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25 Unique Gifts For History Lovers: 2024 Guide

Edited by April Wright
Handpicked gifts that’ll stir up the past and bring smiles to the present for the history buff in your life.

Need a gift for the history buff in your life? They spend hours reading history, watching it on TV, and planning vacations around historical sites, but what to get them as a gift?

We’ve hand-picked 25 unique gifts for history lovers that will not only surprise and delight them but show you care.

From fossils to American presidents to World Wars, we have history gifts suitable for a variety of interests and every occasion, including Christmas.

Keep reading to find the perfect present for the historian in your life.

25 Cool Gifts for History Lovers

Here are 25 excellent gifts for history buffs that will inspire, amuse and surprise and show them you care.

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A Woman’s Place Is at the Top

  • Inspirational Biography For Armchair Adventurers

  • $$$$$
  • American, Rights

A Woman’s Place Is at the Top: A Biography of Annie Smith Peck tells a story of a woman you’ve probably never heard of. Overcoming her strict New England upbringing, she became a scholar, author, lecturer, women’s vote campaigner, and record-breaking mountain climber. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Peck accomplished all this when women didn’t generally do such things. This book is the perfect gift for arm-chair adventurers or lovers of hidden history.

User Experience

If you're drawn to tales of perseverance in the face of adversity, then this biography of Annie Smith Peck will captivate you. I was thoroughly engrossed by her journey from strict New England upbringing to becoming a scholar, author, lecturer, women’s vote campaigner, and a record-breaking mountain climber. This biography vividly brings to life the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a time when women generally didn't undertake such feats. The story of this woman, who many may not have heard of, provides a refreshing perspective on hidden history. This book will certainly appeal to armchair adventurers and history fanatics alike.

Oriental Furniture Box of 4 Terracotta Warriors

  • For the Chinese History Aficionado

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Beautiful

Four miniature replicas of China’s Terracotta Warriors, a great historical treasure of the world! And all beautifully packaged in a red silk box. Each has unique facial features, with three warriors standing and one kneeling. The tallest is 6 inches. Made out of terracotta clay, they are stable enough to display on a shelf or table. These Terracotta Warriors would be a unique gift for anyone fascinated with Asian history.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these terra cotta warrior figurines has been quite impressive. The attention to detail, from the individual faces to the unique armored fashion, adds a level of authenticity that makes them a captivating sight under my Chinese antique lamps. Despite concerns regarding their size and fragility, I found the 6" figurines to be perfectly proportioned and well-protected in their elegant silk-embroidered box. While the base pedestals could benefit from being a bit larger to enhance stability, this minor issue does not detract from the overall charm and quality of these miniature warriors.

Votes for Women 100th Anniversary Suffrage Buttons

  • For Women Who Vote

  • $$$$$
  • Budget, Rights

Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, these buttons are based on actual 20th-century suffragette designs. The 2.2-inch buttons are a powerful statement and fun to wear. A great gift idea for women who vote and the history lovers in their lives.

Community Feedback

My experience with these politically-themed buttons was quite positive. I found them to be not only a perfect match for a costume I wore recently, but also a conversation starter at my workplace. Moreover, they seem to resonate with young, politically-minded individuals like my 16-year-old niece who can't vote yet. She found these buttons to be a great avenue for expressing her thoughts about the world's happenings.

Kalifano Fossilized Prehistoric Shark Tooth

  • For the Shark Fans

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky

A real fossilized tooth from an Otodus Obliquus Agassiz shark dated back to 50 million years ago. The dimensions of these teeth vary, with an average size of 2 inches long by 2 inches wide. Colors range from creamy white to butterscotch. This cool gift will thrill historians of all ages as well as shark and fossil fans.

First-Hand Impression

Love the uniqueness of this shark tooth - it’s a really cool addition to my grandson's collection. It came in a nice velvet bag and an openable case, which added to the overall appeal. However, I was a tad disappointed when the tooth arrived broken, but the quality and presentation of the product still make it quite a neat find.

History of the American Firefighter Framed Print

  • For Firefighting History Buffs

  • $$$$$
  • American

This lovely print of American firefighters depicts these heroes through the centuries from the pre-Revolutionary 1700s to the modern era. Images of important inventions and developments are included to help your history buff appreciate the changes throughout time. Printed on acid-free paper with fade-free ink, it has a durable pebble-textured finish. The 25.5 inches wide and 7.75 inches tall print arrives with a 1-inch black wooden frame with two hangers on the back – ready to be hung in prime position. A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves American history.

User Experience

My appreciation for this firefighter-themed print soared the moment I hung it on my wall. The intricate detailing of firefighters' history from pre-Revolutionary times to the present day, along with significant inventions, truly ignites a sense of respect for these heroes. The durable, pebble-textured finish and fade-free ink on acid-free paper ensure the print maintains its charm for a long time.

Frank Lloyd Wright Colored Coonley Playhouse Doormat

  • Eye-Catching History

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Useful

From the Official Frank Lloyd Wright collection, this doormat features a geometric motif from the Coonley Playhouse windows. The balloons, confetti, and flags of a parade may have inspired this Wright design of bright colors and geometric shapes. Made of coir fiber on a rubber base, the doormat is sure to bring a smile to your history lover’s face every time they get home. This would be a unique gift for any historian who appreciates architecture and design.

Personal Perspective

I'm absolutely captivated by this doormat, a standout piece from the official Frank Lloyd Wright collection, which showcases a vibrant, geometric motif reminiscent of parade festivities. As an architecture enthusiast and history buff, I find the coir fiber and rubber base not only practical but also a delightful nod to Wright's influential design aesthetics every time I return home.

The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography

  • Travel Through Time

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Budget

Navigating France by bike, author Graham Robb describes the diverse cultures and tribes within the country. His deep dive into geography and history develops into the proof of an amazing thesis. Who knew that, until World War I, many French people couldn’t even speak French. The Discovery of France is an epic journey into the development of the modern nation. This book is a unique find for lovers of world history, francophiles, and cyclists.

Community Feedback

Excellent! This fascinating book offers an in-depth exploration of the overlooked common people of France, rather than focusing on the well-known elites of metropolitan centers. It gave me an entirely new perspective on the country's history, shedding light on the overlooked peasants, herders, and craftsmen who had more knowledge about folklore than theology. The book also traces how the French language became the standard tongue across the country, a highlight that was particularly enlightening for me as a language enthusiast. However, my experience was slightly marred by the absence of illustrations in the Kindle edition I have.

Sergeant Stubby

  • History’s For the Dogs

  • $$$$$
  • American, War, Dog, WW1

This is the true story of Stubby, a famous canine mascot to American troops in France during the first World War. Initially a stray, he was adopted by a regiment training for war at Yale University. Smuggled into Europe, Stubby lived in the trenches and even had his own gas mask. Adept at smelling mustard gas, the dog could warn the troops of its approach. This book would make a wonderful gift for military history buffs and dog lovers.

First-Hand Impression

Great read, this book combines my passion for history and love for dogs in a touching tale of Sergeant Stubby. The narrative about Private Robert Conroy's relationship with Stubby and the dog's contribution in World War I is fascinating and emotionally stirring. The included photos enhance the overall experience, it's like stepping back in time. Although the end is a tear-jerker, the story's impact remains, making you wish you'd known the brave Stubby in person.

March (Trilogy Slipcase Set)

  • For The Young History Buff

  • $$$$$
  • Rights, American

Former Congressman John Lewis shares his experiences in the fight for Civil Rights in this three-volume graphic novel. Lewis was a renowned leader of the movement, and his memoir is riveting. It brings the tumultuous Civil Rights struggle to life like no other book, making history accessible to young and old. March would be an ideal gift for students, History teachers, and American history buffs.

User Experience

This trilogy of graphic novels gave me a profound insight into the Civil Rights Movement through the lens of John Lewis's life. The powerful artwork and compelling narrative left me fascinated with the history of key events, such as the march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. I found these books to be a crucial, yet accessible resource for understanding the struggle for greater equity and the ongoing need for activism.

Vintage Candy Co. 1940s Candy Gift Box

  • History Foodie

  • $$$$$
  • Food, Quirky, Christmas

The Vintage Candy Company has put together a great box of old-time favorite sweets from the 1940s. This gift includes 72 candies popular in that decade and 55 famous vintage candy types in a reusable keepsake box. It’s like opening the door to a sweet shop in that era. These are fresh candies, not old relics. Any history nerd with a sweet tooth should love receiving this gift. It would also work great for Christmas when everyone can have a try of something new … or old.

Personal Perspective

If you're a fan of nostalgia and sweets, this Vintage Candy Company gift is a trip down memory lane. This gift box is packed with 72 candies popular in the 1940s and 55 types of vintage candies, all housed in a reusable keepsake box. It feels like stepping into a 1940s candy store, but without the worry of stale sweets, as these candies are fresh, not old. It's a quirky, fun gift, especially for history buffs with a sweet tooth, and adds an interesting twist to Christmas indulgence.
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The Family Tree Problem Solver

  • Historical Sleuth

  • $$$$$
  • Useful

Eventually, people hit a dead end when researching their family history. However, you can find solutions to overcoming those problems in the bestselling book The Family Tree Problem Solver. Author Marsha Rising offers tips, techniques, and workarounds for solving genealogical roadblocks (which can really frustrate family history nerds)! This book is a great tool for the family historian and would make a great Christmas gift.

Community Feedback

This book has been a remarkable resource in my genealogical journey, providing not only practical advice but also inspiring me to think outside the box. The author's comprehensive examples and methods have helped me navigate through the complex maze of family research, leading me to unearth information I wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Despite the absence of groundbreaking strategies, the tried-and-true tactics presented have served as a solid guide, igniting fresh ideas to surmount my research roadblocks. Ultimately, this book has enriched my understanding of my ancestry and enhanced my appreciation for the intricate tapestry of family history.

Historic 1954 Map of Augusta National Golf Course

  • Because Some People Find History and Golf Fascinating

  • $$$$$
  • American, Unique

This reproduction of a map of the 1954 Augusta National Golf Club Course is a good size at 33 inches by 44 inches. With museum-quality inks and paper, it is unframed and arrives rolled in a sturdy mailing tube. The great Sam Snead defeated defending champion Ben Hogan to win the Masters golf tournament on this course. Any golf-playing history buff should love this replica of American sports history. One way to make this gift extra special is to frame it yourself before handing it over.

First-Hand Impression

I'm absolutely thrilled with this reproduction of the 1954 Augusta National Golf Club Course map. The size, 33 inches by 44 inches, is impressive and the museum-quality inks and paper really highlight the historical significance of the course. It's a neat reminder of the time when the legendary Sam Snead triumphed over Ben Hogan. I'm a sucker for golf and history, so this map nailed it for me. If you want to jazz it up a little, adding your own frame could be a fun touch.

Lies My Teachers Told Me

  • Eye-Opening History

  • $$$$$
  • American

The national bestseller and award-winning book Lies My Teacher Told Me is more than a critique of American history taught in schools. It is a riveting and realistic retelling of America’s past. This book is not a complaint against history teachers. Publishing companies, school boards, and influential groups are the root of the problem described by the author. This book should be in the library of every teacher, student, and citizen interested in accurate history. A great gift for history lovers.

User Experience

My experience with this book, Lies My Teacher Told Me, has been nothing short of enlightening. This isn't just a critique of American history education but a thrilling reexamination of America's past, exposing the overlooked truths often hidden by influential entities. As I dove into the pages, I found it to be more than a book, it became a tool for understanding the true nature of our history. It's not a jab at history teachers, but a call to action for accurate representation in our education system. This book would make an exceptional gift for anyone with a passion for history, be they a teacher, student, or simply a curious citizen.

Vintage Roller Coaster Patent Prints

  • For History-Loving Roller Coaster Enthusiasts

  • $$$$$
  • Unique

An award-winning North Carolina artist has copied and reinterpreted four vintage roller coaster patent drawings. Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper to ensure highly detailed images, the artwork captures the innovative spirit of a bygone era. These unframed 8-inch by 10-inch poster prints are easy to frame. They would make a thoughtful gift for a history-loving roller coaster or theme park enthusiast.

Personal Perspective

In my hands-on experience, the old-fashioned aesthetic of these roller coaster prints truly stood out, making them a great treat for my roller coaster enthusiast grandson. The quality, color, and detail of the images surpassed my expectations, adding a vibrant touch to his room when I framed and hung them. Regardless of whether it's for a theme park vignette or simply a love for coasters, these prints have proven to be a delightful gift.

Cloudbuster Nine

  • American Baseball & WWII

  • $$$$$
  • American, War

Cloudbuster Nine covers the forgotten American history of when baseball legends and World War II became one. It tells of a training program in North Carolina for naval pilots where men like George H. W. Bush and John Glenn prepared for war. The book describes the fighter pilots’ baseball team, Cloudbuster Nine, joined by Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, and Johnny Sain. This gift should make any baseball-loving history buff, WWII, or military history lover happy.

Community Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in "Cloudbuster Nine," which masterfully intertwines American baseball history and World War II narratives. This book gave me a new perspective on familiar figures like George H.W. Bush and John Glenn, and the inclusion of baseball legends such as Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, and Johnny Sain made it a compelling read for not just a WWII enthusiast like me, but for any baseball aficionado as well.

Real Piece of the Berlin Wall

  • Cold War Relic

  • $$$$$
  • Unique

What a cool and unique history gift! This is a 3-inch by 3-inch piece of the actual Berlin Wall. The historic artifact comes with a certificate of authenticity and makes an impressive display for the home or office. A gift of this Cold War relic should please any world history buff.

First-Hand Impression

I'm impressed with this piece of history, it has notably sparked my grandchild's interest in the subject and serves as an incredible conversation starter when placed on display. The rock's size and detailed paintwork are pleasing, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity that, while it may leave some room for speculation, does add to its intrigue. The only drawback is that the rock can separate from its plexiglass stand, but this is easily resolved with a bit of glue, and then it fits perfectly on any shelf.

A Taste of History Cookbook

  • For the History-Loving Cook

  • $$$$$
  • American, Food

A Taste of History Cookbook is a wonderful journey through 18th, and 19th-century American history told through recipes. Little history lessons accompany every recipe and introduce the people and events of the time. This is a beautiful book with over 150 recipes the modern home cook can enjoy making. It would be a thoughtful gift for any cook or American history nerd. Move over Heston! It’s time for your history buff to get in the kitchen!

User Experience

In my experience, this book marries the culinary arts and history beautifully, serving as a delightful guide through American Colonial cuisine. Each recipe, from the simple to the exotic, is well-written, clear, and provides intriguing historical context, making it accessible for both novice and experienced cooks. While some ingredients may be a bit challenging to source, the joy of recreating these meals that our ancestors enjoyed outweighs any minor inconvenience, making this book a unique and rewarding adventure through time and taste.

National Museum Scotland The Isle of Lewis Chessmen Set

  • History Is A Game Of Chess

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Beautiful

Discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, the Lewis chess pieces are legendary. This official museum reproduction of the set, made of crushed stone resin, comes from laser scans of the originals. The king is 3.25 inches tall and weighs 129.9 grams. A pawn is 1.5 inches tall and weighs 20.2 grams. Other pieces fall between those measurements. This is an ideal gift for chess-playing history buffs.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with these chess pieces, they're an authentic replica of the ancient Isle of Lewis design. The attention to detail is impressive, and they're considerably more sturdy than I initially thought. The pieces are larger than standard, so you'll need a big board with at least 2.5 inch squares to accommodate them. While the set is quite expensive, the quality and unique historical significance make it a worthwhile investment. However, there was a minor chip on the black queen upon arrival, which was disappointing. Despite this, I still find the set to be a remarkable addition to my collection.

MGSIO Solid Brass Victorian Style Service Desk Bell

  • History Is Served

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky

This Victorian-style hotel desk bell rings with a loud, clear tone when tapped. It measures 3 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. Made of solid brass, it will add a Victorian feel to any desk or front counter. It is an amusing gift for lovers of Victorian history and frequent travelers.

Community Feedback

From the moment I laid eyes on this vintage bell, I was impressed by its sturdy brass construction and the subtle charm it carries. With a soft, high-pitched chime that resonates beautifully throughout the room, it's become a beloved fixture in my space. The bell isn't just functional; it's stylish, an aesthetic addition that enhances any setting where it's placed. Interestingly, the bell has stirred up nostalgic memories of the Breaking Bad series, as its design and sound closely mirror that of Hector Salamanca's iconic bell.

Bad Days in History

  • Not A Bed of Roses

  • $$$$$
  • Quirky, Budget

A catalog of the bad news of history, this book compiles morbid historical trivia arranged by days of the month. For example, a 19th-century scandal might follow a 16th-century defeat if the events occurred on consecutive days. It provides a year’s worth of morbid trivia. Bad Days in History makes a fun and quirky gift for any history buff.

First-Hand Impression

Love how this book has sparked so much interest and conversation among those I've gifted it to. Whether it's my dad sharing fun facts he's learned, or my boyfriend laughing at the absurdity of some historical events, this book has been a hit. Each entry is short and digestible, ideal for anyone who may not be a big reader. The stories span from the well-known to the obscure, making it a delightful treasure trove of historical tidbits. While some tales might be a bit dark, they all add to the fascinating tapestry of humanity's less-than-perfect moments.
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Presidential Slogan Mug

  • A Little History With Breakfast

  • $$$$$
  • American

This 12-ounce colorful mug has 29 classic American presidential slogans from both modern and historical campaigns. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and would make an excellent gift for a history teacher or American history buff. It’s colorful, interesting, and a really unique present.

User Experience

Best described as a treat for history buffs, this mug certainly delivers on aesthetics and utility. The vibrant colors and intriguing campaign slogans etched on it make it not just a coffee holder, but a captivating conversation piece. As a large guy, I found the loop a bit cramped for my finger, but that's a minor inconvenience compared to its overall appeal. This mug has also been a hit with my family and friends, sparking lively discussions during our gatherings. Unlike my other favorite mug, this one stands up well to dishwasher cleaning. After five and half years, it still looks as good as new and has become my go-to for a good cup of joe.

The Black Civil War Soldier: A Visual History

  • Civil War Collection

  • $$$$$
  • Rights, War, American

This stunning history of the African Americans who served in the Civil War includes information about their families and communities. Author Deborah Willis weaves facts gleaned from letters and diaries of the period with over 70 incredible photographic images. This little-told story of the Civil War would delight any Civil War or African-American history buff.

Personal Perspective

This book is a compelling exploration of a neglected aspect of our shared past, presenting a valuable examination of history through the lens of art and research. While the collection largely comprises pre-existing work, the author has curated these pieces with care, adding depth through the inclusion of letters from the soldiers themselves. I was particularly moved by the abundance of photographs of Black soldiers in uniform, which served as a powerful reminder of the resilience and patriotism of these individuals during the Civil War.

House Parts Aristotle & Homer Bookends

  • What Is History?

  • $$$$$
  • Beautiful

These bookends would elevate any bookshelf. Made of polyresin, each antique white bust is 8 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep and weighs about 5 pounds. They look like historical artifacts even though they aren’t. This would be a classy gift for lovers of ancient Greek history and philosophy.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this pair of bookends truly stand out in both their appearance and utility. With a unique design inspired by ancient Greek philosophy, these bookends are not only a visual delight but also functionally superior, with a substantial weight that effortlessly keeps my array of different sized books upright. Whether used on my desk or as a decorative piece on my mantel, these bust bookends add a touch of sophistication and charm to any setting. While some may consider them a tad pricey, I personally believe the quality, craftsmanship and the sheer individuality of these bookends justify the cost.

Martha Washington’s Cacao Shell Tea

  • When Chocolate and History Go Together

  • $$$$$
  • American, Food, Budget

Cacao shell tea was a favorite of First Lady Martha Washington. A George Washington quote on this tin proves it. It contains no tea leaves and can be brewed as a tisane or infusion. If you follow the instructions, the cacao shells produce a liquid with notes of chocolate that is thinner than hot cocoa. This tin is affordable for any budget and would be a unique gift for American history buffs.

First-Hand Impression

Got this tea as a gift, and while I'm usually not into teas, I found its flavor quite intriguing. This tea has a unique coffee-like aroma that I immediately noticed upon opening the tin, making it stand out from other brands I've tried. The flavor leans more towards coffee than chocolate, which may be due to the distinctive dark brown shade of the Oliver Pluff shells. Despite my expectations about historical recipes, I must admit that the taste reminded me slightly of chocolate dirt. However, the packaging is appealing and it makes for a good sampler, even if the size is a bit on the small side.

Caswell-Massy Presidential Soap Set

  • Clean History

  • $$$$$
  • American, Unique

Caswell-Massey has been making soap in America since 1752. The three bars in this set were all favorites of past American presidents. President George Washington used Number Six. The Jockey Club bar soap was a favorite of President John F. Kennedy. The Almond Cold Cream soap was President Eisenhower’s favorite. These triple-milled, vegetable-based soaps would make a splendid gift for the American history buff who has everything.

User Experience

These Caswell-Massey soaps are a treat for the senses and skin. The bars are perfectly shaped for easy handling, lather up richly, and last longer than most, even with my thorough cleaning routine. The scents are varied and high quality, each leaving a subtle, clean fragrance on my skin. My favorite scent is Heritage Number Six, which is a comforting blend of Musk, Amber, and Rose that leaves me feeling fresh and pampered.

History Gift FAQs

What is a History Buff?

A history buff is someone who has an insatiable fascination for the past. They spend hours reading history books, watching historical documentaries, and visiting historical sites and reenactments.

What Should I Get My History Buff?

To find the perfect gift for your history buff, you need to consider what historical periods or elements fascinate them. Are they into sports history? American history? Military history? Ancient history? Their interests will guide you to the right gifts. You can even combine their love of history with another hobby when choosing a present and find something related to both.

What Do You Get Kids Who Love History?

If you’re shopping for children who love history, you should consider not only what they’re currently studying but also what part of it intrigues them the most. History books often make great gifts, but you will also find a variety of other things, such as puzzles, games, or even fossils, that they may find just as exciting.

What Do You Buy a History Teacher?

When buying a gift for a history teacher, you could consider a history book, possibly even signed. On the other hand, there are gifts that range from the humorous, such as a comical coffee mug, to more serious gifts linked to the past, like a collection of soaps past presidents used. Get teachers something they could use up, like a historical foodie gift or soaps, is also a good idea as sometimes they get a lot of the same sorts of things.

How We Choose Gifts For History Lovers

At Gift Rabbit, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect gifts for history lovers. That’s why we meticulously research, review, and score a wide range of unique gift items to help you make the right choice. We evaluate each product from a user’s perspective, considering factors like price, style, and customer feedback. We consult with experts, conduct surveys, and ask our community to ensure we cover diverse demographics and preferences. We compare and contrast different items, using our experience and strict criteria to bring you the most relevant and high-quality gift ideas. Trust us to help you navigate the world of historical gifts with ease.

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