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40 Meaningful Sympathy Gifts for Men in 2024: Show You Care

Express your deepest sympathies with personalized bereavement gifts that range from inspirational to inexpensive.

Shopping for men can be notoriously tricky under normal circumstances, which could make selecting meaningful and loving sympathy gifts for men seem impossible. Along with spending time with the grieving individual, a heartfelt sympathy gift could provide him with some comfort and solace.

Depending on your relationship with the individual and your intention, you could take multiple routes with condolence gifts for men. You might consider sending meals or snacks to help take the weight of those responsibilities off their plate while simultaneously filling their dishes with comfort food. Or perhaps you might consider unique, handmade keepsakes as a symbol of remembrance. You could even volunteer to help organize funeral arrangements like flowers.

Whatever path you choose, we’re here to help you figure out the perfect gift that says what words can’t quite express. Check out this list of 40 sentimental, personalized, and even inexpensive condolence gifts for men.

40 Meaningful Sympathy Gift Ideas For Men

Express your deepest condolences with gifts ranging from practical to inspirational, including gourmet food baskets, spectacular flower arrangements, and personalized memorial keepsakes.

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Wind Chimes Silver Memorial Gift Set

  • Winds of Change

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake

Whenever the wind blows, he’ll be reminded of the love and relationship he had with the person he lost. A thoughtful poem entitled “Always Near” is engraved on each wind chime, “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day…. Unseen unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear”. The poem is also printed on the included sympathy card; all you have to do is write a short message and sign your name. These wind chimes offer the bereaved a beautiful sentiment; even though his loved one is gone, they are still with us.

User Experience

In my experience with this product, its craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal are truly exquisite. I've personally gifted these wind chimes several times to friends and colleagues experiencing loss, and they have consistently been well-received. These are more than just an item; they serve as a comforting, enduring reminder of those no longer with us. On a slight downside, I've encountered some inconsistency with the accompanying card language. Yet, the overall beauty of the chimes, their lovely tones, and the elegant packaging far outweigh this minor issue.

Personalized Dog Tag Pendant Necklace Engraving

  • Keep Them Close to Your Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Customized, Sentimental, Keepsake, Unique

These personalized dog tags allow you to customize both sides, with a photo on the front and custom engraving on the reverse. You could choose from seven different metal finishes to best suit your grieving male loved one’s aesthetic. The dog tag comes with a 22-inch cord, a keychain, and a silencer cover. This gift is perfect for a widowed husband, a dad who lost a child, or the loss of a mother or father. The customized dog tag will allow them to carry their lost one close to their heart every day, a beautiful and deeply personal symbol of remembrance.

Personal Perspective

I recently found solace in these personalized dog tags, allowing me to keep a cherished memory close to my heart. Their dual-sided customization, offering a space for a cherished photo and a heartfelt engraving, caters to my personal aesthetic, thanks to the seven distinct metal finishes available. Accompanied by a 22-inch cord, keychain, and a silencer cover, this memento serves as a deeply personal and poignant symbol of love and remembrance.

Aromaflare Lavender Scented Candles Unique Memorial Gifts

  • Sweet Scents and Sentiments

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care, Sleep

The relaxing scents of lavender intertwine with cleansing eucalyptus in this delicate seven-ounce candle. The jar features a beautiful message to commemorate those we have loved and lost. Lavender essential oils are thought to help promote rest and relaxation, so this could be one of the great sympathy gift ideas for men struggling to sleep during their grieving process.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this candle brought an exquisite blend of sentimentality and pleasing aroma. The scent was inviting but not overpowering, providing a warm ambiance to any room. Despite some initial packaging issues, the candle's message was touching and easy to read, making it a thoughtful gesture, especially in times of loss or remembrance.

Personalized Gone Fishing in Heaven Garden Stake

  • A Reel-y Sentimental Pick for The Fisherman

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake, Customized, Unique

Did his dad, brother, or another loved one enjoy spending their days on the lake? Choosing a gift that not only commemorates the loss of their father or loved one but also references an activity the two of them did together is a highly thoughtful choice. This garden stake stands 28 inches high and features a plaque you can personalize with the deceased’s name. He could place it in his garden or even at his loved one’s favorite fishing spot.

First-Hand Impression

Great product for those looking to honor a lost loved one who enjoyed fishing. This garden stake is a sentimental keepsake, standing at 28 inches tall and featuring a plaque that can be personalized. I found it touching to place this at my own father's favorite fishing spot, making it a unique tribute to shared memories.

Etched In My Heart Pet Memory Frame

  • Paws In Heaven

  • $$$$$
  • Customized, Sentimental, Keepsake, Unique

Man’s best friend is part of the family and deserves to be mourned as such. While he may not feel inclined to host a funeral or memorial service for his deceased friend, losing his furry companion could still be devastating. Show your support, and acknowledge the special place his four-legged friend held in his heart with this beautiful customized frame. Whether you print out a photo yourself or let him pick his favorite, he’s guaranteed to be grateful for your thoughtfulness. This is one of our favorite sympathy gifts for men who have lost a pet.

User Experience

From my own hands-on experience, this customized frame is a heartfelt keepsake for those grieving the loss of a pet. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the special bond shared with our four-legged companions. The personal touch, allowing the pet owner to choose their favorite image, adds an emotional depth to this gift. I found it to be an elegant yet simple way of expressing sympathy and acknowledging the significant role a pet plays in our lives. While it's subtle, it's a gesture that can offer a great deal of solace during a difficult time.

LukieJac in Loving Memory Ceramic Tile with Wooden Stand

  • For The Sentimental Spanish Speakers

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake

Expressing your condolences in the bereaved’s native language could make it even more meaningful. This memorial plaque features a sweet message: “Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home” (translated to English). It also comes with a wooden stand and would look lovely next to a framed picture of their deceased loved one. The company also has similar plaques in English for similarly sentimental English speakers.

Personal Perspective

I'm really touched by the emotional value this plaque brings. It's beautifully crafted with a great deal of weight to it and a quality stand that holds it firm. The engraved sentiment is touching and it's just the right size to place on a nightstand or mantelpiece. This plaque has become a cherished memento for many who have lost loved ones, including myself.

Oh! Nuts Gourmet Nut Gift Baskets

  • Gourmet Snacks for Sadness

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

When shopping for a sympathy gift, you can’t go wrong with food. Whether the bereaved man is hosting a memorial service or sitting shiva in his home, food can be a welcome gift for him, his family, and other visitors. The package includes multiple different varieties, including cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, honey pecans, pistachios, and more. They are vegan and certified Kosher and could present a healthier alternative to some of the indulgent options people offer at a time of bereavement.

Community Feedback

This nut assortment became an instant hit with my dad, who is a true nut lover. He was thrilled by the variety and freshness of the nuts, and I was impressed by the tasteful packaging and the clear nutritional breakdown provided, which makes it a suitable option for my health-conscious friends. There were more almonds in the mix, but they were lightly salted and delicious, adding to the overall appeal. Whether for a party, a casual gathering, or just to enjoy some quality nuts, this product certainly delivers.

Custom Morse Code Bracelet for Men

  • A Personal Reminder

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Sentimental, Customized, Keepsake

Grief is deeply personal, and some people are more private about their feelings during the grieving process. This morse code bracelet could allow him to carry a daily reminder of their loved one without broadcasting their loss. You could customize it with the name of the deceased or a sentimental message such as “See You In Heaven,” “Stay Strong,” or any other personalized text you can think of. This bracelet could be an excellent choice for the type of man who may not like to talk about their feelings but still deeply feels loss and pain.

First-Hand Impression

This Morse Code bracelet is of excellent quality, offering a unique, understated style that carries a subtle, personal message. Despite ordering the largest size, I found it a tad snug, yet the comfort and easy-to-use, secure clasp more than made up for it. Interestingly, the "antique brass" color wore off within a week, revealing a black and gold palette that, while unexpected, is still quite attractive. My appreciation for this cleverly designed piece has led me to consider acquiring another for myself, a testament to its charm and fine craftsmanship.

Loss of a Loved One Picture Keepsake Ornament

  • Help Through The Holidays

  • $$$$$
  • Customized, Sentimental, Keepsake

The first holiday without his loved one will be particularly challenging. He’ll likely be flooded with childhood memories of baking Christmas cookies with his mom, cutting down the tree with his dad, or unwrapping presents with his siblings. Whoever he lost, this picture keepsake ornament could help keep them close during the holidays, when they will undoubtedly be on his mind. It fits a two-inch photo surrounded by a meaningful engraved message. This is one of the sympathy gift ideas for men that is both unique and very thoughtful.

User Experience

If you're seeking a sentimental gift, this ornament hits the mark, allowing you to insert a photo of a cherished loved one for daily remembrance. The ornament's quality varies, with some exhibiting scratches or discoloration, yet its large 2" photo area stands out, enabling you to clearly see and appreciate the memorialized image from a distance.

UnBoxMe Thinking Of You Care Package For Men

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  • A Hug In A Box

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care, Edible, Delivery

This care package covers all of your bases. It includes a card, chunky cable knit socks, artisan peppermint tea, gourmet candied almonds, and vegan cold-pressed soap. Hopefully, he could use these products as a source of comfort in his grief as he bundles up with the warm socks, sips a mug of refreshing tea, and enjoys a few almonds as he reflects on his lost one. Grief is a rough and winding road, so showing your support with this care package could be particularly meaningful to him.

Personal Perspective

I'm genuinely impressed by the thoughtful composition of this care package; it truly feels like a warm embrace. Utilizing the cozy cable knit socks, the soothing peppermint tea, the delectable candied almonds, and the fragrant vegan soap has been an uplifting journey, providing comfort and solace during my personal struggles.
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Memory of Loved One Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

  • Candle In The Wind

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake, Cheap

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift but not a cheap sentiment, this soy wax candle could be the meaningful present you’re looking for. The container is made from ceramic with an eight-ounce soy wax candle inside. The light and refreshing scent is called “Tranquility” and might help bring peace to your grieving friend. Because it comes in a ceramic container, he could even replace it with another one and use it as a remembrance keepsake once the candle is finished. The poem is the same one featured above on the LukieJac Ceramic Tile for those who loved the sentiment but wanted a different gift style.

Community Feedback

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this sentimental soy wax candle. The ceramic container, housing an eight-ounce candle, exudes tranquility with its light and refreshing scent. Not only did it serve its purpose as a thoughtful gift, but it also has a second life as a keepsake. Once the candle is spent, it can be replaced, turning the container into an enduring memento.

Red Cardinal Keychain Sympathy Gift

  • An Inexpensive Option

  • $$$$$
  • Cheap, Keepsake, Sentimental

After we lose someone we love, many of us search for signs or symbols that they are still near, in one form or another. Some people even believe that red cardinals could represent deceased loved ones. This keychain could serve as a reminder to help him look for those signs, or that, even if no cardinals appear at his window, his lost one is always close to him. It could be a meaningful sympathy gift for men that are in touch with their spiritual side.

First-Hand Impression

Love how this keychain provides a sentimental touch to everyday life, reminding me that my loved ones are still close even after they've passed. It's a cost-effective keepsake that holds a lot of emotional value, especially for those who are spiritually inclined.

Dulcets Divine Deluxe Pastry Prime Gift Box

  • Comfort Food Delivery

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

Some of us like to deal with our feelings by eating them, and there is no shame in that. This gift box is ideal for any Jewish friends sitting shiva to grieve their loss or people of any denomination who want to indulge their emotions with chocolate. The gift box includes various sweet treats, like fruity varieties of hamentashen cookies, assorted brownies, and assorted rugelach. Unfortunately, there is no cure for grief or way to speed up the grieving process, but we think it would be baked goods if there were.

User Experience

My experience with this comfort food delivery was indeed comforting. The assortment of sweet treats, including fruity hamentashen cookies and varied brownies, offered a delightful variety that appealed to my sweet tooth. This delivery provided not only a physical comfort but also an emotional one, allowing me to indulge in my feelings while enjoying some truly delicious baked goods. It's important to note that while this gift box may not cure grief, it does offer a temporary respite with its comforting edible contents.

Personalized Memorial Bracelet

  • Cheap Price, Expensive Meaning

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Customized, Cheap, Sentimental

This masculine bracelet allows him to hold his loved one near whenever he needs comfort and support. It could be a sentimental gift for any of the close male relatives of the deceased. The bracelets come on an adjustable band made of rubber with an engravable metal plate in the center. Angel wings flank the edges of the customizable plate, and you can choose an appropriate personalized message.

Personal Perspective

I'm quite content with this medical alert bracelet, and I found it to be discreet and straightforward to adjust, although the lock required a bit of fiddling. It's also waterproof, which is a huge plus, meaning I don't have to worry about removing it for showers or swimming. This bracelet has proven to be a touching symbol of remembrance for loved ones lost, a sentiment shared by my family and me. However, a minor critique would be the clasp, which seems to lack in durability and can cause the bracelet to slip off if not secured properly.

Succulent Gift Box

  • A Low Effort Plant Present

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake

Some studies have found that indoor plants could help reduce stress or even feelings of depression. However, it could be challenging for your grieving male loved one to take care of plants during his grieving process. Thankfully, succulents are super low maintenance, so he could still reap the benefits of having greenery around without the workload of higher maintenance plants. The succulent comes in a white ceramic container accompanied by a four-ounce soy wax candle in a glass jar. If you don’t want a direct statement of loss, this is one of the condolence gifts for men that may work well for you.

Community Feedback

Definitely, this succulent and soy wax candle set provided a subtle yet poignant gesture of condolence. The low-maintenance nature of the succulent brought a sense of calm and tranquility to my space, without adding to my stress. The candle, too, provided a soothing aroma that complemented the calming presence of the plant.

Loss of Pet Gifts Memorial Keychain

  • Paw Prints On His Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake, Cheap

His four-legged friend might not be able to walk by his side or go on car rides anymore, but he will always be able to take him on adventures, courtesy of this engraved metal keychain. The keychain is made of high-quality stainless steel and has two components, a metal bar with “Once by my side, forever in my heart” engraved on it and an accompanying paw charm.

First-Hand Impression

I'm genuinely thrilled with this keychain, which is both stylish and high-quality. Not only is it the perfect size, but it also doesn't add unnecessary weight to my keys. This keychain is an adorable, sentimental piece that's perfect in every way, and the cute box it came in was an added bonus. I found it to be a charming gift that could brighten anyone's day. This keychain truly exceeded my expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Urn Bracelet for Human or Pet Ashes for Him

  • A Meaningful, Personal Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Sentimental, Keepsake

Cremation jewelry might not be for everyone, but for those that want to honor their loved one’s memory uniquely, this could be a meaningful choice. If you know a man that has lost a loved one and is interested in cremation jewelry, this bracelet is a subtle but sentimental pick. The urn section is not large or bulky, meaning it won’t obviously be holding ashes, and carries a loving message of remembrance. The bracelets are adjustable to fit various wrist sizes and come with a kit to help him fill the urn section with ease.

User Experience

I've found this cremation jewelry bracelet to be a unique way to commemorate a loved one. It's subtle and not overly conspicuous, which means it doesn't overtly scream "I'm carrying ashes". With its adjustable size, it can comfortably fit different wrist sizes, making it quite versatile. The included kit also made filling the urn portion a breeze. All in all, this bracelet serves as a meaningful, personal keepsake, without being too in-your-face about its purpose.

Majestic Zen's-ManKandle Set of 6

  • A Scent-imental Gift

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake

Inspiring words and indulgent scents come together in this gift set, which includes six soy wax candles. Each hand-poured candle features masculine aromas like Vanilla Bean & Tobacco, Oud & Amber, Vanilla Milk, Tobacco & Leather, Cedarwood, and Black Leather. The tin containers each boast an inspirational quote on top. While the quotes may not be directly related to grieving, they could help him focus on other essential areas of his life.

Personal Perspective

Excellent in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, this set of six soy wax candles infuses my space with masculine aromas, like Vanilla Bean & Tobacco and Oud & Amber, to name a few. I particularly appreciate the inspirational quotes on the tin containers, not directly related to grieving but helpful in refocusing my energy on other crucial aspects of life.

ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo

  • A Unique Artistic Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Customized, Keepsake, Unique

Just imagine their last portrait together, a beautiful memory etched in sparkling crystal forever. This customizable, laser engraved art piece can turn a two-dimensional photo into a three-dimensional model. This unique artwork could make a sentimental memorial to the deceased, and you could choose a picture of anyone they want to memorialize, from their cat to a parent.

Community Feedback

Excellent 3D crystal picture that captures remarkable detail, making the photos appear crisper and even more lifelike, adding a unique touch to this keepsake. Despite its higher price, the quality and timeless nature of this product, alongside its fast delivery, truly make it worth every penny.

Things I've Learned About Loss

  • Wise Words for Coping

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care

Often, men can have difficulty opening up regarding their emotions. Unfortunately, this can extend to grief, a time when people need support more than ever. If you know a man that tends to bottle his emotions inside or struggles to share what he is grappling with, this book could be a meaningful way to let him know he’s not alone. It is filled with 80 pages that loosely follow the stages of grief and are filled with personal stories from the author. Connecting with others can be challenging. But no one should go through heartache alone. Give him this book along with a card to let him know you’re there if he needs a shoulder to cry on. You might not realize how much he needs it.

First-Hand Impression

If you're struggling with expressing grief or know someone who does, this book's genuine, heartfelt stories could be a game-changer. These 80 pages, loosely following the stages of grief, are filled with personal narratives from the author that are incredibly relatable and comforting. The book doesn't make the journey through heartache easier, but it provides a gentle reminder that no one is alone in their struggle, which can make all the difference.
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Benchmark Bouquets Fresh Roses and Alstroemeria Arrangement

  • Florals With Understated Elegance

  • $$$$$
  • Flowers, Delivery

Beautiful fresh-cut flowers can arrive at their doorstep the next day. Whether you’re helping to plan flower arrangements for the funeral service or you just want to send him a symbol of support, these gorgeous white roses and alstroemeria are a classic choice with a twist. Your grieving male friend is sure to appreciate their beauty and the sentiment that goes along with sending fresh flowers.

User Experience

After receiving these flowers several times, I can confidently say they boast an impressively long lifespan when cared for properly, keeping them out of direct sunlight. While their abundant, fresh blooms are a sight to behold, it's frustrating that the sender's note often gets overlooked or is missing entirely, causing some confusion about the identity of the generous gifter.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

  • A Supportive Symbol

  • $$$$$
  • Sentimental, Keepsake

Let him know you’re there for him, no matter the distance between the two of you. It can feel particularly challenging to support your long-distance friend or loved one through the grieving process. Unlike people that live close by, you can’t just drop in to check on them or bring them a home-cooked meal. But with this lamp, you could let him know you’re thinking of him and that you’re just a phone call away whenever he needs you. Buy a lamp for you and your friend, connect them to wifi, and simply tap it when you want to let him know you’re thinking of him. With each tap, the lamp changes through a cycle of rainbow colors.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this lamp as a gentle way to reach out to my long-distance friend during his time of grief. It's not like I can drop by with comfort food, but touching this lamp sends him a colorful beacon, signaling that I'm here for him. Each tap cycles the lamp through a spectrum of rainbow colors, a silent yet vibrant reminder that he's not alone. It's a unique way to provide support when physical presence isn't possible. This lamp has become an invaluable tool in reminding my friend of my constant support, regardless of the miles separating us.

Printed Customized Seed Paper Hearts

  • Part Gift, Part Activity

  • $$$$$
  • Customized, Sentimental

These customizable seed paper pieces could make a thoughtful gift for the bereaved or even a memorial service favor. You can personalize the heart-shaped seed paper with your choice of fonts, the name of the deceased, the year they were born, the year they passed, and a sentimental message of your choice. The papers are embedded with wildflower seeds to bloom into a beautiful display after planting. Use these wildflower seed papers to commemorate someone with a wild and free spirit.

Community Feedback

As an individual who values heartfelt memorabilia, these customizable seed papers left an enduring impression on me. The ability to personalize the design and message on the heart-shaped papers, along with the embedded wildflower seeds, adds a touching tribute to the memory of a loved one. This product's fusion of sentimentality and activity, transforming into a vibrant, living memorial, resonates deeply with me.

Meditation Box

  • For The Meditative Grieving Man

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care, Keepsake

Restless minds sometimes need a soothing creative outlet for their thoughts. If you know a grieving man that was already interested in meditation or has never tried it before, this meditation box could help him elevate his practice or introduce him to a new skill. The birch wood box is filled with sand and comes with a matching stylus. This tablet-sized box could give him a chance to acknowledge his feelings, whether they be stress, anger, anxiety, or anything else, and let them pass through him.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this meditation box for a buddy going through a tough time. It's this neat birch wood box filled with sand, and it even has a stylus that comes with it. He was kind of into meditation before, but this definitely took his practice to a new level. He uses it as a way to let out his emotions, whether he's stressed, angry, anxious or feeling anything else. So, I'd say it's a pretty cool tool for self-care and maybe even a keepsake.

Heaven In Our Home Flameless Candles Copper Lantern

  • A Guiding Light

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Sentimental

Provide comfort to those that have lost a loved one with this beautiful and sentimental gift. This sweet remembrance keepsake could be a lovely addition to funeral arrangements or as an addition to their home decor. This lantern would be an exceptionally loving choice for a man who has lost his wife or child as a way to express your condolences and acknowledge their grief. The flameless candle is battery operated and works on an automatic self-timer for six hours on, 18 hours off. The lantern door is decorated with the loving message: “Because someone we love is in heaven… there is a little bit of heaven in our home.”

User Experience

This sentimental keepsake lantern offers a comforting presence with its flameless candle and heartfelt message. I found the self-timer feature quite convenient and the overall design added a tender touch to my home decor, making it a beautiful reminder of my loved ones.

Very Big Hug Throw

  • A Soft Substitute

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Self-care, Sentimental

When someone you love is in pain, sometimes you just want to wrap them in a huge, very tight hug until they feel better. Unfortunately, you might not always be there to hug them when they desire one. But thanks to this super soft cotton blanket, your grieving friend will always have a hug when they need one. This blanket is an excellent sympathy gift for men you love that live a little too far away for frequent hugs.

Broadway Basketeers Shiva Gift Tower of Sweets

  • Perfect for Sitting Shiva

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

If your Jewish friend is grieving a loss, food gift baskets are a traditional and expected sympathy gift. The close family is expected to sit Shiva for seven days to mourn their loss, and guests and loved ones are encouraged to send food to nourish the family. This gift basket includes various snacks and treats, guaranteed to entice mourners of all ages. The family could enjoy comforting chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, gourmet caramel popcorn with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle, premium chocolate truffles, cinnamon yogurt pretzels, and plenty more mouth-water snacks. Of course, this food gift basket would be appropriate for friends of any religion mourning a loss.

Community Feedback

After experiencing the loss of a loved one, this food gift basket came as a comforting gesture, filled with an assortment of snacks and treats that catered to every palate in my family. From the rich chocolate chip cappuccino cookies to the gourmet caramel popcorn with a delectable chocolate and peanut butter drizzle, every bite brought a small moment of solace during our mourning period.

Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

  • For Restless Minds

  • $$$$$
  • Unique

Grief can be entirely thought-consuming, making it challenging to take on daily tasks. Many people turn to meditation to center their thoughts and work through feelings of anxiety or stress. This labyrinth-inspired mug could help introduce your grieving male friend to the practice of meditation. You could fill the beautiful, hand-made cup with a selection of gourmet teas or his favorite coffee blends for a thoughtful and considerate gift.

Benchmark Bouquets Light Pink Roses

  • Feeling Floral

  • $$$$$
  • Flowers, Delivery

Are you helping the grieving man choose funeral arrangements like flowers? If so, this extraordinary bouquet could be an attractive choice. It includes white lilies, a traditional choice for sympathy flowers, and pink roses, often associated with femininity. As such, this arrangement would make an appropriate choice for the loss of a wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, or another significant woman in his life. The fresh-cut flowers should arrive the next day to your recipients, and you can choose to add a customized message at checkout.

User Experience

My experience with this flower arrangement was both touching and meaningful. The blend of traditional white lilies and feminine pink roses created a delicate balance, making it an ideal tribute for a significant woman in my life. The freshness of the flowers was impressive and they arrived promptly, maintaining their beauty. Plus, the option to customize a message made this arrangement even more special, adding a personal touch to an already thoughtful gesture.

Sleep Comes Easy Set

  • Snooze Inspiring

  • $$$$$
  • Sleep, Self-care

Grief can be exhausting, but that doesn’t always mean sleep comes easily to the bereaved. If your loved one is having trouble sleeping after experiencing a loss, this sleep-inspiring kit might be able to help. The aromatherapy gift set includes a mist, salve, mineral bath salt, and body lotion. The products are formulated with traditional sleep-inspiring essential oils like lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and more. This gift set could help any bereaved man quiet his mind and slide into necessary yet elusive slumber.

Personal Perspective

As a user of this sleep-inspiring kit, I found it to be a thoughtful blend of self-care products designed to promote restful sleep. The set, composed of a mist, a salve, mineral bath salt, and body lotion, has been formulated with essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, and chamomile, traditionally known to encourage relaxation. Personally, I found that these products helped me unwind and achieve that much-needed slumber, particularly during times of emotional distress. The calming effects of this kit might not cure grief, but they can certainly offer a gentle nudge toward peaceful sleep.
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Funeral Guest Book Personalized Wooden Memorial Guestbook

  • A Rustic Memorial Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Sentimental, Customized

While commonly used at weddings to wish the new couple wedded bliss, guest books can also make a thoughtful addition to a funeral or memorial service. This gorgeous guest book offers attendees the opportunity to share loving memories or stories about the deceased. You can choose to customize the book with the deceased’s name, birth year, death year, and more design choices. If you are helping a grieving man organize funeral arrangements, this could be a thoughtful touch.

Community Feedback

As someone who recently helped plan a memorial service, this rustic keepsake added a beautifully sentimental touch to the occasion. The ability to customize the book with the name and significant dates of the departed was a thoughtful feature, allowing us to create a truly personal memorial piece. Attendees appreciated having a place to share their memories and stories, making this book more than just a guest register. This keepsake is not only elegant but also serves as a comforting, enduring reminder of a loved one's life and the impact they had on others.

Guided Grief Journal

  • A Thoughtful Gift for His Thoughts

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care, Unique

Perhaps the grieving man might need assistance sorting through his own thoughts and memories before he can read other people’s reflections. In this case, you might consider giving him this guided grief journal. It contains 245 pages of prompts, exercises, and space to express thoughts and feelings. Some of the prompts include “Write a letter to your loved one,” “This always makes me think of you,” and “In what ways do they live on in you?” as well as open space to let his mind wander. Add a sentimental card to this gift to let him know you’re there for him if he wants to talk about his feelings.

First-Hand Impression

My recent acquisition of this guided grief journal has proved to be an insightful tool in the process of mourning. Its 245 pages are filled with mindful prompts and exercises that have aided me in organizing and expressing my thoughts and feelings. The versatility of this journal, with its blend of direct questions like "In what ways do they live on in you?" and open spaces for free reflections, has provided me with a unique and thoughtful method to navigate my grief.

With All Our Sympathy Lily Arrangement (Vase Included)

  • A Traditional Choice

  • $$$$$
  • Flowers, Delivery

White lilies are a classic choice for sympathy flowers. If you or the bereaved man have traditional tastes, this could be the right floral pick for him. This arrangement includes white lilies accompanied by white roses, white asters, and eucalyptus, all beautifully tucked into the included glass vase. The flowers are shipped overnight to ensure their freshness. These flowers could be an easy choice for a faraway friend or loved one because you could have them delivered directly to the bereaved with a personalized sympathy note. Just click “This is a gift” at checkout to write your card.

User Experience

I found these sympathy flowers, a tasteful array of white lilies, roses, asters, and eucalyptus, to be a thoughtful gesture for those with traditional tastes. This arrangement, beautifully presented in a glass vase and shipped promptly to maintain freshness, offered a convenient and heartfelt way to extend my condolences to a distant friend, especially with the addition of a personalized note.

Personalized Star Map Sympathy Gift

  • Memorial Art Winner

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Customized, Sentimental

While he could use these custom star maps for many occasions, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birth, we think they would make a unique way to memorialize a lost loved one. You can customize the title text with up to 30 characters. We came up with a few title ideas to help get you started. Might we suggest “The Day You Joined the Stars,” “A Star Was Born,” “You’re A Star, Forever Shining,” or anything else you can come up with. If you’re looking for a unique and sentimental sympathy gift for a man that has lost someone important, we think this could be a winner.

Personal Perspective

I'm impressed by the personalization aspect of these star maps, as their customizable title text, up to 30 characters, offers a unique way to honor and remember significant life events or loved ones. While using this star map, I felt a profound sense of connection, making it more than just a piece of art, but rather a sentimental keepsake that resonates with individual experiences and memories.

Dried Fruit & Nut Grazing Board Sampler

  • International Snack Set

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

You can’t go wrong with sending snacks to a grieving man, especially when they’re this unique and delicious. This international snack sampler comes from small family-owned farms and co-ops in Afghanistan. The fruits and nuts are sustainably harvested, non-GMO, and a nice change of pace from the flowers and cards he’ll be receiving. The sampler includes gourmet snacks like Kishmish Raisins, Dried Sweet Mulberries, Dried Roasted & Salted Sweet Apricot Kernels, and plenty more. You might want to pick up a sample pack for yourself while you’re at it because these snacks are too delicious to let go of.

Community Feedback

My experience with this International Snack Set was pleasantly surprising. The variety of gourmet snacks such as Kishmish Raisins, Dried Sweet Mulberries, and Dried Roasted & Salted Sweet Apricot Kernels, originating from small, sustainably-conscious farms in Afghanistan, provided an exciting change from the usual snack fare. These unique, non-GMO delicacies not only satisfied my palate but also served as a refreshing alternative to typical condolence gestures.

Letters to Wife in Heaven Sympathy Journal

  • Thoughtful Gift for A Widowed Man

  • $$$$$
  • Self-care, Sentimental

When you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, and they depart this earth before you, you can’t help but think about all the important moments they will miss. Whether it’s your children growing up and going off to college, the birth of your first grandchild, or the world travel you had planned together, it could be difficult for him to imagine these moments without her. This journal could help encourage him to share these thoughts and magical moments with her, at least through writing. As long as she’s in his heart and his letters, then she’s never far away.

First-Hand Impression

Great is the only word that comes to my mind when I think about this journal. Its thoughtful design provides an outlet for a widowed man to pen down his feelings, thoughts and the significant moments he wished to share with his departed partner. I personally found it to be a gentle encouragement to express emotions, making her presence felt through words, making this journal more than just a collection of pages.

Moon Beam Sleep Aid

  • Slumber Helper

  • $$$$$
  • Sleep, Unique, Self-care

As we’ve mentioned before, sleep can often evade those restless, grieving minds. A self-proclaimed insomniac invented this sleep aid to help himself and others fall asleep without medication. A gentle pulsing light projects onto the user’s ceiling to help them relax their breathing and thoughts. The hypnotic light guides the user’s breath to a sleep-inducing pace, putting them in the right frame of mind for restful sleep.

Hickory Farms Sausage & Cheese Small Gift Box

  • Cheesy Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

Meat and cheese are two comfort foods most men will love under any circumstances. In particular, this small gift box could serve as a delicious snack or addition to a memorial service spread. The set includes a hickory farm beef and pork blend sausage, a block of cheddar cheese, sweet hot mustard, toasted crackers, and more. Cooking entire meals might be too much for some grieving men to handle, especially considering all the other responsibilities and funeral arrangements to make. This sampler could serve as a filling snack to help them on days where they can only manage to graze.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this cheese and meat gift box was quite satisfactory, serving as a delightful snack during a memorial service I attended. With its selection of hickory farm beef and pork blend sausage, cheddar cheese, sweet hot mustard, and toasted crackers, this gift box offered a comforting, filling snack for those days when cooking a full meal seemed overwhelming.

Heirloom Custom Video Book

  • Thanks For The Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Customized, Keepsake, Sentimental

Share your videos of the deceased with your bereaved friend as a gesture of remembrance. Whether your friend lost his wife, partner, child, parent, or pet, sharing your unique videos of them could be a beautiful way to help keep their memory alive. However, not everyone understands how dropbox works, so this could be a thoughtful, kind way to share videos with your less tech-savvy loved ones. All the recipient has to do is open the book and your video should start playing automatically, no need for wifi or equipment.

Community Feedback

I've recently used this unique keepsake to share cherished memories with a grieving friend, and it was sincerely appreciated. The book's simplicity is its real beauty, as it starts playing the video instantly upon opening, making it accessible even for those not well-versed in technology. This product elegantly combines sentimentality and convenience, as there's no need for WiFi or additional equipment. Despite its seemingly high-tech concept, this keepsake delivers a profoundly personal touch to memory sharing.

Gourmet Cookie Sympathy Gift Baskets

  • A Sweet Treat

  • $$$$$
  • Edible, Delivery

What is better than one giant vanilla sugar cookie? Obviously, two large vanilla sugar cookies. This duo set features a sweet design, with a deepest sympathy card and vase of flowers crafted from delicious homemade icing. You could buy a card and real flowers, but your suffering friend can’t eat those (or at least, shouldn’t), so why not mix it up and get him an edible sympathy card instead. The two cookies come packaged in a stylish box, making it easy to have this gift delivered directly to your bereaved friend or relative.

First-Hand Impression

These vanilla sugar cookies are not just delectable treats but also a sweet gesture of sympathy. The set includes two large cookies, cleverly designed to look like a condolence card and a vase of flowers, both made from homemade icing. The cookies come in a chic box, making it an innovative, edible expression of empathy that can be directly delivered to your loved one.
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Sympathy Gifts FAQs

What is a Good Sympathy Message?

It can feel challenging to find the right words to say during such a trying time. We suggest you write from the heart or think of what you might want to read if you were in his shoes. You can never go wrong with the classic “I am so sorry for your loss.” But also feel free to share a beautiful or funny memory of the deceased or remind them that you’re there to help if needed.

What to Give a Man Who Lost His Father?

The relationship between father and son is one of the most foundational in any man’s life. From fishing trips to driving lessons, his dad has been there to teach him how to be a man. Don’t be afraid to take a sentimental approach to this sympathy gift. Consider getting a gift that commemorates an activity they both loved and often did together, such as fishing or hunting.

What Food Should I Take to a Grieving Family?

Hearty comfort foods tend to be the standard for bringing food to a grieving family. You might opt for dishes that are easy to reheat and will keep in the fridge, such as macaroni and cheese, lasagna, or chicken soup. However, you don’t have to be a professional chef to bring food to a grieving family. There are plenty of food care packages you can order online, filled with delicious snacks and treats, that are guaranteed to be appreciated by the grieving family.

What to Give a Man Who Lost His Wife?

Nothing can turn a man’s life upside quite like losing his wife. Regardless of how long they’ve been together, they committed to spending the rest of their lives together, and now he is left behind. Acknowledge his immense loss with a meaningful memorial gift, such as personalized keepsakes or manly jewelry. Or a gift that will make his life easier as he grieves, such as food or a gift card for a cleaning service.

How We Choose Sympathy Gifts For Men

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the challenge of finding the right sympathy gifts for men. That’s why we meticulously check and compare a broad range of products. Our criteria are developed from extensive research, consultations, and customer feedback. We assess each product from the user’s perspective and score them based on quality, relevance, and value. Our guide offers a diverse selection of gifts to suit every demographic, style, and budget. We categorize our suggestions by price and style and review and score each item based on its empathetic message, craftsmanship, and customer reviews. Trust in our experience and let us help you express your heartfelt condolences.

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Carly Schwarz is a part-time conservation biologist, part-time creator of funky crafts, and full-time goofball writer for Gift Rabbit. She earned a degree in Environmental Biology from Tulane University in New Orleans and has worked on conservation projects worldwide since. Before she entered the world of online writing, Carly was the Research Coordinator of an elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand.