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30 Unique Golf Gifts For Women: 2024 List

Unique golf gear and fun accessories for lady golfers ahead, which will help give her both a successful and fun game.

Golf lovers are usually obsessed with the sport. Lady golfers can be especially dedicated to the game. Slowly, they turn into the woman golfer “who has everything.” It can be really difficult to buy golf gifts when they think they know it all.

This list covers every kind of golf gift that even the most committed female golf lover could want, including the most useful golf gear to offbeat golf-themed picks that will delight her golf sensibility.

Here are 30 of the most unique golf gift ideas for women this side of the green.

30 Unique Golf Gift Ideas for Women

Give the finest golf gifts for women they’ll be guaranteed to love.

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Golf Inspired Earrings

  • Golf Ball Inspirations

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Unique, Accessories

Any lady golfer who craves some style in her life will appreciate wearing these striking stud earrings to her next day of golf. The sterling silver stud earrings look like sparkly golf balls and can be worn every day, whether golfing, out and about, or staying at home. The earrings make a thoughtful gift for a woman who loves spending hours on the green.

User Experience

These earrings have garnered much attention and compliments, even prompting inquiries about their authenticity. Their longer plug stems make them easy to secure and they've proven to be comfortable for sensitive ears, showing no signs of causing reactions to nickel. The design, resembling golf balls, could be slightly more defined to enhance their unique aesthetic. Despite this, their versatility shines through, seamlessly fitting into both casual and formal settings, although a slightly larger size might have been preferred for more visibility.

Funny Golf Towel

  • Play Like A Girl

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practice, Funny

Golfers need towels at the course, and any female golfer with a sense of humor needs this golf gift for a woman in the form of a towel that proudly announces “I Play Like A Girl / Try To Keep Up.” The feminine design will make this towel more than just a golf day accessory and she’ll love the cheeky message it delivers.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this towel for a while now and it's proven to be a handy and neat accessory, despite being slightly longer than I would have preferred. The waffle style design is my favorite and it does an excellent job in keeping me dry. I initially thought it was black, but under the sun, it's definitely a navy blue hue - not a deal-breaker though. The incomplete letter "p" was a disappointment, but overall, the towel is well-made, comes with a carabiner, and carries a fun message that adds a bit of humor to my golf games.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

  • Golf Balls In Pink

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Set, Practice

These high-performing golf balls are a wonderful choice for female golfers, but also a great gift choice to give any golfer who wants their ball to go the distance and fly higher than any other out there. The golf balls are matte pink, which adds some personality to any golf game and they come in a set of 12 so she’ll be all set for success in no time.

Community Feedback

As an avid golfer, I've come across various golf balls but this orange golf ball stands out in terms of performance and affordability. Despite my golfing skills, this ball has improved my drives, even surpassing 200 yards, and I've noticed an interesting difference in how it keeps rolling, adding to my satisfaction while chipping and putting.

Golf Lunch Tote Bag

  • Lunch On The Links

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Novelty

The next time the lady golfer you know gets hungry during a particularly long game, she can have a homemade snack kept fresh in this golf lunch tote bag. The canvas bag is fully insulated and will keep food, fruit, beverages, and anything she puts into it cold. The colorful lady golfer design will fit right into her bag of golf gear and accessories.

First-Hand Impression

I'm a huge fan of this golf-themed lunch bag. It's perfectly sized to fit in my golf bag compartment, yet spacious enough to carry a sandwich and several snacks, making it a convenient companion for my golf days. Despite some concerns about its quality, I've found it to be sturdy, especially loving its strong, non-saggy bottom and the cute design that's garnered me many compliments.

Personalized Golf Balls

  • Golf Ball Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Accessories, Unique

This set of 12 golf balls is not your ordinary golf gift idea for women, but it is a special one. This pack of golf balls can be personalized with a family photograph, business logo, or any message you can think of that the female golfer you know will love. She can bring a little piece of her personal life into the joy she feels when playing every game of golf.

User Experience

After using this gift, I had a mixed bag of emotions. The personalization aspect was impressive, although the image and logo weren't as vivid as I'd hoped, and sadly, the writing began to fade after just one use. Despite these drawbacks, the gift still managed to amuse me and the clear photos, albeit smaller than I expected, added a special touch.

Golf Skorts

  • Dress Both Ways

  • $$$$$
  • Practice, Accessories, Gear

Give her a reason to hit the golf course with the coolest skirt/shorts combination out there. This skort is just that‒a combination of the look of a golf skirt and the comfort of golf shorts. The breathable fabric even has a side pocket for her cell phone or anything else she needs to keep close. She’ll wear these skorts to the game every time and be ready for more as soon as possible.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a fan of these skorts, they strike the right balance between sporty and casual with a perfect petite fit that isn't too loose or tight. The fabric is breathable and high quality, making them a comfortable choice for sunny baseball games, and they even held up well when I used one as a swim skirt. However, the shorts underneath could use some improvement - they're a bit thin and lack the support I was hoping for. Also, be sure to check the sizing guide closely, as I found these skorts run slightly small and don't offer much in the way of tummy control.

Womens Golf Club Set

  • The Swing Of A Lady

  • $$$$$
  • Gear, Set, Practice

This set of golf clubs is tailor-made for a woman who is right-handed and a beginner in golf. The golf clubs made of wood and alloy steel will help her putt, swing, and score on the course. The set makes for a practical beginner’s set, and she will be sure to improve her game with the help of these powerful clubs.

Community Feedback

I'm a novice golfer and found this golf set to be a solid starting point for me. The range of clubs, including my favorite 3 hybrid, provided the versatility I needed on the course. However, the driver, with its large head, proved challenging for me to handle effectively. The bag's purple hue often appeared silverish in certain lighting, an interesting visual effect. One drawback was the bag's flimsy standing feature which seemed prone to breaking with any misstep, nonetheless, for a beginner set, it did meet my expectations.

Indoor Putting Green

  • Putt Anywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Practice, Novelty, Home

The woman who golfs is just as obsessed as the man who golfs, so she’ll prize this super fun putting green made for indoor or outdoor play. The green folds out with a non-slip mat and includes a ball return so she doesn’t have to bend down or walk to collect her ball each time. She can tee off at home, at work, or just about anywhere she likes.

First-Hand Impression

When I first unrolled this putting green, I was immediately struck by its quality material, which was a pleasant surprise. Despite a slight curve to one side and an end that doesn't lay completely flat, it's been a delight to use, with an added bonus being the magnetic ball return that allows me to easily adjust my practice distance, although the putter stand did initially confuse me.

Golf Ball Holder

  • Home For Golf Balls

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practice, Set

Every girl on the golf course needs a cute place to keep her golf balls and they can have that with this cute set of two golf ball holders. The vibrant golf design, slot to keep tees, and convenience clip that attaches to a golf bag all make these golf ball holders a unique addition to her golfing bag collection of accessories.

User Experience

After attaching these golf ball keychains to my golf bag, I was impressed with their cute colors and lightweight design. However, the top's lack of snugness raised doubts about the ball's retention and the plastic key ring clasp seemed unlikely to endure over time.

Tri-Fold Golf Towel

  • Keep It Clean

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Set, Practice

While there is no such thing as a golf towel for her, this well-crafted golf towel is pretty pink and made from microfiber, so it absorbs efficiently. She can unroll it and use it to clean her shoes, golf balls, clubs, and more. The set comes with a bristled cleaning brush that can do even more work to keep things clean on the golf course.

Personal Perspective

This golf towel and brush set has been a neat addition to my gear. The towel is impressively thick and absorbent, with sturdy edges that prevent fraying, and the brush, despite its small size, does a decent job at keeping my clubs clean. However, the retractable mechanism of the brush could use some improvement as it tends to weaken over time. Also, I initially found the set's title confusing, leading to a mix-up in my order. But overall, the quality and design of these golf accessories are commendable, right down to the small details like the rubber pick cover on the brush.
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Golf Whiskey Glasses

  • Golfing At The Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Set

The lady golfer you know will never take a drink the same way again when she receives this set of two whiskey glasses shaped like golf balls. The look is unique, the texture is mesmerizing, and any golfer who thinks about golf 24/7 will love to bring the game into their home bar experience.

Community Feedback

These glasses are a joy to hold, slightly larger than a hardball and thick without being uncomfortable. The design is playful, a treat for any golf enthusiast, though they may resemble a light globe more than a golf ball to some. Even though they are not made of premium materials like Norlan blown crystal, they are sturdy and well-crafted. The glasses' originality is undeniable, but you might find the value questionable due to the rounded, cheaper rims.

Women’s Golf Pants

  • Styling Swinger

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practice, Gear

Bring style and function into her golf game with these golf pants that will ease her into any golf game. The lightweight pants have a sleek cut and will allow her body to breathe during the rigors of 18 holes. The multiple pockets will provide some much-needed storage on her person so she can keep a golf towel, tees, balls, or anything she needs during the course of a game.

First-Hand Impression

Love how these golf pants fit me perfectly and offer deep pockets for carrying all my golf essentials. Despite a slight confusion with the color, they're really comfortable, lightweight, and allow easy movement, making them ideal not just for golfing, but for lounging at home too.

Women’s Wristlet Wallet

  • Golf At Her Fingertips

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Unique

This adorable golf-themed novelty gift can hold every small accessory the female golfer in your life needs when on her way to and from golfing. The wristlet wallet combo features a fun-loving, golf-themed design, so she can show off her love of the game when out golfing or whenever she needs a carryable wallet to accompany her on the go.

User Experience

Bought this little purse and was impressed by its quality and functionality. It's an ideal size for my large phone, a credit card, and a few smaller items, and the sturdy fabric seems like it might even be a bit water-resistant. The shiny, attractively-patterned design also makes it a great gift for friends, especially golfers as it easily fits a couple balls, tees, and other small essentials.

Golf Tumbler

  • Golf, Then Walnut

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Funny

This good mood beverage tumbler is ideal for coffee, juice, or something stronger. This funny golf novelty gift “is sponsored by wine and golf,” so it’s likely that any female golfer will appreciate the good times created by some golf-related fun. The 12-ounce tumbler is the perfect size for on the go or on the golf course.

Personal Perspective

For those seeking a unique and practical gift, this mug definitely fits the bill. My friends and I were particularly impressed by its durable build and stylish appearance, despite the engraving being somewhat difficult to see. While the sipper lid does close a bit tightly, this only heightens its effectiveness in preventing spills, making it a hit among my golf league buddies.

Golf Charm Earrings

  • Golf In Her Ears

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories, Set

These cute golf charm earrings will add the perfect accent to any sporty women’s golf ensemble. She’ll love the silver crossed golf club design and elegant look of the earrings and may soon consider them her lucky charm whenever she yells “fore” and goes the distance on the golf course.

Community Feedback

My experience with these earrings has been nothing short of delightful. Wearing them during my golf group meetups, they not only add a fun touch to my outfit but also bring me in the right mindset for a day on the course. The quality surpasses the price point, making these earrings an exceptional value.

Golf Accessories Kit

  • The Ultimate Golf Tools

  • $$$$$
  • Gear, Accessories, Practice

This jam-packed golf gadget kit will take her average day on the course and make it better. The kit includes everything from a golf towel and divot tool to a cleaner, brush, and ball marker. She can clean clubs and shoes and use the other tools for a more accurate game. She’ll thank you for helping her with all the little details that will improve her game in a big way.

First-Hand Impression

This golf accessory kit is beyond handy, packing a punch with its stylish design and attention to detail that covers all golfing needs. From personal experience, each item from this collection enhances my game, boasting high quality, and the included bag is a real bonus for staying organized without adding clutter to my golf bag.

Golf Wine Bottle Holder

  • Drive Her Wine Over

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Home

The golf lover in your life will love this quirky wine holder that looks like it is being stored in the back of a golf cart. Even the little golfer is adorable as he drives her bottle of wine to your table. The iron bottle holder’s distinct design will turn it into the most treasured type of golf gift for women and remain that way no matter what wine it holds.

User Experience

Excellent in both form and function, this golf cart wine holder manages to be simultaneously whimsical and practical, providing a unique centerpiece for various occasions. Despite some slightly sharp edges, the overall build quality is commendable and the piece fits well within diverse decor styles, making it an appreciated gift among golf enthusiasts and wine lovers alike.

Golf Shoe Bag

  • Shoes That Breathe

  • $$$$$
  • Gear, Accessories, Practice

Golf shoes will do what golf shoes do, which is to stink after multiple games in the hot sun. This golf shoe bag will prevent all of that and provide a durable, safe place for her favorite game shoes to rest between games. The ventilation system will allow the shoes to breathe and she’ll have multiple extra pockets for any other golf accessories she can think of.

Personal Perspective

Best shoe bag I've ever used, it easily accommodates my size 14 shoes without squashing them, ensuring they retain their shape. The additional side pockets are a useful feature, ideal for storing small items like balls and tees. I've found this shoe bag to be durable, having used it for over a year without any signs of wear and tear. It also doubles as a spacious toiletry bag, capable of holding all my essentials including my nebulizer. Constructed in an attractive design, this shoe bag does an excellent job of storing various types of shoes and is particularly handy for keeping my work shoes in my truck.

Women’s Golf Glove

  • Hands On Golf For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Gear, Accessories, Practice

Women golfers need a high-quality glove for her that also reflects their stylish nature. The contoured glove is meant for a right-handed golfer. The glove is worn on her left hand since the left hand grips the club the most. The glove provides all the stretch and comfort she needs for the perfect golf grip. The floral design will look great whether she’s putting, getting a hole-in-one, or riding on the golf cart.

Community Feedback

I'm quite delighted with these golf gloves as they combine both functionality and aesthetics impressively. The bright, beautiful colors and feminine design have received numerous compliments, making it a favorite part of my golf outfits. Despite a slight issue with one glove starting to fray after two uses, the fit is generally perfect and not bulky, offering suitable protection and comfort. However, the gloves might run slightly small, so those with larger hands may find them a tad tight.

Women’s Golf Guide

  • Stay On Course

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Unique, Funny

Give her some real-world female inspiration in the world of golf with this golf guide made specially for lady golfers. The guide is full of useful tips, advice, and instructions on every aspect of the game. Additionally, she can see the before and after play of other women who love golf while improving her game and having fun at the same time.

First-Hand Impression

I utilized this golfing guidebook as an aid to enhance my game and it proved to be quite effective. The instructions presented are simple and clear, making it an excellent tool for individuals who may not have extensive golfing experience. The book contains detailed information, which is easy to grasp and covers a wide range of topics that any golfer would find beneficial. The actual photos used as illustrations greatly helped in understanding the concepts better. Furthermore, this book is compact and durable, enabling me to easily carry it around in my golf bag for quick reference during games. In conclusion, this guidebook significantly improved my tee shots and helped resolve my issue of hitting my driver low and left.
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Women’s Golf Socks

  • Golf Cart Toes

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Funny

Funny golf gift ideas for women can be summed up by these golf socks that make an amusing Christmas gift. The colorful cotton socks are comfy, cute, and feature pink golf carts making their way around her ankles in hilarious fashion. She’ll love wearing them at home or on the green.

User Experience

In my experience, this golf-themed women's clothing item was a standout gift. The design and comfort level exceeded my expectations, as it did for my 17-year-old daughter who also received these as a gift. Despite a minor hiccup with them getting lost in transit, they arrived on time and were a hit as Christmas presents.

Swarovski Golf Ball Marker Necklace

  • Crystal Marker

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practice, Jewelry

This piece of jewelry is the ultimate in golf favors. How many women golfers can enjoy wearing a Swarovski crystal necklace that looks like the most shimmering golf ball while using it as the prettiest ball marker imaginable? The magnetic necklace is beyond unique in that the crystal golf ball detaches from the pendant to act as a ball marker during her game‒a piece of golf beauty and function in one.

Personal Perspective

This crystal ball marker is a real standout; its beauty alone is enough to grab the attention of my flight mates. The convenience of having it as a necklace is a major plus, eliminating the hassle of reaching into my pocket or staining my hat. However, the chain could be of better quality, even if it means a slight increase in price. The magnet, while functional, could be a bit larger to ensure a secure hold between the marker and the chain.

Ponytail Hat

  • Keep Her Hair Back

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practice, Unique

Help a woman golfer keep her hair out of her face with this unique accessory for the golf course. This ponytail hat is crafted with a sleek, comfortable design and has an opening that holds any ponytail in place while she swings her golf club. The hat also features an adjustable flap for extra protection against rain and wind.

Community Feedback

My experience with this winter hat has been quite positive as a regular runner, especially during those frosty mornings. The adjustable ear flaps are a brilliant touch, they keep the chill out when you start and can be flipped up when you're warmed up mid-run. The ponytail placement is just right and doesn't interfere at all. However, I found it's not the best match with a headlamp for those early morning or late evening runs. Only drawback, it's a bit snug, so if you have a larger head, it might feel tight.

Women’s Golf Lover T-Shirt

  • Lady Golf Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Novelty

This fun t-shirt is a thoughtful gift for any woman who golfs so she can show her love for the game while wearing a fun, colorful t-shirt. The shirt features the word “Love” with a golf ball “O” and a golf club accent. She can enjoy showing off her obsession with golfing at the gym, on a walk, on the course, or at home.

First-Hand Impression

Great is the best word to describe the size of this shirt. The thickness of the material was impressive, hinting at quality craftsmanship. I admired how the design remains visible even when the shirt is neatly tucked into my pants. From the first day of wearing it, I started receiving compliments, which was a pleasant surprise. The only downside is that it runs a bit small, so consider sizing up for a perfect fit.

Golf Putting Green

  • Three Shots

  • $$$$$
  • Practice, Accessories, Novelty

This mini-golf putting green features three holes in a kidney-shaped background so the lady golfer you care for can bring a little golf fun anywhere she finds herself, whether at home or at work. She can practice her putts in rain or shine, day or night, and, when she gets back out there, just look out.

User Experience

In my hands-on experience, this putting green offers a realistic practice surface that has significantly improved my stroke. The robust construction and flat laying nature of this product have made it a favorite in our household, frequently used without any issues related to wrinkling. Although it lacks some of the white plastic parts shown in the pictures and the side cups could be deeper, these minor drawbacks do not detract from its overall value. This putting green is not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing with its super soft texture making it an enjoyable play item.

Golf Flask Gift Set

  • Sip A Little Golf Today

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Unique

This flask is tailor-made for a woman who golfs with its elegant design and golf accessories attached. The attractive leather case holds a 7-ounce flask and comes with a divot tool, ball marker, and tees. Whether she needs a sip during a rough moment in the game or just wants to celebrate after a successful play-through, she’ll love this offbeat golf bar accessory.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this flask has proven to be a solid choice for both personal use and gifting, with its sturdy construction and compact size making it ideal for a variety of outings. While the lack of an included funnel for refilling was a minor drawback, the overall value and functionality of this flask were not diminished. Whether it's for a golfing adventure or a simple travel necessity, this flask has consistently met my expectations, even adding a bit of fun to my games.

Golf Themed Gift Basket

  • Golf Treats Galore

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Unique, Home

This gift basket was made with the golfer in mind and the female golfer you know won’t be able to get into the yummy treats found in this basket quick enough. Golf lovers’ taste buds will tingle when they try the many snacks, such as assorted cheeses, nuts, crisps, and more. There are even two golf balls if she needs a spare.

Community Feedback

My experience with this product was, unfortunately, less than satisfactory. The actual product didn't match up to what was shown in the photo, which was a letdown. The quality was noticeably subpar, and despite it being marketed as golf-related, I found it had no relevance to the sport. Considering its price point, this product was a disappointment.

Golf Ball Marker Kit

  • Do It Yourself Golf

  • $$$$$
  • Practice, Accessories, Set

This unique golf ball marker kit will allow the woman golfer you know to work on her game using the most detail possible. The line marker comes with three color pens that she can use to mark her swings so she can improve the accuracy of her swing path and the landing zone for her ball (hopefully that much faster to a hole-in-one).

Golf Club Cover Set

  • Knitting With Golf

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Gear, Practice

This knitted golf club cover set of three pieces is super funky and vivacious at the same time. They work to cover and protect a driver, a 3-wood, and a 5-wood club. The pink pom-pom design will stand out amongst the other players and perhaps distract them enough to lessen their swing so she can stand tall with her awesome golfing abilities.

User Experience

After acquiring these knit head covers for my golf clubs, I noticed a delightful burst of patriotism in my bag. The red, white, and blue design is not only eye-catching but seems to be quite sturdy, despite not feeling as high-quality as the ones I used two decades ago. I've received numerous compliments on these covers, and they easily slip on and off my clubs, even my old "Tight Lies" 5 wood. They may not be built to last forever, but for their price and aesthetic appeal, I feel quite satisfied with this purchase.

Golf Charm Bracelet

  • Charmed By Golf

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Jewelry, Unique

A woman who plays golf will treasure the beauty of a charm bracelet such as this one that celebrates her love for the game. The bracelet is made from silver and glass and contains various golf-themed beads and baubles that will stand out in a crowd and show off just how great a golfer she has become.

Personal Perspective

Excellent, this bracelet has been a delightful addition to my accessory collection. The packaging it came in was quite appealing, making it an instant hit as a gift. I received it as a present and was impressed by its quality and affordability. The bracelet's vibrant charm is sure to please any golfing enthusiast, as it did me on my birthday. Its beauty truly requires little effort to appreciate, making it an ideal present for anyone, not just for those into golf.
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Golf Gifts for Women FAQs

What Does Every Golfer Need?

There are certain items that every golfer needs in their golf bag, like balls, clubs, and tees, but other items also prove just as invaluable. The details of their golf game will be given proper attention when they carry a divot tool for repairing bumps, a ball marker, and a rangefinder. Seemingly everyday items like towels, gold gloves, water, sunscreen, and snacks will make the difference between a decent day at the course and a great day (1).

What is a Good Golf Ball for Ladies?

Even though lady golfers don’t need their own type of golf ball, certain brands market to ladies because women tend to have a lower swing speed of between 60-65 miles per hour when using a driver. These brands are made for this very swing speed, so they can only aid in a more successful scorecard after the game. The cores of the golf balls are softer and therefore compress for a typical woman’s swing and go the distance for her every time (2).

What Does a Beginner Golfer Need?

It’s easy to go a little crazy with golf purchases when you’re a beginner golfer who is so excited about finally hitting the green. When it comes to clubs, you can start with three to four clubs, including a driver, a putter, and a sand wedge, and slowly build your collection. Getting golf balls can also prove expensive if you’re prone to losing them, so keep the price of golf balls lower at the start so you can work your way up to the more pricey versions as your swing improves (3).

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