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50 Cool Sloth Gift Ideas

Hang on! We’ve found an adorable collection of sloth-themed gifts perfect for anyone obsessed with this furry creature!

Have you been scouring the internet for hilarious and adorable gifts for sloth lovers? Hang in there! We’ve got the best collection of sloth-themed accessories, hilarious mugs, and stuffed sloths dripping with swag.

Whether they’re two-toed or three-toed, these adorably goofy South American animals have captured many people’s hearts. These sloth gifts are perfect for moms, kids, best friends, and any other animal lover on your shopping list.

50 Adorable Sloth Gift Ideas

From weird to animated and adorable, we have sloth-themed gifts to match any aesthetic.

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Cute Sloth Ring Holder Dish

  • If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Novelty, Homegoods, Jewelry

Many years ago, Beyonce told all of us that if we like something, we should probably put a ring on it. With this in mind, we want to put all of our rings on this sloth. This adorable piece of functional decor is one of our favorite picks for people who, of course, love sloths (why else would you be reading this article?) but also want a cool way to organize their jewelry collection.

Sloths Lovers Soft Lightweight Fleece Throw Blanket

  • Ready For Snuggles

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Comfort, Homegoods

This blanket is available as sloths in space, sloths doing yoga, sloths hanging out, and so many more cool sloth-themed prints; we’re honestly not sure how you’ll ever pick just one! They measure 40 by 60 inches, an ideal size for snuggling up on the couch and watching a sloth documentary.

Easily Distracted By Sloths And Dogs T-shirt

  • An Honest T-Shirt

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Comfort

Do you know someone that reacts like Kristen Bell when they see sloths? Do they have similar levels of emotional breakdown every day when they scroll through dog videos on Instagram? Weirdly enough, we think we just described ourselves, so we will now be buying this t-shirt. If we happened to describe your loved one as well, then we think you know what you have to do (get them this t-shirt).

Tervis Sloth Nope Not Today Insulated Tumbler

  • Not Before Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Homegoods

Some days you might wish you could sleep 15-18 hours like a brown-throated sloth. Unfortunately, we’re humans, so instead, we have magical caffeinated beverages to help perk us up. This tumbler will perfectly tote your sloth-loving friend’s iced (or hot) coffee and let everyone know not to talk to them until the cup is empty.

Sloth Sticky Notes Set

  • Slothy Stationery Win

  • $$$$$
  • Stationery & Paper Goods

Sloths move so slowly that algae can grow in their fur. We don’t think that makes real sloths sticky, but these note versions sure are. This cute sloth-themed sticky note set would be perfect for students, bullet journalers, or just overall organized sloth-lovers.

Hypoallergenic Sloth Huggie Hoop Earrings

  • Jewelry With Character

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories

How are these hoop earrings doing? Oh, they’re hanging in there thanks to their cute animal companions. These earrings let your sloth-obsessed pal show off their love subtly and stylishly. They are dainty enough for everyday wear and come in three different metal styles: silver hoops with gold-plated rose sloths, silver hoops with white gold-plated sloths, and silver hoops with yellow gold-plated sloths.

Cosmetic Bag for Women Sloth Gifts

  • A Cheap And Cute Choice

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

This conveniently-sized makeup bag comes in over 40 unique prints, including two sloth-themed numbers we can’t get enough of. This cute little zippered pouch could be used to organizing cosmetics for makeup lovers, storing pencils and other supplies for students, or whatever else the recipient can come up with!

Sloth Multifunction Desktop Organizer

  • Stay Organized, Sloth Style

  • $$$$$
  • Decor

Sloths are known for their lazy attitude, and if you know someone with a lazy approach to organization, this could be the perfect gift for them. This funny sloth statue is ideal for storing glasses and cell phones when not in use, and this little guy even doubles as a piggy bank for loose change! Maybe the cuteness will inspire your messy pals to take a look around at the rest of their clutter, but they might only get to it at a sloth pace.

Sloth Over The Cabinet Door Hooks- 2 Pack

  • Hang On To Organizational Wins

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

We love merchandise that injects functional decor with a little dose of whimsy, like these over the cabinet door hooks. Give these to a sloth lover who loves to keep their space neat and tidy or a college student trying to maximize their small storage space. These hooks are great for holding dish towels, the bag-of-bags that everyone has in their cabinets, and more.

Sloth Hair Towels Wrap

  • Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort

Instead of wasting time and energy blow-drying their hair, you could help your sloth-obsessed friend take a lazy approach with this sloth hair towel. It is lightweight and made from microfiber material that claims to cut down on hair drying time. Combine it with a few other self-care goods, like a loofah, shower steamers, or bath bombs for a thoughtful gift to help your loved one unwind.

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Snoozies Slippers for Women

  • Comfy And Cute

  • Comfort, Clothing, Accessories

Let your sloth fan slip into something a bit more comfortable… like this pair of plush sloth slippers! They are great for lounging around the house and have non-skid soles perfect for helping the wearer keep their grip on wood or sleek tile floors. Also, they’re a pretty good bargain! Pair it with other fun lounging goods like a hot chocolate mix, a fuzzy blanket, or delicious snacks for thoughtful get well soon gifts for sloth lovers.

Sloth Coloring Book

  • Part Gift, Part Activity

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment, Stationery & Paper Goods

Not everyone can naturally relax and unwind like the famously unbothered sloths can. For those that need a little help calming anxious minds, we suggest this funky sloth coloring book. It has over 50 pages of unique sloth designs to help users slow down and express some creativity. With this budget-friendly gift, we suggest grabbing a set of colored pencils or markers to go along with it.

Sloth Pajamas- Unisex Adult Jumpsuit

  • Please, Just Get It

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Comfort, Novelty

If wearing a sloth onesie 24/7 is wrong, well, then we don’t want to be right. This fuzzy number would make an excellent gift to anyone that even remotely likes sloths, because wow, it is so cute. Full disclosure, this sloth onesie has four fingers on each hand. We know this isn’t anatomically correct, but we hope it’s cozy enough for sloth lovers to make an exception.

Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket for Adults

  • We’ll Take Four, Please

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Novelty

If you look up cozy in the dictionary, we’re 99 percent positive it will be a picture of this wearable blanket. This fuzzy number seems like a hybrid between the hooded towels popular for kids and the Snuggies that took the world by storm over ten years ago. There are multiple ways to wear and use this incredibly comfy blanket, but we bet your friend would totally put their hands in the paws and live out their best three-toed sloth dreams.

Sloth Stickers Pack-100 Cute Vinyl Waterproof Decals

  • Stocking Stuffers

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Decor, Novelty

With over 100 adorable stickers in this set, you can be sure that the recipient’s water bottle, laptop case, and every other stickable surface are going to be covered. If you don’t want to just give your sloth-loving daughter, friend, boyfriend, or non-binary bae the entire pack, you could stick a few in their Christmas stocking or cards every time you give them a gift.

Women’s Sloth Cell Phone Purse

  • Purse First

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

This crossbody purse comes in over 30 different whimsical animal and non-animal designs, so you could potentially get one for all of your friends and their respective animal obsessions. Of course, we’re here to highlight the adorable sloth bag, with its intricate, almost collage-inspired design and multiple useful pockets. It’s a convenient size for quick trips, such as a run to the grocery store or taking the dog for a walk.

Women's Snackin' Sloth Donut Crew Socks

  • Sock It To Them

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Accessories, Novelty

There are a plethora of cute sloth-themed socks floating around on the internet, but this funny and colorful pair really takes the cake for us… or should we say, takes the donut. These slow and sneaky friends look like they’ve just been caught robbing a bakery, but we’re definitely not going to turn them in when they look so criminally cute!

Hanging Sloth Planter

  • Upgraded Planter

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

Oh, did you see this cute guy just hanging out? Isn’t he adorable? Don’t worry, he’s not just aesthetic decor; he’s also a high-quality hanging planter. Vines, air plants, and other fun plants will love their new home and so will the sloth-loving plant parent! If you want to bulk up this present, you could go ahead and pick out some gorgeous foliage to put in it. Either way, we’re sure your best friend, mom, or husband will love it.

Personalized Sloth Initial Tumbler

  • A Personalized Pick

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Adding a personalized touch to a gift can definitely help it stand out from the pack. If you want your sloth gifts to shine in the eyes of the recipient this Christmas or birthday, consider this sweet custom tumbler. You can personalize it with the recipient’s name and initial and choose a 20 or 30-ounce size.

Motivational Sloth Print Throw Blanket

  • Follow Your Dreams, After A Nap

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

This sleepy sloth is here with an adorable dose of encouragement for all your sloth gift-giving needs. But don’t worry, if your sloth-loving recipient isn’t a fan of inspirational slogans, you can choose from one of the other 14 fun sloth-themed prints. They even have two Christmas-specific options that are guaranteed to please.

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Sloths Journal

  • Self-Reflection Made Cute

  • $$$$$
  • Stationery & Paper Goods

Bullet journalers, to-do list makers, and avid diary-writers will love this charming sloth-print notebook. It has 160 lightly lined pages great for writing, sketching, or planning. The hardcover design is more durable than some flimsier notebooks on the market and has a sneaky inside pocket for storing important reminders or sweet mementos.

Small Backpack for Women

  • School-time Swag

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Mini backpacks are rising from the ashes of the noughties for a 2020’s comeback, and if they’re all as cute as this sloth patterned one, then we’re not mad about it. Its extra small size might not be able to fit all your important school textbooks, but it could be the perfect backpack for festivals, carrying your essentials to work, or for younger kids with less stuff to tote around.

Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

  • Perfect For Lazy Days

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods

Rest days are critical to prevent the dreaded work or school burnout, and this sloth seems to think we deserve a rest day today. Well, if they insist, then I guess we’ll just make a warm beverage and go back to doing absolutely nothing. This hilarious mug will make a fantastic gift for men, women, teens, and anyone else that needs a reminder to take it easy every once in a while.

Large Sloth Stuffed Animal

  • For Kids, And Kids At Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Accessories, Entertainment, Novelty

Personally, we try to take a hands-off approach with wild animals, so we don’t suggest cuddling up to a real sloth. However, this large stuffed sloth looks extra ready for snuggles. It’s also available in a smaller and even a larger size if you want to give someone the whole family of sloth friends.

Harry Slothwarts-Funny Birthday Gift Sloth T-Shirt

No products found.

Check Price
  • For Harry Potter Fans

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Novelty

You can give your girlfriend, husband, or gender-non-confirming bestie a gift that combines two of their favorite things, Harry Potter and sloths. This t-shirt reimagines the Hogwarts houses with a sloth-twist, and we can’t help but imagine the sorting hat calling out “Hanginclaw” and “Slotherin.” This shirt is available in men, women, and youth styles, plus a bunch of fun colors to best reflect the recipient’s taste!

Happy Sloth Chill Zone Rug

  • Decorate With Their Favorite Animals!

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

This mini rug would be a cheerful addition to any sloth lover’s household decor. Its petite size could work well in a kid’s room, as a bath mat, or just a fun way to spruce up a small space. It is a unique gift that is perfect for sloth lovers that already seem to have everything.

Sloth Gift Bag for Girls

  • Shopping Made Easy

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Jewelry

With everything included in this sloth-themed gift set, your daughter, niece, or friend is going to be so impressed with all the effort you put into finding them such incredible sloth gifts. Don’t worry, though; we’ll keep your secret that it all came in one bundle (and that we helped you find it). This set includes an adorable animated sloth print on a drawstring bag, a matching cosmetic pouch, two necklaces, a bracelet, and more!

Just A Girl Who Loves Sloth Bracelet

  • Full Disclosure In A Bracelet

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories

Are you looking for a sloth gift for a girl that just loves sloths? Well, we think we found it. This sterling silver bracelet lets her show off her love of these slow animals in a stylish way. These dainty bracelets look great on their own or stacked with other accessories.

Sloth Necklace Sterling Silver

  • Adorable Accessories

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories

How do you follow up a sloth bracelet? Well, with a sloth necklace, of course! This cute sterling silver necklace features a sweet cartoon-style sloth lounging on a branch. It’s also available in two other styles⁠— a geometric style sloth and a sloth on a bejeweled heart.

Six Pieces Makeup Bags Sloth Cosmetic Pouch

  • A Sweet And Slothy Deal

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories

Do you know a gaggle of girls that all love sloths? Or do you just love finding the cheapest bargains online? This set includes six cosmetic bags, each with a unique sloth-themed print, from sloths doing yoga to sloths to lounging in trees. These cute pouches could make excellent Christmas stocking stuffers, goodie bags, or a useful choice for a messy friend (that way, they have multiple replacements if one of them gets dirty).

Let's Get Slothed Stemless Wine Glass

  • Party Animals

  • $$$$$
  • Homegoods, Novelty

If a sloth attended an actual party, we feel like it would be that one guest that passes out before most people even arrive. No shame in their sleepy game! This wine glass holds 22 ounces of liquid (perfect for aerating red wine) to help the recipient get the party started. Will they be totally slothed by 8 pm? Maybe. Will their cute wine glass be up for grabs once they go to bed? We sure hope so!

Sloth Microfiber Beach Towel

  • Slow Animals, Fast Drying Towel

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Comfort

Microfiber towels are an excellent gift for anyone that loves to travel, go camping, or plans to go on a big backpacking adventure. They dry so much quicker than traditional towels making it super convenient for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. The sloth-themed print is a great reminder for even the most fast-paced people to slow down and take their time while enjoying life!

Women Sloth Pajamas Shorts Set

  • Sleep In Style

  • Clothing, Comfort

Something about sloth-themed lounge and sleepwear just feels so on brand, probably because of the astonishing amount sloths sleep every day (15-18 hours, in case we haven’t already mentioned it). You can help your wife, mom, best friend, or non-binary babe channel their inner sloth-like lack of energy with this adorable pajama set featuring sloth and tucan friends hanging out.

Sloth Tote Bag

  • Tote-ally Cute

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty

This adorable sloth tote bag is a great gift on its own or as the basis for a sloth-themed gift set. Add in some sloth stickers, tumbler, socks, or any other fun gifts from this list for a tote-ally cute gift for sloth lovers.

Slow Sloth Salt & Pepper Shakers

  • Even Sloths Love Seasoning

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods, Novelty

When your favorite sloth lover already has a bed covered in sloth stuffed animals, a closet full of sloth t-shirts, and all the sloth mugs on this list, you might need to start getting creative. When everything else is already sloth-ed and you’re running out of sloth gift ideas, we suggest getting these adorable sloth salt and pepper shakers. They’re a cute and useful gift that lets the recipient add a subtle, whimsical twist to their kitchen decor.

Sloth Magnets for Fridge

  • A Magnetizing Choice

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

Are you on the hunt for unique sloth gifts for a sloth-lover who already owns everything? Surprise them with this set of magnets! It includes five animated sloths and a four-by-six-inch picture frame. These magnets would be a fun and useful gift for students wanting to decorate their lockers, teachers with a million things to organize, or moms wanting to hang their kid’s artwork on the fridge.

Ceramic Sloth Multi-Purpose Organizer

  • Storage Solutions That Sloth

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

There are so many ways a sloth lover could use this adorable organizational cup. They can use this cup to sort their makeup brushes, pens and pencils, paintbrushes for crafters, toothbrushes, and so much more. It is available as a double compartment cup or single compartment cup and it also comes in other animal styles… but the sloth is clearly superior.

5D Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

  • Unique Crafts

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment, Decor

Millennials were blessed with paint-by-numbers crafts as kids and this younger generation gets to try bedazzling-by-numbers! Users get to create an image of a sparkly sloth riding a rainbow, so we’d be silly not to be at least a little jealous. Oh, don’t mind us just clicking “add to cart” over here as a gift for ourselves. But this would also make an excellent gift for any young crafters that love sloths.

Women's Sloth Mode Hoodie

  • Sloth-Like Comfort

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Comfort

Some days are definitely operated in sloth mode. You might be wondering—what exactly is sloth mode? Considering that sloths are known for their incredible ability to sleep nearly 20 hours a day and move at a glacial pace, we’re going to call “sloth mode,” a day where you take everything slowly with lots of rest. This sweatshirt is the perfect way for the wearer to warn their friends, co-workers, or loved ones that it will be a lazy day.

Coconut Fiber Sloth Planter

  • The Cutest Pot Ever

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Novelty, Homegoods

Say hello to one of the cutest planters we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. Are we going to our local nursery just to find the perfect plant for this adorable sloth? You know it. They are handmade in the Philippines by World Fair Trade Organization–certified artisans using sustainable materials. Color us impressed with this little pot.

Cuddly Reader iPad Stand

No products found.

Check Price
  • Cute Tech Accessories

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Decor, Accessories

This plush iPad stand was probably designed with kids in mind, but who says adults don’t want cute and cuddly stands for their eReaders, iPads, or books? This one even has pockets on the back for storing headphones, highlighters, or snacks (definitely snacks). So are we all in agreement here? Cuddly iPad stands are meant for adults and kids!

Personalized Animal Prints

  • Custom Decor

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Homegoods

These whimsical prints are a fun choice for any animal lover, although we think they would look especially charming in a kid’s room. They’re available in a variety of different vintage-inspired animal styles, but of course, we have to point out the adorable sloth one first.

Adjustable Sterling Silver Sloth Ring

  • One Size Rings All

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Accessories

Buying rings for others can be difficult, especially if you don’t know their ring size. This adjustable ring makes that a non-issue, as it can stretch to accommodate any finger. The wrap-around design showcases a sleepy sloth hanging out on a silver branch. It’s so cute; we bet you $5 it’ll have the recipient pulling their best Gollum impression from Lord of the Rings.

Color-In Sleepy Sloth Pajamas

  • Daytime Activity, Nighttime Clothing

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment, Clothing, Comfort

Why didn’t color-in pajamas exist when we were kids? We may have missed out on a sloth of unique merchandise as a kid, but this generation doesn’t have to! These fun pajamas are one of our favorite sloth gift ideas on this list for kids. It’s an awesome daytime activity, and they’ll be excited to wear their artistic creation for bedtime!

Diary with Lock for Girls Who Love Sloths

  • Great Gift Set For Girls

  • $$$$$
  • Stationery & Paper Goods, Accessories, Jewelry, Novelty

Anyone who grew up watching As Told By Ginger probably tried their hand at keeping a diary. Although we sadly don’t think any of this younger generation is watching that animated classic, adolescent girls still deserve a place to express their thoughts and emotions. This sloth-themed diary gift set is a fantastic choice for any young kid. It includes a diary with a lock, a plush sloth toy with a secret compartment to hide the key, a sloth necklace, and more!

Plant Hanging Animals

  • Accessories For Plants

  • $$$$$
  • Decor, Accessories, Novelty, Homegoods

Yes, obsessive plant people, now there is a way to decorate your plants. And, of course, this is a list of gifs for sloth lovers, so there is an adorable metal sloth for your plant decor. There are two sets available, Jungle Creatures which includes a sloth, orangutan, and chameleon, or Aussie Friends, which comes with a koala, tree frog, and bush baby. These are a fun and unexpected gift for sloth lovers that already own everything else.

500 Piece Sloth Puzzle Sloth Eating Noodles

  • For Puzzle Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Entertainment

Some people might find a sloth obsession a bit puzzling, but not us! We’re here to fully encourage all animal obsessions under the rainbow. Especially when they come with merchandise as hilarious as this puzzle, featuring a silly animated sloth eating noodles. It even comes with a printout photo reference of the puzzle, so sloth lovers can get a bonus decor piece with their fun activity.

Sloth Sewing Craft Kit

  • Entertainment, Novelty

This DIY craft kit would be a great choice for sloth lovers working on their sewing skills! They’ll be able to practice their stitches and create adorable little plush sloth keepsakes. It comes with enough pre-cut pieces of fabric to sew eight little animal friends.

Fluffy Animal Women’s Sherpa Slippers

  • Slip Into Something More Slothy

  • $$$$$
  • Comfort, Clothing

What are the best shoes to wear to show everyone you’re not in any hurry? Our vote would definitely be these sloth slippers. These extra fuzzy, sherpa-lined slippers would be a fantastic gift on their own or as part of a relaxing gift set. Their warm style could keep the recipient’s toes nice and toasty even on cold winter mornings.

Sloth Gift Set

  • A Surprising Bargain

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Jewelry, Novelty

If you want to wow a sloth lover with an impressive bundle of sloth-themed merchandise, then we’ve found the perfect gift for you. This gift set is perfect for the elementary or middle school crowds (or sloth-obsessed adults)! The drawstring backpack is an excellent size for field trips, extracurricular activities, or summer camp, while the small pouch can serve as a wallet or pencil bag. The set also includes 50 adorable stickers, a bracelet, and two necklaces. A huge bargain at less than $20!

Sloth FAQs

How Do You Sponsor a Sloth?

Sponsoring a sloth is an incredible way to help support the conservation and rehabilitation of a beautiful animal. Two of the six species of sloths are high on the list of endangered animals. Deforestation and urbanization chip away at their native habitat and put sloths in the pathways of humans, which can increase their risks of dog attacks, being hit by cars, harmed by poachers, or electrocuted while trying to climb electrical wires.

Sponsoring a sloth through a sanctuary or conservation organization is an incredible gift to any sloth lover. We suggest The Sloth Conservation Foundation, The Sloth Institute, and World Wildlife Fund.

How Do I Adopt a Sloth?

We do not suggest you physically adopt a sloth. Conservation experts will warn you that any purchase of a wild animal for domestic purposes fuels the poaching and capture of those animals from the wild. Even if you buy a captive-bred animal for exotic pet purposes, you create a demand in the market for poachers to capture their wild counterparts. This can have devastating effects on the populations of these animals and the ecosystem.

If you love sloths, consider a symbolic adoption through a non-profit organization dedicated to sloth conservation and rehabilitation. Consider adopting or sponsoring a sloth through The Sloth Conservation Foundation, The Sloth Institute, and World Wildlife Fund.

What is a Sloths Lifespan?

There are two types of sloths, two-toed and three-toed, and six different species. Scientists are still learning about the characteristics of these slow and elusive creatures, but based on current research, it’s thought that they can live 20-40 years.

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