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50 Cool Gift Ideas For 11-Year-Old Girls

Tween girls will get excited for the fun gifts for 11-year-old girls in our handpicked guide below.

There is something unique and often complicated about an 11-year-old girl. She’s been a tween for a couple of years and isn’t too far from being an official teenager. Her likes and dislikes are constantly in a state of flux. It can be frustrating to find the ideal gift for her with all the changes she’s going through and yet to go through.

Find some tween solace in our unique guide to awesome gifts for 11-year-old girls that will keep them smiling all the way to their teens.

50 Best Gift Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

Bring 1000 smiles to the tween girl in your life with these top gifts for 11-year-old girls.

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Mermaid Tail Blanket

  • Warm As The Ocean

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Keepsake, Birthday

This whimsical mermaid blanket is the ideal gift for 11-year-old girls who want to keep warm and pretend they’re a mermaid at the same time. The handcrafted knitted pattern of the blanket that becomes a mermaid’s tail will keep your mermaid girl comfy for the duration of an afternoon at home or while keeping cozy during a movie. The blanket comes with a matching mermaid necklace so she can keep the mermaid mood going strong.

3D String Art Kit

  • Star Light Star Bright

  • $$$$$
  • DIY, Kit, Creative

Give the gift of crafty creativity to the 11-year-old girl in your life with a 3D string art kit. The fun DIY kit includes an inflatable star, a string of LED lights, and some glue to hold it all together. She’ll love wrapping this star in whatever fashion she likes and having a magical star-shaped lantern as a cool piece of bedroom decor for her next sleepover.

Galaxy Slime Kit

  • For Slime Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, DIY, Creative

This slime kit is the mother of all top slime kits out there. The 41-piece kit has everything an 11-year-old girl could want to get started on all the coolest slime creations. She can make different textures of slime and use the 20+ slime accessories, from colored inks, glitter, confetti, scent, and more, to make slime that is the most unique to her.

Jewelry Making Kit

  • The Craft Of Jewelry

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, DIY, Creative, Jewelry

11-year-old girls will enjoy using this jewelry making kit to create cute glass pendant designs that they can wear or give to friends. The kit comes with four pendant shapes and tons of different cool designs that she can put into the glass. The kit also makes a great addition to 11th birthday parties that will keep things crafty and fun.

Women Science Pioneers Book

  • Women Of Science

  • $$$$$
  • Books, Keepsake, Creative

This awesome book highlights 50 women who were notable pioneers in the worlds of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. The book is perfect for 11-year-old girls who want to dream big and get inspired to follow the road toward the sciences. The entertaining stories of these famous women also prove to be terrific stories all around and will sit proudly in the book collection of the tween girl in your life for a long time.

Initial Stud Earrings

  • Initial Here

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Cute, Birthday

A wonderful addition to any 11-year-old girl’s jewelry collection, this set of stud earrings can be customized to reflect the first name initial of the birthday girl. The size of the earrings is perfect for tweens and the multicolor design is cute enough that she may love wearing the earrings to school, hanging with friends, or taking part in cool activities that only 11-year-old girls can manage so well.

Ukulele Set

  • Learn To Play

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Kit, Birthday

This unique kit for beginner ukulele players will leave an impression on the 11-year-old girl you know instantly. The kit has a ukulele that is ideal for preteen hands and accessories like picks, strings, and even lessons. She can dive into the art of playing ukulele and become the coolest tween the world has ever seen.

Framed Paint-By-Numbers Kit

  • Every Number Counts

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, DIY

This paint-by-numbers kit is a wonderful way for 11-year-old girls to get creative and stay focused while doing so. The kit has a framed painting, acrylic paints, and brushes so she can get started right away. The design that she’ll paint is an adorable array of abstract penguins that will look really cute on her wall when she’s done.

11th Birthday Unicorn Charm Bracelet

  • Charmed By A Unicorn

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Birthday, Keepsake

This glamorous charm bracelet is one of the best ways to celebrate the 11-year-old girl that you care about. The silver bracelet has shimmering rhinestone beads and different detailed charms, including a number 11, a unicorn, and a rainbow. She’ll love wearing the bracelet as much as she loves turning 11 years old (which is a lot).

Gratitude Journal

  • The Power Of Gratitude

  • $$$$$
  • Books, Keepsake, Creative

This gratitude journal for middle school girls will become a way that your favorite 11-year-old girl can record her thoughts and focus on having gratitude for everything she has in her life. The journal can work as a regular meditation and boost her confidence while setting goals and being mindful at the same time. A great gift for Christmas, this journal will see her through her middle school years with gratitude and more.

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Unicorn Night Light

  • Keeping Magical At Night

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Keepsake

This magical unicorn night light will set the mystic mood for any 11-year-old girl’s bedroom. The LED light creates a 3D projection of a beautiful unicorn that can be easily adjusted to loads of different colors, depending on her mood. The details in the unicorn’s design will impress any tween girl and her very picky friends.

Doodles Activity Book

  • A Book Of Art To-Do’s

  • $$$$$
  • Books, DIY, Creative

This book of art activity ideas is a super fun way for 11-year-old girls to get creative in many different ways. Between doodle designs and color palettes, the book will provide hours of artistic fun and has a guide to basic techniques and motivational inspiration that will get her drawing and sketching faster than ever.

Kids Cookbook

  • Junior Chef In Charge

  • $$$$$
  • Books, Creative, DIY

This cookbook is an awesome way to motivate 11-year-old girls to go beyond kid’s recipes and get into the adult world of cooking and baking. They can work on basic skills that will stay with them forever, like making a grocery list or developing safe knife skills. They can also learn more complicated recipes with ease, from pulled pork sliders to tzatziki. They’ll be ready for their own show in no time.

Jumbo Hair Chalk Pens

  • Add Some Jumbo Color

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, DIY, Kit

11-year-old girls will love adding temporary color to their hair with this kit of chalk pens. This new style kit has jumbo pens filled with loads of awesome color that they can easily use. Colors like green apple and blueberry will stand out amongst other hair chalk kits and girls will love the look they can whip up for school events, costume time, or anytime they want to do something different with their hair.

LED Letter Lights Sign

  • Ms. Marquee

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Creative

This cool gift for an 11-year-old daughter or granddaughter is simple—a sign shaped in the first initial of her name is adorned with festive LED lights. She can keep her own personal marquee going strong in her room or use this as the first in a series of lit letter signs that eventually spell out her name…a project worth looking into!

Girl Power Headphones

  • Power Between The Ears

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Creative, Birthday

The 11-year-old girl in your life will thank you for these cool girly headphones that do more than just play music. The unique design of the headphones features a hand-drawn look that depicts Rosie The Riveter to “Girl Power” written out and everything in between that she will love. The comfy over-the-ear headphones have great audio and limit high volume to protect her ears until adulthood.

Nancy Drew Book Set

  • Girl Detective

  • $$$$$
  • Books, Keepsake, Creative

This deluxe box set of Nancy Drew books will become a treasured keepsake in the collection of the 11-year-old girl you know. This book set is amongst the most classic of gift ideas for 11-year-old girls that they’ll be sure to love. The four-book set has been designed with a beautiful cover, while each book is designed to keep the spirit of Nancy Drew alive for a whole new generation of tween girls to enjoy.

Playing Cat Bracelet

  • For Cat Lady Jr.

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Cute

This sterling silver bracelet has a playful cat-friendly design that 11-year-old girls will enjoy. The delicate bracelet is joined together by a central cat that is playing with a ball made from bluestone. The uniquely designed bracelet makes a sweet keepsake for an 11th birthday or anytime you want to bring a little playfulness into the life of your young cat lady.

Girls Digital Sports Watch

  • Sporty Enough For A Tween

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Cute, Birthday

Whether the 11-year-old girl in your life is a classic tomboy or she just loves playing sports and being active, she’ll love this lightweight sports watch for girls. The digital watch features day/date, an alarm, and a stopwatch feature. She can also have fun choosing which of the many different colors to flash when the watch is in darkness.

Flashing Cube Game

  • Lights Up For Education

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Creative

This flashing cube game is a thoughtful way for your favorite 11-year-old girl to train her brain while getting seriously entertained. The light-up cube has four memory-focused brain games like chasing the light as it moves, memorizing patterns, and much more. Girls will enjoy the challenge of these games while loving this cool gadget that has everything they need to have smart fun anytime they like.

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Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

  • Singing Her Heart Out

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, DIY, Creative

Get the 11-year-old girl in your life into performing mode with this cool Bluetooth karaoke microphone. The microphone will connect to any device so she can pick and choose her favorite songs and music to rock out to. The microphone has a voice-changing ability to pep things up while she sings and can be used at home or at sleepovers to transform a normal night with friends into a commanding performance and hours of fun.

3D Coloring Puzzle Set

  • Puzzle And Color

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, DIY, Creative

This distinct set of animal puzzles work in two ways—11-year-old girls can work on the challenge of putting them together and, once the four animals are in place, they can use the set of 12 color markers to fill in the intricate details in any color scheme they like. The animals make for cute room decor once they have been constructed and decorated by the girl artists who can put them together again.

Sketch It Nail Pens

  • Instant Nail Salon

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, DIY

When an 11-year-old girl near you becomes obsessed with nail art, you can provide her with this awesome nail art kit that will jettison her skills into professional mode super quickly. The kit includes 109 accessories that start by painting nails with the high-quality polish, painting five different colors onto nails, and then applying all kinds of appliques and gems to make the coolest set of nails she’s ever created.

Origami Puzzle Game

  • Origami Challenge Time

  • $$$$$
  • DIY, Creative, Kit

This set of origami puzzles will tickle the brain of your favorite 11-year-old girl until she learns the interesting art of folding origami while conquering challenging puzzles. This kit will provide tons of fun with its 100 puzzles that work with different difficulty levels. She has to fold the pieces until they create a complete picture. The game is addictive and she may not stop until she’s made every picture come together.

Lighting Girl Book

  • Meet Middle School Challenges

  • $$$$$
  • Books, Cute, Creative

This book is a wonderful way to ease anxieties that 11-year-old girls may experience when entering middle school. The book tells the tale of an ordinary girl who is struck by lightning and blessed with genius superpowers. Even though she’s got these powers, she still needs to get through middle school. The story invites the readers to think about friendship, personal goals, and staying true to yourself even in the strange land of middle school.

Digital Alarm Clock

  • Set Your Alarms

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Creative, Birthday

When the 11-year-old girl in your life needs to wake up for school, give her the most awesome alarm clock you can to do so. This alarm clock has a cool night light design that includes seven different color schemes to match each day of the week. The alarm has choices of relaxing sounds and songs that she can wake up with and the ability to snooze by just tapping the top of the globe.

Kids Global Holiday Dessert Kit

  • International World Of Desserts

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, DIY

You can bet the 11-year-old girl you know has never gotten a dessert kit quite like this one. This super cool global holiday dessert kit includes three holiday dessert recipes from all over the world that celebrate special events, like treats from Austria, Japan, and Croatia. They will love getting into the holiday traditions while discovering new facts about the culinary world around them.

11th Birthday Beads Bracelet

  • 11th Birthday Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Cute

This precious bracelet does its job to commemorate the 11th birthday of the coolest tween girl you know. Its girly style uses 11 shimmering crystal beads on a bracelet that celebrates a bead for each year. The bracelet will suit the style of any 11-year-old girl who wants a cool piece of jewelry to wear every day. She will love wearing this keepsake and likely cherish it for a very long time.

Princess Style Jewelry Box

  • A Princess’s Treasure Box

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Birthday

This cool princess-style jewelry box looks like a retro suitcase than any 11-year-old girl will love having to herself. She can open up the box and keep all manner of jewelry, trinkets, and accessories in the various organized levels of the box. There are slide-out drawers, special spaces set for rings or earrings, and even a secret compartment that will safely hold her most precious keepsake.

DIY Wind Chime Craft Kit

  • A Wind Chime Like No Other

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, DIY

This wind chime kit is one of the most unique DIY kits for 11-year-old girls out there. The kit uses clay blocks, along with various tools to decorate with, to help them create super special looking wind chimes that look like geodes. After baking the clay and assembling the chimes, she will love listening to the wind chime sing and know she did her part in creating this beautiful object for her room.

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AR/VR Headset

  • VR Field Trip Day

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Creative

Give an 11-year-old girl this award-winning virtual reality headset and you’ll have one very happy tween on your hands. The headset allows her to travel virtually and take part in educational explorations that are sure to move her. The ultimate in toys for 11-year-old girls, this VR headset fits any standard smartphone and works with the Merge Miniverse program online.

Tie-Dye Crop Top Hoodie

  • Get Happy

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute

With its tie-dye style and comfy fit, this stylish crop top hoodie will get your 11-year-old girl’s attention. The pull-on lightweight hoodie is ideal for typical middle-school-aged outfits, so she can wear it practically anytime she wants. The hoodie has a cursive “happy” design, which will let the whole school know that this tween girl is chill no matter what.

11th Birthday Makeup Bag

  • All Made Up For 11

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Cute, Birthday

This cute birthday-themed makeup bag is a thoughtful way to celebrate the 11-year-old girl in your life on her 11th birthday. The bag can hold a number of makeup items and girly accessories, while it comes with a makeup mirror that is an instant keepsake. The mirror has an inspiring message for the birthday girl, while the bag reads in full style, “The Princess Is 11.”

Cake Pop Maker Kit

  • Cakes-A-Poppin’

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Kit, DIY

Add a little DIY to your favorite 11-year-old girl’s birthday this year with this fun cake pop maker kit. She can take part in getting creative with making her own cake pops and decorating them just as she wants them to be. A great idea for slumber parties or a themed birthday party, these cake pops will win any tween girl over to the sweet side.

Friendship Bracelet Kit

  • Friendship Making Is Forever

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, DIY, Creative

This loaded DIY kit for making friendship bracelets will keep the 11-year-old girl you know and her friends busy for some time. The kit includes seven different types of bracelets that they can work on. Add-on decor includes decorative buttons with designs as varied as soccer balls and guitars to donuts and owls. They will have so many ways to show their friendship they might have to look for more friends.

Cartoon Animal Socks Set

  • Beasts Of The Sock Kingdom

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute

11-year-old girls will surprise you and be super excited when they receive this set of six pairs of adorable animal-themed socks. The anime-style socks hit just below the knee and will accentuate any cute outfit they can come up with. The set includes different varieties of cats, foxes, and more. She’ll love the playful feel of the socks and look forward to wearing them every day.

Paint Your Own S’Mores Birthday Kit

  • DIY Birthday S’mores

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, DIY, Birthday

The sheer delight that making s’mores gives to 11-year-old girls is only matched by the awesomeness of this birthday s’mores gift basket. Not only can she and her friends construct delicious s’mores, but they can paint birthday messages or anything they like all over the marshmallow before the s’more is complete. Who needs s’more than that for a good time?

Bluetooth Speaker Bedside Lamp

  • A Lamp That Rocks

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Birthday

You will hit the mark with the 11-year-old girl in your life when you give her this super-sleek bedside lamp that also contains a wireless Bluetooth speaker. She can simply use the touch feature to change the color of the lamp and its brightness depending on the time of day or her mood. The light combined with the capabilities of the speaker will keep her happily in her room until further notice.

Royal Eleveness T-Shirt

  • The Royal T-Shirt

  • $$$$$
  • Clothing, Cute, Birthday

This snarky and well-designed t-shirt is a good choice for the girl you know on her 11th birthday. The comfortable, lightweight cotton t-shirt celebrates her big day with the phrase “Her Royal Elevenness.” The sweet heart and crown designs only make the shirt that much cooler for a birthday girl that you love most.

Mega Art Set

  • Artful In Every Way

  • $$$$$
  • DIY, Creative, Kit

This art set is mega in so many ways that it will take some time before the 11-year-old girl in your life even gets to use it all. The 162-piece set includes every art tool that a girl could want when nurturing her inner creative. Whether she’s painting, playing with chalk or crayon pastels, sketching, coloring in shapes with pencils, this set will have her back. Look out, art world.

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DIY Wall Collage Set

  • A Decor All Her Own

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Creative, DIY

Let an 11-year-old girl loose in her own space with this cool DIY wall collage set and watch her create the ultimate surrounding that is unique to her alone. The kit will give her lots of great options for her wall that include different cutouts, stickers, quotes, art tools, string, and tape to hold it all together. She can change her look per season or mood as easily as she created it the first time.

Double Ditto Board Game

  • Take A Guess (Any Guess)

  • $$$$$
  • Creative, Cute

Get together with your favorite 11-year-old girl and watch the fun that ensues when you give her this entertaining board game. The card game asks a question and lets the room go wild in guessing what others might say. She will try to be in sync with other players, but the surprise comes when the least likely pair could match up first. A great game for her to enjoy with family and friends.

Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • A Sweet Birthday Treat

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, DIY, Birthday

Give the very special birthday girl in your life a hot chocolate bomb for her 11th birthday. She’ll love this unique sweet treat that comes alive when she adds milk. The Belgian chocolate ball will melt away into a comforting cup of hot chocolate and the mini marshmallows inside the ball will become part of the festive drink that she’ll be sure to enjoy.

Crossbody Purse

  • Everyday Tween Bag

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Birthday, Keepsake

This crossbody purse is the ideal accessory for the 11-year-old girl you know. She’ll be able to keep all her important things in the bag and wear it over her shoulder or crossbody (and adjust it along the way). The adorable elephant design and cool color combination will keep the purse a part of her fashion collection during the tween years and beyond.

11th Birthday Tumbler

  • Hot/Cold Birthday Greetings

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Cute, Keepsake

Celebrate the oncoming 11th birthday of the girl you care about with this set of cute birthday tumblers. The set is stainless steel and will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. One tumbler is large and one small, depending on her beverage needs that day and both have fun 11th birthday messages that she will continue to enjoy.

Personalized Name Necklace

  • Wear Her Name Out

  • $$$$$
  • Jewelry, Keepsake, Cute

This personalized name necklace will make a meaningful birthday or holiday gift for the 11-year-old girl in your life. In addition to being customized with her first name, the necklace has plenty of options as far as chain thickness, chain length, and material, so you can pick out her favorite jewelry combination and deliver a one-of-a-kind keepsake that she will treasure.

LED Bow & Arrow Set

  • Hit All Targets

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Cute, Creative

All 11-year-old girls tend to be adventurous, so why not give the girl you know her own LED bow & arrow set to adventure with? The durably-constructed set is safe for her to use and contains a bow that lights up with LED lights for extra show, arrows, a quiver, and two different targets for her to choose from. She’ll love sharpening her archery skills and focusing on hitting all targets.

Fitness Tracker Watch

  • Get Sporty

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Birthday, Cute

Get your 11-year-old girl excited about fitness, sports, and getting active with this fitness tracker wristwatch that is made for tween girls to wear well. The waterproof watch has over 10 different sport modes like running, walking, cycling, and more. The watch can monitor her heart rate, sleep, water intake and even offer her custom reminders that she sets up herself for a more organized and healthy life.

Aurora Borealis Light Projector

  • Bring The Northern Lights Home

  • $$$$$
  • Cute, Creative, Birthday

The aurora borealis never looked as good as it will in your 11-year-old girl’s bedroom. Under her command, this light projector will cast multiple custom-colored light shows for her to enjoy and be in awe of. The projector can work via a timer and has a speaker as well, so she can listen to her favorite relaxing tunes while gazing up at the northern lights.

Heart-Shaped Lock Diary

  • The Key To Her Heart

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Keepsake, DIY

This diary is the most classic of gifts for 11-year-old girls because it speaks to their need to get their thoughts out and have a sense of privacy at the same time. The champagne-colored diary has a heart lock with a key, while the gilded gold edges of the pages will only make this diary the ultimate keepsake for her to cherish during her all-important tween years.

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