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50 Awesome Harry Potter Gift Ideas (To Give Any Potterhead)

Dozens of Harry Potter gift ideas for Potterheads of every age.

The Harry Potter books are fairly new in the history of kids’ books, but the way kids and adults devoured them shows they’ll be around as classics for generations.

However, if you’re not familiar with Harry Potter, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re looking for a Harry Potter gift for someone else.

We have compiled a list of 50 Harry Potter gifts for kids to adults and for every gift-giving occasion. We have ideas for everything from educational games for kids to home decor for adults and so much more.

50 Cool Harry Potter Gift Ideas

A collection of Harry Potter gift ideas for the many people who love Potter and are obsessed with the world of Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter Hedwig Slippers

  • Comfy Gift For Lounging At Home

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Quirky, Fashion

These adorable slippers are fuzzy inside and out but have a nonslip sole for safer walking on slippery floors. They would be great for slipping on before curling up with your favorite Harry Potter book or to settle in with some popcorn for a movie marathon.

The slippers are available in shoe sizes ranging from Women’s 7-12 or Men’s 6-11, so they would make a great gift for older kids, teens, or adults.

Harry Potter Special Edition Boxed Set

  • Classic Literature

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Classic, Kids

One classic Harry Potter gift idea is the entire series of books. This set would make a wonderful birthday present for anyone wanting to build a library of classic books. The artwork on the covers gives you a picture of Hogwarts when the books are lined up.

This book set is great for kids ages 7 and up, although kids may want to wait a few years to read the later books as they get progressively scarier.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

  • For The Cook

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Kitchen, Functional

This cookbook includes several dishes that characters in the books loved and ate, like Harry’s favorite Treacle Tart, Mrs. Weasley’s famous Meat Pies, and the Pumpkin Pasties students on the Hogwarts Express wolfed down.

These unique recipes would be helpful for a Harry Potter-themed party or just to make for fun in an afternoon. If you’re baking with kids, try reading the books and then making a recipe together.

Embossed Bamboo Harry Potter Cooking Spoons

No products found.

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  • For the Potterhead Cook

  • $$$$$
  • Functional, Quirky, Kitchen

These embossed wooden spoons caught our eye as a great Harry Potter gift for someone who loves cooking. The scenes etched onto the spoons show different scenes from the books, and there are spoons for stirring, cooking, and serving food included.

The only problem we see with these is wanting to display them instead of using them! They would definitely make a really great gift.

Men's “Platform 9 ¾” T-Shirt

  • Show Off Your Fandom

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion

This Target tee has a wink to the Harry Potter novels, where Platform 9 ¾ is the secret train stop for those headed to Hogwarts. It’s an inside reference that fellow Potterheads will get and a nod to the series without being too obvious.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

  • A Creative De-Stressing Activity

  • $$$$$
  • Fun

Adults have recently rediscovered the joy of coloring we all felt as children, and this Harry Potter coloring book has intricate designs so you can spend hours unwinding as you color. This gift would make a great present for a girlfriend, mother, or grandmother who just needs a little time to relax.

LEGO Hogwarts Transfiguration Class

  • Build The World Of Potter

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Fun, Kids

There are many Harry Potter LEGO sets to choose from, but transfiguration class was always a safe haven for Harry and his friends, so it’s a cheerful place to build.

This set is recommended for kids ages 8 and older and definitely not for children under 3 because of the small pieces.

Harry Potter Book Christmas Ornaments

  • Celebrate The Season

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Classic

These ornaments are great Harry Potter gifts for anyone who takes their Christmas decor (or their Harry Potter decor) seriously. They come as a set of eight, so you’ll have one of each of the books to display on the tree.

Harry Potter Illustrated Collection (Books 1-3)

  • Good For Younger Readers

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Classic, Kids

The illustrated books are a good introduction to the world of Harry Potter for younger children who may not be ready for the full series just yet. The first three books in the series are also the least scary.

This illustrated series is recommended for kids age 7 and up, especially if parents begin reading the books out aloud.

Hogwarts Castle Music Box

  • Keepsake Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Classic, Decor

This charming Harry Potter-themed music box features “Hedwig’s Theme” from the movies, and you can have a personalized message engraved on the inside of the top of the box. It would make a special birthday or Christmas gift for a tween girl.

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Gryffindor Smartwatch Band

  • Track Steps In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Functional

For the kid or adult with a smartwatch, this is a great way to accessorize. The watchband is made of sweatproof, UV-resistant silicone, and you can customize it with more than 40 watch faces thanks to a QR code in the packaging.

Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

No products found.

Check Price
  • Makeup Magic

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Quirky

Wizard wand makeup brushes can help a cosplay witch or wizard get in a dressing-up mood before they even get started. The set includes brushes for eyeshadow, contouring, highlighting, concealer, and more. It comes with a bag to protect the brushes when you’re not using them.

This is a great gift for anyone who loves makeup, loves Harry Potter, and needs some magic in their daily routine.

Hogwarts Battle Deckbuilding Game

  • Family Game Night

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Kids

This Mensa Select-winning game is fun for the whole family! Each player can be one of their favorite characters from the movies. The seven adventures increase in difficulty, so you are continually challenged as you play.

This game is recommended for older kids, age 11 and up, and adults.

Harry Potter Swaddling Blankets

  • Baby Shower Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Decor, Functional

We think these chic blankets would make an adorable baby shower Harry Potter themed gift or a nice present when visiting a new baby. The patterns are Potter-inspired, but the neutral colors mean these blankets would coordinate with most nurseries. In addition, the soft cotton is designed to be gentle on newborns.

A great practical but cool gift for any new parent who loves Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Wand Pens

  • Back to School With Harry

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Fun, Educational

These would make a fun back-to-school Harry Potter gift or a nice surprise for anyone who loves the books. This set of ballpoint tip wand pens includes replicas of Harry’s, Voldemort’s, and Snape’s wands. Not only will writing be fun, but you’re less likely to lose a pen when it’s this unique!

Harry Potter Stemless Wineglasses

  • Harry Potter Cocktail Hour

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Functional, Kitchen

These wine glasses are a good gift for grown-up Harry Potter fans. The designs for the glasses include a Platform 9 ¾ glass, a Deathly Hallows sign, a Marauder’s Map, and an image of Harry’s glasses and signature lightning scar. We think it would be awesome to bring these out for a Harry Potter-themed dinner party!

Harry Potter - The Complete 8 Film Collection

  • Break Out The Popcorn

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Classic, Kids

This boxed set of every film is one of those Harry Potter gifts that most true fans will definitely appreciate! Follow along as Harry and his friends grow from new, eleven-year-old Hogwarts students to teens who hold the fate of the wizarding world in their hands.

Ron Weasley-Inspired Sweatshirt

  • Feel Like A Weasley

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Quirky, Cute

Molly Weasley was known for the hand-knitted sweaters she made for everyone she loved each Christmas. You can invoke her signature sweater with this sweatshirt that is printed to look like her loving creations. You can choose from several sweatshirt colors and customize it with the initial of the person receiving the gift.

Harry Potter Earrings Set

  • Just A Touch Of Potter

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Classic

These tasteful, small earrings have beautiful designs like the Golden Snitch, the Harry Potter logo, and the Deathly Hallows symbol. They’re made of silver-plated brass and are small stud earrings that come in a keepsake gift box.

A great gift for any Potter fans and could be combined with the Hogwarts Castle Music Box above.

“Happiness Can Be Found” Quote Sign

  • Inspiring Message

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Classic

Albus Dumbledore is known throughout the books and movies for his wisdom, and he said several inspiring quotes that people still recite. This saying, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light,” is printed in cursive on a wood sign. We think it’s a lovely neutral sign that would match many types of home decor.

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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard's Chess Kit

  • A Multipurpose Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Fun, Kids

This gift is a toy with multiple uses – a plus for any parent! First, kids must build the chess set, so it functions as a LEGO set. Then, they can play the game of chess with the set. Because the set includes Harry, Ron, and Hermione minifigs along with the chess pieces from the Sorcerer’s Stone, kids can also play with the figures themselves and use them with other Harry Potter LEGO sets.

This gift is good for kids ages 10 and up.

Harry Potter School Year Planner

  • For The Organized Potterhead

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Functional

This yearly planner begins in July, so it’s a good planner for students, parents, teachers, and anyone else whose year revolves around the school calendar. The planner comes with sticker tabs, a ribbon for marking your spot, and a pocket for storing important notes or keepsakes.

Espresso Patronum Drink Tumbler

  • Potter On Ice

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Fun, Kitchen

This cheeky tumbler uses a play on the words used in a popular spell in the Harry Potter books. This cold cup comes with a reusable straw, making it great for your iced latte … or just some extra water to stay hydrated.

Cauldron Soup Mug And Spoon

  • Eat In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Fun, Kitchen

Who knew eating soup could be so much fun? This soup mug looks like an actual, tiny cauldron with a matching spoon. The ceramic mug comes with a lid, so whatever witchy brew you pour inside will stay nice and hot.

Harry Potter Chibi Character Ankle Socks

  • A Gift To Wear Anywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Fashion, Cute

These ankle socks feature Chibi cartoon-style drawings of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Luna Lovegood. The low-cut ankle socks fit women sizes 4-10. They’d make a fun Christmas stocking stuffer or a present to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Blanket

  • Snuggle Up

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Quirky

Snuggle up under this blanket with a good book or for a Harry Potter movie marathon! The map lets you spot the places where the action is happening while you’re reading, and even though there’s a fringe bordering the entire blanket, it’s machine washable, so even a Muggle can clean it easily.

Box Of Harry Potter-Inspired Sweets

  • A Tasty Way To Celebrate A Potterhead

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Cute, Quirky

Celebrating a birthday can be fun when you have a box of sweet treats! This Harry Potter gift would also make a fun care package for a college student. It’s filled with candies like Ron’s Razzles, Horcrux Rings, and Sherbet Lemons to satisfy your sweet tooth. A great gift if you’ve got a foodie or someone with a sweet tooth you’re buying for who’s also a Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Kids' Backpack

  • Back To School

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Educational, Kids

Head back to school with Harry and this Gryffindor backpack. The pack is 18 inches high and has a separate laptop sleeve and inside pockets for pens and other small school items. There’s even a headphone port, and it’s lined with reflective trim as an extra safety measure.

This pack is suitable for any child starting school but probably most appealing to older elementary school students.

Hogwarts Lamp

  • Shine a Light

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Classic

This table lamp lets off a soft glow, lighting up a scene showing Hogwarts castle under a night sky. There are three light settings – choose from cool, warm, or mixed light. This lamp would make a great housewarming present or a nice gift for a student headed off to college so they can spruce up their room.

Sorcerer's Stone Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Potter Puzzle

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Kids, Educational

Puzzles have exploded in popularity lately, and this one is a good choice for the whole family to do together. The puzzle shows the scenes and characters from the “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone” movie, and it would be fun to work on the puzzle and then watch the movie together.

This puzzle is recommended for kids ages 9 years and older.

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Harry Potter “Daily Prophet” Bag

  • Holds All The Things

  • $$$$$
  • Functional, Fashion, Quirky

This bag can hold all kinds of things, but it’s especially suited for crafters who like to cart around their yarn or colored pens or scrapbooking gear. It would also be a good diaper bag or even an overnight bag for those who can travel light.

If you’re looking for something practical but classy for a Harry Potter fan, this is a great choice.

Gryffindor Scarf

  • A Gift To Stay Warm

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Quirky

Here’s a unisex scarf that witches or wizards can use to keep themselves warm! The scarf is approximately 6 feet long – plenty of room to wind it around your neck a few times and leave some extra on each end. It’s 100% acrylic, making it nice and stretchy.

Harry Potter-Themed Best Friends Print

  • Touching, Personalized Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Classic

A sweet way to commemorate a friendship, this print shows two pals in wizard robes sitting side by side, gazing over Hogwarts Castle. You can customize the skin and hair color, robe and scarf, and pick what each person holds. The bottom of the picture has the two friends’ names written in calligraphy.

Be sure to note this Harry Potter gift only includes a digital download. It is not for an actual physical print. This can make it a great gift for someone far away.

LEGO 6,020-Piece Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

  • For The Serious LEGOmaster

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Fun

This is a whopper of a LEGO set for someone who is a serious builder. The 6,000+ piece set is an impressive replica of Hogwarts Castle that’s over 22 inches high and includes parts to build the Chamber of Secrets, the Whomping Willow, and other parts of the Hogwarts grounds.

This gift is suitable for older teens, age 16 and up, or adults. There are small pieces, so it can be a choking hazard for kids 3 and younger.

Herbology Sweatshirt

  • A Gift To Warm Her Up

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Classic, Quirky, Cute

This bright sweatshirt is a cheerful way to show your love for flowers and plants of the fictional variety. The shirt includes drawings of a mandrake plant, a fanged geranium, leaping toadstools, and gillyweed. The black backdrop on the sweatshirt makes the brightly colored leaves and petals pop.

Harry Potter Collectible Magical Capsules

  • For The Collector

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Fun

With these magical capsules, you won’t know who you’re getting until you open them! Inside the capsule, you’ll find a Hogwarts character, a Fantastic Beast pet, a wand, and 3 surprise accessories. This set comes with a pack of two capsules, but you can collect 10 figures overall.

Color Changing Marauder’s Map Mug

  • Coffee Is Magic

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Fun, Kitchen

Just like the Marauder’s Map didn’t reveal its secrets until a wand was waved over it, your cup will remain equally blank until you pour in your hot beverage. Then, watch as it reveals a secret message!

This mug can be really enjoyable for your Harry Potter fan to use. Just let them know, in order to keep the heat sensitivity of this mug, it will need to be hand washed and shouldn’t go in the microwave.

Harry Potter HedBanz Game

  • Play As A Family

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Kids

A game that is fun for the whole family! One person, without looking, pulls a card with a Potter-inspired name or item on it and puts it facing outward on their forehead. The room shouts clues to get the cardholder to guess. This game usually leads to a lot of shouting and even more laughing as people try to give clues. It is a great gift if you know a whole family who loves all things Harry Potter.

The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

  • For The Crafty Potter Fan

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Relaxing

If you know a Harry Potter fan who also loves to create, this book is for them! This knitting book has more than 25 patterns for clothes, costume pieces, home projects, and more. Create your own house scarves or replicate Mrs. Weasley’s Christmas sweaters.

Gold Plated Time Turner Necklace

  • An Elegant Gift For Fans

  • Fashion, Classic

You can wear this necklace just because the rose gold pendant looks pretty … but those who look closer will recognize it as a replica of the Time Turner that Hermione used to get to multiple classes at the same time. The hourglass is filled with actual sand and rotates and turns, just like the real one.

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Gryffindor Fleece Pullover Kids’ Hoodie

  • For Active Kids

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Kids, Cute

This kids’ fleece pullover would make a great Harry Potter gift for Christmas or someone with a fall or winter birthday. The front of the sweatshirt features Harry’s round glasses, with a thunderbolt above them printed in gold metallic ink. It would be great for active kids who love getting outside!

This sweatshirt fits kids sizes 4T-20.

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

  • Treats For The Daring

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Quirky

Try some offbeat jellybean flavors, if you dare! You could get something delicious, like watermelon or candyfloss … or something truly awful like earwax or rotten egg flavors (or worse!) Each box contains 10 normal flavors and 10 crazy flavors. This could make a fun stocking stuffer or small treat to brighten someone’s day.

Interactive Hedwig the Owl

  • A Toy That Plays Along

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Kids, Cute

Harry’s pet comes alive with this interactive toy. The sound sensor on Hedwig’s chest responds to you calling, clapping, or shouting to wake her up. Hedwig’s head will rotate 180 degrees, and she makes 12 different owl sounds when talking to you.

This gift is appropriate for kids ages 4 and up and a great choice for any kid who loves Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Lip Balm

  • A Sweet Indulgence

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Kids

This would be a fun stocking stuffer or part of a larger present for a tween or teen. Butterbeer lip balm is all-natural and made with beeswax, aloe, shea butter, and other ingredients to soothe and moisturize chapped lips. The butterbeer flavor makes it a great choice for men or women who are Potter fans.

Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box

  • A Gift To Treasure

  • $$$$$
  • Kids, Fun

This collectible wand isn’t meant for everyday kids’ play, but more for an older child, teen, or adult who will treat the wand with care and display it proudly. It’s a replica of the wand and box that were used in the film series and is officially authorized by Warner Brothers.

This Harry Potter gift is appropriate for teens 14 and older.

Nimbus 3000 Racerback Women’s Tank

  • A Gift To Wear To Workout

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Functional

Have fun running while wearing this exercise tank that says, “Running because my Nimbus 3000 is broken.” Fellow Potter-loving runners will be in on the joke. You can choose a black, gray, or blue tank to give any Potter fitness fan.

Harry Potter Baby 5 Pack Bibs

  • Baby Potter

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Functional

This would make a cute present for a baby shower or bring when visiting a new baby. The Harry Potter bibs have 5 different designs, including the Hogwarts crest, a Gryffindor scarf, and a bib proclaiming, “Snuggle this Muggle.” A great gift for new parents who are big Harry Potter fans!

Harry Potter Pensieve Journal Set

  • Gift For A Writer

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Kids

If you’re giving a gift to a person who likes to set down their thoughts for the day, this journal set will be a beautiful way to help them do just that. It comes with an embedded pensieve, wand pen, and memory vials along with a keepsake box. The journal also has quotes from the movies sprinkled throughout.

Golden Snitch Men’s Dress Socks

  • Potterheads At Work

  • $$$$$
  • Fashion, Classic, Quirky

Even men who need to dress in suits can add a touch of whimsy to their outfits with quirky socks. These Golden Snitch socks are a muted gray and white, but anyone who looks closer will notice the nod to the Potter books.

Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

No products found.

Check Price
  • Bring Harry To Class

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Kids

These pencil toppers are great Harry Potter gifts for a kid headed back to school, a stocking stuffer or a party favor to take home after an event. The toppers come as a set of 5, including Harry, Hermione, Ron, and several of their friends.

Harry Potter FAQs

What Does Every Harry Potter Fan Need?

Every avid Harry Potter fan needs a copy of the books, for starters. They’ll likely treasure a boxed set, and many fans even prefer to have at least two (or more!) sets of the books – one to read over and over again and one to keep in good condition on their bookshelf. Many people also like to have a copy of each different version of the boxed sets, with different illustrations on the covers.

Other Potter essentials include copies of the movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, and a scarf indicating your favorite Hogwarts house.

What Are Harry Potter Fans Called?

Harry Potter fans are called Potterheads, and there are many of them! They watch carefully for news of new movies and rides at theme parks, take quizzes to figure out which Hogwarts house they would be sorted into, and often follow the lives of the actors from the movies as well.

What Is In The Golden Snitch?

The Golden Snitch is a flying ball used in the magical game of Quidditch played on brooms in the wizarding world. In the first book, Harry catches the Golden Snitch in his mouth. In the very last book – spoiler alert – we learn what was inside the Snitch. Professor Albus Dumbledore hid the Resurrection Stone inside, and its discovery helps Harry to ultimately overthrow Voldemort.

Is There A Harry Potter Monopoly?

There is not an “official” Harry Potter Monopoly game, but there are many sellers on Etsy who have created their own Monopoly board games. You can find some of them here.

Is There An Official Harry Potter Spell Book?

None of the spell books listed say they are official, but there are many “Unofficial Harry Potter Spell Books” available on Amazon, Target, and elsewhere. We like this one and this one.

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