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53 Fun Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

Wish your favorite gal well with these perfect retirement gifts for women.

When looking for creative retirement gifts for women, you might get drawn into a black hole. Whether she’s family, friend, boss, or co-worker, you might not know her private side well enough to find something she will truly value and use.

You’ll be more than ready for her last day when you check out this comprehensive guide to all things retirement for the special lady you know. Keep reading for traditional and unique retirement gifts ideas for women here.

53 Thoughtful Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Make her last day shine with these special retirement gifts for women and watch her retire with a smile.

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Retirement Gift Box

  • Work No More

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Set, Jewelry

Give your favorite woman in retirement this box full of fun accessories that have her new non-working schedule in mind. The set has everything she’ll need, from novelty retirement socks and a tumbler to a thoughtful bracelet and trinket dish keepsake that will remind her of people like you who appreciate everything she is.

Retirement Stemware Rack

  • AM/PM For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Bar, Novelty, Fun

Make the woman you know who is retiring laugh out loud with this great wall rack for her home. The wooden rack comes with two hooks for coffee cups under “AM” and two hooks for wine glasses under “PM.”

The rack includes the message “How Retirees Tell Time,” so she won’t forget what part of the day it is from now on.

Retirement Activity Book

No products found.

Check Price
  • Keeping Extra Busy

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Fun, Home

This retirement activity book is the perfect send-off for a female co-worker or any woman you know who is retirement-ready. The fun-loving guide has a bunch of time wasters, activities, and mental challenges to keep her mind sharp and her days filled. From crypotograms to sudoku and crosswords, she’ll be back at it in no time.

Funny Retirement Wine Glass

  • Wine Away The Time

  • $$$$$
  • Bar, Novelty, Fun

Retirement gifts for women should always celebrate them in a special way, just like this novelty retirement glass. The stemless wine glass will make the ideal addition to her home bar, whether she uses it or just admires the message “I am wine all I want / I’m retired.”

Retirement gift ideas for women like this wine glass are an inexpensive way to add some lighthearted humor to the retiring lady you care about.

Hydroponic Growing Kit

  • The Gardening Life

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Home

You can get expensive with your retirement gift for the lady in your life and leave traditional gifts behind when you give her this awesome hydroponic growing kit.

She can use the kit indoors or outdoors and become an expert luxury gardener with ease. The kit has everything she needs to grow 12 plants at a time. Before she knows it, she’ll have a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and more from this unique gardening system.

Self Care Bucket List

  • Challenging The Self

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Hobbies, Fun

This self care bucket list is a meaningful way to offer a woman who is retiring new and imaginative ideas on making a “bucket list” for her future.

The set of cards include unique prompts that will encourage her to try new mindfulness activities like meditation or laughing at herself. She’ll appreciate this new take on her retirement years and give it a go as soon as she can.

Retirement Planter Box

  • Plant Something For The Future

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Set, Home

You can wish your favorite woman retiring the best wishes possible, give her this rustic planter box for her home or garden. The wooden box includes three mason jars that she can fill with plants or flowers (or you can too on her behalf).

The planter box includes the message, “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched. Congratulations on your retirement!”

Retirement Trinket Tray

  • Keeping The Little Things

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Jewelry

This ceramic trinket dish is a nice way to let a woman know how much she means to you upon her retirement. The dish can be used for her smaller jewelry pieces or any trinkets she’d like to keep nearby on her nightstand or wherever she takes her jewelry on and off. The delicate tray is a kind keepsake for any woman and will show her much thanks.

Retirement Charm Bracelet

  • All The Right Charms

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Fun

This bangle bracelet has adorable charms for a woman who is about to retire. She can wear the silver bracelet with almost any look and be reminded of the people like you who care about her.

The charms include a “Happy Retirement” charm, a pearl, a heart, a stone, a compass, and a charm to “find joy in the journey.” This bracelet is an elegant way to wish her the best retirement ever.

Personalized Retirement Plaque

  • A Retirement Blessing

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Fun

This sentimental retirement plaque is a lovely way to let your favorite female retiree know how special you think she is. The wooden plaque can be personalized with her name and includes a lyrical Irish blessing that will live on as a cherished piece in her home. She need only look upon it to remember how much she is loved and valued.

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Retirement Mug

  • A Mug With No Problems

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Keepsake, Fun

This cool retirement mug for her is a proper retirement gift for the woman you know. The mug comes with a lid and spoon in a gift box, but the real gift comes when she reads the mug itself. It reads, “Retired 2022 / Not my problem anymore.” She’ll love drinking her coffee every morning, knowing that this sentiment is 100% true.

Making Plans Journal

  • Planner For Non-Work Days

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Fun, Hobbies

Now that the woman you know is retiring, you can help her make all the plans she has been patiently waiting for with this journal. The planner journal is one of the best retirement gifts for women since it allows them to get creative with their newfound time. In addition to writing plans, the journal has areas for adding photos, mementos, and more.

Heart Retirement Keepsake

  • A Heart In Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Fun

Add another heartfelt message to a retiree’s life when you give her this thoughtful heart-shaped retirement keepsake. The transparent heart features the word retirement spelled out with sentiments like “E – explore new places” and “N – nap frequently.”

She’ll enjoy having this souvenir nearby from those who care for her long after her last day of work is done.

Retirement Blanket

  • Warm Retirement Wishes

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Fun

Give the ultimate warm wishes to your favorite retiree when you present her with this toasty retirement blanket for her home. She will get plenty of use out of the flannel throw blanket, whether having a movie marathon on the couch or enjoying sleeping in late.

The blanket lets her know how much she is always appreciated and will keep letting her know with every warm and fuzzy feeling she gets.

World Traveler’s Cork Globe

  • Keeping A Travel Record

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Hobbies, Fun

Make the woman you know who is retiring super-excited about her travels to come with this world traveler’s globe. The miniature globe is made from cork and comes with five red pushpins to get her started on marking her favorite world destinations. Where she’s going or where she’s been will stay in the record and make an awesome piece of home decor with a story.

Retirement Cuff Bracelet

  • Retirement Inspiration

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Fun

This sweet retirement bracelet will stay with any woman who finds herself saying goodbye to her career. The cuff bracelet includes an inspirational quote “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched. Happy Retirement!” She’ll be sure to love wearing the bracelet anywhere she decides to spend her completely free day.

Vintage Retirement T-Shirt

  • Proudly Retired Gear

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Fun, Keepsake

This super fun retirement t-shirt is a wonderful way to wish a female friend a happy retirement in style. The vintage look of the cotton shirt includes a winking woman’s face and the words “Retired 2022,” along with “Not my problem anymore.” Better words were never said about the beauty of being retired.

Retirement Spa Gift Box Set

  • Get Ready To Relax

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, Home

Get your favorite lady in retirement ready for relaxation with this amazing spa gift basket. The all-in set has everything she needs to dedicate herself to finding peace and calm 24 hours a day.

The set has lavender hand and body soap, lip balm, and a matching hand-poured candle that will set the scene for a day at home, naps, baths, and everything that goes with having all the time on her hands she wants.

Watercolor Painting Kit

  • Getting Creative Later In Life

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Fun

Let the woman you know discover the beauty of watercolors when she enters retirement with this cool painting kit. The 49-piece kit has all the best ingredients for any retiree to begin new hobbies or strengthen existing ones.

The set has 24 watercolors, 3 canvases, and other tools necessary for her to dedicate her time to creating more than one masterpiece.

Retired Apron

  • Kiss The Retired Cook

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Fun

When it’s time for the gal you know to retire, make sure she has fun every second of her non-working days with this unique retirement apron.

The waterproof apron will let everyone know she made it to retirement, and also make them aware of the word retirement’s definition: “I do what I want, when I want. See also: not my problem anymore.”

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Personalized Retirement Wood Chime

  • The Sounds of Someone Retired

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Keepsake, Fun

When looking for the most interesting retirement gifts for women, this personalized wood chime pops up immediately. The beautifully constructed wooden chime can hang near a window inside your favorite retiree’s home or out in her garden (which she’s now able to give time to more.)

The chime is personalized with her name and retirement date, so she will never forget the sweet sounds of making it to retired life.

Compass Necklace

  • Give Into Adventure

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Travel

Inspire a woman newly retired to listen to her travel bug and take part in every adventure she can with this inspiring compass necklace. The sterling silver pendant of a mountain range is surrounded by a traditional compass symbol, so she can be reminded to point herself in any direction and engage in whatever journey is to come.

Candle Making Kit

  • DIY Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Hobbies

Encourage the woman in your life to get going on her favorite hobbies or inspire new ones with this cool DIY candle-making kit. The kit is packed with everything she needs to create four scented candles, including the dye blocks, fragrance oils, wicks, and more.

Before she knows it, she’ll be an expert at candlemaking and might even regift some of these candles to you if you’re lucky.

Retired Tumbler

  • Hydrated And Insulated

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Keepsake

There’s no mistaking this BPA-free insulated tumbler as belonging to anyone who is not retired. The pink 12-ounce tumbler will safely carry any of her chosen beverages on the road, on errands, or on vacation. The tumbler itself reads “Retired Free and Fabulous,” so anyone nearby will know she’s made it to the good times!

Retirement Wine Gift Set

  • Wine O’Clock Full Time

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Novelty, Keepsake, Fun

This entertaining wine gift set is made for your favorite lady in retirement. It has everything wine-related she needs to have a great time, from fun novelty socks and a wine tumbler to a practical bottle opener and wine stopper to make sure she can always pop a cork when need be. The gift set is an ode to saying cheers to her and all the time she has to herself.

Retired Cutting Board

  • In The Retirement Kitchen

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Fun

This retirement-friendly cutting board will make the ideal practical keepsake for the kitchen of the woman you know who made it to her last day at work. The bamboo wood board can be used to prepare a meal or serve snacks to her many guests.

The engraved message includes a humorous quote about living happily ever after in retirement, which she will be sure to appreciate.

Nitro Brew Coffee Maker

  • Full-Time Coffee Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Kit, Hobbies, Fun

This impressive Nitro Brew coffee maker will make the perfect gift for a retiring woman who’s used to the finer things. Whether she’s your boss or just a co-worker or friend who deserves the best coffee ever, she can make her own nitro brewed coffee with this easy-to-use system.

The dispensing system works like a beer keg to deliver the tastiest coffee she can enjoy at home anytime she likes.

Gel Eye Mask

  • Melt The Stress Away

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Fun

The woman in your life who is finally retiring will appreciate this soothing gel eye mask to encourage her relaxation response after years of work. The mask works with various levels of heat and has a cooling pad when cold is needed to relieve a headache or stress. The comfortable mask shuts off automatically and will help usher her into her new stress-free life.

Wine Tote Bag

  • Wine On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Travel, Set, Bar

When the woman you know is planning her retirement activities and travels, be sure to include this cool wine tote bag in your gift basket when you wish her well.

The tote bag is insulated, lightweight, and has space enough for two standard bottles of wine. It comes with a set of stainless steel wine cups so she and her favorite person can say cheers wherever they decide to spend the day.

Blooming Garden Trio

  • Flowers Times Three

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Fun, Set, Home

Why get a woman in retirement fresh flowers when you can give her a long-lasting trio of budding roses, along with English ivy, housed in an attractive wood container. She can not only bring these retirement flowers home with her, but also keep them on a windowsill or anywhere she wants to look at a garden in bloom.

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Retirement Tote Bag

  • Carry Along In Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Travel, Fun

This cotton retirement tote bag will come in handy a lot for the retiring woman in your life. The stylish bag is ideal for carrying groceries, small items, or fruits and vegetables from the farmers market she finally has time to frequent. The practical tote bag will let everyone know her current state when they read, “I’m retired / Do it yourself.”

Retirement Keychain

  • Retirement In Use Everyday

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Keepsake

When you want to give a small but memorable retirement gift to the woman you know, you can give her this cute retirement keychain that will remind her how much she is appreciated on her last day at work. The dainty stainless steel keychain is ideal for making her keys more visible when she needs them while having a cool keepsake of her retirement in tow.

Personalized Retirement Guest Book

  • Signing Off On Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Fun, Home

You can guarantee your favorite retiree’s happiness on her last day or retirement party when you present her with this thoughtful retirement guest book print which can be framed and kept as a fond memory pre-retirement.

The print is personalized with the name and workplace of the retiree, in addition to tons of room for all her friends and co-workers to leave their very best wishes.

Bird Watching Binoculars

  • Living Life Up Close

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Travel, Fun

Bring some fun times to the woman in your life who is retiring with these high-quality binoculars that can be used for everything from bird watching to getting a closer look at concerts and outdoor performances. She can use these lightweight binoculars when getting out into nature and get amazing magnification no matter what she’s getting a closer look at.

Retirement Bookmark

  • Reading Into Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Keepsake, Fun

This cute retirement bookmark is a meaningful way to infuse some appreciation into everyday life that the woman you know will be sure to love.

The stainless steel bookmark can be used as she finally gets into her favorite book and includes the message “Enjoy the next chapter.” She will likely enjoy this memento several books into her retirement years.

Retirement Candle

  • Light Up During Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Keepsake, Home

This lavender-scented candle is a sweet way to wish the woman in your office a happy retirement that will stay with her long after her last day. The soy wax candle burns for up to 50 hours and will keep her home a relaxed place.

The candle’s message reads “Retired 2022 / Not my problem anymore,” so she can let everyone know just how free she is from the working life she once knew.

Retirement Hobbies Activity Book

  • Get Her Hobbies Together

  • $$$$$
  • Hobbies, Travel, Fun

When a woman in your life needs a push to get into her new retirement schedule (or lack thereof), you can give her this super fun retirement activity book for some inspiration. The book includes challenging puzzles and unique ideas for hobbies, travel, and much more to keep their time interesting once retirement officially begins.

Retirement Makeup Bag

  • Set Your Own Schedule

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Fun

This cute makeup bag is a nice accessory for any woman who is meeting her retirement straight on. The waterproof bag is the best place for all the little items she might need in her new life.

Whether she needs makeup and personal care on the road, camping, or on vacation, she’ll have the best place to keep all the little things with her on her next big adventure.

Retirement Clock

  • Fun Day Every Day

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Keepsake, Fun

This unique mahogany wall clock is a great way to get the woman in your life ready for her life in retirement. She can enjoy every day of the week in a new way by looking at this clock that runs on days, not hours.

The clock reads “One day at a time” because it might become the best way for any retired woman to greet the day or the week ahead.

Sun And Mountains Charm Bracelet

  • Greet The Setting Sun

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Fun

This beautiful sun and mountains charm bracelet will keep all the best things in mind for the retiring woman you know. The silver bracelet has a charm featuring a bronze setting sun over a pair of mountains to reflect the gorgeous locations she will likely visit more often now that she is retired.

The rustic look of the charm will look awesome no matter where she goes or what journey she finds herself on.

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Mule House Slipper

  • Comfort All The Time

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Fun, Set

This pair of mule-style house slippers will prepare your favorite woman in retirement for long, relaxing days filled with the comforts of home and an open schedule. The slip-on mules will be dependable and provide non-slip comfort any time of day and any day of her week. She’ll thank you for providing long-lasting wear anytime she needs it.

Retirement Pearl Necklace

  • One Pearl Away From Retirement

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Fun

This mesmerizing pearl necklace is an elegant way to wish a woman all the best for her oncoming retirement. The delicate single pearl will make the ideal pendant for her to wear whether she’s going about a normal day or on a retirement vacation, taking part in her new favorite hobby, or just enjoying time at home on her own.

The pendant comes in a gift box with a heartfelt message to seal the deal.

Personalized Retirement Pillow

  • The Ultimate Relaxation

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Keepsake, Fun

This soft pillow is a unique way to bring a little retirement cheer into your favorite woman’s life on or near her last day. The pillow can fit into her bedroom set up or on a couch in her home and will entertain one and all with the words “Retired and no longer my problem,” along with the personalized name and year of retirement for the woman who has all the time in the world.

Retirement Papers

  • A Special Set Of Papers

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Home, Fun

There’s no getting around the quirky sense of humor present to enjoy this very special roll of retirement toilet paper. The novelty toilet paper comes wrapped up with a big red bow and is embroidered with the phrase “Official Retirement Papers.”

Whether she makes this a practical gift or just keeps it around to enjoy, she’ll love the lighthearted sentiment of this fun retirement gift.

Anne Klein Bracelet Watch

  • A Retirement Tradition For Her

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Fun

There’s no need for your favorite woman in retirement to wait for her company to get her an official retirement watch when you can give her this stunning Anne Klein bracelet-style watch. The beautiful accents like the crystal lens, mother-of-pearl dial, and best Japanese quartz movement will keep time for her once all the time in the world belongs to her.

Retirement Angel Figurine

  • A Retirement Blessing

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home

When you give this meaningful retirement angel figurine to a woman in your life on her last day at work, you’ll know this angel will become a treasured part of her home life after her work life comes to a close. The elegant stone resin figure holds a clock and bears a kind retirement message to keep her smiling into her new life away from work.

Bonsai Starter Kit

  • Keep Growing

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Home, Fun

Retirement gifts for her work wonderfully when they inspire a new way to spend time in retirement, like this awesome bonsai starter kit. The kit has everything she needs to get started in a fun new hobby, including four complete sets of different bonsai seeds, pots, markers, and more. The easy-to-grow kit will have her admiring a zen garden before her eyes very soon.

Retirement Charm Jewelry

  • All The Right Charms

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Novelty, Keepsake

This delightful-looking charm bracelet is a thoughtful way to wish a woman you know a very happy retirement. The stylish bangle has multiple cute charms already attached that speak to her big retirement milestone.

The charms include a pearl, a 2022 charm, an “Enjoy your time off” charm, and a “Happy Retirement” charm. She’ll love the festive keepsake she can wear anytime she likes.

Retirement Gardening Tool

  • A Keepsake For The Garden

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Hobbies, Keepsake, Fun

This gardening tool makes a meaningful retirement gift for any woman who can’t wait to spend more time in her garden after her last workday. The stainless steel gardening tool is ready for garden work and makes an equally as timeless keepsake that comes packaged with a congratulations message on her retirement with a tool she’ll be sure to love.

Retirement Novelty Fork

No products found.

Check Price
  • A Novelty Way Of Eating Dinner

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Novelty, Keepsake, Fun

This fun-loving retirement fork is a smart, easy way to offer your favorite retiring woman a small keepsake that comes along with an offbeat sense of humor. The stainless steel fork is engraved with the words “stick a fork in me” along the handle and “I’m done” on the fork itself. She’ll appreciate the cute humor this keepsake infuses into her kitchen and her life.

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Nightstand Organizer

  • Organization, Retired Style

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Set, Fun

This useful nightstand organizer for her is the perfect way to keep the woman you know organized at home. The attractive wooden nightstand docking station is compartmentalized to fit her most important items at any time of day. The stand has space set aside to hang jewelry, including watches, keep a cell phone, keys, and other small items. She will appreciate having everything she needs close by and easy to find.

Macrame Kit

  • Hobbies All The Time

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Hobbies, Fun

This cool macrame kit will be a refreshing retirement gift for the lady in your life who has got a lot of time on her hands all of a sudden. Whether she is a beginner at macrame or an experienced pro, she will love the variety of materials included in the kit, like six different cord colors and all the tools needed to get started.

Gourmet Gift Basket

  • Get Festive With Food

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, Keepsake

There are few things as fun as getting a big gift basket of delicious treats when retiring. This gourmet gift basket will make any woman in your life feel super special on her last day or at her retirement party. The basket is loaded with sweet and savory treats, from olives, cheese, and tea to cookies, chocolate, and more.

Retirement Gifts for Women FAQs

What is the Retirement Age for Women?

Generally speaking, the retirement age for women is 65 years old. Nowadays, many men and women prefer to work into their late 60’s or even 70’s, often only part-time, while others prefer to retire early. It depends on their personality, their career choice, and what they love doing with their days.

Is It Customary To Give a Retirement Gift?

Giving a retirement gift is a thoughtful way to wish a friend, coworker, or loved one well on their retirement journey. If working with a person who is retiring, a gift may be appropriate if you have a boss-assistant situation or if you are close with the retiring person, or have known them for a long time.

How Do You Congratulate Someone on Their Retirement?

Your congratulations to a person who is retiring depends on your relationship with that person. If you want to extend your deepest thanks and best wishes to them, make sure to do so by reminding them how amazing they are and what their work has meant to you.

If you know they have a great sense of humor, retirement jokes are fully in order. Just make sure you congratulate them appropriately and they’ll appreciate you.

How Much Should a Company Spend on a Retirement Gift?

What a company spends on a retirement gift all depends on many factors. The size, scope, and financial standing of the company often dictate how much they have in the budget.

The retiree’s position within the company matters, which is also compounded by the number of years they spent there and what impact they had. As a general rule, anything between $100 – $1000 can be spent on a retirement gift.

How Much Should You Spend on a Retirement Gift?

You could typically spend anywhere between $10 – $50 on a retirement gift. Still, it depends on your relationship with the person retiring, your position in the company if you work together, and how long you have known each other.

What Flowers are Appropriate for Retirement?

There are no specific retirement-friendly flowers to give to someone who is retiring. A fresh bouquet of flowers will usually make the retiring person feel thanked and appreciated for all they do.

If you know of a specific type of flower or arrangement they like, go for it or get specific with a birth month, anniversary flower for the number of years worked, or state flower, depending on which they’d like best.

What Color Is for Retirement?

There is no one color choice that is more correct to celebrate a retirement than any other color. Retirement is usually a great time for colors like black and white, black and gray, or gray and white.

If you know your retiree loves red, you might want to deck the conference room out in that color to please them. Anything to make a party or celebration for a retirement more personal is always a good idea.

What is a Traditional Retirement Gift for Women?

Worthwhile retirement gifts for women are anything you know they would appreciate after retiring. Fun gifts like a wine tumbler or trinket dish that wishes them well with lighthearted humor can work, as well as books and gifts on travel, hobbies, and the art of relaxation.

Anything that sets them up to enjoy their new life and feel great about it will be valued by them for a long time.

Is Wine a Good Retirement Gift for Women?

Wine is a lovely way to wish a woman well on her retirement, as is champagne. A good vintage chosen for the year she started work or any valued wine will mirror the value that you know she has. As long as you know the woman retiring drinks wine, you can have a lot of fun finding the perfect celebratory bottle of wine to see her off into her new chapter of life.

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