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20 June Birthday Facts, Statistics & Trends

Worship the summer sun with these cool June birthday facts and statistics to enlighten you.

Some might say babies born in June have all the fun. But there’s a lot more to June birthday facts and statistics than a sunny disposition. Don’t get caught in the same old cycle of June facts and figures.

Our organized list has fun facts about people born in the month of June. They include horoscope information, personality traits, and offbeat June holidays. Dig into a summertime adventure you won’t forget.

Top 10 Facts About a June Birth Month

Here are the top 10 June birthday facts and figures to get you started.

  1. The June-born have won more Nobel prizes than any other birth month.
  2. Roses are June’s official birth month flower and stand for both love and friendship.
  3. June birthdays can fall on or near the summer solstice, occurring between June 20 and 22 in the Northern Hemisphere.
  4. People born in June, July, and August had a tendency towards depression and low moods.
  5. Babies born in early summer made up 24% to 71% of known cases of dyslexia.
  6. Famous world events occurring in June include D-Day on June 6 and the mission of the first American woman in space (Sally Ride) on June 18.
  7. Kids born in April or June aren’t as sports-minded as those born during November and October.
  8. The prominent star sign of June is Cancer. Cancers are most compatible with a Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, or Virgo.
  9. Those born in June and July were 25% more likely to have nearsightedness, perhaps due to lack of sunlight while in the womb.
  10. A study showed that summer-born males had less gray matter present in their brains, while females born in summer had more gray matter than those born in other birth months.

20 June Birthday Facts and Statistics

Find out why it’s so much fun being born in June with these cool facts about summer-born babies.

1. Not Sports Minded

June babies (and summer babies in general) weren’t as physically strong as their peers in a U.K. study. November and October-born people were more likely to be good at sports than those born in April or June. There’s always a drama club for your June-born boy or girl.

2. Smart Set

Those with a birthday month of June have won more Nobel prizes than any other birth month. They include writer Saul Bellow, physicist John Nash, and Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi (1).

3. Summer Fun

June is famous for the start of summer activities. Fun facts about June include the random holidays it has. June is home to National Cheese Day, Monkey Around Day, and Ice Cream Soda Day. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also National Onion Ring Day and National Fudge Day to keep things delicious (2).


If you’d like to have a child who becomes a U.S. President, don’t give birth in June. Except for September, June has the least number of U.S. Presidents born during the month. They only include George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump (3).

5. What’s Your Sign

If a person is born by June 20, their horoscope is a Gemini. Rooted in Greek mythology, Gemini is represented by celestial twins. The twins were Castor and Pollux, identical other than one being immortal and one mortal. Together, they make two sides to a very interesting zodiac sign (4).

6. The Rose

June’s official birth flower is the rose, which has always been a symbol of love. A red rose typically represents romance, while a yellow rose represents friendship. An orange rose stands for energy and desire, while a pink rose brings sweetness to mind (5).

7. Watch Out for SAD

The National Library of Medicine research revealed some not-so-fun facts about the June birth month. Depression peaked for those born in June, which means seasonal affective disorder (SAD) isn’t just for fall and winter. Sometimes, the summer months can make us feel like we’re not doing enough out in the world.

8. Famous Birthdays

Whether musicians, actors, or big personalities, many superstars are born in June. Bill Hader brings laughter, while Angelina Joli sets the stage for glamor. Kanye West may be unpredictable, but his stardom can’t be argued with. Meryl Streep is considered one of the best actresses of all time who happens to have a birthday in June (6).

9. New Heights

A U.K. study of interesting physical characteristics tells us June babies may grow taller. Those born in summertime enjoyed a higher birth weight and a taller height as adults than those born in other months. That doesn’t mean they don’t have to finish their vegetables to help make it so (7).

10. Crab Walk

If you know someone born between June 21 and June 30, their star sign is Cancer. The birth animal for Cancer is the crab. While not the cutest of symbols, the crab represents special characteristics. Cancers have a fluctuating personality, which moves between material and emotional worlds like crabs going from sand to sea (8).

11. Not Boss Material

The bad news about the June-born is that they’re not likely to be CEOs. A scientific study showed the least amount of CEOs were born in June and July (9). The most CEO-ready birth months were March or April (10).

12. Issues at School

Children born in summer are more likely to experience dyslexia, according to a study of June birthday facts and statistics. Those born in early summer represent 24% to 71% of known cases. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on reading development no matter when your baby arrives.

13. Gray Matter

Few June birthday facts and figures are gender-specific. A Columbia University study discovered that summer-born males had less gray matter present than males born in winter. A female born in summer actually had more gray matter than her male counterpart.

14. Welcome the Light

Anyone born in June gets to have a birthday in a month which always includes the summer solstice. It occurs between June 20 and 22 in the Northern hemisphere. Though the solstice is considered the first day of summer, the earliest sunrise occurs a few days before.

15. Birthdays and Weddings

June is somewhat popular as a birth month, but it’s famously the most common month for weddings. Over 10% of couples marry in June, which is the highest number all year (11). With all the school graduations and garden weddings, make sure wishing your favorite June-born person “Happy Birthday” is part of the many celebrations.

16. School Struggles

Since the cutoff for school classes is usually around June, kids with June birthdays tend to struggle more. U.K. research showed kids born in the summer weren’t as confident in their studies as kids born in the fall (12). It all depends on whether the June-born child is in a class of all older kids or younger ones.

17. Notable Days

Outside of having famous birthdays, June is loaded with famous events in history. There’s D-Day on June 6 and the end of Soviet rule in East Germany on June 11. The Watergate arrests occurred on June 17, while June 18 featured Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.

18. Shortsighted June

One of the oddest traits about those born in June involves their eyesight. An Israeli military study found those born during June and July were 25% more likely to have nearsightedness. This might be associated with too much sunlight experienced in a baby’s first weeks.

19. All That Glitters

June is one of two months (the other August) with three different birthstones (13). Geminis have the pearl birthstone, along with the agate. Pearls symbolize freedom and intellect, while agates represent honest and direct communication (14). Moonstones are also part of being born in June. They are associated with love and passion.

20. Love for Cancer

Cancers are born toward the end of June. When it comes to romance, Cancer is like their symbol, the crab. They may not crack open easily but abound with emotion and passion once they do.

When in a relationship with a June-born person, it’s important to have patience. Being a Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, or Virgo doesn’t hurt either.


Is June a Rare Birthday?

June isn’t the most popular month in which to have a birthday (September takes that spot), but it does fall in the top half of the most common birth months. A U.K. study revealed that June was the best birthday month of all (15). This might be due to the perfect weather, an array of family celebrations, or the end of the school year.

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