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20 Interesting January Birthday Facts & Statistics

These cool January birthday facts and statistics answer your questions about babies born during the coldest month of the year.

Ever wonder about January babies? What their most prominent personality traits are likely to be, and what they are most likely to do in life?
Whether you’ve got a January baby on the way or you’re trying to understand someone’s quirks, we delve into some interesting January birthday facts and statistics.

Our guide to facts about people born in January covers everything from astrology to trivia, including January celebrity birthdays. You’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know regarding facts about January babies.

Top 10 January Birthday Facts and Statistics

Here are our top 10 interesting facts about January babies to warm you up during the winter season.

  1. January babies tend to be cool, calm, and level-headed.
  2. The character of Baby New Year goes back to ancient Greek celebrations of Dionysus. He was portrayed as a baby in a basket and marched through the streets.
  3. January babies stand a good chance of growing up to be general practitioners and accountants and are least likely to be real estate agents.
  4. Men born in the second half of January are over two times more likely to marry women born in late October.
  5. January babies may be less irritable than those born in warmer months because of the Vitamin D that’s more prevalent in spring at conception.
  6. January’s Capricorn birthstone is a red garnet that also comes in shades of orange, purple, and green.
  7. The creative types born in January often need friends to support their unique, groundbreaking ideas.
  8. January babies represented 10.67% of the CEOs of S&P 500 companies between 1992 and 2009.
  9. January’s many comedic talents include Betty White, Jim Carrey, and Rowan Atkinson.
  10. The Baby New Year illustration was created by artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker and appeared in The Saturday Evening Post from 1906 to 1943.

What Is the Zodiac Sign for January?

Like other months, people born in January can have two possible astrological signs: Capricorn or Aquarius. Most January babies are Capricorns, born anytime through January 19. Those born between January 20 and 31 fall under the Aquarius sign.

Capricorns are represented by the sea goat with a goat’s body and fish’s tail. This symbolizes a Capricorn’s uncanny ability to live in two worlds at once. Aquarius is an air sign embodied by the water-bearer figure who acts as a sort of healer. Those born under Aquarius are known for their humanitarian side (1).

Personality Traits of January Babies

1. Show, Don’t Tell

People born in January typically like to express emotions through actions, not words. They sometimes struggle with verbal expression but are ready to show you how much they care (2).

2. Outside the Box

Since January babies are creative, they often need support when they come up with an ingenious idea. This occurs whether they’re little kids coming up with new games or adults in touch with their artistic side. Either way, they always crave a friend or loved one to cheer them on.

3. Cool as a Cucumber

You may think you know facts about people born in January, but did you know they’re awesome in a crisis? January babies grow up to be the cool, calm person in the room. If you’re in a high-stress situation or career, they’ll usually be the level-headed ones to help the group succeed.

4. Not a Burden

You may have experienced a January-born person who’d rather do anything than become a burden. It may seem like they don’t trust others with a particular task (which is sometimes true). January babies are people who feel strong enough to get the job done without bothering those they’re in a relationship with (3).

5. From the Outside In

January-born people are known for their leadership qualities. They’re confident and bold when going after their goals. Jeff Bezos is the ultimate in ambitious January babies who grew up to be moguls. They may have secrets, but once you’re trusted, you’re bound to hear them all (4).

6. Entertain You

One very random fact states someone with a January birthday is often a party planner. They tend to adore a good time with friends and colleagues. Their type doesn’t need an expensive party space, fancy food, or a DJ. They make a good time wherever they go, and, if you’re lucky, they’ll invite you along (5).

7. Chilled Out

Like February babies, those born in January are thought to be less irritable than their warmer-weather friends. It may be the abundance of Vitamin D that’s around in spring, when they were conceived. The reason is unclear, but January-born people are less likely to have fluctuating moods.

8. Fame and Fortune

There’s no guarantee that a baby born in January will be famous, but they might be predisposed to it. A 2015 study of 300 celebrities revealed more people with January and February birthdays. They are typically creative and have the problem-solving abilities to make their dreams come true (6).

9. Class Clown

Some funny January birth data includes people who can usually tell a great joke. They often have a silly side that adores comedy, storytelling, and making people laugh (7). January’s jokesters include Betty White, Jim Carrey, and Rowan Atkinson, to name a few.

10. Like Benjamin Button

You’re not crazy—someone born in January might appear to be getting younger as they age. Because they’re born in the new year, the January–born scientifically tend to mature quickly. Birth data trivia calls it “reverse aging,” but it’s all their way of experiencing life (8).

Fun Facts About People Born in January

1. Baby New Year Origins

The image of a “Baby New Year” with a top hat and sash seems to have always been with us. It traces back to ancient Greece with celebrations of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. The procession included a baby in a basket to represent Dionysus himself. The Dionysus baby became the baby Jesus with the advent of Christianity.

2. To Your Health

A study by Columbia University exposed one or two negative traits for January babies. There’s an increased risk of having type 2 diabetes. This might be due to a possible connection between the lack of sunlight in winter during the third trimester. Expecting moms in the Northern Hemisphere can keep this in the back of their minds as something to watch out for (9).

3. Hello Doctor

January babies often grow up to be doctors (specifically general practitioners) and accountants. This may make their parents very happy to know and may offer inspiration for kids. For some reason, those born in January are least likely to be real estate agents.

4. Boss Baby

If you’re expecting a baby in January, you’ll probably find them as head of a corporate office someday. According to Time, January babies represented 10.67% of the CEOs of S&P 500 companies between 1992 and 2009. January came in just under March, April, and November.

5. Leftie for Life

A baby boy who has a January birthday might be left-handed more than other little boys. It might relate to the time of conception in warm-weather months leading to higher levels of the male hormone testosterone. The higher level of these male hormones often leads to left-handed boys (10).

6. 20th-Century Babe

The modern-day Baby New Year was first created by artist Joseph Christian Leyendecker for The Saturday Evening Post in 1906. Each New Year’s issue of the publication featured some incarnation of a baby or cherub, which continued until 1943.

7. On the Field

Children born in January are usually older than most teammates (up to 11 months). So January-born kids can have more physical advantages and be more involved in school sports.

Whether varsity basketball or the tennis team, these slightly older children have the advantage of more growth and physical development to shine on the field (11).

8. Looking for Love

2008 research suggests that men born during the latter half of January are more likely to marry women born in late October. They’re 2.3 times more likely to see these women as their best match (12). January is also known as “divorce month,” so hopefully, their marriage is built to last (13).

9. Instant Notoriety

If you’re born in January, you can share your birthday month with more than a few celebrities. It’s a month filled with famous birthdays galore, from Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Dolly Parton to Justin Timberlake and Oprah Winfrey. They may have a famous future in store (14).

10. A Vibrant Red

The first three weeks or so of January represent the astrological sign of Capricorn. The birthstone for Capricorns is garnet. While famously red, garnets also come in different colors, like orange, purple, and green. Whatever its hue, garnets symbolize “health, wealth, and happiness” (15).

Future of a Person Who Is Born on January 1

Here’s the lowdown on people lucky enough to hear “Happy Birthday” on the first day of the year.

  • Because those born on January 1 are Capricorns, they’re inclined to be versatile in their lives and careers.
  • The specific symbol of a January 1 baby is a pheasant, famous for its gorgeous plumage. This represents creativity and ambition to make it happen.
  • The element for January 1 is Earth, so the inclination to be creative is tempered by down-to-earth stability and patience.
  • Those born on January 1 are born during a zodiac cusp of Sagittarius-Capricorn. This cusp is ruled by the planet Saturn, which influences their personality. They can be extra loyal and particularly good friends (16).
  • Babies born on New Year’s Day are traditionally blessed with lifelong good luck and fortune, whether a boy or a girl (17)!


Are January Births Rare?

If your birthday falls on January 1, it ranks 365th in yearly birthdays, with only 7,792 U.S. births on January 1, 2022 (18). January ranked ninth out of 12 months in 2022, so it’s not as common a time for a birthday (19).

What is the Most Common Birth Date in January?

The New York Times lists January 20 as the most common birth date in January, ranking number 240 in 2022 (20). Other January birth date runner-ups include January 27 at number 262 and January 22 at number 271.

Who is the Best Match For Someone Born in January?

Capricorns (babies born up until January 19) are most compatible with Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, or Taurus astrological signs. These zodiac signs are thought to be the most straightforward (21). If a January-born person is an Aquarius, their best partner’s zodiac sign is Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius (22).

What is the Best Color for Someone Born in January?

Even though the January-born can be Capricorn or Aquarius, the official birthstone of January is considered deep red. The birthstone for a Capricorn is a red garnet, while Aquarius’s birthstone is a purple amethyst. Capricorn babies are born through January 19, while those with a birthdate of January 20 to 31 are Aquarius.

What is a Lucky Number for Someone Born in January?

As a Capricorn, the lucky numbers are six, eight, and nine (23). When a person born in January falls under Aquarius, the luckiest birth numbers are three, nine, and two (24). It depends on when their January birthday occurs, but January babies are resourceful enough to make their own luck too.

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