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30 Best Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Treat the guy in your life with these dude-approved gift baskets for men they’ll be sure to enjoy.

Buying gift baskets for men can be a daunting challenge. The majority of gift baskets on the market are geared toward women, with less attention being paid to the men in their life. You may not know whether to get a gift basket that focuses on DIY, food, or tech.

Keep reading for our cool picks below of fun and distinctive gift basket ideas for men that will best fit who they are and what they love most. From creative collections to surprising finds, these gift baskets for him will bring a big smile to his face.

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30 Best Gift Basket Ideas for Men

Gather the best gift baskets for him and charm the man in your life with some manly luxury.

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Happy Birthday Box

  • A Treasure Trove For Guys

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Birthday, Accessories, Fun

This cool gift box is a fun way to wish the man in your life a very Happy Birthday. The set is loaded with unique items made for guys, from a spiced bergamot soap to a leather notebook, fun socks, and more, all organized in an equally as manly leather tray he can use for these or any other items he wants to keep track of.

Cheese Gift Basket

  • For The Love Of Cheese

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Cool, Fun

Gift baskets for men that celebrate the guy you know best will thrill him, especially when he opens up this awesome gourmet cheese gift set. The selection of imported cheeses will allow him to sample delicious cheeses like Sheep’s Milk, Brie, and Gouda. He can have his own cheese party with the Dalmatian fig spread, petite toasts, and a cheese knife to get him started.

Man Box

  • Get Ready For Manly

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cool, Fun

When a regular collection of gifts isn’t manly enough for the guy you care about, you can provide him with all his male self desires with this gift box full of rugged accessories. He’ll be ready for anything outdoorsy with the jute fire rope, Rambo knife, tumbler, and more. There’s even a coffee grit soap and man candle so he can keep calm at all times on his adventures.

Luxury Spa Gift Set

  • An All-Natural Man

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Accessories

Just because this special spa gift set is made for men doesn’t mean it’s not an example of luxury for your favorite guy. The set is packed into a handsome travel bag and filled with everything he needs to pamper himself his way, from bath soap and body wash to body scrub, body lotion, and bath salt for the most masculine bath he’s ever taken.

Tequila Decanter Set

  • Drink The Worm

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Bar, Cool, Fun

This out-of-the-box gift bundle for guys will be sure to surprise the man you know when he opens it and finds a stylish Tequila decanter set that’s ready for use. The Mexican Day of the Dead style skull decanter is hand-painted clay (and wears a sombrero), as are the matching four shot glasses so he and his close friends can celebrate how awesome they are in style.

Mens Gift Set

  • The Gentleman’s Things

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cool

You can only win big for the guy in your life when you hand him this set of customized men’s accessories for his birthday, Christmas, or anytime you want to say “I love you.” The gift box includes a collection for everyday use. A leather belt, matching wallet, and keychain are joined by a pair of suave aviator sunglasses, a ballpoint pen, and a rugged wristwatch he won’t forget.

Beard Grooming Gift Set

  • Get Grooming Already

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Accessories, Cool

The best way to get romantic for the man you know is to teach him how to pamper his beloved beard, which this beard grooming set definitely does well. The beard-ready care package is full of luxurious products to keep his beard game strong and encourage health and growth. From beard wash and conditioner to trimming accessories and beard oil, he’ll be ready to rock.

Men’s Gift Tie Set

  • Corporate Care Package

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Accessories, Cool

You can help jettison your favorite man into a world of style with this men’s gift set of handsome ties and accessories. The set has three imported neckties, four tie clips, and four cufflinks he can interchange as he desires with any look he’s going for. He’ll be able to look dapper with ease when he’s got this sleek and silky secret weapon in his fashion arsenal (and his closet).

Sandalwood & Oak Spa Kit

  • Smell Like Sandalwood And Oak

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Set, Accessories

Your favorite guy won’t be able to stop himself from getting into the pampering found in this gift basket of spa stuff. The set is all scented with the manly aroma of sandalwood and oak. It not only offers him traditional spa products like shower gel, face wash, and body lotion, but also has unique additions like body mist, bath salts, and bubble bath for the ultimate man spa day.

Fully Loaded Gift Basket

  • The Survival Of Man

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Birthday, Spa, Fun

When you don’t know how to make gift basket ideas for men stand out from the crowd, this birthday gift box will step in and get the job done. The metal ammo can box sets the stage for unique, rugged gifts he’ll love, including a beard care gift set, a glass skull mug, and a magnetic tool wristband for getting stuff done.

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Grilling Gift Basket

  • The Ultimate Grill Experience

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Home, DIY

Get the guy you know ready for the best grilling party around with this grilling gift basket that contains everything else he’ll need for an awesome outdoor barbeque. The food gift basket has all sorts of goodies, like BBQ rub for chicken and ribs, different savory snacks, and tools like a beer can chicken roaster and hamburger press so he can create awesome grilled feasts as he likes.

Variety Snack Box

  • When You Care Enough To Snack

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Cool, Fun

There’s no getting around the fact that guys can’t resist a really good snack box full of tasty delights. This variety snack box is a cheap but memorable way to give your favorite dude his own snack department all to himself. With 45 items, including Goldfish, nuts, cookies, fruit snacks, granola bars, and more, his taste buds will be satisfied for a long time to come.

Nut & Dried Fruit Basket

  • A Classic Man Treat

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun

Show the man in your life how much you care with this well-stocked nut and dried fruit gift basket he’ll enjoy. The box contains a staggering 18 varieties of dried fruit and nuts, from papaya, cranberries, and plums to cashews, pistachios, and almonds. His snacking urges can remain fulfilled for a good chunk of time with this generous gift basket kept close at hand.

Coffee Masters Gift Set

  • A Coffee-Centric Getaway

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun

You can wake up the guy you know with unforgettable flavor and intensity when you give him this coffee masters gift set to keep him going all day long. The set of 12 gourmet coffees includes brews from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, and France. Wherever he decides to go first, his coffee will get him there and back again in no time.

Exotic Jerky Gift Box

  • Wild Game Gourmet

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Cool, Fun

Make a man happier than a little boy with this extra-special exotic jerky gift box. He will get chowing down on this selection of distinctly flavored jerky before too long, especially with jerky made from buffalo, venison, wild boar, and elk. He won’t have to step one foot outside of his home and still get to taste exotic meats in jerky form every time he craves them.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

  • Drink Up In Style

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Birthday, Bar, Home

Give the gift of the perfect glass of whiskey to your favorite guy when you deliver this whiskey stones gift set to his door. The bar set has a set of eight whiskey stones for his drinks to stay cold, plus two rocks glasses, a pair of coasters, and some tongs to make sure every last detail is for that romantic evening with you, him, and some perfectly chilled whiskey.

DIY Whiskey Kit

  • Crafting The Good Stuff

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, DIY, Bar

This DIY whiskey infusion kit will get your guy started on the road to creating unique whiskey flavors with an array of ingredients at his fingertips. He can use the included bottles to make his own brand of whiskey using wood chips with botanical notes and one-of-a-kind flavors like vanilla, coffee, and chocolate until his great creation is complete and everyone can try it.

Chocolate Caramel Crunch Gift Basket

  • On The Road To Crunchy

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun

Guys enjoy sweet treats just as much as the ladies do, so this chocolate caramel crunch gift basket gets the job done in satisfying their sweet tooth in a flash. The gift set has tons of sweet delights, from chocolates and flavored pretzels to caramel corn and chocolate-covered nuts. Whatever their mood, they can fulfill all their sweet cravings with this thoughtful box full of tasty.

Man Snack Beef Gift Basket

  • Beef Lovers Unite

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun, Cool

Help make the guy in your life happy using the power of meat with this man-approved beef snack gift basket for him to enjoy. The collection has all kinds of meat in different and delicious forms, including summer sausage, beef jerky, and beef sticks, in addition to cheese and other snacks that fit right into the meat-ready feast he’s about to have all to himself.

Cocktail Smoker Kit

  • Smoke For The Flavor

  • $$$$$
  • Set, DIY, Fun, Bar

Get your favorite dude smoking in the best way possible with this entertaining cocktail smoker kit for his home bar. The seven-piece package has everything he’ll need to make smoked cocktails, including gourmet wood chips containing pecan, cherry, and apple wood flavor. He’ll be a smoking machine before you know it and thank you for bringing so much fun into his life.

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ManKandle Gift Basket

  • Stress Relief For Him

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Accessories

This set of ManKandles makes a meaningful (and masculine) way to get some relief to the stressed-out guy in your life. The six candles can help lift his spirits and calm his anxiety, while offering him inspirational messages on each lid to remind him to take time out for himself and smell the best aromas while he can.

Mens Gift Set

  • The Best Of

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Birthday, Accessories, Fun

Guys can get themselves stuck into this inviting birthday gift set with ease. The customized gifts for him include an array of popular accessories he’ll love, including a “You are awesome” tumbler, a multitool pen and knife, and a set of LED gloves to provide all the light he needs to get every one of his special projects done the right way.

Italian Meat & Cheese Gift Basket

  • Italians Make It Better

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun, Cool

Rev up your favorite guy’s taste buds with this gift basket of Italian meat and cheese that will excite him to no end. The set offers up antipasto delicacies like prosciutto, salami, provolone, olives, and much more he can enjoy in the name of all things Italian. This gift basket may not last very long, but just hope he invites you to join in his delicious snack party too.

Hot Sauce Gift Set

  • Keeping It Hot

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun, Cool

Men will appreciate the unique gourmet style and variety in this hot sauce gift set that heats things up nicely. The set includes seven international hot sauces with flavors such as Ghost Pepper, Garlic Herb, and Chipotle Pepper. He may never run out of good dishes to use his many hot sauces with and can be inspired to create new ones in their honor.

Personalized Pizza Man Crate

  • Mr. Pizza Man

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Fun, Accessories, DIY

It may strike him funny when the guy you know receives a man gift crate from you as a gift, but once he looks inside, he’ll know why this personalized pizza crate can make all his pizza-making dreams come true. The box contains an array of high-quality pizza tools, like a stone bearing his name and a pizza cutter, plus other ingredients he can use to make a delicious pizza right now.

Ocean Scented Gift Box

  • Take Him To The Ocean

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Spa, Accessories, Cool

Get the man in your life ocean-ready with this unforgettable ocean-scented gift box he’ll be sure to use. The spa-centric gift set contains items for his spa weekend to get started, like massage oil, a scented candle, and even a man mug. The ocean scent of all the bath products will stay with him and carry him forward through work and life to his next ocean getaway.

Dan The Sausageman Gift Basket

  • Meat, Cheese, And Much More

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun

Your favorite guy will pop open this Dan The Sausageman gift basket and dig right into the meaty delicacies with no trouble at all. The vintage-style tin has summer sausage, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and a load of savory delicacies he can enjoy with his sausage collection, so any occasion is made more delicious with each meaty bite.

Thank You Cookie Gift Basket

  • A Very Sweet Thank You

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun

Men will be surprised when they open this thank you cookie gift basket and find a colorful array of homemade vanilla sugar cookies saying “thanks” to them in cute, caring ways. The 12 cookies are decorated with words like “Thanks a bunch” and “You’re Appreciated,” so with each bite, he never forgets how much you cherish him in your life.

International Snacks Gift Basket

  • A Trip Around The World

  • $$$$$
  • Set, Gourmet, Fun, Cool

Gift baskets for him that include internationally popular snacks from all over the globe are sure to delight him each time he tries something new. The box is loaded with unique and delicious finds, from Indian snack mix and Italian chocolate treats to British biscuits (cookies) and spicy Asian candy. He’ll be exploring a whole new world of awesome with this thoughtful gift set.

Bath Gift Set

  • He Needs A Bath

  • $$$$$
  • Spa, Set, Accessories, Fun

Introduce your favorite guy to the world of bath time in a manly, unencumbered way when you give him this all-inclusive bath set. The collection of bath-ready products comes in a travel toiletry bag he can always use and has Eucalyptus face wash, body lotion, shower gel, and more to get him going every day when it’s time to take a bath and forget the world for a while.

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Gift Baskets for Men FAQs

What Do You Put in a Man’s Gift Basket?

Mens’ gift baskets can be filled with fun items they will enjoy getting into, one product at a time. You can include cufflinks, a watch, or other jewelry to men’s spa products, like beard oil or wash, lotions, or shower steamers. You can work the comfort angle with a soft robe or include tasty food products from hot sauce and beer to meat and cheese spreads he’ll love.

How Much Should I Spend on a Man’s Gift Basket?

Like a woman’s gift basket, a men’s gift basket can generally cost between $45 – 50. You can also put together a homemade gift basket that may cost less or splurge a little more if he’s into more higher-end gift baskets.

What Can I Use Instead of a Gift Basket?

There are many creative ways to fill a men’s gift basket without an actual basket itself. You can load up a pair of cozy men’s slippers, use a metal bucket you might normally use as a planter, fill up a wooden crate to get that rugged man-approved look, or even put his favorite things into a new travel bag he can also use after the fact.

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