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40 Perfect Going Away Gift Ideas

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but finding the perfect going away gift is just sweet!

Are you looking for goodbye gifts that are actually good buys? We’ve scoured the internet to find thoughtful, funny, and creative going away gifts so unique they might make the recipient consider staying. Okay, we obviously can’t guarantee that, but you may as well try!

Whether you’re looking for meaningful leaving gifts for your BFF that’s moving away, one of your bosses that is sadly retiring, or your coworkers that are finally quitting your toxic AF company, we’ve got 40 great options for you to check out.

40 Best Going Away Gift Ideas

Say farewell in style with one of these meaningful, creative, or funny going away gifts!

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Lavender Scented Candles - Funny Going Away Gift For Friends

  • A Pick For The Passive Aggressive

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing scent. But hopefully, the recipient doesn’t relax too much because this sassy candle might just follow through on its threat. This candle is an excellent gift for your best friend that’s moving away but knows that she’s obligated to call and text you every day regardless of the distance.

Going Away Necklace Gift for Coworker

  • See You Later, Traitor

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Are you desperately trying to figure out what to get for a female coworker moving on or moving away? Here is another slightly sassy but fully adorable option. This dainty necklace can serve as a subtle reminder of her time with the greatest coworkers as she sets off for wherever life takes her next!

Engraved Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass with Lid

  • Cheers To The Adventure!

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks, Homegoods

We would say that this is the perfect gift for someone heading off to college… but since the legal drinking age is 21… we’re going to stay safe and call it a cute graduation gift. Consider getting this adorable wine glass as a farewell gift for someone heading off to a new job or new country. Either way, they’ll probably want to sip on an adult beverage to deal with packing stress!

Going Away Gift - Creative Goodbye Card Alternative

  • A Sign It's Time To Go

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Goods

Let a cherished coworker know just how much they’ll be missed with this creative alternative to a goodbye card. This artwork would be especially appropriate if you work together at a large company and can’t fit all your coworkers’ well wishes on a standard-sized farewell card! Get everyone in the office to sign it, and the recipient will always have a treasured memento from your time together.

I’m Outta Here- Waterproof Makeup Bag

  • Pack Up Their Supplies

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Is the queen of your office finally retiring and ready to jet-set around the globe? Send them off on their international adventure with this cute and funny makeup bag! It’s perfect for packing their toiletries, stationery supplies, a slew of electronic chargers, or whatever else they want to keep organized in their suitcase.

Matching Bracelets for Best Friends

  • Reminders On Their Wrist

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Are you and your bestie going to colleges on the opposite sides of the country, or even the planet? Is your sister leaving your hometown for the first time, and you’re not sure how you’ll survive without her? Whatever the situation, these delicate bracelets can help both of you remember your strong bond and unending support for each other. The bracelets are adjustable to fit various wrist sizes, and you can choose from seven sweet charms to reflect your unique relationship.

Still Having Coffee Together Engraved Stainless Steel Spoon

  • Long Distance Caffeination Gifts

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

That morning cup of coffee can be a sweet ritual between roommates, cohabitating couples, or work besties. But when half of that dynamic caffeinated duo decides to dip, it can feel like you’re losing out on the best part of your morning. These spoons can be a sentimental and thoughtful way to keep the ritual going, even if you’re miles apart.

Personalized Crystal Farewell Gift for Boss

  • Getting Fancy With The Gifts

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Is your company undergoing a leadership change? When a boss retires or changes positions, it can be a difficult transition for the entire team and a massive shift for the boss themselves. Reward their years of hard work and dedication with this crystal farewell gift from the whole staff. You can personalize it with your boss’ name and retirement/leaving date for a customized gift they’ll cherish for years.

Goodbye Gift For Coworker Leaving - 16 oz Beer Pint Glass

  • We’ll Drink To That!

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Food & Drinks, Homegoods

Cheers to following your dreams or quitting jobs that destroy your mental health! Whatever the reason for their departure, this funny goodbye gift is the perfect way to tell your colleague you’d still love to grab a beer with them during happy hour. Add a six-pack of your former coworker’s favorite frosty brew to seal the deal and let them know the next round is on them (once they find a new job, that is)!

Never Forget The Difference You've Made Keychain

  • Perfect For The Philanthropic

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty

This budget-friendly gift is a thoughtful choice for anyone that has made an enormous impact— even if they don’t necessarily realize they have. If you’re looking for going away gifts for teachers, nurses, social workers, non-profit workers, or anyone else that has made a difference in their community, we suggest this small token would be an apt pick.

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Going Away Gift -Ceramic Ring Trinket Dish

  • Going Away Has A Nice Ring To It

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Dealing with your best friend moving away can be such a whirlwind of emotions! Of course, you’re excited about their new adventures, but you’re also going to miss having them close by. This trinket dish is a sweet (and budget-friendly) way to express your emotions and remind your bestie of your special bond. They also have other varieties for sisters, mothers and daughters, retirement, and plenty more.

Funny Coworker Leaving Mug - It’s Gonna Suck Without You

  • Read Between The Lines

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Food & Drinks

Tell your former coworker exactly how you feel, and then let them squint for a second and realize how you really feel about their departure. This mug is sure to get a laugh from everyone at your colleague’s going away luncheon and even more laughs when they bring it into their new office!

You'll Always Be A Part of Us We Will Miss You Keychain

  • Saying The Right Thing Is Key

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty

Whether your colleague is retiring, moving away, or managed to leverage their work into a promotion with your competitor (you go, girl), you can let them know exactly how much you’ll miss them with this thoughtful keychain.

Hilarious Going Away Card for Colleague Leaving

  • For Your Favorite Workplace Therapist

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Work best friends are one of the strangest types of relationships. Do you ever see them outside of work? Rarely. Do they know all of the details of your latest breakup, proofread the messages to your evil landlord, and have your coffee order memorized? Absolutely.

If you’re not sure how you’ll handle your job without your work best friend, let them know with this funny card. Thankfully it’s pretty cheap because you might have to pay a therapist to listen to you vent about your problems now that your coworker is leaving.

Best Friend Picture Frame

  • A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

This rustic-inspired picture frame is an excellent choice for any long-distance friend! It features a space for a four-by-six photo next to the adorable string heart and a thoughtful inscription that reads, “Side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close at heart.” Honestly, it’s so sweet it could make your iciest friend melt!

Why You're My Bestie - Fill in the Love Book

  • Share The Love With Your BFF

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

You can give your best friend a customized gift that captures the unique aspects of your special relationship, and it doesn’t have to be matching tattoos (but it could be… just throwing that out there). This fill-in-the-blank book is a fun and sentimental keepsake that your BFF can read whenever they’re missing you! You’re in complete control of what goes in the blanks, so you can make it as sappy, sweet, or silly as you’d like!

Best Coworker BFF Gift Basket

  • Gift Basket Bargains

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Accessories, Novelty

Did you totally space out on getting your work BFF a going-away present? Don’t worry! We know you have a lot on your plate already, but of course, you want to wow your best friend with a thoughtful gift to commemorate your time together. This unique care package is full of creative and cute gifts that could help transition you two from office buddies into real-life friends.

Funny Coworker Going Away Party Decorations- Balloons

  • Sarcastic Party Decor

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Are you in charge of organizing your coworker’s going away party? If your taste in party decor (and your coworker’s sense of humor) lean more towards Dwight and Jim planning Kelly’s birthday on that epic episode of The Office, then we found the perfect balloons for an awesome going away party! These sarcastic decorations are sure to get a laugh out of everyone while they mourn the loss of their favorite colleague.

Enjoy The Next Chapter Inspirational Bookmark

  • Perfect For Bookworms

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Is the local librarian moving to a different branch? Is your favorite study buddy finally graduating? Or do you know another bookworm that is ready for the next chapter in their adventure story? This bookmark is a thoughtful gift for any literary type prepared to turn the page in their lives!

Boss Day Gifts Keychain

  • Great For Any Leader

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

While this is called a boss day gift, we think this keychain would be an awesome leaving gift for anyone in a leadership position. We’re imagining giving this to a teacher, principal, or, yes, your boss as a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for everything they’ve done.

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Jumbo Farewell Card With Envelope 8.5 x 11 inch

  • Say Just What You Mean

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Goods

How could you ever fit everyone’s well wishes and heartfelt goodbyes on a regular-sized card? If that just seems impossible, then you’ll have to size up with this extra-large option! They have plenty of choices available, ranging from sarcastic to silly for coworkers that are retiring or otherwise abandoning you for some better job.

Hidden Message Bracelet For Best Friends

  • A Sweet Reminder

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Delicate jewelry, like this sentimental cuff bracelet, is the perfect farewell gift for a friend that’s abandoning you to follow their dreams or whatever. What makes jewelry such a great going away gift idea? Apart from the fact that jewelry almost always works, it’s small and easy to pack or wear while traveling. This bracelet, in particular, also comes with a meaningful hidden message to remind your best friend of your special bond despite the distance.

Homesick Scented Candle

  • Give Them The Scents Of Home

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Novelty

This Homesick candle could be a thoughtful leaving gift for a college-bound young adult moving away from home for the first time, someone chasing their dream job across the country, or anyone else who might miss the nostalgia-inducing smells of their hometown. They have tons of different options for states, regions, and areas that should be states (or at least given voting rights – shout out to Puerto Rico). Okay, we digress, but we still suggest you indulge your friends with one of these popular candles!

Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women

  • Go Boldly Towards Their Dreams

  • $$$$$
  • Paper Goods

Everyone needs a little dose of encouragement sometimes! And what better way to motivate a generation of women to be bold and brave than with inspirational quotes from other incredible women? You can’t think of a better way, either? Perfect, then it’s time to pick up this book of affirmations, designed to encourage readers by giving them insights into the lives and bravery of wild women.

Catered Cravings Sweet and Salty Snacks Gift Basket (52 Count)

No products found.

Check Price
  • Fuel For Their Next Adventure

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

No road trip is complete without snacks, so if you know someone moving away via their vehicle, give them this care package to show just how much you care! This 52-count of snacks has a wonderful mix of sweet and savory options for whatever their cravings may be. Plus, anything that survives the road trip can help them stock their new pantry when they arrive!

Funny Retirement Mug for Men & Women

  • Say It With Sass

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Novelty

Give your boss or work colleague a mug that says what you’re all thinking: they’re a stinking quitter (or, the more profane version of that sentiment). This marble and gold decorated mug will be perfect for leisurely sipping their morning coffee (or afternoon cocktail) in style while relaxing on their permanent beach vacation.

And So The Adventure Begins Gift Set

  • All In One Going Away Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Homegoods, Comfort

Whether they’re heading off to college, starting a graduate program, scored an incredible promotion, or finally decided to chase their dream, it seems someone you love is heading off on an awesome new adventure! Congratulate them with this gift set to commemorate the next stage of their journey! It could be the perfect going away gift idea for a female coworker, friend, or another loved one that’s ready to make waves.

A Year of Connection

  • Feel Connected Across Distance

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort

Long-distance is challenging to say the least, and straight-up shitty if we’re completely honest. Treat yourself to this type of slow connection if you and your partner are embarking on time apart for whatever reason. This set comes with 52 cards, just perfect for writing once a week, and a journal for you to document the experience. In a world where we always expect instant gratification, why not try to slow things down for once?

Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

  • Saying Goodbye Is Nuts

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

Is your office pal following their dreams of not working at your crummy job anymore? That’s nuts, and so is this delicious gift basket. It is full of 12 different kinds of dried fruits and nuts, a wonderful gift if you’re the type of person who expresses love through food, but your friend is too healthy to accept a pile of baked goods. We’ll gladly take those baked goods, though, if you’re offering.

You're My Favorite Bitch- Funny Scented Candle

  • Talking Shit Never Smelled So Sweet

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Novelty

Brenda in HR called another three-hour meeting that could be an email. Josh will not stop microwaving fish in the communal microwave, and it’s stinking up the whole floor. Brian in marketing will not stop flirting with the temp and do his actual job. And with your work best friend leaving, who will you dish about all this with? At least you can give your work BFF this candle, so they’ll know office gossip will never be the same without them.

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Long Distance Friendship Frame

  • Friendship Knows No Distance

  • Homegoods, Comfort

You and your best friend are so in sync sometimes it feels like you might even share the same brain. Even though they’re moving away, you can still let them know you’re thinking of them, whether they’re across the country or just decided to move to the suburbs (how dare they!). You can get a set of two frames and give yours a tap to light up its pair, wherever it may be in the world.

Top Rated Beer Gift Basket

  • Brews For Beer Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

Are you looking for a going away gift that will also help kick their farewell party up a notch? This basket of brews is the perfect going away gift for a beer connoisseur that is itching to try all the greatest craft beers from around the country. There is something for every beer-loving bro in this curated gift box, from hoppy IPAs to smooth ales.

Under The Same Moon Pendant

  • Sentimental Jewelry

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

No matter where your best friend, daughter, or significant other is heading, when they look up at the night sky, you’ll always feel connected, knowing they’re glancing at the same moon. This two-tone gold and silver necklace is a sweet memento to give to a loved one you’ll miss dearly while they’re away.

Hug This Pillow - Going Away Gift

  • A Soft Substitute

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Comfort

Is anyone shopping for a going away gift for their super sappy significant other? Well then, we have just the present that will make them tear up at your thoughtfulness. This pillow could be a meaningful reverse going away gift from a military-bound spouse leaving their partner at home. Or anyone that is dealing with the difficulties of long-distance.

Long Distance Map Gift

  • Customizable Artwork For Friends

  • Homegoods

You could create a sweet piece of custom art to help ease the pain of your long-distance separation and soon-to-be escalating phone bills— it’s totally normal to call each other three times a day, right? You can customize the size, color, featured states, and framing options for this beautiful and thoughtful decor piece.

Success and Inspiration Jar

  • Good Vibes For Whatever's Next!

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty

Taking any leap in life, whether it’s going off to college out of state, starting your own business, or moving across the country to chase your dream, can be quite intimidating and scary. If your loved one is embarking on a new journey, provide them with some much-needed support and inspiration with this thoughtful novelty gift. It is full of good vibes to help them on their new adventure. You didn’t hear it from us, but we think you could probably make a cute DIY version of this with a mason jar and some cute craft paper.

Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields, With Vase

  • A Cheerful Farewell

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Flowers are always an excellent gift to mark a special occasion, like a promotion, graduation, or another momentous accomplishment. Plus, flower deliveries make it easy and accessible to send bright blooms to loved ones all over the country. You could send this gorgeous bouquet to a female coworker who got a new job, a friend moving away, or a boss retiring. It comes with a vase (in case they’ve already packed theirs away) and bouquets of flowers generally only last around a week, so they can have a dose of cheerful color before they have to move!

Custom Friendship Gift Box

  • Personalized Gifts For Your Bestie

  • Novelty, Homegoods

You can build a care package as unique as your friend without having to run around to a million shops to find all the components. We love a gift that looks like an elevated DIY present, like this adorable gift box that you can stack with as many items as you want. The basic set includes a candle and personalized note, but you can build it up from there with bath bombs, bubble bath scoop, goat milk soap, shower bombs, and more by selecting one of the 14 gift box options. Plus, you can choose the scents for all of the items above to make sure your best friend will love the items!

Italian Wine 6-Pack

  • Wine About The Change

  • $$$$$
  • Food & Drinks

We cannot imagine a more helpful gift to get someone dealing with the stress and excitement of moving away. Oh, you don’t want to send six bottles of wine to their house right before they move? You could also send it to their new place to welcome them to their new home! This multi-pack includes three white wines and three red wines to satisfy an array of palettes.

She Believed She Could So She Did Mug Gift Set

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Adventures

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Homegoods, Accessories

Let’s round off the list with another adorable care package, a wonderful send-off gift for a female coworker, a young adult going to college, or advancing their career with a new job opportunity. It includes an adorable mug with a lid, a cute spoon, funny socks that say “If you can read this… bring me coffee” on the soles, and a coaster for resting the mug. Plus, it all comes in a gorgeous package with a “Best Wishes” card, all you have to do is finish writing a personal message, and you’re done!

Going Away Gift FAQs

What are Parting Gifts?

A parting gift is the same as a going away present. It’s given to someone moving away or leaving in some capacity. Sometimes, it refers to a consolation prize given to someone who participated in a contest but didn’t win.

Should You Bring a Gift to a Going Away Party?

What you bring to a going-away party can depend on the situation and circumstances. Typically, if it is a coworker’s going away party, all the colleagues might organize a joint gift, and there isn’t an expectation for everyone to bring individual gifts. However, suppose you were particularly close with the person. In that case, that responsibility might fall to you to organize, or you might feel inclined to get them a more personal gift to reflect your relationship.

If you’re attending a going-away party for a friend moving away, gifts could be a thoughtful touch. Try to steer clear of anything large or bulky, as moving is stressful enough, and they might not want to deal with excess stuff. A thoughtful card, a small souvenir, local food they’ll miss, or even a gift card to a restaurant could be perfect going away gift ideas.

What is a Good Going Away Gift for an Employee?

Whether they’re retiring, pursuing a different career path, or even changing office locations within the same company, there are plenty of thoughtful and funny going away gifts you can give an employee.

We suggest starting with a thoughtful card to offer them best wishes as they embark on their new journey. Then, depending on the situation, you can find the perfect gift to acknowledge their contribution and future steps. If they’ve been promoted or are moving to a new position, you could get them unique office supplies, an easy indoor office plant, or a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

If your employee is going to continue their education, you could give them some helpful school supplies like notepads or coffee to fuel their studies. And finally, if your employee is retiring, you could give them a bottle of their favorite liquor, a funny mug, flowers, or even a travel journal they can use to document the next stage of their life!

What to Buy a Female Colleague Who is Leaving?

There are plenty of awesome and thoughtful leaving gifts you can get for a female colleague. Consider giving them a bouquet of flowers, sweet treats or desserts, a funny mug (if they have a sense of humor), a delicate piece of jewelry, or a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to include a card with your best wishes and signatures from all her office friends!

What Do You Get Someone Going Away to College?

There are plenty of useful and inexpensive items you could get for a young adult heading off for higher education. Consider giving them unique dorm decor, a coffee maker, noise-canceling headphones, a first aid kit, plenty of snacks to help fuel their studying, a portable charger, or a sentimental gift to help them through the adjustment period.

What Do You Get Someone Moving to a New City?

Moving to a new city can be undoubtedly stressful and expensive, especially depending on the distance. Many people might try to pair down or get rid of items they don’t need before a move, so be wary of giving them anything too large or difficult to deal with.

If your close friend is moving away, a sweet remembrance of your friendship, like a framed picture, matching jewelry, or another trinket, could be a thoughtful way to cement your bond. If you’re shopping for someone that airs on the side of minimalism, consider giving them a gift card to a restaurant in their new city, a bottle of their favorite liquor or beer to help take the edge off packing stress, or a local treat they might miss when they move away. If you have their new address, you could also order flowers, food, or even beer to be delivered to their new home after they arrive to make the transition easier!

What Do You Get Someone Going to the Military?

If you know someone that enlisted in the military and is headed to basic training, they honestly aren’t really allowed to bring very much with them. Some things that might be useful (and allowed) are a durable watch, a personal copy of any holy or religious texts, a book of stamps for writing letters, a wallet-sized photo album they can glance at when they start to feel homesick, and a small list of important addresses they might want for writing letters to.

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