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20 November Birthday Facts and Statistics

We bring to light the most interesting facts and statistics about those born in the midst of the fall holiday season.

November is one of the most joyous months of the year. With Halloween over and done Thanksgiving and Christmas are now in sight. It’ll come as no surprise then that November birthday facts and statistics include lots of warm and welcoming trivia.

Our fascinating guide to facts about people born in November is packed with everything you need to know. From physical traits to astrological tidbits, you’ll discover the best parts about those born in the harvest month.

5 Key Facts About November Birthdays

Here are our top five November birthday facts to get you started on learning about November babies.

  1. November-born Scorpios have not one but two birthstones: citrine and topaz.
  2. November babies are likely to be CEOs and come in third after March and April.
  3. People born in November have a greater chance of living to 100 years old, known as a centenarian.
  4. The November-born could be at lower risk for medical issues like heart disease and lung cancer.
  5. Boys born in cooler months, like November, are likelier to be left-handed than those born between March and July.

20 November Birthday Facts and Statistics

Check out these entertaining facts to school you about people who call November their birthday month.

1. Fall Foliage

Scorpios born in November have two birthstones: citrine and topaz. Both gemstones come in a shade found in the gold/yellow/orange family, just like falling autumn leaves. Citrine is a deeper brownish-orange birthstone associated with health and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Topaz has many color varieties but is most recognizable as a shade between yellow and orange. It’s a symbol of love, which also provides strength and intelligence to its wearer (1).

2. Born Athletes

Children born in November may be better on the field, it seems. Studies indicate that November babies grow up to be more fit and powerful than those born in summer. They’re followed closely by the September and October born, but November kids prove to be stronger when at play (2).

3. Long-Lived

Like September babies, those born in November have a better chance of living to 100 years old than others. A person who lives to 100 is called a centenarian, with a less than 1% chance of living to 100 for the overall population (3).

4. Breathe Easy

People who have November birthdays seem to be at lower risk for many medical issues, from heart disease to lung cancer. Although they’re not completely free of respiratory problems when older, November-born people can start off with a clean slate for healthy lungs and a strong heart (4).

5. Good Friends

A Scorpio is known for loyalty, which makes them terrific friends. They’re known for telling the truth all the time, which can be challenging, but in the end, it makes for a thoughtful friendship (5).

Sagittariuses are usually great friends who love to engage with those they love. No matter the time between visits, a Sagitarrius zodiac sign can reconnect with friends easily (6).

6. November Goddess

In the Roman calendar, the goddess Isis is often a symbolic representation of those born in November. An ancient Roman cult honored Isis with a festival called Isia, beginning at the tail end of October through early November. These kinds of symbolic pagan festivals were enacted through the fourth century CE (7).

7. Top Boss

Facts about a November birthday month include the probability of being a CEO someday. Because November babies fall within the school cut-off of September through December, they’re nearly the oldest. November-born people come in third most likely to be CEOs, after March and April. So, get that corner office ready for the future!

8. Fall Flowers

November birthday facts and statistics include that the chrysanthemum is the month’s birth flower. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors and are considered lucky. They originated in China, where the Festival of Happiness is a yearly celebration of chrysanthemums.

Also, as a meaning of friendship and honesty, they are a wonderful way to say “Happy Birthday” to your favorite November boy or girl (8).

9. Rarest of Days

More interesting trivia about November birthdays include how rare they are. November itself ranks tenth out of the 12 months of the year. As days of the month go, November 23 through November 28 rank between 354 and 360 out of the 365 days of the year to be born. Looks like expecting women may not wish to give birth during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday weekend (9).

10. Lefties

Research shows that more left-handed boys are born in cooler months, including November. The time between November and January produced more lefty boys than those born from March to July (10).

11. Happy Days

It looks like November-born people are less likely to develop depression. They are at lower risk of having bipolar disorder as well. It’s not all smiles and sunshine, though, since negative traits could include irritability, which we’re all allowed to have sometimes (11).

12. Happy Holidays

Most people are aware of the American Thanksgiving holiday and the infamous “Black Friday” at the end of November. But did you know November is host to a slew of other unique and sometimes odd holidays? It’s National Native American heritage month too.

It’s also home to National Deep Fried Clams Day and Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day. Halloween lovers can be happy, since November 1 is All Souls Day, also known as the Day of the Dead (12).

13. Stand at Attention

Personality traits for those born in November include a higher risk of ADHD, according to data from Columbia. Their studies show that November babies are born during a peak time of the year for ADHD. Personal attitudes and living environments also come into play on a case-by-case basis (13).

14. Serial

Facts about people born in November aren’t all fun and games. It turns out 17 known serial killers were born in November. Other months have an average of nine serial killers in their company. This relates to a 2005 study stating more November-born people become pessimistic adults. Obviously, this is an extreme example, so don’t fear for your November baby’s dark side yet (14).

15. Career Path

Fun facts about November-born people include their career of choice. They’re known for their empathy and are givers, so careers like teaching are ideal for the November-born. Public service is another great option for types who want to contribute to society (15).

16. Early Christmas Card

November is a magical time to welcome a baby into the world prior to the December holidays. Christmas cards are typically sent out by the first week in December, so loved ones can enjoy the card with plenty of time left before Christmas.

No matter when a November baby arrives, it’s a wonderful opportunity. You can include a photo of the new bundle of joy in a holiday card for friends and family (16).

17. Celebrity Central

November is home to tons of famous celebrity birthdays, including Leonardo DiCaprio on November 11 and Ryan Gosling following on November 12. In the world of music, Miley Cyrus celebrates her birthday on November 23, and the legendary Tina Turner celebrates on November 26 (17).

18. Scorpion and Archer

Scorpios have the very literal birth animal of the scorpion for their November birthday. It dates back to two Greek legends, one involving a scorpion who stung Orion. Another speaks of the “horses of the sun” who got spooked by a scorpion when being driven by Phaeton (18).

A Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, who is a centaur. He is half man and half beast, and shoots an arrow into the air, only to follow it. Whatever he discovers each time is the most important part of life for him (19).

19. King of All

The newest monarch in England is King Charles III, formerly the Prince of Wales. He may be the most famous royal with a November birthday, celebrating on November 14. Other November royal birthdays include Lady Louise Windsor, King Charles’ niece, on November 18. Peter Phillips, the King’s nephew, has a birthday on November 8 (20).

20. Love Letter

Valentine’s Day romance is one of the main causes of November births. According to a 2015 U.K. study, the conception rate is 6% higher than at other times of the year. Love is a great reason to have a baby, which is why November-born babies are extra special (21).


What is Special About the November-Born?

Those with November birthdays seem to be less at risk for a number of ailments. From multiple sclerosis to heart disease and lung cancer, research shows November babies aren’t prone to any (22). Plus, most of them are born in time for Thanksgiving in the U.S., and all arrive prior to the December holiday season.

Are November Babies Successful?

No matter their zodiac sign, those born during November share many traits that make up a successful person. Scorpios are smart and sensitive at the same time, with good intuition to boot. While Sagittariuses can create conflict, they are intelligent, fast learners, and have great imaginations. What successful person could ask for more (23)?

Who is the Best Partner For November-Born?

The best partner for November-born people depends on their horoscope. Scorpios work well with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and especially Virgos (24). A Sagittarius may jive best with Aries, Gemini, and Leo when it comes to a healthy love life (25).

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