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43 Cute Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: 2024 List

These last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts can put mom to work in the most fun way possible.

Have you been searching for the cutest last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom? Without a lot of time before Mother’s Day, you might settle on a DIY gift that doesn’t fit her or appeal to what she loves best.

Don’t waste time getting lost in DIY land when you can check out this easy-to-navigate list of memorable last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas. They’re sure to delight moms the world over… even yours.

43 Best Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Read on for the top last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts to make any mom a happy lady.

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Miniature Dollhouse DIY Kit

  • Welcome To The Dollhouse

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Unique, Crafty

You can keep your mom busy this Mother’s Day with this intricate miniature dollhouse DIY kit. She can delve into an impressive hobby with the detailed coffee house setting and multiple-piece collection. From each element and accessory, she’ll be able to build a beautiful miniature scene for all to see.

User Experience

After wrestling with this miniature kit, I've come to appreciate its intricacies despite its shortcomings. This kit is challenging, no doubt, with its complex miniature components and somewhat ambiguous instructions. The less than ideal scale and lack of detailed directions increased the difficulty but made the completion all the more satisfying. Although I initially struggled with finding the correct parts due to the absence of a clear layout, I soldiered on, guided by the thrill of piecing everything together. This kit isn't for everyone, but if you're up for a test of patience and precision, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful miniaturized marvel. Despite the occasional frustrations, I found the process engaging and the end result, a testament to my tenacity and attention to detail.

DIY Candle Making Kit

  • Set A Crafty Mood

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Unique, Spa

This easy-to-use candle-making kit can step into the scene when you’re looking for last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts. The beginner’s kit has everything Mom needs to get into candle-making right away. It includes soy wax, wicks, glue, candle dye, and more. She’ll be able to create four candles that might make a return trip to you as a thank you gift.

Personal Perspective

This candle-making kit delivered a delightful hands-on experience for my husband and me on Valentine's Day, with its all-inclusive feature saving us the hassle of sourcing additional items. Mirroring the product image precisely, the components, albeit slightly smaller jars than anticipated, were perfect for beginners like us. However, my kit arrived without the key ingredient of the 10oz of Soy wax x 3, rendering it useless and tainting my overall experience.

DIY Jewelry Making Kit

  • A Thousand Beads Become One

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Crafty, Creative

Moms can get deep into DIY with this jewelry-making kit they’ll be sure to love. The set is jam-packed with 4,000 beads, accent beads, and all the tools and accessories needed to fashion unique jewelry pieces. She can make everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings that you won’t forget.

Community Feedback

I've been on both ends of the spectrum with this toy; it was a mixed bag of emotions. The charms were mostly broken, which upset my five-year-old granddaughter, but she still found joy in the ones that were intact.

DIY Bonsai Starter Kit

  • Garden The Meditative Way

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Garden, Hobbies, Unique

Time won’t be an issue when you give your mom this DIY bonsai starter kit for Mother’s Day. It’s an instant classic that will teach her the special art of growing bonsai trees. The set has the makings of four bonsai trees, like rocky mountain pine and Norway spruce. She’ll be quick to learn the ways of the bonsai and all the lessons they can impart.

First-Hand Impression

As a gardening enthusiast, I found this bonsai tree kit intriguing. The initial sowing process was straightforward, with the Rocky Mountain Pine and Blue Jacaranda seeds sprouting within weeks. However, the Royal Poinciana seeds required some additional tinkering to help them sprout, and unfortunately, the Norway Spruce seeds were a no-show. Daily care for these fledgling trees has been surprisingly therapeutic, and while the burlap pots included in the kit have some drainage issues, the thrill of watching these tiny trees grow has largely outweighed these minor inconveniences. All in all, this bonsai kit has been an engaging experience, offering a unique opportunity to delve into the art of bonsai cultivation.

DIY Pearl Tea Kit

  • Tiny Tea Bubbles

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Foodie, Gourmet

Treat your mom to delicious bubble tea and help teach her how to make it too. This DIY pearl tea kit makes over 20 drinks using Thai, Jasmine, and Black teas and tapioca pearls. She’ll be able to fashion all sorts of delicious combinations to please the whole family and have a great time doing it.

User Experience

Bought this boba tea kit after sampling several others, and it's definitely the top performer. The tea flavors are fresh and aromatic, especially the jasmine, and it's a blast creating our own boba drinks at home. However, the instructions could be clearer as they're tucked away on small index cards in the box, and I felt the tea was a bit weak when brewed according to the directions. Also, it could use more boba pearls as we ran out after making about 7-9 cups, but overall, it's a fun, family-friendly activity that brings a bit of the boba shop experience into your kitchen.

DIY Organic Home Spa Kit

  • Her Own Home Spa

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Spa, Unique, Fun

There’s no need to take a cool mom to the spa on Mother’s Day when you can give her this DIY spa kit and watch her create instant relaxation. This ingenious set has all the ingredients necessary to make loads of fun spa products, like masks for hair and face, bath salts, scrubs, and more. She might just open up a spa of her own after she’s done with this kit.

DIY Personalized Stamped Jewelry Kit

  • Make It Personal

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Crafty, Hobbies

When you want to give your mom a new way to make homemade jewelry, you can give her this personalized stamped jewelry kit. She’ll enjoy spending Mother’s Day and days afterward with the kit full of tools to make an array of jewelry that allows her to hand stamp the final results. The pieces can be given as gifts to others she wants to share her magical touch with.

Community Feedback

My experience with this kit has been largely positive, especially considering the joy it brought to my adult daughter and granddaughters. From the moment they opened it, they were crafting trinkets, albeit after some practice to perfect the hammering technique. The kit could benefit from more metal pieces and resin, as we found ourselves needing to replenish these supplies rather quickly. Despite minor drawbacks like the need for a heavier hammer for more effective imprinting, this kit stirred up creativity and pride in their homemade jewelry.

DIY Felt Succulents Kit

  • The Softest Green Thumb

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Garden, Unique, Hobbies

This DIY felt succulent kit is an unexpected surprise for Mom on Mother’s Day. The craft kit will allow her to create 18 colorful succulent plants to display as they are or in a frame as the softest piece of art. The Mother’s Day flower bouquet she expects will be even more meaningful after she is the one who creates it.

First-Hand Impression

I've spent a couple hours crafting with this DIY felt succulent kit and while it was an enjoyable experience, it does come with its share of quirks. The pre-cut felt strips are convenient, but the price feels steep when considering you could potentially cut your own for less. The rubber bands provided were not very effective in holding the succulents together, so I ended up resorting to a hot glue gun for more stability. While the chalk provided for adding color to the succulents was a fun touch, it required a bit of effort to show up on the felt, and caused some fuzzing, hence, I would suggest using your own coloring method if possible.

DIY Sushi Making Kit

  • Sushi House 101

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Foodie, Fun

Up the game on a standard sushi meal on Mother’s Day by giving your mom this cool DIY sushi-making kit for her new hobby. The crystal clear instructions and tools will allow her to make eight sushi rolls using the bamboo mat. She can enjoy this delicacy whenever she wants to, no matter how far away she is from the next Mother’s Day.

User Experience

This sushi kit has truly been a fun and engaging experience. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the end result was surprisingly delicious sushi, despite the challenge of getting the paper for the rolls to stick together. There was an issue with the rice bag being open in the package, but I was able to quickly replace it. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, even for a sushi novice like myself. Just remember, you'll need to hunt down your own sushi-grade ahi tuna and fillings, but trust me, it's worth the extra effort for the authentic taste.

DIY Succulent Terrarium Starter Kit

  • A World Of Her Own Making

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Garden, Hobbies, Creative

Give your mom her very own garden to grow with this DIY terrarium starter kit for Mother’s Day. The set has everything needed to create her own private succulent terrarium, including a cheap price tag. The miniature display will look adorable in any room in which she decides to show it off to the world.

Personal Perspective

Bought this terrarium kit for my sister who was absolutely thrilled. On unboxing, I was immediately impressed by its thoughtful packaging and clear instructions, not to mention the charming addition of miniature dinosaurs. The kit proved to be delightfully easy to assemble and, before long, I too was the proud owner of a thriving, space-friendly terrarium. All in all, this terrarium kit - complete with plant food, a brush, and even a guidebook - offered an enjoyable crafting experience for both novices and enthusiasts alike.
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Bath Bomb DIY Kit

  • Self-Made Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Spa, Fun, Unique

Everyone gives bath bombs for Mother’s Day, but why not give your mom a way to generate bath bombs with this enjoyable DIY kit? The GMO-free bath bomb kit has all-natural ingredients ready to be fashioned into handmade bath bombs. Spa day at home might never be the same with scents like lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and grapefruit to set the scene for relaxing.

Community Feedback

Definitely, this DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit provided a fantastic bonding opportunity with my granddaughter. We had a blast adding our own twist, like paprika for a lovely peach color and a mix of lemongrass and lavender essential oils. Cleaning the bathtub after our little project was a minor inconvenience considering how soft and smooth my skin felt after using the coconut oil in the kit. However, the packaging could use a bit of improvement as some of the ingredients were scattered in the box and an oil had leaked out. Despite these minor issues, the fun we had and the quality of the bath bombs we made made this kit worth every penny.

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

  • A Gourmand’s DIY

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Gourmet, Unique

Mochi ice cream is more than just a special dessert. It’s something you can teach your mom to make this Mother’s Day. This DIY kit will show her all there is to know about making mochi ice cream.

It includes an ice cream mold, a dough cutter, and a few basic ingredients to start her off. The end result will be this tasty Japanese favorite for all to devour.

First-Hand Impression

I've used this kit both as a fun activity and a wonderful gift for my family members who love cooking. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, making it less messy than I initially anticipated. Although it doesn't include every ingredient needed, the two main components are common household items. Despite being slightly pricier than expected, the joy it brings and the skills it teaches make this kit worth the investment.

Mushroom Ravioli DIY Kit

  • A Pasta Mama

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Foodie, Fun

The next time you want to take your mom out for dinner at an expensive Italian restaurant, treat her to this entertaining mushroom ravioli DIY kit instead. She’ll have a ball creating 35 homemade ravioli using the dry ingredients, truffle olive oil, and ravioli stamp. This Mother’s Day meal will likely outshine anything a restaurant could offer up.

DIY Wine-Making Kit

  • A Mom’s Vineyard

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Hobbies, Fun

Moms can do more than sip wine on Mother’s Day. They can learn to become master winemakers with this simple DIY wine kit. She will easily learn how to whip up a gallon of Pinot Grigio wine. The quality ingredients and clear instructions can help your mom be the best wine-making mother in the land.

Personal Perspective

I'm a seasoned home brewer and I recently tried this wine making kit as a means to expand my brewing repertoire. The process was undeniably fun, providing an engaging way to pass an hour during each stage of the wine-making journey. However, I ran into an issue with the kit - it was missing crucial components like the corks and the rubber stopper. On the upside, I found that the kit offered a decent introduction to the basics of wine-making. However, the wine it produced was lacking in body and flavor, especially when compared to even the most basic store-bought cabernet sauvignon. Therefore, while the activity itself was enjoyable, the final product left much to be desired.

Hot Pepper Growing Kit

  • Gardening With Spice

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Garden, Hobbies, Foodie

Gardening fans who are also moms will love this beautifully organized hot pepper growing kit. They won’t need to have a regular outdoor garden to grow these delicious hot peppers fast.

The set has four kinds of organic pepper seeds, from Jalapeno and Cayenne to Habanero and Anaheim. She’ll have help every step of the way and the making of hot, delicious dishes.

Community Feedback

This pepper growing kit is a delightful addition to my apartment. The wooden box and burlap bags that come with the kit not only add a rustic charm but are also functional; the bags are lined with plastic to prevent leakage and include a small hole for easy irrigation. I appreciate the generous quantity of seeds provided which allows for multiple plantings, and the straightforward instructions make even a novice like me feel like a seasoned gardener. My kids and I have had a blast planting together and witnessing the growth of our peppers has been a joyous experience. While the plants will eventually outgrow the provided containers, for now, they're a perfect fit and a wonderful way to have fresh peppers at our fingertips.

DIY Macrame Kit

  • Homespun Hobbies

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Crafty, Creative

Macrame is a delicate art, and this DIY kit can help your mom get great at macrame-making at home. The wall-hanging set is perfect for beginners to learn the detailed process of macrame and have a great time doing it. The instructions will ensure she creates pieces impressive enough to make any wall more interesting.

First-Hand Impression

This macrame kit sparked my crafting spirit. The materials included a thicker rope and slim rods, which, while not identical to those shown in the instructional videos, yielded smaller, but still charming, creations. Despite being a novice, the step-by-step instructions were clear and simple to follow, aiding me in creating designs roughly 7" across. There was a minor hiccup in measuring the needed rope, leading to a small shortage at the end, but that was a personal error. The kit was a delightful introduction to macrame, allowing me to learn new knots and create unique pieces, albeit smaller than anticipated.

DIY Electronic Clock Kit

No products found.

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  • Techie Moms Agree

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Fun, Hobbies

Not all moms want to make spa products or food-related projects but instead, wish to get in touch with their techie side. This DIY electronic clock kit is one of the most unique last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas to come along. It will allow her time and assistance in completely customizing a clock using soldering skills and much more.

DIY Tea Herb Garden Kit

  • Herb is The Word

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Garden, Fun, Unique

Starting an herb garden is a wonderful way for your mom to get her green thumb this Mother’s Day with the help of this DIY tea herb kit. The set is specifically designed for her to grow cute, tasty medicinal herbs for teas. The flavors include lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and mint. With the planter markers, seeds, and soil discs, she’ll have the best cup of tea imaginable.

Personal Perspective

I'm fond of this herbal seed kit, particularly the durable wooden markers and the handy storage box. While the variety of seeds is impressive, the sprouting rate leaves a bit to be desired - the basil sprouted decently, but I only got 2 lavender sprouts and no catnip or manjula at all. I did notice a bit of mold on the soil, which I learned is common and harmless to indoor plants, but might be off-putting to some. The wooden box had a strong smell of stain and the tea diffuser felt flimsy, but the shears and other components met expectations. One thing to note - the plants grow towards the sun and need to be rotated to grow evenly, a little tip not included in the instructions.

DIY Rainbow Bagel Kit

  • A Colorful Breakfast

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Fun, Unique

Your mom can also enjoy the pure joy that rainbow bagels bring to the world. She can use this DIY rainbow bagels kit on Mother’s Day to make a dozen colorful bagels like none she’s ever had. Other than adding a few extra ingredients, she’ll have all she needs to make these fun breakfast treats for everyone.

Lip Balm DIY Kit

  • Softness Is A Skill

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Spa, Fun, Hobbies

Lip balm is an invaluable item, and learning to make your own is a skill every mom needs on Mother’s Day. This super-fun kit can help your mom create 10 different lip balms to try out. The pre-measured ingredients and peach-flavored scent will make these lip balms ready to be handed out as gifts all their own.

First-Hand Impression

I've had a blast creating lip balms with this kit alongside my kids. The instructions were clear, and we found the process to be simple and engaging, even if the mixture did start to solidify quickly (quick reheating helped with this). While the single peach flavor wasn't a hit with everyone, it wasn't overpoweringly strong, which was appreciated.
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DIY Face Mask Kit

  • Better Than A Smoothie

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Spa, Unique, Creative

Help your mom have the makings of a terrific home spa with this awesome DIY face mask kit. The unique machine can easily create fruit and vegetable face masks in a few simple steps. Whatever she decides to use, from red wine to yogurt and honey, can be transformed into a ready-made face mask that provides all-natural skincare.

User Experience

My experience with this mask was a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, the anticipation for it was high, which made me excited to use it. Unfortunately, I found that the mask didn't solidify as expected, causing it to break apart. This issue led to some frustration as I was unable to use the mask, and ended up wasting some fruit and collagen capsules in the process. Despite this, I still see potential in the mask and hope to see improvements. It has the potential to be a great product with some tweaks.

DIY Embroidery Kit

  • In The Tiniest Details

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Hobbies, Fun

Keep to mom-friendly traditions this Mother’s Day with this DIY embroidery kit she’ll appreciate. The set of bamboo embroidery hoops comes with cloth, tools, instructions, and flower patterns that will explode with color as she fills them in. This well-thought-out DIY kit for moms honors the quiet, meditative hobby of embroidery.

Personal Perspective

Best purchase I've made for my idle hands while busy at work. This embroidery set offers a fun, engaging activity that doesn't require my full attention, perfect for multitasking. As a beginner, I found the process straightforward yet had to resort to YouTube to master some stitches and techniques. Despite some minor issues like the final product not quite resembling the guide photos and some thread colors being too similar, I overall enjoyed the experience and am quite satisfied with the end results.

DIY Hand-Casting Kit

  • Holding Hands Right Now

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Crafty, Unique

There are few DIY kits out there that will touch your mom’s heart on Mother’s Day like this hand-casting kit for families. She will value the casting process that delivers beautifully-made hand keepsakes she can display for a long time to come. The hands can include her and her husband, the whole family, or even include a beloved pet’s “paw.”

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with this sentimental gift, an absolute joy for me and my family. The process was straightforward, but you must follow the instructions closely, work quickly, and allow ample time for it to dry. Despite some minor issues with the depth of the bucket and a crack in our first attempt, the detail it captured was remarkable. This gift has become a beautiful centerpiece in our home, a testament to the bond between us.

DIY String Art Kit

  • Connect All The Strings

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Creative, Hobbies

There are few hobbies as detailed as string art, which you can offer your mom the challenge of doing on Mother’s Day. This DIY string art kit is a keepsake-in-the-making that her artistic skills and patience will have to create. The oak tree pattern is held together well and won’t let her down any step of the way.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I started working on this string art project, it has kept me engaged. The board is solid and sturdy, though hammering in the nails for the tree's curves was a bit challenging. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow, allowing me to bring my unique vision to life. While the string color was different than expected, I found this added a unique touch to the finished artwork. The final product was so impressive that it's hard for people to believe I made it myself. This string art piece is certainly different, a refreshing change from typical puzzle or paint-by-numbers projects.

Retro Camera DIY Puzzle Kit

  • Photos From Start To Finish

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Hobbies, Unique

Encourage Mom to go retro this Mother’s Day with this cool DIY camera puzzle kit. The creative camera puzzle is not only a fascinating challenge to accomplish. Once she fully completes the retro camera made of interconnected parts, she can use the camera to take photos the analog way. Watch and learn while she literally makes her own memories.

User Experience

Bought this pinhole camera as a fun project for my son, and it didn't disappoint; assembly was pretty straightforward, although we had to slightly modify a few too-tight holes. The camera also functions beautifully, adding an exciting twist to his interest in puzzles and photography.

Mosaic Tile DIY Kit

  • All The Colors Of The Rainbow

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Unique, Fun

Mosaic-making is a unique craft that your mom will likely dive right into with this DIY kit. The mosaic tile-making set offers smooth, colorful glass pieces, tools, and coasters for decorating. She can be the creator of her own home decor and also have fun while doing it.

Personal Perspective

In my experience with this mosaic kit, it's a fun and engaging project, but it does have a few challenges. The grout included was like chalk and needed a sealant coating for preservation, which was an unexpected step. Also, the instructions were somewhat vague, and could certainly use more clarity for beginners. While the amount of mosaic tiles and caulk provided seemed a bit lacking, once assembled, the final product was quite satisfying. Despite these issues, this mosaic kit was a pretty enjoyable and relaxing craft, especially for children.

Homemade Limoncello Kit

  • Pucker Your Lips

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Fun, Unique

When you give your mom this homemade limoncello DIY kit for Mother’s Day, you are blessing her with the means of making a delicious drink ladies love. The kit has all the basics she’ll need to effortlessly make homemade limoncello to enjoy as a digestif after the big Mother’s Day dinner you’re preparing for her.

DIY Mini Doughnut Set

  • Always Time For Doughnuts

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Creative, Fun

Get festive this Mother’s Day and give the world’s best mom a DIY mini-doughnuts set. She can make 30 of these scrumptious little doughnuts with her kids or grandkids and have a great time in the kitchen. The kit has four different sugar toppings, including cocoa, lemon, strawberry, and cinnamon.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent for family fun, this donut kit was a delightful experience. Though the dough didn't always form perfect rings, the taste was consistently delicious and the wide variety of toppings kept things interesting. However, be prepared for a bit of a mess and ensure you have the right equipment on hand, like a proper doughnut dropper. My boys and I had a great time making and eating these donuts, with the cinnamon sugar topping emerging as our favorite. Despite some minor hiccups, the end result left us eagerly anticipating our next donut-making adventure.

DIY Dumpling Kit

  • A Dumpling Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Gourmet, Unique

Dumplings are one of the tastiest foods on Earth, so why not give your mom a way to make her own version of steamed dumplings for Mother’s Day? The kit uses traditional bamboo steamer baskets and includes everything from dumpling-making tools and dipping sauces to instructional videos. She’ll be more than ready to be the new dumpling queen of the house.

User Experience

This dumpling making kit proved to be a delightful surprise for my dumpling-loving brother. It came equipped with everything necessary to dive into the art of dumpling creation, from a high-quality roller and cutter to helpful instructions and recipes. Despite the steamer's finish not being top-notch, it was more than adequate for a beginner's needs. Not only did this kit enable us to craft delicious dumplings from scratch, but it also performed admirably when we utilized it to steam vegetables. The stylish box it came in added an extra touch of thoughtfulness, making it the perfect present. It's safe to say this dumpling kit has stirred up our culinary curiosity and added a dash of fun to our kitchen escapades.

DIY Birdhouse Kit

  • For The Birds

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Hobbies, Fun

This DIY birdhouse kit offers Moms the ideal way to put their personal style onto the birdhouse in their garden. The durable, wood birdhouse comes with a set of paints, brushes, glue, and anything else she’ll need to make this aviary home beautiful. She can even make this DIY birdhouse a special Mother’s day project between her and her kids.

Personal Perspective

After purchasing this birdhouse kit as a gift, I was initially impressed by its adorable design and the prospect of a fun, hands-on project. However, the assembly turned out to be slightly challenging due to the absence of predrilled holes and the softness of the wood, which unfortunately led to some splitting. Despite these hurdles, my family and I made the best of it by innovatively replacing the provided nails with screws, allowing us to create a removable section for easy cleaning. The kit also came with bird seeds, a nice addition, although the packaging could use some improvement as the bag was torn upon arrival. All in all, this birdhouse kit provided a memorable bonding experience, even if it was a bit tricky to assemble.
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Cheese-Making Kit

  • Cheesemonger Making

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Gourmet, Fun

You don’t have to buy an expensive cheese board for your mom on Mother’s Day when you can teach her how to make cheeses at home with this kit. The cheese-making DIY set has the base ingredients for crafting up to 10 different kinds of cheese, like mozzarella, labneh, and mascarpone. Once she’s a pro, then you can spend next Mother’s Day getting her that cheese board.

Community Feedback

This cheese-making kit has been a delightful addition to my kitchen. With everything you need bar the milk, it's been a breeze to create mozzarella, ricotta, and paneer among others. The instructions are clear, making the process straightforward and the yields have been impressively high. The kit even comes with spices and an easy-to-follow recipe book, which has led me to experiment with dishes like jalapeños stuffed with homemade ricotta - an absolute treat. However, I did find one hiccup - the rennet in my kit was expired which hindered the cheese-making process.

Custom Paint-By-Numbers Kit

  • Memories Made Into Art

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Creative, Hobbies

You can spark your mom’s artistic spirit on Mother’s Day by giving her this custom paint-by-numbers kit. Her new hobby will be very welcoming, since the kit is customized with her favorite family photo. She can learn how to paint by number while re-creating a personal memory that warms her heart and gets her creative juices flowing.

DIY Focaccia Art Kit

  • Carb-Loading For Art

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Foodie, Creative

Focaccia art is all the rage with the Instagram crowd, so don’t leave your mom behind this Mother’s Day. Show her how inventive she can be while baking bread with this entertaining DIY focaccia art kit. The instructions, flour mix, and tweezers to add decorative details will ensure her focaccia is good enough to put in a museum… or to eat.

User Experience

I've had a delightful experience with this bread kit. As an individual new to baking, I found the instructions straightforward and, to my surprise, no mixer was required. Engaging my children in kneading the dough became an enjoyable and unexpected family activity that left our home filled with the mouth-watering aroma of rising dough. The bread itself was not only wonderfully flavorful but also large enough to satisfy over eight people. Moreover, the inclusion of a spice package in the kit significantly added to its appeal. I'm looking forward to sharing this joy of baking with friends and family by gifting them these bread kits.

DIY Soap-Making Kit

  • Cleaning Up Crafty

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Spa, Hobbies, Crafty

Soap-making may seem out of bounds for your mom, but this DIY kit will give her all the confidence and skill she needs to create her own soaps quickly. The bases provided are made using shea butter and goat’s milk. They come with a variety of dyes and a mold and will allow her the ability to pass on this unique skill as soaps you receive as a gift very soon.

Personal Perspective

This soap making kit was my first venture into the world of DIY soaps, and it was a genuinely fun experience. Despite the lack of instructions in the package, I found this kit easy to use and it provides ample opportunity for creativity with different molds and mica colors. While I have room for improvement, especially with the amount of mica used, I was pleased with the lather and overall quality of the soaps I created.

DIY Candy Kit

  • Candy Craze

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Foodie, Fun, Unique

Make your mom feel like a kid again by giving her this cute DIY candy kit she can have fun making with the whole family. The Asian-inspired themes and flavors range from seaweed and waffles to cranberry and tuna. Her gourmet taste buds will be super-satisfied, and her grandkids can get in on this Mother’s Day present too.

Community Feedback

Got these Popin Cookin sets for a bit of family fun and they did not disappoint. Engaging for kids of different ages, although younger ones may need assistance, these kits provide a unique activity that's both creative and educational. While the taste of the candy may not appeal to everyone, the joy derived from the process of assembling these snacks more than makes up for it.

Pottery Repair Kit

  • No Mistakes In Gold

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Creative, Unique

Pottery repair is taken up a notch with this DIY Kintsugi repair kit for a mom who loves fixing things. The gold powder glue will stand out when she uses the included practice ceramics or works her way up to fixing anything precious that’s broken. The patience and care she’ll learn can be the greatest gift of all this Mother’s Day.

First-Hand Impression

After many attempts, I can confirm that using this repair kit is not a walk in the park. You'll need to practice a lot before working on objects of sentimental value. Don't use the provided gloves; they limit your dexterity, which is crucial for this delicate task. Also, consider getting additional items like toothpicks, cotton swabs, and acetone for cleanup. This kit does not guarantee perfect results each time, but with patience and practice, you can achieve a satisfactory repair.

Tea Leaf Reading Kit

  • Fortunes Read Here

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Fun, Hobbies

Your mom may not be expecting a DIY kit as unique as this tea leaf reading set on Mother’s Day. She’ll be both charmed and intrigued by the set, which includes a vintage-style cup, loose tea, and a dictionary of tea-reading symbols to look for. Before you know it, the whole family will be lining up to have this psychic mom reading leaves after teatime.

DIY Sewing Kit

  • Accessories By Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Hobbies, Creative

Help your mom on Mother’s Day graduate from hemming socks and sewing buttons with this cool DIY sewing kit that teaches her how to craft tote bags. The pre-cut fabric and easy-to-follow instructions will assist her every step of the way to making fun, animal pattern tote bags for the whole family.

Personal Perspective

This DIY sewing kit proved to be a delightful and worthwhile learning experience for my 11-year-old granddaughter and me. The pre-cut fabric, which had an adorable doggy print, was of top-notch quality and the included thread was sufficient, though we had some minor issues with it breaking. While the instructions initially seemed a bit complex to my beginner granddaughter, we eventually got the hang of it after a couple of reads. The end product was a sturdy and cute tote bag that didn't take us long to make, and it even came with a matching bag to store the finished product.

DIY Fortune Cookie Kit

  • The Fortunate Baker

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Gourmet, Foodie, Fun

One of the most enjoyable mom projects out there involves giving this DIY fortune cookie kit to your mom and watching her go. The included ingredients and silicone baking mat will make delicious fortune cookies, while the personalized fortunes she creates to put inside them might be even more priceless.

Community Feedback

Got this fortune cookie kit and immediately noticed the labels slapped on the packaging, a bit of a turn-off. However, once we started using the kit, it was super fun and engaging, especially for the kids. This kit, inclusive of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, a cookie silpat, paper fortunes, and an edible ink pen, was convenient and easy to follow. Just be aware that the cooking time may require a bit of trial and error to get those perfectly crunchy cookies.

DIY Rock Art Painting Kit

  • Rock Always Wins

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Hobbies, Creative

The unique process of making rock art comes together with crafty hobbies in this DIY rock art painting kit. Moms everywhere can dig into the creative process of painting and decorating a series of pebbles using resin, stones, shells, and dried grasses. The ensuing art can be featured in the wooden frame for all to admire anytime they enter her mom museum.

First-Hand Impression

When I first unpacked this rock-wall art kit, I was struck by the quality and variety of materials; the stones were delightfully sparkly and flat-backed, and the baby's breath added an organic touch. I found the process very engaging and creative, despite the minimal instructions and the need for a stronger adhesive than the provided double-sided tape. Although the price felt a bit steep, the joy of crafting and the resulting piece's aesthetic appeal against my living room wall offered a satisfying experience.
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Party Card Making Kit

  • Invitations By Mom

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Crafty, Hobbies, Fun

The art of card crafting might seem a thing of the past, but it’s almost guaranteed your mom loves the idea. She can re-discover the hobby of party card making with this artsy DIY kit. The cards, envelopes, stickers, and various adornments can help make her next party invite the talk of the town (or, at least, the family).

User Experience

Best deck I've ever shuffled! The quality of these cards is fantastic, they glide smoothly in my hands and the intricate designs are a sight to behold. Rarely have I found such pleasure in a simple game of cards, and these have truly elevated my gaming experience.

DIY Artist Painting Set

  • Everything But A Trip To Paris

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Hobbies, Fun

Don’t let your mom talk about learning to paint “one day” when you can give her this impressive DIY artist’s painting set for Mother’s Day. The all-inclusive kit has 155 pieces to it, including a French-style easel, paint brush set, paper, canvas, and more. She’ll be ready to paint her masterpieces using acrylic, watercolors, or oil paints to the delight of all around her.

Personal Perspective

This easel set certainly exceeded my expectations with its high-quality, thick wood construction and surprisingly spacious two-level storage area. I found it especially useful to modify the location of the wing nut for more efficient use of the storage space. The set includes a variety of paints, and even though I don't use oil paints, the space accommodated my watercolor and acrylic paints perfectly. The brushes are genuine artist's tools, coming in their own cases, and the easel itself, despite being a bit tricky to fold out initially, has proven to be solid and adjustable to a comfortable height. The only minor disappointment was the inclusion of plastic palette knives instead of the ones shown in the photo, but overall, I've found this set to be a wonderful aid in expressing my creative side.

Specialty Craft Cocktail Kit

  • For Moms Only

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, Fun, Unique

Moms might love a cocktail on Mother’s Day, but you can give them this specialty craft cocktail kit and find out just which ones are her favorite. She’ll love spending the day putting together these four unique gin-focused cocktails and discovering all the detail and care that go into a great drink. Say cheers to Mom with a drink of her own making.

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