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37 Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $10: 2024 Picks

Get to the top of the ranks with these fabulous white elephant gifts under $10 that are ready for the taking.

White elephant gift exchanges have grown in popularity recently. They take the typical secret Santa tradition and transform it into something new and unexpected. But when sticking to white elephant gifts under $10, you may get stuck with cheesy gag gifts no one wants to fight over.

Keep reading for our irreverent list of white elephant gift ideas under $10 to please everyone. From novelty gifts to unique, practical finds, there’s something here to make your next white elephant party tons of fun.

37 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under

Learn to win big with cool white elephant gifts under $10 to make everyone smile.

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Christmas Light Hat

  • Festive Maker

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Holiday

White elephant gift exchanges are the perfect time to share this Christmas light hat with someone you like. It’s a winter hat version of an ugly Christmas sweater. The holiday hat has flashing lights to spread the joy of the season. Also featured are Christmas trees, Santa hats, snowflakes, and a resounding Merry Christmas to all.

User Experience

My experience with this hat was pretty remarkable; it's not only enjoyable but also practical. It comes with different strobe light settings which are quite charming though, I must admit, it's a bit on the smaller side. Despite this, the hat is well-made, stretchy, and surprisingly comfortable, providing a good fit for most people. Whether the lights are on or off, it maintains its appeal, making it a perfect gag gift for occasions such as Christmas parties or birthday celebrations near the holiday season.

Toilet Night Light

  • A Journey Into Night

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Useful, Funny, Home

This toilet night light may make some at the office groan. Once it’s put to use, they may think differently. The multicolored light display that turns on whenever they enter the bathroom is sure to impress. It comes in handy when stumbling through the night becomes a chore. The nightlight might turn into that white elephant gift people fight over.

Personal Perspective

I had a bit of a hiccup with this toilet light initially, as it seemed stuck on red, and the only way to solve it was disassembling and pressing the inside button. However, aside from this, I've found it to be a wonderful addition to our bathroom, providing a soft yet sufficient light that's perfect for nighttime use without needing to switch on the harsh overhead lights. The kids are particularly fond of it, though do be aware that the batteries may wear out relatively quickly with frequent use, and quality control could be improved as some units may have loose connections.

Emergency Flask

  • Secret Stash

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Funny

Those you know or work with can appreciate the funny sentiment of this emergency flask. It works just like a standard stainless-steel flask, but the design differs slightly from a normal flask. It reads “Emergency: Open in case of family,” so the hilarious message isn’t lost on those you give it to.

Sauce Boss Dip Clip

  • Snacks On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Funny, Set

Big smiles may erupt when someone opens this dip clip set for use in a car. They attach to the car’s air vents, so people can keep their favorite dipping sauce close by. The mount is easy to use and will keep the snack foods secure, even on the bumpiest roads. Fries and nuggets alike can be enjoyed on their next car ride.

BBQ Meat Claws

  • Bear Claw Ready

  • $$$$$
  • Useful, Accessories, Home, Set

These useful BBQ meat claws may be inexpensive, but they’ll deliver when it comes to the art of shredding meat. The tedious process of shredding chicken, pork, and beef can become fun again. They’re easy to clean and are more powerful than any BBQ master thinks their own hands are.

User Experience

When I first used these meal prep tools, I was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency. The sharpness of the tines was just right, allowing me to shred chicken quickly without fear of injury. Durability and a cool aesthetic are also strengths of these tools. While I did notice a slight cheapness to the feel, their functionality outweighs this minor drawback. Cleaning them is a breeze, further enhancing their value in my weekly meal preparation routine.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

  • Use The Force

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Useful, Home, Set

Let the fun begin when someone opens up these lightsaber chopsticks. These are the best kind of white elephant gift ideas under $10 that feel more expensive than they are. They work like regular chopsticks but emit a colorful display of light as the meal progresses. The chopsticks are so cool, they’ll go to the top of the wanted gift list in no time.

Personal Perspective

I was instantly drawn to the vibrant glow of these chopsticks, which added a fun and interesting twist to my meals. However, not all of these chopsticks functioned as expected, with some needing battery replacements and others simply failing to work. For the ones that did, they were a delight to use and certainly turned heads when I was eating. They're not dishwasher-safe, something I would have appreciated for convenience, but I found they're totally worth the effort of handwashing. While they can be a bit tricky to handle initially, they remain an enjoyable novelty to play around with during meals.

Ice Ball Maker

  • Stay Chilled Out

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Useful, Accessories

This ice ball mold can be the right choice when you need a fun last-minute white elephant gift. It’s unique enough to stand out among other practical gifts but still quirky. The tray mold makes four round ice spheres that outlast other cubes when used in any beverage or cocktail.

Community Feedback

I'm quite pleased with these silicone ice ball molds. While they're a bit thin and can leak a bit if overfilled, I've found that laying them flat in a container and carefully measuring the water solves this issue. Once frozen, the ice balls last a good while in my thermos, keeping my drinks pleasantly chilled. While there's a bit of a learning curve to getting the ice balls out, it's a small hiccup for a product that's both fun and functional.

Bottle Cap Opener

  • Pop It Open

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Useful

It may be small, but this bottle cap opener will quickly prove to be one of the most useful $10 white elephant gifts. Its stainless steel material ensures each bottle opens in seconds while keeping it safe. The cap opener makes an entertaining addition to any kitchen or home bar that needs to keep the drinks flowing.

First-Hand Impression

Great as a small, innovative gift, this bottle opener has truly won my heart with its simplicity and efficiency. It's as straightforward as placing it on top of the bottle, pushing down, and voila - the cap pops off without any struggle, saving my fingers from the usual ordeal. I've noticed that it's also a fun conversation starter at parties and, surprisingly, it retains the bottle caps in a pretty good condition, even after dozens of uses. While there might be a slight learning curve to its usage and concerns about its longevity, overall, this bottle opener offers a satisfying, hassle-free experience that's worth every penny.

Screaming Goat Book Set

  • The GOAT

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Games, Funny

Few other games that come in a miniature size are as interesting as this screaming goat book set. It comes with a tiny goat that looks awesome on a bookshelf or office desk. This goat screams when touched, but he can be appeased by checking out the book that comes along. The book has tons of cool facts about goats that technically make this an educational gift.

User Experience

My experience with this screaming goat has been nothing short of amusing. It's become my go-to stress reliever at work, with its hilarious sound instantly brightening the mood and drawing giggles from my coworkers. It's also a hit in my home, although I've learned to keep it out of reach of children and my dog. Just remember to apply light pressure to the base, not the goat itself, to ensure it continues to scream and spread joy for a long time.

Bacon Bandages

  • Meat Heals

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Funny

It’s true that these bacon bandages are one of the most offbeat gifts to give at a white elephant party. They’re still hilarious in their own right and do exactly as other bandages do. One day, they may reach into their medicine cabinet to find these bandages ready to heal their wounds with laughter.

Personal Perspective

Love the whimsical charm these taco bandaids bring to my medical office, they definitely add a fun twist to testosterone shot Tuesdays. Despite causing a small amount of irritation on my sensitive skin, these circular, well-adhering bandaids work perfectly for covering injection sites and even potential heel blisters. However, be cautious as their adorable designs may inspire you or your colleagues to wear them as accessories rather than functional bandages.
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Taco Novelty Socks

  • Taco Tuesdays

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Funny

Taco Tuesday can be every day when you give these novelty socks out at your next gift exchange. Despite their hilarious look, they’re still super comfortable cotton socks. The socks are decorated with festive images of tacos, while the soles read, “If you can read this / Bring me some tacos.”

Community Feedback

I was genuinely impressed with the quality and comfort of these socks. Despite their whimsical design, they proved to be durable and thick, but not overly so, ensuring they would not wear out quickly. The snug fit from foot to ankle was particularly noteworthy, adding to the overall comfort. They were a delightful gift that caused much amusement among my book club friends and coworkers alike. Although not designed for daily wear, they have been a fun and unique conversation starter at our gatherings.

Vinyl Record Coasters Set

  • Now Playing

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Useful, Unique

You could quickly find yourself the top gift giver with these vinyl record coasters in tow. The miniature coasters look like they just came off of a retro record player. They still get the job done of protecting surfaces from beverage stains, but this set of four coasters stands out.

First-Hand Impression

When I first laid eyes on these record player coasters, I was immediately struck by their novelty. As a music lover, the detailed design that closely resembles actual vinyl records adds an unexpected dash of charm to my living room. I've noticed that despite regular use, the labels remain intact without any smudging or peeling, and any beverage condensation wipes off effortlessly, preserving their aesthetic appeal. However, there's a slight design flaw; a hole in the center allows moisture to seep through, defeating the purpose of a coaster. Nevertheless, these coasters have been a conversation starter for my guests, many of whom ended up purchasing them for their own homes. Despite the minor hiccups, I find these coasters to be a fun, quirky addition to my home decor.

Novelty Toilet Paper

  • In Case Of Emergency

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Unique

Novelty toilet paper is a surefire way to get some laughter when doing a white elephant exchange. It’s perfect for co-workers, high school kids, and families alike. The red and white design has a message reading “Emergency roll.” The funniest part of this gag gift is the toilet paper is likely to come in handy one day.

User Experience

This toilet paper, while not the most plush, served as a humorous marker in my stash, signaling when I needed to replenish. Although the design is appealing, the color is quite washed out and not as vibrant as I had anticipated for my brightly colored bathroom.

Useless Information Book

  • You Oughta Know

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Unique

Even in the information age, a good old-fashioned book of useless information can always come in handy. This one is loaded with entertaining facts and figures, including “why do tigers have striped skin?” It’s got the stuff everyone wishes they could ask. The book is ideal for bathroom reading, a humorous waiting room, or a coffee table book unlike any other.

Personal Perspective

Best purchase I've made recently! I've found this book to be a delightful companion during long waits in places like doctor's office where phones are frowned upon. It's filled with intriguing little facts that are not only fun to read, but also serve as excellent ice-breakers in conversations. Although some facts may seem more like 'useless information', it's quite amusing to have my grandson spout these facts randomly, which makes this book definitely worth it.

Bunny Popper Toy

  • Fast As A Bunny

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Novelty, Unique

No one at the white elephant exchange will suspect they’re getting this bunny popper toy. They may be pleasantly delighted to find an excuse to launch foam balls using a lovable bunny. It looks cute all on its own, yet delivers a fun afternoon when the bunny surprises everyone with his abilities.

Community Feedback

I'm disappointed with the performance of this product. Despite my initial optimism, it barely meets my expectations and often falls short. It's clear from my use that a higher investment in a superior model might be more worthwhile. Unfortunately, the value of this item doesn't match up to its cost.

Novelty Burrito Blanket

No products found.

Check Price
  • A Delicious Nap

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Home, Useful, Unique

You can get someone a burrito as a white elephant gift, only this one keeps them warm while they sleep. The flannel blanket is the perfect gender-neutral addition to anyone’s life. It looks like a burrito and will provide toastiness at home or for cold legs at their desk. They won’t mind that it’s inedible when they end up getting loads of use out of it.

Bob Ross Bobblehead

  • Bouts Of Wisdom

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Unique, Accessories, Funny

This Bob Ross bobblehead delivers on all fronts when it comes to 10-dollar white elephant gifts. The tiny bobblehead looks just like the famous artist and repeats some of the wise words he loved to say. It looks awesome on an office desk and is that little thing that stands out from the rest.

User Experience

For a lover of Bob Ross like myself, this gift was a delightful surprise. The miniature Bob Ross figure is small, but it's well-crafted and adorable, earning me many compliments. Its outstanding feature is the tiny collection of paintings that came with it, a charming addition that truly sets this gift apart. I gifted this to a young fan who was thrilled, and I used it as a birthday cake topper for my artist granddaughter, who found it absolutely enchanting. Whether it's Father's day or a regular Tuesday, this Bob Ross-themed gift is a joy to behold.

Cactus Tealight Candle Set

  • A Small Garden

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Home, Unique

White elephant gifts under $10 don’t always have to be funny when they’re simply cute. This set of cactus tealight candles is the best way to achieve that. It’s got six little tealight candles shaped like delicate succulents. They make a unique way to warm up the mood of any room, so they’re bound to be popular.

Personal Perspective

As an avid fan of desert chic, these succulent tea candles provide the perfect touch to my dining room centerpiece. Despite their diminutive size, these little gems are surprisingly long-lasting and serve as a fantastic decorative element. I was particularly taken by their unique design, which has garnered numerous compliments from guests. Though a few arrived in less than perfect condition, their overall charm and functionality as both decor and birthday cake toppers have made these candles a delightful addition to my home.

How To Speak Dog Cards

  • Learn A Language

  • $$$$$
  • Funny, Set, Games

You’ll be surprised how many people will want to receive these cute cards that show you how to speak “dog.” They’ll learn about man’s best friend when it comes to body language, behavior, and expressions. The cards offer a fun exchange between humans and their dogs that can be an unexpected surprise.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set

  • Stay Soft

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Useful, Accessories

This Burt’s Bees gift set is a classic-style gift exchange choice for those who need some moisture in their lives. It’s got miniature sizes of everything from cleansing cream and hand salve to foot lotion, body cream, and lip balm. Even the men may decide to fight for silky-smooth skin.

First-Hand Impression

As a longtime fan of natural skincare products, I was intrigued to try this Burt's Bees set. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicate, non-overpowering mint scent of the lip balm, a refreshing change from the usually overpowering mint products. The hand creams, especially the overnight shea butter cream, worked wonders for my dry hands, leaving them soft and moisturized without a greasy residue. The only minor downside was the smaller size of the products, but considering their high-quality ingredients and the stunning results, I believe it's a worthwhile trade-off.
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3D Night Light

  • Best In The Galaxy

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Useful, Gadgets

You don’t have to be a total geek to appreciate this 3D night light shaped like the Death Star. It lights up any room in sci-fi style. The night light effects can be adjusted to many colors. It’s a fun piece of home decor people will love fighting over during a white elephant gift exchange.

User Experience

I'm really enjoying this item's multifaceted color options; you can choose a solid color, fade through all eight available, or shuffle for a custom light show. Despite its smaller size than expected, this product serves as an engaging desktop display or unique nightlight alternative, especially for my Star Wars-loving kids. While it may not project as 3D as anticipated, it's a charming, inexpensive piece that truly lights up a room.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

  • Straight Shooter

  • $$$$$
  • Home, Accessories, Unique, Novelty

Those around you don’t have to be professional photographers to enjoy this cool camera lens coffee mug. The detail of the camera lens design is stunning to see. It looks exactly like a real camera lens. The mug’s lid keeps hot beverages warm, just like a camera lens cover keeps the lens safe.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this mug daily as a photographer and appreciate its realistic camera lens design and sturdy construction. The lid holds liquids securely, even when tilted, making it ideal for use on the go. However, I've noticed a flaw where hot liquids create too much pressure, leading to accidental spills upon opening. Despite this issue, the mug remains a unique and functional item, albeit better suited to cold beverages due to the lid's heat sensitivity.

Mini Jenga Game

  • Games On The Go

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Novelty

Playing traditional games like Jenga can’t be beat, which is why this miniature-sized game fits in. It won’t take up a lot of space, but still delivers the same exciting result that playing Jenga does. They can keep it in their desk drawer at work or call upon it at home for old-fashioned fun.

Community Feedback

This mini Jenga set served its purpose well on my family's RV road trip, offering classic fun in a compact size that was easy to pack and play at campsites. However, while its small size is perfect for travel, it's worth noting that the limited number of blocks reduces the length of gameplay and may require purchasing an additional set for extended entertainment.

Wine Tumbler

  • Fun In A Cup

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Home

A wine tumbler that keeps the precious contents cold is something most people can enjoy. This stainless steel tumbler is a low-key way to enjoy wine without sacrificing quality. It comes with a tight-fitting lid, a metal straw, and a brush for cleaning. They can enjoy their wine out by the pool, at a barbecue, or anywhere they see fit.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these tumblers has been mostly positive, as they not only maintain the temperature of my beverages for a considerable amount of time but also provide a spark of color that truly stands out in the sunlight. These tumblers are durable and come with a functional lid that works well for both drinking and holding a straw, yet I did notice a minor flaw of milk dribbling down the side when used for my morning coffee. Despite some reviews stating these aren't dishwasher safe, I've found no issues with the cups after washing, although I did avoid placing the plastic cover in the machine.

Cup Holder

  • On The Level

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Unique

This cup holder is super practical because it works anywhere people want to enjoy a beverage without spilling. It easily clips onto tables, desks, or nightstands using a clamp. It holds a full-sized beverage and can also be used to hold cell phones (and charge them.) They may not know how much they need this item until they spot it at the gift exchange.

User Experience

For an everyday office or home necessity, this cup holder really shines with its impressive gripping ability and fantastic sturdiness. I've seen it handle a variety of cup sizes, even extra-large ones full of ice, with no worries about them falling or spilling. Despite a minor drawback with it sometimes falling off thin or overly large tables, the adjustability and overall performance of this cup holder truly make it a reliable companion for your desk or bedside table.

Desktop Ping-Pong

  • Ping Pong Tournament

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Accessories, Novelty

Ping-pong at work might seem non-traditional, but it’s possible with this desktop ping-pong set. The miniature set may be cheap, but it’s a great way to rustle up some fun. It comes with two mini paddles, a ball, a helpful book, and a net that moves where they do. Before too long, there may be a tournament happening nearby.

Personal Perspective

This miniature game, smaller than anticipated, was a hit at my office holiday party, providing a surprising amount of fun despite its size. The paddles are extremely tiny, even for a desktop game, and the net had some stability issues, but these quirks added to the charm. While not practical for serious play, this game made for a delightful novelty gift that both my coworkers and kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener

  • Funny Face

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Useful

The laughter that ensues when someone unwraps this funny nose pencil sharpener is a sure thing. It’s the ultimate novelty gift that is equally as useful. It works like a traditional pencil sharpener but uses the nostrils instead. The nose looks hilarious on a countertop or a desk but earns its place there.

Community Feedback

Excellent, this nose sharpener is a hilarious novelty that certainly stirred up some laughs during the office party. Despite its humorous design, it remains functional and of good quality, making it an amusing yet practical gag gift.

White Elephant Planter Pot

  • Literally Speaking

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Unique

Not all white elephant gifts have to fall into the novelty category. This cute ceramic planter pot takes the gift exchange seriously. It looks like an actual white elephant and is best suited to succulents or other small plants. The planter looks great on a desk at work, near a window, or anywhere a white elephant is needed.

First-Hand Impression

In my personal experience, this small pot has an elegant simplicity that seamlessly fits with any decor. I've used it as a charming home for my little oregano plant, and it brings a whimsical touch to the space. Despite its petite size, which caught me off guard initially, it's perfect for small plants or succulents. I've even found it useful as a holder for pens. I gifted one with a sweetheart succulent plant, and the recipient was thrilled. This planter's subtle, minimalistic vibe and its versatile use make it just darling.

Grump Stress Relief Putty

  • Grab A Grump

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Accessories

This grump stress relief putty is a nice way to relieve some tension. Whoever needs it most will find easy-to-use putty that offers tactile therapy inside a tin with a mean-looking character on the lid. The putty won’t leave a mess but may increase happy feelings.

User Experience

In my personal experience, this product made for a humorous and entertaining gift. I initially bought it as a quirky addition to my daughter's Christmas stocking, and it certainly delivered in terms of amusement. However, it did stick to my hands like glue, causing a bit of frustration while trying to remove it. On the flip side, my son thoroughly enjoyed playing with it, providing him with a good amount of fun. This product also made a memorable Father's Day present for my husband, eliciting a hearty laugh. Although it may not be quite on par with similar products like Crazy Aaron's, it still holds its own as a unique and entertaining item.

Multi-Tool Pen

  • No Tool Box Needed

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Gadgets

Both men and women in your group will want to get their hands on this multi-tool pen. Each pen has six functions in one for a ton of different tasks. It works as a screwdriver, stylus, ruler, and, of course, a pen. The tool is the best item to find when they look for a pen and discover so much more.

Personal Perspective

I found this multi-tool pen to be incredibly handy, boasting a metric and standard measure, level, touchscreen-friendly tip, and not one, but two screwdrivers, all while still functioning as a reliable writing utensil with included refills. Whether it was my dad turning it into his everyday carry pen or my grandson finding it a "cool" addition to his hobbies, this pen proved to be a conversation starter and a practical tool, despite the initial confusion about its six features due to lack of labels.
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Back Scratcher Set

  • Reach Everywhere

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Useful, Accessories

Those you know will find a job and get done with this set of back scratchers. They come in handy whenever they can’t reach that one spot that eludes them. The best part may be that it includes two scratchers to share the other with someone they love or keep them in separate strategic locations.

Community Feedback

Bought this back scratcher and it quickly became an essential part of my daily routine. The retractable handle allows me to reach difficult spots and provides a satisfying scratch, while the prongs, although sharper than others I've used, offer a better itch relief. The convenience of having two back scratchers means I never have to look far for relief, whether I'm at home or at work.

LED Gloves

  • Light Up For Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Set

These LED gloves can bring happiness to kids and adults alike. They make a fun choice for anyone who needs some light in their life. The gloves use LED lights to produce a rainbow of vivid colors. They can add something special to a costume or make any gathering as festive as they come.

First-Hand Impression

I've been using these gloves for some time now and despite early hiccups, the experience has been mostly positive. Unfortunately, only one glove worked when I first received them, but after replacing the battery, both gloves started working perfectly. These gloves are quite versatile and have different settings, making them suitable for kids of all ages. I've even used them for glow drumming and they've performed excellently. Despite the initial damage, I was able to fix the issue and have since been enjoying the product.

Engraved “Cereal Killer” Spoon

  • Gag Me With A Spoon

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Funny, Accessories

Gag gifts under $10 don’t get much funnier than this engraved “cereal killer” spoon. In addition to being a unisex gift, the spoon’s double meaning of “cereal killer” will bring smiles. It becomes that spoon in the back of the drawer that makes someone laugh the moment they reach for it.

User Experience

Bought this spoon and was immediately impressed by its heavy-duty quality and the perfect balance between bent and straight, making it ideal for enjoying my favorite soups and cereals. The stainless steel finish gives it a sleek look, and it's kept its shine even after about 50 washes. While its thickness might not suit everyone, I found it a testament to its durability as it stood up to various eating scenarios without bending. The attention to detail, especially the unfaded engraving, added a fun and personalized touch that always brings a smile to my face.

Money Puzzle Box

  • Work For It

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Novelty

This money puzzle box is the perfect surprise for a white elephant gift exchange. You can add a small cash gift inside, but, to get to it, they have to solve the puzzle. The plastic box has a metal ball they’ll have to navigate until it reaches the endpoint. Only then will their cash prize belong to them, making it fun along the way.

Personal Perspective

I'm quite impressed with this puzzle gift I bought for my grandson's graduation. It's not overly complex, but challenging enough to engage him and encourage problem-solving. I personally tested it and found it to be a fun way to "work" for a monetary reward. It's not as sturdy as other puzzle boxes I've encountered, and opening it requires a bit of finesse, but witnessing the excitement on my grandson's face as he solved it was priceless. If you're looking for a super difficult brain-buster, this might not be it, but it certainly adds an engaging twist to gift-giving.

Elephant Pencil Holder

  • Elephant Friend

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Unique

The elephant design of this desk accessory takes the white elephant gift exchange quite literally. It’s a practical way to prop up a cell phone, so people can talk or watch content hands-free. The colorful wood holder also has plenty of room for other office stuff. This elephant has the strength to hold everything from pencils and pens to scissors, tape, and paperclips.

Community Feedback

I initially found this desk organizer a bit challenging to assemble, but once I patiently worked through it, the end result was a sturdy and practical addition to my workspace. Despite its initial flimsiness, a little bit of super glue at the connecting points transformed it into a solid and adorable holder for my phone and stationery, making it a beloved part of my desk setup.

Insulated Lunch Bag

No products found.

Check Price
  • Adult Lunch Box

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Useful, Unique

Never again does anyone have to brown bag it to work or shove their lunch into an already-filled backpack. This insulated lunch bag is stylish and functional. It’s cloth on the outside, while the inside material keeps food warm or cold for up to four hours. In addition to workdays, the bag is ideal for outdoor events, picnics, or beach days when work isn’t on the mind.

Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses

  • Shoot Em Up

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Set, Funny, Accessories

Drinking-related items for a gift exchange can get tedious, but these shotgun shell glasses can make them interesting again. The four novelty shot glasses look like shotgun shells that got re-purposed. The next after-work office party could already be in the making.

User Experience

If you're in the market for sturdy and fun shot glasses, these shooters certainly fit the bill. Although they're made of plastic, not glass as originally thought, they're thick and nicely constructed. I've found that they can lose their gold detailing over time if not properly cared for, so I'd suggest hand washing them.

White Elephant Gifts FAQs

How Do You Play White Elephant?

A white elephant gift exchange is a unique way to experience a more interesting secret Santa. Each participant still brings a new, wrapped gift to the exchange. Players draw numbers to determine the order of gift-giving. As numbers are drawn, players can then take what they’re given or steal a gift, which is where it gets really fun for all.

How Do You Spice Up a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

The rules are general for a white elephant gift exchange, so players can adjust the rules to suit them. Choosing a specific theme for the event can make it more interesting for all. Holiday themes like an ugly sweater party, games, or karaoke are all good ideas, so everyone has a wonderful time.

Is Wine a Good White Elephant Gift?

Wine makes a great white elephant gift for many reasons. You can find a good wine for a price that likely reflects the spending parameters of the exchange. Wine is festive for the holidays and is one of the more popular gifts for participants to get their hands on.

How We Choose White Elephant Gifts Under 10 Dollars

At Gift Rabbit, we are committed to making your gift-giving process as easy and reliable as possible. We thoroughly research and review a wide range of unique white elephant gifts under 10 dollars, considering various factors and criteria such as price, style, and customer feedback. Our experts evaluate products from a user’s perspective and score each item to ensure you get the best value for your money. We compare gifts based on numerous aspects, and consult various sources to gather the most up-to-date information. By providing a comprehensive and diverse list of gift ideas, we cater to all demographics and preferences. Trust Gift Rabbit to guide you to the perfect, affordable white elephant gift.

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Maryana Vestic

Maryana Vestic is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and food photographer with a background in entertainment Business Affairs. She studied film at NYU, Irish Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and has an MFA in Creative Writing Nonfiction from The New School. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, and horror films, as well as running a local baking business in Brooklyn with her boyfriend.