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21 Fun February Birthday Facts and Statistics

Shine a light on February birthdays facts and statistics to become an expert in everything from traits to birth symbols.

February often has a bad reputation as a birth month, but it may just be due to the gloomy weather. There’s a world of interesting February birthday facts and statistics to take into account. Opinions differ, but most can agree on the unique personality a February baby has.

You’ll find out the most popular February birthday month facts, from horoscopes to personality traits. Uncover all there is to know about the creative, often famous February babies in your life.

Top 10 Facts About People Born in February

Want to be an expert in unique tidbits about February babies? Delve into some of the most surprising February birthday facts and statistics.

  1. February babies might end up with a birthday on February 29, which is called leap year and occurs every four years.
  2. February is packed with celebrity birthdays, including James Dean, Charles Dickens, and Norman Rockwell.
  3. One of February babies’ most common professions is an artist, with traffic cops also high on the list.
  4. The February gemstone is amethyst, which was first worn to prevent drunkenness.
  5. An Aquarius is best matched with Gemini and Libra, while Pisces’ best romantic prospect is Scorpio and Cancer.
  6. A Harvard study revealed that February babies are taller and stronger than babies born in other months.
  7. February was first called Februa for a Roman festival of spring cleansing.
  8. The number of U.S. babies conceived on Valentine’s Day in 2019 was estimated to be 10,408.
  9. February is the only month that it’s possible to have a full month without a full moon.
  10. In a Harvard study of 21,000 children, winter babies scored higher on tests.

21 February Birthday Facts and Statistics

Enjoy these entertaining, yet often surprising, facts about people born in February. You’ll also find out some awesome trivia about the month of February along the way.

1. Head and Shoulders Above

A Harvard study discovered that February babies tend to be taller and stronger than others. This began with their birth weight and remained the case until they were seven years old. It’s unclear whether February babies grew up to be taller as adults, but they certainly have a good start.

2. Leap Year Baby

A girl or boy born during February might end up with a birthday on February 29. It’s a day known as a leap day, created by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Every four years, this extra day is added to the calendar to ensure the calendar year matches the months of the year. So technically, people born on the 29th only get to hear “Happy Birthday” every four years.

3. Arriving Early

If someone you know is due to give birth in February, there’s a greater chance of premature birth. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveal that early labor is related to gestation occurring in flu season (1).

4. The Age of Aquarius

If you have a February birthday, your zodiac sign is more likely to be Aquarius. It covers 18 out of 28 days of the month. The birth symbols for Aquarius include the water-bearer holding their jug. Aquarians are known for their intelligence, creativity, and humanitarian efforts (2).

5. A Bevy of Holidays

Many of us know that February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day on February 14. But it also has Groundhog Day on February 2, often includes the start of Lent, and is Black History Month.

February includes other cool days, like National Cherry Pie Day and National Retro Day, both great for kids. There’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day and Cook a Sweet Potato Day for the love of spuds (3).

6. Happy Life

You might think those born during February would be predisposed to the winter blues. The opposite is true—February babies proved happier and more content, personality and career-wise. A study showed that winter babies are less irritable in general, one of the most positive traits possible (4).

7. Ancient Tradition

If you were born in February, your birth month has a lot of meaning. February was first called Februa on the Roman calendar. It was named after a festival to celebrate the coming of spring, along with the ritual of cleansing. It seems February was always meant to prepare us for spring cleaning.

8. Made Famous

February has many famous birthdays within its 28 or 29 days. They include James Dean, Charles Dickens, and Norman Rockwell. Other figures like Babe Ruth, Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, and Michael Jordan also make the cut (5).

9. Artistically Inclined

The number one profession that those with February birthdays pursue is art. Most artists are born during February, perhaps because their right brain is hard at work being imaginative.

10. For the President

February is also the birth month of not one—but four—American presidents. Presidents’ Day occurs on the third Monday in February to commemorate both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays (6). William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, while Ronald Regan also had a birthday on February 6 (7).

11. No Full Moon

The most random of February birthday facts and figures include the full moon. February is the only month that can go by without a full moon. But this phenomenon only happens about every 20 years. The next month-long period without a full moon takes place in February 2037

12. The Story of Violet

In Greek mythology, violets came into being via one of the goddess Artemis’ nymphs. Apollo was romantically interested in the nymph (who was also his twin sister), but Artemis ensured her purity by turning her into a violet flower. Violets are still symbols of modesty today.

13. Drunken Gemstone

The official birthstone of February, amethyst is a purple gem symbolizing purity. It comes from the Ancient Greek word for intoxicated, and back in the day, people thought they could ward off drunkenness by wearing it (8).

14. Dis-Ease

Not all characteristics of February babies are positive. Those with February birthdays have a tendency towards cardiovascular disease and lung cancer. A 2021 study revealed they also have certain protections against neurological and reproductive issues, so negative traits are always put in perspective (9).

15. An Honest Answer

People with February birthdays are known for their straightforward nature, sometimes to a fault. They won’t be the type to lie to you about your outfit or not let you know you’ve got something in your teeth. They’re very devoted, so this trait should be positive if you’re a friend of theirs.

16. Water Lilies

Though much of February falls under the Aquarius sign, some February babies are Pisces. The water lily is the birth flower for the Pisces sign (10). Aquamarine is the birthstone, which means “water of the sea” in Latin. Aquamarines traditionally brought good luck to sailors when worn (11).

17. Love for Life

If a February-born person is an Aquarius, their best astrological match for love is Gemini or Libra. They all share a love for being independent and cherish their freedom. If a Pisces, they’ll be happiest with other water signs, like Scorpio and Cancer.

18. Be My Valentine

Though February is the rarest month to be born, it includes one of the most popular days for conception: Valentine’s Day. In 2019, It was calculated that 10,408 U.S. babies were conceived on February 14 (and born in November). Those born during February are more likely to have a conception date sometime in May.

19. A Good Baby

Different studies have shown that February babies—and winter babies in general—are less irritable and easier from newborn to toddler ages. This may be due to the time of conception being in late spring when the sun is out. So Vitamin D levels are higher, which may positively affect a baby’s temperament.

20. Smartypants

A Harvard study came out with a fun bit of trivia about February babies and intelligence. Out of 21,000 boys and girls globally who were monitored for seven years, the winter babies scored higher on tests. Be prepared to raise a little genius of your own if giving birth in February (12).

21. In the Name of Love

People with February birthdays who fall under the Aquarius zodiac are usually prone to being great romantic partners. They’re capable of deep feelings in their love life, with a healthy dose of pragmatism to not be swept away (13).

Is February the Rarest Birthday Month?

Possibly the most interesting of February birthday month facts involves the number of February babies. February is the rare birth month, with the average number of babies born being 316,891 yearly.

The least popular February birthday is February 13, while the highest ranked is February 14 at 65th. It seems Valentine’s Day is a somewhat popular birthday to have (14)!


What Does February Symbolize?

February was inspired by the Roman “Februalia,” a festival that symbolizes purification. This may be why the Christian atoning ritual of Lent always occurs during February. A celebration of love is celebrated on February 14 with Valentine’s Day. We also wait to see if winter will end sooner or later on Groundhog Day on February 2nd (15).

What is the February Birth Flower?

The official February birth flower is a violet or an iris, both in the purple-blue family. These flowers usually represent both loyalty and faithfulness. An iris can also symbolize friendship, courage, and hope (16). The Victorians considered violets a flower for declaring love since February is home to the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day.

What Animal Represents February?

If born before February 19, the animal symbol is a tiger for Aquarians. If born between February 19 and the end of the month, a Pisces baby gets an ox for an animal symbol. Both have strength, even though tigers are everyone’s favorite (17).

What are February Colors?

More than any other, purple is considered the color of February, due to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Light blue also makes the cut, because of its association with violets, one of the official flowers. The blue-purple shades of color typically represent royalty, which makes a February birthday feel more special.

Who is the Most Famous Person Born in February?

The most famous celebrity born in February is American actress Elizabeth Taylor, born on February 27, 1932. As the queen of classic Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor represents the creative spark February babies are known for. Other famous February birthdays include Charles Darwin, Rosa Parks, George Washington, and Thomas Edison.

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