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20 Charming April Birthday Facts and Statistics

Put your thinking cap on for the most amusing April birthday facts and statistics around.

You may think you know everything about April birthday facts and statistics. But from career paths to personal characteristics, April babies vary quite a bit along the birth month spectrum.

Go from finding fascinating facts to having vast knowledge of the birth month that represents spring at its best. Our fun-to-read list of April birthday facts and figures includes funny stories, personality traits, and additional information about April babies.

Top 10 April Birthday Facts and Statistics

What’s it like to be born during the month of April? These leading bits of April birthday trivia will give you a great idea.

  1. April’s birthstone is the diamond, a symbol of clarity, eternal love, and inner strength.
  2. Babies born in February, March, April, and May were less at risk for cardiovascular disease.
  3. Though Queen Elizabeth was an April baby, her birthday was usually celebrated on the second Saturday of June.
  4. April 14 hosted multiple calamities, like the Lincoln assassination and the sinking of the Titanic.
  5. Kids born in April are neither the oldest nor youngest in the class. This allows them to fit in well during the school year.
  6. April’s birth flowers include the daisy, symbolizing innocence, and the sweet pea, a sign of bliss.
  7. April babies are said to be highly sensitive and full of empathy, making them the greatest friends to have.
  8. April includes April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday. It’s also Mathematics Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, National Jazz Appreciation Month, and National Find a Rainbow Day.
  9. A U.K. study showed American moms wanted springtime babies and were willing to pay $877 to achieve their goal.
  10. Of 375 companies surveyed, most CEOs were born in March or April. Ten percent of CEOs were born during April.

20 April Birthday Facts and Figures

Discover interesting facts and stories about people born in April, including personality traits and tidbits about the month of April itself.

1. Spring Flowers

Depending on the time of the month they arrive, the April-born can look to two birth flowers: the daisy and the sweet pea. Sweet peas are representations of bliss and happiness. There are fewer things more spring-like than a daisy flower, which harks back to the innocence of childhood.

2. Funny Face

If your little one is born on April 1, they’re an April Fools’ Day baby. They can enjoy celebrating their birthday on a fun day in history. April is also National Humor Month, created in 1976 to honor the “therapeutic value of humor.” Laughter is scientifically proven to uplift moods and help heal emotional wounds (1).

3. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was an April baby, born on April 21, 1926. The date her birthday is celebrated changed, because of the military exercise called ‘Trooping the Color’. It involved marching with flags and has been around since 1600.

As of 1748, this marching event morphed into a celebration of the Queen’s birthday. It falls in May or June and sometimes corresponds with Coronation Day on June 2.

4. All That Glitters

April’s birthstone is mostly an Aries diamond. It’s known to foster both relationships and inner courage. Clarity and abundance are other meanings behind diamonds. They’re certainly the number one symbol for a start to a good marriage life.

5. Headed to the Top

Out of 375 companies involved in a study, most CEOs were born in March or April. In an impressive second place, April was home to about 10% of CEOs who made it to the big corner office.

6. A Good Heart

Babies born in the late winter/early spring months of February, March, April, and May were less at risk for cardiovascular disease. It had a more substantial effect on those born in October or November.

7. On the Bright Side

Those born during spring months like April were more likely to have a positive outlook on life. But a 2012 U.K. study also revealed that these spring chicks could be diagnosed with clinical depression more often. April babies aren’t as susceptible to depression as those born in May (2).

8. Bring On Spring

The most historic April birthday facts and figures come from the word April itself. April derives from the Roman “aprilis,” meaning “second,” for the second month of the Roman year (3). April means “to open,” perfect for spring flowers blooming and the start of baseball season in the U.S..

9. Down to Earth

April is home to the annual Earth Day holiday, held on April 22. U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day in 1970 to bring attention to environmental matters. Later that year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was created (4).

10. An April Bride

An anonymous poem reads, “Marry in April when you can, joy for Maiden and for Man” (5). Early spring weddings are more popular due to the temperate (but sometimes wet) weather. Couples love avoiding the overcrowded wedding calendar in June. And, with slightly cooler temperatures, the bride and groom won’t be sweating.

11. Springtime Baby

A study from the University of Exeter Business School in the UK says spring babies are the most desired. It stated that many American moms tried to time their pregnancies so babies would arrive in spring. Married women between 20 and 45 years old were even willing to pay $877 to make it so.

12. Meet the Leader

Those born in April are said to be natural leaders. What might be considered stubbornness or bossiness can be channeled into great career success. They are goal-makers and often goal-achievers (6).

13. Special Days

April has a lot more going on than just April Fool’s Day at the start. It’s home to the Christian celebration of Good Friday and Easter. April is also Mathematics Awareness Month, National Poetry Month, National Jazz Appreciation Month, and National Find a Rainbow Day.

14. A Thrill Ride

Your April baby might grow up to love rollercoasters more than their siblings or friends. People born in April are more likely to exhibit daring and bravado in all walks of life. These little adventurers won’t be happy with too much downtime and may look for thrills whenever they can (7).

15. Sensitive Souls

April babies supposedly have highly-sensitive personality characteristics that follow them into their future. Whether the Aries or Taurus horoscope or just the spring season, they have a lot of empathy. April babies are great friends who feel what their companions go through and are there for them.

16. No Fear

Whether an Aries or Taurus, the April-born seem to come with their confidence already intact. Any career path that involves boldness or courage will often find these special types. From overseas military efforts to achieving goals against all odds, April babies definitely believe in themselves.

17. Middle Child

Kids born in April are typically in the middle when it comes to the average age of their classmates. January children are usually the oldest, and December kiddies are the youngest. Falling in the middle has shown to be a great spot for children when trying to fit into their class system.

18. A Possible Tantrum

What do you get when you add independence with passion? You get a very impatient April child who wants to do things their way. This may lead to disagreements and even the occasional time out, but it’s all worth it in the end. Your April baby can grow up with the strength to go after anything (8).

19. Avoid Ruin

Though April is a popular month to give birth, you might wish to avoid April 14. It’s also known as “Ruination Day” by the singer Gillian Welch. Everything calamitous happened on April 14, from the Lincoln assassination and Titanic sinking to the 1935 Great Plains dust storm. Then again, April 15 is Tax Day, so choose your battles wisely.

20. Famous April Babies

April is filled with famous celebrity birthdays that start with Eddie Murphy on April 3 and Russell Crowe on April 7. David Letterman celebrates on April 12, and Jack Nicholson on April 22. The month ends with Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday on the 29th to ensure the month of April Fool’s Day begins and ends with laughter (9).

April Birthday Personality Traits

Say “Happy Birthday” to your favorite April-born person by impressing them with these facts about their personality traits.

  • Aries vs. Taurus: April-born babies are either an Aries or a Taurus zodiac sign. An Aries is born between April 1 and April 19, while a Taurus has a birthday between April 20 and April 30 (10).
  • Fire vs. Earth: Aries are known to be bold and fearless because of their dynamic fire sign (11). A Taurus is as earthy as their sign indicates, which makes them well-known for their trustworthiness.
  • Birth Symbols: Some of Aries’ symbols include the stubborn ram and warrior planet Mars, which influences Aries people to be fighters. Taurus’ birth animal is the bull, who’s known to persevere through anything. The birth month planet Venus provides opportunities for a vibrant love life, full of sensuality and also hard-headedness (12).
  • Bold and Artistic: Aries men are known for being brash, while Aries women can be impulsive and a touch impatient. Whether male or female, Taurus signs are down to earth but love it when something artistic is the focus.
  • Personality Downsides: Aries’s negative traits can include insensitivity and an irritable side that’s to be avoided. A Taurus never likes to be rushed, in love, or a daily task. Patience is a virtue to be had if planning a future with a Taurus.


What is the Rarest Birthday in April?

April 1, April Fool’s Day, is the rarest of April birthdays. It ranked at number 346 out of 365 in terms of popularity (13). The entire month of April is also second to last on the list of most common birth months. According to USA Today, it came in at number 11 in 2022 (14).

How Many Billionaires are Aries?

Aries falls in the middle of the list of birth months with the most billionaires. It’s ranked number 5 out of 12, with twenty-four billionaires. They include Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Leos took the top spot on the list, while Capricorns have the least billionaires in their midst (15).

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