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50 Awesome Man Cave Gift Ideas

Welcome to the man cave‒now, what are you going to bring with you? Find unique and awesome man cave gifts here.

Know a man (you probably know a few) who is putting together a man cave for himself at home? He wants his hideaway to be the perfect balance of fun activities, vintage treasures, and geeky goods, plus have the best mini bar around.

Where do you start when trying to get the perfect man cave gifts for the guy in your life? He’s sure to be pumped with one of these perfect additions found in our gift guide below. You’ll score so big that he may never come out again.

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50 Cool Man Cave Gift Ideas

Check out 50 of the most epic man cave gifts for his special refuge.

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LED Flame Lamp

  • Light Up The Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Tech

Even though the guy you know isn’t really far from home, he will feel far away and yet totally plugged in with an LED flame lamp. The high tech lamp looks like a torch, creates a moody atmosphere, and connects to any smart device so he can call up his favorite tunes and pretend he’s around a bonfire at the beach at the same time.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

  • Home Bar Essential

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Retro, Accessories

Most man caves have a bar, but how awesome would it be for you to add a vintage bottle opener to his home pirate bar? This wood and cast iron bottle opener mounts to the wall and looks truly at home in any man cave bar, not to mention how much fun it is to collect the bottle caps and keep track of…time.

Vintage Texaco Marquee Sign

  • The Man Cave Marquee

  • $$$$$
  • Sign, Decor, Retro

You could make it possible to step down the stairs to his man cave, only to find a 30-inch, LED lit, vintage Texaco sign with a sassy pin-up girl to welcome him back. This vintage sign will add pep and personality to any blank wall in an otherwise lonely man cave. It lights up from both sides, so he’ll see her when both coming and going.

Personalized Neon Sign

  • Brighter Is Better

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Sign, Personalized

Your favorite dude will have such a sense of ownership for his man cave when you give him a neon sign that has been personalized with his man cave name, year of establishment, and other custom catchphrases. The neon sign comes in a rainbow of colors, so he can enjoy the best corvette red or deep blue he can imagine. His pride will swell and his man cave will be complete.

Revolving Liquor Dispenser

  • Professional Man Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

You’ll never hear him complain about his pathetic man cave bar again when you procure him a 3-bottle revolving dispenser for spirits. The place will feel like a pub that’s been around for years and be more inviting to friends once they can make drinks the easy way with professional pour action. The party won’t stop until the bottles run dry.

Garage Tin Metal Sign

  • For A Two-Car Man Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Sign, Decor

When his man cave isn’t in his basement or his den, get him a sign that proudly states that his garage is his private domain. The metal sign looks as if it actually belongs in a tough guy garage and is made for indoor or outdoor use just in case the elements find their way into his garage / workshop / TV room / ultimate man cave.

Smokeless Indoor Grill

  • Grill Anywhere He Wants

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Accessories, Decor

Help solve the essential issue when stocking up a man cave‒there’s no room for a full grill. Whether he has an indoor/outdoor setup or just wants to grill anywhere he likes, this instant tabletop grill will serve him like a champ. He can go full-on barbecue or create his very own private steakhouse. The grill stays smokeless so his man cave won’t be officially shut down by the rest of the household.

Cigar Humidor

  • Keep The Smokes Safe

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Bar

This mahogany cigar humidor will allow your man cave buddy to keep his precious cigars safely in good shape for fun times at the minibar. The humidor acts as a humidifier and seals in freshness for the cigars that probably cost as much as the rest of the man cave decor. Help him light ‘em up in style with this most awesome man cave gift.

Wine Cabinet

  • Man Caving In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Bar, Cool

This espresso wood bar cabinet serves as a wine cabinet until the leaves are opened up to reveal enough space for a full-service bar at his fingertips. It is a piece of furniture crafted for the connoisseur in man cave decor. A wonderful Christmas gift for a dad or husband, the cabinet stores up to 14 bottles of wine for the wine lover in your life to create his very own cellar.

Man Cave Scented Candles

  • Manly Scents For Manly Spaces

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Funny

When the man cave you frequent isn’t smelling all that fresh, infuse some new life into the space with a scented gift for him. This unique set of three soy candles have scents he has never smelled before. These are scents that are more than befitting to a proper man cave: straight razor, leather, and balsam fir. Whatever his mood, his secret place will smell 100% awesome.

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12 Gauge Shot Glasses

  • Shooters At The Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Cool, Accessories

When man cave gift ideas grow too expensive, you can still buy your guy friend a great addition to the bar in his man cave without looking cheap! He may never recover from first seeing a set of 12 gauge shot…glasses. They look like real shotgun shells and will hold 2 oz shots of any booze he currently calls his favorite. It’s always good to give a gift that you can enjoy too.

Remote Control Caddy

  • Home Theater Organization

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Decor

When the lights go down in the man cave, finding the remote control is no easy task. This remote control caddy will keep all his home theater needs in one place. When he next schedules a back-to-back viewing of all of his favorite flicks. The sound, TV, cable, and even his phone can all fit neatly into the organized pockets of this caddy, which revolves for the laziest man cave moments.

Craft Beer Club

  • For The Beer Aficionado

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Cool, Personalized

If beer is king in his man cave, keep the gifts coming every month with this ramped-up beer of the month club. He will have to find room in his mini-fridge because you are setting him up for 12 beers a month, including four different styles of beer in each pack. The beer subscription can help make a birthday any day down in the cave that much more fun.

Retro Video Game Console

  • Gaming It Old School

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Tech, Retro

The captain of the man cave will thank you a thousand times over for giving him back his childhood with this cool retro video game console. Unlike the console he remembers, this one stores hundreds of games, puzzles, and sports. The nerdy little boy inside of him will love spending hours gaming in his man cave now that you’ve provided all the entertainment he needs.

Tee Toss Game

  • For Indoor Golfers

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Decor, Cool

Golfers have man caves too, and they need more than just a TV and a fridge to be happy. Make them know you care about their specific cave needs with this fun, challenging tee toss game. The simplicity of a ring and hook game melded with golf will make any golfer as at home in his man cave as he is out on the links.

Billion Dollar Art Gallery

  • Art Education In The Hideaway

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Decor, Accessories

Bring an entire museum into the man cave of a guy who likes more than just beer and sporting events. This amazing digital art gallery projects onto any wall and contains over 500 of the world’s best paintings, along with some art education and/or music to go along. He can still enjoy sports and beer while learning about the finest art in the world.

Vintage Bar Stool Set

  • Where Everybody Has A Seat

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Retro, Cool

A home bar, especially one in a man cave, isn’t a bar without some stools to welcome in friends. This stylish bar stool set is as retro as it gets, with adjustable heights to suit any visitor and any ceiling height. The stools will turn any basement bar setup into a friendly and well-stocked neighborhood pub (for invites only, of course).

Magnetic Levitating Globe

  • Give Him The World

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Accessories, Cool

For the men who have everything comes a unique and mesmerizing gift that will add style and some geeky spirit to his space. The magnetic levitating globe will earn a place of honor between the bar and the big screen TV with its unusual design and glow. This piece is more than some decor for a man cave. It instantly becomes a conversation starter and a way to keep friends around at all times.

Personalized Decanter

  • Initial This

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Bar, Accessories

Bring a “housewarming” gift like no other to your best friend’s man cave with a personalized decanter for his bar. The decanter includes a custom monogram engraving that will become a touchstone amongst his collection of liquor. The attractive bottle also comes with a glass stopper, although once it starts pouring, when to use the stopper is up to the bartender and his buddies.

Antlers Throw Blanket

  • Cuddle Up In The Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Decor, Funny

When it gets chilly in the man cave, give him something cozy but still manly enough to account for its being there. This throw blanket features a set of massive antlers for the hunter or outdoorsman you know. Even though it has a manly design, this blanket is made from sherpa fleece and will soften up the place – but just a little bit.

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Stuffed Burger Press

  • For The Man Cave Cook

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Bar

For the guy who is lucky enough to have included a kitchen in his man cave blueprint, make sure his cooking retreat is stocked and ready for mouthwatering meals with friends. This stuffed burger press is epic in its ability to easily create a luscious hamburger stuffed with anything his culinary heart desires, from cheese to veggies to more meat! The burger patties at the man cave are about to get crazy delicious.

Cocktail Smoker

  • Smoking In The Man Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

You can instantly turn an ordinary bar into a lively pub with a high-end cocktail program when you get a cocktail smoker for his man cave. With this most unique of man toys, he will smoke everything under the sun, including meats, cocktails, cheese, and more. The smoker is portable and includes wood chips, so there won’t be anything standing in between him and his smokey dreams.

Superhero Hooded Robe

  • A Superhero In Secret

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Retro, Cool

He will be able to achieve superherodom in the privacy of his man cave when you give him a superhero hooded robe featuring his favorite DC Comics character. He can hang out, eat snacks, enjoy the game, and even his open-minded friends with this well-constructed robe that includes a cape. The comfort level will keep him in the robe more than he may care to admit.

Tripod Lamp

  • Lights, Camera, Movie Night

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Cool, Retro

Maybe he only created his very own man cave so he could have a home theater and listen to action film explosions up close. The man cave film buff you know will love this lamp fashioned into the shape of a tripod. The movie light design looks awesome in any room and can be used as either a floor lamp or table lamp to better set the mood for movie night.

Man Bar Soap Set

  • For Masculine Bathrooms

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Funny

When man caves have their own en-suite bathroom, he can’t be expected to offer just any old soap to his exclusive group of buddies. Improve the scent of his man bathroom with this set of three rugged soaps that have bold, vibrant scents like sage bergamot, musk sandalwood, and Siberian fir. If he’s got a shower in there, too, he may never use another bathroom in the whole house again.

Man Cave Diamond Plate Sign

  • The Motto Of The Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Sign, Decor

Let everyone know whose cave this is when you get your guy friend a diamond plate tin sign that reads “What Happens In The Cave Stays In The Cave.” Before a sign like this goes up, his space is just an extra room that he has decked out with his favorite things. Now, with the help of this thoughtful gift, the space is a proper man cave and all the world will know it.

Wooden Fishing Box

  • Gone Fishing

  • $$$$$
  • Retro, Cool, Accessories

No matter how hard he tries, the dude in your life can’t make his man cave into a lake where he can go fishing. You can bring the spirit of the lake to him with this cool-looking, wooden fishing box that looks just like one he would take with him on any fishing trip. He can use it for knick-knacks, remote controls, snacks, or anything he considers dear.

Multi Game Table

  • Game On

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Cool, Retro

This multi-game table is more than just a way to add some fun to the man cave space. The table is built as a 3-in-1 game delivery system featuring first-rate fun, including table tennis, slide hockey, and billiards. The height is even adjustable so adults and kids can take part in the good times. Harken back to an era of non-digital gaming with this interesting addition to his man cave.

Bartender Kit

  • Stock Up On Merrymaking

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Decor

Your buddy is going to need a lot of gear for his man cave bar. You can cover him in one fell swoop with this ultra-complete bartender kit. The kit includes 20 necessities to complete any bar, including everything from a cocktail shaker and mixing spoon to liquid pour spouts and whiskey stones. All of the various accessories fit neatly into a wooden organizer that will look professional and handsome on any home bar.

Coca Cola Mini Fridge

  • A Smile And A Mini Fridge

  • $$$$$
  • Retro, Decor, Bar

Your gift will stand out when you give your favorite guy friend a Coca-Cola mini fridge shaped like an actual Coca-Cola can. A stand apart, retro addition to a man cave near you, the beverage fridge holds 12 soda cans. The fridge can add a spark of color and personality like no other decor could to the secret retreat you frequent as a friend.

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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

  • Craft Cocktails For All

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

For the man who likes to harken back to a more distinguished time when men were manly, he will greatly appreciate this cocktail-focused gift to enliven his man cave bar. The Old Fashioned is one of the most iconic cocktails around, and this kit will help craft eight different Old Fashioned variations that speak to his spice-loving side. Unique flavor combinations and easy approaches will keep him behind the bar for a long time.

Slash Guitar Dictionary Print

  • Rockin In The Man Cave

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Retro, Decor

If you’ve got a father or an uncle who was a serious rock n’ roller back in the day, he’ll love this dictionary-style art print featuring the Slash’s guitar of Guns n’ Roses. The closest thing to having a signed guitar hanging on the walls of his hideaway, the art print will add some rock n’ roll style to the walls in no time.

ManSnacks Gift Box

  • Man Cave Survival Kit

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Funny, Accessories

When he reaches for snacks during the big game, he’ll be thankful that you thought of his taste buds when he digs into a ManSnacks gift box. The collection of hearty snacks has all the favorites that any outdoorsman or camper would love to have on a trip, including a selection of beef jerky, granola, nuts, and nutrition bars. He can enjoy his snacks inside the man cave for hours and even days…fully satisfied.

Wood Phone Docking Station

  • In Charging Mode

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Accessories, Cool

All of his small day-to-day stuff will have a home in the man cave and be charged up and ready to go in no time when you give him a touch of tech alongside an old-fashioned look. This phone docking station is made from wood and also works as an organizer for everything from keys and watches to earbuds and more.

Thor Drinking Horn Mug

  • For Ye Olde Home Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Funny, Accessories

If you’ve got a pal who considers his man cave to be the place where he can be nerdy at will, you might want to introduce him to the Thor mug for his home bar. The mug is fashioned into the shape of a drinking horn and will suit any wild guy’s mythic imagination when he wants to swig some ale in the least boring way possible.

Tabletop Billiard/Pool Table Set

  • Fancy A Game Of Pool

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Cool, Retro

Any man dedicated to the art of home recreation will appreciate this miniature tabletop pool/billiards set. The set is ideal for playing a game of pool and sits neatly on top of any flat surface. He will be able to play pool on the coffee table, the home bar, or even a folding table. The set comes with all the usual pool playing accessories and will keep all who visit the man cave entertained.

Retro Bluetooth Record Player

  • Retro Tunes, Modern Technology

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Retro, Cool

When the tunes are missing from any guy’s secret retreat, the place just isn’t complete. Help him make his man cave absolutely perfect with this unique record player designed to look like a vintage Victrola while connecting via Bluetooth to smart devices to play music and even record records to MP3. The new world will join up with the old and his favorite music will keep the place alive and kicking.

NHL Game Used Hockey Puck Opener

  • A Bottle Opener On Ice

  • $$$$$
  • Cool, Bar, Accessories

If the man cave belongs to a guy you know who is gaga for hockey, there’s no other gift that will satisfy his sporting and drinking needs like this officially licensed bottle opener crafted out of actual NHL game pucks. These pucks have seen more than their fair share of hockey fights, assists, and goals. He may never stop bragging to all his friends about having the coolest bottle opener ever invented in his bar.

The Man Cave Throw Pillow

  • Relaxing With The Guys

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Funny, Cool

When you don’t know what else a seemingly complete man cave needs, get its owner a pillow that will let all who enter know that they are in a stylish, comfy man cave. This pillow will fluff up and improve any couch he’s got and do so with a little sense of humor attached.

Corvette Garage Sign

  • Parking On Premises

  • $$$$$
  • Retro, Sign, Decor

When a man loves his corvette more than much else he owns, bring his love for cars indoors with this fun, quirky garage sign pointing an arrow towards the “corvette garage” that you and he know is really his man cave. The bright colors and unique design will infuse a little gearhead character into his recreation space.

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3D Personalized Photo Frame

  • Family Still Counts

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Decor, Accessories

A man cave might be the place to get a little me time away from the family, but this photo frame serves as a reminder of family who are nearby. The frame is personalized using a 3D photo crystal that displays an engraved photograph. He’ll be able to enjoy his special space and feel like a rich man knowing he’s got a family that accepts him for who he is.

Ring Toss Short Board

  • Game Night Every Day

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Retro, Accessories

Add a little fun reminiscent of childhood with a ring toss game. The classic game is easy to understand but challenging to master. It can be hooked up on any wall indoors or outside and will add a little more excitement to any man cave, especially one where kids drop by from time to time. The game will have him addicted in no time and he’ll have you to thank for the good times.

Man Cave Rules Sign

  • Rough And Ready Rules

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Sign, Decor

When he’s got himself a man cave, you’ll need to give him a man cave rules sign…it’s, well, one of the rules of a man cave. This cool-looking wood sign will look at home in any man cave environment, whether basement, den, garage, or attic. The sign allows for a good sense of humor and yet respects the tenets of any guy’s social retreat with flair.

Man Cave T-Shirt

  • Gag Gifts For Man Caves

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Accessories, Cool

Send some lighthearted congratulations to the guy you know who has started work creating his own man cave with a funny t-shirt that he can wear when building a home bar, setting up his entertainment system, or decorating the place to his personal specifications. This gag gift will keep him smiling while he builds a private space for himself and keep the dust off him at the same time.

Happy Hour Bell

  • Last Call For Alcohol

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Funny

You can get typical man cave gifts for a home bar, or you can give him a solid brass bartenders’ bell that reads “Happy Hour” and, when rung, will let his friends know that it’s last call. A solid conversation piece for any man cave bar, the bell will keep things fresh and be ready to remind anyone when he’s due back upstairs for dinner.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

  • It’s The Little Things (And Scotch)

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

A bar accessory like few others, these toothpicks are infused with a single-malt scotch that will cause anyone in the man cave to use toothpicks more than they need to. It’s the little things that turn a bar into a warm and welcoming place, and these little things will do the trick. Their subtle, delicious taste will appeal to scotch lovers and keep anyone else curious enough to try them in between shots.

Vintage Key Rack Holder

  • Welcome To The Garage

  • $$$$$
  • Retro, Cool, Decor

If you know a guy who would turn his entire home into a garage, then this piece of man decor is ideal for his man cave or garage (or combo). The key rack can hold keys, hats, or coats, but the rack itself is a weathered and worn wrench made of cast iron. There’s no mistaking a real tool like this and it will look awesome in his favorite workshop space.

Aluminum Can Crusher

  • Crushing It Like A Man

  • $$$$$
  • Retro, Cool, Accessories

We guarantee you that no other gadgets you can give to a friend for use in his man cave will be as unique and utilitarian at the same time as an aluminum can crusher. This one mounts to a man and can crush any 12 oz cans in seconds. The gratification is only matched by the fact that his man cave will recycle 100% of the cans consumed there.

Whiskey & Cigar Glass

  • One-Handed Whiskey & Cigars

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

The man who wants his man cave to be a bastion of decadence and luxury will treasure this extra-special way to enjoy a drink and a cigar at the same time. The attractive glass contains a uniquely designed cigar holder so the imbiber can sip his drink while his cigar waits safely until the next puff. The glass will help transform any home bar into the stuff of cigar smoking legends, thanks to you.

Bloody Mary Crate

  • Bloody Marys All-In-One

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Accessories, Cool

Why stock the bar when you can give him a bloody mary crate that he has to pry open with a crowbar? Inside, he’ll discover nearly everything needed to create the most awesome Bloody Marys ever seen. The set includes tomato juice, bacon rimshot, two glasses, lots of spice mixes, and even some pepperoni straws. This set will bring a lot of fun into the life of your favorite dude in his bar at home.

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Man Cave FAQs

What is the Purpose of a Man Cave?

A man cave is not just a place for a guy to hide from his significant other. He actually requires this unique space for himself for a variety of reasons, some being the need for me time, having a place to de-stress, watch sports, or keep his personal belongings all in one non-shared space. Plus, a man cave is a great place to watch the game with friends or have a party.

What Looks Good In a Man Cave?

A man cave isn’t just necessarily a place for sports memorabilia or a big-screen TV (though those work just fine). Man caves can be stylish, unique, and reflect the personality of its owner. Some different approaches to man cave decor include a rock n’ roll theme right down to guitars on the wall, a really big, bold piece of art, or deciding between a sci-fi feel and a vintage, old-school sense of style. The choices are endless, so get started.

What Should Every Man Cave Have?

No matter the style, every man cave needs a few essential items to let everyone know that they have crossed over into the man zone. Whether a recliner or a cozy couch, comfort is king in any manly space. A good TV is always key, plus any number of nerdy stuff, like video games, retro objects, or high tech. Sports tend to take over in a man cave, but don’t forget about his favorite movie memorabilia. Lastly, the bar in a man cave is the place where his style can truly shine.

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