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33 Cute & Unusual Gifts for Knitters: 2024 Guide

Travel beyond the woolen rows of yarn and treat the knitter in your life to an awesome knitting themed gift.

Yarnies, hookers, crocheters, spinners, stitch-a-holics…people who knit have their own lingo, materials, needs, and wants. It’s difficult for an outsider to navigate their yarn-filled world. How can you get a gift for the knitter who has everything if you don’t even know what “everything” is?

We have weaved together an extensive guide to the necessary, the personal, and the downright hilarious knitting gifts for the knitter you treasure most. Whether they make socks, coffee warmers, or their bumper sticker reads “I brake for yarn,” you will be guaranteed a thank you gift in return (likely something that they knit!).

33 Best Gift Ideas for Knitters

Get ready for 33 of the most fun-loving gifts for knitters that will keep you and yours close-knit for a long time to come.

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Knitting Mug from Boxer Gifts

  • A Strong Cup Of Yarn

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Yarn, Easy

It’s not often that a hardcore knitter will take time away from their projects to enjoy a cup of coffee…until now. You will be guaranteed to share a coffee (or tea) with your knitter once you offer them this “Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling” mug. The unique mug is made in a matte ceramic style with yarn that acts as a wool cozy. Coffee will stay warmer longer for morning gossip with your stitcher.

User Experience

In my experience, this mug proved to be a delightful gift for a friend who loves knitting. Despite its slightly dull lavender hue, I found it to be well-constructed and capable of retaining warmth for a satisfactory duration. However, the finish on the mug felt a bit off to me, almost as if it lacked a glaze, giving it a somewhat dry texture. Despite its minor flaws, the unique and original design, coupled with its sturdy build, made it a hit among my knitting enthusiasts buddies.

Sleepy Sheep Ceramic Knitting Bowl

  • No Tangles Ever Again

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Cute, Unique

Every knitter has a yarn bowl, but you will be tops on their knit list when you give them the What On Earth Knitting Bowl. This cute sheep will protect yarn, keep it clean, and untangled. The lovely image of yarn gently coming away from the plump sheep’s open tail will improve any knitting session and show that you get the nuances of knitting too. Smooth glazed for no snags!

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with these sheep yarn bowls, which add a dash of adorable charm to my knitting setup at home. The size is just right for my small skeins of cotton yarn, though larger ones might not fit as snugly. I've found the design not only cute but also practical, keeping my 50-gram balls of yarn in check. Can't wait to share these with my knitter friends, it's sure to be a unique addition to their crafting nooks.

Mini Wooden Cassette Tape Needle Gauge

  • Functional Nostalgia

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Funny, Cute

A knitter’s sense of touch is heightened and their love of vintage knows no bounds. This mini needle gauge is a wonderful way to give them something both functional and personal. The wooden cassette tape harkens back to the days of mixed tapes and works as a needle gauge for each project. You can seal the deal by personalizing the “mixed tape” with an engraving of the knitter’s name on its label.

Threshold Seagrass Storage Basket

  • Yarn Storage For All

  • $$$$$
  • Storage, Easy, Yarn

The Seagrass storage basket is that unexpected but treasured gift for knitters. Not only is the basket stylish, but it is durable and can hold any number of supplies, materials, and even patterns/books. It doesn’t hurt that the basket is made of handwoven seagrass and will fit into the natural look of any knitter’s home.

Coffeehouse Knits: Knitting Patterns And Essays With Robust Flavor

  • Part Coffee, Part Knitting

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Christmas

There is little that goes together better than a cup of coffee and knitting. This meditative, lighthearted book does just that. 20 coffee-themed patterns intersect with lifestyle essays about the knitting community, their philosophy, and what makes those who stitch special. A beautiful Christmas gift for the coffee table of your knitting loved one.

User Experience

This knitting book truly showcases the creativity of designer Kerry Bogert with a plethora of patterns that range from fingerless mitts to pullovers. I've personally fallen for the latte swirl sweater and the dirty chai pullover, though I did notice a couple of mistakes in the patterns that required some errata. Despite the minor hiccups, this book has been a valuable resource in my knitting journey, and the use of ordinary yarn for all projects makes it even more accessible.

Teamoy Yarn Tote Organizer

  • Organize Every Ball Of Yarn

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Unique, Storage

Does your favorite knitter have an organization problem? Rest assured‒you can help. Many of the mainstay items that they currently throw into a basket can fit neatly into this Teamoy Yarn Tote Organizer. Available in seven colors, this organizer has it all: slots for needles, a see-through top so the contents are visible, multiple compartments, and a durable strap for knitting on the go. Now you can help knitters and crocheters everywhere finally go on vacation.

Personal Perspective

I'm a keen knitter and have always battled with yarn organization until I stumbled upon this Teamoy Yarn Tote Organizer. With its multiple compartments and slots for needles, it has easily streamlined my knitting process. The see-through top is a thoughtful touch, allowing me to quickly view the contents. Its durability is also commendable, with the strap proving to be quite sturdy for those knitting and crocheting sessions on the move. This yarn organizer might just be the solution for knitters like me looking to finally clean up their act.

Personalized Faux Leather Knitting Labels

  • Exclusively Knit With Love

  • $$$$$
  • Easy, Cool, Unique

How many times have you gotten a hand-knit item that lacked a signature by its creator? These Personalized Faux Leather Labels by Cutpie Studio on Etsy are a unique and practical gift idea for knitters. Your knitter can personalize all projects with an individual name brand and the labels fasten with rivets to the most fragile knitting creations. Help your knitter leave their mark in a thoughtful and cool way.

10-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart by Honey-Can-Do®

  • A Rainbow In Every Compartment

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Storage, Cute

Great for crafters of all kinds, the rolling storage cart is the festive and fun answer to knitters, crocheters, and project makers. With 10 drawers using every color in the rainbow, you will help your loved one store everything from books and patterns to drawings materials, knitting needles, and other accessories. The storage cart doesn’t take up too much space and will help organize everything they bought from Etsy that week.

Wool Yarn Ball And Needles Earrings

  • Adorned With Knitting Needles

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Jewelry, Yarn

Sometimes you can’t begin to guess what specific needle or thickness of rare yarn your knitting fan needs. What you can do is surprise them with these unusual and adorable earrings. They will know that no matter the occasion, they can sneak their love of knitting into their look. The tiniest touches are sometimes the most appreciated ones. Think small for your knitter and they will think grandly of you.

Summer Punch Needle Kit

  • For The Adventurous Crafter

  • $$$$$
  • Easy, Unique, Cute

Even the most ardent knitter wants to branch out. Why not send them an invitation to explore a new craft on their days off? This punch needle kit is ideal for beginners and those who want to punch-needle as a sideline. With the choice of either a pre-printed hummingbird or tulip design, this gift idea for knitters can open up a whole new world for the knitter in your life to enjoy.

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Knitter's Pride Rainbow Knit Blockers

  • An Even Stitch Every Time

  • $$$$$
  • Easy, Yarn, Christmas

Knitting isn’t just about the dancing of needles and a ball of yarn tumbling across the floor. Knitting is a lesson in precision and patience. Show you care about the finished product of your knitter with these rainbow knit blockers. Like any knit blocker, the set of 20 allows a knitter to keep watch over the shape and detail of each stitch that goes into forming their final creation.

Community Feedback

If you're into knitting like I am, these knit blockers are a treat. They're easier to use than individual pins or blocking wires, and they're sturdy enough to work well on both swatches and larger projects, like sweaters and scarves. The blockers come in two sizes, which I found really useful, and their pin tips are sharp, so they stick really well in cardboard. However, they might be smaller than you expect, but that doesn't affect their effectiveness. Do be careful, though, those sharp tips can be a bit tricky to handle. All in all, these knit blockers have significantly reduced my blocking time, making them a welcome addition to my knitting supplies.

Hand-Knit Snail and Set of Coasters

  • The Best Knitting Companion

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cute, Funny

While spending an afternoon with a knitting friend, you realize that what your friend needs is the world’s cutest hand-knit snail coaster set to warm up their world. Made with 100% hemp in a set of four, this snail and his coasters are a thoughtful gift idea for knitters that you may not have thought of (which is why we did).

The Twelve Knits Of Christmas Book

  • My True Love Knit For Me

  • $$$$$
  • Christmas, Yarn, Cute

Give your holiday knitter a jump start on next year’s decorating with The Twelve Knits Of Christmas Book. The inviting guide lays out patterns, plans, and instructions to create all 12 characters in “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” From “12 Drummers Drumming” to “A Partridge in a Pear Tree,” all the patterns in the book are a great fit for beginners and pros alike and will bring a lot of yarn-filled joy this holiday season.

User Experience

This book is a delightful addition to my collection of craft resources. The whimsical designs, inspired by "The Twelve Days of Christmas," are a joy to look at, even if you're not an experienced knitter. The patterns are manageable, using DK yarn and relatively small needles, and although the human figures require a bit more assembly and detail work, the result is worth the effort. I was slightly disappointed there wasn't a pattern for a knitted pear tree, but the included cardboard cut-out makes a stylish centerpiece.

OttLite Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp

  • Shine A Light On Every Stitch

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Easy

Knitting is a detailed business, and eyesight can suffer because of it. You can help save the eyes of crafters everywhere with one of the great knitting gifts: the OttLite LED fan lamp. With a sleek, slim design, this LED table or desk lamp has five brightness settings. In addition, the lamp has a fan with three settings which will keep the most hardworking knitter cool when deep inside the lengthiest rows.

Adjustable Knitting/Crochet Loop Ring

  • Keep Yarn In Check

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Jewelry, Cool

There is no reason why knitting gifts can’t also be beautiful, and there is no reason your knitter fan won’t adore this adjustable loop ring. The lovely peacock design will hold their yarn just so and prevent hand cramping at the same time. The silver-plated loop rings come in a set of three and make for enchanting jewelry that can be worn as decorative rings on the knitter’s day off.

Community Feedback

Bought these yarn rings and they've been of great help with my psoriasis, making holding the yarn less painful. However, only one of the three was usable as the others had obstructive metal under the head. While this ring can simplify knitting by maintaining tension, it's worth noting they are rather small and the yarn can slip off due to a shallow loop. Unfortunately, one broke within a day, shredding my yarn, and the adjustment part didn't work effectively - a clear indication of compromised quality.

Sony True Wireless Blue Headphones

  • A Practical Knitting Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Christmas, Easy

On Christmas, the best knitter you know may open their gift to find these great Sony wireless headphones. The lightweight wireless earbuds and charger case will bring a huge smile to their face. Nothing is more important to a knitter than having their hands free. With these Sony headphones, they can listen to their favorite music, take calls, and walk around with absolute freedom. They’ll never doubt your gifting abilities again.

Lion Brand Chunky Knit Yarn Husk

  • Yarn That Knows No Bounds

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Christmas, Cool

A yarn like no other, the Lion Brand Chunky Knit Yarn Husk is a yarn for big knitting and crocheting projects: extra wooly sweaters, cozy blankets, or even area rugs. By giving this six-pack of chunky chenille yarn to your knitting pal, you are giving gifts for knitters that set the bar high for creative and impressive projects to come. You will also let them know that you believe in their ability to knit big.

Knitting Stemless Wine Glass

  • The Knit And Sip

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Cute, Funny

Cabernet and crafts…why not? Many knitting-focused groups exist around the combination of knitting and enjoying a glass of wine. Guarantee your favorite knitter a place at the table with this “Yarned and Dangerous” wine glass knitting gift. The stemless, laser-etched glass is a pretty sight and will let everyone in your knitter’s company know where they stand on their craft.

Wooden Sock Blockers

  • Block Your Socks Off

  • $$$$$
  • Craft, Yarn, Easy

A good knitter may fashion a scarf or a blanket, but a great knitter can make a good pair of booties or socks. You can never offer enough knit blockers that help shape knit footwear, and these handmade sock blockers will be a valued addition to their collection. With soft edges and a whimsical cat design, these sock blockers will have your knitter creating perfectly sized socks for all before you know it.

Mau Lifestyle Hand Woven Cat Bed

  • Knitty Kitty

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Yarn

When a knitter can’t make time to knit for their cat, what can they do? They can turn to you, their friend who understands being both a pet and a yarn lover. This single weave cat bed is a gorgeous, adjustable gift for knitters, so their kitty can climb into it as if it was the softest weave turtleneck sweater. Kitty might never return from the land of knitted comfort again.

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Boldloft Couples Coffee Mugs

  • Romantic Knitting Over Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Yarn, Cute

For the couple who knits, you can guarantee a smile with the Boldloft “Love Ties Us Together” coffee mug set. The his n’ hers coffee mugs are connected with a long and winding piece of red yarn across the design. When they look into each other’s eyes, they will also look at your thoughtful gift for knitters and think of how you understood who they both were.

User Experience

In my experience, these mugs are as charming as they come. The sturdy and adorable design, featuring figures on both sides, caught me off guard at first, but I've grown to love their uniqueness. My partner and I share these mugs during our morning coffee ritual, adding a touch of sentiment to our routine. The matte finish gives them a high-quality feel and they've held up well in the dishwasher without any fading. They might be slightly smaller than my usual coffee mug, but the cuteness and sentimentality make up for a few extra trips to the coffee pot. These mugs have become a treasured part of our home, proving that sometimes, it's the small things that bring the most joy.

Light Up Crochet Hook Set

  • Light Up Crochet Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Funny

Crocheters are sometimes overlooked in the world of knitting. Any funny gift ideas for knitters must include the quirkiest crocheting gift around. This crochet hook set is for the crocheter in your life that needs more light as they work. They will appreciate your sense of humor and respect for their craft. They might also thank you for the comfort-focused hooks that prevent hand cramps and allow crocheting to go on both night and day.

Personal Perspective

Great design and functionality are key features of these lighted crochet hooks. These hooks are comfortable to hold due to their padded handles and they illuminate brilliantly, making it easier to work with dark yarn. However, I noticed that the plastic hooks do not glide as smoothly through the loops as aluminum hooks do, and they can sometimes squeak. Additionally, the brightness can be a bit excessive, especially for those of us who wear glasses, as the glare can be slightly discomforting. Despite these minor drawbacks, the set does come with a nice case and extra batteries, which is definitely a plus.

Brownmed Compression Grip Gloves

  • Self Care For Knitters

  • $$$$$
  • Christmas, Unique, Easy

These fingerless gloves are a fabulous knitting themed gift. Knitters and crocheters can both experience hand cramping, fatigue, and even signs of arthritis from keeping their hands in awkward positions for prolonged periods. Help their wellbeing with these compression gloves that subdue stiffness and increase healthy circulation at the same time. Their hands will be thanking you for a long time. A great gift for grandma.

Knewmart Yarn Ball Winder

  • A Winder of Yarns

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Christmas, Easy

Still want more gift ideas for knitters? Give your knitter a gift that allows their tired hands to rest easy once the stitches are done. The yarn winder re-winds the yarn back into a ball and is quick and easy to use. The yarn winder also makes pom-poms and attaches to a table or desk, so you can keep the knitter company while their yarn is re-wound until the next project.

First-Hand Impression

I was initially met with a bit of a learning curve when I first started using this yarn winder, but once I mastered the technique of maintaining a tight tension on the yarn, it proved to be a practical tool. This product simplifies the process of keeping yarn organized and tangle-free, and I found it to be particularly effective with smaller quantities of yarn. However, caution is advised while winding too fast as yarn can get tangled under the spin wheel, but with a slower, deliberate pace, this yarn winder makes neat balls from your yarn.

Couch Arm Knitting Caddy

  • Relaxing While Knitting

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Cute

You might have noticed knitters who sit on the couch with piles of supplies and materials at their feet, on the coffee table, and in the couch cushions (ow! was that a knitting needle?). You can make their arts & crafts time more organized than ever with this knitting caddy. The thoughtful gift for knitters drapes over the arm of a couch and keeps needles, yarn, and tools nearby in a well-crafted piece.

Wool Nest Starter

  • Flyaway Wool

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Yarn

A nest starter is an eclectic, cute design idea that hangs in the garden of your wool enthusiast so that nearby birds can use it to make a nest. After all, why should knitters have all the good wool? For those knitters who like to share leftover wool, yarn, or even the excess hairs from their household pets, the most whimsical of them will appreciate your gift for the knitter who has (almost) everything.

Glocusent Neck Reading Light

  • Let There Be Hands-Free Light

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Easy, Christmas

It’s not just knitting grandmas who appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift idea for knitters. Any crafter whose eyes are strained or need focused light on their project might enjoy this neck reading light in their knitting bag. Able to hold an 80-hour charge, this reading light can be wrapped around the neck with ease and provide hours of knitting fun. You may even save your knitter from a pair of eyeglasses.

Community Feedback

If you're like me, an evening hobbyist who enjoys quiet activities like knitting or reading under dim light, then this neck light could be a great tool for you. This light proves extremely useful, with its flexible arms and adjustable brightness levels, it caters to my need for focused light without disturbing others in the room. Plus, it's incredibly lightweight, so much so that I almost forget it's there! The different color tones are a bonus, letting me choose the best light for my eyes. Despite its small size, it has a surprisingly long battery life, making it perfect for those long power outages or camping trips.

Living Textiles Elephant Knit Rattle

  • Baby’s First Knit

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Yarn, Unique

A parent who knits wants to share the best knits with their little ones. So can you‒the Theo Elephant rattle is a playful handmade item that is soft and safe for the littlest babes to find stimulation and entertainment. The sweet knit elephant makes not only a lovely gift for knitters but also a great baby shower gift for your knitting mom-to-be.

Personalized Wooden Scissor Case

  • A Touch of Personalized Vintage

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Unique, Storage

Knitting enthusiasts cherish their scissors, but they risk damage and wear just leaving their best pair lying around. As their friend and knitting supporter, you can offer them the best Etsy has to offer with this particular scissor case. Ideal for a vintage pair of scissors, this attractive wooden case is decorated with an intricate butterfly design and can be personalized to your most special knitting companion.

Harry Potter Crochet Kit

  • A Magical Knit Kit

  • $$$$$
  • Christmas, Fun, Cute

It had to happen sometime…the worlds of knitting and Harry Potter finally come together in this fun holiday gift for crochet lovers. A solid choice for a knitting grandma who wants to share her Harry Potter creations with her grandchildren, the Harry Potter Crochet Kit will keep your crocheter busy for a long time, and the result will be sure to both wow and entertain!

Personal Perspective

My personal experience with this kit was mixed. The project designs are appealing, but the quality of the included yarn falls short, feeling rough and low-grade, which is disappointing. Furthermore, the provided instructions could be more straightforward and user-friendly, as they tend to overlook certain techniques and some stitch abbreviations listed are not even used in the patterns, making it somewhat challenging for beginners.

Ball Of Yarn Business Card Holder

  • For The Knitting Professional

  • $$$$$
  • Yarn, Cool, Unique

There comes a time when the knitting guru in your life decides to go pro. Show them how much you believe in their talents with the turquoise business card holder. They can let the world know that they have embarked on a knitting adventure in style with this quirky knitting gift. The stained glass design and the knitting needles feature will bring them success before they’re even out of the gate.

Cast On Tote Bag

  • Knitting On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Cute

Help your best-loved knitter and crocheter get out of the house! This well-made canvas bag is roomy and will fit the more daunting of knitting needles and more. The cheeky “cast on” with graphic knot design reminds everyone that “casting on” in the knitting community means taking that ever-important first step (or first row). Help empower a knitting fan today!

Measuring Tape Wristlet

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  • Measured in Style

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Unique, Cool

A fashionable way to hit the town for that local stitch group, crafting convention, or any reason at all, The wristlet made from measuring tape speaks to the lovers of craft and precision while looking colorful and fun. The large pouch can be used as a wallet, a mini purse, or a safe place for the tiniest of supplies. Your crafty fashionista might thank you by taking you out on the town.

Knitting Gift FAQs

What Can I Knit for a Gift?

The beauty of knitting is that you can knit large or small. If you’re a beginner, make sure to start small, but not too small. Very miniature knits can be more challenging to complete due to the tiny details. Great starter knitting gift ideas are booties, a scarf, a set of coasters, or a cup cozy. The Knitting For The Absolute Beginner guide book is a great place to start, as well as a Beginners Knitting Kit, which you can find more of on Etsy (1).

What Does Every Knitter and Crocheter Need?

According to Craftsy, every knitter needs a variety of supplies, including everything from needles (of which there are many), yarn, and stitch markers that mark particular places in the pattern to measuring tape, needle caps, and a wool-washing kit (who’d have thought?). All are on the gift list of a dedicated knitter or crocheter. Additionally, having a good knitting bag or storage piece comes in handy when trying to cram multiple knitting supplies in the spare room or worse, the bedroom (2).

What Materials and Tools Used In Knitting?

We have covered needles, stitch markers, and needle caps, but there is a plethora of supplies that the most knit-obsessed aficionado will always be on the lookout for. These include dressmaker shears, blocking mats for shaping the material, a gauge finder for needle size, and more. As for materials, wool is the name of the game, but there are so many varieties of wool that a knitters’ work is never done‒everything from mohair and lambswool to cashmere and the prized angora. There is no such thing as the knitter who has everything1 (3)

What is a Knitting Journal?

The Creative Folk website refers to a knitting journal as “a great place to keep a running log of everything you made.” What this means is that the knitting journey is catalogued by the knitter. Everything is written down: a blueprint for a certain pattern or piece, the steps taken to complete it, and the mistakes made. They can look back, teach themselves, teach others, and start again. Your favorite knitter may not let you see their knitting journal, but chances are they’ve got one tucked away in a special place (4).

How We Choose Knitting Gifts

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the importance of finding the perfect knitting gifts. Our team of seasoned experts, with their extensive experience and deep research, review each item thoroughly. We evaluate products from your perspective, comparing attributes such as price, style, and user reviews. Criteria like quality, durability, and creativity are considered while scoring each knitting kit, wool yarn, pattern book, or knitting needles. We consult with real users and survey diverse demographics to curate a wide variety of unique gift ideas. Trust us to filter and group gifts that best fit your needs, ensuring you find the perfect knitting gift every time.

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