability.
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Mens Work Gloves

  • Handyman Special

  • $$$$$
  • Essential, Practical, Cool

Trucking is sometimes a rough business and, whether accidents occur, nature gets in the way, or some messy task is in the works, a strong pair of work gloves is one of the gift ideas for truckers that they’d love to open on Christmas morning. These work gloves are super durable with a safety cuff. Any truck driver will cherish these gloves for years and trips to come.

Community Feedback

I'm really fond of these gloves; they've become my go-to for heavy work. They're sturdy and well-designed, fitting snugly with a handy extended cuff for extra protection. The gloves had a worn-in feel from the first use, a plus for my large hands, and have proven durable in high friction areas. A minor drawback is the absence of a loop for easy storage, but that's a small trade-off for gloves that offer dependable performance and comfort.

Trucker Keychain

  • Trucker Pride

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Unique, Cool

It doesn’t always take a high-tech gift or one that takes up a lot of space to impress a truck driver. Any trucker proud of their trade would love to get this cute, silver keychain boasting a detached semi-trailer truck. The details and shine add to the making of a great conversation piece for any truck driver who wants to keep their work with their keys at all times.

First-Hand Impression

This keychain is not only cute and detailed, but also quite practical. While it may be a bit heavy for everyday keys, it worked perfectly for my husband's padlock keys for his truck. It also made a well-received stocking stuffer, leaving both me and the recipient delighted with the purchase.

Drying Towel

  • Keep On Being Dry

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Essential, Travel

It seems like an obvious gift for anyone who makes their living on the road, but this supersized drying towel is beyond uber absorbent. It can hold an amazing amount of water and get the cab of a truck clean and dry in no time at all. When the weather is all over their truck, your gift of keeping dry will keep them happy for miles and miles.

Healthy Snacks Care Package

  • Snacks For Miles

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Essential, Travel

It’s simply too easy to eat nothing but greasy, unhealthy foods on the road. Add a little flavor into your favorite trucker’s trips with this 30 pack of healthy snacks that range from sweet and salty to savory and spicy. No more hunger between meals and miles with this awesome snack kit that is ideal for any gift basket.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these snacks was quite satisfactory. The variety pack had a mix of different snacks, allowing me to try out new things before deciding to buy them separately. It was convenient to have a stash of these snacks, especially for those busy times when I couldn't figure out a meal. While none of the snacks were particularly extraordinary, they were all fresh and enjoyable, making it a solid purchase.

All-In-One Fire Extinguisher Kit

No products found.

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  • Safety First

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Essential, Practical

One of the most thoughtful gifts for truckers is this fire extinguisher survival kit that will prepare them for any unexpected accident, fire, or technical malfunction. The kit includes a fire extinguisher, warning markers, and an extra first aid kit. There will be nothing as valuable as the peace of mind this kit creates for a truck driver so they can concentrate on the road in front of them.

Truck Driver FAQs

What Does Every Trucker Need?

Truck drivers need certain basics like a good set of work gloves and an organization kit for keeping paperwork. In the case of travel issues on the road, having a first aid/emergency kit, updated road atlas, safety vest, cones and road flares for emergencies, an LED flashlight for nighttime travel, and a tire pressure gauge to help avoid the stress of a break down in the first place are all just as necessary. On a more personal level, some kind of electric skillet, along with healthy snacks, will get them closer to the next horizon (1).

What Problems Do Truck Drivers Have?

Beyond the exhaustion and mental boredom that sometimes comes with being a truck driver, many day-to-day problems crop up on the road. Everything from bad driving conditions, being unaware of weather developments, stress over having no chance to exercise and eating an unhealthy diet, and having relationship issues due to the long hours on the road can play a factor. Also, dealing with slow drivers gets on the nerves of truckers just as much as they do the rest of us.

What Is a Good Christmas Gift for a Truck Driver?

Christmas time is a great opportunity to give a much-needed gift to your favorite truck driver. Great ideas include everything from the practical (that all-important set of work gloves), to the stylish (high-quality sunglasses that help in the driving), and even the silly (there are endless trucker-themed, funny t-shirts that will have their heart laughing). Getting something that your trucker appreciates shows that you care about the work that they do every day.

What Do Truck Drivers Eat on the Road?

Being on the road for long stretches means that your average truck driver doesn’t always have much choice in the matter of what they’re going to eat. Fast food, truck stops, and vending machines are sometimes the only food groups available. However, more truckers are traveling with electric burners, mini slow cookers, and even pressure cookers to prepare healthier, more balanced meals. Bringing snacks and supplies in a cooler are also great ways to keep healthy on the road (2).

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