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63 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: 2024 Guide

Steal his heart with awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him to prize.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him are often left to the last minute or forgotten altogether. And men deserve to be pampered on love’s favorite day too. The problem lies in finding the best Valentine’s gifts for him that he actually wants.

Don’t let Cupid drive you crazy. We’ve got the coolest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him in our amusing and practical guide. Here you’ll find personalized gifts, fun keepsakes, and DIY treats he can dig into with glee. Just aim your arrow at his heart, and we’ll do the rest.

63 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Love is always in season when these creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him are around.

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Sunset Lamp

  • The Glow Of Love

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Romantic, Cool, Unique

Your special guy can think of the light your love brings to him with this unique sunset lamp. The dimmable LED light is powered by touch, so he can adjust the intensity depending on his mood. His mood is likely to be one of sentimental love from now on.

User Experience

This light makes for a truly charming and romantic gift, with its adorable couple silhouetted against a moon backdrop. I appreciate the adjustable brightness, even though the highest setting is still too dim for reading. The placement of the USB port is questionable, but it's not a deal breaker as the overall build feels sturdy. It's a wonderful touch lamp, but be aware that it will revert to full brightness if connected to an automated switch. Nonetheless, it's a unique item that adds a warm, lovely glow to any room.

Personalized Pocket Knife

  • In His Pocket

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Keepsake, Cool, Accessories

This personalized pocket knife is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift you can surprise him with. It’s engraved with his name, design, and an additional line to make it feel all his own. The blade comes with a pocket clip and does double duty as a practical pick and a simple keepsake.

Personal Perspective

Excellent craftsmanship is evident in these knives, which are both attractive and durable, bearing no resemblance to a mere plastic ornament. The wooden handle, affixed to a stainless steel frame, is engraved with clarity and precision, lending a personal touch that has been well received in my gifting experiences. However, a minor design flaw exists as the blade does not lock into the closed position, posing a potential safety concern if the knife is fastened to a belt or bag.

3D Crystal Photo

  • Thanks For The Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Romantic, Home, Personalized

Celebrate all things romantic for your guy this Valentine’s Day with this thoughtful 3D crystal photo. It’s a keepsake that presents your favorite photograph engraved in a heart-shaped crystal. The crystal photo is both intimate and personal and is bound to look awesome wherever he keeps it.

Community Feedback

My experience with this gift was profoundly moving, with its stunning elegance taking me by surprise and the picture I submitted beautifully enhanced, almost as if magically transformed into a 3D masterpiece. Despite my initial skepticism, this piece exceeded my expectations in craftsmanship and detail, lighting up brilliantly to double as a lamp, although I do wish it could change colors.

Massager Wrap

  • His Self Care

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Unique, Cool

You can go totally non-cheesy this Valentine’s Day when you give your boyfriend or husband a massager wrap. This one fits comfortably over the neck, shoulders, arms, or anywhere he needs care. It offers Shiatsu massage and heat to soothe his achy muscles after a long day or workout. The massager is a more unexpected Valentine’s gift for him, but he will cherish it nonetheless.

First-Hand Impression

Love how this Resteck massager has been a brilliant companion in my journey towards pain relief. It's been my go-to for nearly three years, providing comfort to my tense neck and shoulders. The various settings allow me to customize my massage experience, and the heat feature is a fantastic extra for muscle relaxation. I must mention that this massager is quite powerful and may not suit everyone's tolerance; it was a little hard on my neck at first. However, it's been a faithful aid in managing my chronic pain, and even though it recently broke down, I am considering getting another one because it's been that valuable.

Custom Face Socks

  • A Happy Face

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Accessories, Unique, Cool

Show your Valentine what a great sense of humor you have with these cute custom face socks. He’ll appreciate the sweet sentiment, while reacting with a huge smile to these fun novelty accessories. You can either personalize the socks with pictures of his face all over them or yours, depending on your style.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with the superior quality of these socks, which delivered hearty laughter as a white elephant gift last Christmas. However, while the picture quality is stellar, it does tend to wear off quite quickly, and the size feels a touch snug, so bear in mind that the image might distort a bit on a larger foot.

Fill-In-The-Blank Book

  • Tell Him Why

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Romantic, Keepsake, Unique

This little book is a creative way to tell guys who happen to be your special someone how awesome they are. The book is filled with unique prompts you can use to tell him why you adore him. Lines like “My favorite memory of us is…” will get you started on a literary labor of love he’ll appreciate.

Personal Perspective

For those looking to express their affection in a unique and thoughtful manner, this book is an exceptional choice. Its prompts allowed me to share cherished memories and kind words with my partner, and not only did it strengthen our bond, it also provided us with laughter during disagreements. This book, with its high quality and super cute design, serves as more than just a gift—it's a keepsake that can be enjoyed by our children in the future.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

  • At The Bar

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Cool, Unique

This cool whiskey stones gift set makes a terrific Valentine’s Day gift, whether it’s your first or fiftieth one. The set includes eight cooling stones, a set of coasters, a set of rocks glasses, and a pair of tongs. He’ll enjoy opening it up anytime he wants to get serious about his cocktail-making at home.

Community Feedback

As an enthusiastic gift-giver, I was thrilled with this high-quality whiskey gift set. The solid wooden box and the engraving added a touch of elegance, much to my husband's delight. However, we discovered that the metal ice didn't quite keep his drink cold as long as expected. Despite this minor setback, the overall heft and quality of the set was impressive. It's a beautiful, well-crafted gift that my husband, a whiskey lover, genuinely appreciated.

Multi-Tool Pen Gift Set

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  • Use With Love

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cool

This multi-tool pen gift set is the best way to combine something romantic with a practical tool men will enjoy. Though small in size, the pen comes with five functions. It works as an LED flashlight, emergency whistle, glass breaker, multi-tool, and, of course, a pen. The pen reads, “I love you forever,” just to make sure he knows it’s for Valentine’s Day.

Couple Keychain

  • Never Let Go

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Romantic, Personalized

This cute couple’s keychain is a meaningful way to help your guy not lose his keys. It’s customized with a photo you want him to cherish most, along with a personal message. Not only will he keep his keys around, but this accessory will help keep his smile in place all day long.

User Experience

As a present for my partner, this keychain exceeded expectations with its high-quality material and durability. Despite a slightly blurry photo, the image still bore an uncanny resemblance to our original snapshot, adding a special personal touch. Considering the robust construction and personalized aspect, it's an excellent gift idea that has left my significant other thoroughly impressed.

Personalized Infinity Sign

  • Forever At Home

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Home, Romantic, Unique

Make your special someone’s home turf a bit more romantic with this personalized infinity sign. The wooden piece of home decor looks like the infinity symbol. It’s also customized with both your names and the date of your choice. You even have a choice of colors for the LED backlight.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this gift was overwhelmingly positive and filled with admiration for its craftsmanship. The light feature added a delightful touch, although I did find myself wishing for a multi-light option and perhaps a remote for timing purposes. I also noticed that the gold color appeared a bit flat, not quite the shiny gold I had anticipated. However, these minor details were easily overlooked given the joy it brought to my significant other and its lovely presence on our wall.
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Cat Toy Valentine’s Day Shirt

  • Boy Toy

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Romantic, Unique

This quirky cat toy t-shirt is a quirky celebration of romance for Valentine’s Day. He’ll love wearing it around the house, when working out, or while taking a romantic stroll with you. The cotton shirt features a cat chasing a heart design that’s perfect for the offbeat guy you love most.

Community Feedback

After wearing this t-shirt, I found the fit to be slightly tighter than anticipated, even though it was my usual size. The design on the shirt was vivid and adorable, reminding me of my pet cat, Simon. While the material does feel comfortable and soft, it's advisable to opt for a size larger for a more comfortable fit.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

  • Making Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cool, Unique

One of the most touching gifts for men for Valentine’s Day is found in this customized reel viewer. It’s based on the classic reel viewers from the 1970s and is filled with a selection of photos you choose. The reel is then loaded into the viewer so he can enjoy your favorite memories in a super fun way.

LED Titanic 3D Puzzle

  • The Great Ship

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Cool, Unique

Give your guy something to do for hours that’ll keep his mind and hands busy. This LED Titanic 3D puzzle is as fun as a kid’s puzzle but is crafted with adults in mind. It’s got over 250 pieces he can put together using all his skill, only to enjoy the finished product as a keepsake. The puzzle comes together to look like the Titanic lit up with LED lights for effect.

User Experience

My experience with this puzzle-model was a real mental workout, but also incredibly rewarding. It's not a quick and easy task – the instructions can be a bit tricky and some pieces don't align perfectly, so you'll need to get creative. Having some extra tools handy - like tweezers, an Xacto knife, and glue - definitely made things easier. It took me about nine days to complete, but seeing the finished model was worth every minute. This puzzle-model is a fantastic challenge for experienced builders who have a healthy dose of patience and enjoy a rewarding end result.

Morse Code Bracelet

  • Language Of Love

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Keepsake, Unique

Boyfriends will enjoy figuring out the secret message in this handsome morse code bracelet. The leather-wrap bracelet is adjustable to fit his wrist and looks as good worn with formal attire as casual attire. The code of this bracelet spelled out by the beads is “My boyfriend,” so he knows it for sure.

Personal Perspective

My experience with this bracelet has been nothing short of a delightful surprise. From the moment I laid eyes on it, I was taken aback by its exceptional quality and design. This bracelet has held up incredibly well with its robust and easily adjustable structure, which to me, signifies its superior craftsmanship. This item, complete with a thoughtful tiny card and a box, truly stands out as a special and unique gift.

Cocktail Smoker Kit

  • Heat It Up

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Cool, Set, Home

This top cocktail smoker kit can turn a night of mixology at your guy’s place into something more creative. The wood smoker is the best way to add that unforgettable flavor to any adult beverage. It comes with eight different wood chips, including beech, apple, hickory, and pear. Whatever flavor he goes for will come alive in his next craft cocktail he’ll name in your honor.

Community Feedback

When I first received this whiskey cocktail smoker as a gift, I was impressed by the variety of four distinct wood chip flavors: apple, cherry, pecan, and oak. The process of using this smoker kit is simple and engaging, providing an elevated experience right at home - its versatility extends beyond drinks, enhancing the taste of meats and cheeses as well.

Valentine’s Day Tumbler

  • Spell It Out

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Romantic

Just because this Valentine’s Day tumbler is a gift guys can use every day doesn’t mean it’s not romantic. The stainless steel tumbler holds 20 ounces of whatever hot or cold beverages he likes using vacuum insulation. It playfully reads, “I love you more. The end. I win,” so each day can begin with a warm smile.

First-Hand Impression

I've had a great experience with this cup and it seems my husband loves it too. However, there's a slight issue with the cover popping off when it's filled with hot liquid. Nonetheless, it has an appealing logo which we use quite frequently, and it even comes with a handy straw and cleaner.

Engraved Wooden Watch

  • The Warmth Of Wood

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Accessories, Keepsake, Personalized

This engraved wooden watch is less expensive than you think. It holds its own against any luxury watch out there. The watch uses a Japanese quartz movement that will keep going strong. It’s engraved with whatever custom message you want him to keep close.

User Experience

When I first laid eyes on this wooden watch, my heart leapt with joy at the rustic charm and the thoughtful inscription on the back. The dark wood made the engraving a bit challenging to read, but it didn't detract from the sentimental value this watch holds for my husband. Despite a few visibility issues, the design and comfort of this wooden watch have made it a beloved accessory, garnering compliments from everyone who sees it.

Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

  • Love Letters To Him

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Romantic, Unique, Personalized

Spark up the romance this Valentine’s Day with this set of customized love letter cufflinks. The handmade brass cufflinks look like tiny envelopes filled with an equally tiny love note made of wood. The best part is you can personalize the message inside the cufflinks, so he knows they were meant for him.

Engraved Personalized Wallet

  • A Forever Place

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Practical, Accessories, Romantic

You don’t have to worry about this personalized wallet being too typical of a Valentine’s Day gift. Its durable leather design will keep his money and cards safe for use, but it’s got an added bonus. The inside of the wallet features the infinity symbol with the word “love” and reads, “I love you more.” An everyday transaction can be a reminder of how much you love him.

Community Feedback

My experience with this wallet has been largely positive. The durable construction and ample pockets make it practical for daily use, and the genuine leather adds a touch of luxury. While I did find that the interior engraving's ink slightly smeared, it did not affect the overall usability of the wallet. The scent of fresh leather that greeted me upon opening was an unexpected bonus, adding to the overall satisfaction I had with this product.

Best Boyfriend Mug

  • Show Off

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Romantic

This boyfriend mug is a cute way to add some romance to his morning coffee ritual. The ceramic mug features Valentine’s Day-appropriate red and white design. The mug says “Best. Boyfriend. Ever.,” so he can gloat with each sip of dark roast he takes. The cup is a fun, low-key way to appreciate him for Valentine’s Day.

First-Hand Impression

I'm impressed by the genuine joy this gift brought to my boyfriend. The quality and design of this product exceeded our expectations, making it a cherished addition to our home.
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Interactive Treasure Hunt Kit

  • Adventure Seeker

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Kit, Cool

This interactive treasure hunt kit may make the special man in your life feel like a kid again. Lovers of role-playing games will find their inner adventurer to try and solve this mystery. The game involves maps, puzzles, secret messages, and all the fun he can muster. He may even let you play along too.

Beard Grooming Kit

  • Stay Groomed

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cool

Your Valentine will look as handsome as ever after he uses the items in this beard grooming kit. It’s packed with all the things he needs to grow and maintain the best beard possible. The kit includes everything from beard balm, oil, and wash to a beard brush, comb, and pair of scissors.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking to upgrade your beard care routine, this beard kit has been a delightful addition to my personal grooming. From the nourishing oil and balm, to the practical brush, comb, and scissors, this kit has all the essentials for maintaining a healthy and attractive beard. While the scent of the products isn't overpowering, it's the noticeable improvement in my beard's health and appearance that's truly impressed me.

LED Beanie Hat

  • Help Him See Straight

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cool

Your special someone can find tons of use in this practical LED beanie hat. In addition to being a warm knit hat, it’s equipped with an LED light to show him the way. Whether he’s on a nighttime jog or working in the dark, the light keeps his hands free and vision strong. Plus, he’ll think he looks super cool with this hat on and who are you to disagree?

Community Feedback

I found the light-up beanie to be an ingenious solution for outdoor tasks in the dark, specifically due to its dual brightness settings and an added quirky feature that flashes red and blue. Not only did this beanie provide sufficient light, but it also kept me warm with its soft, breathable fabric. Despite my initial skepticism, the beanie's battery life surprised me, outlasting other similar products I've used before, making it not just functional but also a good value for the money.

Personalized Cutting Board

  • Grill King

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Practical, Home, Accessories

This personalized cutting board gives your man all the respect his cooking deserves (and more). The bamboo board is handmade and customized with his name, along with “King of the Grill.” The design includes a fork and spatula crossing together, while the board itself has a well for any wayward juices.

First-Hand Impression

I'm appreciative of the craftsmanship that went into creating this cutting board. As an avid BBQ enthusiast, I found the personalized engraving aesthetically pleasing, enhancing its display near my grill. However, I did notice that the darker coloring of the letters disappeared after its first wash. Despite its smaller size than anticipated, it’s beautifully done and adds a personal touch to my grilling experience.

You’re My Person Candle

  • Like A Campfire

  • $$$$$
  • Romantic, Unique, Home

This whimsical candle welcomes your boyfriend or husband home with the scent of toasted marshmallows. He’ll be reminded of cozy fireplace or campfire nights spent with you. The scent also has notes of vanilla to keep things sweet as ever. The candle’s label simply says, “You’re my person,” because why get complicated about love?

Portable Campfire

  • Fire It Up

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Unique, Cool

This portable campfire has all the romance of a night spent fireside for your favorite guy. The instant firepit is both portable and safe to use anytime a little fire is called for and cleans easily. It can also burn for hours, so you both can enjoy s’mores or scary stories by the fire together.

Personal Perspective

Got this portable campfire as a gift and it's been a hit on multiple occasions. It's fantastic for backyard gatherings, especially since we live in a townhouse with limited space, and it's a lifesaver in camping situations when we've arrived late or run out of firewood. However, it doesn't last quite as long as advertised and the cost is a bit higher compared to firewood, but the convenience and realistic fire experience makes it worth it in my book.

Love Note Messenger

  • Send A Note

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Romantic, Keepsake

Modern technology is as romantic as a traditional keepsake when it comes to this love note messenger. The trendy little box contains a miniature screen where you can send emails, notes, photos, and videos. Anytime he receives one, the red heart on the outside of the box spins around to tell him love’s arrived.

Community Feedback

My experience with this gift has been heartwarming, as it allows me to share simple messages and pictures with my fiancé who's overseas, making us feel less distanced. The excitement of seeing the little heart spin with a new message never fails to make my day, despite the fact that it can't connect to Wi-Fi networks requiring acceptance of terms and conditions. However, the delight it brings, especially as it spins in the morning in her time zone when I'm asleep, outweighs any minor drawbacks, proving to be a unique way to stay connected.

Soundwave Art

  • Break The Code

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Keepsake, Romantic, Cool

The message of love is beautifully defined within this piece of soundwave art for his wall. The bronze metallic print is designed using the soundwave image of the words “I love you.” The actual words are still included to ensure the sentiment comes across. It’s one of the most unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that’ll stay with him all year long.

Personalized Star Constellation Map

  • Written In The Stars

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Home, Romantic, Unique

Nothing is as romantic as a starry night, except when the stars are fashioned just for him. This personalized constellation map makes that possible. The star chart is a great way to memorialize a wedding or first date for Valentine’s Day. It features stars just as they were at the exact moment you met or got married. He’ll remember this constellation with all of his heart.

User Experience

When I received this star map, I was taken aback by its beauty and the attention to detail. It was a special memento that beautifully captured the night sky of a significant date, making it a unique keepsake. Although a little smaller than I anticipated, it fit perfectly into a frame I had, adding to its charm. The customization options were impressive, with the capacity to omit constellations and change the background color. Despite the paper being lighter than expected, the overall quality and the aesthetics of this star map truly left an impression on me.

Magnetic Matching Bracelets Set

  • He And She

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Romantic

The power of magnets is one of the most appropriate symbols for your love on Valentine’s Day. It comes alive in this set of matching bracelets you both can wear. The natural stone bracelets represent a love that can’t be broken. It’s a friendship bracelet taken to the next level.

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MLB Game Used Bottle Opener

  • Sports Centered

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cool, Unique

Though this bottle opener may not be romantic to you, it’s likely a gift he’ll love to get for Valentine’s Day. The handmade accessory is crafted using Major League Baseball game-used bats, which crank up the coolness. You can choose which team’s bats create this cool addition to his bar that’ll be kept in a place of pride.

Boyfriend Gift Set

  • Best Of Everything

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cool

When you can’t decide what to get him for Valentine’s Day, this boyfriend gift set has it all. This cool collection has a little bit of everything, from a “You’re an Awesome Boyfriend” tumbler to whiskey chillers. It also contains cute novelty socks, a multi-tool pen, and a romantic keychain he can use each day.

First-Hand Impression

I've found this gift to be a meaningful addition to our family gatherings, not only as a collection of items my dad appreciates, but also as a catalyst for our conversations, especially the multi-tool component. Although the socks and bracelet didn't match the product photo, my dad was still thrilled with them, emphasizing the overall value this gift holds. Everything was neatly presented and practical, adding to its appeal. However, the omission of the gift card was a slight downside, but it certainly didn't overshadow the positive impact this gift had on us.

Valentine’s Day Guitar Pick

  • A Song For Him

  • $$$$$
  • Romantic, Keepsake, Cool, Unique

He might never expect to see this Valentine’s Day guitar pick in his midst, but he’ll enjoy it when he does. The steel pick can outlast all of his love songwriting sessions and band rehearsals. It comes in a leather pouch to keep it safe, with a little mini guitar charm on the ring. The pick shows off the message, “I’d pick you every time.”

User Experience

Got this guitar pick as a gift and I must say, the quality is commendable. The smell of genuine leather and the sturdiness of the pick instantly caught my attention. However, the miniature guitar that came with it, although adorable, was disappointingly rusted; I had to remove it before gifting. Despite this minor flaw, the pick with its beautifully engraved words was well-received and appreciated.

BBQ Sauce Gift Pack

  • Season Maker

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Set, Unique

Your someone special can use the flavorful barbecue sauces in this gift set to up his grillmaster game instantly. The set includes four BBQ sauces with unique flavor profiles, like Carolina-Vinegar and Mustard. Whatever type of BBQ he’s in the mood for, he can get it done with these seasoned sauces in his set of skills.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this sauce set has proven to be a hit with my family, particularly my son who's quite the barbecue enthusiast. Despite initial concerns about potential leaking, I was relieved to find that the brand has improved their packaging to be shatterproof, allowing the bottles to arrive in perfect condition. However, upon opening the box, I did encounter some marinade on the outside of the bottles, which suggested there may have been a minor mishap during packing, but nothing that a quick clean couldn't solve.

Personalized Photo Gift Compass

  • The Way To Love

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Keepsake, Romantic, Unique

This personalized photo compass speaks to a man’s sense of romance while keeping the design close to home. The brass compass is created with care, so he can always find his way back to you. It won’t be hard, since the compass itself is customized using your favorite photo. It becomes the kind of keepsake that stays with him for a very long time.

Community Feedback

I was truly impressed by the originality and high quality of this gift. The heaviness of the item added to its overall appeal, making it a spectacular collector's piece. The engraving, in particular, was done with such finesse, it elevated the charm of the product.

DIY Whiskey Kit

  • A Special Blend

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Cool, Unique, Set

Introduce your guy to the art of making his own whiskey with this impressive DIY kit for Valentine’s. The fully-loaded set has everything he needs to get started; all he needs to add is a base alcohol of his choice. It comes with an array of flavoring agents, like cinnamon, oak chips, orange peel, chili peppers, and chai tea. He can then bottle his personal liquor creations in the two bottles provided.

First-Hand Impression

If you're seeking a unique gift for a whiskey enthusiast, this whiskey-making kit definitely hits the mark. The joy of concocting one's own flavors is incomparable, as I experienced firsthand. I did encounter a hiccup with a missing filter and a shattered vial, but managed to find a workaround. The excitement of waiting for several weeks to taste the end product adds to the thrill.

Leather Toiletry Bag

  • A Gentleman’s Things

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Unique

This sophisticated leather toiletry bag is something he can use at home or on your next romantic getaway. The bag has pockets and room for all his toiletries, shave items, and other accessories he needs to be awesome. The bag is a helpful tool to keep his personal care in check (and get him ready for the romantic weekend you plan.)

User Experience

Bought this RusticTown travel bag and was incredibly impressed by its quality craftsmanship. The leather is beautifully stained and sturdy, accompanied by solid stitching and thick, reliable zippers. This bag is spacious enough to hold all my essentials, from toiletries to vitamin bottles, and the inner zippered pocket adds an extra layer of protection for important items. With its high-quality leather and design, this travel bag is primed to last for years, a testament to the artisan's skill and pride in their work.

Funny Pajama Pants

  • Laughter Maker

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Practical

These pajama pants bring a lot of lightheartedness and hilarity. They’re all cotton and built for pure comfort on lazy evenings spent watching movies with you. This pair also features a lovable penguin design with the words “Out cold.” That blissful sleep is likely to occur every time he puts these pajama pants on.

Personal Perspective

I recently acquired these shark-themed PJ pants and I must say, they've quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe. They're made of a light, breathable material, making them perfect for summer nights and the vibrant shark pattern adds a delightful touch of whimsy. I've washed them several times already and they've held up beautifully, with no signs of shrinking or pilling. However, be aware that the sizing does run a little large, particularly in the crotch area, so you might want to consider ordering a size down for a perfect fit.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

  • Make It A Great Morning

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Unique

This breakfast sandwich maker is set to impress someone special this Valentine’s Day morning. It can help him create a delicious breakfast treat made by layering bread, eggs, and other ingredients. The easy-to-use device may fool you into thinking he bought it at a brunch place when he made it himself.

Community Feedback

From the moment I got this sandwich maker, my weekday mornings have been transformed. Initially, I struggled with a few issues like the egg sticking to the maker, the muffins being too small, and the precooked sausage not heating properly. However, after a bit of trial and error, I found solutions to all these problems. Now, I get to enjoy homemade breakfast sandwiches every morning, knowing exactly what's in them. It's also easy to clean-up thanks to a spritz of cooking spray applied before use. This sandwich maker has truly made my breakfasts more exciting and I've even started experimenting with lunch and dinner sandwiches.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Set

  • Magnetic Maker

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Unique

Your guy can find tons of projects for which to use this magnetic pick-up tool set. It comes with five pieces that include a magnet, LED light, and additional extensions to help him find anything. From screws and nails to other metal objects, this tool is one handy assistant for him to have on any job.

First-Hand Impression

This tool set has been a great addition to my toolbox. Despite the mirror's light being a bit too bright for comfortable use, the sturdiness of the extenders and the impressive strength of the magnets make up for it. The tools are compact when stored but extend to over 30 inches, making them perfect for reaching into tight spaces. Although not the highest quality, they've been reliable and useful, especially when retrieving dropped bolts or illuminating hidden wiring.
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Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

  • A Well-Prepared Man

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Accessories, Cool

The little boy that lives inside the man you love will be super excited to get this adventure essentials kit. It’s a professional-quality kit with candles, sewing kits, fishing lines, fire starters, and marine-grade rope (for a start). He’ll have to think up ways to use it or just ask you to drop him off in an unnamed part of the forest to test his mettle.

Cryptex Puzzle Box

  • Solve The Puzzle

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Accessories, Keepsake, Cool

The part of your guy’s brain that loves puzzles will flock to this cryptex puzzle box based on the Da Vinci Code. He has to figure out the five-digit code to get the box open. You can make it as personal and romantic as you like, but it comes pre-loaded with the letters I LOVE U. The box is the best place for another special gift you want him to work hard to deserve.

Personal Perspective

Love the soft, medium-weight fabric and aesthetic appeal of these leggings, which I found to be comparable to Lululemon's invigorate tights. However, the absence of a waistband caused them to slide down, making them unsuitable for running but okay for casual walks where I could adjust them. Though the fit was generally good, I did notice some pilling after washing and a tear in the thigh area, which was disappointing.

Whiskey Decanter Set

  • Give Him The World

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Cool, Unique

Bring a masculine flair to your Valentine’s home bar with this globe-shaped whiskey decanter set. It comes on a stylish wooden tray and includes a globe decanter that sits on an angle on its own axis. The decanter and four matching glasses are each etched with a world map for an extra bit of design.

Community Feedback

Love the elegance of this decanter set, which exudes a distinct charm that adds a touch of sophistication to any setup. This gift set, though smaller than expected, boasts crisp glass etchings and prime craftsmanship, making it an eye-catching piece. However, it does fall short in terms of accuracy, as the map design on the decanter is less precise than that on the tumblers, giving it an almost childlike appearance.

Cast Iron Pot Set

  • Sauce Man

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Practical, Unique

Valentine’s Day is just as good a time to get guys something they actually want, like this cast iron pot set. The pot and basting brushes can be used to baste his barbecue creations with whatever sauce he likes. The brush handle neatly rests on the side of the pot, so no sauce shall be spilled before its time.

First-Hand Impression

I've enjoyed using this cast iron pan and mop set for smoking sessions. The pan is excellent at maintaining the temperature of my mop sauce, but the mop head can be tricky to clean, especially after using sauces with strong scents and colors - I ended up discarding it. Despite this minor inconvenience, the quality and functionality of these items are top-notch, and they've definitely made grilling easier for me. Just keep in mind, if your sauce recipe is a bit heavy, you might consider having replacement mop heads on hand.

Custom Photo Sugar Cookies

  • Sugar For Sweet’s Sake

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Set, Unique, Romantic

Honor the Valentine’s Day tradition of giving sweets to the man you love with these custom photo sugar cookies. He won’t believe his eyes when he sees the dozen fresh sugar cookies, each designed with your favorite photo. He can chomp down on delicious baked goods given with love by the person who cares most.

User Experience

I was pleasantly surprised when I first laid eyes on these cookies - beautifully hand-painted with the University of Arizona logo, making them an impressive treat for clients or family. While I can't comment on the taste as they were a birthday surprise, their presentation was exceptional, adding a unique and personal touch to the occasion. There was a slight delay in delivery, but it didn't interfere with our schedule, and the cookies still arrived in time for our event. From a custom Fresh Prince design for my son's party to the stunning replication of artist Gamini Ratnavira's painting for our art show, these cookies have always been a big hit.

Grand Jerky Heart Box

  • The Way To His Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Romantic, Unique, Cool

This fun-loving jerky heart box takes the idea of a heart-shaped box of chocolates and makes it for a guy. This box of treats has jerky made with beef and turkey using flavors like Sriacha and Sesame Teriyaki. The only thing he’ll say when he digs into this heart is, “I love you.” He may also share some to say thanks.

Personal Perspective

As a surprise gift for my significant other, this jerky heart box was a hit. The variety of flavors, including the delicious root beer jerky, was appreciated, although we did find the spice level of some to be too intense. The presentation of the jerky inside a heart-shaped box was a fun twist. However, our box was missing a jerky bar, which diminished the value of the product for us. While the overall experience was enjoyable, the small size of the jerky pieces and the missing bar detracted from the gifting value.

Self-Heating Coffee Mug

  • A Warm Up

  • $$$$$
  • Practical, Accessories, Cool

This self-heating coffee mug can make your someone special’s mornings even better. It keeps his coffee hot for a very long time and includes settings for warm, hot, and piping. The coffee mug can be digitally controlled and automatically shuts off.

Community Feedback

I'm absolutely thrilled with this cup's self-heating feature, which has been a major convenience during my frequent hospital stays. The design is both practical and comforting, with a soothing texture, solid but not heavy weight, and a comfortable grip that makes it feel like a true "comfort mug". Although it takes around 30 minutes to heat up cold water, the ability to enjoy a hot cup of tea anytime, without needing a microwave, has added a touch of joy and comfort to my hospital stays.

DraftPour Beer Dispenser

  • Like A Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Unique, Home

Short of taking your guy on a brewery trip, this DraftPour beer dispenser is the best way to make him happy. It allows him to pour in beer from an average bottle or can. The dispenser then creates a multitude of bubbles and the perfect amount of foam for the ultimate glass of beer. Thanks to this awesome device, he may become the coolest home bar in town.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this home bar item has been largely positive, as it truly enhances the flavor of canned or bottled beer. The device operates as promised, transforming the texture of the beer and reducing its bitter aftertaste. However, I found that it doesn't extract all the beer from the can or bottle. It's also worth noting that it couldn't accommodate larger bottles like 32oz crowlers or 750ml ones as advertised. On the bright side, this product is easy to use, simple to clean, and offers a sleek, modern aesthetic. The only real drawback I encountered was the incompatible charging cable it came with, forcing us to rely solely on battery operation.

Retro Mixtape

  • Way Back When

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Cool, Unique

Gifts for him on Valentine’s Day should knock him off his feet, which this inventive retro mixtape does. The colorful 1980s cassette design is sure to charm and hides a small USB stick in its midst. He can plug it into the computer and load your specially curated list of romantic love songs. It’s a creative way to honor love with the music that bonds you together most.

User Experience

This mixtape USB stick sparked a burst of nostalgia in me. It cleverly combines a vintage-style cassette with modern technology, making it an alluring gift, particularly for those who grew up in the 80s or 90s. However, I found the USB stick's fixed position a bit problematic when attempting to connect it to my laptop or car; a swivel or pop-out mechanism would greatly improve its practicality. Despite this, the item's presentation in a genuine cassette case and Mashtape gift box adds a charming touch. The 8GB of storage is ample for storing a decent music collection or other files. Although I initially had concerns about the USB arm's durability, it has held up well so far.

Nuts Gift Basket

  • Nuts For Love

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Cool

This nuts gift basket treats your Valentine to a more savory snack for the holiday. The gift tin holds three bags of nuts that are perfectly suited to his man cave or home bar. The flavors include Irish stout cashews, Jamaican lager peanuts, and Kentucky bourbon almonds. He’ll enjoy an instant party platter anytime he takes a sample.

Personal Perspective

I recently gifted this nut assortment to my adult son, and it was an absolute hit! The bourbon-flavored almonds were the standout, offering a full, delectable flavor unlike your typical nut. However, the cashews and peanuts were a bit disappointing, arriving as crumbs rather than whole nuts, which was a bit of a letdown considering the price point.
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Engraved Spoon

  • It’s A Date

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Romantic, Home

This engraved spoon is a cute keepsake to give guys for Valentine’s Day when you want to be low-key. It works like any other silver spoon, with one exception. The spoon is engraved with a tiny coffee cup design and the words, “Let’s have coffee together forever.” It’ll be a joy for him to discover it nestled among the other spoons in the utensils drawer.

Community Feedback

After using this spoon for a while, I've got to say it's a hit in our household. My spouse and I use it every morning, adding a touch of sentimentality to our coffee routine. The lettering, while a tad challenging to decipher at times, still presents a charming aesthetic. This spoon is of notable quality and pairs perfectly with a mug for a thoughtful gift. It's exactly as it appears in the product photos, although be aware, the packaging isn't as fancy as advertised. Despite the less-than-impressive plastic seal it arrives in, the spoon itself retains its allure.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

  • A Forest Ranger Is Born

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Kit, Home, Cool

What better way to show him you love him on Valentine’s Day than by giving the man his very own forest? This redwood bonsai forest kit is the ideal project to foster his green thumb. He’ll receive redwood and moss seeds, a metal tray, mini planters, burlap, and pruning scissors. The process will be super fun for him and continue to bring him almost as much joy as you do.

Love Pillow Case

  • Wish You Were Here

  • $$$$$
  • Romantic, Home, Practical

This pillow case exists in the name of love, even when you can’t be with the one you love most. He’ll appreciate the romantic sentiment the pillowcase has to offer him. It fits an 18 x 18-inch square pillow and will look great on a couch or bed. The message is sentimental to the max and includes the line, “Hug this pillow until you can hug me.”

User Experience

I'm delighted to report that this product was a hit with both my elderly friend and my husband, showcasing its universal appeal. Despite the requirement for larger pillows to fill it out due to some sewing discrepancies, the charming print, soft texture, and fantastic value for money make these pillow covers a worthy purchase, even if they feel a tad different.

Weekender Bag

  • Romantic Weekend Ahead

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Cool

This handsome weekender bag is a wonderful way to let him know you’ve got big plans in store for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it built to keep him super organized, but has a special compartment for shoes with air holes. It works on its own or as a carry-on for use with other luggage. He’ll be ready for the road to somewhere awesome with you by his side.

Personal Perspective

This bag is a solid companion for family trips and quick getaways, handling constant movement and storing everything from clothes to shoes with ease. The many pockets and compartments are a bonus, and the feature allowing it to fold into a compact square for storage is an unexpected delight. However, while the bag is sturdy and spacious, carrying it when fully packed can be a bit of a challenge due to the weight and strap comfort.

Personalized Journal

  • Chosen Words

  • $$$$$
  • Personalized, Accessories, Unique

Honor the words he dreams up with this elegant personalized journal. You can add his name, along with a personal motto or quote he may love best. The journal has 200 pages that can be refilled once he’s spilled out all his initial thoughts on the page. It also comes with a pen that’s ready to write love poems in your honor.

Community Feedback

My experience with this personalized journal has been largely positive, appreciating the high-quality craftsmanship and the elegant engraving on the cover. I found the individualized touch of my name on it particularly delightful, adding a sense of uniqueness to the product. However, I did encounter issues with the personalized pen that came with it, as it often dispensed either too much ink or none at all. Despite this minor drawback, the overall aesthetic and quality of the journal itself were beyond my expectations.

Handmade Soap Set

  • The Ultimate Clean

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Unique

This set of handmade soaps isn’t like all the others out there. It’s tailored towards men, so the all-natural ingredients use scents they will love best. The four soaps include fragrances of patchouli, citrus, pine tar, and bay rum to delight his senses. Each time he takes a shower or washes his face, he may feel like he’s been on a mini sensory vacation.

First-Hand Impression

This soap bar, handmade with a masculine fragrance of patchouli, pine tar, and charcoal, has enhanced my grooming routine significantly. The scent is unique and sophisticated, it lathers luxuriously for effective cleansing, and the addition of charcoal offers a refreshing detox for the skin. Although the soap is gentle due to its natural ingredients, it is also long-lasting, providing excellent value and leaving me feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

Kinetic Art Asteroid

  • Best In The Galaxy

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Unique, Cool

Some guys might think they’re too offbeat for Valentine’s Day, but they’ll enjoy this kinetic art asteroid display regardless. The piece of tabletop decor features multicolored asteroids spinning on various axes. Its whimsical design is bound to keep his attention when his mind feels like wandering off into the stars.

User Experience

I'm genuinely pleased with this desk toy, especially for the soothing effect it provides at my workplace. However, it does require a 9-volt battery to operate, which isn't included and tends to demand a fresh one every 7-10 days. My 12-year-old grandson found it easy to assemble and thoroughly enjoys watching it in action. Despite some minor issues, like it appearing slightly unfinished in places and lacking an on and off switch, this toy remains a captivating addition to my desk.

BBQ Tools Set

  • Great Grilling

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Practical, Accessories

The surest way to a guy’s heart is sometimes through his stomach. This 34-piece set of quality BBQ tools comes in an impressive aluminum case to make him feel like the important guy he is. Practical tools like a grilling mat, thermometer, and utensils are joined by fun add-ons. They include skewers, a meat injector, and salt and pepper shakers.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with this grilling toolkit set, which I initially bought as a gift for my brother-in-law. It came as promised with a sturdy, shiny case and an array of utensils, proving to be a fantastic asset for our barbecues. I've also noted its durability and ease of cleaning, even after frequent use over a year. Despite being a gift, I've found myself using it often, almost wishing I had one of my own.

Yukon Gourmet Gift Basket

  • A Tasting Menu

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Cool

This savory Yukon gourmet gift basket hits all of his favorite taste buds at once. It contains summer sausage, cheese, and crackers he can enjoy all together or separately. There are also extras, like honey-roasted peanuts, two mustards, and chocolate truffles for something sweet to finish. The set will show him how much you think he deserves deliciousness all the time.

Community Feedback

My experience with this gift was largely positive. I bought multiple of these sausage boxes as gifts, and it brought back fond memories of our family tradition of buying cheese and sausage for the holidays. Despite some reviews complaining about portion sizes, I found them to be just right. My picky son and meat-loving husband were thrilled with the gifts, especially enjoying the variety, including crackers, mustard spreads, cheese, and peppermints. However, one of the boxes did have a sausage that was turning green, which was a bit of a letdown.

Acupressure Massage Slippers

  • Put The Pressure On

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Practical, Accessories, Unique

These acupressure massage slippers may trick your guy into relaxing while not thinking about it. They help when plantar fasciitis becomes an issue and can also improve blood flow. The massage knobs stimulate the intricate map of acupressure points. Acupressure therapy results in relaxation, better sleep, improved body functions, and a happier guy.

First-Hand Impression

My initial experience with these slippers was a mix of discomfort and intrigue. Despite the initial discomfort, I found the slippers to have a positive impact on my foot pain, particularly with my flat feet. However, the stitching in the Velcro started to become undone after a few weeks, making them less secure and harder to walk in.
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Bourbon-Infused Coffee

  • Wide-Eyed

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Practical

Valentine’s Day gifts for him can take something typical and make it extraordinary. This bourbon-infused coffee is a great example. These Arabica beans are infused with the flavor (not the alcohol) of Kentucky bourbon. His morning cup of coffee will taste great and prepare him for a great day ahead.

Lightweight Hooded Robe

  • Wrap Him Up

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Practical, Home

Guys sometimes forget about their own comfort, so it may fall to you to make up for it. This lightweight hooded robe is a cozy accessory he can start using this Valentine’s Day onwards. The full-length robe has a tie closure and a hood for added warmth post-shower or bath. It’s the kind of robe he may wear over an entire lazy weekend spent at home with you.

Personal Perspective

When I first tried on this robe, I was impressed by its softness and warmth, making it a cozy choice for both summer and winter months. However, as a person with allergies, I noticed that the polyester fibers present in the fabric triggered my symptoms. The robe's lightweight and thin quality were a bit surprising, but it didn't take away from the overall comfort. The color was slightly lighter than I had anticipated, and it arrived with wrinkles due to vacuum sealing, but I expect those to smooth out with a wash. Despite these minor issues, I appreciated the thoughtful features like a generous length, a hood for covering a damp head, and handy pockets.

Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

  • Old Meets New

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Home, Cool, Unique

Take your favorite guy on a trip back in time with a Bluetooth record player. It boasts the same vintage style that remains a classic, while using modern technology to make listening easier. The device plays vinyl records, but also connects wirelessly to any smart device. Any and all of his music collection can be accessed at home or on the go.

Community Feedback

This record player is a budget-friendly choice that delivers decent sound quality, suitable for casual listeners or those just beginning their vinyl journey. Although the speakers could use a bit more bass, the option to connect external speakers and its ability to play 33, 45, and 78 rpm records, combined with user-friendly features like a dust cover and straightforward controls, make it a solid purchase.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him FAQs

What Is Valentine’s Day About?

Valentine’s Day started out as a Christian feast day honoring Saint Valentine. It later grew into a worldwide cultural celebration of all things love and romance. Valentine’s Day is now the time to honor the one you’re with, whether a husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. It’s also a great holiday to show appreciation to anyone you care about.

Do Guys Expect Gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Men don’t regularly expect to get gifts for Valentine’s Day. When women do buy them presents, it’s usually a wonderful surprise. You’ll find that guys typically cherish a Valentine’s Day gift more than women as a result. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show them how much you need them around.

How Much Should I Spend on a Valentine’s Gift for Him?

There is no specific range in which to spend for a Valentine’s Day gift for him. Anywhere between $25 and $150 may be most typical. If you need to make something homemade or want to spend a lot more, it’s fine. Whatever you think they want most is the best present of all.

How Can I Surprise Him on Valentine’s Day?

The possibilities are almost endless for making Valentine’s Day special for a guy. You can surprise him with a party, a homemade meal, or an overnight trip. You can make a special video, a memory book, or go to an event he’s been dying to attend.

What Are Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him?

Men traditionally love to receive anything personal for Valentine’s Day. They may treasure an engraved keepsake or anything monogrammed with their initials. You can also have your photos memorialized on 3D crystal pieces or customize something using his favorite sports team. Whatever you choose, as long as it keeps him in mind, it’ll be a success.

What Kind of Flowers Are Given on Valentine’s Day?

Red roses have come to symbolize Valentine’s Day the most. Orchids, carnations, daisies, and sunflowers are all also very popular. The kind of flowers a person loves most usually wins versus the flower that’s most popular for the holiday.

What Are the Colors for Valentine’s Day?

The classic colors that represent Valentine’s Day are red, pink, and white. You’ll find keepsakes, bouquets, and candies that are made up of these three colors. Red and white make pink when they come together, so pink becomes a perfect representation of a union of love.

What Should You Not Buy for Him on Valentine’s Day?

When buying Valentine’s Day gifts for him, you may want to avoid the most typical gifts a woman receives. Teddy bears with hearts, overly fragrant candles, or flowers may be best left to women. It’s also a good time to avoid overly practical gifts like a tie, underwear, or a set of dumbbells.

What Do You Get a New Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gifts for a new boyfriend are best kept easy and casual. They’ll love a romantic photo frame that includes a picture of you both. Likewise, fun DIY keepsakes can help your new relationship bloom. Something simple like a “ Best Boyfriend” mug is a small reminder of how much you adore him.

Which Is Possibly the Most Romantic Thing to Do for Him on Valentine’s Day?

If you can’t plan a dream getaway on Valentine’s Day, any special event with him in mind is key. An outdoor adventure is one of the coolest ways to make sure he has an awesome time. Going hiking, camping, or taking part in a long bike ride are thoughtful ways to make his day special. Anything that gets him out of his normal routine will be sure to impress.

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Maryana Vestic

Maryana Vestic is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and food photographer with a background in entertainment Business Affairs. She studied film at NYU, Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and has an MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction from The New School. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, and horror films, as well as running a local baking business in Brooklyn with her boyfriend.