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27 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts: 2024 Ideas

Let these meaningful sympathy gifts touch the heart of someone dear to you who is experiencing a loss.

It’s hard to find sympathy gifts that are both appropriate and caring at the same time. You, too, could feel lost when it comes to sympathy gift ideas that bring comfort into the lives of those experiencing the loss of a loved one.

You can be there for them wholeheartedly and let our personalized guide to bereavement gifts lead the way. Your loving gesture will be appreciated and the gifts themselves even more. Read on for the best sympathy gifts to touch the hearts of those you love.

27 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

These sympathy gifts will show those you care about how much you’re thinking of them and bring them a little joy in the process.

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Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

  • Memories In The Wind

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Memorial, Keepsake, Thoughtful

This personalized set of memorial wind chimes can ease the loss of a loved one for a grieving friend. The custom chimes include a teardrop display of a red cardinal made into a personal example of effective condolence gifts. Every time the breeze blows, they’ll be reminded of their loved one in the best way possible.

User Experience

In my experience, this personalized wind chime truly exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and aesthetic. The teardrop design was beautifully centered and the chime's sound was a pleasing tinkle, far from the harsh clunking that cheaper versions tend to produce. Despite being an item to commemorate a sad event, the lovely melody it produces offers a comforting reminder of a loved one lost.

Sympathy Self Care Gift Set

  • An Ode To Self Care

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Thoughtful

This sympathy care package is a thoughtful gift choice other than flowers for someone grieving in your life. The set includes everything a woman might need to practice self-care during bereavement, including tea with cinnamon and honey, warm socks, and a handmade candle. She can take the time to be kind to herself during this difficult time.

Personal Perspective

This tea leaves and honey gift box was a delightful surprise that certainly exceeded my expectations. The hand-written gift message added a personal touch that made the experience feel even more special. The inclusion of high-quality items like herbal tea, honey, a candle, and cinnamon sticks made this gift a versatile pick-me-up suitable for any occasion.

Customized Condolence Candle

  • Sweetly Scented Hugs

  • $$$$$
  • Thoughtful, Unique, Creative, Personalized

The grieving loved one you know will find some solace and appreciation in this custom condolence candle. The candle features a personalized message so you can find a unique way to say “sorry for your loss.” The scent of the bouquet of flowers will help bring a little more beauty into their life.

Community Feedback

My experience with this candle was a mixed bag. The scent was pleasing, and the ability to customize it added a personal touch, which was appreciated, especially since it was a gift for a grieving neighbor. However, I found the packaging to be a bit misleading; the box was plain white and the candle, even though it was the bigger size, still seemed small.

Tea And Sympathy Gift Basket

  • The Comforts Of Home

  • $$$$$
  • Gift Basket, Set, Thoughtful

This tea gift basket will offer a wide selection of delicious treats to help a loved one get through the initial loss of a father, mother, or someone else dear to them. Sympathy gifts tend to include gift baskets because they offer the old adage that food is love. This basket has sweet treats from biscotti to cookies and tea for them to share with others they love.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this sympathy basket was a mixed bag. While the contents, particularly the inspirational book with a lovely lighthouse cover, brought comfort and were appreciated by recipients, the presentation left something to be desired due to a distracting hazard sticker on the back and subpar packaging that seemed flimsy. Although I had to buy a separate wicker basket to enhance its presentation, the overall value and sentiment of this sympathy basket still resonated with those grieving.

Memorial Lantern

  • A Light Burning

  • $$$$$
  • Memorial, Thoughtful, Keepsake

When you’re not sure what to send someone you care about who’s grieving, this memorial lantern can offer a warm, appropriate way to say “thinking of you.” The keepsake metal lantern features a life-affirming poem and a flickering LED candle so the light can always stay on in remembrance of who was lost.

User Experience

I'm genuinely impressed by this lantern's quality and thoughtful features. I found the timer setting beneficial, as it automatically shuts off after six hours, adding a convenient touch. This lantern is not only functional but also visually appealing, with a charm that the pictures fail to capture fully. It has brought comfort and joy to several individuals in my circle, making it a cherished item in their homes.

Heirloom Custom Video Book

  • Keeping Memories Alive

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Memorial, Unique, Creative

There are few better ways to bring comfort and joy to a grieving friend than with the video memories of their loved one this heirloom video book offers. This video memory book starts playing without the touch of a button once the book is opened. It plays a 20 minute customized video and can momentarily bring back a loved one to life.

Memorial Blanket

  • Wrapped In Love

  • $$$$$
  • Thoughtful, Keepsake, Memorial

This cozy memorial blanket is a creative way for a gift to honor a life, whether it’s given at the same time as a funeral or to commemorate a death anniversary. The faux fur blanket can bring simple warmth to an individual as a throw or a convenient accessory throughout the day. Each comfy feeling can keep the best memories alive.

Community Feedback

I've used this blanket as a heartfelt gift for a friend who was navigating through a tough loss. The softness and thickness of this blanket surpassed my expectations, offering a comforting touch, while the embroidered personalization added a thoughtful detail. The choice of words on the blanket was sensitive and respectful, avoiding any potentially awkward phrases that can sometimes appear on such items. Despite the cost being a tad higher than other blankets of similar size, the superior quality of this blanket made it a worthwhile purchase.

Personalized Mounted Bottle Opener

  • Cheers Again And Again

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Memorial, Keepsake, Creative

This personalized bottle opener plaque is a life-affirming way to give the best bereavement gifts to those in your life who need them. The modern, practical wall-mounted bottle opener is handmade from wood and customized with the name and years of life of the person being memorialized. With each drink, a new chance to say cheers will come to fruition.

First-Hand Impression

Got this product and I'm genuinely impressed by its top-notch quality. The moment I started using it, I could feel the difference. It's not every day you come across such outstanding items. Definitely a happy customer here, thanks to this exceptional product.

Cardinal Sympathy Bracelet

  • A Cardinal Is Watching

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Memorial, Thoughtful

The inherent beauty in this cardinal sympathy bracelet can help touch the heart of a loved one experiencing loss. The expandable silver bracelet has various charms, including an angel’s wing, a cardinal, a Swarovski crystal, and a loving message to bring them comfort during the difficult time they’re experiencing.

Guided Grief Journal

  • Day By Day

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Activity, Unique

This guided grief journal is an innovative way to use the best sympathy gift ideas in a meaningful way. The journal uses daily guided prompts and inspirational quotes to help the person in your life achieve healing and appreciation for life, death, and the love they continue to cherish beyond the grave.

Personal Perspective

In my journey through grief, this book has been a source of authentic solace. It's my nightstand companion, a balm to my deepest wounds, helping me wrestle with unspeakable emotions without resorting to toxic positivity. The devotionals are short, yet deep, allowing me to engage at my own pace, with prompts for days when I'm receptive or simply cannot. The author's lived experience and authenticity shine through, offering comfort and a sense of shared struggle without belittling my pain or faith.
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Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set

  • Eucalyptus For Healing

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Thoughtful, Activity, Creative

The healing power of eucalyptus is a wondrous way to encourage healing for the person in your life. The set of eucalyptus seeds and accessories will allow them to take part in their own healing process. Once the eucalyptus has grown, it can be utilized, along with the eucalyptus bath salt and scrubber for a comforting bath.

Memorial Moon Lamp

  • Love Lives In The Moon

  • $$$$$
  • Memorial, Keepsake, Unique

The warm light from this memorial moon lamp can make a special addition to a loved one’s space while reminding them that the person they’ve lost is always around. The crescent moon carries a globe ornament with a touching message that will offer further comfort to anyone who owns it.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this gift has proven to be a heartfelt gesture for friends and family dealing with loss. The craftsmanship is superb, and it adds a personal touch to their home, creating a cherished memory. However, I did have a minor issue with the visibility of the ornament when the light is on or off, requiring a bit of strain or the use of magnifying glasses to read. Despite this small hiccup, this lightweight and cute gift has brought comfort and happiness to my loved ones in their time of need.

Sympathy Care Package For Women

  • Taking Care Of You

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Thoughtful

Women who have taken on grief will enjoy and appreciate all they find in this sympathy care package made for them. The set has tea and sweet treats, a mug, cozy socks, intensive cream, and a card with warm wishes to help them greet each new day with hope. By taking care of themselves, women can learn to honor their loved one in the process.

User Experience

This coffee cup has been a comforting companion during my tough times. I've found joy in the simple act of sipping my favorite brew from it. The gift box it came in was a delightful surprise, brimming with quality items that added sweetness to the healing process. It's not just a cup, but a thoughtful gesture that touched my heart. I've sent similar gifts to friends going through their own challenges, and they've all shared the same sentiment.

Sympathy Gift Basket

  • Delicious Wishes Keep Giving

  • $$$$$
  • Gift Basket, Thoughtful, Set

Expressing sympathy to someone you care for always goes better when some delicious treats are involved. The impressive 20-piece basket has everything needed for creature comforts, including various nuts, sweets, and international treats like toffee and nougat snacks. The smallest happy moments in life can also be the tastiest.

Personal Perspective

I'm conflicted about this gift basket, as it combines thoughtful design with questionable content. While the packaging is beautifully done and the delivery was timely, I was disappointed to discover that the snacks inside were stale and of a quality that I would associate with dollar store purchases. However, a glaring issue was the lack of a personal message or card, which caused confusion and embarrassment, particularly given the sensitive nature of this being a condolence gift.

Grieving Season Stone Set

  • A Stone For Every Season

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Memorial, Creative

There are few sympathy gifts like this grieving season stone set to allow someone you love to mark each season of loss. The set includes four different hand-carved stone hearts which can be carried anytime. A fifth heart with a caring message completes the set, along with a message on the inside of the gift box reading “Memories are immortal.”

Community Feedback

My personal experience with this gift was quite moving. Despite the stones appearing slightly different than the advertised colors, the sentiment behind the concept is what truly stood out, and it brought tears to my eyes. It's a shame that a gift card wasn't included, which created a bit of confusion initially, but overall, this gift brought comfort and love during a time of grieving.

Sympathy Cookie Set

  • Cookies & Sympathy

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Thoughtful, Gift Basket

This two-cookie gift set has two handmade vanilla sugar cookies, which have been elegantly decorated. One cookie reads “With Deepest Sympathy,” while the other appears as a gorgeous set of flowers. The deliciousness will appease some of the hurt, while the thought behind this sympathy gift will be sure to touch their heart.

First-Hand Impression

These sympathy cookies, beautifully decorated and packed, held a unique charm that made a friend's mom smile during a difficult time, underlining the fact that she wasn't alone. Despite some feedback about the cookies being too hard or lacking flavor, my personal experience found them to be a perfect blend of sweetness and texture, capable of bringing a small ray of light into someone's day.

Sympathy Spa Gift Set

No products found.

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  • An Organic Mode Of Healing

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Thoughtful, Unique

The grieving person in your life will value everything this sympathy spa gift set can bring them. The all-natural gift set has soothing items which can each help gently advance the healing process. The items include handmade soap, bath bombs, a lavender candle, bath salts, and lip balm they can use whenever they need to take time out for themselves.

Sympathy Keepsake Jar

  • A Way To Say I Miss You

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Memorial, Thoughtful, Activity

This sympathy keepsake jar can allow you to give a grieving person an active way to remember their loved one. The glass jar comes with 31 tiny notes available for people to write notes to the person who has departed so they can best remember all they loved and continue to love about them with each passing day.

Cremation Urn Sunflower Necklace

  • Love Is Always With You

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Memorial, Unique

Someone in your life who is experiencing a loss will love this sunflower memorial necklace. They can wear the glass pendant on its own to remember the person they’ve lost or use the pendant as a cremation urn in which they can always carry a piece of the departed loved one with them.

Community Feedback

My experience with this product has been overwhelmingly positive. From the moment I started using it, I could tell it was of high quality. This product exceeded my expectations and has brought so much joy into my daily routine. It really is a wonderful item that has genuinely enriched my life.

Memorial Candle Holder

  • An Angel Is Watching

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Memorial, Thoughtful

This memorial candle holder in the shape of a loving angel can provide some divine comfort to a person in need you know. The white angel figurine is beautifully sculpted to represent the most loving forces the universe has to offer. The tealight included will keep a small but potent fire burning forever.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this angel was deeply touching; its beauty provided a sense of solace during times of loss. It illuminated the memorial table perfectly, lending a serene glow that seemed to light the way home for those who've passed on. However, while the angel itself was exquisite, I was disheartened when the gift wrap and message I requested were absent, leaving my grieving friend unaware of my thoughtful gesture.
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Tree Of Memories Oil Lamp

  • Memories One By One

  • $$$$$
  • Memorial, Unique, Thoughtful

The person you know who is experiencing loss will appreciate this tree of memories oil lamp as a very kind gesture during the grieving process. The hand-blown glass lamp is breathtaking and colorful in its design, while its ability to burn a flame seemingly eternally will leave the one you care for with a comfort all their own.

The Comfort Gift Basket

  • Delight With Comforts

  • $$$$$
  • Gift Basket, Set, Unique

This impressive comfort-ready gift basket will safely see a loved one through the grieving process. The gift basket has 16 items included, from a book on grief to sweet and savory treats to ease their sadness and bring them some everyday solace while they move through the healing process.

Personal Perspective

Got this gift basket and honestly, it left me feeling a bit disappointed. The contents, especially the teddy bears, didn't match the advertised picture, making me question its value. However, the recipients seemed to find comfort in the gesture, appreciating the thoughtful combination of a book and teddy bears. Even with its shortcomings, this basket did make an impact, albeit at a questionable price point.

Memorial Ceramic Tile

  • A Constant Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Thoughtful, Memorial

This heartwarming memorial tile keepsake sits on a wooden stand and provides a beautiful way to honor a loved one. The design features the rustic tops of trees, along with the message “In Loving Memory.” The piece can become a favorite part of their home decor while providing them with a way to keep the ones they lost close every day.

Community Feedback

Best investment I've made for heartfelt condolences. This beautifully weighted plaque, coupled with a sturdy stand, has been a touching gift for those dealing with loss, like my friend who recently lost her brother. The engraved sentiment was appreciated, and the quality surpassed my expectations, making this gift a meaningful keepsake for friends and family in times of grief.

Sympathy Gift Box

  • Beauty In A Box

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Thoughtful, Unique

This small sympathy gift box is a caring way to let a person in your life who’s grieving know you’re thinking of them. The box contains an essential oil diffuser in the shape of a lotus flower—a symbol for rebirth—along with a gemtone lava bracelet, calming essential oil, and forget-me-not seeds to be grown in honor of the person they miss most.

Personalized Fingerprint Necklace

  • Personally Remembered Forever

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Memorial, Keepsake, Personalized

A surefire way to bring a smile to a grieving loved one’s face with a sympathy gift is by giving them this personalized fingerprint necklace. The handmade circular pendant is made using a photograph of the departed’s fingerprint. They create a stunning, unforgettable design that likely means so much to the wearer, they may never take it off.

User Experience

In my experience, this necklace delivered a remarkable sentimental value that exceeded my expectations. The careful packaging and precise engraving contributed to my positive impression of the product. However, I did encounter some minor issues with clasp mobility, causing a slight inconvenience when wearing it. Despite this, I found the necklace to be an incredibly beautiful piece, resonating with a strong emotional significance.

Succulent Gift Box

  • Life Keeps Growing

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Creative, Thoughtful

The contents of this meaningful succulent gift box may be able to provide solace to the person you know experiencing a loss. The set has a miniature succulent plant in a ceramic pot and a hand-poured candle and matches to go along. They’ll feel warmed by the way this gift makes them feel and have a cute little plant to take care of in the process.

Personal Perspective

This succulent and candle set left much to be desired. The plant arrived in a poor state, with blackened leaves and seemed to deteriorate quickly, even losing a leaf during a gentle cleaning. Additionally, the included candle had an unpleasant scent, making the overall experience rather disappointing.

Memory Box And Handkerchief Set

  • Make A Dandelion Wish

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Keepsake, Memorial, Thoughtful

Those in bereavement will love receiving this attractive memory box and handkerchief set while they are grieving. The walnut book features a whimsical dandelion laser-engraved on the lid. Inside, they’ll find a matching cotton dandelion handkerchief they can use when needed and otherwise cherish, as they will their loved ones day by day.

Community Feedback

This sympathy gift truly embodies thoughtfulness and consideration, providing a tangible means of comfort and an enduring reminder that resonates more than transient flowers. While some may not fully grasp its purpose, I found immense satisfaction in the elegant craftsmanship of the box and handkerchief, and the additional space for personal mementos makes it a heartfelt keepsake for those navigating the journey of loss.

Sympathy Gifts FAQs

How Do I Choose a Thoughtful Sympathy Gift?

Food gift baskets offer a comforting way to deal with grief, while items like blankets and throws can perform the same function. A spa gift basket will also help pamper a person going through grief, along with religious or devotional items which can accomplish the same idea from a spiritual standpoint.

What Can You Send Instead of Flowers for Sympathy?

If you don’t wish to send sympathy flowers, you can always send a donation to a related charity on behalf of the departed loved one. You can take something personal like a family photo or recipe and create a customized sympathy gift that honors the person. It’s always a good idea to send fruit or sweets baskets or pampering products as a comfort to those who grieve.

What Do I Put on a Sympathy Card?

You can express your sympathy in a card to loved ones and let them know you empathize with them. “So sorry for your loss,” “with deepest sympathy,” or “sending healing thoughts and prayers” are always good places to start. As long as your message is genuine and heartfelt, they will appreciate your kind words during this difficult time.

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