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20 Unique September Birthday Facts and Statistics

It's not just the most common birth month. Discover more September birthday facts and statistics.

September is the most popular birth month of the calendar year. It’s no wonder, since September babies are conceived during the holiday season. Ever wonder what makes those with September birthdays stand out?

Our interesting list of September birthday facts and statistics has all the information you need to find. Be well-versed in what makes September a special time to be born and find out amazing trivia too.

Top 5 Facts About People Born in September

These five facts top the list when it comes to people lucky enough to be born in September.

  1. September’s main birthstone is the sapphire, a symbol of royalty and truth.
  2. People born between September and November are most likely to reach 100 years old.
  3. Autumnal babies show lower levels of depression and are less likely to develop bipolar disorder, but are irritable.
  4. September babies conceived in January are more likely to arrive early.
  5. Four Roman emperors had birthdays in September, Aurelian, Trajan, Antonius Pius, and Augustus.

20 September Birthday Facts and Statistics

Below you’ll find all the unique facts about people born in September and what makes them who they are.

1. Baby Blue

September is represented by Virgo’s birthstone, the sapphire, a symbol of royalty and truth. The ancient Greeks associated sapphires with Zeus, and the Persians felt blue skies were created from sapphires. There’s also medieval folklore suggesting that an unfaithful person who held a sapphire could cause it to change color.

2. Very Virgo

People with birthdays through September 22 are Virgos. Virgo is an earth sign represented by the most feminine of birth symbols, the virgin or maiden. She holds a shaft of wheat to symbolize the harvest. Virgos are considered overthinking types who dislike invasive people and confrontation. They’re also as loyal as they come (1).

3. Sporty Types

While those born in October or November have the most advantage, many September babies also have fall birthdays. A British study revealed those born in autumn were more likely to excel at sports than babies born in spring. The International Journal of Sports Medicine discovered these trends by studying children aged 10 to 16 (2).

4. Long Life

Other advantages September babies have by being born in the fall come with age. Those born between September and November are more likely to reach 100 years old. The least 100-year-olds were born in March, May, and July. Here’s to a century of good living!

5. Rich and Famous

If you’re born in September, you’re lucky enough to have some very famous company. Celebrities with September birthdays include actors like Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, and Colin Firth. Musicians like Beyoncé, Pink, and Bruce Springsteen are also wished a happy birthday in September (3).

6. Smarty Pants

It may be no surprise that smart babies are supposedly born during September. A study’s September birthday facts and statistics suggested babies born in September did better academically than those born in August. It may have to do with September kids generally being about a year older than many of their peers (4).

7. Flowers of September

September is represented by more than one birth flower. It has asters and morning glories. Asters look like daisies, yet are related to sunflowers. The Greek goddess Astraea cried tears from the sky that became the star-shaped petals of the aster flower.

Morning glories are special since they bloom and die on the same day. They were also used in Victorian times as symbols of remembrance for the dead (5).

8. The Scales

If you’re born after September 22, your horoscope falls under the Libra zodiac sign, symbolized by the balance scales. This astrology sign comes during the autumn equinox, when days and nights are almost equal in length (6).

9. In the Making

Trivia enthusiasts probably already know why September is the most common birth month. But for those not in the know, the September-born are conceived in December or early January. This could be connected to the powerful feelings the holidays evoke or the wintry weather keeping people indoors in the northern hemisphere (7).

10. Ups and Downs

A Time magazine article revealed babies born during the autumn months experienced lower levels of depression. They weren’t as prone to issues like bipolar disorder, but did show a tendency towards irritability. Nobody’s perfect all the time, not even September babies.

11. Big and Tall

Some researchers determined that the characteristics of September babies include growing up big and tall. More broadly, children born between June and October seemed to exhibit larger bones and be taller. It usually comes back to the amount of Vitamin D the mom-to-be receives in the summer months before giving birth (8).

12. Arriving Early

Having a birthday in September might mean you’re more likely to have been born prematurely. A study that looked at mid-January conception dates showed that more babies born in September had arrived early. Maybe their love of life simply couldn’t wait for their due date.

13. Special Menu

It’s not all fun and games being born in September. Facts about people born in September tell us that fall babies are more prone to food allergies. They’re 30 to 90% more likely to experience allergies to items like eggs, peanuts, and milk. A September boy or girl may simply have to follow a unique menu that works for them (9).

14. Secrets to Success

It turns out those with September birthdays are blessed with success. Because of their typically older age entering school, September kids have an advantage going into their studies. They have a 2% higher chance of going to college and an additional 3% chance of graduating (10).

15. Virgo’s Dark Side

It’s not all niceties when it comes to being a September Virgo. Virgos can be seen as overly critical, judgmental, and major perfectionists. While this can rub people the wrong way, they’re also quite considerate. However, if a Virgo wants a job done right, they usually do it themselves (11).

16. Career Choices

Unlike other birth months promising one or two favorite careers, September-born people are successful all around. Researchers discovered that those born during September were generally more successful in life. Whether an organized Virgo or a thoughtful Libra, they may be anything from billionaires to super famous (12).

17. Special Days

September is filled with fun celebrations that fall outside of the first day of school or Labor Day. It includes National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5 and Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. There’s always National Coffee Day on September 29 to keep things going (13).

18. Breathing Room

A 2013 Taiwanese study showed some physically negative traits associated with being born in September. Fall babies were 13% more prone to have asthma in their life than spring babies. The cold weather during conception may be to blame, but it’s something they may need to be vigilant about (14).

19. A Royal September

Some interesting facts about people with a September birthday month involve Roman emperors. Four Roman emperors had birthdays in September. They include Aurelian on September 9 and Trajan on September 18. There’s also Antonius Pius on September 19 and the famous Emperor Augustus on September 23.

20. Time for Romance

Virgos and Libras approach romance very differently. The love life of a Virgo is practical and often craves a personality that focuses on self-improvement (15). A Libra may fall in love fast but may take longer to truly commit. Both horoscopes might need a little time to decide on long-term relationships, but they’ll be worth waiting for (16).

Why Are So Many People Born in September?

Many believe that September is the most popular birth month because the time of conception falls around the holiday season. While this is true, an Obstetrics & Gynecology study analyzed one million births and found some other factors. It showed the physical likelihood of men and women conceiving during the winter months was much higher (17).

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