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55 Perfect Gift Ideas For 13-Year-Old Boys

He’s officially a teenager. Bowl him over with the most entertaining gifts for 13-year-old boys ahead.

13-year-old boys have finally graduated from being a tween, and they’re thrilled about it. However, becoming a teenager all of a sudden can be scary and confusing. You, too, might feel scared or unsure of what gifts to get them now that they’re not little boys or even tweens anymore.

Don’t have an adult-sized breakdown. Our handpicked guide will fit perfectly into their life and get the all-important seal of approval. Check out these fantastic gift ideas for 13-year-old boys they’ll be sure to love.

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55 Best Gift Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys

Get a righteous thumbs up from the teenager in your life with these fun-loving gifts for 13-year-old boys below.

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Drone with Camera

  • Drone Control

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Unique, Cool

Get the 13-year-old boy in your life started in the fun world of drones. This easy-to-work drone can be brought up into the air so he can work the camera and capture the coolest shots from above. Boys can have a great time both flying the drone and checking out the action shots from the flight that they can keep as memories.

Lego Land Rover Building Kit

  • Fun Mechanical Project

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Cool

Get a sleek 2019 Land Rover for the 13-year-old boy you know…in a building kit. This super constructive Lego kit of a Technic Land Rover Defender replica will keep him busy for hours. The kit includes over 2,500 pieces and will make a wonderful Christmas gift for 13-year-olds who still want constructive gifts but also crave the coolest car ever.

13th Birthday Hoodie

  • Teenage Techie

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Accessories, Novelty

When you want to look cool to your favorite 13-year-old boy, give him a novelty hoodie for his 13th birthday that speaks to his techie mind. This comfy hoodie will accompany him on any outdoor events, school days, or afternoons gaming at home. The design declares his new role as “Teenager,” along with an internet “loading” symbol that will let the world know that they are coming into their teenagehood one day at a time.

National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit

  • The Science Of Rocks

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Unique, Cool

Rock tumbling is a wonderful activity for 13-year-old boys to get into. They can learn about geology and have a great time turning rocks into shiny polished gemstones. The kit includes one pound of rocks with nine different types of gemstones within them, along with all the accessories needed to engage in the unique process of rock tumbling.

Bluetooth Beanie

  • A Hat With Connections

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Accessories, Cool

This bluetooth beanie hat was made for 13-year-old boys because it looks cool and will connect to any device they might own to provide their favorite music anytime they want it close. He can pair music from his phone, tablet, or other mp3 device into his ears while staying warm and avoiding the discomfort of headphones. The hat is the ultimate tech when exercising, playing sports, or at outside events.

Engraved Keychain

  • 13 Years Keepsake

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Birthday, Unique

This thoughtful keepsake keychain is the cutest of birthday gifts for 13-year-old boys. With its silver 13th birthday wishes and inspiring message, “Always Remember That You Are Braver Than You Believe / Stronger Than You Seem / Smarter Than You Think & Loved More Than You Know.” He’ll know how much you care and feel appreciated every time he takes his keychain when on the go.

Novelty Socks

  • Socks For Pizza Lovers

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Cool

When your favorite 13-year-old boy needs a pair of awesome novelty socks, he’ll be super thrilled when you hand him these pizza-themed socks that he can wear when doing his favorite activities (pizza may be involved). In addition to the animated pizza slices on the sock design, everyone else can read the bottoms of his feet “If You Can Read This / Bring Me Some Pizza.” Enough said.

TV Backlight Kit

  • Glow Up For Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Tech, Gaming

Gaming for 13-year-old boys will get all the more exciting when you provide them with this backlight kit for their TV or computer monitor. The LED strips that he can use with a controller to choose his lucky color can also serve to relieve eye strain and set the best mood for his gaming and entertainment activities at home.

Playful Hockey Mug

  • The Sport Of Food

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Unique

This super fun hockey mug will bring a little sporty joy into the life of a 13-year-old boy near you. The ceramic mug features a hockey net above the rim. He can practice his slap shot while eating his morning cereal. The cute look of the mug will let everyone in the house know which mug belongs to him and him alone.

Pro-Gaming Headset

  • The Ultimate Gamer Head

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Tech, Accessories

Show the best of the 13-year-old gamers how much you respect his ultimate addiction with a pro-gaming headset. This popular surround sound headset made for a PS4 XBox gaming system perfectly isolates the noise of the games while keeping the world at bay. The headset will feel comfortable for him so he can conquer the world with a clear mind.

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Beginner Telescope

  • For Stargazers

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Unique, Cool

Lay the groundwork for an appreciation of all things celestial with this top telescope that is an ideal choice for beginner astronomers. The telescope will allow him to see all the stars, planets, constellations, and more in the sky above with picturesque clarity and detail. With the tripod, he can concentrate on watching and learning about space the best way possible.

Peanut Butter Spoon

  • Not A Wasted Bite

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Unique

This novelty gift will find its way to a 13-year-old boy’s heart instantly. The specialized spoon is tailor-made for his #1 desire in life—to get every last bit of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. This funny, yet useful gift will bring a smile to the face of 13-year-old boys because they will be sure to use it…again and again.

Square Root Birthday T-Shirt

  • Mathematical Birthday

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Cool

Why get your favorite 13-year-old boy a typical birthday t-shirt when you can give him one that has square roots? This festive and fun birthday t-shirt declares the wearer as an “official teenager” by displaying a colorful board of numbers and figures that equal the mathematical equivalent of 13 years old—the square root of 169. He’ll love the cool style of this quirky shirt and enjoy his birthday in a whole new way.

Retro Video Game Poster

  • A History Of Gaming

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Gaming, Cool

Bring some gaming history into the life (and bedroom) of a 13-year-old boy you know with this super-special retro video game poster. The creative wall art will look awesome because it honors the retro history of the video game controller. Everything from Atari to Nintendo and Sony Playstation are represented and named so he can teach some gaming history to his friends the next time they are over.

Bounce Battle Game Set

  • A Battle Of Bounce

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

This game set is the last step when buying toys for boys. By 13-years-old, they’re officially teenagers, so toys morph into games that challenge their mind and offer lots of good times. This game set takes some simple bouncy balls and infuses all the best games like 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Nine Cup, and more. Whether he’s with friends or family, he’ll have a ball indeed.

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

  • The Best Surround Sound

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Cool, Accessories

The 13-year-old boy in your life will feel like an adult when you bring him this impressive Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. The cool design will look great in his room and the clock is just the start of what this Echo Dot can do. The speaker comes with Alexa, so he can experience the ease of online help just like all the adults do.

Infinity Cube

  • Focus On Infinity

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Cool, Accessories

The infinity cube will bring focus, clarity, and calm to the life of 13-year-old boys. The durable construction and interesting look of the cube are quality made. The anti-fidget exercises that he can take part in will help him focus more on his studies, help with ADHD, and just provide a calming activity for his days.

Teen Life Skills Book

  • Adulting Practice

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Cool, Unique

Get the 13-year-old boy you care about ready for oncoming teen life with this thoughtful book of skills that will help him in every aspect of their life. They will learn more about personal responsibility, relationships, and even little (yet important) things like knowing when milk has gone bad. The book is a sharper focused look at these needs and will be by their side as they plunge feet-first into teenagerhood.

13th Birthday Mug

  • First Cup Of Coffee

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Novelty, Birthday

This fancy 13th birthday mug makes a wonderful keepsake for any 13-year-old boy once he’s ready to drink coffee (or chocolate milk) in the morning. The high-quality mug will remind him of this milestone teenage birthday and comes with a cover and stirring spoon in a gift box. Even if he ends up drinking soda from the mug, he’ll love it all the same.

Tabletop Cornhole

  • Game Night

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

This extra-special game of cornhole will look great in the bedroom or game room of a 13-year-old boy near you. The handmade wooden construction has been created in a classic style and the cornhole game has been crafted to work well on a tabletop or surface of any kind. Having a game of cornhole nearby is an invaluable asset to a 13-year-old, so he’ll appreciate the game’s presence in his private retreat.

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Basketball Illusion Lamp

  • B-Ball At Night

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Cool

For the sporty 13-year-old boy you know, a basketball illusion lamp that uses LED lights to bring a 3D basketball to life is the coolest room decor gift ever. He can use the remote control to choose between 16 different colors of which to project his basketball. The light will add just the mood to his space while wowing his friends when they come over.

Official Teenager Hat

  • He’s Official

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Birthday, Novelty

Make a newly celebrated 13-year-old boy laugh with this funny novelty trucker hat. He’ll love the style and the fact that it celebrated his 13th birthday with the simple statement “Official Teenager.” It will hit the target where his sense of humor is concerned, but he will be wearing it every chance he can get, whether he wants to look hip in school or cover up a bad teen hair day.

Teen Cookbook

  • DIY Delicious

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Accessories

Just because he’s now a teenager doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a little help in the kitchen. Help him become a star in the kitchen with this fun, easy-to-learn cookbook made for teens like the 13-year-old boys in your life. The book contains over 120 recipes, including teen-friendly dishes like pizza and pad thai. Plus, they’ll learn valuable cooking lessons like plating and cleaning up after themselves. Dinner is served.

Travel Laptop Backpack

  • Full Security Backpack

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Accessories

This laptop backpack is the ultimate teenage device keeper. The sturdy, well-built backpack is waterproof and will hold any 13-year-old boy’s laptop safely. Even more secure is the password-protected and USB features. His tech devices will be secure, his back will thank him after he fills it to capacity, and he’ll love the way it looks at school or at play.

Wireless In-Ear Headphones

  • Fit For Teen Ears

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Gaming, Accessories

The tech nerd’s dream headphones are here, and you can give them to him for his 13th birthday. Once he’s graduated to these wireless earbuds, he’ll feel like he’s been welcomed into the adult world and all that it has to offer. They fit super comfortably into the ear and have over eight hours of playtime. He can fast charge them in their case and use them for TV, gaming, media, and much more.

National Geographic LED Microscope

  • All The Science He Wants

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Tech, Unique

Elevate the science game of your favorite 13-year-old boy with this professional quality LED microscope by National Geographic. He can examine the different prepared slides and then create his own slides once he gets the hang of the science thing. The many accessories and bonus experiment will both keep him busy for a long time.

Throw Throw Burrito Game

  • Dodgeball Meets Cards

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

This fun and quirky Throw Throw Burrito game combines a classic card game with the danger and adventure of dodgeball. Getting his by soft burritos can indeed happen, but when he plays his cards right, he’ll get to #1. The game is made for 2-6 players, so he can enjoy playing with friends or family just the same, as long as they don’t mind the burrito violence.

Pocket Bike Pump

  • For Teen Bikers

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Unique, Cool

Don’t let the 13-year-old boy you know get stranded on his bike ever again when you give him this pocket bike pump. With this pump in his bag, he’ll be ready for those situations without having to call his parents or be inconvenienced. The pump works easily and will fix up his tires in under 10 minutes so he can get back on track to the important teenage activities he was doing to start with.

Gaming Throw Pillow

  • For All The Gaming Stuff

  • $$$$$
  • Gaming, Novelty, Cool

This awesome gaming pillow will find a welcome home in any 13-year-old boy’s room. The fun gaming design is only made better by the pockets in which he can store the remote, the controller, or any of the gaming toys he wants to keep within reach. The pillow comes with a bonus of gamer socks which also look cool (and can be stuffed into the gaming pillow).

13th Birthday Guest Book

  • 13th Birthday Memories

  • $$$$$
  • Birthday, Keepsake, Unique

Help him never forget the good times that came with his 13th birthday party with this thoughtful keepsake. The wall art doubles as a guest book for a 13-year-old boy’s birthday party. Guests can sign their names, along with funny, touching messages that he will always have with them whenever he looks up at it on his wall.

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  • The Coolest Way To Travel

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Unique, Cool

Give the ultimate bluetooth hoverboard to the ultimate 13-year-old boy in your life this year. This hoverboard is ideal for beginners and can be learned in 1-2 hours. The gears provide a safe but fun experience, while the Bluetooth adds on an extra layer of cool so he can hear his favorite tunes while zipping down the street.

Laser Tag Set

  • Techie Game Of Tag

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Tech, Games

13-year-old boys will love playing a good old-fashioned game of laser tag with their buddies with this set. This game of laser tag has been updated with modern tech, so it uses a projector instead of a vest in the game. Portable and wireless, the game will be a hit when he has a party or any game day with friends. The different targets and sound effects will keep the game interesting from start to finish.

Mattel Walking Dead Board Game

  • Playing For Survival

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

This ultimate board game of survival by Mattel is patterned after The Walking Dead and tests the mettle of 13-year-old boys and anyone who wants to play. You can give them reasons to scream as they solve mysteries using hints and their own skills of deduction. In 90 minutes, they can solve the mystery or…else. The game is a super fun way to spend an evening on the dark side.

Bamboo Wireless Mouse

  • All-Natural Tech

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Gaming, Accessories

This unique computer mouse will stand out in the accessories pile found on a 13-year-old boy’s desk at home. Made of bamboo wood, the mouse will feel comfortable in his hand and keep him cool or warm, depending on the time of the season. He’ll thank you once he’s knee-deep in fighting aliens for ten hours straight.

Double Ditto Game

  • Matching Up For Fun

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Cool, Unique

This is no ordinary board game…it’s the Double Ditto game for teen boys to enjoy on game night. Gifts for 13-year-old boys that challenge them while giving them a great time are the point of wonderfully crafted games like this one. The game involves having to choose answers to certain questions and seeing if they match up to the other players. Over 400 cards are included, so the fun never has to stop.

Novelty Jogger Sweatpants

  • Comfort Is King

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Accessories, Unique

These sweatpants are the sort of pants for 13-year-old boys that keep them forever in comfort. The quirky design features a paint can spilling white paint over a starry sky. They’ll love the unique look and breathable material so much they may never change these pants until they are made to. The pants are perfect for weekends, sleeping, gaming, or just hanging around being awesome.

Digital Sport Watch

  • Watch This

  • $$$$$
  • Tech, Accessories, Cool

This digital sport watch makes a great addition to a 13-year-old boy’s collection that he can grow into while his life as a teenager blooms. In addition to the sporty look, the watch features day/date, an alarm, a stopwatch, and more. It’s also water-resistant and will survive the rough moments that come along with a teenage boy’s life.

Wreck This Journal

  • For The Inner Artist

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Birthday, Unique

The 13-year-old boy you know won’t be able to hold back once he gets started with this unique journal. The journal contains different prompts for creating: painting, writing, ripping pages, and so much more that will launch any teenage boy into creativity—his way. He’ll have a blast with the activities and learn that being artistic can be a whole lot of fun too.

Ultimate Coding Kit

  • Learning To Code

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Tech, Cool

Bring some coding into the life of a 13-year-old boy in your life with this cool coding kit. The learning kit includes over 100 projects and even allows him to get into a set of circuits with his hands. The award-winning kit will prepare him for future coding training in high school, college, and beyond. You’ll have played an important role in his coding development and given him skills that will last a lifetime.

LED Tumbling Tower Game

  • Building Blocks Of Light

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

This amped-up version of a tumbling tower game of strategy will suit the tech-hungry eyes of 13-year-old boys everywhere. With different game modes, players can remove blocks according to the light pattern and take chances to beat out the others taking part. In addition to having a great time, he can work on coordination, skills of deduction, and more reasons to keep playing.

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Camping Hammock

  • Comforts Of Camping

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Accessories

The next camping trip your favorite 13-year-old boy goes on will be that much better when you’ve provided him with this super-comfy camping hammock. Built for two, the extra-strength hammock will survive any camping trip with teenagers. The hammock comes with its carrying bag attached, so they’ll never lose it when they hit the outdoors.

Vintage Candy Care Package

  • All The Candy

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Birthday, Unique

Get the 13-year-old boy in your life this truckload of a care package of delicious, cool vintage candy. The package contains 3 pounds of retro candy that existed long before the time of your birthday guy. He’ll love getting to know all the candy that came before him and will never forget the first time he gets to try Pop Rocks or any of the other 49 types of candy at his disposal.

Gaming Wall Decor

  • Welcome To The Game Room

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Gaming, Cool

The 13-year-old gamer you know will love receiving this wall decor that can add to his bedroom/gaming room or even hang it on the outside of his bedroom door. The sign sarcastically states that “Gaming In Progress” and “Eye Contact And Small Talk Unavailable.” This way, you’ll equip him with all he needs to prepare any and all who enter his gaming space for the first time and need a quick tutorial.

Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

  • Make It Then Break It

  • $$$$$
  • Kit, Accessories, Cool

This offbeat mechanical safe kit allows curious 13-year-old boys to construct their own safe (without even needing glue). The combination safe is made out of numbered birch wood parts that fit together to form an attractive, cool-looking safe. He can then crack his own code to keep small, precious items inside.

Pop-A-Shot Arcade Game

  • Arcade At Home

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Cool, Unique

Why mess around when you can bring this super-impressive pop-a-shot arcade game into the life of your most cherished 13-year-old boy? The set-up includes 16 different games that contain audio options. The interactive activities that this arcade game will add to any teenage boy’s life will keep his friends coming around faster than he can say “score.”

Happy Birthday Fortune Cookie

  • Look Into The Future

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Birthday, Unique

Guarantee the best birthday celebration for the 13-year-old boy you know with this full-on unique birthday fortune cookie. The extra-large fortune cookie comes in a Chinese food carton and is dipped in chocolate and colorful birthday decor. Once he breaks it open, he can enjoy the delicious fortune cookie while reading a personalized birthday message from you to honor his big day.

LED Gloves & Shoelaces Set

  • A Colorful Birthday

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Novelty

The colorful LED lights featured in this glove and shoelaces set will keep your 13-year-old boy entertained by his own outfits. The gloves include six color-changing modes and the shoelaces will light his way home after being out with friends. He’ll love the cool look of the set that will transform his normal daytime look into a festive nighttime array, perfect for parties, Halloween, or any time he needs to make a statement.

Professional Art Set

  • Picasso Started Somewhere

  • $$$$$
  • Accessories, Cool, Kit

Enrich the creative side of your favorite 13-year-old boy with this jam-packed professional art set. In addition to two sketch pads with non-smudge paper, he’ll receive loads of artist tools, including everything from graphite pencils, charcoal, and art knives to erasers, sharpeners, and pastels. He’ll have everything he needs to get into sketching and drawing or just dedicate more time to the craft with all the professional tools he could want.

Pizza Throw Blanket

  • Pizza Time

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Cool, Unique

Give every 13-year-old boy his own pepperoni pizza to keep him warm all year long. This novelty throw blanket looks just like a delicious pizza with pepperoni on both sides. He can wrap himself in it when he sleeps, naps, lounges, or games. The cozy fabric will do its job while he can enjoy the funny, vibrant look of the blanket. He may never be warmer or more satisfied.

Money Holder Puzzle Box

  • Stash The Cash

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Birthday, Unique

The best gift ideas for 13-year-old boys are ones like this money holder puzzle box, because it both challenges his teenage brain and provides a fun way to give cash as a birthday gift. Once the cash is inside, he has to solve the challenge in order to get the box open. This birthday keepsake will find a place in his room once he figures it all out.

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Teen Boy T-Shirt

  • Mom Of A Gamer

  • $$$$$
  • Novelty, Gaming, Cool

Moms of gamers will enjoy giving this novelty t-shirt to their 13-year-old boy for his birthday or any time of the year that he games (so, all the time). The shirt acknowledges her motherly love with the message, “I Love It When My Mom Lets Me Play Video Games.” She can thank herself and give him a fun shirt to wear to his next gaming session currently taking place from the comfort of his bedroom.

Ceiling Swish Game

  • A Game Of Hoops Lying Down

  • $$$$$
  • Games, Unique, Cool

Get your favorite 13-year-old boy his own ceiling basketball game. The unique set-up includes a basketball net with a backboard that hooks onto any ceiling and two mini basketballs. He can sit at his desk, lay on his bed, or shoot from anywhere in the room, and with skill and good luck, he’ll land the basketball upwards into the net, making him the world champion of his bedroom every time.

Puma Trifold Wallet

  • Teen Wallet In Training

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Accessories

When a boy turns 13-year-old, it’s about time you gave him a real wallet. This sporty-looking wallet made by Puma will get his fast approval with its sharp design and multiple pockets to use while he learns to organize and handle money. He’ll keep it for a long time and likely look upon it as a keepsake of sorts once he’s not a teen anymore.

LED Marquee Letter Light

  • His Name In Lights

  • $$$$$
  • Keepsake, Novelty, Cool

Put his name (or at least his first initial) in LED lights with this festive marquee letter light. 13-year-old boys will appreciate this item either as an addition to his 13th birthday party or as room decor for his teenage retreat, i.e., bedroom. The light is personalized to his initial and can be set to 16 colors for whatever his mood is that day.

Teenage Boy Coloring Book

  • Color In The Cool Stuff

  • $$$$$
  • Unique, Cool, Novelty

Despite 13-year-old boys technically becoming teenagers, they will love using this awesome coloring book designed with them in mind. The book has over 50 pages of teenage-friendly designs like monsters, trucks, music, and sports for them to show their skills with. A great exercise for focusing and stress relief, this coloring book will stay with them as they color in the lines towards adulthood.

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