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50 Unique Maid of Honor Gifts to Say Thank You: 2024

Whether your maid of honor is family, an old friend, or a new sister, we’ve got endless maid of honor gift ideas for you to choose from.

A Maid of Honor is very special. She may be a sister, a friend, or a bestie, but she’s there to do it all. From choosing flowers, tasting cakes, and dealing with bridesmaids’ meltdowns, your maid of honor has a huge hand in a successful wedding.

The maid of honor gifts that you offer her to say thank you couldn’t possibly equal the work she’s put in, but there is a way to make sure she knows how much you appreciate her efforts.

Read on for 50 of the greatest maid of honor gift ideas this side of the honeymoon.

50 Unique Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

She smiled from the engagement party to the nuptials and deserves these awesome maid of honor gifts as soon as your wedding day arrives.

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Maid of Honor Wine Bag

  • A Bag Of Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Wedding

Are you planning on saying thank you to your ever-patient, multitasking maid of honor with a bottle of wine? Don’t just toss it in any old gift bag. This wine bag is made with the express purpose of being opened by a maid of honor who has strived to make your wedding day an unforgettable one.

Wedding Party Satin Robe

  • Post Wedding Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Keepsake, Cute

Your maid of honor works back to tick off all the boxes while helping you plan your special day. This silky maid of honor robe can also be worn along with the entire wedding party. As long as everyone knows that she is your maid of honor (the rhinestone “maid of honor” design on the back won’t fail), you’ve succeeded with the best kind of wedding party gear.

Personal Perspective

This bridal pajama set certainly piqued my interest with its soft, comfortable fabric and vibrant color. I'm a 2x, but surprisingly, it fits quite well, showing versatility for anyone from Small to XL. However, the see-through nature of the material necessitates an additional layer underneath, which can be a bit of a hassle. Despite this, the rhinestones and shiny fabric make it a great keepsake, although it might not withstand many rounds in the washer/dryer.

Maid of Honor Spa Gift Box

  • Butter Her Up With Spa Gifts

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Wedding, Treat

“Proposing” to your maid of honor as a new tradition includes offering her a gift in order to ask, “will you be my maid of honor?” This maid of honor gift box includes both lavender-scented hand and body soap, lip balm, and some relaxing additions to her bathtime. She’ll be so mesmerized by the lavender that all she will be able to say is yes to being your maid of honor.

Community Feedback

I'm both delighted and slightly let down by this gift. On one hand, the content and presentation of this gift box are undeniably charming and my best friend absolutely adored it, which was a joy to behold. However, I was a bit taken aback by the relative smallness of this gift box and its rather basic paper exterior which unfortunately had a tear in it. The items inside, especially the bath bombs, have a delightful scent and seem of good quality, but I can't shake off the feeling that I could have assembled a similar, more personalized box at a lower cost.

Silk Sleep Mask

  • Wellness During Wedding

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat, Wedding

Your maid of honor is going to need her own beauty rest, even while making sure that you get yours pre-wedding day. No maid of honor gift ideas will ensure she gets a good night’s sleep as much as this luxurious sleep mask. Made of pure silk, this mask will have her sinking into her bed with dreams of happy bridal parties, a perfect wedding cake, and a triumphant wedding day.

Custom ID Bracelet

  • Fondly Remembered On The Wrist

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Personalized, Keepsake

A maid of honor does her best to help produce a meaningful, fun experience for the bride and the whole wedding party. What better way to thank her than with a truly unique piece of jewelry? This personalized ID bracelet can be engraved with the special lady’s name, her maid of honor title, or anything you like. You’ll remember the wedding day for the rest of your life and now, she will too.

Maid of Honor Wine Glass

  • Sip Her Way To The Wedding

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Treat

It’s not an easy gig being the maid of honor. Moody bridesmaids, planning bachelorette parties, helping the bride make endless decisions…every maid of honor needs a special cup for the beverage of her choice. This cup is named for your maid of honor and meant to house wine (complete with straw!). Great for social media posts, she’ll thank you for a little break in her sisterly wedding duties.

Personal Perspective

These tumblers have proven to be a hit at several events, from my bachelorette trip to my daughter's wedding dress shopping day. The quality is impressive, keeping drinks at the desired temperature and preventing dilution from ice melt. It's been a popular gift amongst bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom, adding a fun touch to the wedding preparation journey.

Maid of Honor Picture Frame

  • Sisters Forever

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Personalized, Wedding

A maid of honor picture frame is a thoughtful way to thank her for her invaluable help and also give her something that will let her know how much her friendship means to you. This wooden frame includes a loving message from bride to maid of honor and a personalized photo of you both from the wedding day. A meaningful way to show her how much you cherish her every day.

Community Feedback

From my personal experience, this picture frame is a delightful gift, especially for a maid of honor; its quality and aesthetic appeal are commendable. Although one of the prongs was initially broken upon arrival, it didn't detract from the overall charm and solidity of the frame. Despite the price being slightly steep, the joy it brought upon gifting and its excellent craftsmanship made up for it.

Floral Wreath Tote Bag

  • A Floral Way To Carry

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Cute, Keepsake

Provide the entire bridal party, especially your maid of honor, with a lovely cotton canvas tote bag where they can keep all their important wedding party items close at hand. The pretty floral design includes the title and personalized name of your special pal. She’ll think of you every time she uses it long after the wedding day has gone.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Sounds Like Self Care

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat

Your maid of honor has taken care of you through the wedding planning process. Now, it’s your chance to take care of her with this Himalayan salt lamp for her home. Ease her stresses with sound therapy and help purify her environment with the power of Himalayan salt. She will know that her maid of honor duties will have been well appreciated.

Maid Of Honor Necklace

  • Queen of Gems

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Wedding

A pearl is a powerful reminder of an event, of a wedding, and of those you love. Show your maid or matron of honor that she is a pearl among your bridesmaids with this gorgeous necklace featuring a Swarovski pearl. Give her a beautiful symbol of her friendship and how much she had a hand in creating your wedding and making it shine.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this pearl necklace was truly delightful. The elegantly crafted Swarovski diamond nestled in the heart of the pearl added a touch of finesse, making it a perfect sentimental token for my beloved Mother-in-Law. The thoughtful packaging, inclusive of a high-quality gift bag, elevated the experience, allowing me to focus purely on the joy of gifting this beautiful piece.
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Maid Of Honor Coffee Mug for Sisters

  • A Sisterly Maid

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Keepsake

You need that little extra something to give to your maid of honor, but what? When your maid of honor is also your sister, you can help her start every morning with the knowledge that she is important to you. This coffee mug will remind her that “Only The Best Sisters Get Promoted To Maid Of Honor” and keep her smiling long past her morning coffee.

Community Feedback

Definitely a charming addition to my sister's Christmas presents, this mug's design and size were as described, though it's a tad on the smaller side. Its lightweight feature made it a hit with my Maid of Honor, adding to the overall appeal. The icing on the cake was the fact that it came pre-wrapped, making it a beautiful and convenient gift for my sister's morning coffee routine.

Maid of Honor Christmas Ornament

  • Winter Wedding Memento

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Wedding

When a winter wedding takes place, some creative maid of honor gift ideas are needed to thank her for braving both the cold weather and the caterers. You can start with this wonderful keepsake Christmas ornament. The high-quality ceramic porcelain design is just for your maid of honor to decorate her tree every Christmas and think back to her part in your special day.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this ornament was nothing short of wonderful. The craftsmanship is impressive, making it seem like a jewelry box at first glance, which only adds to the surprise. The glass-like quality, heaviness, and smooth detailing exceeded my expectations. I'm thrilled to use it as a special way to ask my sister-in-law to be my maid of honor this Christmas, a memory we can cherish for years to come.

Personalized Jewelry Box

  • She Shines Like A Jewel

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Jewelry

Jewelry is personal, but the beautiful engraved glass in this personalized jewelry box will keep her jewelry safe and sound. The box can show off her name, maid of honor, and the date of the wedding (or whatever personalized 3 lines you like), which makes it stand out as unique amongst maid of honor gifts.

User Experience

Excellent quality is what sets this maid of honor gift apart, and my personal experience with it exceeded all expectations. I was astounded by its perfect design and the unexpected early arrival, making the experience of asking my sister to be my maid of honor even more special.

Candy Sugarwish

  • Give Her a Sweet Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Cute, Wedding

Give your maid of honor the sweetest thank you possible with a Sugarwish candy gift set. This set includes six of her favorite candies, including old-fashioned candy, gummies, chewies, and chocolates. Her tummy will sing and she will feel like a kid again with this sweet maid of honor gift idea.

Wedding Slippers

  • Sweep Her Off Her Feet

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat, Funny

When planning the wedding, you might find your maid of honor feeling run off her feet. She’s been running around with you and on her own having to work out the tiniest of nuptial details, like flowers, cake, dresses, and showers. Ease her sore feet with these maid of honor designed wedding slippers that are as soft as a fluffy towel. She’ll be ready to keep marching towards the aisle with you before you know it.

Community Feedback

Love the look of these slippers, they're perfect for wedding photos and getting ready on the big day! They're not the most comfortable though, the foam flattened quickly and they don't have much support. Despite their limited durability, I found them to be a fun addition to my wedding day ensemble.

Maid of Honor Gift Box

  • Handmade For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat, Wedding

Let your good friend know that you want nobody but her to be your maid of honor with this sweet-smelling, French rose themed gift set. What better combination is there than bath time and chocolate? She will get both and more with a lavender candle, soap/bath salt, lip balm, and handmade chocolate and will be ready to go as your completely satiated maid of honor.

First-Hand Impression

I recently acquired this product to propose to my Maid of Honor, and I must say, it was beautifully crafted and well thought out. Despite its smaller size than anticipated, its compactness added to its charm, making it an adorable token of my appreciation. My friend was particularly taken by the delicate, pleasant scents of the rose soap and bath salts included. This product was a hit with all my bridesmaids, who were equally impressed by the careful detailing and presentation. I found it helpful that the boxes were labeled, saving me the task of opening each one to identify its contents. While perfect for my non-drinking, health-conscious friend, this product proved to be a universally loved and appreciated gift.

Funny Maid of Honor Pillow Cover

  • For Your Unicorn

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Unique, Cute

Maid of honor gifts should reflect the recipients’ personality. If your maid of honor is a unique, one-of-a-kind gal with a great sense of humor, then this pillow cover is for her. The design is meant to honor your fabulously special maid of honor. She will love keeping a pillow with this unicorn amongst a sea of horses pillow cover on display at home and show what a proud maid of honor she is.

User Experience

Best described as requiring a bit more effort than expected, this product had me searching for stuffing to fill it appropriately. Despite the extra work, I found it to be a unique experience. Not every day does a product encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone in such a manner. It was an unexpected journey that, while slightly inconvenient, added a touch of adventure to the process. Though it's not perfect, this product offers a certain charm that's hard to ignore.

Envelope Locket Necklace

  • Wear Her Thank You Note

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Personalized

A piece of jewelry given to your maid of honor should be something really special. This truly unique envelope locket necklace boasts a small envelope with a personalized note inside. Warning: your maid of honor may cry when she receives this unbelievably beautiful necklace. You might want to pack a few tissues inside with it.

Warm Sunset Bouquet

  • Pretty As A Sunset

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Cute

There are few things as iconic as a bride’s bouquet on her wedding day. However, you may not want to assume that your maid of honor has had her fill of flowers. Send her a thank you gift more colorful than any other with this warm, rustic sunset bouquet of sunflowers bursting with orange, yellow, and pink. It will warm her heart and brighten her home‒after all, she brightened your wedding so much.

Gemstone Facial Rollers

  • Semi-Precious Skincare

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat

Helping to plan a wedding can be exhausting for a maid of honor, from the engagement party to the wedding favors at the reception. By the time it is all over, her skin could use a little rest and relaxation. These facial rollers, based on the Chinese art of Gua Sha, work to decrease puffiness and increase circulation with the cooling massage of amethyst, jade, and rose quartz. Post-wedding rejuvenation is on its way!

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Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

  • A Crystal Clear Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake

Looking for a beautiful wedding keepsake for your invaluable maid of honor? The blue Swarovski crystals of this tennis bracelet will remind her every single day of your friendship and appreciation for all the little things she did to make your wedding day perfect. A truly thoughtful way to say you cherish the most honorable maid of all.

User Experience

In my experience, this bracelet is beautifully crafted and sparkles brilliantly, even though the stones aren't as large as I initially anticipated. While I have to remove it at times due to the stones not being capped at the back, it's still a stylish accessory that's versatile and well worth the money.

Global Rosé 6-Pack Wine

  • Pink For Summer

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Wedding, Funny

A pretty in pink selection of rose wines from Italy, Germany, and Oregon that will tickle your maid of honor’s taste buds long after the wedding reception has seen its last dance. Plonk Wine Club includes six different rose wines in this gift set that are perfect after a busy summer wedding season.

Maid Of Honor Hoodie

  • Honor With Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Clothing, Cute

A wonderful gift to give to your whole bridal party is a spa day, but there is another level of commitment to the ladies on your wedding team…you can give the gift of comfort (especially your maid of honor). This hoodie that proudly reads “Maid of Honor” in rhinestone style tells the world who your top lady is among the bridesmaids. She’ll end up wearing it on lazy Sundays to come.

Community Feedback

Great hoodie for special occasions, but don't expect it to be your next winter staple. The lightweight material surprised me, and its thin, almost see-through quality was not exactly what I had in mind. This hoodie's size runs slightly larger, so you might want to consider going down a size. My personal favorite was the decorative detail on the back, which my daughter absolutely loved wearing at her engagement party. However, be careful with washing as the silver "Bride" logo on the back didn't withstand the wash very well. In fact, after just one wash, the writing started to disintegrate, which was rather disappointing.

Body Care Gift Set

  • Handmade For Body And Mind

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat, Wedding

After the wedding, your maid of honor needs a few days to herself. She needs an afternoon in a bathtub. Give her something to help her get there with this adorable body care gift set. This makes a great extra present to stash in the bottom of a tote bag for your tired maid. She’ll soak with the bath balm, moisturize with the body butter, and soften her lips that have kept everyone calm through the wedding process.

Wool & Cashmere Wrap Scarf

  • Wearable Quality

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Keepsake, Treat

With all the special maid of honor gift ideas out there, there may be nothing as cherished at the end of the wedding journey for your good friend or sister as an exquisitely woven wool and cashmere scarf. She won’t believe her eyes when she feels the soft, luxurious texture and will likely volunteer right then and there to head up your next big life event (baby shower)?

Personalized Maid Of Honor Bracelet

  • Beauty On The Wrist

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Jewelry, Keepsake

The nice little touches that you can offer back to your wedding party make all the difference when you all walk down that aisle. Your maid of honor will be both touched and excited to have her own maid of honor bracelet complete with a loving inscription running along the inside. Carrying some meaning with her on her wrist will take her a long way during the life of your wedding.

Personal Perspective

In my personal experience, this silver Mooham bracelet exceeded expectations with its exceptional quality and beautiful engraving. The presentation was top-notch, coming in a well-designed gift box, complete with a polishing cloth and a small card for personal sentiments. It proved to be an absolute delight for my teenage granddaughter and my girlfriend on their special days, both appreciating the thoughtful inscription and the stunning design. The bracelet's beauty is truly more striking in person, making it a perfect standalone gift without the need for any additional wrapping.

Maid of Honor Soy Candle

  • Keep The Sisterhood Flame Burning

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Spa, Cute

A great choice when building a gift basket for your soon-to-be maid of honor, this soy candle that asks the question, “Will You Be My Maid Of Honor?” is a sweet touch when offering her a gift set. She can curl up with a glass of wine and a flickering candle and plan all the fun stuff for your nuptials.

Burgundy Wine Glasses Set

  • Bottoms Up In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Cute, Wedding

People often think that the bride and groom are the only ones who can use a good quality set of wine glasses as a gift. Your maid of honor might very well appreciate this set of four Italian, Burgundy-style wine glasses more than a typical thank you gift. Give her something beautiful in which to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Bathtime Wine Holder

  • A Relaxing Bath With Red Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Funny

Something might be missing from your typical spa day or bath time gift set. That missing item could be your maid of honor enjoying a glass of wine when soaking in the bubbles. This quirky wine holder is made to attach to the tub via suction cups so it can safely hold her glass of wine that she has surely earned during the life of your wedding journey.

Maid of Honor Wine Bottle Labels

  • A Maid Of Honor Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Personalized, Cute

When you give her the gift of wine, she won’t believe what she’s reading when the wine labels ask her if she will be your maid of honor. One of the best ways to surprise a good friend and propose to her for the honor of her duties during your upcoming wedding, these wine bottle labels are offbeat and a fun way to begin the wedding journey together.

Personal Perspective

This sticker set met my expectations for the most part, but I did notice that the image quality could be improved upon. While they adhere well and serve their intended purpose, the overall print quality left a bit to be desired. For the cost, however, these stickers offer decent value.
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Maid of Honor Pocket Makeup Mirror

  • Prepared For Touch Ups

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Keepsake, Wedding

There will often be touching up makeup moments for you and your bridal party around the events of your wedding. As a return favor, make sure your maid of honor has a compact makeup mirror of her own with this rose gold pocket mirror that comes in a pretty gift box with a rose gold wedding knot bracelet. The compact is even designated for your maid of honor, so she is ready for anything.

Community Feedback

Great is the word that comes to mind when I reflect on this gift set that I bought for my mom. Her face lit up with joy when she saw it, affirming the high standards of its quality. In my hands-on experience, the make did not disappoint, fulfilling my expectations. Not only was this gift set a hit with my mom, but it was also a delightful shopping experience for me, confirming the value of thoughtful gifting.

Solid Lotion Bars

  • No Mess Soft Skin

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Wedding

A new way to keep your maid of honor’s skin hydrated during the wedding, these solid lotion bars were created with shea and cocoa butter. Their solid form prevents messy spills or greasy palms. They rub into the skin with a little body heat and come in a set of four pretty scents, including Rose & Ylang Ylang and Matcha Green Tea. She will even enjoy the intricately designed look of the four lotion tins.

Kate Spade AirPods Case

Product Image of the Kate Spade AirPods Case
  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Treat, Wedding

Your maid of honor may sometimes need a private moment to herself‒to take a break and listen to music or speak to a loved one. You may notice her toss her earbuds into her bag, only to search for them later. Save her some time and offer her some more style with this luxurious Kate Spade case for her air pods. The gorgeous design and clip will change the way she takes five.

Maid of Honor Socks

  • Maid Of Honor Head To Toe

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Wedding

Comfort is often the last thing on the menu when it comes to wedding gear. Dress fittings, uncomfortable shoes, and bare shoulders get in the way of a good, comfortable feeling. Give your maid of honor these funny and cozy cotton socks denoting her title to all who see her put her feet up. She’ll thank you after the dancing is done and everyone has gone home.

Personal Perspective

I used these socks as a part of my Maid of Honor proposal, and they were an absolute hit, adding a cute, personal touch to the occasion. Even though they're not the thickest, they're comfortable enough to wear around the house and held up well after a machine wash, maintaining their quality and condition. However, they might fit a bit snug around the calf, especially if you're around a size 8, so keep that in mind.

Sister Maid Of Honor Coffee Mug

  • Cheers To Sisters

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Wedding, Cute

Whether your maid of honor is an actual sister or a sister you choose in the course of your life, this coffee mug is one of the kindest maid of honor gifts you can give her early on when letting her know of the wedding and her role in it. The bone china is lightweight and the design is colorful and feminine, making the mug great for any beverage sisters share between them.

Community Feedback

This bridesmaid mug has been a delightful part of my daily routine, providing both utility and sentimental value. The craftsmanship is superb, with lively colors and a charming design that brought tears to my sister's eyes when I used it to ask her to be my maid of honor. Despite one unfortunate instance of a cracked mug, the overall consensus is that this mug is a heartwarming, high quality product that sparks joy.

Maid Of Honor Wood Hip Flask

  • Worn On The Hip

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Keepsake

Not every maid of honor gift idea has to be floral or pink. Some weddings are more rustic and take place in the middle of nature. For these events, add some equally rustic humor into your wedding party gifts with this custom maid of honor hip flask. Made of mahogany, the flask can hold any special elixir that the maid of honor deems necessary and is personalized with the message of your choice.

First-Hand Impression

If you're looking for quality, this flask doesn't disappoint; it's even better looking in person than the pictures suggest. From the perfect lettering to the superb wood finish, this flask exceeded all my expectations. My husband found it particularly enjoyable to use it on our special day, truly enhancing the experience.

Simply Chocolate Personalized Box

  • Chocolate Is The Language Of Love

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Personalized, Wedding

Your maid of honor has seen it all: wine stains on dresses, not enough hairspray, a late-arriving band…she needs the basic thank yous when it is all said and done. Give her this personalized box of chocolates and watch her smile. The box includes 45 Belgian chocolates and can be personalized with any message. You won’t hear from her for a few days, but trust in the fact that she is doing great!

Flower Tea Ritual Gift Set

  • Give Her A Private Tea Time

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat

A great way to offer your maid of honor some calm after the stress of the wedding is by providing her with her very own tea ritual. This flower tea gift set includes whole flower teas and a glass decanter so she can enjoy the ritual of watching the bud bloom into a delicious tea. Your maid of honor will cherish this meditative moment and you for giving it to her.

Organic Coffee Sampler Pack

  • A Coffee Honeymoon

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Spa, Wedding

As a bride, you got to go on a honeymoon with your beloved. Your maid of honor gets to go home after the wedding. Bring a little global flair with some of the world’s most delicious coffee to her mornings. This set of organic coffees includes coffees from blends from Peru, Columbia, Guatemala, and more. She will have a little honeymoon all to herself with these wonderful pick-me-ups.

Community Feedback

For a coffee enthusiast like myself, this Java Planet coffee brings a delightful variety to my daily routine. Each blend has its unique flavor, allowing me to feel as if I'm embarking on a global coffee tasting journey right from my kitchen. Despite the slightly higher price tag, the assurance of organic and fair-trade coffee is worth it, not to mention the freshness that greets you when you first open the box.

Initial Pendant Necklace

  • T Is For Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Personalized

Give a classic, unforgettable piece of jewelry to your maid of honor with this gold plated pendant necklace that displays the charming chosen initial of your maid’s first name. The necklace is a keepsake that can be worn every day and a maid of honor gift that can act as a symbol for true friendship.

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Maid of Honor Cosmetic Pouch

  • Best Maid Of Honor Ever

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Wedding

An adorable gift for the maid of honor when she needs pouches, compartments, and bags quicker than she can acquire them, this cosmetic pouch is tiny and ideal for a few emergency items needed around the wedding. The pouch is perfect for pens or pencils needed for a checklist of all the maid of duties that she’s been tasked with.

User Experience

I've used this pouch and found its quality to be excellent, akin to a pencil pouch size rather than a makeup pouch. Despite its smaller than expected size, it worked perfectly when I assembled kits for my bridesmaids. However, the pouch's depth was not sufficient to hold all my makeup, which was rather disappointing considering its cost. Also, I encountered a slight issue with the zipper breaking on the first day, though we managed to fix it.

Maid of Honor Painted Wine Glass

  • Beauty In A Glass

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Treat, Wedding

A lovely vision in pink, this ornate wine glass is the perfect keepsake for your maid of honor to keep after the celebrations are over. Hand-painted, the glass is a keeper, comes in a decorative gift box, and includes a secret cocktail recipe beneath for her to enjoy for herself!

Personal Perspective

As someone who enjoys the finer details, this glass stood out with its beautiful decoration and vibrant colors. I was thrilled to find it matching exactly with the online photos, underscoring its top-notch quality. On a personal note, the glass was part of a memorable spa day with my maid of honor and mother of the bride, despite a minor mishap with a few pearls falling off. This glass, while a fun and festive choice for brides, might not be the best pick for those who obsess over every little detail, but its elegance and appeal remain undeniable.

Wine Glass Goblet

  • Will You Be My Maid

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Wedding

Show you care about the moment that you ask a best friend or sister to act as your maid of honor for your wedding. This stylish stemless wine glass is etched with the maid of honor proposal and will let yours know that you cherish this moment just as much as the moment you became engaged to your groom.

Community Feedback

Great wine glass, exactly as it appears in the photos! I bought one for myself and one for my sister and we both absolutely love them. The simplicity of the message engraved on it is heartwarming and the glass itself is sturdy. It's a good value considering the cost of separate engraving. However, it's a bit delicate and the engraving can be somewhat hard to read. Nonetheless, this wine glass made my sister tear up, it was so perfect for her.

Personalized Custom Mini Basketball

  • Maids Of Honor Can Jump

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Personalized, Keepsake

A sports-themed wedding is a lot of fun. If you have got a wedding party full of basketball lovers, then this mini basketball keepsake is perfect for your maid of honor. She plays the most important part on your team and the ball is personalized to her name, your names, and the wedding date, along with her maid of honor title. She’ll remember your nuptials for numerous pick-up games to come.

First-Hand Impression

I'm delighted with the dimensions of this ring bearer pillow. My personal experience showed me that it fits perfectly in the small hands of our adorable ring bearer, making it easy for him to carry. The size is neither too big to overwhelm him nor too small to go unnoticed, which, in my opinion, adds to the overall aesthetic of our ceremony.

Maid Of Honor Vintage Baseball Cap

  • Too Cool For School

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Cute, Clothing

How cool is your wedding party? They may not need your typical wedding gear while on the journey to the wedding day. Let them and your maid of honor feel like they are part of a no-fuss, stealthy team of wedding-focused ladies with this vintage baseball cap. The cap is labeled for the maid of honor and she will wear it proudly on bad hair days to come.

User Experience

I've been on a seemingly endless hunt for a low rise white gay pride hat and finally, I found this one. This hat is not just any hat, it's perfect in its own right, albeit with a minor issue of the bill not holding an extreme bend. This quality cap has replaced my husband's favorite one, becoming his daily go-to accessory. Unlike similar hats I've seen at local stores, this one has superior quality with a sturdy brass colored metal clasp and authentic 3D wording. I've even worn it for all my hikes this summer, which is a testament to its comfort as I'm not a typical baseball hat person. Despite having a big head, it fits nicely and doesn't look odd, making it a super cute, great fitting hat.

England Mesh Strap Watch

  • Timekeeping in Pink

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Treat, Jewelry

You may treasure your wedding and engagement rings, but make sure to give your maid of honor a keepsake that she can wear in everyday life with pride. This exquisite mesh strap watch comes in a dusty rose color with a minimal, classic design. Put some feminine beauty on the wrist of the maid of honor you love.

Rose Petal Gift Set

  • Let Roses Take Her Away

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Wedding

After the cake has been cut and the gifts have been opened, you might want to give a gift to your hard-working maid of honor that allows her to revive and thrive. The power of rose petals is the central theme to this spa gift set, which will help your maid of honor take a luxurious bath and add some softness to both her skin and face while enjoying the gentle scent of roses.

Maid Of Honor Proposal Gift Box

No products found.

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  • Gift Boxes With Themes

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Treat, Wedding

Wouldn’t it be great to offer your maid of honor a way to relax before she even begins the co-planning of your wedding? This proposal gift box is one of the sweetest smelling maid of honor gifts around. The handmade best of spa collection includes all the makings of a relaxing afternoon of pampering. The gift box can be themed to the color palette of the wedding or just to whatever scent she loves most.

Rose Gold Champagne Wedding Flutes

  • Makings Of A Great Toast

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Treat

All the gifts around tend to target the bride and groom or the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. This set of two champagne flutes is focused on the close friendship between the bride and the maid of honor. The stemless glasses are wonderful keepsakes in which the bride and maid of honor can share a toast for years to come.

User Experience

These champagne flutes were the perfect touch to my maid of honor proposal box. Despite a playful mishap with my dog, their quality was commendable and their appearance, charming. The flutes arrived intact and were wonderfully sturdy, proving capable of surviving a pre-wedding bachelorette party. Not only did they draw admiration at the bridal shower, but they also didn't cause a dent in my wallet. My maid of honor was thrilled to receive such a delightful gift. So, if you're planning a memorable proposal or event, these flutes can add just the right sparkle!

Botanical Shortbread Cookies

  • Pretty Enough To Eat

  • $$$$$
  • Treat, Cute

Give your maid of honor some treats that she won’t be able to resist and yet so lovely that she wants to look at them forever. These homemade botanical shortbread cookies are made with the purest ingredients and decorated with edible botanicals that scream elegance and special occasion. Your maid of honor will be touched at this tasty, appealing tribute in cookie form.

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Maid of Honor Gift FAQs

How Much Should You Spend on a Maid of Honor Gift?

According to The Knot, the exact price of a Maid of Honor gift isn’t as important as the thoughtfulness factor. That being said, it all depends on the wedding budget and on what the wedding party has put in financially, i.e., destination wedding travel, dresses, bachelorette party… Overall, between $75 – $100 is a safe bet for a gift that will tell your maid of honor how much you appreciate her help (1).

Does the Maid of Honor Give the Bride a Gift?

In addition to paying for dresses, travel, and bridal shower gifts, the maid of honor is still expected to give the bride a wedding gift. Whether something off of the wedding registry or a wedding envelope of cash or check, it is good manners for the maid of honor to make her gift offering on the bride’s wedding day (2).

What Does a Maid of Honor Pay For?

The Knot states that, in addition to planning the major events around a wedding and the wedding itself, the maid of honor is typically responsible for paying for and organizing the bridal shower. This includes food/drink, venue if needed, decor, and buying a bridal shower gift. The maid of honor is also expected to still offer a wedding gift on the day of the nuptials to the bride and groom. Otherwise, the duties overshadow the expenses for any wedding (3).

How Do You Thank a Maid of Honor?

How you honor your maid of honor can vary when planning the wedding day. You can single her out with a dress that closely matches yours, a different length or dress pattern, a bigger bouquet, and/or her own walk down the aisle or entrance at the reception. Of course, thanking her in your speech is paramount, and ultimately, getting her the best maid of honor gift you can find will truly show her how much she means to you on your wedding day and every day (4).

How We Choose Maid Of Honor Gifts

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the complexity of finding the perfect maid of honor gifts. We meticulously research and review a wide variety of unique gift ideas, evaluating each from a user’s perspective. Our experts consult, compare and score products based on critical criteria like price, style, and customer feedback. We ensure to cover all demographics, providing an extensive range of thoughtful gifts to express your gratitude. We take pride in our rigorous process, filtering and grouping gifts to make your selection process seamless. As your trusted guide, we help you check off your list with confidence, ensuring your maid of honor feels truly appreciated.

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