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37 Perfect Baby Easter Gifts

Introduce the Easter Bunny to your precious little one with the finest Easter gifts for babies they’ll giggle about.

You may stop short when putting together a list of Easter gifts for babies. There’s so much they’re not ready for yet, like chocolate eggs, candy, and small toys. It might seem as if there’s nothing fun out there you can include in their Easter basket.

But you can play the Easter Bunny and still make little ones giggle with these Easter gift ideas for babies. Our guide has it all, from soft toys and unique treats to keepsakes they’ll remember for years to come.

37 Best Easter Gift Ideas for Babies

Here comes the Easter Bunny with the sweetest Easter gifts for babies.

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Farm Animals Rattle Set

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  • Wake Up The Farm

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Toys, Cute, Fun

When your little one hears the shake and rattle that these farm animals bring, they’ll get excited about Easter. The set of four stuffed farm animal toys comes with a matching barn they call home. The animals make jiggling noises to stimulate the baby’s hearing, and the barn has a mirror so they can look at themselves up close.

My First Soft Book Set

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  • The Softest Word

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Educational, Fun, Unique

Easter baskets are a wonderful place to include this set of “My first soft books.” The set has six colorful cloth books that are safe for babies to engage with. Each one is filled with vibrant images of food, animals, and objects they can get to know personally. This book set is a great starting point for their little library.

Plush Stacking Toy Set

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  • Build A Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Toys, Fun, Cute

Babies can enjoy playing with this set of plush stacking toys on Easter. The colorful springtime colors are super inviting, as is the adorable duck they learn to put together. Each part makes unique noises to hold their interest and encourage their desire to create. The toy is a wonderful start to an Easter tradition that includes the best fun and games.

Carrot Harvest Toy

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  • Carrot Crazy

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Educational, Spring

When it’s springtime and the Easter Bunny is on his way to town, it’s the perfect time for babies to the garden. This carrot harvest toy is an educational toy that mimics a garden full of carrots. The wooden toy has design accents that include a ladybug and a bunny popping his head out for a look. Babies work on early visual skills as they fit differently-sized carrots into their holes.

Plush Baby Chick Toy

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  • Best Friends

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Cute, Spring

This plush baby chick toy is the ideal pal to put in your baby’s first Easter basket. He feels as soft as he looks and comes ready to hatch from an egg. You can play peek-a-boo with babies when you open the egg to reveal the baby chick. He’s a soft, fuzzy pal who’ll stick around for many more Easters to come.

Peter Rabbit Book

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  • A Tasty Read

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Fun, Useful

The classic story of Peter Rabbit comes to life in this sweet first book for babies. The story is told with soft, crinkly pages that stimulate a baby as you read to them. It comes with a teething corner they can use when they need a break from the story. The book also has spots where they can touch, feel, and learn words, associations, and objects.

Carrot Teether Toy

  • Take A Bite

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Useful, Spring

Babies may not associate this carrot teether toy with a springtime garden, but they’ll use it plenty. The teething ring has all the detail of a carrot, along with two handles they can hang onto. Their gums will thank you during the sometimes difficult process of teething. Their smile will tell you this carrot is their favorite one of all.

Bunny Security Blanket

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  • Bunny Protects

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Bunny, Cute

Bunnies aren’t just cute; they can also bring lots of comfort to babies. This security blanket is a prime example of the power of the Easter bunny. It’s made for a girl to use so she can fall asleep more quickly. The blanket has a pink bunny head that can keep her company when she’s in her crib taking a nap.

Building Blocks Egg Set

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  • Easter Eggs, Baby Style

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Toys, Educational

This set of colorful stacking eggs is a great learning tool for babies starting out. The five-piece building block toy comes with a base they can construct their own tower of egg shapes from. The blocks are made for a baby’s hands and to stimulate tactile and visual awareness. Before you know it, they’ll stack up a tower high in the sky.

My First Easter Bodysuit

  • Easter Baby

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Spring, Cute

This cute Easter bodysuit comes in a vibrant unisex yellow and features a baby Easter bunny clutching a carrot. He’s got a fluffy tail and, above him, the words “My 1st Easter” show off this springtime baby to the world. The bodysuit easily clips on and off when your Easter bunny baby needs changing.

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Furry Feet Baby Footprint Kit

  • Place Feet Here

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, Cute, Bunny

This super unique baby footprint kit is ready to make your baby’s first Easter very special. The newborn bunny design is handmade and comes with water-based ink you can use to record your baby’s footprints. Once their tiny feet become part of the baby bunny design, it becomes a thoughtful keepsake to cherish.

Hide & Squeak Eggs

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  • Chirp Chirp

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Cute, Set, Spring

This half-dozen set of hide-and-squeak Easter eggs is for an Easter basket for a baby or toddler. The eggs open up to reveal a variety of colorful chicks inside each smiling shell. They can mix and match while trying to recognize and remember the color combinations. The eggs provide hours of play for Easter or any time they need to learn and have fun.

Easter Board Book

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  • Easter Masterclass

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Unique, Spring

This board book for babies is all about Easter and its many traditions. It’s filled with pages babies can use to touch and learn about everything from the Easter bunny to Easter eggs. Different types of textures, from foil to glitter, make for an interesting “read” so babies can learn. They’ll soon be experts on Easter in no time at all.

Peter Rabbit Activity Blanket

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  • Get Out And Play

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Fun, Educational, Games

Beatrix Potter’s classic Peter Rabbit character is the central theme of this baby activity blanket. It’s got tons of fun stuff to stimulate babies, whether they’re at home or on the move. The blanket has Peter Rabbit characters to play with, a teething toy, and inviting bright colors, patterns, and textures.

Praying Musical Lamb Set

  • Little Lamb

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Unique, Toys, Fun

Easter is a thoughtful time for spiritual reflection, which can make its way into Easter gifts for babies. This praying musical lamb set has a lovable plush lamb toy kneeling at prayer. It also has a companion book called “God Bless Baby,” which spells out the Lord’s prayer. The lamb narrates the words, so babies can learn this darling Easter tradition.

First Easter Basket Playset

  • The First Time

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Toys, Cute, Spring

Babies from an infant to a 1-year-old will have hours of playtime using this first Easter basket playset. The toys inside include bunnies, eggs, carrots, and chicks, all soft plush. The basket itself is also plush and has the words “My First Easter Basket” on it. Babies can enjoy their set of new friends on their first Easter.

Light Up Rabbit Toy

  • Sing A Song

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Bunny, Cute, Unique

This rabbit toy not only lights up but also comes with a variety of different sounds babies can enjoy. The bunny is equipped with funny sounds, nature sounds, and some popular songs. He’s small enough for them to cradle and lights up, depending on the type of song they choose. It’s like the Easter bunny came to town and he belongs to one lucky little one.

Finger Puppet Board Book

  • A Handful Of Friends

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Unique, Set, Cute

The happy bunny finger puppet in this board book set is there to help babies who want to play on Easter. The book rhymes all the way through with a tale about Easter and springtime. It’s a wonderful way to make typical Easter basket stuffers more educational and interesting for babies. By the end, they’ll have a new friend and will have learned a lot about the spring holiday.

Personalized Easter Bib

  • Neat At The Table

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Bunny

It’s a good idea to include practical Easter gifts for babies when wondering what to get your favorite little one. This Easter-themed bib is a great example of something they need that still fits into the holiday spirit. The bib is personalized with the baby’s name and the words “First Easter” It celebrates one of their first milestones, along with a lovable Easter bunny.

Bunny Night Light

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  • Little Light That Shines

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Unique, Cute, Bunny

This bunny night light is a charming piece of decor for a nursery that also fits in at Easter time. It looks like a little baby bunny and lights up with a touch. The night light provides warm light whenever the baby needs it and can be customized with a variety of fun colors. The bunny adds the sweetness of the natural world inside their sanctuary.

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Easter Bunny Hoodie

  • All Dressed Up

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Bunny, Spring, Fun

One of the most adorable baby Easter gifts is this Easter bunny hoodie. Its cotton material is gentle on the skin, and the baby blue color is perfect for a boy or girl who likes blue! Either way, the full-body romper includes a hood with bunny ears and a lightweight lining to keep them cozy.

Baby Bath Toys

  • Tub Time

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Cute, Set. Fun

Tub time for babies can be much more of a good time when you add the bobbers to their Easter basket. The set includes two bobber creatures, a penguin, and a bear. They bob and float on the water, so babies of six months or more can grab at them to play. The bath playtime activity encourages their motor skills and adds some loving friendship to the routine.

Jack-In-The-Box Musical Toy

  • A Nut-Brown Hare

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Fun, Games, Bunny

The classic jack-in-the-box toy has been transformed into a brown rabbit that pops out of a box. The decorative tin comes equipped with a hand crank that turns to reveal a plush brown bunny to the traditional tune of “Pop Goes The Weasel.” The box is covered with inviting phrases, like “Guess how much I love you” and “I love you this much.”

Touch-And-Feel Bunny Book

  • Reach Out And Touch

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Bunny, Cute, Fun

Babies can experience this touch-and-feel bunny book themselves without their parents having to walk them through it. The miniature book is a lesson all about bunnies, from their fluffy tails to their ears. It’s full of textures babies can explore at their own pace. They’ll learn and laugh with this little bunny nearby.

Easter Socks Set

  • Rabbit’s Feet

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Bunny, Cute, Useful

Socks may seem boring to adults, but the Easter socks in this Easter set are made for babies to smile. The set of three pairs of socks has fun, colorful designs, from Easter bunnies to cupcakes and clouds. They’re made of cotton to feel soft and secure on a baby’s feet no matter what Easter adventure they’re on.

Snuggle Pod Hunny Bunny Doll

  • Sleep Safely

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Bunny, Unique

This snuggle pod doll is a unique way to make babies feel secure. The baby doll comes in an Easter bunny suit that can be removed. They’re known for providing a soft, welcoming way for babies to take care of their own baby. The doll makes a thoughtful sleep companion and a pal they can take anywhere they need to.

Baby Bunny Hat

  • Instant Bunny

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Bunny, Unique

When you add this baby bunny hat to a little one’s Easter basket, you give them a way to transform into the Easter bunny. The natural linen and cotton material are gentle for their heads and includes bunny ears for all to see. Once they have their bonnet on, the photographs of the cuteness should commence almost immediately.

Wearable Blanket

  • All In One

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Unique

Adults enjoy the convenience of wearable blankets for every holiday, but it’s time for babies to get in on the trend. This wearable blanket is like a mini-sleeping bag that helps babies go from being swaddled to not. The soft, comfortable blanket is sleeveless and zips up the front. It comes in a variety of designs, including baby deer that are perfect for a springtime celebration.

Musical Chicken Toy

  • Chirp Chirp Chicken

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Educational, Games, Fun

These Easter eggs come with a musical chicken that likes to make noises. The set of 12 colorful eggs uses different interior shapes to help older babies and toddlers with motor skills. The rooster makes noises and moves his wings while his rooster comb lights up. He’ll help out with the learning and make it interesting along the way.

Water Activity Mat

  • On Their Tummy

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Educational, Fun, Toys

Babies can discover a world of fun on their tummies when they get this water activity mat. The moving water inside is safe for babies and helps them stay secure while at play. The mat is covered with different letters and animals they can point to, touch, and try to name. It’s a great way for them to spend an Easter afternoon with their animal friends.

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Strawberry Sun Hat

  • Straight From The Garden

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Spring

A springtime garden and all its treasures are evoked once babies put on this adorable strawberry sun hat. The embroidered hat shields them from the sun while at outdoor activities, family gatherings, or an Easter egg hunt. The detail in the scalloped brim and the fun-loving strawberry design is ideal for any springtime event.

Personalized Easter Basket

  • Belonging To Them

  • $$$$$
  • Spring, Useful, Cute, Bunny

Whatever you include in your baby’s Easter basket is more fun when you put it in these personalized fabric baskets. The cloth baskets feature an Easter bunny that can be customized in a bunch of colors and patterns. It includes the baby’s name embroidered on the basket, which they can keep using long after Easter is over.

Baby Clothing Blossom Bouquet

  • Flowering Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Fun, Spring

This bouquet of baby clothing is one of the cutest Easter gift ideas for babies on their first Easter. The colorful bouquet of flowers opens up to reveal a full set of baby clothing accessories. It includes a cap, socks, onesies, bibs, mittens, and receiving blankets. This bouquet is loaded with springtime vibes and lots of cute items they’ll get plenty of use out of.

Personalized Name Sign

  • In Their Room

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Cute, Unique

Easter is a time to spoil babies with personalized items they’ll appreciate as they grow. Their nursery will look awesome with this handmade name sign to make it all their own. The wood sign is customized with tons of color and design options that all highlight the baby’s name. It’s a gift that continues to keep on giving all year long.

Personalized Baby Keepsake Box

  • Save For Later

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Fun, Unique

Easter toys are wonderful for babies, but this personalized keepsake box becomes a worthwhile gift as they grow. The wood box is handmade with their name, birth date, and birthplace information, plus a hot-air balloon design. It’s the ideal spot to keep precious items, like their first lost tooth, their birth ID bracelet, and other mementos.

Bunny Swaddle Blanket

  • Safe And Secure

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Bunny

Few things are more lovable than this bunny swaddle blanket for babies at Easter. The unique bamboo and cotton blend is soft on their skin, while the classic bunny design is endearing. It remains breathable, yet provides a safe wrap for them whenever they need it. These bunnies will protect your little one on Easter and beyond.

Hooded Baby Bath Towel

  • Dry Off Like A Bunny

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Cute, Bunny

A surefire way to make bath time more fun for babies is when they’ve got this hooded bunny bath towel. Once their bath is finished, they can wrap themselves up in the absorbent, fuzzy material to get dry. The hood features a bunny face and ears, so they’ll always have a fun friend nearby.

Easter Gifts for Babies FAQs

How Do You Celebrate Your Baby’s First Easter?

You can have a lot of fun with your baby’s first Easter. It’s an opportunity to dress them up using springtime colors in cute Easter dresses or a suit for a fun photo shoot. Keepsakes are a wonderful addition to their first Easter basket that can be kept over time to make the first of many fond memories. An Easter tradition that you start can last a lifetime when done with care.

Can Babies Have Easter Eggs?

Babies aren’t yet able to enjoy the deliciousness that comes in the form of traditional chocolate Easter eggs. In particular, small chocolate eggs with hard shells are too easily choked on. It’s a better idea to add soft toys, accessories, and cute clothing to your baby’s Easter basket. They’ll be able to enjoy chocolate Easter eggs once they’re older.

Are Easter Eggs a Choking Hazard?

Easter eggs are a choking hazard for babies and should typically be avoided unless they’re larger in size and hollow. Small toys can present as a choking hazard for babies, so they should be included only when they’re older. There are plenty of other fun gifts they can enjoy, like stuffed bunnies and soft toys.

What Do You Put In a Baby’s Easter Basket?

Despite babies’ Easter baskets having some limitations, you can include lots of cool items they’ll love. Teething toys with Easter themes, like a carrot or bunny, are practical and adorable. Plush stuffed animals or soft building blocks also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Practical items that celebrate Easter, like a bib or a hooded towel, can work wonders too.

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