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53 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Friends: 2024 Guide

Find top Valentine's Day gifts for friends to let those you cherish most know it.

It’s less popular to find Valentine’s Day gifts for friends than for a romantic partner. But friends are there in good times and bad, so you’ll want to make sure they know how important they are. Don’t waste time on a gift that doesn’t speak to them.

Our fun-loving guide to Valentine’s gift ideas for friends has it all for your BFFs and closest buddies. Whether they’re foodies or adventure junkies, there’s something for all those you love here.

53 Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Loved ones are for life, so grab one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for friends who rock.

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Trinket Dish

  • Message Of Love

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Practical, Accessories, Home

An inexpensive way to ring in Valentine’s Day for friends is with this simple yet original trinket dish. The ceramic tray is the perfect little place to keep jewelry and other things too delicate to leave to chance. It also makes a special keepsake that honors friends with the words, “A true friendship is a journey without end.”

User Experience

My experience with this gift has been quite positive; it's well-crafted, and ideal for holding jewelry during tasks like washing dishes. Despite wishing it was slightly bigger, its size is sufficient to serve as a gentle reminder for young parents and fits perfectly in gift baskets. Notably, it doesn't scratch wooden surfaces, making it a perfect Mother's Day gift, just as it was for my daughter and sister.

Cookie Blanket

  • A Sweet Sleep

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Cute

A box of cookies is great for Valentine’s Day, but this cookie blanket is the gift that keeps giving. It’s oversized and made with soft flannel, providing a super cozy place for a nap or full-on sleep. The cookie design is made with great detail that may inspire the sweetest dreams possible.

Personal Perspective

Love how this tortilla blanket truly resembles a tortilla while providing immense comfort to my family and me. The softness and lightweight feel is remarkable, yet it still manages to keep us warm, making it an excellent blanket for movie nights. It's so soft that it has even become my daughter's go-to comfort item, who has sensory issues. The size is also generous, fitting our king-size bed perfectly. All in all, this tortilla blanket has brought a fun and cozy element to our home, and my kids, particularly, can't get enough of it.

Positive Thoughts Gift Jar

  • Take One A Day

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Cute

Valentine’s Day gifts for friends win big when they make a solid impression, which this positive thought gift jar does. The jar holds 31 notes which can be opened a day at a time. Each note is blank, so you can personalize them with whatever cute message you want to include. The jar has a homemade feel because it’s your words that will stay with them the most.

Community Feedback

After gifting these jars filled with uplifting notes to numerous friends and family members, I can confidently say they were well-received by all. Personally, I was impressed with the variety of occasions catered to, from birthdays to moments in need of a little cheer, all encased in a lovely, reusable jar. Whether it's opened weekly or sporadically, these notes never fail to bring a smile and a spark of positivity to the recipient's day.

Bestie Candle

  • Long Distance

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Cute

This bestie candle has a cheap price tag but is an easy way to remind friends how important they are. The jar-style candle burns for 50 hours with the scent of lavender. The candle itself reads, “I wish you lived next door,” for those important friends you don’t see enough of. Whenever they burn it at home, you’ll feel that much closer to them.

First-Hand Impression

This candle is just the perfect size for fitting in any small corner or shelf space. The pleasing scent, with notes of lavender, is subtle and not overpowering, which is great for those who prefer a softer fragrance. My daughter and friends were thrilled to receive this candle as a gift, proving it to be a hit with the ladies. Despite wishing it had a stronger, room-filling aroma, the aesthetic appeal of this candle is undeniable.

Morse Code Bracelet

  • An Inspiring Word

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories, Unique

Morse code is a unique way to express your thoughts via secret code to a good friend for Valentine’s Day. The cuff bracelet uses beads to spell it out clearly. The morse code reads, “Never Give Up,” so they know you always have their back.

User Experience

This Morse code bracelet is an elegant and creative piece that's worn regularly by both men and women in my family. It's lightweight and adjustable, fitting everyone from grown adults to school-aged children, making it an everyday accessory. The design is subtle and personal, with the coded message known only to those I choose to share it with. Interestingly, even those who don't usually wear jewelry find it comfortable due to its minimalist design and lightness.

Royal Gift Basket

  • Like A Queen

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique

This royal gift basket is a wonderful way to make single friends feel like a queen on Valentine’s Day. The gift box has various luxurious products and accessories to offer. It includes a notebook, trinket dish, ceramic mug with gold crown lid, and makeup bag. She’ll also find bath bombs, shower steamers, and a soy candle to make her next spa day at home grand.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a hit, this gift was warmly received by both my wife and daughter on separate occasions. The box itself exuded a charming appeal, with each item inside being well-crafted and nicely arranged without unnecessary plastic wrappings. By steering clear of the typical gift clichés, this unique and thoughtful present really made my loved ones feel special. From my personal experience, the gift's quality and value far exceeded my initial expectations.

Neon Heart Sign

  • Hearts On Fire

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Cute, Heart, Unique

What better way to honor a platonic female friendship than with this adorable neon heart sign? It literally lights up any room in bright pink and runs via battery or USB cable. She can use it to brighten up her bedroom, office, or anywhere in the house. There’s no mistaking a pink heart to say how much you care about each other on Valentine’s Day.

Community Feedback

My experience with this LED light has been pretty positive so far. The size was a bit smaller than expected, but it surprisingly complements my room's aesthetic, adding just the right amount of ~vibes~. This light is admittedly on the cheaper side in terms of feel and look, and it's important to note that its brightness is best appreciated in a darker room. The vibrant color and cute heart shape really stand out, making it a fun and unique addition to any space. It's been a couple of months and the brightness is still holding up well, making it a solid purchase overall.

Best Friend Bracelet

  • Two For One

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories, Keepsake, Cute

This creative set of friendship bracelets is what to get your BFF when you’re not around each other. They can choose whichever of the two cord bracelets they want and offer you the other. The yin-yang symbol is the perfect expression of friendship that’s shared no matter where you happen to be.

First-Hand Impression

If you're in the market for a symbol of connection, these bracelets might catch your eye. They look charming and fittingly represent the dark and light attributes of a relationship, but their durability leaves something to be desired - my friend's bracelet snapped after a few days and mine turned my skin green after a few months. Yet, despite the rigidity when initially put on and a tendency for the white one to stain, the bracelets remained comfortable and visually appealing, creating lasting memories.

Pocket Hug Token

  • A Warm Hug

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Unique, Keepsake

This pocket hug token may be the most creative of Valentine’s gift ideas for friends. When you can’t give them a hug, the token is a constant reminder of your friendship. The pocket hug comes with a gift card that includes a touching message to go along with it. The words include, “The very best hugs happen deep in our hearts.”

User Experience

In my experience, this gift has served as a touching token of affection, providing comfort and support in times of need. Despite its small size, its heartfelt message leaves a lasting impact, making it a perfect fit even for those who aren't fond of physical touch. While the sticker on the envelope was a slight misstep, the quality of the product itself was not compromised. This gift easily fits into cards, wallets, or pockets, serving as a constant reminder of love. Whether it's for a distant family member or a close friend, this gift is a simple, yet powerful gesture of love and support.

Heart Waffle Maker

  • Sweets For Breakfast

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Heart, Practical

This unique heart waffle maker is a tasty way to start the day for your best friend or anyone you care about. It adeptly makes four-inch, heart-shaped waffles in a flash. Their delicious stack of waffle hearts they next enjoy for breakfast lets them realize what a great friend they have in you.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this mini waffle maker has been highly satisfactory. Its compact size is a boon to our small kitchen, freeing up precious cabinet space. Even though it's small, it makes perfect waffles quickly, without burning them. I've found the waffles can be conveniently frozen for later use, and the smaller surface area of the appliance makes cleaning a breeze. Additionally, I appreciate the versatility of the maker which allows me to whip up heart-shaped waffles for special occasions or just for some added fun during breakfast.
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Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

  • Tea And Sympathy

  • $$$$$
  • Heart, Set, Cute

The addition of a heart shape to this set of tea bags make an otherwise thoughtful gift into something more. The 15 tea bags feature three tea varieties: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and White Berry. Anytime they need to take time out from their day, these bags can provide a flavorful cup of tea with heart.

Jeweled Music Box

  • The Art Of Appreciation

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Accessories, Home, Unique

Your friends will be mesmerized once they get a good look at this exquisite jewelry box. The silver material shines with the bejeweled butterfly designs, while the velvet interior is all luxury. The lid displays a heartfelt message of friendship. This is emphasized further by the song “Wind Beneath My Wings,” playing anytime they open it up.

First-Hand Impression

Bought this music box as a gift and was blown away by its beauty, exactly like the pictures portrayed. I have to say, the song played a bit too quickly, making it difficult to recognize as "Wind Beneath My Wings", but it was still an enjoyable tune. There was a minor hiccup with a few loose jewels that I managed to reattach myself. However, the sentiment inside the box varied from what was expected, which was slightly disappointing. Despite this, the recipient of the box loved it, even shedding tears due to its sentimental value.

Unicorn Sisters Koozie

  • Soul Sisters

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cute

It’s a blessing when you find a fellow unicorn in a best friend. This funny can koozie is the best way to celebrate that relationship with a woman you call your sister. She may be your actual sister or one you chose. It holds a can and can also be used as a travel mug. The cup features a colorful design of a unicorn who marches to the beat of her own drum.

User Experience

My experience with this gift has been overwhelmingly positive, especially with its multi-functional use. Not only does it serve as an excellent insulator for canned drinks, which is a feature that's been greatly appreciated, but the versatility of being able to use it for coffee or even a beer bottle is quite impressive. The added bonus of the sturdy keychain was a delightful surprise. From personal use to gifting, this product's ability to keep drinks colder for longer has been a consistent highlight.

Wearable Blanket

  • Get Cozy

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical

This wearable blanket is as red as Valentine’s heart and an awesome gift from Cupid to a good friend. It’s roomy, comes with a hood, and is lined with sherpa to make sure they stay super warm. The blanket works for campfire gatherings, outside sporting events, and being lazy at home, whether coupled up or single.

Personal Perspective

When I first slipped into this Comfy Original, it was like stepping into a cloud. This wearable blanket enveloped me in a cocoon of blissful coziness that immediately made it my go-to garment for those chilly winter nights. I was impressed with the quality and durability of the sherpa material - it has been through multiple washes and still maintains its softness and shape. What I truly appreciate about this Comfy Original is its versatility; it serves as both a cozy hoodie and a blanket, eliminating the need for multiple layers. Since receiving it, my regular blankets have been quite neglected, but I can't imagine facing the colder months without this warm, cozy hug.

Glass Coffee Mug

  • Your Favorite

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cute

When looking for things to include in a friend’s care package for Valentine’s Day, this glass mug comes into view. It’s a wonderful mug to have every morning that stands out from others. The mug has the message, “You’re pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever.”

Community Feedback

This mug is just as charming as I anticipated, making it a delightful gift. The aesthetic is cute and fun, which perfectly suits my wife’s morning personality. Those who received it as a gift were thrilled and had no complaints whatsoever. However, I feel the need to mention that the cup size is a tad small, barely holding a full 8 oz cup of coffee with creamer. Despite this minor drawback, the overall appeal of this mug is quite satisfying.

Pillow Sandals

  • Great White

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Practical, Accessories, Cute

Whether your friend is a guy or a gal, they’ll laugh when you give them these pillow sandals on Valentine’s Day. They come in various shades, all featuring a fierce shark design. They’re lightweight and easy to keep dry by the pool or out of the shower. The shark’s toothy grin is where the wearer’s toes emerge to take a step into the day ahead.

First-Hand Impression

I'm quite taken with these slides, especially their quirky shark design which adds a fun twist to their overall aesthetic. Despite being a tad larger than expected, they offer a nice, cushy feel, although the shark teeth detail can be slightly uncomfortable where the toes rest.

Peanuts Valentine T-Shirt

  • Childhood Friends

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Practical

This fun Peanuts t-shirt is a sweet choice for a friend this Valentine’s Day. The cotton tee breathes well no matter what task your friend has in mind. Its design features two of the most popular Peanuts characters, Snoopy and Woodstock. They give each other a warm hug and are surrounded by red hearts to show off their friendship.

User Experience

When I first tried on this Snoopy and Woodstock T-shirt, I noticed it was snug, but still comfortable. The design is adorable, the colors are vibrant, and the fabric feels soft and of decent quality, albeit lacking stretch. Careful washing is necessary as it is all cotton and has a risk of shrinking.

Best Friend Hanging Heart

  • Always Remember

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Keepsake, Home, Heart

This best friend hanging heart display is a rustic addition to any good friend’s window or wall. It’s handmade with flower and butterfly accents and features a touching message any friend would appreciate. The message ends with, “I feel so lucky my friend is you.” The heart is the kind of piece that stays in a prominent place in a home and a heart all at once.

Personal Perspective

Excellent! I recently bought this gift for a friend, and they were incredibly pleased with it. Despite its lightweight and thin structure, the print quality is exceptionally good, making it aesthetically appealing. The fact it's made in the UK adds a unique charm. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and value for money that I purchased a second one for a different friend. Both recipients were overjoyed, confirming that this gift accurately reflects the picture and is a beautiful token of appreciation.

Friendship Plant Pot Set

  • Three Times A Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Accessories

This trio of tiny plant pots is an ode to friendship, whether close by or from a distance. The set is ideal for keeping small plants or succulents and has bases for proper drainage. The three pots connect with the message, “Best Friend Ever.” The set comes with a set of planter markers and a pen to write your own message or name the plant inside.

Community Feedback

I've received this adorable gift for my daughter, and it fits perfectly on her kitchen window sill, adding an extra charm to her home. Despite their small size, these pots come well-packed and make a cute, memorable gift, especially when you add your favorite plants into them.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

  • Take A Break

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Home

Even if your Valentine’s Day gifts for friends are last-minute, they can make a difference. This set of bath bombs is the best way to turn an ordinary bath into a trip to a luxurious spa retreat. The six organic bath bombs have unforgettable fragrance combinations. They include everything from jasmine, apple, and hydrangea to vanilla, raspberry, and cherry blossom.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these bath bombs has been nothing short of a calming spa day at home. The generous size and wonderful scents, especially the lavender and eucalyptus, create a truly soothing atmosphere. They dissolve at just the right pace and leave my skin feeling silky without leaving any residue on my tub. Plus, the packaging is well-made and pretty, adding an extra touch of luxury to my bath routine.
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Heart Anatomy Stress Ball

  • Give Your Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cute, Heart

When your friend needs Valentine’s Day therapy, they’ll adore the humor and fun bursting from this heart anatomy stress ball. The red foam ball is a helpful way to ease stress and release excess energy at the same time. Its quirky design is made for friends who will appreciate it best and enjoy it every chance they get.

User Experience

My personal experience with this heart-shaped stress ball has been surprisingly therapeutic. The size and firmness of the stress ball are perfect for my hand, providing ample opportunity for exercise and physical therapy. The anatomical design, complete with vessels, adds a unique aesthetic appeal, even though I initially hoped for more color variation. Despite its initially hard squeeze, it's become a daily part of my routine, and it seems to be a hit among my friends dealing with similar hand issues.

Love Message Shortbread Cookies

  • The Sweetest Taste

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Heart, Cute, Unique

What friend wouldn’t love to get this gift set of delicious shortbread cookies for Valentine’s Day? These vanilla cookies have something else up their sleeve. Each cookie has the message “I Love You” with red hearts to send the sentiment home. The cookies are one of the cutest things to get friends for Valentine’s Day. With each bite, they’ll know how much you care.

Globe Decanter Set

  • Give Them The World

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Accessories, Unique

Achieve the pinnacle of cool Valentine’s gift ideas for friends with this globe decanter set. It makes any home bar that much more sophisticated instantly. The suspended globe decanter holds a hand-blown ship in a bottle (along with the liquor of their choice). It sits on a wooden base and comes with two matching rocks glasses for their next toast (to you).

Community Feedback

I ordered this decanter for a special occasion and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and detail of the craftsmanship. Despite being slightly smaller than I expected, this decanter has become a conversation piece whenever guests come over. However, the holder was black instead of the anticipated brown, a minor hiccup that didn't detract from our overall enjoyment of the product.

Cupcake Socks

  • Cute As A Cupcake

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique, Cute

These cupcake socks can step in when you can’t get delicious cupcakes to the friend you love. The set comes with four pairs of cozy red and pink socks that appear as cupcakes when first opened. They’ll make every lazy afternoon on the couch better and include a little pom-pom on the back of each sock.

First-Hand Impression

Bought these socks as gifts and their incredibly soft texture was a pleasant surprise; the cute "cupcake" presentation boxes, albeit clear with unexpected writing, were easy to assemble and added a charming touch. While the socks might not be the highest quality, they paired well with chocolates for a delightful Valentine's Day treat, despite the boxes not exactly matching the pictures.

Cute Cat Mug

  • A Surprise Meow

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute

This cute ceramic cat mug has a special friend hiding at its bottom. From the outside, it looks like a black cat with white whiskers, including pointy ears. Once they drink their beverage, a tiny black cat peeks up at them to say hello. It’s a sweet treat for a good friend who loves adorable creatures, both big and small.

User Experience

I received this mug as a present and it's been an absolute delight! The cat design is adorable, it genuinely feels like a kitten is taking a bath in my cup, making every sip a fun experience. However, a word of caution, avoid heating it up too much as the handle can get quite hot. Despite a bit of the gold color coming off after the first wash, the mug remains cute and high quality, definitely adding a spark of joy to my everyday coffee routine.

Personalized Acrylic Song

  • Share A Tune

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Home, Unique, Personalized

This personalized acrylic song keepsake uses the power of music to show friends you care. The translucent decor is designed to look like it’s on a Spotify playlist. It’s further personalized with your favorite photo and plays a song of your choice via the scannable QR code. They can play the song anytime they want to think about what an awesome friend they have.

Personal Perspective

Best purchase I've made in a while, this gift is a delightful surprise! I was initially taken aback by its odd smell and slight wobble due to the base not holding it snugly - it's a bit fragile, so be cautious. I was thrilled with the clear picture and the size is just right. The standout feature is the Spotify scan code, it brings up the chosen song seamlessly, which is an awesome touch. There was some confusion with the song playback at times, but overall, this gift is a fantastic blend of sentimental and tech-savvy.

Crave Box

  • Candy That Cares

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Practical

Delicious treats make the heart grow, which means this crave box may cause your friend’s heart to get huge. The ultimate care package includes 45 tasty snacks friends will head for often. It’s got everything from Cheez-Its and Goldfish to fruit snacks and cereal bars. Don’t tell them it’s actually on the healthier side since they’ll be too busy digging in.

Community Feedback

Great mix of sweet and savory in this snack basket, perfect for my adventurous family who loves trying new treats. This basket has become a staple for our movie nights, and it's always exciting to see what goodies we find inside. The variety and quality of snacks are impressive, making it a delightful surprise each time we dive into it.

Lovebox Heart Messenger

  • Special Delivery

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Heart, Cute

A delightful way to send your friend a Valentine is with this heart messenger box. It uses modern technology to deliver personalized photos, notes, and videos to the small screen inside. The box’s heart design spins every time something new arrives. It’s the cutest little digital Valentine that keeps charming all year long.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

  • Supple And Soft

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Practical, Accessories

Say hello and “Happy Valentine’s Day” to a friend with this cute gift set by Burt’s Bees. It’s got hand cream, foot cream, and a selection of salves and ointments for hands, face, cuticles, and lips. The set is a small excuse for those you care about to pamper themselves every day.

User Experience

Bought this Burt's Bees set and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products. The lip balm, with its subtle mint scent, felt a touch heavy but left my lips feeling great. The hand care products, especially the almond & milk cream, are rich and a tad greasy, but perfect for overnight use, particularly with the included gloves. I found the creams to have strong scents, so sensitive noses beware. My mom, who struggles with dry and cracked skin, saw significant improvement after a week of use.

Succulent Heart Kit

  • Making Hearts Together

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Heart, Accessories, Unique

This succulent heart DIY kit brings the fun of Valentine’s Day to a friend you cherish. The set includes everything needed to create the ultimate ode to love and friendship. They’ll have a great time planting and arranging the soil and six succulents in the redwood heart frame. Once finished, they’ll have a gorgeous keepsake they can display proudly.

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Healing Crystal Stone

  • The Healing Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Unique, Heart

This heart-shaped crystal is a powerful symbol that represents the love and friendship celebrated on Valentine’s Day. The hand-carved stone is made from dragon blood stone in red and green. It looks great on a bookshelf, a desk, or anywhere a little more love is needed. The stone’s healing quality should inspire great things in friends you know.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this rose quartz has unique charm, being heart-shaped instead of the usual worry stone form. However, the color doesn't quite match the advertised image, showing a more prominent white hue rather than the expected pink. Nevertheless, it adds a delightful touch to my growing crystal collection, its smooth texture striking a pleasant note in hand. Despite its small size, it's a nice fit for small gifts or decorations, even offering a hint of mystique when catching light. Some may find the heart shape a bit irregular and the color less pink than anticipated. For a synthetic opalized glass, it's a decent, affordable alternative for those who enjoy the effects of opal without the hefty price tag.

Personalized Throw Blanket

  • Favorite Faces

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Accessories, Home

This personalized throw blanket is a showcase for your favorite memories with friends. It’s customized with up to nine photos that you choose to represent your good buddy best. The blanket is made from lightweight cotton that’ll look great on their bed or couch. It’s bound to fit right in when they need a nap.

First-Hand Impression

I've used this blanket frequently since I got it and I can say it's a delightful mix of sentimentality and comfort. The pictures printed on it are crystal clear and the material is soft, although it's on the lighter side, making it ideal as a throw or for mild weather. My only gripe is that it tends to shed fuzz initially, but a quick wash and dry should resolve that issue.

Funny Cat Hand Towel

  • Hang In There

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Cute, Practical

This funny cat hand towel is a darling addition to a friend’s bathroom or kitchen. The towel looks like the sweetest cat around, whose front paws hang over the towel rack. It’s a lovable way to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day with the magic of cats. The back of the towel also has a 3D cat tail for a double dose of cuteness.

User Experience

I've bought several of these cat towels for my family and found them to be charming and unique gifts. Despite their thinness, the quality of the material is durable and they can be used as functional hand towels, although they're not as absorbent as some might prefer. Cats seem to be intrigued by these towels too, adding a humorous touch to their appeal.

Heart Page Holder

  • A Heartfelt Read

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cute, Heart

This heart page holder is useful and loving when you need something small yet unique for Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped piece is made from walnut wood and holds a book open while reading. All they need to do is put their thumb into the hole and keep their place that way.

Personal Perspective

This thumb holder for books is a delightful little tool that adds a level of convenience for avid readers. I initially ordered the mini size, thinking it would be a good fit for my small fingers, yet it was still a bit too big. Despite the sizing issue, this heart-shaped book page holder is beautifully crafted and it even came in a thoughtfully designed box. It was comforting during my long flight to Vegas, relieving my thumb from holding the book for extended periods. My granddaughters, who are also big-time readers, absolutely loved the heart-shaped ones, claiming them to be the best in comparison to others we've tried.

Blank Coupon Gift Book

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Cute, Unique

Adorable coupon books aren’t just for couples on Valentine’s Day. This coupon book is blank for a reason. It’s ready to be customized by you for a platonic friend you love. The book is full of elegant designs that include 40 vouchers of your choice. They’ll have a ball taking you up on each one.

Community Feedback

When I initially gifted this book to my girlfriend, she was smitten by its charming design, and its numerous pages seemed promising for our creativity. However, the sheer volume of 40 prompts became overwhelming, creating an unintended pressure on both ends. While the concept of this book is admirable, the execution could use refinement; notably, fewer prompts and better quality pages would enhance the experience. Regrettably, the thinness of the paper resulted in ink seeping through, limiting the usability.

Initial Tote Bag

  • All In

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Personalized

Get personal this Valentine’s Day and give this initial tote bag to a friend. The roomy canvas bag is ideal for groceries, gift lists, school, and work supplies. It’s customized with their first name initial, so everyone will know it belongs to them and only them.

First-Hand Impression

I'm incredibly satisfied with this bag, which has proven to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The quality of construction is evident, offering a sturdy structure and a spacious interior capable of holding an array of items. I've used it as a gift bag for various occasions and it's consistently received positive feedback for its style and size. From its solid, wide bottom to the charming little bow, this bag has garnered many compliments, enhancing its appeal.

Personalized Journal

  • Write It Loud

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Keepsake, Accessories

This personalized leather journal’s pages are ready to welcome your BFF’s thoughts and dreams. The cover is engraved with their name, which makes it feel more special. The 140 sheets are made from thick, quality paper that feels old-fashioned in the best of ways. It’s got a leather strap that wraps around it to keep their words safe and sound.

User Experience

I'm genuinely thrilled with this journal. The craftsmanship and personalization are top-notch, giving it a welcoming vibe that encourages regular use. I even used it as a unique sign-in book for a baby shower, which worked wonderfully with its sturdy pages. However, I did find the price point to be a bit steep for what is essentially a small, plain paper book. Nonetheless, this journal has served me well in different ways.

Portable Mini Diffuser

  • Lighten The Mood

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

The magic of aromatherapy is present in this portable mini diffuser that’s more powerful than it looks. The travel-sized diffuser easily charges up with a USB cable and includes pads to add essential oils to. It travels easily and transforms anywhere from an office or hotel room to a train compartment or car into something magical.

Personal Perspective

I'm really fond of this diffuser, especially for its compact and cute design. It's been a delight at my office and also serves well during my travels. The aroma it emits lasts for a reasonable duration, though it doesn't fill a large space, which I actually prefer for my personal use. One downside is the flashing blue light which can be a bit distracting. Also, it's important to note that it's effectiveness in diffusing oils can be hit or miss. Despite these minor issues, using this diffuser has been a generally positive experience.

Positive Thinking Book

  • Up Up And Away

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Accessories, Practical

Valentine’s Day may be the best time to share this book on positive thinking with friends. It’s full of fun quotes, creative prompts, and exercises to look on the bright side of life every day. Whatever holiday, season, or challenging time may arise, this book can be there to make it flow smoothly.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this book's daily affirmations and wisdom have become an essential part of my morning routine. Each day, it greets me with uplifting thoughts and empowering messages, setting a positive tone for the rest of my day. It's like a daily meditation calendar, providing short texts that make you reflect on life - sometimes realistic, sometimes positive, but always thought-provoking. While it might stir up mixed feelings and isn't quite what I expected, the unexpected phrases grabbed my attention and added a unique flavor to my daily mindset.

Personalized Hearts Game

  • Game of Hearts

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Heart, Cute, Personalized

Not only is this personalized hearts game a fun activity for friends, but it’s a sweet keepsake too. The handmade four-across game is crafted using maple wood for a rustic finish. It’s customized with the name of a friend who means the world to you. The game looks great as a piece of decor and a daily reminder of the power of friendship.

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Moon Lamp

  • Moon Landing

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Unique

The whimsy that this moon lava lamp exudes can make anyone’s home feel more exciting. The lamp uses LED light and a detailed moonscape design to stand out amongst other everyday lamps. Friends will enjoy using the remote control to customize the vivid color display to suit their current mood.

User Experience

I've discovered that this moon lamp has quickly become a beloved item in our household. Its multifarious settings and vibrant colors have not only captivated my children but have also piqued the interest of my sister, an aerospace engineering graduate. The lamp has a larger and more attractive design compared to others I've purchased, making it a standout piece in any room. However, while it does come with a stand, it's prone to rolling off if slightly disturbed, and an internal component came loose after a few months, causing it to cease functioning. Despite these setbacks, the lamp's appeal and function have made it a frequently used fixture in our home.

Friendship Makeup Bag

  • The Small Things

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Practical

Why can’t a practical accessory like a makeup bag also be a way to honor your favorite friendship? This canvas bag holds makeup, toiletries, or any small items your friend needs to keep in one place. The bag reads, “Good friends are like stars / You don’t always see them / But you know they’re always there.”

Personal Perspective

I've used these bags as thoughtful tokens for friends during tough times and for joyous occasions like bachelorette weekends. From personal experience, the material is impressively durable and the bags are as described, making them ideal for filling with small gifts such as fun facial products. Even when the recipient's interests changed, as with my granddaughter and her anime phase, the bag was received with gracious appreciation.

Friendship Keychain

  • Find A Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cute, Practical

Sometimes, the smallest item can make a friend smile for Valentine’s Day. This friendship keychain is such an item. The silver keychain will keep their keys in one place and also features a sunflower design. Its charm reads, “True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time.”

Community Feedback

I'm absolutely delighted by this gift's charm and sentiment. As a recipient myself, I was so touched that I started gifting it to my friends, and they've all loved it. This little token, especially adored by my sunflower-loving friend, adds a warm, personal touch to any birthday or Christmas gift. It's a bit cheesy, but in the best way possible, and the quality is surprisingly good for the price.

Long-Distance Connection Lamps

  • Always Close By

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Cute, Unique

Friends aren’t always close by, so these long-distance connection lamps may come in handy. Friends will appreciate this awesome technological gift that allows them (and you) to get in touch. If one person touches their lamp, the other lamp also lights up in the same color. It’s the next best thing to being in each other’s company.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these lamps has been a blend of charm and frustration. I was instantly captivated by the thoughtful design that creatively expressed unity and home, and the absence of a required app was a refreshing change. The lamp's ambient light function was a delightful bonus, adding a warm, cozy touch to my evenings. However, the setup process was more time-consuming than I had anticipated, and the consistent need for reconnection was a notable drawback. Despite these challenges, the moment of joy when my family overseas lit up their lamp for the first time was incomparable. Yet, the inconsistent communication and steep price point are factors to consider before purchasing these lamps.

Beer-Chilling Coasters

  • Stay Cool (And Cold)

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical, Set

Your friends (especially guy friends) will get lots of use out of these beer-chilling coasters. They make a super-friendly Valentine’s Day gift that’s more practical than most others. The granite coasters come in a set of four and can fit either cans or bottles. Once chilled, they’ll keep his beer, soda, or seltzer cold for a much longer period of time.

Heart Bouquet Puzzle

  • Pieces Of A Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Heart, Cute, Unique, Keepsake

Rather than get a friend a bouquet of flowers, they might enjoy this heart puzzle even more. The heart-shaped puzzle is filled with over 600 pieces to make putting this heart together challenging for them. The pieces make up a stunning floral design that exudes rich, uplifting colors. Once complete, they’ll have an awesome piece of home decor made by them that came from you.

S’Mores Maker

  • Fun On Fire

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Practical

S’mores are one of those activities that friends love to enjoy together. When you can’t be there, this s’mores maker is the next best thing. It’s a serving station for the popular treat that comes with an electric heater, ingredient compartments, and two forks. This is one of those Valentine’s Day gifts for friends that celebrate good times to come.

Community Feedback

These indoor s'mores makers are a fun and convenient way to bring campfire treats indoors. It may take a bit of patience to achieve the perfect marshmallow char, but the result is a delicious s'more that's worth the wait. The small side holders and included skewers are nice touches, but it only comes with two skewers, so if you have more kids, you might need to supply your own. Despite the slow heating time and the need to carefully supervise to prevent marshmallow meltdowns, this product adds a special touch to family nights.

LED Letter Light

  • Name In Lights

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Personalized, Cute

This LED letter light’s fun-loving quality can pep up any space your friend’s got. The light piece is customized with the first letter of their first name and can be controlled via remote control. Whatever cool color display they want to see can keep this Valentine’s gift fresh as time goes by.

First-Hand Impression

I found this product to be a charming addition to my 4-year-old's room with its vibrant, albeit limited, color display. Despite receiving it with two non-functional bulbs and some minor control issues with the remote, the brightness and ease of assembly made up for these shortcomings. Although I noticed it being slightly flimsy, its attractiveness and reasonable price made it a worthwhile purchase.

DIY Heart Linzer Cookie Kit

  • DIY Hearts

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Heart, Cute, Unique

Rather than send heart-shaped Linzer cookies to a good friend, you’ll wow them more with this DIY kit. Other than butter and eggs, it’s got everything they’ll need to whip up a batch of delicious shortbread cookies. The ingredients include sumptuous raspberry jam to make these hearts taste their best.

Wine Gift Basket

  • Girlfriends Who Wine

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique

Valentine’s Day is for friends who love to spend time together. When it comes to wine, this gift basket is fun packed into one place. The set has wine accessories, from the practical to the quirky. It includes wine stoppers, a set of coasters, a bottle tote, and a funny stemless glass. There are also novelty socks, like the ones reading, “If you can read this, bring me some wine.”

Personal Perspective

This gift box, boasting bright, colorful coasters and a variety of other items, was a hit with everyone I gifted it to, especially because the packaging is so aesthetically pleasing. However, while the box itself is sturdy and attractive, it's a bit of a letdown that it can't accommodate a bottle of wine without some modifications.
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Bluetooth Beanie

  • Not Just For February

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This Bluetooth beanie has it all, from the warmest knit material to technology that won’t quit. Your Valentine’s buddy will love the private listening session that ensues whenever they put it on. The beanie allows them to connect to smart devices and listen to music or make calls as needed. It’s the ideal companion for a winter jog, cold weather hike, or long walk with the dog.

Community Feedback

I'm delighted with this hat's performance as it not only provides warmth and comfort but also delivers high-quality wireless sound. Despite the minor inconvenience of a flashing light indicating that it's on, the hat is straightforward to use with easy Bluetooth connection, charging, and cleaning instructions. Moreover, its well-constructed headband and impressive battery life that lasts for many hours make it an enjoyable accessory, even though I've experienced better sound quality with other products.

Heart Flowers Art Print

  • Heart On The Wall

  • $$$$$
  • Heart, Home, Unique

When it comes to offbeat Valentine’s Day decor, this heart flower art print can spruce up a friend’s wall easily. The print is handmade using a vintage dictionary backing. The anatomical heart design features a colorful array of flowers to lift the mood. It’s a unique piece that stands out for any friend on Valentine’s.

First-Hand Impression

I'm impressed by the quality and vibrancy of these prints, which exceeded my initial expectations. The sturdiness of the paper was a pleasant surprise, eliminating any worries I had about potential damage. While the size is a bit on the smaller side, these prints have added a wonderful touch to both my daughter's study space and my office, prompting several compliments. Although they don't come with frames, placing them in matte frames highlighted their amazing quality, making them an excellent gift choice, even for special occasions.

Wine Backpack

  • Good Time On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

Treat your favorite friend to a wine tasting anytime they like with this wine backpack tote. The insulated bag can hold up to two bottles of wine and keep them cool for the journey. Also included are a set of stainless steel wine tumblers. They can come out whenever good friends want to enjoy a drink together.

User Experience

Excellent for picnics and car rides, this insulated bag tackled my chilled wine needs with ease, keeping it cool from a midday boat ride to a late-night return home. This bag's perfect size and sturdy, lightweight design, along with the bonus of lovely cups, has made it a hit among both my friends and family, proving its quality and versatility in every use.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends FAQs

Can You Give Valentines to Friends?

It’s perfectly acceptable to give a Valentine’s Day card or gift to friends who mean the world to you. Whether they’re single or coupled up, Valentine’s Day gifts for friends are a nice way to enjoy the day with all the important people in your life.

Is It Okay to Give My Friends Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

You can give friends flowers on Valentine’s Day. However, it’s important to keep the flowers appropriate for friends. Instead of a massive bouquet or a dozen red roses, you can give a single pink rose or a small colorful bouquet to friends.

What Is a Good Gift for Valentine’s Day for a Man to Give to a Female Friend Who Is Not a Girlfriend?

Any gift you give to a female friend on Valentine’s Day should avoid screaming “romance.” Stay away from high-priced jewelry, chocolates, or a bouquet of roses. Instead, keep the Valentine’s Day gift practical, helpful, or cute. Anything from a meal kit to a cute, friendly keepsake will do. Friends appreciate cool items from people who know what they like most.

What Is a Good Gift for Valentine’s Day for a Woman to Give to a Male Friend Who Is Not a Boyfriend?

You can let your male friend know how important his friendship is to you on Valentine’s Day with fun items he’ll love. Anything for his bar, from glassware to booze or a flask, will find favor. Items for his home come in handy, as well as gift boxes and subscriptions for snacks, meals, and hobbies he loves.

What Do You Write in a Platonic Valentine’s Day Card?

Platonic Valentine’s Day card messages can let the receiver know how much they mean to you while staying lighthearted. Words that cherish memories and let them know how much you support who they are can get that message across well.

How We Choose Valentines Day Gifts For Friends

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the challenge of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. We leverage our expertise to evaluate a wide array of presents, scoring them based on price, style, and customer feedback. We research extensively, consulting with gift-giving experts and surveying customer reviews, to curate a selection of unique gift ideas to suit different tastes and budgets. Our aim is to help you compare and choose the best gift for your friends. With our thorough review process, we ensure that every gift suggestion meets our criteria for quality and relevance, ensuring your Valentine’s Day celebration is filled with joy and appreciation. Trust us to make your gift-giving experience seamless and enjoyable.

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