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40 Top Gift Ideas For 5-Year-Old Girls

She’ll love all the exciting gift ideas for 5-year-old girls in our hand-picked guide below.

The 5-year-old girl in your life is special. She knows it too. Five-year-old girls have grown into their little girl qualities and tend to be super excited about so many things: unicorns, dress-up, games, crafts, and more.

You might not know where her personality is headed and be unsure of the best kind of gifts that educate, are fun, or both. We’ve got it all laid out for you, so you can sit back, relax, and check out these amazing gift ideas for 5-year-old girls here.

40 Top Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Girls

Make a little girl’s imagination come to life with these special gifts for 5-year-old girls.

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Aqua Magic Mat

  • Painting With Water

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Activity, Games

Combine art and fun with this unique aqua magic mat. 5-year-old girls will love this ultimate of coloring mats that uses water pens to help girls create whimsical pieces of art. Tracing markers and stencils will assist them in making the best designs, while the water-filled pens will fade away after a short time with no clean-up (bonus!). Girls can start over again and keep at the art until their gallery opening date.

Kids Karaoke Microphone

  • Hit Songs For Little Girls

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Cute, Fun

Spice things up for the 5-year-old girl in your life with this cool kids karaoke microphone. She can have a ball with family or friends belting out her favorite songs, either from the 30 classic songs included or from any source via the Bluetooth connection. She can have fun with sound effects and entertain everyone as long as she’s got the energy to.

Hair Clips Kit

  • Glitter For All

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Activity, Fun

Give 5-year-old girls you know a kit of hair clips that will become the prettiest clips around because they’ll be the ones decorating them. The kit includes hair clips, barrettes, hair, and headbands, plus plenty of glitter dots and charms for her to create the coolest-looking hair accessories around. She’ll be flexing her artistic muscles while enjoying the best that DIY has to offer.

Unicorn Terrarium Kit

  • A Place For Unicorns

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Activity, Fun

Create an adorable terrarium for the unicorns in a 5-year-old girl’s life with this DIY kit. In addition to painting the included unicorn figurines, girls can learn to grow grass using seeds and soil. After a few days, they can further decorate the terrarium and even light it up at night, so their magical unicorn terrarium will be seen no matter the time of day.

Doodle Board

  • Doodle Central

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Cute, Fun

Doodle or draw with this easy-to-use LCD writing tablet. By using the included stylus or any type of stylus, girls can draw to their heart’s content and either erase the doodle if they decide on something else or save the best doodles once it is good enough to be considered a drawing. The board promotes plenty of creative activity and even more fun.

Crayola Pets Playset

  • Decorate Your Pets

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Activity, Toys

This Crayola playset of special pets will have the attention of any 5-year-old girl at hello. She can enjoy scribbling any colors or designs onto the animal toys and then scrub the markings off just like that (so she can do it all over again). The lovable animal toys include a unicorn and a yeti, along with a playset palace where these specially-designed creatures reside.

Jewelry Making Kit

  • Crafts Away

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Fun, Activity

This super duper crafts kit is ideal for 5-year-old girls who want to get creative with their accessories. Perfect for Christmas, the kit includes 500 pieces that can be made into color bracelets, charms, necklaces, or any type of jewelry she can come up with. The pieces snap together easily so she can have fun making and re-making all the jewelry she wants to.

5th Birthday Journal

  • Start Journaling Young

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Activity, Fun

Gift ideas for 5-year-old girls are super successful when they combine activities with keepsakes, like this 5th birthday journal. The mermaid-themed birthday journal announces that “I Am 5” and contains over 100 pages for little girls to begin the process of journaling, writing stories, dreams, or anything they like in a special book all their own.

Musical Jewelry Box

  • Festive Keepsake Keeper

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Fun

Give the 5-year-old girl you know a distinctive jewelry box that doubles as a childhood keepsake with this musical jewelry box. The box is a great way for her to organize her jewelry while using popular girly designs like unicorns, rainbows, and glittery stars to mesmerize her every time she opens the box. She’ll also hear a unicorn tune each time she puts away a piece of jewelry, making the experience even more special.

Color In Positivity Pajamas

  • Positivity In Every Color

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Clothing, Fun

Bring the power of positivity into the life of the 5-year-old girl you care about with these positivity pajamas. She’ll love the process of coloring in the “Positivity Powers” logo and accompanying positive symbols like rainbows, flowers, and sunshine. The seven fabric markers will allow her to create any color scheme she likes, which can be set with UV light or an iron to keep her artwork vibrant for good.

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Word Building Game

  • Gaming For Vocabulary

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Games, Fun

This educational word building game takes the improvement of a 5-year-old girl’s vocabulary and channels it into entertaining games that she can play along with her tablet. The game comes with a trunk of 48 letter tiles for creating all the new words she can think of. A game pad and mat are also included where she can attach her tablet to play along with.

Unicorn Gift Box

  • Surprise! It’s A Unicorn

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Set, Cute

Surprise your favorite 5-year-old girl with this adorable unicorn-themed gift box. She will enjoy all the parts of this gift box: the cuddly stuffed unicorn, the festive unicorn flower headband, the unicorn jewelry, the inspiring coloring book and markers. These many versions of a unicorn all come in a cute keepsake box so they’ll stay safe long after his birthday.

Minnie Mouse Headphones

  • Tunes By Minnie

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Cute, Fun

Add a little Minnie Mouse to your 5-year-old girl’s favorite tunes with these fun Minnie mouse headphones. The headphones are made for kids and feature Minnie Mouse designs on the earphones, along with Minnie Mouse ears and her distinctive bow on top of the headphones. She’ll love the style and kid-friendly sound of the headphones, as well as their Bluetooth capabilities.

Star Night Light Projector

  • Night Lights For Girls

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Cute, Fun

Sprinkle the prettiest night sky stars into the bedroom of the 5-year-old girl you know with a night light projector. Not only does this accessory have both a night light and a projector mode that casts stars onto the walls and the ceiling in customizable colors, but it also has a timer, so once she is asleep, the stars will also slowly drift to bed as well.

I Can Write Game

  • Activity Upon Activity

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Activity, Educational

This top game for learning is also a handful of fun when 5-year-old girls get their hands on it. The game contains six double-sided activity mats, pens, and a duster cloth for them to keep writing, practicing, learning, and enjoying themselves along the way. There is even an achievement certificate that celebrates her awesome skills once she completes all the activities in this thoughtful game.

Cooking And Baking Gift Set

  • Top Chef In Training

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Activity, Educational

The next time your 5-year-old chef wannabe hovers in the kitchen with you for too long, give her this incredible cooking and baking gift set. The all-inclusive set includes everything she will need to get started learning kitchen skills, having fun with recipes, and playing the role of head chef. The kit contains recipe cards, an apron, and a culinary toolbox full of everything from cookie cutters to rolling pins and measuring cups.

Stencils Set

  • Stencil City

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Activity, Fun

This set made for learning and practical stenciling will keep the 5-year-old girl you know busy with enough crafty creativity for a very long time. The sheets include over 300 different shapes for her to stencil into existence while building full scenes of themes like circus, farm animals, flowers, and butterflies (and more). Her creativity will know no bounds with the help of this constructive set.

Christmas Cookie Coloring Tablecloth

  • Cookie Decorating Dress Rehearsal

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Fun, Cute

This nifty tablecloth for kids is the ideal activity maker for 5-year-old girls during the holidays. While you are busy making Christmas cookies, they can practice their cookie decorating by coloring in the many baking-themed shapes on the tablecloth. The shapes are all perfect for the holidays and include candy canes, baking whisks, holly, and more. The washable markers will take their handiwork out until the next cookie decorating session.

Fancy Nancy Sticker Set

  • A Story In Stickers

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Activity, Fun

This cute, engaging book tells the story of Nancy and her unicorn experts with the power and fun of stickers. Your 5-year-old girl can use the 30+ stickers in the book to follow along and help bring the exciting journey to life. The combination picture book and sticker activity will become a treasured part of her collection very soon.

Disney Frozen Fashion Dress

  • Kindergarten Princess

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute, Fun

5-year-old girls will love showing up to kindergarten in this adorable dress featuring Princess Anna from the movie Frozen. The comfy sweatshirt style top with Princess Anna design combines well with the glittery tutu-like skirt. She’ll impress her friends and be able to still play with the rest of the guys and girls in her stylish Frozen outfit.

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Toddler Golf Set

  • For Girly Golfers

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Games, Fun

Presents for 5-year-old girls really win big when they break the mold a little bit, like this toddler golf set. Girls will love the sporty fun and games of learning golf just as much as their male counterparts. This top golf set comes with a rolling golf cart full of different clubs, balls, and practice holes. Her coordination skills, golf abilities, and love for play will all thank you.

Three-Wheel Scooter

  • Sit, Stand, And Scoot

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Toys, Fun

This unique three-wheel scooter toy has everything a 5-year-old girl could need: an option to sit or stand, anti-slip features, the ability to fold, and LED lights that power up her wheels so everyone knows she’s coming. The fun activity will channel her energy and help improve her coordination skills for all the future scooters in her life.

Bunny Gift Set

  • Bunnies In A Bag

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Cute, Keepsake

This precious bag of bunnies makes a thoughtful gift for 5-year-old girls that they can keep as a birthday souvenir. The five-piece set contains the fluffy pink bag where the bunnies live. The bunnies include a mommy bunny, two baby bunnies, and a babydoll blanket that she can use to cradle her bunny family together. The bag can be used separately as well, whenever she wants some fluffy pink warmth with her.

5th Birthday T-Shirt

  • Unicorns In Fashion

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute, Keepsake

This sweet t-shirt for 5-year-old girls will help celebrate their 5th birthday with a whimsical design. The unicorn with flowers on its head crowns the main message of the shirt—”Five Because Four Is So Last Year.” The snarky young lady will love the look of the shirt and the cotton feel, so she can wear it for any activity or play she likes.

Kids Video Camera

  • Video Queen

  • $$$$$
  • Toys, Educational, Activity

Put your favorite 5-year-old girl at the helm of her own awesome video camera and watch her create. Toys for 5-year-old girls that educate as well as engage always end up being their most prized toys. This camera will teach her the joy of recording her important memories and documenting the world around her. She’ll appreciate her imagination and what it can do, which will help her grow even more later in her childhood.

Magnetic Building Blocks

  • Puzzle Maker Pro

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Activity, Toys

These magnet-based building blocks use puzzles to capture the imagination of a 5-year-old girl with ease. The toy works in tandem with her tablet to challenge her problem-solving skills and teach her about the basic tenets of engineering. The 15 building blocks can be used alone or along with the five games included in the app. She’ll build brain cells faster than you can say “magnet.”

Educational Bath Fizzies Set

  • Bombs With Surprises

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, Cute

This set of adorable bath bombs is unlike any other kid’s bath bombs set around. The 5-year-old girl in your life will love the secret that the bath bombs keep. Once each one dissolves, they slowly reveal a toy in the shape of an animal inside. Along with each new special friend, she’ll learn a new fact about that animal, so learning time doesn’t have to stop with bath time.

Fire Kids Tablet

  • Imaginations On Fire

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Games, Educational

This super impressive Fire tablet for kids is the most obvious of gifts for 5-year-old girls that will bring huge grins to their faces. The tablet comes with the Amazon Kids service included, powered with over 20,000 activities from books and games to apps and videos. She’ll have the whole world of learning, exploration, new skills, and fun games at her fingertips and love driving into it asap.

Butterfly Hooded Bathrobe

No products found.

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  • A Bathrobe Of Butterflies

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute, Fun

This quirky bathrobe for 5-year-old girls is covered with colorful butterflies to keep her company during her next bath. The belted robe includes a hood for keeping her head dry during that time between taking a bath and getting dressed for bed when she wants to use all of her remaining energy. The comfy robe will become a staple in her young miss collection and accompany her anytime she wants to take a soak.

Personalized Unicorn Birthday Set

  • Birthday Costume Complete

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Set, Cute

Make the 5th birthday for your special girl even better with a unicorn-themed costume set. The personalized shirt includes a unicorn design and the name and age of the birthday girl, along with a colorful tutu skirt that she’ll love twirling around while wearing. A hair bow completes the look for her coolest birthday yet.

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5th Birthday Bracelet

  • Birthday Bangle

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Fun

This darling charm bracelet is the ideal way to wish your favorite 5-year-old girl a happy 5th birthday. The bracelet contains four different charms in her honor, including a number 5, a happy birthday wish, a cupcake, and a pink pearl. The bangle-style bracelet expands as she grows so she can have a birthday keepsake too.

Coding Robot

  • A Pal Who Codes

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Activity, Games

This award-winning robot makes a super-thoughtful learning gift for the most important 5-year-old girl in your life. The robot responds to instructions and moves according to what she does. She’ll learn the very basics of coding, like using her senses and problem-solving skills to make a difference. She’ll love the included games and different character masks for the robot, which will keep this educational tool in the world of play.

Classroom Play Set

  • Play School

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Educational, Games

Prepare your 5-year-old girl for kindergarten with this unique classroom play set. The set uses two drop-down desks to mimic a classroom environment. From there, she’ll have so many classroom games, activities, and accessories to play with, like activity cards, whiteboards, a pointer, pattern blocks, and more. She’ll be all prepped for her first day at kindergarten and be ahead of the curve too.

Wind Chime Making Kit

  • Crafting Chimes For Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Activity, Fun

Get the creative juices going of a 5-year-old girl near you with this crafty wind chime making kit. The kit has everything she needs to create her own personal style on a functional windchime, like paint colors and brushes to decorate the ceramic hood of the wind chime all her own. She can use the twine to hang up the chimes and listen to the magical music of her wind chime in the trees.

Fairy Board Game

  • Working For The Fairies

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Educational, Activity

This whimsical board game will inspire 5-year-old girls to think up ways to help their favorite fairies stay safe. The game encourages coordination and collaboration to collect fairy cards which can help the fairies protect their flower homes before winter comes. In addition to problem-solving, little girls can learn empathy, togetherness, and social skills, which will become super important to their development in the long run.

Kindergarten Card Set

No products found.

Check Price
  • Cards For Learning And Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Activity, Games, Educational

Kindergarteners everywhere will love the knowledge that these cards have to offer. The card set has everything 5-year-old girls want in an activity: tongue-twisters, fun challenges, mazes, puzzles, and more. They’ll learn so much without it even feeling like learning. The most important type of educational gifts are the ones whose activities feel as fun as this one does.

Talking Interactive Globe

  • World Travelers Who Learn

  • $$$$$
  • Educational, Activity, Fun

Your favorite 5-year-old girl can travel the world and learn about geography, culture, and more with this interactive talking globe. She can use the audio-powered pen or buttons on the base to choose a spot on the globe. She’ll then hear interesting, cool facts from over 10 hours of audio that will bring the wonders of the natural world to her instantly.

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Set

  • Dear Tooth Fairy

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Keepsake, Cute

Prepare the 5-year-old girl you know for all the tooth fairy visits she can muster with this cute keepsake set. The set includes a tooth-shaped keepsake pillow with a back pouch, where she can leave her lost tooth and, with all luck, find a coin when she wakes up. The set comes with a gold coin featuring a tooth fairy, so she’ll be all set to get rid of those childhood teeth one by one.

Bunny Alarm Clock

  • For Waking Up Right

  • $$$$$
  • Fun, Cute, Keepsake

Get the 5-year-old girl you care about up on time with a lovable bunny-ear-shaped alarm clock. Despite its cuteness, this alarm clock includes the time and different tones and volumes for gently waking her up in the morning. The clock has a night light as well, which will help soothe her to bed in the most comforting way possible.

Pet Care Doctor Kit

  • Play Pet Vet

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Activity, Fun

This pet care doctor kit is a good teaching tool for 5-year-old girls to role-play early in life. The kit includes a plush doggie and different toys and accessories that they can use to learn the responsibilities of owning a pet. From grooming, feeding, and giving medicine when needed, the kit will teach her all she needs to know about loving an animal and taking care of him.

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Where Do You Take a 5-Year-Old Girl for Her Birthday?

Since a girl’s 5th birthday is her first memorable milestone, where to spend it is an important choice to make. Activities such as arts & crafts, a gardening party, or a spa scenario will all keep her and her friends entertained and busy. Traditional ideas like a tea party or going to a carnival will always hold a special place in a little girl’s heart. You can also break tradition with a unique approach like a breakfast pajama party for fun or a party that centers around fairy tales or monsters.

What Board Games Can 5-Year-Olds Play?

Family board games that keep a simple set of rules work best for 5-year-olds to play. Examples include classics like Tic-Tac-Toe and Snakes & Ladders. Make sure the chosen games don’t take too long to complete, so your 5-year-old doesn’t get fidgety or distracted. No more than a 15-20 minute game is a good bet. Also, games with very tiny pieces are best to save for a little while. Keep it sturdy while they are at such a young age (1).

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