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40 Perfect Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Awesome horse gifts of all types to get your favorite horse lover back in the saddle in style.

Horse lovers are a unique set of folks. They find not only an interest and a pastime in horses but a poetic way to connect to nature and life itself. The problem is, how can you possibly top that indelible connection by giving them typical horse gifts?

Don’t get lost on the ride to find meaningful gifts that touch the equestrian in your life. You’ll be sure to have a leg up with this abundance of great gifts for horse lovers.

40 Best Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Share a little equestrian happiness with these 40 gifts for horse lovers who rarely leave the stable.

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Quiet Strength Plaque

  • A Thing Of Beauty

  • $$$$$
  • Figure, Inspirational, Handmade

Having a horse is more than having an animal companion. The best gifts for horse lovers can always speak to that poetic significance that horses bring into their life. When you give something as thoughtful as this hand-carved relief to a horse owner as a gift or memorial, you are saying that you understand what their dearest animal companion means in their life.

3D Horse Lamp

  • Flying Horse

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Figure, Cool

If you know a burgeoning horse lover who needs a little horse constellation during the wee hours, this awesome 3D lamp will wow them with its unique light presentation and soft, comforting light in the shape of a galloping horse. You just may even be inspired to give this eye-catching lamp to an adult lover of horses too.

Horse Stirrup Necklace

  • Double The Horse Love

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Cool, Inspirational

Know someone who loves horseback riding and also appreciates stylish jewelry? They’ll love receiving this horse stirrup necklace. A delicate lariat design shows off two stirrups that can be adjusted to display at different lengths. Even friends without horses in their life will want to wear this exquisite piece of jewelry which acts as a symbolic tribute to the creatures they love most.

Horseshoe Metal Wine Rack

  • Saddle Up For Drinks

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Funny, Unique

Sometimes a horse lover doesn’t want to leave the equestrian world behind in the stable. Bring their love of horses home with this metal wine rack that is shaped into horseshoes, which happen to be the ideal shape for holding bottles of wine. A real stand-out piece, this wine rack speaks to the craftsmanship and beauty prevalent in the world of horses and will make every toast that much more special.

Horse-Opoly Board Game

  • Have Fun Horsing Around

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Funny, Cool

What better gift could you give to a family of horse lovers than a game of horse-opoly? This classic board game turned on its head is hours of fun for 2-6 players, kids and adults alike, age 8 and up. They can trade horses by answering questions on all they know about the beloved creatures. Join in the fun, too, and go from 0 to a whole herd of beauties.

Horseback Riding Helmet

  • Get Your Head Right

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Equipment, Cool

There are few pieces of equestrian equipment as important as a riding helmet. Help the horseback rider in your life stay safe when behind the reins with this well-constructed riding helmet with a deep, comfortable fit. A wonderful Christmas gift for trainers, this durable helmet looks super sophisticated and is a well-thought-out gift idea for horse lovers.

Horse Racing Game

  • Race To The Finish Line

  • $$$$$
  • Handmade, Unique, Cool

Old-school horseplay begins and ends with this quirky, handmade horse racing game. All bets are on and the fun commences for any horse aficionado who wants to play a game of chance that involves, well, horses, of course. This artisan-crafted game will be sure to make the equestrian you know, very happy.

Longines Watch

  • My Kingdom For A Watch

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Equestrian, Unique

A true equestrian might be thrilled to pieces when you give them the most luxurious horse gift around. It is a lesser-known fact, but Longines has over a century-old tradition of creating watches with horse riding in mind. Since 1878, they have been sponsoring equestrian events with pride and craftsmanship. A trainer or loved one will be touched that you invested in a timepiece that speaks to their deepest passion‒horses.

Horse Eyeglasses Holder Stand

  • Horse Stand

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Figure, Unique

Now and again, you have to bring a little lighthearted humor into a horseback rider’s life. If they wear glasses, they will appreciate the cute, funky look of this eyeglass holder stand shaped like a bespeckled horse sitting Indian style. The stand is a super sweet way to bring a little horsey into every part of life.

Horse Cheese Plate

  • A Cheese Plate That Gallops

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Figure

For the sophisticated equine fan, you may enjoy bringing fun gifts for horse lovers into their home with a gorgeous cheese plate with two majestic horses as a design. The horse engraving works for any gathering, the horses make any cheese look good, and the plate will remain an artistic mainstay in the home of any horse lover or equestrian alike.

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Horseshoe Earrings

  • Luck Between The Ears

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Cool, Unique

A pretty birthday gift for women or girls, these cute horseshoe earrings are made of sterling silver and shaped like little horseshoes. If a horse lover in training needs some extra luck in competition, these earrings make for a wonderful way to wish them the most success with their horse on the field. Afterward, they can keep their good luck charms on for success in all parts of life outside of the horse stall.

Canvas Messenger Bag

  • Majestic Carry-On

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Handmade, Unique

When it comes time to give horse gifts to a woman who has it all (when it comes to horses), get her a bag so unusual and striking that it forces her to realize that she doesn’t have everything. This canvas messenger-style bag has been created from vegan leather and is horse whimsy encapsulated in a western horse scene. The little touches of stitch and button provide some homemade warmth and style to this special bag.

Equestrian Riding Boots

  • Boots For More Than Trotting

  • $$$$$
  • Equipment, Equestrian, Cool

There are few things as satisfying for an equestrian as slipping their feet into a well-made pair of riding boots. These riding boots are so attractive that you’ll want to learn horseback riding just so you can wear them yourself. Instead, you’ll make a horse lover very happy with the lightweight material and half chap design that will give your horse rider all the confidence they need to keep on riding.

Horse Riding Gloves

  • For The Best Grip

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Riding, Equipment

Have you noticed that your horse trainer is still putting on the same old gloves during your riding instruction? Give them a whole new lease on horse life with these riding gloves made from lightweight ammara fabric. With comfort, fit, and reinforcement in action, these gloves will get you to the top of the class in no time at all.

Quilted Saddle Pad

  • A Quilted Ride

  • $$$$$
  • Equipment, Equestrian, Riding

There is no end to the amount of equipment needed in order to be a serious equestrian. If you know a horse lover who needs a little help going from beginner to pro, they would love to receive this handsome quilted saddle pad. Temperature-controlled fleece and ample sizing will help ensure a comfy ride, whether for the first time or the 100th time.

Horse Chimes

  • The Sweet Sounds Of Hooves

  • $$$$$
  • Figure, Equestrian, Handmade

A lovely housewarming gift for a horse lover’s homestead, the copper windchimes joyfully celebrate all the horses you can muster. They gallop and buck in the breeze just like the real thing, except their neighs have been replaced by the soft sound of tolling bells swaying in the breeze. They add a rustic charm to any open space and are a unique addition to any horse-friendly home.

Equestrian Vest

  • Laced And Ready To Ride

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Equipment, Riding

Whether you know a beginner equestrian or want to add to the equipment supply of a seasoned rider, they will be thrilled to accept this well-built, unisex equestrian vest. The vest does everything a great riding vest should: provide comfort, breathe, and help with shock absorption from those high jumps. The next time your favorite rider encounters some unexpected horseplay, they’ll be laced up and prepped for anything.

Horseshoe Heart Trivet

  • Good Luck With Dinner

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Handmade, Unique

Buying gifts for horse lovers seems to center around the riding experience (equipment, accessories, etc.), but you can show you care about the horse lover in your life in the kitchen with this heart-shaped food trivet handcrafted from an actual horseshoe. There is nothing quite so astonishing as receiving a simple gift that is made by an actual blacksmith. Their food will stay put and they can bring good luck to every single meal.

Tamed Beauty Horse Bust

  • A Horse For Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Inspirational, Figure, Cool

Moms love horses, too, and also get a kick out of decorating their home in elegant equine style. This horse bust with a bronze finish will look like a million bucks on a shelf or in a bookcase. The creatively designed bust brings out the purity and grace of a creature that so many consider our closest companions. Buy her two and watch her equestrian book collection come alive with get-up-and-go.

Salt Block Horse Treat

  • Horse Snacks On A Rope

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Riding, Cool

When looking for the coolest horse gifts to give to your most cherished rider, don’t forget about the other team. Any horse owner or trainer will appreciate this Himalayan salt block on a rope. Their horses can snack on it during downtime and regenerate their energy with their much-needed sodium nutrient needs. Practical‒yes, but how cool will you be letting them know your vast knowledge of horse nutrition?

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Horse Grooming Kit

  • One Mane Love

  • $$$$$
  • Equipment, Riding, Cool

Grooming one’s horse is one of the great joys of owning these graceful animals. Give the equestrian you know (and their horse) a thoughtful yet practical gift for horse lovers with this seven-piece grooming kit. All stored in a tote, the kit includes everything from a soft face brush and a brush made for the mane to a hoof pick. They’ll ride the prettiest horse in the land, thanks to you.

Horses Wine Glass

  • Days Of Wine And Horses

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Equestrian, Cool

Any fan of horses usually loves all the fun things in life: riding, grooming, competing…outside of horseplay, they may like a good glass of wine at the end of a long day on the saddle. This “Horses Keep Me Stable” stemless wine glass might draw laughter at first, but it will be the premier glass they turn to with horse pride every time they want to celebrate a good day at the stables.

Animal Paws Socks

  • An Illusion Of Hooves

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Equestrian

What could make a horse lover happier than dressing up as their favorite horse for a costume party? These socks look so much like a horses’ hoof that they even have the image of a horseshoe imprinted on the bottom of each foot. Granted, they may just forego the costume party and hang out at home in their comfy socks so they can feel a little closer to the horses they call friends.

Horse Sounds

  • Yays and Neighs

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Unique

Horse gag gifts are few and far between, but this horse sounds accessory may just turn a mild-mannered equestrian into the life of the party. All the best horse-related stories need sound effects, so you are actually helping a horse lover get more social via their love of horses. Riders, young and old, will whinny at the fun you’ve caused them to have.

Paddock Boots

  • Trotting In Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Equipment, Equestrian, Riding

The turf where horses roam can get messy: muddy, grassy, and hopefully nothing much worse! Give a trainer a good pair of paddock boots and how much you appreciate their lessons. These boots were made for riding, walking, and minding horses in comfort, durability, and style. They can even easily zip them off once the day is done.

Personalized Horse Print

  • A Horse By Any Other Name

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Unique, Inspiration

The most thoughtful gift ideas for horse lovers take into account the personal relationship between a horse owner and their steed. An art print can reflect this closeness, but one that is personalized with custom typography details in the design will touch any true fan of horses like no other. This tasteful print of a girl and her horse will help create a long-lasting piece of horse decor in their home.

Infinity Bracelet

  • Horses Are Forever

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Equestrian, Inspirational

Even when you can only afford a “cheap” gift for a horse lover, you can still give them something that they will love for under $10. This infinity bracelet makes the great love for horses that its wearer has super abundant with its intricate design that highlights horses, love, and forever, including a horse charm. The rustic charm of this sweet gift will bring a twinkle to the eye of the equestrian you know best.

Horse Encyclopedia

  • A Horse Reference

  • $$$$$
  • Equestrian, Inspirational, Cool

Every horse aficionado needs a solid reference guide on their coffee table in order to learn more about the many types, sizes, and breeds of horses. The information is endless and the world of horse breeds is fascinating. This substantial reference guide is a beautifully illustrated way to find out more about over 150 breeds of horses and will have all the horse enthusiasts you know chomping at the bit for more.

Horse Print

  • Classification Of Horse

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Handmade, Unique

What do you get a trainer or qualified equestrian for their new or existing home? This vintage-looking horse print of 15 different types of horses. It is classic-looking, rustic, and perfect for any horse lover’s wall. The design will turn even the most modern living space into a farmhouse, and with luck, there will be a stable of horses chomping on apples not too far away.

Fairy Pony String Lights

  • Horses For The Holiday

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Equestrian

A wonderful addition to a wedding celebration for two people who love horses, these whimsical string lights light up a line of ponies in a warm glow. They are cute, heartwarming, and will help create a magical party environment, which lets all the guests know that the ponies are running the show. These ponies will light up anyone’s celebration, or a child’s bedroom, with homespun light and love the horsey way.

Dashing Horse Jewelry Box

  • A Place For Horses (And Jewelry)

  • $$$$$
  • Inspirational, Figure, Unique

Girls who love horses need souvenirs from childhood that reflect their greatest loves. This precious wind-up jewelry box is a wonderful place where a little girl can keep some of her favorite pieces of jewelry. It doesn’t hurt that inside the box is a little bucking horse that twirls once the music (Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”) plays. She will think back to the dancing horses of her childhood with glee.

Stallion Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

  • Pass The Salt With The Stallion

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Handmade

Think you can’t find horse gifts for the kitchen of an equestrian? Think again because you can give this salt and pepper shaker set featuring a gorgeous stallion design to any horse lover you know and get a happy result. The unique look is like no other and they will have such fun seasoning their meals with this stallion looking over their shoulder.

Horse Coffee Mug

  • Coffee Time For A Trainer

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Inspirational, Riding

When you need to get a quick and easy yet entertaining gift for a horse trainer, you will always hit the mark with this “Keep Calm Chin Up Heels Down” coffee mug. With luck, your horse trainer will appreciate the funny sentiment, the seriousness of their love for the sport, and a great mug in which to enjoy some coffee on those cold, early mornings when they are out in the field with the herd.

Boot Bag

  • Pack Away All Things Equestrian

  • $$$$$
  • Riding, Equestrian, Equipment

A great choice for a new rider who is learning the ropes of being on horseback, this boot bag holds much more than boots. The structure and construction of the bag are tailor-made for all things equestrian, including riding boots, helmet, crop, and many other smaller accessories. There are so many compartments that come together in a cool-looking design for horse lovers who are learning to ride.

Horse Gift Basket

  • More Than Just Apples

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Equestrian

Ever wonder if a foodie gift basket exists for horse lovers? This gift basket makes a fabulous horse-themed gift for your favorite equestrian. The basket hails from Ocala, Florida, which is the horse capital of the world. Any horse fan will appreciate the “trailblazer” snack mix, gourmet coffee, caramel corn, and much more. Every moment they are not saddling up or grooming their star horse, they’ll be snacking on these delicious treats!

Lucky Horseshoe Cookie Cutter

  • Good Luck Can Be Delicious

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Riding, Cool

When a family that celebrates horses has a birthday party or kids event, they will give thanks to you for thinking of adding horses into every aspect of their home life. This adorable cookie cutter in the shape of a lucky horseshoe is large enough to make one to a few big cookies for any holiday or special event. They can even use the cutters to shape cakes, sandwiches, and anything their equine-loving hearts desire.

Horse Riding T-Shirt

  • For The Hardworking Horse Owner

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cool, Riding

A good t-shirt can stand tall amongst the many types of gift ideas for horse lovers out there. This riding t-shirt is no simple thing. It is a humorous ode to the many, many tasks and much hard work that horse owners perform in order to take care of their favorite creatures and the environment in which they live. Everything from mucking to grooming to fixing fences is covered in this funny and heartwarming t-shirt.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

  • Horses Clear The Air

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Equestrian, Riding

A Himalayan salt lamp is a natural air purifier for a home and this salt lamp is pre-approved for horse lovers everywhere. The intricate lattice design around the authentic Himalayan salt looks amazing when backlit by the light bulb. The design features two horses strolling along, surrounded by trees and the sky. Not only will your favorite horse fan’s air stay fresh, but they will be inspired by the beauty of horses even while at home.

Horse Tack and Saddlery

  • More Than Just A Saddle

  • $$$$$
  • Riding, Equestrian, Equipment

There is so much more to the equestrian world than buying a saddle and climbing on. Everything from the proper riding vest, helmet, and saddle accessories to the equipment involved in the world of jumping and horse racing can be difficult to navigate through. Get the rider you know a solid illustrated guide to all they could ever need and they will fill up their stables with confidence and know-how asap.

Horse Paint-By-Numbers Kit

  • Paint Every Horse

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Equestrian

Painting by numbers is a relaxing way to unwind after a long day at the stables. Give the horse lover you cherish most a wonderful DIY way to create horse-themed art in their home with this paint-by-numbers kit. Kids and adults alike can all get involved in bringing a colorful rendition of a majestic horse to life with fun, family, and paintbrushes.

Horse Gift FAQs

What Do All Horse Riders Need?

Whether they are new horse riders or experienced equestrians, most horse riders need the same kind of riding gear, commonly referred to as “bits, bridles, and saddles” (also “tack”).; This includes the equipment that supports the ever-important saddle. Other accessories like buckets, brushes, hay, and grain all play a part in riding and taking care of a majestic horse companion (1).

What Do You Buy a Horse Lover for Christmas?

Christmas is an ideal time to buy a horse lover a special kind of horse-themed gift that honors their love of these beautiful animals. Thoughtful ideas include a nice art print, a gift that is personalized to the actual horse, or even a custom sign that they can hang in their home or in the stable with their best buddy.

What Gift Can I Get My Horse Riding Instructor?

An instructor acts as a trainer for both person and horse, which can prove challenging. It’s difficult to know what they might need since they seem to have it all when it comes to horse gifts. Some good gift ideas are personal, like a jacket, warm hat, or good thermos, and will help them stay comfortable when teaching their students and horses. Fun gifts that are homemade or quirky, like equestrian teas or stock ties, will also work. The instructor works hard, so a spa day is also a wonderful way to say thank you for all they do.

What is a Good Snack for Horses?

Horses naturally gravitate towards a healthy diet. Nearly all fruits and many different vegetables work wonderfully as treats for horses. Horses traditionally love apples and carrots but also like certain berries, pumpkin, or even snow peas! Vegetables to avoid would be stronger ones like onions, potatoes, cabbage, or nearly any nightshades. They can even be given a few cubes of sugar, as seen in the movies, but that works best given as a special treat and not a snack for every mealtime (2).

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