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40 Unique 35th Birthday Party Ideas: 2024 Themes

Your 35th birthday party doesn't have to be the cause of a mid-life crisis. We've got ideas for a celebration everyone will remember.

There’s no denying the power of a great 35th birthday party. It’s one of life’s major milestones, which shouldn’t be overlooked when it’s time to celebrate. We’ve got you covered, whether planning your own party or finding 35th birthday party ideas to surprise someone you love.

We have a select breakdown of 40 of the most enjoyable 35th birthday ideas you can make happen. From preparation to follow-through, you’ll have all you require to make any 35th birthday one to remember.

35th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

These enjoyable ideas will keep your favorite birthday gal entertained aplenty.

1. Spa Day

Turning 35 is a great excuse to throw a classy spa party for her. Ladies will love getting pampered with friends at home or visiting an actual spa. Small details like personalized robes can make the party one they won’t forget.

2. Wine Tasting

A trip to a local vineyard is a real treat for a woman on her 35th birthday. If you’re not in wine country, it’s simple to throw a wine-tasting party at home with a fun backyard spread. From pairing cheese and wines to charcuterie boards, great music, and wonderful company, guests will feel like they’re in Bordeaux.

3. To the Sea

A cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate a 35th birthday. Not only will the birthday girl be enjoying a getaway for a few days, but she’ll also be able to make the most of the services onboard. Whether that’s taking chances in the casino, chilling poolside with cocktails, or indulging in delicious food in the array of restaurants, she’s sure to enjoy herself.

4. High Tea

The best 35th birthday celebration ideas wouldn’t be anything without a classic tea party. Here, the more important elements are in the details. Provide an array of finger sandwiches, teas, pastries, and even a cocktail option, and the ladies will have a wonderful time.

5. Pajama Party

You’re never too old to enjoy a pajama party with your girlfriends for a birthday. Dressing down and making comfort foods (or pizza and cocktails) at home with a movie is where it’s at. An intimate gathering with fun things to do that lasts until morning is a great way to enjoy quality time.

6. Birthday Photoshoot

A 35th birthday is an ideal time for a ladies’ photoshoot. It allows good friends to get a makeover together at home or a salon. The birthday celebration can culminate with the best photoshoot you can manage with the people you care about most.

7. Health & Wellness Party

You have options when integrating health and wellness themes into 35th birthday party ideas. From invitations to supplies for the main event, you can go all out. Taking part in fun activities like group yoga at a retreat or in any outdoor environment can bring people together.

8. Dance Club

Turning 35 might mean you want to let loose on the dance floor, and a dance party with close friends can provide more entertainment than just a dinner party. You could either rent out a venue that you decorate to a theme or go to your favorite restaurant followed by a night on the town.

9. Ladies Brunch

Few things evoke a warmer feeling than a ladies’ brunch party. Going out to your favorite brunch place requires less prep from you, but throwing a brunch party at home doesn’t have to be complicated. With a selection of breakfast treats and boozy cocktails, you’re all set for a leisurely ladies’ day.

10. Exotic Dinner

Sometimes, the best birthday celebrations are all about the food. Try an exotic dinner out with friends or arrange for a unique menu to be served at home. Cuisines from Cuban, Parisian, and Viennese to Hawaiian or Swedish are all at your fingertips. Just don’t make the birthday girl cook!

35th Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Planning their birthday celebration shouldn’t spur a mid-life crisis! Guys turning 35 will appreciate these unique approaches to celebrating their birthdays.

1. BBQ

A 35th birthday is the proper time to give guys what they want, and a party centered around a BBQ theme could do just that. Pair the meat-centric cuisine with liquor like bourbon and whiskey for a smooth finish. Who needs a birthday cake?

2. Casino

It may be time to take your favorite 35-year-old birthday guy to a casino for his big bash. A weekend break to the casino is a great idea of what to do if there’s a healthy budget available.. But a casino night at home can also provide plenty of relaxed fun for all involved.

3. Beer Tasting

What group of guys wouldn’t enjoy a birthday beer-tasting event? A group trip to a brewery can be a wonderful day of bonding, especially in warmer weather. A backyard beer party can make the birthday boy feel special with an awesome spread of beer-friendly snacks.

4. Scavenger Hunt

A full-on scavenger hunt makes a birthday even more fun for him. Planting secret pieces of treasure for your husband to find will always make him feel like a kid again, no matter what age he’s turning. You can do this at home and get the kids involved, or hide clues around the city, stopping in at his favorite places for a drink, meal, or activity.

5. Pizza Making

Why order a pizza for a 35th birthday party when you can involve the guests in a pizza making party? You’ll have a ball prepping individual pizza stations, which gives the makers plenty of creative topping options to work with. A dessert pizza may be in order instead of a birthday cake.

6. Camping

Take your closest friends on a 35th birthday camping trip instead of a night out and make lasting memories. Outdoor activities, bonfires, and campfire cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate in the great outdoors. This is also perfect if you want to make the celebration more family-centered, as the kids will love a camping experience too.

7. Fishing Trip

A guy-centric fishing trip is the best excuse to get together with good friends in nature. It’s also a reason to craft the coolest-looking fishing invite around. If a trip isn’t in the books, you can create a fishing-themed party at home for a man who loves a rod and reel.

8. Bonfire Night

A backyard bonfire night is often all you need to make a guy’s 35th birthday unforgettable. The social gathering is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with those you love most. Delicious treats, comfy blankets to stay warm, and good stories are all that’s needed for fun.

9. Extreme Sports

Some guys need their adrenaline pumping to have a happy birthday. If this is the case, an extreme sports activity is a great 35th birthday theme. Whatever his poison (rock climbing or skydiving), keep the group intimate and remember safety is key.

10. Football Bash

A classic football birthday party may be the right choice for the guy in your life. Guests can play a touch football game, go to a football game together, or plan a tailgating bash at home. A football-themed cake could be that special touch to complete this birthday sporting event.

Unique 35th Birthday Themes

A special theme is a perfect way to get everyone involved and get the birthday party started. These ideas are sure to inspire a super fun bash.

1. Retro Party

Guests will love stepping back into the past for your 35th birthday party. A retro-style birthday bash can be carefree and tons of fun. It can reflect the year or decade when the birthday boy or girl was born or simply their favorite era. Decorate the space, provide era-themed snacks, and ensure your guests dress to the theme!

2. Game Night

Adults love a good game night birthday; it provides a low-key, hands-on way to spend time together. There are a ton of cool party games for adults to entertain one and all at home. You can play the classics like Pictionary, or its new-age counterpart, like Drawing Without Dignity. Hunker down for the night with Catan, or test everyone’s bluffing skills with Bamboozled.

3. Black & White Party

A Black and White 35th birthday party may have all the elegance needed to remember this special day. It’s important to let guests know how to dress to keep with the theme. Black and white balloons will help bring this theme to life, as will the addition of tuxedos (if in the budget).

4. Taco Bar

Why not create a self-styled taco bar at home when you don’t want to bother going out? Festive decorations and plenty of toppings to choose from are the most important aspects to this birthday bash. The birthday man may even be delighted at a piñata made for adults.

5. Masquerade Party

Celebrate a 35th birthday party with a full-on masquerade and transport your guests to another time. You can choose a theme or color palette as a starting point for decorations, costumes, and a cake and go from there.

6. Movie Theater

It’s super easy to turn a birthday party at home into a movie theater experience for a select few. Once you decide on a film, it’s time to make the ultimate concession stand and set up a sound system. You can also add a theme for partygoers to match the movie. Turn down the lights and get comfy!

7. Halloween Theme

Just because a birthday is in summertime or spring, it’s always an opportunity to make it Halloween. Turn your party space into a haunted house in no time with some animatronics, spooky characters, and lots of cobwebs. A Halloween-themed birthday cake can seal the scary deal.

8. Potluck Party

If you’re on a budget, a potluck birthday party is among the most affordable 35th birthday ideas. Guests each bring a dish representing the birthday theme, giving everyone a chance to try something different. You could assign guests to bring appetizers, mains, or desserts to avoid duplicate dishes.

9. Luau Bash

Throw an awesomely tropical luau for your birthday guy or gal. Grab some tiki torches and tropical decor, and host a BBQ if you’re outdoors. Even if it’s winter and you’re stuck inside, you can still turn up the heat for a summertime feel. A game of limbo, colorful leis, and some pineapple-based cocktails can get things started.

10. Piñata Party

Piñatas aren’t just for kids’ birthdays. There’s no reason you can’t have a full-on piñata party so guests can take a whack. Fill them up with candy, or replace them with adult treats like gift cards and more sophisticated snacks they’ll love. It’s a great excuse to feel like a kid again for a 35th birthday at home.

35th Birthday Ideas for Myself

Spending your 35th birthday by yourself can be both rewarding and memorable with these cool ideas.

1. Movie Marathon

Just because you’re having a solo birthday doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full-on movie marathon. The best part is you get to choose the films, the order you watch them, and the snacks. Don’t forget to take a bathroom break once in a while and enjoy the extended trip to Fantasyland!

2. Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to get away from everyday life and not need to invite anyone. There are many affordable wellness sites out there to host you and only you. Whether you go for a day, a weekend, or an all-out vacation, you know best how to treat yourself right.

3. Crafting For One

When I’m having a birthday for myself, it’s enjoyable to tackle that crafting project I’ve always wanted to try. Whether knitting, woodcutting, or painting, spending quality time on creative pursuits provides a truly thoughtful birthday on your own.

4. Splurge

Your birthday is the one day you can truly feel good about treating yourself. Whether going on a shopping spree, eating solo at a fancy restaurant, or simply indulging in your favorite dessert, it’s your day to go all out!

5. Volunteer

Birthdays aren’t just for parties. If you’re spending your 35th birthday alone, why not use the day to make a difference? Plenty of one-day volunteer opportunities exist, from animal shelters and soup kitchens to community gardens. It’s a brilliant way to ensure you start your new age with good intentions.

6. DIY Tarot Reading

There are easy ways to do a DIY tarot card reading where you’re both the diviner and the recipient. Some guides can even help you create a handmade set of tarot cards to get started. But if you’d rather leave this to the professionals, visit a fortune teller to give insight into your upcoming year.

7. Breakfast in Bed

You don’t need to feel strange about making your own birthday breakfast in bed. After all, you know whether you’re in the mood for an omelet or pancakes and if you want coffee or tea. Add special touches like a pastry or a flower in a vase to say “Happy Birthday” to you.

8. Make a Cake

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a delicious birthday cake with confetti if you’re flying solo. There are many recipes for cakes as small as six inches in diameter. It’s the perfect size for one person; there may even be enough for post-birthday breakfast seconds.

9. Birthday Hike

Your 35th birthday is a great day to get outdoors. Solo hiking can be a very rewarding experience and the perfect time to reflect. Follow safety precautions for peace of mind, lace up your hiking boots, and hit the trail!

10. Day of Beauty

Take your birthday to give yourself a fabulous day of beauty that’ll wow everyone you know when you next see them. Whether you pre-plan for a bunch of services at a salon or spa, or play it by ear, you’ll feel wonderful knowing you don’t have to think about anyone else but you.

Is 35 a Milestone Birthday?

Turning 35 years old doesn’t have any particular name or title attached to it like certain anniversaries do. Besides graduating from the “young adult” age group, those turning 35 know themselves better than ever, and are likely more focused in their career, lifestyle, and relationships. It’s a great time to celebrate how far they’ve come!

How to Celebrate a 35th Birthday

There is no one way to celebrate a 35th birthday, but plenty of options. If you’re in the mood for a party, throw a retro-themed party, a backyard BBQ, or a masquerade affair. Should you prefer a low-key celebration, a spa day is a wonderful way to relax, as is a casual brunch. If you want to get away, take a road trip to a unique destination with those closest to you.


What Can I Do for My Wife’s 35th Birthday?

There are ways to show your wife how special she is for her 35th birthday. These include getting your favorite photo of her framed or having her portrait drawn or painted for her.

She may wish to see her friends, which you can arrange, or may prefer a quiet getaway with you alone. Serenade her with a vintage singing telegram or organize a romantic scavenger hunt for two. Both are cute, unique ways to spoil her on her birthday.

What Color Represents a 35th Birthday?

Unlike anniversaries, birthday colors are not set in stone. You can celebrate your birthday with whatever color palette fits your theme and personality. If you’re planning a 35th birthday party with a theme, make sure everyone’s outfits are coordinated with the decor.

What Can I Do Instead of a Birthday Party?

There are many alternatives to a traditional birthday party. A camping trip or getaway is a casual means of spending quality time with family and friends. A staycation in a fancy hotel is another alternative, as is an event-based evening that includes a show. Taking the time to volunteer for a cause close to your heart can help you celebrate in a meaningful way.

What Should I Do for a Last-Minute Birthday Party?

Just because you’re under the wire doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun last-minute birthday party. Going out to eat or taking part in a shopping spree can be loads of fun with friends. Other choices include a game night, day at a museum,or a drop-in class or workshop.

Which Outfit is Best for a 35th Birthday?

The outfit you choose for your 35th birthday celebration should depend on the type of event you are attending, your personal style, and your comfort level. Consider the dress code of your chosen theme or venue – don’t wear a ball gown to a movie in the park (or do!). Comfort is key and adds that extra layer of confidence, so choose something you feel fantastic in.

How Can I Make a Birthday Fun With No Money?

Birthday fun isn’t about how much money is spent but about the good times shared between friends and family. Low-cost birthday activities include playing sports or other outdoor activities like camping, fishing, or a bike ride. A pancake breakfast at home or movie night is also loads of fun, as is a bonfire you can enjoy together.

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